Midweek Open Thread 20 June 2018

another hospital found to be killing off old people . The BBC has mainly given the NHS a free pass as far as criticism is concerned . About time that changed

All evidence of an BBC bias greatly welcomed

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  1. StewGreen says:

    BBC Extreme everyday-sexism : Day 6 of BBC4 being menless..all shows are focused on women.


  2. Guest Who says:

    Could be fun. But then, they do control the edit.


  3. JimS says:

    Paddy O’Connell gave us a good opportunity today on The Jeremy Vine Show to hear modern political ‘dialogue’ in action.

    “Do Trump supporters get a hard time?”, we were asked. Putting forward their arguments we started with a poor line to the USA and later had two telephone callers, (poor quality). Making the case why Trump’s supporters deserved everything they got was some vile female on a studio quality line. She reminded me of one of those farm muck spreaders, chucking her insults in all directions. Of course she didn’t know any of these people, that didn’t matter, no arguments on policy, just universal slander based on her personal opinion of the US president.
    Still she gave me the laugh out loud of the day when she said The Messiah had been the best president, race-baiter-in-chief, who achieved nothing in 8 years. (How’s ‘Gitmo’ do’in y’all?)


  4. JamesArthur says:

    Guest…BBC R4 feedback.
    Basically it was another advert for Corbyn under the guise of ‘some listeners’. Why is the feedback the BBC use always positive? None of my comments get used?
    Essentially the BBC feedback book has one line..
    we think we got it about right…

    And as for R1 on feedback – since when were young people aged 16 to 35!!! I guess if you keep increasing the age for ‘yoof’ your listening figures might not go down as much


  5. StewGreen says:

    Brexit March on Saturday


  6. BRISSLES says:

    Speaking to a complete stranger (next stallholder at local fete) today, the conversation turned to how we are hearing more foreign tongues in the smallest of villages. And I was struck how this (much younger) person had strong views – as the conversation progressed – on migration. More tellingly it shows that its highly likely the person next to you in a queue feels exactly the same! So it shoots down all those cliché’s by commentators that ‘the vast majority of the UK’ feel migration has benefitted this country. Where DO they get their information from ? I speak to a wide age group of people, and they all think as one, that migration has ruined this country. I rather think that those who are interviewed in the street expressing their sentiments feel a lot different off camera, in the same way that radio presenters cut off callers who disagree with their agenda. Sadly we have no-one in Parliament who will speak for us, the only one who does, lives across the Pond.


  7. StewGreen says:

    5:55pm ITV Screen : Royal Ascot resembling Last Night Of The Proms ON STEROIDS
    .. massive field full of Union Jacks with everyone BLACK or WHITE including the presenters wearing top hat and tails, waving flags & singing Rule Britannia.
    No photos or video available on Twitter or ITV player
    but this is from earlier.
    top Hatted presenters


  8. pugnazious says:

    Last year the BBC gave over the airwaves to Simon Stevens, head of the NHS, as he demanded £350m per week for the NHS…now he has got that and more and the BBC go into overdrive to produce negative stories that might give a person the impression that far from extra funding this is in fact a funding cut for the NHS…just like all those other cuts that the NHS has had over the last few years according to the BBC….all those non-existent cuts.

    It’s the same with Brexit..the government announces that EU citizens in this country can stay if they fulfill the simplest of criteria….show they live here, prove their ID and have committed no serious crimes….simples…but not for the BBC…we had Danny Shaw come on last night and announce it’ll never work…the scheme will just fail….wonder if I can borrow his magic crystal ball for the lottery tomorrow!

    Campbell was a disgrace this morning….he announced that Trevor Phillips says Britain is the best place in the world for Blacks to live and then bizarrely goes straight into the usual mantra about Britain being a nastier more racist place after Brexit…and he bases it all on a few examples…how about all those millions of examples where immigrants get along famously with Brits and are doing extremely well here thanks very much? BBC not interested in them and their stories just the hyped and rare examples of racism….and it’s not as if the immigrants haven’t brought their own racism with them…..the BBC just doen’t see it or blames it on the Brits…..got to be our fault somehow.


