Midweek Open Thread 13th June 2018

Forget the trivia of freedom from the EU and the search for World Peace -there are more important things – the World Cup . Oh the Diversity . Enjoy the bread and circuses.

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  1. MarkyMark says:

    “Thank you, Margrethe. Together we will change Europe! @markrutte @xavierbettel @charlesmichel @EmmanuelMacron” – Guy

    “A changed world needs a new Europe – not more or less union. But better, more perfect, more efficient Union – engaged as always @guyverhofstadt on #FutureofEurope @ALDEgroup” – Margrethe Vestager

    “new Europe” – conflating EU Government with landmass of Europe.

    “not more or less union” – this meaningless, not more or less means nothing.

    “better,more perfect,more efficient Union” – “better” is not defined, “more perfect” suggests the EU Government is perfect already so she shows she is mad because it is obvious this is not true or else everyone would follow it, “more efficient” – like stop moving the EU Government between two locations?


  2. honestus says:

    What I don’t understand is the term ‘meaningful vote’.
    Camerons £9 million leaflet could not be clearer.
    ‘The referendum on Thursday, 23rd June is your chance to decide
    if we should remain in or leave the European Union.
    This is your decision. The Government will implement what
    you decide.’
    What is in this that our intelligent (supposedly) representatives do not understand? Parliament devolved the decision to us, the British people to instruct them on a straightforward majority vote – in or out.
    The vote was out – what more needs to be known?
    The Soubrys and Grieves of this world are dishonest and disingenuous according to Lord Howard. He is being too kind. They are arrogant cowards and EU quislings usurping their manifesto remit for their own narrow selfish reasons.
    If the term traitor belongs to anyone in this overblown barrel of red herrings it belongs to these and their ilk. F**king traitors!


    • honestus says:

      Case in point. Not BBC cos can’t stand the Grenfell fest but switched to the Wright stuff.
      Male panellist trying to explain current Brexit melee – ‘it started with a referendum where absolutely nobody knew what they were voting for’.
      In a nutshell – history re-written and constantly reconfigured to create the muddiest of waters and almost the sole focus of those who cannot face up to true reality.
      We voted out!
      Women panellist a self confessed leaver (whoooooo) apologetic and in agreement of the mess Brexit has now become.
      No challenge.
      No passion.
      Possibly not a leaver at all otherwise why both feet not planted in mouth of remainer revisionist?


    • theisland says:

      Dominic Grieve is probably envious of fellow lawyer Starmer’s prospects with the European Court of Justice and wants a piece of the action.

      Meanwhile bully boy Bercow wants to stay on as Speaker for another year to ensure that MPs get the chance to vote on changing the course of Brexit (The Times).


  3. BRISSLES says:

    Is there no end to Grenfell ???? now its wall to wall coverage of the first anniversary of that tragic event. Yes it was tragic, but there isn’t one of us who hasn’t lost a loved one, and some in equally tragic circumstances, but hells bells that community is milking it for all its worth, as though they are revelling in their grief. The media are grabbing anyone they can on the street for their emotive responses. Without sounding callous, I doubt whether anyone in the rest of the UK is interested as to what happens in London. According to the media, its ‘all very difficult for those who have lost loved ones’, well, death is always ‘very difficult’, but we move on knowing that first year of loss is always the hardest. Yesterday I lost a lovely friend to pancreatic cancer – at a young age, and her family are devastated, so this is of more interest to me, not the media outpouring.

    On another tac, there is much reporting of a young couple in their 20’s from Italy – both architects, and had moved to London a few months before the fire to further their careers. Has no-one asked the question, how did they manage to get a flat so quickly in the middle of London ??


    • ToobiWan says:

      71 people died in the fire Briss and the BBC wants the whole country to enter a period of mourning not seen since the death of Queen Victoria. As to the young Italian couple, is it not possible that flat had been sublet? Be interesting to find out if they were the original “letees”, if the truth was not deemed to be inconvenient.
      71 died in Grenfell, wall to wall grief; 75 people stabbed or shot to death in London so far this year, part and parcel of living in a big city?


    • Rich says:


      I wonder how many of this ‘community’ knew of or even noticed each other before the fire. I’m sure that many of the victims passed each other on the stairs or in the lifts regularly without acknowledging each other let alone knowing or sharing each others values, beliefs or aspirations.

