Election fever


The BBC constantly talks of an imminent election and Corbyn as the next Prime Minister, soon-to-be…no doubt the thinking is that if they keep the idea afloat and in peoples’ heads it will become reality.  Indeed Marr is at it just recently in the Spectator….funny how the BBC allows its staff to go off reservation to spread anti-Brexit propaganda so often….

There are two logical British positions. We mostly turn our backs on the EU way of doing things, and become a noticeably different country — less European, less regulated. That is where most Conservatives seem to be heading. Or we conclude that the economic risk is too big and stick close to the EU, ceding freedom to strike new trade deals in order to keep those nearer markets fully open. After his speech, that’s where Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is going. What is being squeezed is the notion of a middle way — frictionless access to EU markets and maximum ability to diverge. I keep being told the EU will fold and give us this. Hooray if they did. But I see not a fragment of evidence for that. So it’s tough choices ahead; which will be resolved in the proper way — at a general election.

So not only are we due an election but it is one that can be used to reverse Brexit, in effect….the BBC once again trying to float the idea that there is still a choice on Brexit and that we can stay in the EU.

Two for one there for the BBC….a Corbyn PM and no Brexit…the corridors would be littered once again with champagne bottles.



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16 Responses to Election fever

  1. Blackwell says:

    You’ve misread.

    An election will decide between the two choices proposed.


  2. Blackwell says:

    ‘The BBC constantly talks of an imminent election’

    You almost make it sound like the BBC has invented the idea.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Alan is suggesting the BBC is agitating for an election as a means of overturning Brexit – not their job, I’d suggest.

      Perfectly reasonable given the mountains of evidence he’s presented here not only of the BBC’s anti-Brexit coverage but also their overt support for Corbyn.

      But then again, as a newcomer, you probably missed all that – can only suggest you try and catch up.


      • Blackwell says:

        Not a newcomer, Alan by and large makes no attempt to provide evidence. I think his main problem is a lack of basic English comprehension.

        Your ‘mountains of evidence’ presumably includes this one? Except it’s not evidence at all.

        Lots and lots of bullshit, does not make a point. It’s still just a lot of bullshit not matter how much of it there is.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    I was surprised that after the end of the Soviet Union ( for the time being) comrade Corbyn didn’t change his stance on the reichEU. It is a socialist institution . It always has been . Central control – plenty of highly rewarded jobs for people like him and best of all – so big that it’s unaccountable and uncontrollable .
    Maybe we ll leave part of the EUreich -maybe we won’t . Even if we do leave the campaign to rejoin will go on and on.

    Labour will look for any weakness of resolve by the British to be independent and free to change to a rejoin stance – whether its in time for the next election who knows,

    If we rejoin it will be full ahead for the US of E good bye pound , good bye freedom – they’d never give us the chance to get out again .

    Happy international Fedup Day


  4. Jerry Owen says:

    .. will be resolved in the proper way.. at a general election.
    I thought it was resolved with a referendum, but I live in a parallel universe to the BBC.


  5. johnnythefish says:

    ‘Ceding freedom…’

    What a throwaway that one is. Worthy of much more debate because that is why most people voted to leave – the surrender of much of our democracy over the last 40 years to an unelected, bureaucratic elite.

    But debate about democracy and who holds the real power in the EU is what the BBC deliberately avoids, along with the inevitable closer political integration being pushed by the Fourth Reich and its French poodle.


  6. G says:

    Let’s not forget the message in the Treasury left by the vacating last Labour Government: “There’s no money left”. Do well to educate those too young to remember and/or they were in a pram at the time.


  7. honestus says:

    Marr has misread – on purpose.
    Corbyn has no interest in remaining within the constricting constraints of the anti state aid EU. Also, Brexit does not run along party lines no matter how much Corbyn would like it to be so he plays both ends against the middle for only one solitary purpose – to create the conditions of disarray which would cause the present government to fall and deliver up a Corbyn/Marxist election victory.
    The EU can go hang!


    • johnnythefish says:

      Exactly. Once in power he would shamelessly renegue on his latest EU backflip just as he did on tuition fees – or is that back on now? – because he needs to shape Britain into one of those Marxist basket cases he so much admires, and there is so much the EU would do to stand in his way e.g. no nationalisation without full shareholder compensation.

      No doubt we’ll find out where he really stands on this Friday’s BBC ‘comedy’ show where Corbyn’s hapless, clueless political posturings are mercilessly mocked, week in week out.



  8. honestus says:

    Also, if it ever came to pass and Corbyn, God help us all, ever came to power, his certain rejection of the EU for anti state aid reasons will doubtless be championed by the BBBC (and Marr the gobby) as a principled stand against an anti socialist and undemocratic EU elite.


  9. EnglandExpects says:

    So Marr wants labour to fight a general election based on its current position, which is taken before we leave and is purely designed to score points against the Tories. There is little prospect of a general election prior to March 2019 , when we are out. Even in the unlikely eventuality that Corbyn won an election in say 2019-2022, he would have to go to the EU and ask to renegotiate a deal that had just been agreed, or in extremis reapply to join, on far worse terms than we have now. Would he really put either of these into his manifesto? He is much more interested in supporting terrorism, busting the budget, interfering in industry etc all of which are incompatible with EU membership.


  10. Sluff says:

    Youve hit on a rarely mentioned conundrum.
    The EU , for its very many faults, through its state intervention and some other policies, ensures that member states cannot stray too far towards Corbynista socialism.
    I think the reason why the extreme left want to exit the EU is for this reason. True state socialism cannot be achieved inside the EU. Exiting the EU gives more power to the nation state and elections take on greater meaning. It does not however guarantee any particular result. I suppose thats democracy but the price of leaving the EU may be nothing to do with trade or the EU at all but with what comes with a snowflake-inspired, mass immigration-inspired, Corbyn victory and the rampant inflation, devaluation, subsidies for inefficent businesses, costs of nationalisation, and loss of individual freedoms that go with it.
    Think I need a plan B.