Midweek Open Thread 20 June 2018

another hospital found to be killing off old people . The BBC has mainly given the NHS a free pass as far as criticism is concerned . About time that changed

All evidence of an BBC bias greatly welcomed

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  1. MarkyMark says:

    You can only select one …. not both … be careful … one lets you leave, the other does not …


  2. Ian Rushlow says:

    Bomb alert at Charing Cross station – man arrested. No news on the BBC website yet, but the others have it:
    Move along now…


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    ReichEu countries having an emergency immigration meeting today . Hopefully it will be one nail in the coffin of the ReichEU .

    Anyway humph interviewed a beeboid on the bloody taxi ship on its way to scoop up another 800 illegals and bring them to the ReichEU benefit world , then a mad Spanish socialist and lastly a rep of the great victor orban . I could hear humph getting upset with the rep who was accused of wanting Hungary to stay ‘white and Christian ‘ . The rep replied that countries have a sovereign right and that Hungary doesn’t want to go down the multicultural road that Blighty and others have . So refreshing to actually hear a voice like that on al beeb.

    Someone in Toady will get a meeting without coffee to explain why such a reasonable view was alllowed on the state broadcaster . Anyway – back to the 70th anniversary of the Caribbean taxi service


    • Up2snuff says:

      Sorry, Fed, I posted on TOADY before reading what others had posted, including you. Some duplication, I fear.


  4. Up2snuff says:

    A TOADY Watch this morning from me, only one.

    I’m disappointed and am posting this very sadly. I’ve been sorry to hear The Humph’s blatant dishonesty on this morning’s programme. He was considering the migration crisis in the prime post 8.10am ‘spot’. He interviewed a woman who had ‘a position’. He then brought on a spokesman for the Hungarian Government.

    Sorry about the lack of names but the Radio 4 flagship news programme has dropped its daily running order from the BBC’s web-site. The BBC are receiving more money than ever from the taxpayer but deliver in return an increasingly poor service. No efficiencies at the BBC on TODAY under its latest Editor.

    Back to the interview. The Humph was dishonest. Something I do not think he is, normally, in broadcast. He certainly used to have some journalistic integrity and rigour, both as reporter and presenter.

    He deliberately and blatantly confused and conflated the war refugee, the other refugee, the economic migrant, the fugitive and the infiltrator all as one.

    Interestingly as I type, The Humph is talking to a contributor @8.49am about language and distortion and, in effect, truth and lies. The contributor, Christopher Hart, is ‘bashing Trump’ so that is probably why he has been brought on by the TODAY ‘editors of the day’ to provide that bonus ‘thought for the day’: “Donald Trump is a Nazi” .

    Then Orla Guerin is provided with an opportunity to cast doubt on Saudi Arabia’s reforms.

    The BBC.

    The language is leaving me.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I disagree with you on the ‘honesty ‘ issue -it’s never equated with journalism and I’m sure mr humph is happy to take his £650k and make the noises he knows will please his masters .

      I hope the Italians , Hungarians , Poles and others who are waking up to the threat to Europe caused by alien anti democratic ReichEU policies , stick it to the multicultural pro Islam madness of the Reich and others .


  5. BRISSLES says:

    I’ve seen it all now ! schoolkids sobbing, fainting, having panic attacks, vomiting – WHY ? because they cant cope with having to sitting an exam. This must be conclusive evidence that the GCE’s have grown easier to pass over the last 30 odd years, either that or the standard of teaching preparing the students is at rock bottom, because now that these tests have been bumped up to a more intelligent standard, the kids are having meltdowns.
    Recently there were reports that modern generations are less intelligent than those previously taught – er, yes, but then, I remember my teachers were not to be pissed around and we had to get ‘stuck in’.
    Sorry, I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for the next bunch of snowflakes who are crying into their cornflakes. Man-up and deal with it !


    • chrisH says:

      The idea is to call “failure” by its new name of “deferred success”.
      The idea is NEVER to correct, or write in red-this scares and stigmatises. The “purple pen of progress” is what`s required, maybe “green pen” if it`s libellous or threatens the other White City Surestart posse,
      These kids are taught nothing, know nothing. As long as they`ve a duty solicitor number, the “Rights Of The Child” leaflet stitched into your starter cap? That`s all they`re going to need.
      As long as they sent an email to Obama, drew Malala as an art project previously? Give `em a stiffkit.

      Boils down to an aversion in their “facilitators” to “judgement” “discernment” ” truth” as constructs-and a TERROR of failure. Being wrong, and having to learn and try again until it`s correct.

      Been going on since the 60s, the current pin heads of madness are now infesting(sorry Chris!) all we`re putting them into. Mad Cow and Bonkers Bull Dizzeeze.

      Have a laugh, won`t last long. But my tools like wit and irony, sarcasm won`t now be needed. A skewer, claw hammer and screwdriver more like.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Had my son’s Parents Evening this week and it was, as usual, something of an eye opener for me.