      The loss of life is tragic, but this is not and never was an attack on the working class or a conspiracy against this ‘community’, because I don’t actually believe that one exists there in the way that we’re supposed to believe. The campaign cohesion and orchestration is from outside not from within an identifiable ‘community’, a campaign that is agenda driven and unwilling to be satisfied. It has simply become a bandwagon for recrimination and blame, not necessarily justice, just a result that the bBbc and the action groups and committees have already decided upon, and they want everyone else to follow their script. I’m from Northern Ireland Brissles, we have years of experience of this narrative.
      It was an accident, seemingly compounded by a series of errors and negligence, not necessarily by those the ‘community’ and their cheerleaders maintain. Whoever is found to be at fault should be identified and punished accordingly, as simple as that.

      I agree with all your points. I think that the bBbc are seriously misjudging people’s interest in Grenfell and the more they show of the ‘community’ affected and their increasingly unrealistic demands, the less empathetic and sympathetic the majority of our wider society will become.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Brissles, the BBC do not do maths, they do not do geography, they do not do science or history (at least as most people know them) but they do do anniversaries and they can do them big-time as ANNIVERSARIES where it suits them.

      This one suits the BBC.

      It was a truly tragic, a sad event. I remember the horror of Ronan Point during my childhood but this was far worse. Possibly a needless tragedy? Maybe. The BBC will not probe that but they will emote.

      Today, of all days.


      • ToobiWan says:

        I don’t remember them saying anything about last year’s 30th anniversary of the Herald of Free Enterprise sinking either, U2S. 193 people lost their lives in this disaster, after the ferry left Zeebrugge with it’s bow doors open. As the majority of those killed where white, Sun readers who had taken advantage of the paper’s cheap European travel offer, it could be said that they were not the BBC’s kind of people and worthy of commemoration.


        • BRISSLES says:

          Excellent point Toobi !


        • StewGreen says:

          Its not who the people are, but rather how useful their case is for POLITICS

          The Grenfell circus is a bash the Tories show promoted by Socialist Worker.
          Herald of Free Enterprise wasn’t.

          However all the passengers were 100% innocent.
          Whereas many Grenfell residents were involved in crime , illegal subletting for a start,
          … and some of their own actions like cannabis farming, and rubbish blocking the escape stairwell may have contributed to the disaster.


      • Loobyloo says:

        Reminds me that when watching PMQs, May said that 203 households had been offered accommodation. I thought this sounded a lot so checked the number of flats in Grenfell – 120. So, more than two households per 1 or 2 bedroom flat in many cases. Don’t expect any media to suggest overcrowding as an issue.


        • Loobyloo says:

          Grenfell: What’s happened to money promised for fire survivors? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43153906

          Al Beeb actually state in this article that some flats contained several generations. Make of that what you will. I would say it’s overcrowding.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The gmc is so frightened of racist that it doesn’t check the validity of qualifications as it should . I might get a practice certificate from the University of itaintbad for a princely ReichEuro


    • Payne by name says:

      Wasn’t it this reason that the number of immigrant nurses went down. The Dianne Abbotts of the world claimed it because the UK was sending a message post Brexit that the UK hated all foreigners whereas the reality was that the pass mark for English skills had gone up and a far greater chunk were failing them…which surely is a good thing isn’t it?

      People giving medicines or receiving medical instruction that are struggling to comprehend English is not a good thing surely?


    • Loobyloo says:

      Al Beeb are living in some sort of pretend world where doctors of all nationalities are trained to the same standards, none of them are faking/buying their qualifications,
      and there are no health tourists in the uk…
      There are in Canada though:


  4. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On the bbc radio news this morning I heard that there was a worry about racism towards our football players in the World Cup.
    They said half of our squad was bme.

    That is blatant racism.

    I think in the population of England the bme’s make up 14%, correct me if I’m wrong.
    That means there should be 3 bme’s in the squad.

    It doesn’t matter how talented the players are, the squad must represent the population. This is what the snowflakes and virtue signallers keep saying isn’t it, that bme’s must be represented proportionally no matter whether they are any good or not, it’s colour what is important, not skill.

    I think Southgate should be put in prison for life for being a racist by picking the best players instead of the correct pc mix of players.
    In fact, where are the women, trannies, sex changers, handicapped and so on, the pensioners are not represented nor the babies.
    Come on Corbyn, equality, that’s what is needed and you’re missing an open goal here. After all, we’re all the same aren’t we?


    • ToobiWan says:

      I’m waiting for the England squad to turn out with black armbands, solidarity for Grenfell, doncha know! I hope I’m not giving anyone ideas.


      • Woolwich says:

        And for one of the top players to refuse to wear one as the issue has become politicised and then get dropped from the team as a result.


    • JimS says:

      Shouldn’t one be in a wheelchair or blind, (that’ll be the linemen!)?


  5. MarkyMark says:

    600,000 Immigrants Lost by the UK Home Office , now wondering the UK as illegals.
    20,000 on terrorist watch list wandering the UK, possibly on welfare as well.
    3,000 on extreme terrorist watch list wandering the UK, not watched all the time.
    100 Jihadists let into London after fighting in Syria roaming London.
    0 action from Sajid Javid (or Amber Rudd)

    . . .

