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Nicky Campbell thinks it would be great if Christmas were to be more secular because then all other religions could join in and ‘celebrate’ it too.  Perfect illustration of BBC mindset…surrender your own culture to accomodate those who have absolutely no intention of compromising their own culture to fit in with British and western society.

BBC Bias, or stupidity, list it all here……..



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  1. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Anybody able to tell me why Jools Holland gets repeated puff shows for Hootenanny, as well as endless recommissions of his terrible “Later” show?
    Been going on since the eighties I`d guess-and no chance of shoehorning its tired format with possibly the worst interviewer since Stan Collymore?
    If you add the useless “Have I Got News For You”….”Mock the Week” and “QI”?
    Pretty clear that some lefty old guard get continual jobs for the boys at the BBC-and are not funny, just tired bitter lefty blokes onto a good earner?
    And they`d once have laughed at the BBCs old guard like Brucle, Lynchie, Tarby and Ronnie at their Herts Golf club being unfunny?
    Hell-this lot are FAR worse.
    Get them gone.


  2. StewGreen says:

    BBC claims the general public love Green politics & Global warming
    well #Airmyglobalwarmingad campaign fails big-time; falls over 99% short of funding goal


  3. Philip_2 says:

    I remember way back in the 1980’s that the BBC received a massive modernisation ‘HMG’ bonus pot to ‘go digital’ as part of John Birts modernisation program – a ‘one-off’ multi million donation made outside the license fee to fund it. At that time the BBC was notionally a ‘conservative’ (small c) and under Birts direction (as DG) changed direction. It was well known that the BBC employed and identified Marxist sympathisers who were – at the time – monitored by Mi5 (in house). Birt was able to remove Mi5 from the premises under the banner that the BBC was not a threat (due to the collapse of the COLD WAR with Russia and reduced threat of communism). The BBC still employed the Marxist tendency and pays them well, that has not changed. Some need not even turn up for work just as Philby and McClain who had close links to the BBC are not unusual. It is more common for the BBC management to declare an admiration for TROTSKY ‘as an attribute’ and then declare that reinforces their ‘liberal’ credentials (often with close links to business interests) linked to BBC ‘contract services’. Disclosure is not usually welcome.

    And then going further back the original BBC TV centre (White City) was donated to the corporation after the Olympic games in 1940(?) for a purpose that has been totally eroded today. Even though the White City site was ‘donated’, the BBC have surely profited greatly from the recent SALE of what was once was ‘taxpayer funded property’. The BBC TV Centre moved a few years ago to Manchester (Salford Quay). Under the guise of ‘SAVING MONEY’ they now RENT the entire building from a property with close links to the LABOUR PARTY and QATAR. That is still the case to this day. This gives Muslim countries greater confidence in having the main political contributor ‘on side’ under the cloak of UK ‘investment’ when it is (and should be) illegal to accept money (or sponsorship) from a foreign power to what-we-are-asked-to-believe is an INDEPENDENT BBC! That this has never been denied as accepting money from SAUDI (or the EU) is avoided. It just expects the TV license fee payer to ‘accept’ this fact each time this is disclosed in the (hated) press. Is the BBC is worth the cost of it ‘talented’ comedians and presenters? The BBC (as victims) have to pay ‘the market rate’ – even if they are totally unemployable – on any other broadcaster. Very few are worth the cost of the TV License and we vote (unsurprisingly) with our feet. One of the few programmes that actually did make money (the BBC would prefer Climate change via BLUE PLANET) but in reality TOP GEAR was the BBC’s only world wide brand that sold world wide. I was not surprised to read this for example.

    The rest is history that the BBC are less keen to reveal huge losses, they still make a loss of 75% of all collected TV licensee fees. BBC Pension schemes pay over inflated (self appointed) wages and generous ‘expenses’ which end up as hidden perks in ‘private limited companies’ that end up as (extra) bungs for star performers ‘because they’re worth it’. Of course every member of BBC staff can expect a Christmas BONUS (even though collectively they hate the idea of Christmas).

