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San Francisco: Man arrested over ‘Christmas terror plan’


Listened to the BBC all day yesterday and their reports about the ‘US Marine’ who wanted to be a terrorist….no idea, but could have guessed, that he was a Muslim convert…..just why would the BBC miss that crucial and very relevant piece of info from their bulletins?  Why tell us he was a Marine but not a Muslim….which is more relevant?  The BBC web report manages to include a quick mention of the fact that he is a Muslim convert but again seems more concerned about his Marine status telling us…’Mr Jameson completed basic recruitment training for the US Marine Corps in 2009, but was reportedly discharged for not disclosing details of his asthma.’  So hardly a Marine and nearly ten years ago….but a more important fact about his identity than being a Muslim?  Nothing at all about how he came to convert to Islam, when he did it and whether his asthma was a drawback when it came to exercising his new religious fervour.

Then again it’s just the usual BBC practice to downplay any facts that implicate the ‘religion of peace’ as a motivation…just as they happily report the Aussie police’s great big lie that the attack by a Muslim in Melbourne was not terrorism.  Others beg to differ:

Call it for what it is: an Islamist terror attack

We have all been knocked off kilter by this terror attack in Melbourne, another cowardly, vicious and sickening attack using a car to mow down innocent civilians.

The police arrested an Afghan migrant who according to their own reports cited the treatment of Muslims as his grievance and his motivation.

Yet Victoria Police waited five hours before sharing any of the ­detailed information and even then denied any link to terrorism.

This denial is so worrying so ­ignorant and so dangerous, yet even the Prime Minister adopted this same ridiculous line.

They tell us a Muslim migrant from Afghanistan has mown down people and raved about the treatment of Muslims yet they say there is no link to terrorism.

How can the public feel safe if the authorities and politicians won’t even confront the very real enemy of Islamist extremism terrorism.

This is the evil whose name they dare not speak — they are in jihad denialism.

Another favourite BBC narrative is of course that Brexit is a big mistake, the result of ignorance, perhaps stupidity, and bigotry.  Hence we get constant ‘subtle’ little nudges urging us to look back in history and weep as we would then realise what a catastrophic disaster Brexit will be just as country ‘X’ discovered when it left the utopian collective and benevolent dictatorship that had long held it in its kind embrace….such as say the once state of Czechoslovakia…..which the BBC now tells us was a happy, multicultural place that has now been rent asunder by savage nationalism….they really should have stayed together.  The BBC’s whole tone is one of  regret and negativity.  Brexit, you know, will be just like this…even if ‘just like this’ isn’t in fact the truth at all about Slovakia and the Czech state….I’m pretty sure they are quite happy making their own way in the world.



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5 Responses to Under the radar

  1. John Ogilvie says:

    “which the BBC now tells us was a happy, multicultural place that has now been torn asunder by savage nationalism….they really should have stayed together. ”
    Crikey. Transfer that to a UK context. Never mind Brexit. Think Scottish nationalism. What would Ms Sturgeon have to say if they made comments like that about Scottish nationalism?


  2. deegee says:

    The BBC supports Palestinian nationalism while ignoring the ethnic cleansing they demand as an essential part of it. Is there a BBC agenda (yet) on Catalonia?


    • Framer says:

      It’s a conservative government in Madrid and the Catalan nationalists are mostly hard left so it’s a no-brainer for the BBC except for the diffs. it might pose the EU.


    • NCBBC says:

      Now the Palis have another excuse (apart from the real one – to expunge Israel from the ME) – Pres Trump’s moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, to not negotiate a real peace deal.

      The Palis state they wont accept America as a honest broker. Unfortunately for them, even the Arabs are telling them that there is no other game in town- Its America and accept it, or the bus will leave without the Palis. There are already hints that UNRWA is going to be scrapped.


  3. NCBBC says:

    Invasion and a parable; the wolves run wild in the once protected pastures, because the shepherds have been poisoned, waylaid, pilloried, infiltrated and now nigh killed off.All thanks in large part to our very own Frankfurt school deconstructionists, we have been undone from within, and Western Christianity has been replaced by something ever so more malevolent, it’s an ersatz Christianity ie Marxism which preaches tolerance but is anything but. Devilry indeed, and when malignant devils like Soros and with his lifetime spent in aiding and deliberately spiking, destroying the Occident, what better ‘friend and allies’ than obliterating the nation state through mass immigration and a tribe of peoples indoctrinated, encouraged, funded by a Wahhabist dogma of filth out of the Arabian peninsula? Belief in a doubly poisonous miasma of lies, Marxism and Wahhabism put with, open door borders and mass immigration, we have entered the maelstrom delivered from a very black Hell, and here think on Antioch and Constantinople – and they haven’t altered on iota. It is a clusterfuck of such proportions, and it is so far gone and I don’t see a way out of this shit storm. No exit because, the enablers are our own government – the Westminster arseholes, and with social services, quangos and charities all dedicated to blitzing, our destruction – believe it. Plus, the final irony which will not be lost on the Medina Mullahs and NYC billionaires club – pissing themselves with laughter – through petro dollars or via UK taxes, we build and pay towards our own funeral pyre.A perfect shitstorm.