    “For all those who lost their lives, and to the survivors of that terrible tragedy, you are always in my thoughts, in my prayers and in my heart #Grenfell #Green4Grenfell” – Sajid Javid


  6. MarkyMark says:

    Match the Twitter to a leader 14jun2018@1027BST…

    “Today we remember those who lost their lives at Grenfell Tower and pay tribute to their family, friends and loved ones for the strength and dignity they have shown.”[1]

    “Today, if you live in Lewisham East, vote for XXXXX’s brilliant candidate @JanetDaby. Find your polling station here: XXXXX #LewishamEastByElection #JanetDaby4MP” [2]

    “Today we remember the 72 lives so tragically lost in the Grenfell Tower fire a year ago – innocent victims young & old, children, parents, grandparents, friends & loved ones as well as all those injured and affected. Our thoughts & prayers remain with the Grenfell community.” [3]

    “Congratulations to @KevinCramer on his huge win in XXXX. We need Kevin in the Senate, and I strongly endorse him. Heidi voted NO on our Tax Cuts, and always will vote no when we need her. Kevin is strong on Crime & Borders, big on Cutting Taxes!” [4]

    “This is from the man who sits down with the biggest fifth columnist of all – George Soros, the billionaire who uses his money to subvert the Referendum result and European democracies. And by the way, I have said on many occasions: Putin is a gangster.” [5]

    “Belgium ???????? will win the World Cup… says @BBCNews! I hope they are right 😉 Let me know who you support and good luck to all the European teams! ???????? #WorldCup” [6]

    [1] May [2] Corbyn [3] Khan [4] Trump [5] Batten [6] Verhofstadt


  7. Guest Who says:

    Good day to PR news no one buys.


  8. NameNotNumber says:

    2012 – The BBC and ‘One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich’
    ‘Censorship and fear had prevented the truth about the camps from being published, but this story made it into print. The USSR would never be the same again.’

    2018 – The BBC and Tommy Robinson?:
    We will do all we can to ensure that censorship and fear will prevent the truth about Islamic grooming gangs ever being known, it will never be broadcast. The UK will never be the same again.

    Before his death Solzhenitsyn spoke in support of Putin stating that he was helping the nation rediscover what it was to be Russian.


    • NameNotNumber says:

      1998 – BBC definition of a ‘political prisoner’:
      ”A de facto definition is provided by the human rights organisation Amnesty International: “Any prisoner whose case has a significant political element: whether the motivation of the prisoner’s acts, the acts themselves, or the motivation of the authorities.”



  9. MarkyMark says:

    Leaving Africa ….
    629 Economic Migrants from Africa.
    600 Adult Males
    29 Women.
    ( i made this up breakdown up)

    Entering the EU ….
    629 Jobs to find.
    629 Houses to find.
    629 Entitled to Health Service with African health problems.
    629 Partners to find to create a family.
    629 People on benefits for 2 years minimum.
    0 Housed in the 650 MP’s or 797 Lords’ houses (Keith Vaz has 9 homes)
    0 living next door to Merkel or May or Macron.


  10. MarkyMark says:



  11. MarkyMark says:

    Jeremy Corbyn did not tweet about D-Day on the 6th June …. he did a post from a Ramadan meal … everyone is posting about Grenfell …. but what about this continued travesty ….

    “More than 1,400 children were sexually abused in the town from 1997 to 2013.” {bbc.co.uk sep2017}

    – 6 years of undetected abuse
    – 1400 girls (plus others not yet known), say 250 girls in a school means that rapists raped their way through 5.5 schools without being detected for 6 years.
    – In conclusion ‘cock up’ – suppose more meaningful in a sick BBC world kind of way
    – And how did the BBC report during these 6 years I wonder? Time to activate the BBC £3.5bn news machine … to find some lessons to be learnt.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The comments about the Pakistani vermin sent to prison in oxford yesterday deserve more coverage but as we can predict surpressed. My god these vermin even had a van with a special number plate advertising that they had sex ( raped ) white girls in it.
      Instead it’s the Grenfell sob a thon again.
      Bad things happen . People die .


    • Marion says:

      I believe between 1,500 and 2,000 people are killed on our roads every year, regular as clockwork. Devastated families and, in many cases, the loss of the main breadwinner.

      Yes, I know they are not the result of official incompetence, or negligence, call it what you will, but they are still tragedies for those involved.

      If the majority of them looked a bit like Lammy or Abbott, I’m sure we’d be hearing a lot more about them.

