Weekend Open Thread 29 June 2018

Al beeb busily undermining the UK government negotiating tactic by giving remainers the oxygen of publicity .

After  seeing the UK PM disrespected by the Belgium’s PM giving her a Belgium footy shirt I got really fed up . So I did some checks . The population of Belgium is 11 million . The population of Blighty is equal to the 15 smaller countries of the the Reich EU . Only one country has a bigger population – you know the one which habitually takes over other people’s countries using panzers . Yet the UK is being kicked around by the EU and its  MSM friends like we are the school wimp . Time to walk away soon unless the Government is playing a very clever game .As if.

Also 2 weeks to go until President Trump pays a visit to Britain which I’m sure will cause both embarrassment and navel gazing by the poisonous Main Stream Media .Prepare for stunts …

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  1. vlad says:

    The beeb employs a disproportionate number of tannies, surprise surprise.

    This according to its ‘diversity chief’ Tunde Ogungbesan, himself suitably diverse, natch.

    Yes, you are paying for a ‘diversity chief’ and no doubt bloated staff to enforce lefty PC policies you disagree with.

    Has a nation ever imposed laws on itself specifically designed to undermine and erode its own native population and values, and how long can such a suicidal nation survive?



  2. Fedup2 says:

    Reading about the losses incurred by main stream media shows their message isn’t accepted by people

    Sky News – loses £600 million a year
    The Guardian – cut their losses last year to only £45 million ugh
    The londonistan evening standard – loss of £10 million pa – ironic that it’s edited by a former remainder chancellor .

    And al beeb with a guaranteed £3.5 billion profit – which I guess could fund a good few constabularies or a few patrol boats for our fishing grounds come the next cod war.


  3. vlad says:

    And talking of Diversity and fair representation, I wonder if the beeb employ 37% Conservative voters, to 30% Labour and 8% Liberals as per the last election. And 52% Brexiteers?


    • Up2snuff says:

      vlad, almost (er, what do I mean almost?) IT IS a definite NO on that last one. Had to endure BBC R4’s The World This Weekend and Mark Mardell, yet again – a weekly occurrence when he presents the programme – endeavouring to undermine Brexit.


  4. Tabs says:

    A great example of an immigrant into France enriching the French people:

    Redoine Faid: Paris helicopter prison break for gangster

    So far he has been sentenced to a total of 41 years in jail, escaped jail twice. I’m sure the Liberals will insist he paid all his taxes and he filled a (Crimelord) role that French citizens couldn’t do themselves.


    • ToobiWan says:

      Another one that needs to be shot whilst “resisting” arrest, Tabs


    • Up2snuff says:

      Tabs, just in case maxincony feels a bit of a trigger, now, I should point out that Faid was born in Paris but – judging by the name – of Francophone immigrant parents..


  5. Fedup2 says:

    Al Guardian has a long long boring piece by one Maranda sawyer who got a first class degree in snowflaking from the university of oxbridge . The subject— Toady -yes Toady .

    She is mystified by its relentlessly dwindling listening numbers . How can this be because it’s so good and fair .

    Well Maranda – maybe you should have got the researcher who actually wrote the article to have a look at this website if you want to know why Toady is hopefully in terminal decline – to be replaced by Rolf Harris cartoon time or jimmy( I knew there was something not right about him) saville pick of the pops

    Good luck if you if go to the article because the author must have got paid by the column inch.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, and TOADY has a wimmin in charge, the Editor in Chief no less! It’s network Controller is a wimmin, too.

      Both appear to me to be creating and presiding over decline in their parts of the BBC.

      Not that I have anything against women in top jobs, just as long as they do as good a job as men.


    • vlad says:

      How very incestuous.

      And how symptomatic of all that’s wrong with our ‘elites’ – I use the word in its most pejorative sense: Beeboids get their news and views from the Guardian, the Guardian flatters and fawns over the beeb, and the whole sorry gaggle of them get their useless degrees from Oxbridge, where some return to lecture in advanced snowflaking. (Nice expression Fedup)


  6. thirdoption says:

    So insignificant have the BBC become when compared to the likes of Sky and Netflix that they have to show a replay of a tennis match from 2008 to fill their schedule.


    The world’s leading broadcaster when it comes to re-runs.


    • taffman says:

      Like the European Union Al Beeb has “had it’s day”. It has broadcast enough bias to provide sufficient evidence for any government worth it’s salt, to scrap it .
      Ofcom , just what do their staff do for their money?


