Start the Week Open Thread 15 October 2018

The Far Left BBC and the rest of the main stream media reported -with the usual bias – on a march on Saturday by the Democratic Football Lads Alliance. The opposition was described as ‘anti fascist’ therefore labelling the Lads as fascist . This has turned into a term of abuse now – or just for a person with whom one doesn’t agree. From traffic wardens to American presidents the term ‘fascist’ is thrown out as easy hate.

As for Brexit – the BBC will be stirring the pot again to support the EU against Britain in yet another “crunch week” ….

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  1. Doobster78 says:

    BBC paper review at 5.50am. Woman presenter, woman guest. Obviously filling the 50/50 guest gender quota the BBC openly encourages . Where do they start, oh, surprise surprise, it’s the Guardian and a anti Brexit piece. Yawn. Now let’s move on she says to this story about Angela Merkel and her sister party losing out in elections. We ALL know why this was. Unchecked, uncontrolled mass immigration is what people were voting against. But, No, amazingly these 2 BBC snowflakes turned that round Into a positive story that the GREEN PARTY had done well and could we see these parties now flourish in Europe with CLIMATE CHANGE now on everyone agenda !!! I kid you not. Glossed over the main point of granny Merkel’s loss completely. Amazing open bias agenda. PATHETIC stuff BBC. PATHETIC


    • NCBBC says:

      BBC morning programs are dominated by femefascists, all of them cry whingeing for more attention, and money from the government. Its a never ending moan. These femefascists are really Marxist fascists in pantsuits, worst of the lot, for they demand equality with men, while special treatment for women. They curdle the milk on the flakes.

      Case in point- Hillary C. Remember her? Who claimed that women are equal to men, now states that Donald Trump was “sexist” in the election debates with her. What she and femefacists want from men is their submission. Hillary wanted “The Donald” to appear on stage and concede the election. In fact the entire American Establishment- media, Wall street, Democratic and Republican parties too, was hoping and expecting “The Donald” to be crushed. “The Donald ” does not take hostages.

      Hillary Clinton: ‘The Way Trump Debated Me, It Was Imbued with Sexism’

      No wonder Hillary, Fascist Dems and the fascist Media are still bellyaching. They still cant digest it.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Hillary still beefing about 2016? Think of the AGW and climate, Hillary!

        Funny thing, in the UK, what do the male politicians say about Theresa May – as a compliment – “Bloody difficult woman!” (Ken Clarke July 2016)

        Female American Presidential loser whinges for two years. Female UK Prime Ministerial winners – two of them – no whinges! Compare & contrast.


    • NCBBC says:

      BBC morning programs are dominated by femefascists, all of them cry whingeing for more attention, and money from the government. Its a never ending moan. These femefascists are really Marxist fascists in pantsuits, worst of the lot, for they demand equality with men, while special treatment for women. They curdle the milk on the flakes.

      Case in point- Hillary C. Remember her? Who claimed that women are equal to men, now states that Donald Trump was “sexist” in the election debates with her. What she and femefacists want from men is their submission. Hillary wanted “The Donald” to appear on stage and concede the election. In fact the entire American Establishment- media, Wall street, Democratic and Republican parties too, was hoping and expecting “The Donald” to be crushed, and above all, humiliated. “The Donald ” though does not take hostages.

      Hillary Clinton: ‘The Way Trump Debated Me, It Was Imbued with Sexism’

      No wonder Hillary, Fascist Dems and the fascist Media are still bellyaching. Two years, and they still cant digest it. The Donald goes for wins. That is why, in the inevitable clash of the EU with Pres Trump, there will be no fudge. The EU wins or it collapses.


  2. Fred Stubber says:

    We just seem to have unconsciously drifted away from the BBC. We listen to LBC and Classic FM far more than any BBC station. The other day I working in the hen house and I’d forgotten to take my headphones for my phone, so I had to fall back on the antiquated radio that lives with the hens. I found myself listening to that disgraceful item where they took something Pinter wrote satirising Bush but twisted it into an anti-Trump spoof. I just switched to Classic even though music isn’t good through that radio.
    On the telly we watch the documentaries on C5 and Quest because they aren’t agenda laden like they are on the BBC. BBC docs and drama are mostly unwatchable because of the unrealistic over-representation of ethnics, and the way they shove in irrelevant bits pushing global warming and women’s lib.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Referred to in previous thread, the bbc daily email summary…


    The puzzle of the people least likely to vote Tory

    The Conservative Party faces a serious challenge when it comes to securing the support of non-white voters. About three-quarters vote Labour, while fewer than one in five votes Conservative, according to the 2017 British Election Study.

