Defending Privilege and Power


The arrogance, the massive sense of entitlement, the hubris, the total lack of self-awareness…yes, Lord Hall Hall is back on the airwaves broadcasting his subversive messages to Britain.  Next Wednesday, according to the Sunday Times, Lord Hall Hall will give a speech that targets tech giants such as Google, Facebook Amazon and Twitter, portraying them as threats to our social cohesion, identity and democracy….apparently they are ‘stoking  social unease and division….distorting our view of one another, allowing us to live in imagined communities where we only engage with those who share our views’  He tells us that British Public Service broadcasters face a ‘David and Goliath’ battle which ‘we must win because our values matter more than ever.’  The BBC ‘represents a set of democratic ideals that matters greatly to our country: giving a voice to the voiceless, pursuing the truth without fear or favour.’

You just couldn’t make that up could you?  Lord Hall Hall has absolutely no idea of the damage the BBC has done to Britain and the entrenched, privileged, elitist world that he and the BBC represents.

First of course he has gone way outside his remit to attack these companies, just as the BBC did as it lobbied Leveson trying to close down Murdoch, in what is clearly a naked attempt to prop up the BBC’s massively privileged, government legislated and protected, dominant position.  The BBC seems to think that not only should it be allowed to force people to become its customers under threat of legal sanction but that Government should also protect it by stamping on the commercial companies that are rivals to the BBC, thus ensuring the BBC retains market share, not by its own brilliance but by Government edict.

Everything Lord Hall Hall complains of are in fact exactly the accusations that can be made against the BBC.

When he says this…‘stoking  social unease and division….distorting our view of one another, allowing us to live in imagined communities where we only engage with those who share our views’  you only have to think how the BBC has done everything it can to destroy British identity and sense of nation as it tells us we are a ‘nation of immigrants’ and that no one has a right to call themselves ‘British’ anymore than someone just off the plane from Somalia or Afghanistan.  The BBC that supports the EU’s free movement which is clearly an attempt to subvert the nation state, a form of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in effect, ‘diluting’ and breeding out the natives, as was Labour’s own stealth policy of mass immigration that was intended to ‘brown Britain’ and to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’…the BBC never challenging that nor mentioning the bombshell revelations by Labour’s Andrew Neather that this was a secret plot by Blair to change the face and identity of Britain.  The BBC that mocks and derides Christianity but supports the backward and unpleasant Islamic religion.  Just how that reflects BBC values I’m unsure….are they misogynist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, homophobic, willing to use violence to spread their values, ready to kill those who fail to meet the required standard?  The BBC that champions the highly controversial, and failed, policy of multi-culturalism.  Is this the same BBC that now says the tech giants are the ones who are socially devisive?  I might suggest it is the BBC that is the one stoking social and racial division to a massive extent as it also promotes growing Black racism and racial apartheid in Britain and abroad…quite possibly being one of the instigators of the Black assassinations of police officers in America in response to false reports from the likes of the BBC that white police officers were deliberately killing Blacks…just not true.  The BBC is tasked with maintaining ‘civil society and sustaining citizenship’  but instead it spreads racism, grievance politics, fear and anger…its work divides British society and incites violence, riots and terrorism.

As for being a promoter and defender of Democracy and a voice for the voiceless…the BBC that silenced, and still tries to, the voices that question the holy grail of the liberal elite…open borders, the BBC that labelled such voices as fascist, Far-Right and Nazi, not forgetting ‘populist’.  The BBC that is even now trying to help subvert the democratic vote for Brexit and supports the unelected Eurocrats who want to crush the democratic voices and the nation state.  The BBC that works relentlessly against any Tory government whilst being prepared to prop up any Labour candidate for No10 even if a liar, a terrorist [I make no distinction between those who cheerlead for the terrorists and those who use the bombs and bullets], a misogynist, someone who does little to stamp out rising anti-Semitism in the Party and who has dumped all his previous conviction politics in order to win an election.  A man who is a clear and present danger to this nations democracy, security, culture and economy…and yet the BBC cheerleads for him.

I fail to see how the BBC in any shape or form ‘represents a set of democratic ideals that matters greatly to our country: giving a voice to the voiceless, pursuing the truth without fear or favour.’

The BBC is the biggest danger to our society, culture and democracy, bigger even than Corbyn, who will come and go, the BBC goes on for ever it would seem and seems inclined to do everything it can to bring about the downfall of Western Civilisation.



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24 Responses to Defending Privilege and Power

  1. Navets says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your analysis of Lord Hall Hall’s words. He is clearly beyond any form of debate, accountability or sanction as is the BBC as a whole. How many more similar pronouncements before one is rightly treated as the signal to scrap the licence fee. I shall, in no uncertain terms, be expressing my condemnation of the BBC to my MP and ask others to do the same. It’s barefaced treachery and needs challenging,


    • Jagman84 says:

      If I was given the choice of either Brexit or the destruction of the BBC, then I would take the latter. It would be more vital to the survival of this nation.


