Loose Change…Loose Talk

We don’t half get some rubbish from the BBC.

According to Nicky Campbell Putin’s speech the other day when he was boasting of Russia’s latest missile and its abilities was in fact part of a Trump/Putin conspiracy to boost American weapons sales…..the speech was ‘very profitable for the American arms industry’ Campbell whispered in such a way as to suggest a bit of Machiavellian connivance between the two old buddies.

And of course it wouldn’t be the BBC without trying to tie Brexit into the mix as it claimed our place in the world is so reduced #duetobrexit that we have no allies and no influence to stop Russia killing people on the streets of Britain ….this was again a narrative today…apparently we are so desperate for allies in a post-Brexit world that we will cosy up to any old tyrannical regime…such as Saudi Arabia….never mind we have been joined at the hip to them for decades…for weapons and oil and politics…and that Russia has been killing people on our streets long before Brexit…still, don’t let the facts get in the way of anti-Brexit propaganda on the BBC.

We also had Tony Livesey suggest that there is no such thing as British Values….just values that are universal and which are not the result of coming from a particular place.  Naturally he was talking to Jo Cox’s sister, Kim LeadBeater, who had been running round the country for the BBC asking people what they thought British values were and concluded….

For me one of the most heart-warming and inspirational conclusions that the kids came to was something I feel myself – that the things the lesson covered were not just British values – they were values that everyone should have, no matter where they live or come from.

“International values” as one child said or, as I like to think of them, ‘human values’.

Apparently primary school children’s views were more worthy and sensible than grumpy old people who griped miserably about the loss of values…

The kids also all agreed on one thing – most adults could benefit from the odd British values lesson!

It was interesting to see the differences between the three groups – to hear the disappointment there was in the older generation over the loss of values they held dear compared to the enthusiasm of the primary school children for being part of such a diverse class.

I suppose that’s why their parents fled to this country…for its lack of values…they didn’t come for the democracy, the tolerance, the freedom.

It is of course rubbish to suggest such things are not the product of a particular place, such as Britain.  Such values come from unique circumstances in combination with political, social, religious and economic situations allied to a mindset of the people…they do not spring forth fully formed around the world out of some hole in the earth.  There are indeed ‘British Values’ that are the result of hundreds of years of struggle, bloodshed and thought that produced the unique circumstances that bred those values.

The BBC once again tries to dismiss the importance of ‘Britain’ in its usual narrative of relativity, of a world where every culture is of equal value and no culture or society is better than any other.  Just not true.

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7 Responses to Loose Change…Loose Talk

  1. Pounce says:

    I’ve noticed that a lot of the leftwing media are blaming the Russian weapon news as a foil to the announcement by the US the other week that they are going to develop smaller nukes , because the Russians are of the belief that the US won’t respond in kind to a nuclear detonation on one of their allies. Yet what they fail to mention is weapon development programs take years, so if the Russians are saying they are fielding new super weapons, this means that they started working on them years ago. Trump has been POTUS for just over 1 year.


    • joeadamsmith says:

      And, of course, the USA smaller nukes would have been developed during Saint Obama’s period……


  2. Jerry Owen says:

    We allow all sorts nationalities and cultures ( or is there only one human culture.. I don’t think so somehow ) to enter our country and they bring their turf wars here . This is clearly the case in many cities and especially London.
    We have Eritreans, Somalians, Eastern Europeans, Muslims and other groups all battling for control their turf and the criminality that goes with it.
    We don’t just import people we import their predominant culture and values also.
    Should we really be surprised that we allow Russian Oligarchs to come here buy up half of London and find that they bring their warfare here as well just like the afore mentioned groups? No we shouldn’t.

    For that child to prat on about ‘ International values ‘ and ‘ Human values ‘ . Just which values do they mean that we should share? FGM , acid attacks, bombings, be heading, the barbaric killing of our animals for food, killing homosexuals, treating women like cattle, loathing Jews, cannibalism ( the list is seemingly endless these days. ) ?
    Poor kids, I didn’t watch the programme but I bet they were saying it by wrote, rather like i learnt my times table.


  3. JimS says:

    I don’t think there are universal human values and to the extent that they are they are modified to suit local circumstances.

    Brought up in a Jewish or Christian tradition one might think that The Ten Commandments were pretty ‘universal’ but they are legally set aside at times – “Thou shalt not kill” – capital punishment and wars don’t follow that ‘value’. And of course the strict Muslim sees it as a religious duty to kill ‘the unbeliever’!

    Look at the European Convention on Human Rights, every ‘right’ comes with its little caveat – ‘Yes, but’, when the ‘state’ wants an opt out.

    Values can be very local. I worked for a private company that provided an allowance for a newspaper and toiletries if you were away from home. The ‘frequent travellers’ always claimed it, the infrequent travellers didn’t. The allowance claim had become ‘part of the culture’ but was seen as dishonest by those not in the claiming group.

    I once was in a mixed-race/nationality study group. The ‘anglo’ students were open and sharing; the ‘asian’ very closed until some of the barriers came down. One of them revealed that they had stripped the university library of the ‘set books’ at the start of the course, (before they were needed), and had re-newed the loan throughout the term. I am quite convinced that if the Internet had been an Indian government project it would never have become the open thing it is now, (‘anglo’ cultural values versus ‘asian’ closed values).


  4. honestus says:

    When I get bored of the incessant talk of so called British values, I am heartened that I can look Internationally at other similar bastions of civilisation who are also party to the ‘International Values’ clearly on a par with our own – such as Iran, Palestine and most of the Middle east or Somalia or Kenya or most of the African continent or Venezuela or Brazil etc etc …………….


  5. Holly Selassie says:

    “heart warming” “inspirational” and “humanity”.
    All the vocabulary of the soft therapeutic left and the emotional spasms they deal in.
    Putin, Erdogan funnily enough don`t see the need to-and Trump is hardly empathetic as they`d like.
    But Putin, Erdogan and Trump are old school leaders-and are all disliked because they`re not Trudeau, Macron or pregnant like New Zealands yummy mummy(Arden is it?). But they LEAD-which is what we`re voting for.
    Islam simply laughs. Not funny for us.


  6. NCBBC says:

    Pres Trump, wayward though he is, is the last chance for the West. If America falls to the left wing loony Democrats, with their Russia this Russia that, backed by the lefty loons in the BBC/UK, they will open their gates to the world. America will die, and so too the rest of the West.

    Islamisation would then appear to be a better option. At least the rapes of White girls will be legally managed according to Sharia law.


    Meanwhile, Syrian Christians, the few who decided to leave the safety of Assad controlled region, are now running back to Syria. Too many fanatic Muslims in the UK and Europe for their liking.