    • Holly Selassie says:

      But-and it`s a common theme today-Nicky Campbell is a white Primrose Path Socialist who`s down here as a favour to us.
      Note the “white”.
      Whereas Phillips-who does seem to have said some stuff in this field as it was getting fashionable? Well he`s not BBC is he? Nor Scottish, Nor done Game Shows or what have you?
      And-the clincher-he presumes to speak of “black experience”.
      But IS black. Thankfully Nicky is there, pith helmet on, and willing to tell Trevor what it was that needs to be said by the BBC this morning.
      Do we pay Nicky enough?
      Sometimes , being black is not enough. Bit emotional I suppose.


  9. Chalkywhite says:

    I’m going to complain to Trading Standards…One of the clickable tabs on the BBC website says ‘News’…..but when I click on it, what do I get?

    Oooh, I found this link:



  10. Beltane says:

    Apparently Sir John Major, in his wisdom, and not a little spite, believes Margaret Thatcher’s dementia was what lay behind her criticism of his leadership. Obvious, really. There had to be some underlying medical explanation for any critical appraisal of the statesmanship displayed during his period in office.
    Nothing to do with the fact she thought you a deeply disappointing, gutless successor then John?


    • Scroblene says:

      Absolutely Belters!

      He was a wanker to start with, a feeble lounge-lizard in a position way above his station, and suddenly was in the driving seat because cowards like Heseltine hid behind the door!

      It was a farce and that silly bloke found himself in a place he wasn’t ever going to understand.

      And he still doesn’t!


      • Englands Dreaming says:

        Very much like the current incumbent


      • Cooper_Man says:

        He found himself in a place he wasn’t ever going to understand? Do you mean Edwina Currie’s bath-tub?

        I’ve just made myself sick.


    • Zelazek says:

      I don’t understand how John Major can dare show his face. The man who committed adultery with Edwina Currie exhorted us to “get back to basics” in the 1990s. He was telling us that we were in need of moral improvement while omitting to mention his own clandestine assignations with the junior Health Minister. Doesn’t he have a sense of shame? Doesn’t he realise that hypocrisy is not an admirable quality in a politician? Doesn’t he realise how despised he is?


  11. king crimson says:

    Just a thought with this so-called cultural appropriation thing – with reference to the Royal Ascot pictures – sheik mo and sheikh hamdan wearing morning gear….anyone offended by the cultural appropriation (theft)? Personally, I think they look a bit daft…bit like me walking down to Tesco/Sainsbury/Waitrose in my pyjamas.. but what the hey. Meanwhile, going back to an ancient thread about words…the one that really culturally appropriates me is “Benefits”.


    • BRISSLES says:

      King, I’ve always thought that top hat and tails only looked good on Fred Astaire. The ‘get up’ always looks a bit odd on people of colour, due in part I think because its an unheard of attire in their own hot countries. Willie Carson in a turban or tea towel anyone ?


  12. StewGreen says:

    Look North news “Hull University is being granted the title of University of Sanctuary today to recognise the help they give to refugees and asylum seekers who want to study there.”


    • ToobiWan says:


    • Scroblene says:

      Looks like a picture of a load of bollocks to me, Stew, but I may be wrong…


    • G says:

      SG, they’re all at it: promoting the NWO’s plan. They’re all coming out of the darkness now to parade themselves as Marxists.


    • BRISSLES says:

      All these different ‘days and weeks’ celebrating whatever seems to pass most people by. Its hard enough getting anyone to participate, volunteer or organise the local village Fete and Festival Week let alone be bothered about something on a global scale.


  13. G says:

    Others here have probably seen this on Rebel but I enclose the link anyway. Features BBC3 and if accurate, its a clear indication of how the BBC detests the British population and/or the BBC Programming is dictated by others not of the UK. Methinks Saudi Arabia.


  14. Chalkywhite says:

    Typical BBC biased crap. Bet you within five years they’ll try and ban the Cross of St George as they say it is a symbol of racism, just like the Confederate flag…Dukes of Hazzard? And the BBC will be at the forefront of the call to ban it!