    I am happy to report more losses for the BBC is more than a blip. It is the way they work that is the problem. And the way the BBC work is unlike any other broadcaster because the BBC works more like the propaganda that could brook no contest, no argument (other than its own) and instil fear and loathing to its detractors. The BBC was able to single handedly reconstruct the Labour party to is own liking and trained the monkeys that operate SOCIAL MEDIA to do its bidding. The BBC were early adopters of TWITTER and FACEBOOK. The BBC even paid for all staff to have a free iPhone to encourage its use (by Journalists) to promote its own ‘world view’. The BBC employs more (so called) ‘journalist’’ then the entire UK Newspaper industry combined. Whilst the press is robbed of Ad revenue (by FACEBOOK and GOOGLE) the BBC has no such funding problem and can rely on the UK tax payer to fund its world opinion.

    No need to ask what that ‘world view’ is. We know it so well. The BBC buys ‘user’ information from FACEBOOK and the BBC provides the ‘narrative’ we now call False News. It monitors its own output for effect on youth. One can say it has had a lasting effect.

    FACEBOOK is a natural ally of that BBC and its adoption was automatic.


    • chrisH says:

      Thank you Philip_2.
      Quite the best critique of BBC history and trajectory that I`ve read. As opposed to the Jean Seaton love-ins that omit so much of what you`re saying.
      In short Philip_2-though you`re an irregular to this site at times-it`s clear that when you DO contribute-many of us seek you out and read what you say.
      This applies to so many on this site who write all year, so many to mention-but a big THANK YOU and Happy Christmas from me and my pals.
      Learn more on this site than nearly any other-and these are great times for us, so many now agree with us re “Fake News” from the BBC and its Guardian papier mache dichter phonies.
      God Bless and keep you all.


  4. deegee says:

    Sometimes the link from the homepage shows more about BBC attitudes than the article itself. Not that Jerusalem: Palestinian leader Abbas spurns US peace plan doesn’t have enough misrepresentations by itself.

    The photograph (larger version here) is uncaptioned and it is not clear where it was taken or what connection it has with the video or the rest of the article. It is clearly in an urban setting while the BBC video (without narration or subtitles) is in an open area. I would suggest that the video was taken ‘in Gaza’ in the sense that it is right on the border fence with Israel. Another 100 metres and it will be ‘in Israel’. The still photograph seems staged. Why are they standing so far from the burning tires? Where are the Israelis?

    Some major criticisms. Abbas didn’t spurn a US peace plan. As the article makes clear none was submitted. Abbas announced that he would not relate to a plan if and when one is produced in the future.

    While the US has been widely criticised for reversing decades of neutrality on the issue of Jerusalem Surely Obama did that with his lame duck F.U. to Israel at UNSC in December 2016 that changed the status of Jerusalem declaring Jerusalem’s Western Wall, the Jewish Quarter and the access roads to Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital as Palestinian territory?

    Israel occupied East Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East war. It annexed the sector in 1980, in a move not recognised internationally, and regards the whole of Jerusalem as its indivisible capital. Jordan occupied part of Jerusalem in 1948 and annexed it a year later in a move not recognised internationally, even by the Arabs. Surely that is relevant information?

    The B’Tselem map appears yet again without clarifying the bias of that organisation.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      How often have the BBC told us that the Palestinians will now cut the USA out of any “peace process” for recognising Jerusalem as Israels capital city?
      As if Trumps USA could POSSIBLY have any role in anything approaching something that the Guardian. BBC or PLO/Hamas would go along with.
      And as if there`s been any “peace process” that Trumps America have now forfeited.
      Utter liberal fantasy. Fake News on stilts as usual form the Arabist Beebeezee.


  5. StewGreen says:

    Legal news : The convicted Moped robber gang failed to conform to racial popn stat 7 non-white, 3 white British

    + The Pakistani boyfriend beating family have been jailed

    Also Mosques are challenging the Lancashire Schools banning of Non-stunned Hala

    BTW – Bannon has named Jared & Ivanka as the ‘Democrat posse in the Whitehouse”


  6. Dover Sentry says:

    Last year, the BBC’s Director-General Lord Hall agreed to review the BBC’s complaints procedures after a cross-party group of parliamentarians challenged him to name a single programme which has been enthusiastic about Brexit since the EU referendum on June 23. Lord Hall was unable to do so.