    Unless the pattern changes, this is a headache for the Tories which could worsen in the long term, as the non-white population increases.

    Read full article >

    Prof Rosie Cam


    First they came for the old white men….

    Look out Emily, Kirsty….


    • taffman says:

      Guest Who
      Blair’s chickens are coming home to roost.


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        Time for the reversal of the Blair experiment.
        We need an example from Donald Trump.
        Build the wall.
        Export the illegals.
        Export the extremists.
        New treason legislation against the lefty plotters
        Jail ten million “Democrats”.
        Repeat as required.


        • NCBBC says:

          I’m afraid the demographic growth rate of Africans and Muslims is such that the West will not survive. Its historic cultural identity has been dealt a fatal blow by the fascist socialists., with their Utopian nightmare of Global government using Climate Change taxation.

          Though I hope The Donald might come up with something – like the hero in the Mask.


  4. taffman says:

    Al Beeb are “talking up” Merkel’s hammering in the German elections.


  5. LastChanceSaloon says:

    2018-10-15 BBC News World
    “Yemen could be ‘worst famine in 100 years'”
    Warns the anti Western UN.

    In the West we all know the the Yemeni situation.
    We must resist all and any “solution” to the problem which involve Yemenis travelling to Europe.
    Not One.
    Because This will be the preferred solution of our enemies, internal and external.

    What could have caused this “worst famine” in what used to be called “the fertile crescent”? Mysterious.


  6. taffman says:

    More Brexit guff from Al Beeb . Expect a ‘last minute deal’ from Ollie and Mrs Chamberlain which will be a sell out . Time for another general election.


  7. Nibor says:

    Those blocks of black and white which are like bar codes but can be used visually by machines as well as magnetically can be useful .
    All loads going on international journeys can have those blocks put on the paperwork ( or even each load is given a credit card sized plastic with the block on ) which records all the details of the load . The details are sent on even before the journey begins .
    The block can be presented at the shipping office of P&O or whoever as the driver is booked for the ferry .When he disembarks he goes through lanes with a reader at the end of each lane . He presents the card to the reader which informs him in the language of his choice whether the load is in free circulation , whether he must park up in a special area for full control , to park and wait for clearance , or he must go to another clearance place inland .
    Ask Tescos BBC , whose RDCs are paperless .
    Well that’s one idea , any more ?


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    Is there much point in talking about these Brexit negotiations?

    The BBC report endlessly on supposedly crunch talks. Once again I must refer people back to the warnings made by the Greek socialist finance minister who told us Brussels will not negotiate with the UK. They will never give a concession. They will stall until the eleventh hour. Meanwhile you will be expected to make all the compromises.

    The diffence is that the Greeks were net recipients going cap in hand to Brussels; too poor and too timid to walk away. So inevitably they caved in and came to heel. The UK is a major net contributer. We ought to present our terms now as an ultimatum, say we will walk away whilst preparing to do so. Next round of negotiations : in London, on our terms!


    • Kaiser says:

      as the remoaning bbc fail to point out when saying ho difficult it is to extract our nation from the EU

      remainer Ca-moron made no plans for a leave vote
      remainer Ca-moron did runner delaying article 50
      the remain MSM did a hatchet job on ledsome
      the remainers annointed remainer Mayhem
      she appointed remainers
      she sidelined brexiteers
      she had the remain civil service plot behind ministers backs

      it is remainers making all this difficult

      Mayhem and the civil service are desperately trying to find some devious method of keeping us in which can be sold to the public

      trouble is for Treasoner Mayhem the great british public is not as stupid as she would like


      • G says:

        We were conned on going into the ‘Common Market’ and, on the current direction of travel, we will be conned again extricating ourselves from the EU clutches.


        • NCBBC says:

          I feel there is going to be a clash of The Donald with the EU.

          The Donald does not take hostages. If Pres Trump threatens German manufactured goods, and European defence, Germany will panic, and then the EU will collapse. Then its everyone in the WTO boat, which is the strategic goal of Pres Trump anyway. And we are out.


        • johnm says:

          May is not negotiating on behalf of the UK, she is negotiating on behalf of her own career. And all the pea-brained cretins who voted Tory instead of UKIP last election share the responsibility for giving a democratic mandate to the traitorous witch. If the Tories were unable to form a coalition last election and the UKIP threat was stronger, SHE WOULD BE GONE.