      Then, as you’ve pointed out, there’s Rotherham and the others.


      • MarkyMark says:

        One is deciding to use cars to drive around – our choice.
        One is forced upon us without consent.


  12. BRISSLES says:

    Ok, its taken a few weeks to receive a reply from Walkers Crisps, re their continuation to use jug ears despite his controversial tweets. Here it is…………

    Dear *****

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We’re proud of our work with Gary on Walkers’ promotional activities. While his views do not represent those of Walkers Snack Foods, we respect his right to express them.


    Ann Harby
    Consumer Relations


    • Fedup2 says:

      Bris – I understand that walkers is a cola cola brand . Says it all


    • ToobiWan says:

      At least they didn’t send it on to their marketing dept like they did mine, Briss. Did you tell them that you would no longer buy any of their potato based offerings, whilst he is fronting their ads? To anoe who likes crisps, there are better brands out there, they need to be hit in the profits!


  13. MarkyMark says:

    Just for a day Trump needs to become the first female president … please …. “Man legally changes his gender to identify as a woman ‘so he can retire five years earlier’ in Argentina”


    • Payne by name says:

      In a way I respect the guy for doing this to show many of these clueless snowflakers that this is the reality of their stupid naive outlook on life.


  14. Celtic_Mist says:

    Daily Telegraph Editorial 13 June, “From reporting by the likes of the BBC, one would imagine the summit in Singapore was either a disaster or a well spun flop”. It is time the BBC had a name change and sold off because I don’t want to pay the salaries of arrogant liberal left propagandists who ARE brain washing the vast majority of our population.


  15. MarkyMark says:

    500 Days … talks with North Korea over peace – President Trump.
    700 Days … confused everyone about leaving the EU – Prime Minister Theresa May.


  16. Foscari says:

    Here is a report that you wont probably see on the BBC.
    Big Brother from the Diversity Dept will probably get his
    or her way in stopping the story ,as was the case of The
    Tommy Robinson Rally.
    A Sief . Allah H has been arresting after the police in Germany
    found a bomb containg the toxic Ricin being prepared.


  17. MarkyMark says:

    797 Lords are employed to help the citizens of the UK, but how can they when they have the EU Government to answer to?

    650 MPs are employed to look after the citizens of the UK, but how can they when they have to answer to Merkel’s moral choices?


  18. MarkyMark says:

    Yesterday … in the RELIGION OF PEACE LA-LA-LAND ….

    2018.06.13 Syria al-Bab 0 killed 9 injured
    A suicide car bomber detonates at a market.

    2018.06.13 Syria Suwar 5 killed 0 injured
    Two civilians are among five blown up by a suicide bomber.

    2018.06.13 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 killed 7 injured
    Another person is killed when a suicide bomber detonates at a market.

    2018.06.13 Libya Darna 2 killed 0 injured
    Two civilians are tortured and murdered by militants shouting praises to Allah.

    Libya – where the boat with 629 migrants heading to Europe are from …. not all will be nasty, but what if 10% are? 5% are nasty?



  19. G says:

    Is it me, or is there now an increasing plethora of YouTube videos which forecast serious civil insurrection in the UK and Europe? I’m thinking e.g., the courageous Katie Hopkins et al.
    As the public is becoming increasingly knowledgeable and simultaneously dismayed at what’s going on, over a range of important issues, the lack of any attempt to head off the inevitable conflicts that are looming by this Government, could be a sign that they believe that whatever comes, the bastions of the state can withstand it? If that’s the case, they have to be incredibly naive particularly when recently we learn that the IRA only had roughly 450 active ‘terrorists’. Those 450 brought the UK Government to the negotiating table and that Government gave numerous concessions. Whatever breaks out in the UK, I predict it will involve many, many more than 450. They will be a much more ‘intelligent’ band than the police had to deal with in past riots and they’ll find many more, ‘Safe Houses’ and other support infrastructure than the IRA could have ever dreamt of.


    • Kaiser says:

      well just the returned isis jihadists that havent been prosecuted allegedly number 360 ish currently although I very much doubt the governments honesty in these or any other matters

      so thats 1 almost IRA sized unit
      3000 being watched thats 6 times the IRA
      20000 persons of interest thats 44

      and thats just the tip of the shit pile


    • Old Goat says:

      Ah, but the IRA were armed, had explosives, dared to use them, and laughed at the law.

      I can’t see your average member of the British public getting that involved, somehow…


    • Payne by name says:

      That’s a good point and I do hear a lot of people talking about how if something happens to Tommy, it will go off and the people will rise up.

      The thing is, as much I fear for Tommy’s safety and his treatment infuriates me, the people motivated by his plight are ‘usually’ on the right end of the spectrum, which making some sweeping stereotypes, have jobs and responsibilities and hence are probably more concerned about the threat of exposure or prosecution.