  2. EnglandExpects says:

    If the BBC represented our country then I would have some sympathy with Lord Hall. But it doesn’t. It is one of the factors, alongside spineless politicians and the cultural Marxists who have taken over our institutions and ever proliferating quangos, that is destroying the Britain I grew up in. Netflix, Amazon and others will eventually destroy the BBC and I can’t say I am sorry. I’ll also be £150 better off.


  3. Nibor says:

    The BBC and the liberal/left love to make out that we are on the brink of becoming fascists or Nazis but for their constant vigilance .
    What they forget , or are woefully ignorant of , is that the Nazis could not operate in an open , accountable society . Above all the machinery of government ; the civil service , the police and judiciary and nalgos being not just open and accountable to a free press , but to everyone and anyone who is dubious of , disputes or activates against not just what they do but their very excistence .
    And for the ordinary Joe to be not afraid of the governance of his country . That’s not the government , but the governance , the institutions that hold power .

    A case in point is the way Tommy Robinson has been treated by organs of the state .


  4. Cassandra says:

    I read this article in yesterday’s Sunday Times not knowing whether to laugh or cry. The BBC really does seem to be unaware of the damage it does to the social cohesion of British society it does with it’s broadcasting output.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I posted my bit about Lord Hall on the wrong post but I’ll repeat it. Son of a bank manager. Private school – PPE at oxford . Al beeb . Chair royal opera house. Al beeb peerage . Just a regular diverse guy.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I know what you mean but I think that the BBC is very much aware of the damage it is doing to British social cohesion and will be pleased with its progress. It’s long term aim is to do so much damage that Brits no longer know who they are and so are much easier to mold into Globalist proles who believe the Globalist one world mantra.


  5. Doublethinker says:

    I completely agree with everything you say in the intro. However I think that you missed one crucial point and this is that Lord Hall’s speech echoes one given by Obama last week. In that speech Obama called for governments to ensure that there was only one set of facts which could then form the basis of national conversation. He of course didn’t mention that his ‘one set of facts’ would be those which the Globalist elite agreed on, everything wouldn’t, by their reckoning ,be a fact and could therefore be suppressed as being fake news.
    All that Obama and Hall are advocating is censorship on behalf of the elite. It is certainly a coordinated attack on the ‘ rebel media’ and the start of the drive to censor the internet and so regain complete control of what people know about. The elite want to turn the clock back ten or twenty years when via the MSM they completely controlled the news agenda. The internet has disrupted that monopoly.
    Will this elitist attack succeed? Well not as long as President Trump is in office hence their determined efforts to impeach him by whatever means, legal or illegal, are necessary. Mind you the 5 Star Movements success in Italy yesterday is also a big problem for the elite because the 5 Star is an Internet party and would I think be totally opposed to any attempts to censor the net. But let us watch how the likes of Merkel, Macron, The MSM try to throttle the internet and in our modest way oppose it.


  6. Beeb Brother says:

    Their hubris is astounding. In the wake of Trump and Brexit they blamed ‘fake news’ and declared we were living in a ‘post truth’ era. In fact we were living in a post-lies era as people were able to make their own minds up instead of being manipulated by the media into doing the establishment’s bidding.

    Maybe people have decided that open borders and multiculturalism are a very bad idea? That you need order and rules in life is about as truthful as you can get, yet these liberal lunatics have the chutzpah to say this is not only wrong but hateful.

    We are only trying to save ourselves from the grave liberals have dug for Europe. The liberal elite typified by the BBC are on the wrong side of history.


    • Rick Bradford says:

      The BBC describes itself as a bulwark against ‘fake news’ for the same reason that North Korea calls itself a Democratic People’s Republic.


  7. AntiCorruptionTsar says:

    The director general of the BBC, Lord Anthony WIlliam Hall is linked to the corruption at Anglesey Mining – this is a company with no revenues over 34 years since it was founded in 1984, has survived on a mixture of Welsh Development Grants and shareholder rights cash, where the land of milk and honey is promised around the corner and never comes. There is extremely strong evidence that their mine (Parys mountain mine) has been used to store nuclear waste in the early 1990’s from the closed Trawsfyndd nuclear power station. It is an enormous scandal that the BBC have been told about this and refuse to report on it.

    The Common Law Court of Wales YouTube video together with Gordon Bowden provides an excellent starting point:

    Starting off with the link to the BBC:

    The address of Danesh Kumar Varma, and the company address is:

    Painters Hall Chambers, Little Trinity Lane, London, England, EC4V 2AN

    This is also the address of the Painters and Stainers Liverymen company:

    of which Sir Anthony William Hall, the BBC Director General, is a liveryman:,_Baron_Hall_of_Birkenhead

    and is also a Masonic Lodge:

    So when Gordon Bowden went to the BBC in March 2015, it was no surprise that this went no further!


