BBC won’t headline this abuse of your money. Why not? You’re funding Arsenal FC.


BBC have not, as far as I am aware, publicised another recent  abuse of your money from the Foreign Aid budget. I was listenening to LBC the other day and discovered that this year, we gave Rwanda Sixty-Four million pounds, taxpayer pounds, your money for which you have worked in Foreign Aid. Now then, what did Rwanda do with that gift. I expect they duly said thank you as there is much hunger, poverty, poor sanitary conditions and premature deaths in the country to spend it on.

Upon receipt of the monies given, The Rwanda government, under the Leadership of Paul Kagame, decided to sponsor Arsenal FC and gave the club a whopping thirty million pounds of that sixty four million pounds in a sponsorship deal. This means that Arsenal FC will this year have the words Rwanda written on its shirt and maybe the odd logo around the ground. As I see it, we taxpayers have just given a billionaire owned football club thirty million pounds. As if this was acceptable. Don’t they have enough money. I don’t even support Arsenal, but I’m giving them money and so are you.

When I see something that so obviously doesn’t look right, I always try to consider the counter argument. Will this marketing of Arsenal FC promote the country of Rwanda, enough to in time receive a financial return equating with that of thirty million pounds. It is difficult to quantify, but I doubt it very much. It has to said that if I was considering giving money via a charity to a Rwandan appeal, I would refrain from doing so, because I would think that here is a country that has enough money if they afford to give thirty million pounds money away to Arsenal FC.

The other thought I had was, should Arsenal FC have accepted this money from the Rwandan government. Is this the image that British clubs should have? Taking money from a starving, impoverished third world country. The Arsenal supporting Mr Kagame had the choice of either feeding the starving and providing providing health services or giving the money to Arsenel FC. He chose the latter. Where does that put Arsenal FC from a moral point of view. Should they have accepted that money? I’m not so sure they have done. Where are the BBC journalists? Why are they not asking Arsenal FC to respond in accepting this money?

The BBC have found nothing wrong with this, they clearly don’t see this as an outrageous abuse of peoples taxes.I cannot see it on any BBC web page. This is a national scandal yet is being ignored  by our national broadcaster. Taxpayers work hard for their money and it is being thrown away and into billionaires pockets, like the owners of Arsenal FC.

But then doesn’t this sum up the BBC, they take from the poor through the license fee, and feed the rich- Gary Lineker, but then pretend to be on the side of the downtrodden whilst being selective about what and how  to report something, so as to not imbalance or threaten their position through the medium of brainwashing. Quite clever really when you think about. Geobbels on stilts if you like.

On BBC websites and BBC news we currently have the unedifying diet of the incessantly mawkish Grenfell grieving and Raheem Sterling’s tatoo. Aren’t you proud of our national broadcaster? I’m not.  These days it really is sinking to new depths, just as I thought they couldn’t sink any lower.

Finally,I see  there is growing support for more money being allocated to the NHS. On the surface this seems fine but how on earth could  I trust the government to allocate my hard earned taxes wisely.  Are they financially competent. Not on any evidence I’ve seen.

Start the Week 28th May 2018

Thought I’d give FedUp2,TrueToo and Rufus a helping hand. They keep this important site going.

So lets get stuck into BBC and how they misreport events.

This week the emerging news will probably be the Italian elections which I think is going very well indeed, Tommy Robinson which the BBC won’t report, Brexit of course and the pressure on Northern Ireland to have a similar referendum to that in Eire.

Sorry Tabs, I think you were the last post from the previous thread. Worth the read though.

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What hope is there for Tommy Robinson under this ‘right wing’ party’?

I have for a long while now had the power to head a post, but I have resisted as I prefer to be just ‘one of the gang’ so to speak, but the arrest of Tommy Robinson has tipped me over edge.

Here is someone who speaks his mind in a country that purports to have freedom of speech, yet contradicts its implementation with legalised criminality under  the term ‘hate speech’. Thus we do not have free speech and it is a downright lie to say that we do.

Who is responsible? Is it the Conservative Party who under the direction of Theresa May, or maybe the media under the direction of yes you’ve guessed it, the Conservative Party. The very party who is doing all they can to resisit right wing Fox News acquiring the Sky franchise. The very party who do nothing to stop the appalling level of left wing bias espoused from the BBC 1 ,BBC2,3 and 4, Redio 4, BBC World,ITV,Channel 4 and Channel 5. All of  this with no right wing media to counter the balance in favour of the snowflakes.

Is the Conservative Party a right wing party? Or are they just Bliarites trying to shore up the so called middle ground? Are they frightened of doing something for fear of public dissent?

If we had a truly right wing Party in office I doubt if Tommy Robinson would be in jail for 13 months for ‘contempt of court’. If we had a Prime Minister, a leader with a bit of ‘intestinal fortitude’ guts we might have a proud people in Britain not a disillusioned one, we’d be telling the EU to go and do one unless they demonstrate a more acquiescent and fair minded stance, why is she not telling the EU that they, the EU, will have to put up an Irish border because were not going to. In the Mansion House speech she said she would not do this. Why not for God’s sake. Why is she not telling the Muslim community to either integrate or ship out. Why is she soft on the stabbings in London and ‘stop and search’, why is she so frightened of criticising minority groups when they fully deserve to be criticised?

One thing is for certain the Tories don’t speak for me very often, come to think of it very rarely. Labour-forget it.  May lacks judgment, what do you expect from a vicars daughter with no experience of life behind her. There is no political party for me in this country just as there appears to be no political party for Tommy Robinson. Tommy, with the exception of the British people on the real Right,  you’re on yer own mate. Don’t expect justice in this country as it is in very short supply.