      Whilst I might be prepared to go on a march, as I did on the Day of Freedom march recently, I won’t be donning a mask and kicking in the windows of a McDonalds.

      Now I understand that this is what the authorities are trying to do by suppressing coverage of the peaceful marches and amplifying any form of civil discontent carried out by right wingers but it is a clever tactic and one that I certainly aren’t prepared to risk my livelihood for.

      Does this make me a coward – maybe.


    • Major Gammon says:



  20. MarkyMark says:

    Why does the BBC make it sound like it was the boys fault?

    A nine-year-old boy who hanged himself in Birmingham would not have understood the consequences of his actions, a coroner has said.

    Aaron Dugmore (aged 9) was found by a relative at his Erdington home in February last year. He suffered a cardiac arrest and died in hospital.

    Aaron’s relatives had claimed he was being bullied at Erdington Hall Primary School.

    An inquest in Birmingham heard the youngster had gone to his bedroom following a minor argument.

    Erdington suicide victim Aaron Dugmore ‘didn’t realise impact of actions’ {bbc.co.uk 14jun2018}



  21. Beeb Brother says:

    BBC news live streaming the entire Grenfell memorial service. They really earn their corn these activists, I mean journalists. I imagine actual journalism constitutes a hate crime these days.

    Apparently lots of ‘community representatives’ there. We are individuals. I would hate for some loudmouth to say he spoke for me just because he happened to have the same colour skin as me or whatever.


    • Beeb Brother says:

      Toynbee on to give her expert opinion on the balloons being released. Eugh.


  22. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Just heard that misery fest Grenfell song on the radio (bridge over troubled water) with a load of virtue signalling singers pretending to care about it.

    I’ve noticed that all of these multi artiste charity type songs all seem to be very safe subjects where they can all show us lot how good they are and that they care so much about the planet and people.

    I would have more respect if they were to make a song about something where they might actually help.
    How about something against the cruel treatment of animals in the halal slaughtering mumbo jumbo.
    How about a song against fgm, all you feminist girlies and girlie groups can show solidarity with your forcefully mutilated sisters.
    How about one for the children, either the (probably) hundreds of thousands being sexually abused or maybe a local smaller area like Rotherham with only 1400 abused (chicken feed now)
    About children being gang raped while their tongue is nailed to a table.

    Why no songs about this type of horror.
    It’s easy to help your flagging career by singing about Grenfell or Ethiopia, nice and safe and they get the adoration they crave but anything about atrocities going on now and being kept secret as much as possible they don’t want to know

    I do know of the Tommy one but it’s obviously not in fashion with the MSM.
    I hope Tommy is safe because I’m certain they have sent him to be murdered and then they can say ‘it wasn’t us’ when we all know their plan is for him to be killed, they couldn’t be more obvious.
    If he is murdered I think it will be the turning point, it’s the government against us and it will be bloody.
    I hope the FLA make Tommy ring out through the football stadiums and wouldn’t it be great if other countries joined in to shame our evil politicians.

    “Tommy can you hear me”

    Tommy out.
    May out.


  23. Tabs says:

    I’ve written my own BBC News “7 Days 7 Questions” quiz…

    1. Which evil Tory PM caused the Grenfell fire?
    a) Theresa May
    b) Margaret Thatcher
    c) David Cameron

    2. The England football team held a minutes silence today in Russia to mark?
    a) The victims of the Grenfell fire.
    b) The victims of the Manchester “Incident”?
    c) The 20,000,000 Russians who died in WW2

    3. Which MP truly cares about Grenfell victims?
    a) Jeremy Corbyn
    b) Diane Abbot
    c) All MPs are equal

    4. Grenfell tower was occupied by?
    a) Victims of Tory austerity
    b) Doctors and nurses
    c) Mostly illegal immigrants

    5. A Grenfell life is worth how many times more than a white English persons?
    a) 100 times
    b) 10 times
    c) same

    6. When is the 1 year anniversary of the Grenfell fire?
    a) Anytime from 14th Jun 2017 to eternity
    b) Last 2 weeks
    c) Today

    7. Donald Trump was in the news this week, is he?
    a) A misogynist, sexist, racist pig
    b) US President
    c) Good candidate for Nobel Peace prize

    How did you do?
    Mostly ‘c’ answers….. you are a Gammon faced Tory or UKIPer
    Mostly ‘b’ answers….. You are half human, try and listen to Brendan Cox or Owen Jones more
    Mostly ‘a’ answers….. You are brilliant, caring and totally human


  24. Roland Deschain says:

    I mentioned on here a couple of days ago that Nick Ferrari was discussing, in a biased and uninformed manner, the Free Tommy march at the weekend. And how I felt he was taken aback at the level of support expressed for Tommy.