  7. Annunaki says:

    The worlds leading broadcaster when it comes to whinging wimmin on radio 4 all day all long, it would be interesting to see an investigation into bullying in the workplace and find those who have worked for, say 40 years and their observations into which sex are the most likely (98 % female in my experience) to be guilty of this, my company are currently working in a business park and have a nasty little woman leaving notes about us leaving our office door open, and now leaves it open herself because of the heat and a nasty little woman next door complaining all day long about people smoking outside not far enough away and parking too close to her little office and leaving notes on cars and outside her office complete little Hitlers in the workplace and the call it “feisty” oh yeah….nasty rude vicious little cows


  8. AnneG says:

    With regard to the BBC head of diversity, Tunde Ogungbesan, his degree is in Zoology.
    Perhaps this is apt, the usual job for this degree is as a Zookeeper or Wildlife Conservation Officer. This covers most of the staff they employ.
    Love to all
    Anne G.


    • ToobiWan says:

      Maybe he specialised in parthenogenetic invertebrates, Anne, the BBC must be overrun with them. There’s more than a few in Government as well.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Sounds like some one in the government is finally using the news to say that agencies like the NHS are planning to source stuff in the event of a no deal brexit —- unless it’s a clever way of frightening people ——let’s face it — medicine Is a business and someone will provide if the price is right – tariffs or not .


  10. taffman says:

    Has he come up with a big plan yet ?


    • Franglais says:

      OK Taffman very funny, have you not got anything better to do on a Sunday night, like watch the footy or something?……..I will just say that, why the hell should I post any plan on here after being accused of being somebody from the darkside?…….shame really because I really quite enjoyed visiting this site. Silence is a powerful thing and I do not wish to get mixed up with a ‘Oh no he didn’t, Oh yes he did’ scenario. Just happy to watch from the sidelines now….


      • taffman says:

        Glad to see your back.
        I think that most of the readers here are interested to know what is to be done as well as not paying the telly tex ? There is a petition running.

        Not interested in football, only the rugby type.


      • Guest Who says:

        Interested in who provided the two other likes to someone on a flounce cycle who still won’t answer a simple question,

        Which does seem oddly familiar.


        • Franglais says:

          Name a time today and I’ll make it 4 no problem. Just get your facts right before spouting false accusations please. Secondly, what question are you alluding to? What I would do about the cranky bBBC? As I said above to taffman, there are many things I would plan for them, but not for publishing on here. Unless I want my collar felt. Thirdly, you say familiar…..familiar with whom and familiar with what? Please enlighten me with examples or evidence of familiarity. If you look at my previous posts you will see that they tend to be well liked by the people on here. Do you have a problem with that? Anyway, my issue was not with you, but you seem to want to keep the thread going….


          • Guest Who says:

            So many questions.

            So much education the bbc has inspired in how to reply.


            • Franglais says:

              No time then Guest Who? False accusations and false claims, is that what you are all about? It is a wonder why anyone believes a word you say!


              • Guest Who says:

                For some who is ‘out’, you spend a lot of time back again, and seldom with anything tangible about the bbc. Quite a lot about not bothering with such things, or not for publication. I’ll pass, ta very much, and leave you to bask in your well of likes.


                • Franglais says:

                  GW…..as I said before, if you wish to have a look at my previous bBBC contributions then please do, that should prove to you that I really do not like anything that comes from our renowned (not)broadcaster. As for the likes…..I didn’t even know what they were until you brought it up. I no longer fund the bbc, i.e. I don’t pay the telly tax…..Do you? And the only reason I am ‘in’ at the moment is because I do not go a bundle on misinformation placed at my door. I am sure you understand that.


  11. Annunaki says:

    If medecine is a business, then why do we not tax fat Sunday footballers clogging up A and E every Sunday with twisted ankles, recently had a three hour wait for these and various other gut buckets to be treated one after the other for twisted ankles ( I wonder why) with my wife with a hand injury, also had a nice weekend in Lowestoft but never seen so many electric wheelchairs (how much do they cost ?) fleets of them with again, morbidly obese 40 and 50 year olds up and down the streets to the Wetherspoons and chip shops,


    • Fedup2 says:

      Because the hospitals are run by people who think the money comes from a tree and their precious international health service is there for every third worlder who has fell out of a lorry on the m25.