    The parliamentarians included UKIP peer Lord Pearson, Labour’s Kate Hoey and Tory Philip Hollobone.

    Lord Pearson hailed Lord Hall’s decision as a significant blow against ‘those at the top of the BBC who wish to see the referendum result reversed’.

    Strangely enough, nothing has changed.

    Additionally, do the BBC support the following quote?

    “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.” [Edmund Burke]


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC says a lot, especially it’s hi-di-hi command, say a lot, and then do squat, knowing full well they can get away with it as who is there to do what?

      Ofcom, dcms…. the daft bint in charge… whoever…


  7. StewGreen says:


  8. tomo says:

    JC (Jeremy Clarkson) dishes up some seasonal cheer to his old employers with special reference to matters religious


    When he’s on form – he’s good.

    I think he’s been holding back a bit in case Grand Tour didn’t work out – I do so hope that he just lets go – he must have a mountain of ammo.


  9. vlad says:

    Do you ever get the feeling the guys and gals at the Corporation just fancy IS fighters something rotten, like they used to drool over Che Guevara? This is the picture they use in their piece on ISIS. (Which successfully muddies the waters by blaming everyone and everything for the worldwide islamic violence except, erm, islam.)




    • Guest Who says:

      That is grotesque, even for them.

      The BBC House GP not around to wag a finger on the dangers of fags?

      Pure Haw Haw.

      “We shall fight them with the Camels; we shall fight them with the Marlboros… we shall never surrender..”


  10. AsISeeIt says:

    “I don’t know how many white Christmases we’ve had in recent years… I’ll have to get back to you with that later…”
    A rather surprising response from our BBC weather girl, considering all those bulletins we see with an almost overwhelming preoccupation with high temperature superlatives. Seems our BBC lot don’t seem to be considering the opposite end of the temperature scale quite so assiduously.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      So next weather spot and our BBC weather girl has had time to consult the ancient and dusty records for the last ‘widespread’ white Christmas. “Have a guess” she prompts the male presenter who reminds us of a house eunuch perched on the red sofa. He punts for 1995. “No, it was 2010” Oh, how quickly we forget.

      Meanwhile, one hears the BBC this morning talk in such reverential terms about the nine-year-old aardvark, not forgetting the meerkats, who sadly died at the London Zoo fire – and one can’t help but remember all the victims of terrorism the BBC would rather forget.


      • Sluff says:

        I am appalled, truly appalled, by your insensitivity.
        Surely a live transmission on a state broadcasting TV channel of a memorial service to the Aardvark is called for.
        And let’s have David Attenborough providing a suitable documentary.
        Clearly this tragedy is entirely due to the capitalists who run the zoo who have been cutting corners and not putting in the fire protection necessary. A full public enquiry will surely show this, and it will be essential to have proper representation from the zoo animals on the committee.



        • Guest Who says:

          Have Jez and Di turned up yet with David Lammy, demanding representatives of the grieving Aardvark community from Africa are flown in to the Savoy asap?


        • G.W.F. says:

          London Zoo tragedy. Please can we avoid having a Grenfell type song by celebrities and the children of Grenfell over this fire at the Zoo.


        • R P McMurphy says:

          Hold on, I’m waiting for some fat hairy corbanista groupie to blame the zionists and Jewish bankers.


        • AsISeeIt says:

          Half expecting a full guarantee of amnesty for any house mice that may have been illegally holed up in the meerkat enclosure and for all their field mouse relatives to get re-housing.


  11. vlad says:

    Oh dear, all is not well in the EUSSR: ‘Victims accuse EU of failing to tackle sex pests within its ranks’ – as NOT reported by the beeb.
    Brussels is said to worry more about whistleblowers hurting its image than taking on rogue officials and MEPs




    • Rick Bradford says:

      Is Ms Terry Reintke (for it is she) complaining about the snoozing drunk on her right, or the rather manic-looking drug addict on her left?

      Well, there aren’t many people to the Left of Ms Reintke, whose CV reveals her to be a Social Justice Warrior of impeccable credentials, and a member, naturally, of the Green alliance. Another know-nothing do-gooder, in all probability.