        It’s a ‘good’ school, a state academy, but best results in the area, and one parents from all the neighbouring towns and villages try to get their kids in to. The staff are almost entirely female, almost entirely under 30, my son has one male teacher, even his PE teacher is a woman. The Head is male, and so are the grounds keepers, and maybe 5, or 6, of the teaching staff, and that’s it. Not many BAME tho’, to be fair, but that’s typical of where we live, being rural.

        Generally the girls noticeably do much better, academically, than the boys, luckily my son is bright and dedicated, so I go to a lot of award ceremonies, often he’s the only boy getting an award along with maybe 5-6 girls. One thing I think the school gets right is rewarding the kids that work hard and achieve academically. Those awards are for maths and science, as well as arts, BTW, in my day any awards for science and maths were nearly always won by boys, now they’re nearly all won by girls. I don’t think we need to worry about girls getting the qualifications to allow them to study science, or engineering these days, which is good really, but I do wonder what happens to the boys?

        This parents evening, we were sat waiting to speak with his science teacher (young, female, intense, patronising, glasses, close cropped hair – they nearly all look like clones, and dare I say it dykes), and, bored, I was looking at the posters of famous scientists and engineers on the walls.

        Now, I’m a scientist by background myself and work in engineering, and I thought ‘I hardly recognise any of these names, or faces’. So, I asked my son about them, and he smirked and said, as if I was really dense ‘look at the colours of the posters dad’.

        They all had rainbow coloured frames, and sure enough along with their names and a brief description of what they were famous for was their particular form of non hetero-sexuality. Of course there were no posters of heterosexual scientists, or engineers, other than the Middle Eastern scholars of the (permissive and largely non-Muslim) Medieval Caliphates – actually, I guess we don’t really know what their sexuality was, and I’m kind of assuming there.

        From the point of view of their contribution to science, I really couldn’t care less whether Newton was gay, or Turing, or Hawking wheelchair bound, or whatever, it’s irrelevant. So are their races, religions, genders, and whether they liked to wear a dress, or a burkha, or run around stark naked. For that matter, I really don’t think it matters if they are/were: liberals, illiberals, nazis, communists, feminists, misogynists, kept slaves, didn’t keep slaves, or believed in alien lizard infilitrators. Surely, all that matters, in this context, is what they contributed to science?


        • Fubard says:

          BBC (!) Yes, yes, and yes! I could have written that myself, I agree with every word you say. I’m female myself and I get sick of the feminists banging on about attracting more girls to science and engineering, when clearly they are far out-performing the boys these days. Not to mention the fact that it is so divisive. As the mother of a boy, I really worry about my son growing up in this country…he’s also white, which means he’ll be at the very bottom of the pile when it comes to getting a job. Surely its what you can DO, and your skill-set, rather than what you are in terms of skin colour/sexual orientation/religion that really matters??? I am SO SICK TO DEATH of it all. I even heard someone mention the phrase ‘should mysogyny be made a hate crime’. I don’t know what was said after that as I turned off Womens Hour in disgust, I’d actually hit the Radio 4 button by mistake anyway. But really? Can you imagine the hot water we’d be in if anyone was mad enough to make that a criminal offence? I can hold my own very well, thank you very much, when I have an argument with Mr Fubard. We can screech at each other and then its over. Imagine if he said something that offended me and I could call the police, but I could say whatever I wanted back and he’d have to take it? The loons have well and truly taken over the bl00dy asylum…


          • Holly Selassie says:

            With you Fubard.
            I teach some science at my middle school here, and the boys(largely white) are treated like shit.
            All our former science is now “environmental studies” because we can`t trust any kids with glassware or chemicals, acid is now banned-can do a risk assessment on vinegar or lemon juice.
            As long as they recycle batteries and know chlamydia from chlorophyll, then we`re grand.
            The boys are right to kick off, they`re ignored, on ritalin and bored to tears.
            If I wasn`t a looker from the old days, and able to get them back by being as sassy as they are- there`d be riots.
            No pretence of any teaching. Imagine I`ll be gone again when OFSTED come a crawling next March.

            Might set up a Free School in my local mosque once I find it. At least they take their boys education seriously. As long as I don`t drive there, and go side saddle on my velocipede eh?


            • ToobiWan says:

              How times have changed, Holly, my old science teacher, ex POW in Burma, used to demonstrate electrical resistance by getting the whole class to hold hands in a line. The two on the end would then be given a mains live and neutral wire to hold, I kid you not, (probably learned it off his captors). As we began to drop out as the voltage increased (Lower resistance) , those left would continue to make the circuit until none could stand it any more. The “class” record was just shy of a 100v. It would do wonders for the hairstyles. He was also very good at making large bangs with everyday household ingredients. To say he was interesting is an understatement!! He would probably have been imprisoned these days.
              As to learning a trade, do something that uses your hands, something difficult to automate. My B-i-L , self employed, time served and certified bricklayer, (been asked to teach it but said they can swivel) own business for over 30 years has just gone to work as a contractor, building platforms and stations. No customers to chase for money, no pricing up to do, no wages to pay, no bricks or mortar to carry or mix and money (lots, no wonder train fares are so high) in the bank every week. He reckons there is a shortage of “good” bricklayers and they can virtually name their own price.