    I wonder if that made some sort of impression. Because today he was sounding off about the latest Muslim grooming gang being found guilty; why was it that few newspapers covered it and for those that did, why did they either make no reference to ethnicity or just call them Asian?

    Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but it’s the first time I can recall this being mentioned outside the internet.


  25. david01 says:

    I was out of the country when the devolution referenda were held for Scotland and Wales in 1997. Looking at the results, Scotland voted 51,6%for and 48,4% against and Wales voted 50,3%for and 49,7% against. These votes were much closer than the EU Referendum result. Were the results accepted by the losers in these contests or were there high profile court cases, debates in Parliament and endless biased reporting by the BBC?


    • Roland Deschain says:

      You’ve used the 1979 Scottish referendum figures, I’m afraid. 1997 was (sadly in my view) far more decisive. It was 74.3% in favour.

      As I thought at the time, it has merely given the SNP a stage from which to launch grievances.


  26. MarkyMark says:

    “The top Observer sleuth has been forced to delete yet more error-strewn tweets after launching an unhinged attack on the BBC.”


    Carole Codswallop has done it again. The top Observer sleuth has been forced to delete yet more error-strewn tweets after launching an unhinged attack on the BBC. During her meltdown last night about Isabel Oakeshott being invited onto Question Time, Codswallop launched a pile-on against the Beeb’s head of live political programmes, Rob Burley, demanding an explanation. Her tweet tagging Burley was retweeted more than a thousand times. For hours Burley was under attack from hundreds of tweets from Codswallop’s crazy legion of followers. Just one problem: Burley has nothing to do with Question Time, which is produced by the independent production company Mentorn.


  27. ToobiWan says:

    AMW on what happened at the Lewisham hustings.
    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
    ― United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights


    • theisland says:

      Difficult to disagree with AMW and the policies of For Britain. Unfortunately it’s not only the establishment that are against her but UKIP as well (at least on the face of it). I still trust Gerard Batten, David Kurten and Nigel on the EU/Brexit, but they just can’t bring themselves to tell the whole truth about the RoP. I’d love to see the face of our cowardly MPs if Anne was elected to the Commons. However, I expect the dreadful Lab candidate will be elected in Lewisham East, and suspect Anne will eventually end up imprisoned on a pretext.


  28. OldEngineOil says:

    Hmmm Christians live longer??


    Might be that those long bearded men in pyjamas keep blowing up from excietment when in the vacinity of Alans Snack Bar.

    Must have a cheesburger from Alans snack bar one day, must taste great. Why don’t the BBC with all their metro-liberal gastronomy pricks report on it?


    • G says:

      “Must have a cheesburger from Alans snack bar one day,…”.
      But, what’s up with a bacon sarnie?


  29. MarkyMark says:

    How many people have escaped North Korea .. why is the BBC making up a family?

    “With the help of some experts, the BBC has tried to imagine life for a hypothetical North Korean family, the Lees. This is their story.”


  30. MarkyMark says:

    Maybe America should replace beauty contests with …
    12 camels disqualified from Saudi beauty contest in ‘Botox’ row



    • MarkyMark says:

      “Tommy Robinson: is now in Onley Prison, designated “unsafe”by Peter Clarke Chief Inspector of Prisons. UKIP Peer Lord Pearson has tabled a question to HM Gov asking ‘what steps they are taking to ensure his safety?’ He was moved from a safe prison to an unsafe prison. Why?” – Gerard Batten MEP



      • theisland says:

        GB tweeted 9mins ago
        “Keep Tommy Safe Campaign: Write a letter or postcard to: Rory Stewart MP, Minister for Prisons, Hse of Commons, Westminster, SW1 0AA. “What are you doing to keep him safe? Move him to a safe place.” Emails can be deleted or ignored, but a mountain of paper can’t. Retweet please.”


  31. Kaiser says:

    whitefield terror arrest update

    not on the bbc

    2 men charged

    guess what they dont attend church or synagogue


    • Kaiser says:

      now on the bbc manchester page

      “Whitefield housemates” in court over alleged terror plot

      makes a change from mentally ill norwegian


  32. honestus says:

    What would you do if;
    A gardener you hired to maintain a pristine lawn decides to rip it up and plant a field of conifers?

    How about a builder tasked by you with building a 3 bed bungalow who decides instead to construct a luxury pen for pigs?

    What would you do with these people to whom you have entrusted specific works and have carried out almost the opposite of what you instructed them to do?