    • johnm says:

      May is not negotiating on behalf of the UK, she is negotiating on behalf of her own career. And all the pea-brained cretins who voted Tory instead of UKIP last election share the responsibility for giving a democratic mandate to the traitorous witch. If the Tories were unable to form a coalition last election and the UKIP threat was stronger, SHE WOULD BE GONE.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    The point you make about negotiations in London is a good one. I like the the give away language al beeb choses to use in relation to brexit;

    Crash out

    Risk a hard brexit

    People’s vote

    And others which have become accepted by the subconscious

    I don’t understand why it seems we are the underdog in this matter . We contribute a shed load to the ReichEU. We import more from them than we export. Two sources of strength but we always appear Weak.
    Just walk away and wait for them to come running …. we have no legal debt to pay so keep our money …


    • AsISeeIt says:

      The Brexit deal is a form of peace treaty. The UK side ought to enter into this recognising it as conflict resloution talks and with the attitude that the British people have overcome and defeated the ideology of the opposing political united states of europe side.

      Instead Theresa May goes to Brussels – why do we always have to go to their ‘capital’, why not at least do it on neutral gound? And she’s looking like a weak supplicant. It’s hard not to see her performance as a coordinated pro-Brussels con trick. Kabuki Theatre – as the Americans call it.

      The very use of the word Brexit was forced on us as counterfeit coinage from Referendum Day plus one. I don’t like the weasel term – it hides the fact we voted for and demand a return to the status quo ante – our Independence from political europe.

      If it’s complicated blame the politicians who entangled us without bothering to get a mandate from the people. If it’s expensive blame the hostility of europeans who deploy trade as a means to get their political way.


    • NCBBC says:

      For the BBC, a global socialist broadcaster, the goal is Global government, with the BBC as Radio Moscow. Therefore the EU is merely a half way house. That is why Climate Change taxation is so important – its the first step in global government and taxation, set by the UN.


  10. Guest Who says:

    As discussed here days ago, the greater issue is hidden away paragraphs down; namely the default rejection hurdles any complainant has to get past before the bbc ‘even’ starts to consider how utterly corrupted its editorial integrity is.

    Mind you, this is an organisation whose systems enable a series child rapist to operate with impunity for years.


    • G says:

      I spent yesterday evening on YouTube watching various channels. One debate I recall, concerned, child rapists, paedophiles by another name. This islamic guy argued that more white paedophiles exist in the UK than muslim and that for him was the important point. The other person in the debate failed to make the overwhelmingly important point that the muslim abuses children on a mass organised industrial scale. I guess that most whiteys are loner opportunists not sanctioned by the Bible.


  11. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    So Michael Moore has a chat with comrade Robinson who feeds the line and mr Moore takes it …casually calling President Trump a ‘fascist ‘ but not explaining what that means … except it doesn’t involve gas chambers , bullets or swastikas.

    Last week al beeb went on about male suicide – listening to a depressed Mr Moore one can understand why people like him have developed such a downward condition . If your country is employed , not in wars with no meaning sending boys home in boxes and your taxes are coming down – How can that be bad ?

    But for Mr Moore and the al beeb group non think it is…

    On a more serious note a pregnancy has been announced – something to do with dr who or strictly baking or similar … … 6 months to guess the name – Barrak?


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Michael Moore no more needed to explain WHY he thinks Trump is a fascist than the hundreds of ‘liberal’ journalists, who refer to the ‘far right’ as a matter of course, need to define what they mean by ‘far right’.
      I doubt that Moore, who says he predicted all this, would be able to describe fascism from a Political point of view. He’s happy to use it as a term of abuse, which his ‘liberal’ left buddies will understand. All the ‘journalists’ especially the beeb, would also not be able to describe ‘far-right’ from a Political/historical point of view; it’s simply a superficial term of abuse, and they’re happy with that. Apparently Nick R is happy to let it go, as well: surprise!
      Moore, who is clearly mightily impressed with his own intellect, forgets who it is that uses fascist methods: thugs like Antifa, hordes of Democrat wimmin who try to intimidate you by screaming and screeching (eg Senator Flake), all those masked face ‘protesters’, clutching baseball bats, so beloved of the left etc
      It tells us a lot about Toady (not that we are surprised) that Nick R could do a serious interview with someone like Moore, and pretend he got a credible political interpretation of where the US is at.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Great posts Fed & fake, both. Hope you both listened to ‘Heat the Wok’, erm sorry, I mean ‘Start the Week’, with Andrew Marr. I got tempted in by the ‘taster’ and they did cook up something of interest for a change.