          • BigBrotherCorporation says:

            Fubard, in all honesty I’d encourage your son to get himself into a trade, something where he has a skill he can sell and work for himself, that’s what I’d like my boy to do, if he’ll listen to his dad.

            Plumbing is good, Electrician too, growing demand for Mobile IT Technicians, Mechanic (Mobile Mechanics seem to be popping up all over the place) – these days Mechanics are more about IT skills and electronics, no longer ‘stupid grease monkeys’, Sign Maker, Kitchen Fitter, Bathroom Fitter, Window Fitter, Painter/Decorator, Landscaper/Landscape Gardener/Garden Architect… am sure there are plenty more options.

            Basically, anything which a man can do with a van, some tools and a bit of expertise and enterprise.

            A friend’s son (19/20) got himself trained in plumbing and boiler fitting/maintenance by British Gas (apprenticeship), and has set himself up with his own van and tools. He’s earning well and talking about saving a deposit on a house, bright lad, the school had him ear marked for ‘Uni’ – not that, that’s really saying much these days. The school were ‘horrified’ when he took a ‘mere apprenticeship’, it takes courage (and staunch parental backing), to fight the system and not go to Uni these days it seems.

            Following some ‘girlfriends’ who really took the piss, he’s also proudly MGTOW – another thing which seems to be growing in popularity among young, white, hetero men. Not sure what that means for the future of this country, but one of the few good things left about being a man is you can always grow a beard and wail along to Allah (publicly anyway)… and then go home and immerse yourself in Fortnite. I hear sex robots are getting better too.


  6. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Has anyone heard of Dr Priyamvada Gopal a Reader in Anglophone & Related Literature at University of Cambridge? A Readership is a rung below Professorship level.

    The BBC have an article about her – she is claiming she is being harassed and abused after she denounced one college at Cambridge as being institutionally racist. She says she was shocked that a College porter didn’t call her by her rightful title of Dr and that this was symptomatic of the racism and abuse she has received from that college.

    It is people like her that have been operating in British tax-payer funded / guaranteed British education system that have trained the people now filling up the BBC and other British establishments.


    • chrisH says:

      How can a person be “institutionally racist”?
      And what is Esperanto for “Is she having a laugh”?


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      King’s College is the most right-on, liberal left college in Cambridge. So it makes perfect sense that the porters are all out and out racists.

      Well, it must do in the bizarro world that this loony lives in. I know snowflakes are triggered by micro-aggressions, but this one sounds like she needs help.


  7. chrisH says:

    HI Fed Up2Snuff!
    Humptys “interview” with Chritopher Hart took the biscuit, so Spoons can wait!
    1. Whether Trump uses “infest”-Orban or the Italians use “well whatever they REALLY said” in their native tongues-or not, need not concern us.
    2. Cameron may have used “swamp” or “swarm” -or “swami”for all I care-as long as it`s not Swansea! WGAF?
    3. They`re just words-how you take them depends on YOU, on WHO is choosing to patrol your words and why. If you`re taking offence on behalf of your pet project or victim group du jour? Well, your choice. If you`re getting paid to be the National Inquisitor or handman, spear carrier? Well, don`t really see why WE are supine enough to pay for it.
    4. If you`re going to quote examples, noises off about Michael Fallon isn`t going to cut it, Chris!

    NYE BEVAN called Tories “vermin”…any chance of his Cardiff statue getting pulled down then?
    DAVID BLUNKETT ALSO used the word “swamped/swarmed”? Should we put his old black lab Lucy(RIP) on trial for allowing this?

    WHY then pick on Tories, Trump or the Euro-right? Why leave out what Bevan and Blunkett said? Need I ask?
    Complaints process-hope there`s one under my low fat bagel this morning at Spoons, still reading Tims great magazine from Spring 2018. Enough good Brexit stuff to keep me away from the BBC.

    But this got my biscuit.
    Ah well, wait til someone tells them about Katies words-and , to be fair, they left Fatch off the “swamped” bit( no history any more have they?).
    Lancaster Poly was it? Near to where the “travellers” have just wiped out Thwaites Brewery, and taken all the copper-churches stripped in a previous “enrichment”?
    Permanently pissed, shoplifting in Blackburn and all surrounding areas?
    Nothing for Hart to moan of here, as long as shopkeeepers and brewery management used the right words eh?
    Hope the angry birds of Blackburn have pointed them towards the excellent camping opportunities of Hebden Bridge-the copper`s ripe for the harvest at this most bounteous time of the year.
    Humpty wrote a book about words once-at the BBC you don`t need to retain knowledge, just cipher what Media Citys linen suits require that day only


  8. StewGreen says:

    LBC now Ferrari wasn’t happy with his caller
    caller “isn’t today’s cannabis culture linked to Windrush generation ?”
    “The first black person that spoke to my father was the guy that was trying to sell him drugs”
    “At that time not all the Windrush people were selling drugs, but most of the people we saw selling drugs were”
    Ferrari moved on to a caller talking about discouraging foxes.