      But if the EU Parliament collapses in a blizzard of sexual harassment allegations, I for one won’t weep, any more than I will weep for Hollywood consuming itself. The “progressive” Green/Left always destroys itself; it’s in its DNA.


  12. Guest Who says:

    BBC photo editors dialing to eleven, again.


    • Guest Who says:

      And continuing their uniquely Christmas special:


      They do like that word ‘warning’ so much, don’t they?

      Ironically one BBC main man and frequent warner JC Juncker seems to have ignored himself if a video doing the rounds is any guide.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      May & Corbyn’s Christmas messages. They praise those who help others. Not so much a Christian message as a message to shame Christians into a continued acceptance of foreign invasion. They like their selective Christianity. One part of the Gospel message taken out of context suits their purpose. The rest they attempt to eliminate.


  13. Beeb Brother says:

    There is a segment on Match of the Day presented by a women’s footballer talking about disabled access at Arsenal’s stadium.

    Is there a safe space anywhere free for the saccharine, cloying stench of political correctness? Can’t we just enjoy something without this compulsive desire to demonstrate virtue?


  14. Sluff says:

    Thinking we are not noticing, it being Christmas (aka Winterval) the bias is being ratcheted up into the red zone.

    Just between 0735 and 0810 on Sunday Toady R4 we had in quick succession.
    1. An interview with a Muslim family and how they spend …errr…..the week around December 25th.
    2. An interview with the new LADY Bishop of London.
    3. A feature on homeless WOMEN (10% of the total).
    4. Item 3. Included an interview with Andy Burnham, Labour Mayor of Manchester, blaming the situation on ‘national policies and the cuts’.
    5. A mention of the Christmas messages from Theresa May and Jezza. For some strange reason, only the one from Jezza was actually broadcast.

    Let the brainwashing continue!


    • Guest Who says:

      5. Because he is actually the PM. Apparently. And cuddly (see above).


    • Beeb Brother says:

      It is relentless.

      I would be interested to know how many fell into a downward spiral ending in homelessness because they could not afford the fine for non-payment of the tv licence racket. Or because their job has been taken by an Eastern European.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Broadcasting House of course continued the narratives
      “Tories are useless Muslims are great”
      Hyping up how Muslims are great at Christmas they celebrate it, and the Muslim charity ill have a Xmas TV advert.

      Meanwhile Paddy saying
      “Theresa May said she wouldn’t call an election,
      then she called it,
      and then she lost it …. (long pause) …. effectively”
      The BH customers complained that Ruth Davis was interviewed

      It’s yet another edition of Tory-Sycophants-R-Us as fawning, vomit-inducing Broadcasting House ‘interview’ with Ruth Davidson pollutes the air-waves this morning. Pass the sick-bag, please. #BBCBH



  15. TruthSeeker says:

    More irrelevance from TWMTB.
    “The girl who only wants toilet roll for Christmas
    All Maggie wants for Christmas is loo roll.
    The eight-year-old from Telford, Shropshire has a form of autism called Asperger’s syndrome.”
    Ending in :-
    “Why you can trust BBC news”

    The number of people who trust BBC news, and are not Remainiacs with an IQ lower than a plague bacillus, is as microscopic as their brain power.
    Because it’s bollox put out the lefty, dregs of the planet, filth.
    I am amazed AlBeeb could not find a muzzie with a mental problem to fill a page or two, they seem to have millions.

    Normally AlBeeb are NOT telling us about an eight year old white girl, because she has been gang raped by some protoplasm from Pervistan.

    Aunty – why not tell us about millions in Venezuela who have been without lavatory paper for three years?
    Venezuela? The socialist paradise run by a dictator, that Venezuela.

    Or why not tell us about the world’s largest paper factory in Yemen? Which has not produced a toilet roll since the British left Aden. That Yemen, another muzzie success story.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Forgive my ignorance but what does TWMTB mean?


      • TruthSeeker says:

        The World’s Most Trusted Broadcaster.
        Their term, still self praise is no recommendation.


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

          I looked it up on the site that tells you these things such as ROFL but it wasn’t mentioned.
          It should be up there with the other funny ones such as ROP.