        I was a regular listener until a year or two back when it became a bit dead and boring and they rotated a variety of ‘right on’ politically Presenters thru’ the show, including the real life Gary Bellamy.

        I hardly ever listen now but today’s was interesting if you discount the Luvvie bit. Catch it on evening repeat if you missed it.

        Woman’s Hour (the start) was also interesting. Caught it by default while they were talking about the growing use of ‘C’ sections versus natural birth. A female academic had done some very thorough research but could not answer the question “Why?”

        Maybe they needed an economist to answer that. Would a mere male economist be allowed to do so, I wondered?

        Probably not.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Thanks – up – I went for the off switch as I needed to go an celebrate the forthcoming royal birth with my ablusions but will catch the repeat – thanks again.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I thought that the BBC did not have adverts. How then do we explain a five minute plug for Michael Moore’s latest film on Today?

        Naturally, he was listened to in respectful silence. His views that Trump is a fascist were taken as gospel.

        How strange that the BBC “interviewer” forgot to ask Michael Moore why he thought his movie had flopped at the US box office, and why he thinks it might do better here?

        If the BBC have given any free publicity to the independent movie “Gosnell”, which deals with America’s worst ever serial killer, an abortionist, I must have missed it.

        They are so biased and left wing it is beyond parody. Total defunding is the only answer. I can live happily without Newsnight, the lady Dr Who and Evan Davies. Anyone who wants to see them should be free to pay for them. Not me.


  12. Roland Deschain says:

    I overheard an article this morning on BBC Radio Scotland whilst in the shower on hate crime against alphabet people. In true Sesame Street style, T was for Transgender.

    Don’t get me wrong. Violence towards anyone because you disagree with their standpoint is wrong, pure and simple, but I fail to see why it is worse when directed towards someone with an Alphabet characteristic than it would be if directed towards me.

    So, on comes Natalie to say how wrong it is, including hurty words, because they can lead to violence. I’m sure you’re ahead of me. Natalie did not sound in the slightest bit like a Natalie. Natalie made no attempt even to pretend to sound like a Natalie. But, as if we had entered some alternative Kafka-run universe, everyone in the studio pretended she was a Natalie.

    I don’t doubt this poor person wishes he had been born as a Natalie or feels he should have been born a Natalie. But the plain fact is that he was born a Nathaniel and if he’s going to go around sounding like one I for one am not going to join in this Emperor’s New Clothes style charade. Otherwise where does it end? Do we all get to pretend to be something we would like to have been?

    And, frankly, it does Natalie no good for everyone to play along with his fantasy because sooner or later the delusion will come crashing down around him.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Excellent post, RD. But what can one do?

      The only response, I think, is passive unspoken sympathy – in advance – for ‘Nat’.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      She could form the Scottish Natalie Party (SNP).


    • StewGreen says:

      Wonder if Friday will be about white Catholics ?
      or maybe another ethnic group /religion


      • Kaiser says:

        wtf is a transgender identity assault, did she get called a he, beaten over the head with a second hand penis, or just plain old punched

        and if its hate crime week are we supposed to go out and do “hate crimes” for a week?

        perhaps day 3 will focus on the scots favourite form of hatred , hatred of the english


  13. pugnazious says:

    ‘Today’ really is nothing more than an extremist partisan mouthpiece for the Far Left, its narratives on immigration, Brexit and Trump reflect hard-line, hard-left thinking, the BBC is an ‘extremist’ organisation peddling extremist views such as open borders, a policy intended to wipe out the ‘hideous whiteness’ of Britain….ethnic and cultural cleansing in effect….people working at the BBC who don’t adopt the BBC’s line, fighting the ‘normative’, are now marked out by not wearing a badge, ironically….I guess forcing non-conformists to wear yellow stars would just be a little obvious. If it doesn’t scare you it should.

    Nick Robinson was courting Michael Moore, a fading ‘star’ if ever there was one whose latest film, Fahrenheit 11/9, has bombed and yet the BBC plug it along with his views on its flagship current affairs programme.
    Moore was allowed to label Trump an ‘evil genius’ and claimed that he was a Fascist with a ‘friendly face’. Robinson didn’t challenge of course, in fact he reinforced the idea with the thought that Trump wasn’t just a ‘bad guy’ but a ‘threat to democracy’.

    None of this was backed up with anything as inconvenient as evidence [ala Kavanaugh with Robinson denouncing the hearing, demanded by Democrats and the media, was merely a vehicle to mobilise Trump sympathisers]. The evidence In fact showed the opposite was true…Moore told us that Trump had fulfilled his election promises to his voters….hmmm…so undemocratic.