    • chrisH says:

      But it`s a part of their Rastafarian religion , for those who were in it.
      Ferrari, just a rotund Boulton who`ll bravely trip up a squit like Amber Rudd; but will leave Tommy to rot in his cell. Gutless tub!


  9. Kaiser says:

    I see now that aquarius has dropped its cargo of unwanted off in spain, having been told by italy and malta to sod off, is now hurrying back to libya complete with a bbc reporter on board.

    seems the beeb is now actively hands on involved in people smuggling


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      It is also funding Islamic terrorism – because Islamic groups control the trans-Saharan routes – each potential migrant have had to pay substantial amounts to get their passage – or they are sleeper soldiers for ISIS and related. Basically their passage typically takes them to about 100 – 200 km off the coast of Libya, where they are picked up by Western funded “humanitarians” and then ferried the rest of the way.


  10. StewGreen says:

    R5 now : Milk it Milk it : Windrush at 70
    subject of 5 Live call
    Nicky is getting people to talk about hate crime due to Brexit etc.


    • scribblingscribe says:

      I think next week Nicky Cambell will be inviting the indigenous British to call in about the negative impacts of immigration on their lives. how it crushed the wages and working conditions of the poor. How it made housing more difficult to find, led to over crowding of schools and hospitals.


      • StewGreen says:

        Their Facebook post has an completely empty discussion, 45 min into the prog.
        That makes it look like there’s been some censoring going on


        • scribblingscribe says:

          else no one outside the BBC/Guardian gives a rat’s arse about the subject.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      The first wave of economic migrants, all young men in the photo, no women no children.
      Flash forward to today and the exact same kind of photos repeats itself , and yet we are told to believe they are fleeing…


    • StewGreen says:

      Polish caller : ” I feel bad about the Brexit
      I didn’t pay taxes from the beginning, cos I couldn’t find work”
      “I’ve been here but I don’t meet the 5 Year rule”
      ☑ Hate Crime “Brexit has given people a platform for it”
      Someone wrote “Nazis go home on my German parishioners house”
      …(I wonder if something provoked that ?)
      ..then they had 15 mins taking abut Celebrity Love Island
      ..Almost no one tweeted the prog.
      They came back to her
      “I’m in Nottingham and they help a lot
      … after the Referendum, they opened the HateCrime Office”


      • StewGreen says:

        Next Caller Velma from Jamaica “Hey, they never used to call us migrants, we came in as British, now the rest of Commonwealth has been cut off from Being British”
        “I am not happy with terminology of calling us MIGRANTS, “Migrants are something else”
        “The Home Office need resources”
        “Jamaica is NOT independent, this is myth, we still have a governor general”
        (so has Australia and Canada … they don’t actually govern)


        • StewGreen says:

          Next caller
          “One of my brothers never travelled
          .. so then he got this deportation letter threat from Capita
          .. but we went down got him a passport and sorted it all out”


  11. MarkyMark says:

    Nice mag The New European (as backed by BBC’s Gary ‘£1.75m’ Lineker who says he cannot see one positive in Brexit, but still uses his BBC token on his twitter but says he backs BBC unbiased opinion) …. tolerant and … oh.wait …



    • Holly Selassie says:

      Robert Maxwell was the first publisher of “The European” in 1990, before he lost his water wings. Alastair Campbell reverted from a porn writer abroad to get some job in Maxwell House where the Mirror was printed.
      Tweezers, dick, toilet for Maxwell I assume.

      Who better then than Campbell and Gorgeous Georges like Osborne and Sorry to bring back this Robert Maxwell House rag?

      Wonder who in the EU or Soros camp used to knock up “Der Sturmer” and “Beobachter Allemeigne”-or what the hell they were called in The German Third VolkReich?
      Bet they`re also involved in THIS Fourth Reich jamrag.
      Incitement to violence-might tell some Muslims that this woman is hitting Muhammad in my translation of it.


  12. Lucy Pevensey says:

    BDS Activists Promote Palestinian Refugees With Photo of Jewish Refugees From Arab Lands



  13. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Charing Cross station closed due to bomb threat


    “A 38-year-old man was detained under the Mental Health Act ”

    (OR: A Muslim was whisked away from the scene to protect him from a backlash?)


  14. MarkyMark says:

    EU referendum revisited…..

    52% didn’t believe David Cameron or Theresa May.

    52% didn’t believe in the major political parties.

    52% didn’t believe the Government in power..

    52% didn’t believe the EU government was good for the UK.

    52% didn’t believe actors who pretend for a living.

    52% didn’t follow the majority of 797 Lords and 650 MPs.

    52% didn’t believe the media.

    52% didn’t believe Lilly Allen.

    52% didn’t believe in fear.

    52% believed in freedom.

    48% believed fear would shut the 52% up.


  15. StewGreen says:

    So BBC5 Live are you pushing agaendas ?


  16. Roland Deschain says:

    The BBC: first with the news you really need to know.