      Instead of applying blame for self induced maladies like over eating they treat them free of charge . Personal responsibility is abnormal now .

      I was talking about the clever businesses who manage to rip or defraud the NHS of cash for overpriced kit and meds ….


      • Annunaki says:

        Man United kit normally worn by a 17 stone twat with a twisted ankle


    • Up2snuff says:

      Annunaki, even worse if you go to A&E in late August/early September: cricket season getting a bit vicious with prizes at stake and the start of the footie season when tackles are still a bit clumsy.


  12. Thoughtful says:


    Even the BBC has been forced to admit that the left are violent confrontational and aggressive – needlessly so sometimes too.

    Of course not here in England, but in America where perhaps its understandable !


  13. Annunaki says:

    Depends how you classify the left, and of course the far right, theres the twist….and the BBC are very good at playing that little game


  14. Annunaki says:

    As I said earlier, a concise definition of fake news and the same for the definition of Far Right would leave the BBC wanting and I would posit..not fit for public funding…why not ask the public ? Cameron did and he got his answer, America did and they responded also, yet the BBC so obviously think they know better than the population of the USA and the country that funds them which needs a close look, they do not serve the requirements of their population as to what is news and what is ideaoligical bbc back office crap and open promotion of an 8 % nasty little violent minority in this country. (no concern about muslim sexism tribalism, racism, open hatred and intolerance of homosexuals, racially aggravated gang rapes of white children, animal cruelty, genitial muitilation, racist teaching in schools, terrorist support, anti British propoganda, ghettoism, arranged marriages and attacks on Jews)


  15. Up2snuff says:

    At the risk of developing a bit of a reputation for attacking BBC dishonesty (their R4 prog ‘Pick of the Week’) and their poor knowledge of, among other things, geography, I am pleased to combine the two this Sunday evening and get them over with quicker!

    I usually switch off after listening to the 6pm News rather than listen to BBC dishonesty a.k.a. PotW but was a bit slow tonight. I caught the first minute or so when Liz Barclay gave an introduction and a hint of what is in the programme and suggested that Salford had been affected by the Saddleworth Moor fire.

    I didn’t know whether to howl or laugh at the radio and ended up doing both together. Nearly ruptured me tonsils!

    “Eeee, Liz lass, tha’ should know Saddleworth is on’t’other side of Manchester t’Salford.” (Think East Lancs, Rossendale Valley phonetics, folks, almost Yorkshaire liyyke. Eeeeek!)

    Our friend maxincony will still be hanging upside down in his darkened closet somewhere, waiting for the sun to go down, but I trust that had he been out and about, he would have rushed to pick up on this major slip from the BBC’s famous 100% accuracy (thank you, Ritula) and point out their FakeNews/FalseNews/FalseFacts ‘blooper’ and present it here.


    • maxincony says:


      [Liz Barclay] suggested that Salford had been affected by the Saddleworth Moor fire. I didn’t know whether to howl or laugh…

      “Salford Voice”:

      “As firefighters tackle a blaze that has raged across Saddleworth Moor for the past three days, asthma sufferers have started to feel the effects of the smoke In Salford and across Greater Manchester”



      • taffman says:

        Maxi / Evan
        What motivates you to post here ?
        Why do you defend an organisation that robs from the poor to give to the rich?


      • Up2snuff says:

        maxi, are you sure you do not work or have never worked at the BBC? You don’t do geography, do you?

        When the fire was at its worst the wind switched around to coming from a westerly direction. In addition, I recall the eye-witness report FROM MANCHESTER on BBC Radio 4 that said the smoke could be seen in the far distance.

        Smoke being seen and being affected by it are rather different, are they not, maxi?


    • taffman says:

      Yep he’s back !
      The village Idiot .


    • StewGreen says:

      @Up2snuff Yeh Saddleworth moor is on East side of Manchester, but the wind is blowing smoke to west, so of course you could see it in Salford.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Just read that post, Stew.

        It appears that you listen carefully to BBC R4 News as well. 😉

        Unlike maxi.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Salford has been affected by the fire! So has Bolton where a friend who lives there said it was impossible to sit in the garden because of the amount of ash falling on them.

      The smell of burning is evident all over the region, and the smoke is so dense it can be seen from space. When 20 square Kms of moorland are ablaze there’s an awful lot of smoke !