          • TruthSeeker says:

            My favourite is TWLLV (The World’s Leading Liberal Voice) which is The Guardian autonym.
            No false modesty from the extreme left, ever.
            A trend which started when Marx declared Communism to be historically inevitable and based it on hatred.
            It’s worked out well so far, We have all “seen the future” and the lefties are up to their necks in other people’s blood.


  16. JamesArthur says:

    I have listened to R4 and I just wonder why they can’t let Christmas be about Christians and UK values.

    You don’t notice them asking Christians to talk about how they celebrate Diwali or Eid or any other festival…that would be cultural appropriation.

    Just for once BBC let us have our celebration as it is intended. On that note
    Merry Christmas to all contributors here and my Christmas Wish.. that the BBC licence fee is abolished


  17. vlad says:

    But what’s this? A favourable assessment of Trump’s policies and achievements in the msm (Sunday Times).

    I look forward to the beeb following suit.

    “The leaders who came up trumps in 2017 –

    …He has, however, survived the departure of many key aides, got some better ones and has some solid achievements under his belt. Look beyond the silly and offensive tweets and there are the makings of a real programme for government. He may still come a cropper in the mid-term elections or through an intemperate error of his own making, but he is outfoxing his opponents.”

    The editorial goes on to suggest May could learn from him.



  18. TruthSeeker says:

    Another headline from TWMTB.
    “The Muslim youth group who help bring festive cheer”
    More muzziebollox from the treason broadcaster.
    Including the immortal “helps to shape them into productive, conscientious and well integrated members of British society”
    Sickening pro-islamic propaganda.
    Where was Aunty with the news about mass rapes by muzzies? Absent.
    Still absent.


  19. Sluff says:

    Are we sure it is Christmas?
    Or could it be April 1st?
    The army slogan ‘Be the Best’ was about to be ditched because it was ‘dated, elitist, and non- inclusive’


    Sometimes the politically correct snowflake generation goes beyond parody, doesn’t it?


    • JimS says:

      Rather concerning that this ‘PC’ line was being promoted by senior army officers.

      The whole point of esprit de corps is to convince your army that they are the best and to terrify your enemy before you engage with them.

      I expect under the new rules of engagement the Taliban, ISIS etc. will refuse to play unless we field a ‘diverse and inclusive’ team?


  20. StewGreen says:

    Another overturned rape conviction due to witheld evidence
    Buried in Derbyshire LOCAl news


    • TruthSeeker says:

      Strange how the police can “enable” the conviction of anyone British.
      Whilst being unable to prosecute tens of thousands of muzzies for mass rapes.
      Senior Police Officers and CPS not only not fit for purpose, but Anti British.
      For which a new, capital, offence needs to receive the assent of Her Majesty PDQ.


    • Sluff says:

      Another triumph for the feminist extremists over an innocent man laid on the sacrificial altar of the DPP’s political correctness.


  21. AsISeeIt says:

    Can’t help but notice the way BBC presenters so easily slip from the carefull editorialising to speaking on what they seem to imagine to be the Nation’s behalf.

    This morning some limp-wristed second-string sofa-dweller (it’s probably not his fault, it’s the lazy dog-watch script writers) refers to ‘so-called’ ASBOs. He’s in conversation with a young woman from Liberty – no, not our Shami, some other gal all plaid shirt, boyish haircut and lack of makeup – exuding rather more male presence than a lacrosse team’s worth of so-called BBC male presenters. Liberty seem to think ASBOs are being used against the ‘most vulnerable’. Our BBC boy boldly asserts that “everyone would agree they shouldn’t be used against the homeless”. Speak for yourself, buddy. Then it gets interesting as the house eunuch questions the quaint young lady about the use of ASBOs against swearing. Liberty apparently are all for ‘free speech’ implying people should be allowed to eff & jeff in public to their heart’s content – with, of course, a massive caveat about people being offended. Tricky circle to try to square there, luv.

    I’m sure the BBC will soon have another nice chat off camera with the lefty campaigners and get back to us to tell us all what we should think.


    • G says:

      “….exuding rather more male presence than a lacrosse team’s worth of so-called BBC male presenters.”
      Probably not female but a male simply exercising his right to wake up one morning and declare to the World that he is of the opposite sex. Apparently, that’s your ‘right’ now as well as mine. I wonder what Darwin would have thought about the nonsense.