    This was the usual one-sided, bigoted and prejudiced discussion about Trump we’ve come to expect…whatever next, maybe a left-wing anti-Republican tract re-written to attack Trump broadcast on the BBC to great amusement?


    • Guest Who says:

      They are banning kilts as gender-based appropriation.

      Sources close to the bbc have learned. Allegedly.


    • Fedup2 says:


      If any of those beeboids saw their blessed aunts bbc being described as “far left” I’m sure they’d be aghast since they think they stand for freedom and decency –
      That was once upon a time – today it stands for the repression of the many views its group think disagrees and supporting or ignore indeceny – Saville , Muslim paedophile rape gangs and the rest ….
      I wish they had some idea…


      • pugnazious says:

        It’s just dishonest. Talking about the saudi ‘Journalist’ who disappeared in Turkey we had no context about the man who is a long-term, ardent supporter of the Islamist/terrorist Muslim Brotherhood [the ‘moderate’ and highly representive MCB in Britain being a MB front organisation].

        ‘In truth, Khashoggi never had much time for western-style pluralistic democracy. In the 1970s he joined the Muslim Brotherhood, which exists to rid the Islamic world of western influence. He was a political Islamist until the end, recently praising the Muslim Brotherhood in the Washington Post.’

        A notable comment from ‘Today’ was that there was ‘near universal condemnation’ of Russia’s attack on the Skripals…..well, except for one glaring exception they forget…Jeremy Corbyn. His refusal to condemn Russia not mentioned by the BBC here for some reason.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Pug Look what the lefty PR machine just tweeted about the BBC and Nick Robinson etc.

      Twitter put that tweet near the top of the BBcRadio4 top Tweets box, even though it’s got only 2 retweets !


      • pugnazious says:

        The Labour policy is to intimidate and cow the media, even the friendly media, into making pro-Corbyn messaging or at the very least not being critical of the great leader. This means a constant barrage of aggressive complaints to the BBC and other media outlets to bully journalists..and it works. Robinson is a special case, already ‘onboard’ the Corbyn train [seats or no seats]…Labour of course once tried to headhunt Robinson for its PR machine, no doubt seeing a like-minded soul.

        ‘Over the weekend the BBC’s former political editor confessed — in an interview in the Sunday Times — that he had written to several BBC colleagues over concerns that the corporation’s political coverage is biased against Jeremy Corbyn. When asked by Lynn Barber whether he was ‘shocked’ by the way the BBC ‘rubbish Jeremy Corbyn’, Robinson replied ‘yes’:

        ‘Yes. Oddly, although I was off work, I did drop a note to a few people after his first weekend saying this is really interesting and we owe it to the audience to sound as if we’re interested.’’

        Incredible isn’t it that the BBC spends so much time and effort concentrating on attacking Tommy Robinson and ‘Generation Identity’ in Europe that it can’t find the time to comprehensively investigate and challenge the man who would be Prime Minister and is so close to real power now…the far-left, terrorist supporting Jeremy Corbyn….a man openly condemned by the once head of MI6 as a danger to this nation and its security…

        ‘Jeremy Corbyn is a danger to this nation. At MI6, which I once led, he wouldn’t clear the security vetting ‘

        ‘Today, Britain goes to the polls. And frankly, I’m shocked that no one has stood up and said, unambiguously, how profoundly dangerous it would be for the nation if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister. So let me be clear, the leader of the Labour Party is an old-fashioned international socialist who has forged links with those quite ready to use terror when they haven’t got their way: the IRA, Hizbollah, Hamas. As a result he is completely unfit to govern and Britain would be less safe with him in No 10. ‘

        And just recently….

        ‘He’s enthusiastically associated himself with groups and interests which I would not say were the friends of the British nation ‘

        How can the BBC whitewash such a man and everything he stands for?


  14. Guest Who says:

    What three letter acronym would do such a thing?

    Luckily, in the UK, we have a world cla….


  15. pugnazious says:

    I think this story encapsulates the mindset at the BBC where we must celebrate immigrants, defend and support them and allow them to come here, kowtow to their demands whilst apologising for and dismantling our own culture and society….

    ‘Somali Whose Deportation was Thwarted by Passenger Mutiny Is Gang Rapist Linked to ISIS Fighter’

    ’29-year-old Yaqub Ahmed was about to be returned to Somalia via a commercial flight to Istanbul, Turkey, but around a dozen ‘social justice warrior’ passengers on the aeroplane became aware of his situation when he began groaning and wailing.