      • Up2snuff says:

        Thoughtful, right but the Bolton problem is more probably from the Winter Hill fire.

        I can remember the Peak District moor fires from way back in the 1970s. Totally forgotten by the BBC.

        Think there have also been more recent moor fires, Dartmoor or Exmoor (or both), much more recently. If so, they have also been forgotten by this premier news organisation, known as the BBC.


  16. G says:

    There is a huge stinking mess, a miasma if you will, festering quietly, within the system of policing and local authorities in this country. If you question this assertion, I recommend you watch this video – all 53 minutes of it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN8dvWXyK-s
    “All that’s best in Britain” what an absolute joke.


    • maxincony says:


      I recommend you watch this video…

      Ridiculous “conspiracy theorist” Brian Gerrish has a habit of exploiting people with mental health difficulties for the benefit of his own bank balance (most notably the mother of Holly Greig).

      After reading excerpts from [the person interviewed] Carol Woods blog, it is quite clear she fits into that category.

      The events in the flat where at least 3 posed as MY DEAD MOTHER selling my house as “too disabled” to live in it and the Gestapo actually driving one about at least 4 times in N10 KWW unmarked black Audi to show to “the public”, “Look, she’s not dead” making me MY DEAD MOTHER. But all sleazy council sent to harass and pretend, all the rough old parasites who claimed to be me gaining in FRAUD, all on camera, I moved to 28 Fell View, Caton LA2 9RP as the Gestapo and council in their shipman policy had “arranged” for 28 to be “freed up” for me.


      Bread and butter for Gerrish and his band of gullible followers who haven’t yet discovered what an unprincipled, lying, little shit-weasel of a man he is.


      • Guest Who says:

        “Quotes” are so bbc.

        And surely there has been a full Unprincipled, Lying, Shitweasel Editor of unspecified gender and height on duty at the BBC for some time? Mainly nights.


        • taffman says:

          Despite your repeated efforts in trying to defend an organisation that robs from the poor to give to the rich, you are conspicuous among the many that post here highlighting the blatant bias that is broadcast daily by Al Beeb in its features, soaps, and even in the news .
          Why do invest so much time and effort ? The population of this nation are becoming wiser to this bias which is evinced by the tumbling viewing figures it rarely tells us about .
          It is obvious to most that you have a vested interest in supporting Al Beeb but I am afraid you are defending the indefensible.


  17. Up2snuff says:

    Annunaki’s and Fed’s posts above reminded me of something that hit me during the 6pm R4 News tonight. The BBC have been laying it on really thick for weeks and weeks with this 70th Anniversary of the start of the NHS. I thought a while ago that if they put this much effort in for the NHS’s 70th, what will it be like for its 75th Anniversary?

    Then, today, with the news of this: ‘NHS plan* in case of no-deal Brexit, Simon Stevens says’ it became clear. It has probably been seen as another opportunity to further perpetrate ‘Project Fear’ over Brexit. Create doubts in people’s minds about whether our wonderful NHS can continue at all, just in case there is another Referendum on Brexit. Sneaky!


    Interestingly, if you click on ‘Health’ tab on the main News Page of the BBC w-s (not the Home Page) this story comes up but note the URL above – /uk-politics. Double sneaky!

    (my asterisk * England only, health is a devolved matter.)


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      The comments from Simon Stevens are put on a par with those of a Churchill before the war by the BBC.
      It`s as if this toxic bloated saccharine God of theirs (our NHS) is actually a state within a state, and deserving of this amount of fawning.
      Like the BBC it is IS a “state within a state”.
      The NHS and its unions provide the Red Army in rainbow bracelets, whereas the BBC provide the communications. Like the Red Army and Pravda as far as I can see.
      Lord Hall and Sir Stevens are treated like bloody Erdogan-unelected quangocrats that Cameron was supposed to have cauterised in 2010. The BBC and NHS are remarkably similar, envy of the world and all that.
      And as far as the BBC a statue to the “unknown warriors” will suffice for Mid Staffs and Gosport-the BBC sure as hell won`t be telling you anything that will upset the Left and its NHS killing grounds.
      Like Clintons rapes and Ma Clintons uranium for Benghazi mash ups?…it`ll stay unknown.


