Start the Week Open Thread 29 October 2018

Budget Day .  The Far Left BBC will be talking Austerity and moaning about the pre brexit economy because of low unemployment , low interest rates and higher basic tax allowances .


It will  be a waste of time really because if we are lucky enough to get out of the EU without agreement the sums will all change .

The anti Trump propaganda will ratchet upon in front of the midterms next week .

All Souls is on Thursday

just a friendly reminder – reasonable language please …

Intelligence Squared has Webb preening and Corbyn getting bashed

I drafted the following contribution before I saw the news of the horrific shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh

I appreciate the opportunity to expose the vile anti-Semitism that leads to these attacks, whether coming from Jeremy Corbyn or any other source, including the BBC itself – often disguised as criticism of Israel.

Here’s the earlier draft:

Intelligence Squared US is an interesting debating forum, left-leaning since it’s filled to the brim with academics, but still worth watching because of the differing perspectives from the knowledgeable panel members and the often-fiery debates. There are several on the IQ2 US site and on YouTube stretching back many years.

Intelligence Squared UK, on the other hand, is not only a pale imitation of its US counterpart but has also mangled the US format beyond recognition – with ‘debates’ that are actually left-wing echo chambers with no room for dissent. And so you have Justin Webb, lately BBC North America ‘Editor’, chairing a lefty fest around the following leading question:

Is the Trump presidency causing irreparable damage to America?

For those of my esteemed colleagues who might watch the thing, I should state that Webb engages in a long, excruciating introduction, which is well worth skipping, except that, at 3 minutes in, he has something to say about his ‘interview’ of Obama, putting a humorous slant on it. I watched it at the time, and it was apparent that Webb had no idea how to conduct the interview and sat there mesmerised by the great man, like a rabbit caught in the headlights of his car. Well, I guess Webb’s capacity for self delusion is boundless. He probably also thinks he’s a good journalist rather than a propagandist.

There is one panel member, the lady journalist, who has a couple of sensible things to say about the topic, but apart from that the audience is also predominately anti-Trump and the entire thing is probably a waste of time.

However, while surfing through the IQ debates I stumbled on a podcast questioning whether Jeremy Corbyn is fit to become Prime Minister.

This was much more of a real debate, with Howard Jacobson and Anna Soubry crossing swords with Ash Sarkar (I’d never heard of her, luckily) and Chris Williamson (of whom unfortunately I had).

Jacobson is really impressive, especially with his scathing and hilarious opening attack on Corbyn for his anti-Semitism.

Apparently there will be a video of the podcast at some stage. Might be worth watching it with the sound muted when Sarkar and Williamson open their mouths.

Start the Week Open Thread 22 October 2018

The Far Left BBC quickly buried the conviction of “the Huddersfield 20 Muslim racist paedophiles” and as it does – moved quickly on . How will the BBC perform regarding the political show trial of Tommy Robinson on Tuesday ? You can bet the Muslim paedo racist gang which is the cause of TRs   brush with the law won’t feature much in this crooked country but his past will be used as the usual weapon?

With a 158 days until Brexit the remainers will be marching every weekend or looking for jobs with tax avoiders like Facebook .

Weekend Open Thread 20 October 2018

I don’t know what to write. The BBC need not broadcast anti Brexit propaganda because the government is failing to represent the outcome of the Referendum without any help .

Elsewhere the constant propaganda against President Trump is becoming worn out as he continues to repair his country after years of Democratic swamp rule .

For those marching for Remaining on Saturday  ( disputed numbers of course)  – it’s good that you still have the freedom to do so because people with out of fashion views find themselves becoming enemies of the State – with political trials and summary sentences .

I have posted this early because of the recent server issues …

Start the Week Open Thread 15 October 2018

The Far Left BBC and the rest of the main stream media reported -with the usual bias – on a march on Saturday by the Democratic Football Lads Alliance. The opposition was described as ‘anti fascist’ therefore labelling the Lads as fascist . This has turned into a term of abuse now – or just for a person with whom one doesn’t agree. From traffic wardens to American presidents the term ‘fascist’ is thrown out as easy hate.

As for Brexit – the BBC will be stirring the pot again to support the EU against Britain in yet another “crunch week” ….