Merry Christmas To One and All



Another year gone, one that the BBC and its ilk tell us was a disaster, chaotic, uncertain and turbulent, a year that was somehow completely different to any other year…a very traumatic year.  And yet it wasn’t really was it?  Just the usual ups and downs of any year…just that for the BBC and its ilk the changes didn’t suit their world view and thus the year was ‘traumatic’ etc etc.  For many, many people the year has probably been extremely satisfactory and pleasant as the established order has been given a kick up the proverbial and the election of Trump and the Brexit result were far from being traumatic.  As for ‘uncertain’, that being a bad thing in the BBC’s eyes or rather that’s how they like to portray it as they try to build a case that paints Brexit as the bringer of a disastrous uncertainty…and yet isn’t every election ‘uncertain’….1997 was a total change, and the BBC seems totally unconcerned that a Marxist wrecker of economies and a terrorist supporter is poised to walk into Downing Street….if they think Brexit brings uncertainty and economic armageddon just what do they think someone like Corbyn and his even more fanatical running mate, McDonnell, not forgetting the shadow foreign secretary Diane Abbott [omg!!!!], would bring to the party?

So that’s one of the BBC’s major narratives for the year…it’s all a bit terrible #duetoBrexit&Trump…but their other go-to line is that Brexit will mean economic disaster….their every report is based upon some hyped up scaremongering claim that Britain will be reduced to the poor man of Europe, the NHS will crash, people will be begging in the streets en masse jobless and homeless, and we should start evacuating the children as the Brexit Blitz begins in earnest….and note #despitetheBrexitsqueeze spending is up..and may be a record for Christmas…the BBC reaction…’well it’s up but at a slower rate than previous years’….the news doesn’t fit with their narrative that Brexit has meant people have no money to spend.

Trouble is the BBC is wasting its time…it is only preaching to the already converted who want to Remain, Leavers didn’t vote on the economy, they of course want to do everything to keep the economy running well but their first concern is to leave the EU…and that was a political decision based upon sound reasons of sovereignty, the desire to control their own affairs as much as possible and to limit immigration.  Economics hardly figured in their calculations other than they knew that Brexit might hit the economy but they were prepared to accept that price and the hope that freedom from the EU might in future actually improve the economy in the long run.

Not only is the BBC wasting its time but this is clearly an approach that is designed as part of the Remain campaign’s ‘Project Fear’.  The BBC is taking sides and tries to keep Lord Hall Hall happy and not upset his dinner parties with the disagreeable news that despite the valiant efforts Brexit is still going ahead….a proper Brexit.  Better send him some Rennies.

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So that’s the BBC’s main narratives to explain the year…a Trumpian/Brexit led dystopian political disaster and a future economic catastrophe unfolding as Brexit solidifies into its all too real evil manifestation of populist stupidity and bigotry.  Both wrong and highly partisan ways of looking at events.

With that I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy, uncertain and Brexity new year.

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4 Responses to Merry Christmas To One and All

  1. MarkyMark says:

    More EU means more useless politicians. A simple equation for the new year.

    More BBC means more confusion.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    No moaning today but…

    Getting ready for the doom and gloom 2018 predictions shows

    And making a 2018 resolution to get a bigger ‘off switch ‘ for the wireless and the tv box.

    So Happy Christmas to good people and May everyone get what they deserve in 2018 – 459 days to go….


  3. NCBBC says:

    Came across this rendering of Silent Night By Fairuz – a Labenese Christian.

    Her heavy silken voice is full of pathos, underlying the tragedy of Christians in Islamic countries.