  18. Heyho says:

    Good little sarcastic piece by Rod Liddle in today’s ST (I think another poster commented on this a couple of days ago but good to see it covered in MSM):

    “Ah yes, the famous BBC balance
    A fascinating debate on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Friday about the migrant crisis. It was between, on the one hand, a man who thought there wasn’t much of a crisis, the numbers of migrants was small, that they should be processed for asylum in Europe and that they are being taken advantage of by populist politicians. And on the other, by a woman who thought there wasn’t much of a crisis, the number of migrants was small, that they should be processed for asylum in Europe and that they are being taken advantage of by populist politicians. This robust exchange was preceded by a clip from a chap on an NGO rescue boat who said the migrants were being used as pawns by populists and they should be processed in Europe. It is the diversity of opinion on the BBC that always impresses me. Long live the licence fee.”


    • Oaknash says:

      I have a small victory to report in our battle with the worlds “most trusted broadcaster” I was chatting to a friend today who only ever watches Netflix. He was also moaning about the License fee.
      So faster than a BBC reporter homing onto a dead migrant baby I gave him the “good news”
      He is cancelling his direct debit tomorrow!

      I wonder how many other people out there are also helping to fund this pack of progressive liars out of ignorance.

      It is always worth spreading the facts about the licence fee – no matter how clued up you think the person is.


    • JimS says:

      Be fair! The views were probably expressed by a lesbian, trans-person and a BAME!


  19. Beltane says:

    I see that nasty, coarse, prejudiced and grossly overweight bastard Bevin is still getting all the credit for ‘founding the NHS’ – not least, and not surprisingly, through the impartial newsvendor we know and love.
    In reality the concept of a National Health Service was Churchill’s, discussed in cabinet initially in 1940 and coming to fruition via the Beveridge Report issued in 1942. The Labour Party have made such a good job of burying this fact that even if you Google NHS, it all begins in 1948. Apparently.
    Bevin did, undoubtedly, rationalise the plans, and he did create a working model, but he, and the Attlee government did not, for one example, build a single hospital throughout their six year tenure. It was only when the Conservatives regained power in 1952 that an extensive building programme was launched.
    Facts, but overlooked or disregarded for the predictable reasons.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      He said that all Conservatives were “vermin”. But never a mention of that by the BBC, even the Socialists openly credit him with this.
      Probably the first time that dehumanising Nazi slurring of opposition politicians was allowed to pass-and now we have that “never kissed a Tory” generation.
      The Brownshirts did the very same-just lefties in unwashed shirts so we`re finding now.


    • JimS says:

      But isn’t the NHS a fully-owned subsidiary of the Labour party?


    • MartinW says:

      And there is Conservative politician of the 1940s, Henry Willink, a key figure in the development of the National Health Service, deliberately overlooked by the BBC, and doubtless excluded from their recent R4 series on its history. There is a good article on the original of the NHS by Andrew Gimson on Con. Home https://www.conservativehome.com/highlights/2018/01/profile-henry-willink-the-conservative-who-proposed-a-national-health-service-before-bevan-created-one.html who correctly says in the article that “the role of the Conservatives, under Churchill’s leadership, in the development of the NHS is today entirely forgotten, and so is Willink’s contribution. If one attempts to set the record straight, the Left responds with insults and incredulity.”


      • Up2snuff says:

        BBC don’t do history just like they don’t do geography and don’t do maths and science. Could be a song in there… somewhere …

        Doh! It’s been done.



    • Beltane says:

      Apologies, getting my Bevians mixed. Bevan was the fat Welsh one currently being celebrated as a statesman and innovator, Ernest Bevin was another member of Attlee’s cabinet.


  20. scribblingscribe says:


    Last week the Guardian had two pieces that were derogatory about the Euro. One headlined: The Italians Cannot Blame Germany for its Problems, which the piece actually did! A second one saying how Germany has to leave the Euro to give the other countries a chance to grow their economies.

    Now the Observer today has a few articles one wouldn’t associate with the BBC/Guardian:

    1. EU accused of Making false Brexit claims over aid contracts. NGOs had been told by the EU their funds would dry up if Brexit occurred. This was a lie.

    2. Another admitting Radio 4’s today program is pants, with dramatically falling audience figures. Though it has an interesting assertion that John Humphries is a Brexiteer. Also, of interest is that Jess Philips won’t go on the show unless she can say who will interview her, what the piece will be about and who she is willing to discuss it with. Wonder if any Lying Tory Scum are afforded such a privilege.