  22. NISA says:

    BBC World Service “Weekend” programme has each week 2 guests sympathetic to the BBC’s world view. Today we had a splendid example of the species, Lara Pawson. Whilst a former BBC employee she was still with her former colleagues in spirit. She exhibited the agonised, silent scream approach favoured in past times by Vanessa Redgrave & now taken up by Emma Thompson. This resulted, at one point, in her being unable to get her words out over Brexit, but at other times she claimed that Brexit would force her to leave the country. She felt to be in another country on a recent trip to Durham. Boris exhibits extreme right wing tendencies & of course Trump was abhorrent.
    As well as her now being a literary luvvie she helps Afghan “refugees” when they arrive here via Italy.
    In short she was a lot of what I hate about the force funded BBC.


    • TruthSeeker says:

      Pawson is new to me.
      Amongst her accomplishments is being “long-listed for The Orwell Prize 2015”.
      Being ignorant, I then searched for prize information.
      The alleged raison d’etre of the prize is journalism, but my brief foray thereinto indicated that Humpty Dumpty is the permanent head of the awards committee. When Humpty uses the term “Journalism” “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less”. Flexible and elastic is our Humpty.

      It’s left, left, left propaganda most of the time, with the odd prize awarded to a non-lefty so the lefties can use it as “evidence” of neutrality. I am convinced that Orwell would not approve.
      The left cannot touch anything without distorting, polluting or contaminating it.


    • StewGreen says:

      Surreal , She’s got “Kick out the Tories” tourettes
      She keeps blurting it out on her Twitter


  23. vlad says:

    “Aaargh, I’ve had a vision of Scandinavia’s future.”

    Now we know what so terrified Munch.



  24. G says:

    Afghan “refugee” in Melbourne Australia:
    When interviewed by police he “spoke about dreams, he spoke about voices”, said the chief inspector, “but he also did attribute some of his actions to the poor treatment of Muslims”.
    A handy tip for those instances where you are caught red-handed…………….


    • TruthSeeker says:

      Dozens of Christians saw apparitions or heard voices.
      Most went into the Church. None, as far as I know, advocated mass murder or practised it.

      muzzie on the other hand, practises what the flying horse jockey teaches.
      Vroom. Vroom. Kaboom. And let’s lie about it.


  25. vlad says:

    Remember our Melbourne nothing-to-do-with-islam murderer?

    Daily Mail: “A former workmate claims Mr Noori forced his religion on people, telling them they needed to believe in Allah”.


    Coworkers of Muslim jihadist, Saeed Noori, who ran down 19 people, say he tried to bully people into converting to Islam


    Senior Constable Singh said Mr Noori’s motive for the incident was still under investigation. (How about opening up a quran? You’ll find all the motives you want)

    Notice Katie Hopkins no-nonsense suggestions on Twitter. (They’ll close her down soon no doubt)



  26. Guest Who says:

    Newsnight 2018 will be freaking EPIC!


  27. G says:

    “Look at Sweden…..”, said Donald Trump. And he was condemned for saying that. However,
    Getting close to the first Civil War waged in Europe I do believe.


  28. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Watching the daily politics the other day, some empty headed gal was commenting on some article from the Daily Mail. It may have been that English Rose Gina Miller, on passports.
    She said nobody reads the daily mail.

    I looked up the sales of the Daily papers and found that the Mail sold more than 10 times the amount the guardian did, as did the Sun.
    In fact, the only Daily that sold fewer than the guardian was the Daily Record. Almost 1000 a day fewer.
    The Financial Times sold more than the guardian.
    Some paper called i sold more than the guardian.
    2017 figures.

    Do you think she was picked up and questioned about her statement?


    • chrisH says:

      Wishful thinking from the idiot left. Even the Metro snowflakes cite Mail Online as their go-to site for much of their tittle tattle, or bitchslaps of Katie Hopkins of old.
      One of the most visited sites in cyberworld, like it or not.
      “Facts are sacred” eh?
      Not after June 23rd 2016 they`re not.