    • Chalkywhite says:

      Sorry, PC stuck when posting. By ‘they’ I mean the Liberal/PC/Guardian reading/BBC retards.


  15. Chalkywhite says:

    Typical BBC biased crap. Bet you within five years they’ll try and ban the Cross of St George as they say it is a symbol of racism, just like the Confederate flag…Dukes of Hazzard? And the BBC will be at the forefront of the call to ban it!


  16. Chalkywhite says:

    Typical BBC biased crap. Bet you within five years they’ll try and ban the Cross of St George as they say it is a symbol of racism, just like the Confederate flag…Dukes of Hazzard? And the BBC will be at the forefront of the call to ban it!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Watched most of the video and agree that it’s offensive and , i think , meant to be . Kehinde is a fairly average example of a 2nd or 3rd generation immigrant who rubbishes the country which has given him an existence . The video is an immature al beeb product which is designed to be down with the kids but , I think , is so inept as to show itself for what it is .

      I think it’s pretty simple really – if someone is uncomfortable with the existence of that flag they might like to go to a country with a flag they find more acceptable .


  17. fakenewswatcher says:

    Well now, with everyone under the sun being commemorated, is there any little soul out there worth remembering, whom few have ever heard of?
    Someone with courage and truth on their side?
    Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider, a lawyer from Erlangen. On 2 February 2016 he took Merkel to the German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, for her illegal removal of German borders, in order to admit anyone who wanted to settle, including terrorists, murderers and criminals in general. He claimed that she had, in fact, conducted a coup d’etat by setting various relevant laws and treaties aside.
    Unfortunately for him, and all of us, he was under the mistaken impression that a court is primarily concerned with the law.
    It took only three weeks for the legal lefties of the establishment, disguised as judges, to chuck the case out. The court, Karl Albrecht discovered, was concerned with politics, not law or the protection of the constitution.
    With the German MSM, ‘churches’, trade unions and academia i.a. behind her, Merkel had little to fear. Certainly not the law.
    So, if you think things are bad in the UK spare a thought for the silent (but largely passive) majority there.
    It is a classic case of a tyrant, aided and abetted by a rotten establishment elite, carrying on ‘ruling’ – ignoring the Rule of Law entirely.
    While Merkel actually did the UK a favour, by hastening the arrival of Brexit, we have no reason to believe that some of our own politicians have not been inspired a little by Comrade Chancellor.
    And that -to the extent that they have- we have something to fear. Including a ‘non-Brexit’ Brexit and a sloppy enforcement of national boundaries.
    So, I would like to commemorate a largely unknown act of resistance against the most effective metamorphosis fascism has yet made: into the guise of a compassionate democracy, fully equipped with a functioning parliament and a grand set of constitutional judges, appropriately garbed in red.
    Here’s to you, Mr Schachtschneider…


  18. StewGreen says:

    Tommy bits :
    #1 Sunday Times are hoping to do a big expose on TR, they are sure there is some dark force funding him and that it can’t be just a genuine grass roots movement (via Brian of London)
    #2 When you write to your MP about TR they send a generic reply ..which originates from where ? asks Politico
    Why would it have mistakes and terrible grammar ?
    … cos it’s a cutNpaste from an Owen Jones’ Facebook post

    #3 Owen’s own comment
    claims \\Oh, and as for the hundreds of Tommy Robinson fans who’ve sent me death threats, threats of violence, and general abuse, I really, really pity you.//
    I’d like to see prosecutions for those threats , but I doubt we’ll see any, cos TR supporters are mostly peaceful
    I would expect that such threats mostly don’t exist , although some were maybe sent by Antifa saboteurs.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – I guess the outcome of the TR appeal will be a sentence reduction as the appeal court is unlikely to overturn a brother judge on a contempt job .
      My bet would be either time served or 6 months .

      The licence conditions on tr will mean we won’t hear from him for quite some time .



  19. Loobyloo says:

    Mayo and Whiley: How long does a radio show take to settle in?