    • StewGreen says:

      reply tweets ..got the CBGB again …. Could Be Going Better
      \\ Is that the pregnant woman he beat the stuffing out of, or a different one? //

      Context from the BBC article

      at the same time as his career took off, the musician was in jail, after being arrested on charges including aggravated battery of a pregnant victim and false imprisonment.
      He was awaiting trial on those charges at the time of his murder.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      If that was too highbrow for everyone, try this one:


  17. Beeb Brother says:

    It’s great to see them hoist by their own petard with Alan Sugar’s tweets. They were so desperate for a hit of moral outrage they may have ruined one of their most successful shows. As if one flippant tweet would in any way affect such a brilliant, tried and tested show. Heads have rolled for less and it seems likely he will have to go.

    Equally with Question Time there is big pressure to appoint a woman or ethnic minority to chair it, regardless of their actual ability to do the job. If they appoint someone useless just because of their ‘diversity’ it will be the nail in the coffin of a declining show. It is hard enough recruiting the best person for any job, let alone having to constantly consider irrelevant factors. Liberals ruin everything.


  18. StewGreen says:

    In the BBC ‘compulsory non-white short list’ story yesterday the BBC failed to recognise that a lot of the pool of minorities are working in outside specialist media eg there are newspapers for Gay people, newspapers for black people like The Voice
    … and there are ethnic specialist media like Nigerian, Pakistani stations etc.
    So a gay black journo has more choice of workplaces compared to a straight white male.

    I wonder if the minorities the guilt ridden BBC are targeting are all away listening to specialist media such as Pakistani/Nigerian/Muslim/Gay TV radio stations etc

    Same applies for women
    There are dozens of specialist women’s magazines are very few for men. So of course the BBC has difficulty in getting female editors
    cos the many of the pool of female workers are working in specialist women’s publications.


  19. s.trubble says:

    A WARNING to any school child entering the bBC Listen Up bus…………

    If you hear the words.NOW THEN,NOW THEN, NOW THEN………………run like **CK


  20. BRISSLES says:

    Sky are in Windrush mode, black reporter commenting on ‘nothing’ from Tilbury Docks and waffling how the Windrush generation changed the face of Britain – er, too bloody right ! We can thank them for creating the wave of stabbings / shootings/drug dealings/single parent familiies that our capital is famous for, and now spreading throughout the UK. If Windrush hadn’t happened, I wonder if its fair to say that our black population would be severely diminished.


    • ID says:

      All the MSM are in Windrush gush-mode 24/7.
      Even as I write Trevor Philips on Daily Politics is dilating on the Windrush “national treasures” and how “British” they are. He claims that vast numbers of Britons are outraged by the ill-treatment of the “Windrush generation”. It’s all news to me. Fools like Philips merely unleash my “inner Hungaran” and feelings of joy that at least some feeble attempt to check mass uncontrolled colonisation is being made.
      The BBC is desperate to create some foundation myth for a new country based on “civic nationaism”. Like the Aenead which describes how Aeneas crosses the seas to found what will be Rome, the BBC is treating us to a Windrushead. Apparently, May and Khan are off to rever our real Founding Fathers today in Westminster Abbey.


    • theisland says:

      And here’s Treezer …


    • ToobiWan says:

      On the plus side though, we got Lenny Henry and Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah, Briss. Oh..wait..


  21. Beeb Brother says:

    Another anniversary today. I wish they would celebrate the anniversary of when the BBC did actual news and journalism rather than activism.

    Before the Windrush generation we lived in huts, died aged 25 and had no culture. They arrived and built Westminster Abbey, cured every disease and wrote the complete works of Shakespeare, Dickens and the entirety of Western philosophy.


  22. StewGreen says:

    FFS Another story about privileging minorities
    #1 Female author Lionel Shriver wrote criticising Penguin Random House for their diversity targets
    “drunk on virtue”,
    #2 They replied to her by misrepresenting her, saying she was attacking their mentorship programme
    (\\Although we welcome open debate, Shriver’s comments are not consistent with Mslexia’s ethos, and alienate the very women we are trying to support”//
    So, in other words, you don’t welcome open debate unless the open debaters say precisely what you want them to say. )

    #3 She now replies back with : “Don’t fight racism with racism
    Diversity doesn’t lower standards. Quotas do ”
    Bookseller has the summary ..(then you can read her Spectator article with your free subscription .. no comments)


  23. OldEngineOil says:

    Sad that the Article 13 saga is being ignored here, exactly what the BBC want!! I’m a bit shocked. One last try..


    • Holly Selassie says:

      Think we`ve learned plenty now, what more do we now need?
      Agenda 21, Article 13?
      Those ships have sailed, enjoy the coming cruise.
      Liferafts good as ready. Their ship of fools won`t be turning, just laugh at the Ents on offer. Jesus has it sorted.

      Wore trousers to work today, my classroom is on the first floor.
      Can I sue-I feel I was upskirted, Jenni Murray said so on Womans Hour?
      I believe it so, perception and feelings are all.