  29. vlad says:

    I have a simple question for the Mental Health excuse Quislings: how come people from other faiths with mental issues don’t get into cars and trucks and plough into crowds of infidels? Couldn’t be something to do with islam could it?


  30. G says:

    A large number of contributions here quoting sources, principally the IBBC, which outline how members of the islamic community help celebrate Christmas. Total ‘Rowlocks’ is all I can say. But, it brought back fond memories of this ex-pat being trapped in Saudi Arabia one Christmas. Extra warnings were issued as it was rumoured that the police had been instructed to interfere with any westerners displaying anything, ‘Christmassy’. Seems they meant parcels wrapped in Christmas wrapping which should be concealed at all times. Do nothing out of the ordinary to provoke the regular police/mutaween it went on. So, funny hats and anything ‘partyish’ was out of the question. And if you drink anything alcoholic (God forbid! [yes you guessed: their God]) be prepared to spend an exhilarating 13 years or so in prison daily reflecting on the next drink. No Carols sung, well actually, no music anyway because that’s haram. Saudi Christmas: full of fear and loathing but, here’s the good news, it will be: ‘coming to a town or city near you in the not too distant future’. Allah will prevail over the disbelievers…………… (Given Treezers’ and the Governments continuing support)
    So, spare a thought this Christmas time for all the western ex-pats spending Xmas in those Christian God’s forsaken lands.


  31. G says:

    A, “major public benefit…….”
    Surely this is a IBBC worthy news item?


  32. G says:

    And as we sail into a known 2018, have faith in the support of our, “Most trusted islamic broadcaster”. The BBC? Comedy improvements: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/help-41670342
    The classic?: “…..and how a story was crafted the way it was.”
    If you read all the nonsense, you are left with the same feeling as having attempted to understand the small print of a car insurance policy or a broadband contract.


  33. G says:

    Our own British Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and her views on Xmas.
    My view for what its worth? ‘Go fly away on your magic carpet Alihhai-Brown’.


    • Holly Selassie says:

      How on earth did we get the likes of Darcus Howe and Yasmin Alibiah Brown by way of thanks?
      When we took in Kenyan and Ugandan Asians, black immigrants from the Carribean-how did we end up with sour bitter racist ingrates like these worthless social stirup hustlers?
      Only the media and university gets public money and platforms to peddle the views of these flagellating widemouths on an endless mission to overturn the host population and all it used to stand for.
      They`ve been more than successful, one public funded tapeworm.


  34. Pounce says:

    To the bBC, this is a Hate crime:
    But this isn’t:


  35. Holly Selassie says:

    Little tells me how sappy and futile our “church” has become , like the headline of the “New European”.
    Alastair Campbell DARES to ask “What would Jesus vote” in regard of Brexit.
    This is a mentally disturbed sociopathic liar who has sent better men than him to their deaths. And that includes Robert Maxwell-THAT is how low the bar has become in regard to Campbell.
    If the church had ANY backbone-they`d know that Campbell is the one who says “We don`t do God” when he`s Blairs sewer pipe back in 1997. So he is guilty of cultural appropriation.
    That alone ought to get him vilified and rendered silent, especially at this Holy Time.
    My final point-would this scum DARE to ask his toxic mates in Reamin
    “How would Muhammad vote?”.
    He`d be lynched. And he should be if the Church grew a a spine and stopped pimps like Campbell prostituting their faith, their birthright, And all to thwart the Brexit majority.
    Been to mass already-and have some confessions to make in regard of what I`d like to see happen to Campbell. Five Hail Baileys and Ten Chocolate liquers until then by way of penance.
    Great site this, glad to have found it. Happy Christmas to all who post and who set it all up for us.


  36. StewGreen says:

    @DancerGuard tweeted

    Working at the BBC means:
    Ignoring problems on British streets
    and walking into a studio to tell us that a crisis 5,000 miles away is our problem
    and we should be doing something about it,
    while simultaneously telling us that our country is rubbish.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      “Think locally-act globally” being their dyslexic mantra.
      Fussing over Peru as Poplar burns basically.
      George Canning said it, as did Orwell.
      When will we ever learn huh?


  37. Beeb Brother says:

    Beeb website: the Muslim youth group who help bring festive cheer.