    Conservative Manifesto (page 36) – “As we leave the E.U., we will no longer be members of the Customs Union or Single Market but we will seek a deep and special partnership including a comprehensive free trade and customs arrangement.”

    Why o why are the Tory traitors still in gainful employment when they have so wilfully and disloyally worked to undermine the very simple instructions they signed on to when taking up their positions?


  33. BRISSLES says:

    I’m starting to believe I live in a parallel universe to what I see on the tele. Commercial and Satellite channels bombard me with relationship lifestyles that I cannot relate to, and the BBC hit me with every form of diversity that are just within the bounds of morality. I’m a sucker for the ‘before and after’ make-over programmes, – the latest being Garden Rescue in the afternoons. Brilliant format with participants paying what they can afford, but having the benefit of professional designers and hired help. So far we’ve had the usual mix of singles/ single mums/ disabled/ standard parents with small children/ disabled children/ and today it was the turn of a lesbian couple expecting a puppy and a child on the way, or rather expecting a child with a puppy on the way – whatever (I get confused). I would love to have them make over my garden, but I don’t think I fit a ‘category’. Single, old (but in the style of Joanna Lumley) , white, female, solvent, Anglo Saxon heritage. – Christ it sounds like a cv for a dating agency, but perhaps that’s what you have to do to get on a show !


    • Old Goat says:

      Switch it off. It’s easy. Click!! Just like that!. I watch less and less telly these days, and each time some new “reality” crap programme raises its ugly head, I make a note, mentally, that it’s just another load of old codswallop to avoid.

      I suspect that they think we’re simpletons, and judging by the sinking quality of the format of the programmes, the fact that they’re being watched at all, confirms my suspicions.


      • BRISSLES says:

        I know to switch off is the answer, BUT I’m included in those statistics that conclude the tv is the only company the more mature of us have every day. Sad but true. I cannot live in total silence, and apart from the lady on the till in the Co-op, I can go 3 or 4 days without speaking to a soul, so unless I have my music playing, the tv is on from when I get up until I go to bed.


      • JamesArthur says:

        I am a geeek _ I love marvel and DC films and tv series but now I am switching those off..I can handle Jimmy Olsen being Black – but all the diatribes on how black people are treated badly, Supergirl calls herself a refugee, every show has a lesbian or two in it and in some shows there are no male superheroes…it is no longer DC but PC 🙂

        Good news R4 had a good reporter interviewing the Lawyer for Harvey Weinstein..he didn’t interrupt, he spoke without any hint of accent, he didn’t call the lawyer names, he asked sensible questions and all in all an interesting interview – Luke somebody..he won’t last long on BBC


    • Despairada says:

      Hi Brissles. I too like makeover progs although I only watch them when I go to see relatives, having given up TV. I remember one garden makeover program where the garden in question belonged to a muslim family. A big fuss was made over designing a ‘Moghul’ garden. The implication was that muslims can’t just have a garden, it has to have muslim connotations. Weren’t the Moghul Emporers a bloodthirsty lot, responsible for 10s of millions of deaths on the indian subcontinent?


  34. MarkyMark says:

    The counter attack on TRUMP begins ….

    New York’s attorney general announced on Thursday she was suing the Trump Foundation, as well as Donald Trump and his children, alleging “extensive and persistent” lawbreaking.

    New York sues Trump Foundation, alleging ‘extensive lawbreaking’ {bbc.co.uk 14jun2018}



    • Roland Deschain says:

      And a spectacular piece of speculative bias from Mr Anthony Zurcher:

      Nevertheless, as New York attorney general Ms Underwood has significant investigatory and prosecutorial power, and if she starts looking into some of Mr Trump’s more questionable charitable activities, there’s no telling what she might turn up.

      They clearly no longer feel the need even to pretend.


      • Guest Who says:

        Projection to a ‘unique’ degree.

        But ‘no telling’ seems unlikely from the garrulous gossip of the Hill no matter if the current latest bbc-catnip ‘allegations’ head nowhere.


    • Payne by name says:

      Shame they can’t investigate the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One. There’s an interesting story.


  35. Alex says:

    The left have totally politicised the Grenfell disaster, with all the media channels virtue signalling. Also, why did the bbc see fit to tell us all that many of the victims were Muslim? They don’t tell us that Muslims seem to be the majority in peado rape gangs that target white girls. Must we hear about Grenfell every single day?

    I don’t recall this level of media grief over the loss of life in the Manchester bombings and all the other Jihadi attacks over the years.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I rather suspect that like BGT and the X Factor, the Grenfell story will have a few weeks every year when there will be a lead-up to the Anniversary annual event.


  36. StewGreen says:

    “Trusted source” is a fallacy
    Cos what counts is the story not the messenger.
    If a story is obviously bunk … like a lot of climate armist stories are, it matters no matter who the messenger is.