      • OldEngineOil says:

        The ship sailed when we gave women the vote. Retards like you Holly.


        • Holly Selassie says:

          My partner does mine OEL.
          It`s a boy job, this voting lark.
          Hoping to be allowed to drive this Sunday, once he`s back from his Chemistry Workshop at Lanchester College,just as well nobody gets any science education any more isn`t it?
          Peroxide blonde?….I`m not allowed it any more.


          • OldEngineOil says:

            I’ve taken my medication now, no not alcohol, I should not drink. But I do, too much

            I apologise profusely to you Holly, sorry for what I called you!!

            I will stop posting on this website. My anger management skills seemingly are still shit, as is my ability to say no to the demon drink.

            I wish you all the best!


    • theisland says:

      The legislation is deliberately vague so you can “apply sanctions against your enemies and protect your friends”

      No more wrongthink (crimethink)
      No more wrongspeak
      No more ‘Islamophobia’
      No more critical thought
      No more blogs of the ‘wrong’ sort
      No to Trump
      No to Brexit
      No more humour

      Power to the EU
      Power to the compliant, appeasing governments and their broadcasting arms
      Power to the lawyers

      It looks like a revival of paper pamphlets is in order – printed anonymously of course.
      C’est la guerre.


  24. StewGreen says:

    \\ Hi @BBC on FM radio there’s no reception here in Cornwall.
    Either @BBCR1 @BBCRadio2 , @BBCRadio3 or @BBCRadio4 //


  25. StewGreen says:

    Another BBC tweet featuring only black faces
    Are there no UK media students logging this disproportionality.
    BBC should be less than 3% black and less than 13% BME
    (cos minorities also have own specialist channels)


  26. MarkyMark says:



  27. davylars says:

    BBC 1 o’clock news

    Leading storyline Catastrophe for Airbus if no deal is made with EU.
    Second story. Tax on jeans and bourbon because of Trump.
    Third story. The meaning of Melanie’s ‘I really don’t care do u?’ Jacket..
    As always. ‘impartial free and fair’


  28. MarkyMark says:



  29. Lucy Pevensey says:


  30. Roland Deschain says:

    Amongst Katty’s constant stream of impartial anti-Trump tweets is this:


    Is she admitting that all the MSM’s accusations thus far are fake news?


  31. Dover Sentry says:

    Still waiting for a pro-Brexit programme from the BBC.

    Lord Hall did promise us back in late 2016.

    He’s probably very, very busy.


  32. pugnazious says:

    Pathetic BBC still promoting race baiting black supremacist black propaganda….

    Kim Kardashian defends wearing hair in braids: ‘I’m not tone deaf’
    ‘Kim Kardashian West has defended wearing her hair in braids saying she’s “not tone deaf”.

    The reality TV star said she chose the style because her daughter North asked her to.

    The 37-year-old wore her hair in Fulani braids at the MTV Movie and TV Awards on Saturday.

    She faced some backlash on social media with one Twitter user writing: “You’ve literally become the face of cultural appropriation in America.”‘

    Why does K[K]K have to apologise exactly and why is the BBC once again peddling the Black supremacist idea of ‘cultural appropriation’ which is an invented ‘wrong’ designed to make out that once again whites are victimising blacks….when once again it is black activists who are in fact exploiting and victimising blacks.

    If K[K]K had converted to islam on the other hand the BBC would be celebrating this ‘cultural appropriation’. And do we now need to close down all those Chinese, Indian, Thai, Nepalese and so on restaurants in case whitey dare to eat culturally inappropriate food?

    Laugh at the sheer hypocrisy as the BBC tells us multiculturalism brings us a celebrated diversity that we all must enjoy…only not so much…Blacks and other minorities must apparently exist in a sort of open zoo where we can look and admire but not touch.

    BBC gets ever more daft as it ties itself in knots about race, religion and diversity.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Remember when adults talked about adult things and left the childish things to kids ….???!


    • Lobster says:

      I wonder if Oprah Winfrey has the same criticism for having her hair straightened?


    • Chalkywhite says:

      So, will it soon be illegal to cook curries or chilli unless you’re from India or Mexico?


  33. MarkyMark says:

    Soft Brexit.
    Hard Brexit.
    Extreme Brexit.
    Cliff Edge Brexit.
    Russian inspired Brexit.


  34. Dover Sentry says:


    Project Fear.

    Airbus threatens to leave the UK.


    The BBC have failed to mention the following:

    Airbus is run by a German with a squadron of Europeans on the board.