    3. It asks why Trump is still so popular. A fact the BBC avoids as if its life is staked on hiding the polls from its listeners. Trump has had a shift upwards in popularity amongst the general population and is now at 90% amongst Republicans.

    Wonder if the BBC will follow suit with some element of honesty.


  21. Alicia Sinclair says:

    Radio 3 had some crap play on about a lesbian trans sexy who went to Rotterdam, fretting about her familys reaction.
    Enough already I thought and turned over.
    Only to find some kid telling Roger Bolton about the apps offer for the young with iPlayer, followed by some hagiography about an Irish cook who doubtless saved the sphagnum nematode from ending up having to wash Evonne Goolagongs whites in a convent laundry.
    Easier to blend this crap, as Up2 does above-it`s all lies and agitations, just cut and paste it all, it won`t be any more stupid that what they`re putting out.
    Bowies lyrics from 1975 had the same genesis, cut it all up and throw it around the shredder . Off to Netfix now.


  22. JimS says:

    A minor point. I was listening to the repeat of Last Word and one of the ‘dear departed’ was ‘one of their own’, Paddy Feeny.
    We were told that Paddy Feeny had been one of the presenters of Top Of The Form, along with Tim Gudgin, (the ‘results’ man from Grandstand). There was a short clip from Top Of The Form but not with Paddy Feeny but Tim Gudgin I’m pretty sure.

    If they can’t even research their own archives properly what hope is there of them getting anything else right?


  23. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Child marriage involving bride of 11 sparks outrage in Malaysia””

    “”While the current legal age for marriage in Malaysia is 18, Islamic sharia courts can approve Muslim marriages for those under the age of 16.””


    At no point in this report do the BBC condemn this activity. They report in a factual matter as if a dog had been run over on the M1.

    They do not equate this activity with UK sharia courts or even draw a comparison. Islam gets a free pass as ever.

    If a UKIP MEP married a girl of 11 , the BBC would have gone for the jugular for weeks on end.



  24. Beebophobic says:

    Truly chilling what one can read on UKColumn and a related website all about the sinister Common Purpose, which uses NLP techniques to gradually brainwash an army of inept administrators and council staff and college lecturers, so that they are all leftie robots with zero empathy. The author likens it to a cult, and I can see why. The Beeb will have its fair share who have done these courses. What would you all have as the average Beeboids top ten boxes to tick ?
    4.Gay and Lesbian
    5.Bashing Trump
    6.Bashing May and Tories
    7.Corbyn worship
    8.Criticising the DUP
    9. Praising the NHS
    10. General virtue signalling.

    But we won’t hear about the Gosport Hospital scandal and why the evil-looking Dr Jane Barton has still never been prosecuted, and how much money was wasted in the three public enquiries. She seems to have killed more people than Shipman. I reckon NHS is rotten, Common Purpose management will have made life hard for the two brave nurses who first came forward.


  25. Terminal Moraine says:

    Exploring the labyrinthine world of BBC online throws up all sorts of odd tidbits. I don’t listen to or watch the beeb any more but apparently there’s a World Service section called ‘Outlook inspirations’? It’s bit of a mystery to me what the purpose and scope is (there’s no blurb online and their Twitter feed has been inactive since 2016).

    Anyway, the important thing is that I’m sure it’s being well funded. Winners of the Outlook Inspirations 2018 Awards are:

    —I Took on My Village Elders to End FGM
    Aged 8, Nice Leng’ete was destined to undergo female genital mutilation.

    —From Outcast to the Youngest Mayor of Namibia
    Livey van Wyk was initially shunned by her community for being HIV positive.

    —My School for Sexual Abuse Survivors
    Brisa de Angulo set up a charity for survivors of sexual assault in Bolivia.

    The BBC, winners again of the most undiverse diversity award.


  26. Terminal Moraine says:



  27. Guest Who says:

    Not the bbc, but rather a bbc daily contributor. And a groupie does ask why the bbc has not reported this.


    I wonder if, next time he’s on, they might mention it?


  28. Guest Who says:

    Not, one suspects, a crowd or line of questioning that might be provided by the Tony, Katty, Jon BBC Merica Frat pack.


  29. Guest Who says:

    Such sweet sorrow.



    • Guest Who says:

      Trouble in the paradise that is Tone Towers?


  30. taffman says:

    Look out look out there’s a Maxitroll about.