Rant over, now I’m going back to join the gang. Although I’ll still be chatting to the odd  troll on the quiet usually after Taffman has had his fun with them.


Start the Week Open Thread 21 May 2018

As many Britons bath in the post  nuptuals of a recent diverse wedding we return to the sad prospect of biased al Beeb. Monday the 21st – start of the Grenfell inquiry, Tuesday 22nd – anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attack in Manchester and at the end of the week the Irish Referendum on abortion . And the ongoing attacks on President Trump, Brexit and anyone or anything of which Albeeb groupthink disapproves

so a busy week…

Will the real Jeremy Corbyn stand up….

…. and if so, will the BBC help him to his feet?

He didn’t sing the national anthem because he doesn’t know the words Er, or perhaps he does know the words but he was thinking of something else.

(Well, at least he stood for it.)

He will participate fully in future commemorations but cannot or will not say whether that will extend to exercising his vocal chords.

He first rejected the EU but then was sort of rising off his chair for Remain.

He is either a supporter of the IRA or an impartial peacemaker with utmost respect for both sides of the conflict.

He befriends Islamic Jihad in the form of Hamas and Hezbollah….

….and then unbefriends them, so to speak, with mealy-mouthed words after being put under pressure.

He stands by idly as Labour Momentum activist Marc Wadsworth takes the microphone and humiliates Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth who leaves the meeting in disgust. (I cannot find the clip I originally saw of Corbyn smiling warmly at Wadsworth soon after Ruth Smeeth’s humiliation; perhaps it went down a memory hole.)

He is utterly committed to rooting out the anti-Semites within Labour except when it comes to doing something about it: looks like he simply cannot bring himself to expel anti-Semite Livingstone.

(In fairness I should add that I’ve just learned that Marc Wadsworth was expelled last month from the party: took years though, for some inexplicable reason.)

Could be that Corbyn was finally forced to act after Ruth Smeeth and Luciana Berger read out in parliament the vile anti-Semitic abuse they had received from Corbyn devotees.

This is the same Corbyn who joined four or five racist, anti-Semitic hate sites on Farcebook (not a typo) but apparently didn’t know what they were about or what he was doing there. (4:50 minutes in)

While grimly scouting the Web to find the real Jeremy Corbyn I’ve been adding ‘BBC’ to every Google search. Judging from the results, this most trusted broadcaster appears not to associate much with the extreme manifestations of Corbyn’s deceit and duplicity.

It seems, though, that David Dimbleby bears some ill will towards the Labour leader, judging by the number of probing questions he has accepted re the latter on Question Time, many throwing doubt on his suitability as leader and challenging Labour anti-Semitism.

Still I doubt that the BBC will be much use in helping to find the real Jeremy Corbyn. I suspect they would prefer him to quietly vanish and for someone more acceptable to replace him so that Labour will have a better chance in future elections, thus enabling the strewing of BBC corridors with empty champagne bottles.

If he ever does stand up, will we see a committed social justice warrior with a genuine desire for the betterment of society but who blunders badly in working towards that betterment?

Or will we see a rigid, cunning, anti-Semitic, far-left ideologue who has calculated that his alliance with radical Islam will eventually draw enough public support to enable Labour to win an election, and is only pretending to be less of an extremist because he senses that the time is not right?

Perhaps my esteemed colleagues here can help find the real Jeremy Corbyn.

Update: June 5th is a bit late to update a post from May 20th, but I wanted to plonk a couple of things above the line:

Jagman84 contributed a link to a video clip showing Corbyn’s warm interaction with Marc Wadsworth after the Momentum ‘activist’ had just singled out Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth for a sly, anti-Semitic slur, causing her to storm out of the meeting.

Ruth Smeeth and others at the meeting were outraged at the anti-Semitism, shouting, “How dare you,” at Wadsworth, so there is no way Corbyn could have been unaware of the incident. Yet he did nothing and his warm relationship with Wadsworth was apparently unaffected.

A day after I speculated here about Corbyn’s extreme reluctance to expel Ken Livingstone, the loathsome anti-Semite resigned. I had a look at a couple of interviews of him justifying his resignation on YouTube. In this one he claims that several Jewish people have come up to him agreeing with his take on Hitler and questioning whether MPs read their history. This simply demonstrates the implacable nature of his anti-Semitism. In this one with the BBC he claims that no Jewish people have come up to him expressing their outrage.

Livingstone cannot acknowledge his own anti-Semitism, at least not publicly. Worse, he takes this opportunity to perpetuate it yet again. And that’s all I have to add about the creep.

I believe now that there is more than enough evidence that Corbyn is also deeply anti-Semitic. He’s just a bit more careful in demonstrating it.

BBC struggles to recognize Jerusalem

Thought I’d check out what the BBC had to say about the historic opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem yesterday so I Googled:

bbc US embassy opening ceremony Jerusalem

These first four results came up from the BBC:

Gaza clashes: 52 Palestinians killed in deadliest day since 2014

Gaza protests turn deadly before US opens Jerusalem embassy

Jerusalem embassy: why Trump’s move was not about peace

Repeat of the first result

Apart from the obvious bias, this really had me scratching my head. I thought Google simply picks up key words and then produces links that feature most if not all of those key words.

Those results are followed by a couple of clips from the ceremony uploaded to YouTube by BBC News

Not sure who calls him/herself BBC News and why he/she would want to plonk clips on YouTube.

Perhaps those among my esteemed colleagues knowledgeable about these matters could throw some light on this peculiar happening. How did Google tweak those results to force them away from the US Embassy to Gaza?!

Meanwhile here’s the ceremony for those interested

It starts at 10 minutes in and there’s a fabulous Ethiopian/Israeli singer introduced by the president of Israel at 41 minutes in. She sings again at 1hr 24 min in.