    Here they all are:

    Members of the Executive Committee
    (as of 1 May 2018)

    Thomas Enders: Chief Executive Officer of Airbus SE
    Fernando Alonso: Head of Military Aircraft Airbus Defence and Space
    Thierry Baril: Chief Human Resources Officer Airbus
    Bruno Even: Chief Executive Officer of Airbus Helicopters
    Guillaume Faury: President of Airbus Commercial Aircraft
    John Harrison: General Counsel Airbus
    Dirk Hoke: Chief Executive Officer Airbus Defence and Space
    C. Jeffrey Knittel: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Airbus Americas
    Klaus Richter: Chief Procurement Officer Airbus & Airbus Commercial Aircraft
    Eric Schulz: Chief Commercial Officer Airbus
    Harald Wilhelm: Chief Financial Officer Airbus
    Grazia Vittadini: Chief Technology Officer of Airbus
    Tom Williams: Chief Operating Officer Airbus Commercial Aircraft
    George Xu: Chief Executive Officer of Airbus China


    Farage pointed out to Ken Clarke recently that as the UK make the wings of the Airbus, it won’t fly very well without us.


    • Marion says:

      Perhaps I’m being thick, but isn’t Airbus UK a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus, in which case what is stopping them moving production elsewhere? In a sense, the wings are not “UK made”.

      I’m not saying that it isn’t a bluff, or that moving to China wouldn’t be highly undesirable for Airbus, but I don’t understand why it couldn’t be done.

      I also see “Airbus China” at the bottom of the list.

      We used to build aircraft ourselves. That didn’t last.


      • Dover Sentry says:

        It would take them at least two years to relocate and get wings production going elsewhere.

        It’s not going to happen anyway.

        Project Fear not Fact.


    • ToobiWan says:

      My brother’s smallish, specialist aerospace company in Germany did a lot of work for Airbus, who “forgot” to pay them. This caused severe problems for the business, driving them into insolvency. Airbus then bought the firm for one euro and laid off almost all the staff.
      Not nice people to deal with by all accounts. They supposedly have a lot of investors in the Naples area, same as Costa Cruise Lines.


    • Jagman84 says:

      JLR has a similar managerial setup. The CEO openly warned the workforce that voting to leave the EU would have “serious consequences”. It was viewed as foreigners telling us what to do, yet again and his ‘advice’ soundly rejected!


  35. Roland Deschain says:

    How much else on the BBC is not what it seems?


  36. MarkyMark says:

    When George Orwell resigned from the BBC in 1943, he informed his superiors that he could no longer bear “wasting my own time and the public money on doing work that produces no results”.

    Such was Orwell’s disdain for public institutions, that the corporation would later become the inspiration for the Ministry of Truth, the public propaganda arm described within the pages of 1984. {telegraph 07nov2017}


  37. StewGreen says:

    Contempt of Court : another lefty let off
    This Contempt of Court DOUBLE STANDARD of “soft on lefties, hard on righties” seems routine
    The law works for Lefties.
    His excuse :’The first protestor jumped over the fence, and I just jumped over as well, cos the security guards were getting her.’


  38. StewGreen says:

    What’s happened to the Cliff Richard payout decision ?
    ..Maybe BBC are negotiating to keep it quiet ?


  39. MarkyMark says:

    And in August bring a Camel to LONDON for Eid-al-Adha as celebrated around the world ….


    “Banco de Imagens – KARACHI/PAKISTAN_ Pakistani slaughterin Camel animal on 2nd day Eid-al-Adha in Pakistanies celebrate Holy Eid, Eid-al-Adha with sacrificies Animals as old tradition from prophet Abrahim sacrifies his son Ismail to God, Pakistani celebrate Eid-al-Adha toda”


    • Old Goat says:

      I think I’ve seen enough of that sort of thing recently – do you repost everything here and on Going Postal?


      • MarkyMark says:

        The best stuff …. I then email it onto Katie Hopkins.

        “Thousands of Londoners and visitors join us every year for Eid Festival, celebrating the end of Ramadan. Come and join us on tomorrow at Trafalgar Square, from 12:00pm.” – Sadiq Khan @SadiqKhan

        “This is a Christian Country”

        “Break the fast & celebrate Eid!”



      • MarkyMark says:

        I think we need to look at these things as they are … hiding behind nice words Eid and Grooming and Lost in Manchester is not going to change what we are seeing .. only makes us hide from the truth.

        “Seeing Things as They Are: Selected Journalism and Other Writings: George Orwell {amazon}“.


    • honestus says:

      Gonna need a bigger barby……….


  40. theisland says:

    TR updates from Raheem (43 mins).
    He’s now in a better cell.
    The appeal was lodged yesterday.
    Also includes stuff about bBC ‘disingenuity’.


    • StewGreen says:

      #1 JoCoburn asked him to come to Washington Studio for Daily Politics segment
      #2 She cancelled that on him. he said ‘OK skype’
      #3 She said No we’ll get someone from RebelMediaUK
      #4 She then said “ah no there are reporting restrictions, so we just having a quick report”*
      #5 So no Tommy rep was on, and the report was one sided.
      Saying ‘ah look at the stupid Americans , they don’t understand our reporting restrictions’
      ‘Can you see why they say it looks like muzzling ?’
      #6 Raheem points out the that line about there being “reporting restrictions” is a lie, and that their own report said that reporting restrictions have expired .. ‘that’s why I am speaking right now, it’s not illegal’


  41. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Beeby still can’t use the “M” word when it’s clearly linked to terrorism.