    They forget to mention that the Ahmadiyya are a minority sect considered heretics by a large number of Muslims. The shopkeeper murdered by another Muslim was an Ahmadiyya.

    More fair and balanced reporting from a trustworthy news source. You would think Islam was founded by Father Christmas the way they have portrayed things this season; the little animation between programmes shows a Muslim-looking man putting up decorations with his daughter.


    • G says:

      Yes BB, I’m with you but they no longer fool the majority do they?


      • Beeb Brother says:

        There is no fire or fanaticism on their side. They have won all their battles and have nothing left to fight for. We have the very existence of all we hold dear to fight for.


  38. BRISSLES says:

    Is the ‘uprising’ about to begin ????

    The following was voiced on a recent forum……..
    “There’s an almighty row going on at the moment here in Lancashire. Lancashire County Council has voted to ban halal meat being supplied to schools for dinners. The Muslim community is kicking up an almighty fuss & threatening legal action. At present all schools & hospitals serve only halal meat, unbeknownst to most people, to bow down to minority Muslim sensitivities despite such slaughter being against all the animal welfare laws of this country.
    It’s opened the eyes of the majority of people, non Muslim, who are talking of making it known in no uncertain terms that they object very strongly to having been given no choice but to buy ( unlabelled as such) halal meat or have their children eat it without being told or given any choice.
    It has been reported here that Asda & most takeaways, even big chains, use only halal meat without advertising the fact.”



    • Beltane says:

      Tell them not to worry Brissles. With the high, and rising, number of muslim town and county councillors in the midlands, north and elsewhere, the problem will soon go away.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      When our society chose to bin Jesus and the Judeo-Christain precepts that came with that?
      Well, -as the Bible says-you`d get seven spirits twice as bad to fill the gap. When you stand for nothing, then you fall for anything.
      And so to today.
      How many Christian-themed “Christmas cards” have YOU had this year?
      Is it 1 in 80?
      And as the Bible and churches were made optional at best, damnable at worst? Well, here we are.
      At least Islam STANDS for something-and there`s an unashamed coherent reason for all they do. Evil or not…at least religion is no longer an add-on to Muslims.
      And-to back the jihadist lawfare shit-stirrers up in Oldham they have learned well.

      “We were not consulted” being the excuse for their arsiness.
      Who doesn`t cite this one when they want trouble?-and they`ll be correct in it too.
      No-Islam is not the problem here-it`s thinking that the Left will replace God as the good cause.
      We`ve had fifty or so years of this-maybe we need to redicover what Jesus came to do here, and what he died for.


  39. Beltane says:

    Just to sum up, the best way to interpret the BBC festive message has to be A Very Merry Chrislam to us all.


  40. G says:

    If I were Merkel faced with a recalcitrant Visegrad 4 refusing to take their “share” of refugees and, myself, running out of benefits to pay out to the invaders, I would give naturalisation to these African masses very quickly so they could take advantage of the ‘Free Movement’ of ‘European’ peoples throughout Europe. The Visegrad 4 and the UK would have to take their share then as to refuse would be an absolute ‘hanging offence’ for the EU. Not only that, perhaps the pro-invasion Treezer took this into consideration when she “negotiated” the transition arrangements?


    • Beeb Brother says:

      They are being totally overwhelmed by the new media, and this will only accelerate. They are institutionally incapable of honesty. Also you can interact with the new media which you cannot do with the dinosaur media.


      • Beeb Brother says:

        I am reading Trump’s book from 1989. He employed a woman to take charge of building Trump Tower and he says how he often employs women for top jobs, saying he finds them often more effective than the men around them! This is before feminism was trendy yet alone an enforced dogma.

        Odd how our impartial Beeb with 3000 journalists did not manage to read his only book and report this.


  41. StewGreen says:

    8:49pm BBC2 Chris Packham just said “look 200 PBs on one beach that’s more than 1% of entire polar bear population”
    emm that would mean there are less than 20K
    but world popn is more like 30K

    Now he’s on about Siberia, event of mass death of reindeer .
    ..now says population of also humans affected
    It was anthrax
    probably from melting of old carcass (CC not pushed
    Humans and animals were vaccinated ..OK now