    BBC classic article with a question that they already know the answer to – in this case, forever. So read on and enjoy the article which is another ‘I think we got it about right’, and we are your masters, so shut up.

    Best bits:
    ‘Chris Evans, Ken Bruce, Jeremy Vine, Steve Wright and Simon Mayo have several things in common. All are men. All are white. All are over the age of 50. And all present a daytime show on Radio 2’
    – so as Lionel Shriver says, nothing to do with talent now, but filling quotas.
    Sawyer adds: “I don’t really care if people say this is a terrible experiment in gender equality. “The fact is, [the Radio 2 line-up] was completely unequal before.”
    So, yeah, the show really is that bad but they don’t care, they have an agenda and they have our money. Another great reason to stop paying your licence fee and go elsewhere. Sad (in the words of a great leader).
    PS I’ll be really mad if i’m not first on the new thread – no one will read it!


  20. Guest Who says:

    Another recent bbc employee I do believe.



  21. StewGreen says:

    New Thread arrived …If there’s time delete your posts and repost it in the new thread.
    Clicking the edit button and Ctr-A, Ctrl-X helps you put the words on the clip board … ready to post elsewhere with Ctrl-V


  22. pugnazious says:

    ‘”We need the power of people to overcome the power of money.”

    The Boss of Airbus thinks he has a veto over Brexit and the BBC agrees airing his scaremongering with great delight no doubt. Astonishing how these fatcat businessmen think they have the final say and that a hugely democratic vote to leave the EU is merely optional and advisory. {Note how much investment Airbus has in Russia or Canada or China or the US…none of which are in the EU. It has a $4bn deal with a Russian business to supply parts….I know, let’s start asking questions about who Airbus deals with in Russia…you don’t make deals like that without Putin and his cronies having a finger in the pie….sanctions on Russia….is Airbus complying with those? Seems Airbus isn’t too concerned about democracy and human rights as long as it gets the cash]

    For years the BBC and its Party representatives in Labour have been attacking these very same fatcats and their evil capitalist ways but now, not so much…suddenly the BBC is reporting their every utterance as if handed down from on high on tablets of stone.

    Odd then that the BBC is, without the slightest hint that there is anything paradoxical about this, airing ‘The Long March’, a no doubt hagiographic account of Corbyn’s Praetorian Guard, Momentum, and its rise to power but in which Momentum’s founder, Jon Lansman, states that ” We need the power of people to overcome the power of money.” and tells us that the moneyed elite will do everything it can to stop a Corbyn government….just of course as they are doing with Brexit.

    ‘Jon Lansman, who heads the Jeremy Corbyn support movement, said global elites would resist the “significant transformation” planned by Labour.

    And he said he hoped that it would not lead to the devaluation of sterling.’

    You have to ask if Airbus came out after a general election won by Corbyn and said ‘We don’t accept this, it’s bad for our business, Corbyn must be stopped!’ would the BBC be so eager to support their view? Would the BBC be giving so much positive support to a ‘Remain’ campaign for the Tories to stay in power because a Corbyn government would, undoubtedly, be disastrous for the economy or would the BBC just dismiss all the anti-democratic chaff as the nonsense it would be and say Corbyn was democratically elected and no fatcat businessmen should be allowed to rewrite the outcome of an election and neither should unelected Lords or disgruntled MPs in opposition parties….and yet this is what the BBC fully accepts with the Remain camp as it tries to sabotage Brexit.
    On Today we had ‘Fukme I’mawally’, born in Darlington and a self-confessed ardent remain fanatic, on to tell us we need a second referendum because people thought Brexit was going badly.

    The reason Brexit is going badly is because Remain diehards have been successfully blocking everything that would make the process go smoothly and have undermined the negotiations at every step of the way. If Brexit is ‘going badly’ it is the Remain saboteurs’ fault and May’s for not standing up to them…she should have sacked Hammond long ago.

    The BBC of course doesn’t notice that and fails to hold Remainers to accoung for their betrayal of Britain as they are seemingly prepared to see Britain massively weakened in the negotiations and careless of the economic damage they will do even as they claim to be doing it in the nations best interest and for ‘jobs and the economy’.