    But BBC will no doubt be crowing about the Oxford Uni research which says it has 7.02/10 as a trusted source compared to 6.35 for the Times.
    I don’t see what system allows them to have 2 decimal places of precision.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Of course the trustworthy BBC have only reported part of the study
      Omitted say it was internet survey. Bias immediately
      Didn’t report that stats on whether the media is left or right wing etc..I wonder what they were…
      Also didn’t report that only 42% of the population think the news is trustworthy..and the table they use makes the score of 7 less than impressive-
      5- Neither trustworthy nor untrustworthy
      BBC just about here – now if they had got 6.9 instead of 7.02
      10- Completely trustworthy

      so the BBC is just scrapes 7 amongst 42% of those people in the UK that have access to the internet..Given they are publicly funded meant to be unbiased you would think they should have got to at least 9..


  37. Payne by name says:

    I heard someone on here mention how cool it would be if the England supporters started chanting the Tommy Robinson song at the World Cup.

    I’d love to hear the announcers desperately to avoid addressing it or being concerned that interviewing an England fan might result in a Tommy chant.


  38. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Complaint title: Tommy Robinson: Are you reporting on him?

    Complaint description: Gerard Batten MEP has tweeted that “Tommy Robinson: is now in Onley Prison, designated “unsafe”by Peter Clarke Chief Inspector of Prisons. UKIP Peer Lord Pearson has tabled a question to HM Gov asking ‘what steps they are taking to ensure his safety?’ He was moved from a safe prison to an unsafe prison. Why?”

    I could not find any information on your web site regarding this? Is there a reason for this?

    BBC Nick Robinson Twitter 07nov2017 …‘”If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. I’m proud those words now adorn BBC HQ’

    Could you send Nick Robinson to report on things he does not want to hear? Thanks.



  39. StewGreen says:

    Trial : 24 counts on 11 boy victims from 1970 to 1988
    Where was Jonathan King working then ?/sarc

    Trial to conclude early August.


  40. StewGreen says:

    SJW TV
    9pm The Women’s Struggle with Ann Robin who struggles with her £40m fortune largely earnt via the BBC.


  41. smoogie7 says:

    Not sure what to make of this but I feel a very nasty anti Tory smear


    Is there anyone not angry with the PM right now? There must be but the BBC are once again showing one side of the argument. I have nothing against the guy in the video and he is allowed to have his own opinion but why are the BBC once again trying to keep dragging this up?


    • Guest Who says:

      Classic bbc ‘one degree of separation’ news, though folk like Nick Robinson seem to have decided charter obligations don’t apply to them.

      Some obscure nomark is plonked in front of a camera, pops out a scripted sound bite, it is edited for effect, broadcast and bingo.

      Frankly Treezer deserves the enemies and ‘friends’ she cultivates so vainly.


    • Dystopian says:

      Why can’t they seem to spell crime artist correctly?
      It’s the same with crap music.


  42. Alex says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the only news items the bbc report these days are: grenfell, racism (not including anti-white obvs), women’s rights, lgtb rights and anti-Brexit and different permutations of these. It’s like groundhog day ffs.


    • Dystopian says:

      Yes this is very true.
      Surely one is within their rights to withdraw their funding on the basis that they blatantly ignore the terms of their charter? They are blatantly in breach of their “impartiality” requirements.


  43. Alex says:

    As I write I am being subjected to the most vile virtue signalling from some stupid f******g do-gooder hippy who is blubbering on about Grenfell and how we must remember it for hundreds of years. Yes it was a terrible tragedy and I feel for the loss of life but it is being hijacked by middle-class ‘I’m more holier-than-thou’ lefties. Where was this sandal-wearing, incense candle-lighting, muesli-eating, latte-sipping, yoga-club attending fool when all those poor children were being gang-raped by ‘Asian’ (establishment euphemism/cover up) peados? These children’s lives have been ruined but the establishment and its useless leftie idiots don’t give a shit.

    I hate this country now and do not belong here.


    • Kaiser says:

      ask the sandal-wearing, incense candle-lighting, muesli-eating, latte-sipping, yoga-club attending fool how many died in the blitz and see if they remember


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      I hate this country now and do not belong here.
      No, you hate this country now precisely because you do belong here. It is those who do not belong here, or do not even wish it to be a country, that deserve to be hated for what they have done.


    • smoogie7 says:

      What worries me is that people compare it to 9/11.


      • ID says:


        Yes, it’s a very sinister linking indeed. A fire that started by accident? and a mass casualty terrorist attack in which 3,000 died. Suely the media are not suggesting that “they had it coming to them” as they did after 9/11?