Weekened Open Thread


Another Remain lemon goes Kamikazi for the cause as Lord Adonis, the unelected peer who owes his position to political patronage and privilege, resigns in order to, em,  further democracy, complaining that May has no popular mandate [other than a clear referendum vote on an historic turn out] to carry on with Brexit and he, as an unelected peer, will do everything he can to thwart that democratic vote in the interest of, em, democracy.  Whoever next?  Lord Hall Hall?

Would the BBC survive a ‘French Revolution’ as the pro-EU ‘elite’ tell the voters they can’t have their cake but the voters decide they will have it, and eat it?  Should the ‘elite’ manage to use the system to block Brexit I can imagine it would be a short-lived, Pyrrhic victory.  Enjoy it whilst you can Lord Hall Hall…and perhaps get one of those nice new blue passports.

Anyway, for now the BBC continues as normal, so spot any bias….name and shame here…..




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341 Responses to Weekened Open Thread

  1. StewGreen says:

    “This is Lib-land get back to your own country ! You’re not one of us”
    ..that’s what the hatefilled libmob Twitterati shout
    whenever a purple-skin like Farage, Lawson, Melannie Phillips is aired
    The libmob don’t actually listen, for them it’s enough to quickly identify a person’s political-skin-colour

    ie BBC progs are built for Lib-land, it’s their territory.
    Somehow “open borders doesn’t apply to BBC/MSM airwaves
    … if you are a Brexiteer, Climate Skeptic, not-a -hater-of-Trump then are not only are the gates closed, but the airwaves are used to smear and belittle you.