  42. Halifax says:

    Just watching Nigera v Iceland on BBC…..now then they have the score thing in the left hand corner NGA 0-0 ICE…….its ok to use the first three letters of Iceland as an acronym but not Nigeria???? Discuss….


    • TrueToo says:

      I really enjoyed Iceland holding Argentina to a draw. They went in fast and furious from the start.

      Dunno about this game, though.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      These things are governed by the ISO-3166 standard. Often, the 3 letter code corresponds to the first three letters of the name as expressed in English. But there are plenty of exceptions, for instance Bulgaria is BGR rather than BUL and Bangladesh is BGD rather than BAN. The recognised 3 letter code for Nigeria is NGA so that is correct. But the one for Iceland is ISL (Iceland is ‘Island’ in Icelandic), not ICE. The match should be labelled NGA vs ISL. There are lots of anomalies; for instance, cars in Russia have the anglicised RUS on their number plates rather than POC for Россия. I don’t think there’s any great conspiracy here.


      • TrueToo says:

        Ian Rushlow,

        Dunno, I had a look at the bottom left-hand corner during the game and saw ICL, not ICE, as Halifax saw.

        Perhaps the techies who put the scores up read this blog?!


  43. AsISeeIt says:

    One used to think the BBC News Channel anchor, the well-upholstered Simon McCoy, had a bit of gravitas.

    But following a five minute interview with a New York Times fashion journo on the riveting subject of Melania Trump’s outfit one begins to habour doubts as to our Simon’s seriousness.

    One used to think Simon McCoy brought an unusual (for the modern BBC) mild centre-right sensibility.

    But one begins to suspect the all too familar left-leanings following his five minute rather pally interview with a UNITE shopsteward on the subject of the Airbus threats to Brexit. McCoy’s contribution did little other than present a comfortable BBC platform for yet more project fear.


    • vlad says:

      Even right-leaning beeboids drift leftwards under the nefarious influence of the evil beeb.

      It’s a disease.


    • Northern Dreamer says:

      Death of Democracy.
      Ian Robertson of Airbus UK, and Tom Williams of BMW UK, had their chance to vote remain in the referendum. Unfortunately for them, in a decisive vote, 17.4 million people voted LEAVE!
      Leave the single market
      Leave the customs union
      Leave and take control of our borders
      Andrew Neil asked the leading protagonists if leaving the EU meant leaving the single market and customs union, and they ALL said yes! It is on the record!
      ‘This is your decision. The government will implement what you decide’…..Their own £9m pamphlet did not say it would do what unelected lords, big business, BBC, and other media want it to do.
      I have always voted in elections, but if a meaningful Brexit is not delivered, I will still vote, but I will scrawl across my ballot paper in inch high letters “BREXIT”. A few million spoilt ballots would say a lot more than merely abstaining.


  44. StewGreen says:

    Farage on Peston : Why UKIP should not be anti-Islamist, and why 600K signed the Tommy Petition
    (A number so big peole like Peston can’t ignore it)
    NF says “It tells us people are scared for their community”
    “being anti-Muslim doesn’t fit the principle of religious tolerance”
    ( ..hmm bad dogma shouldn’t be able to hide the shield of being a religion)
    NF “Don’t become a party that campaigns on religion , UKIP could open the back door to some very unsavoury people”
    RP “Are you worried that we ar seeing the rise of racism and extremism”
    (AFAIK “extremism” is a boo-word … some hobbies are extreme, but they are OK
    and it is wrong to hold that in a group of people the average view is the right one
    .. the EXTREME view on ulcers was that they are caused by bacteria, NOT stress ..that turned out to be the correct view)
    They did a seg with Jo Cox on screen
    NF “You don’t play a game of counting Far Right deaths vs Jihadists”


    • StewGreen says:

      Enoch and Benn are my heroes
      .. and I admire Tony Blair cos I watched him come to the EU parliament when unpopular
      “I might not like Putin. but he is effective”
      RP Any Russian links to you or UKIP
      NF no, desperate attempt by people to throw lies

      NF “bots were involved in the Corbyn campaign”


  45. honestus says:

    It is relentless on nearly every channel.
    Flipped across to GMB this morning to hear a peddled Survation poll now putting Remain ahead 53% against Leaves 47%. To underline this they brought on a youngster to play good cop (Remain) to Tim Martins bad cop – hoping to capitalise on some adult brownbeating of a hapless youth. Unfortunately Tim (Sir Tim?) was far too wily and impeccably polite but still put the kid in a box.
    BTW – poll consisted of a huge 1022 on line participants (probably in London eh!).


  46. StewGreen says:

    Why not mention he’s a BBC staffer ?
    Niall Iain Macdonald (Gaelic TV/Radio presenter) still in trouble after taking time off to row the Atlantic
    ..asking for Trudeau’s help ! Doesn’t the EU help ?


    • StewGreen says:

      I see from NY2SYsolo Twitter 12pm Fri BST he left the ship which itself was not going to dock until June 28th

      Also on NY2SYsolo Facebook
      So I guess that smaller boat will get him to North American port quicker.