  8. TheRebelUK says:

    The BBC go on about North Korea and how bad it is there but I suspect the al Beeb actually would love to have the control over people’s internet and news just like Kim Jong does over his people. Our supposed impartial national broadcaster wants us all to be brainwashed zombies who believe in the same ideals that they have. They report news that only fits their agenda instead of showing all sides of the matter. They are a disgrace really and we have to pay them for the pleasure. These elite act like they care about us but all they care about is themselves and never put the country first but this is changing. Trump, Italy, Germany , Brexit. More people need to wake up and see how the elite have forced things on us all. The only fair society is one where people have choice and opinions are varied and debates from all sides are valid. I think at one point the bbc was good idea and they informed people well but sadly lost. We need free internet and choice, not censorship with forced one-sided stories like the shit al Beep peddles most of the time.


    • Rick Bradford says:

      I agree.

      But a significant danger is emerging that platforms like YouTube and Facebook are imposing their own globalist agenda on us.

      Google, which owns YouTube, is a well-known SJW hangout (see James Damore), and is notorious for ‘demonetizing’ videos which it decides cross some shadowy line into inappropriate speech.

      So while the Internet provides crucial diversity from the likes of the loathsome BBC, we need to ensure the diversity of the Internet, which is not guaranteed, in my estimation.


  9. Richard Pinder says:

    With Multiculturalism and Sexual confusion, the BBC is stoking social unease and division, distorting our view of one another, allowing Liberals to live in imagined communities where they only engage with those who share Lord Halls views.

    The licence fee payer now faces a “David and Goliath” battle with the BBC, which we will win because our values matter more than ever. Brexit represents a set of democratic ideals that matters greatly to our country, giving a voice to the voiceless. We must all unite and fight against the BBC’s use of Censorship of many issues to produce “Fake News“, by pursuing the truth without fear or favour, and then reporting them on this site.


  10. Annunaki says:

    Not much point reporting them on this site unless you also complain to the BBC at every opportunity, I will now and hope all here join me otherwise they will never change or respond


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The scientists I know seem to have given up complaining to the BBC. Your complaint is filtered by a Capita office called BBC Audience Services, in Belfast, before it reaches the BBC. The Capita office is made up of about 400 common purpose trained Capita employees including a small number of BBC employees and government intelligence officers. You then only have one chance in 500 that your complaint is sent to one of the 30 people working in the BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit in London. You then only have one chance in fifty that it would be upheld.

      It was also found out that half of the people on the BBC Trust panel deliberating on a complaint from scientists were uneducated in political philosophy, presumably uneducated by studying Marxism.


      • Guest Who says:

        Sounds pretty accurate as to the stats of the BBC systems design.

        Shame the folk you mention are put off by what the BBC has designed it to do. I thought scientists were made of sterner stuff in pursuit of truth and accuracy.

        The move from CECUTT to CECUO has yet to be properly tested, given getting to the final arbiter takes half year. Yes it is then still rammed with ex-Beeboids, but enough cuts gets to a post mortem.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Hi Annunaki,

      Complaining to the BBC is pointless unless you can learn something about the complaint’s procedure and how the BBC handle and discard the complaints. It seems to me that complaining to the BBC is like complaining to a rapist who has just raped you – it will have no effect.

      In my opinion, the best you can do individually is to start or support a political campaign to end the BBC license. You could start your own blog focusing on one aspect of the BBC bias / propaganda / treachery / wasting taxpayers money on holidays masquerading as news … as a tool to persuade / convince others of the need to remove the BBC license. Or you can do as Robin Aitken has done and write two books about it.


  11. Tothepoint says:

    You can see why those in power are trying everything possible to censor Youtube and Twitter…they are getting their traitorous, white man hating asses handed to them with the Information war that is taking place….and they are lashing out.

    Through fake news and solely selective stories/information (basically complete propaganda), they will create a fake/artificial storm that falsely shows the public are horrified with what is happening on these platforms, and that the public wants to completely shut them down (selecting Far Left lunatics as the quotes to back this up in all propaganda), but because of the ‘freedom of speech’ for those people who are not evil (anyone who thinks like those in power), the government will be happy with these platforms being highly policed and censored as a compromise….welcome to North Korea People 🙂

    Watch this space….its coming…

    Oh….as with everything the far left lunatics do they fuck up, and with this they will go too far and massively overreach….which brings more and more people to our side. It is happening right now and is forcing the elites hand….but we have facts, truth, reason, logic and the law on our side…The enemy are so ideological in their failed, desperate, and damaging beliefs, they do not see the damage they are doing in their pursuit of lunacy