    They started complaining “They’re separating him from his family” and chanting “take him off the plane” in rowdy scenes recorded by several people on their mobile phones.

    Rather than throw off the disruptive passengers or have them arrested for obstructing the course of justice, however, officials buckled to the mutinous flyers and took Ahmed off the flight, while his supporters applauded and shouted: “You’re free, man!”

    However, the Mail on Sunday has now revealed that the busybodies were championing a convicted gang rapist, and that one of his accomplices travelled to the Islamic State to fight as a jihadist after their crime.’


  16. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC London local news informs me there has been some aggro at a demo related to Tommy Robinson.

    Interesting to see their top headline this morning flashes up police camera pictures of 17 chaps the Met are keen to prosecute.

    It’s quite a departure for BBC London to be so fully on board with the plod in tracking down individual miscreants.

    We’re more used to BBC London reporting a killing a day in the capital with barely a whiff of a description of those seen running away.


  17. Up2snuff says:

    September Snippet #3

    There were some hilarious moments in my reduced BBC listening month and, unfortunately, I cannot remember the spoken one. One of the stand-outs was the squeak in the TOADY Studio, IIRC, door. As one contributor/Correspondent/Editor left silently to make room for the next, the door, if opened in a certain way or to an extent, made a sufficiently loud enough squeak to be picked up by the Presenter mics.

    It became clear that everyone had been warned about the problem and at one point, a politician contributor to the ‘8.10am Interview’ forgot about the squeak when leaving and there was an almost audible raised hand and mouthed ‘Sorry’ that could be ascertained after the squeak. There may have also been some hurried ‘Sshhh’ gestures from the Presenters behind the mics. I detected some frantic air movement.

    Also notable was that it took several days at the increasingly bureaucratic Beeb for a handyman to be booked to deal with the problem. Too many people, perhaps, filling in too many forms on pay, gender, ethnicity, etc., to actually get around to getting the house handyman in to do a simple, but very essential, radio broadcasting job?


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      John Humphrys has had a pay cut, he’s only on about £600k these days. You can’t expect him to shell out for a can of WD40 can you?



  18. Guest Who says:

    One they made up to frame the narrative?


  19. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous


    • Up2snuff says:

      Thatch, that link has been blocked by Bloomburg. Anyone know a way around it?


    • pugnazious says:

      Classic BBC narrative from Bloomberg that it is ‘nationalism’ that leads to racism, anti-semitism and bloodshed. In fact it is socialism…Jews not targeted due to race but economics [the evil capitalists] in Germany and USSR and elsewhere…and of course attacked by socialists, Corbyn’s Red Guard stormtroopers, in UK today using Israel as pretext. Commie China is putting millions of muslims in concentration camps right now for ‘re-education’. Note the attempt to suggest Oban’s criticism of Soros is linked to Soros being a Jew…not is linked to the fact that Soros is using his billions to try and takeover the Hungarian state…as well as interfering in Brexit and US elections…trying to buy up democracy. Where are the ‘Bloomberg/BBC’ interviews skewering Soros? BBC prefers to cheerlead and applaud him as he funds violent hard-left political groups across the world.


      • tarien says:

        100% agree Pugnazious-have known of the Soros evil for many years-disturbance is his gane.


  20. BRISSLES says:

    So, the Sussex’s are pregnant ! well, she didn’t hang about – securing her place firmly within ‘The Firm’, so if it all goes pear shaped at a later date there’ll be no getting rid of her . You’ve got to hand it to the gal !


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      “Er, Prime Minister?”
      “Yes, Sir Humphrey?”
      “Bit of a problem. The latest breakdown of the Brexit discussions… well, it’s all over the news and it’s not looking good for you.”
      “Can’t we just come clean and admit that the Irish border is a non-problem, something we just made up?”
      “Well, no Prime Minister. We don’t do that sort of thing. Can I make a suggestion, Prime Minister?”
      “Go ahead, Sir Humphrey”
      “I suggest a time honoured solution, Prime Minister: announce a royal baby to distract the public!”
      “Brilliant, Sir Humphrey! But won’t that take a while to organise?”
      “Not at all, Prime Minister. I had dinner in The Ivy with the DG of the BBC and a couple of newspaper editors I knew at Eton and Oxford, a few weeks back. We took the liberty of preparing a press release – with the approval of the royal household of course – for just such an eventuality.”
      “Brilliant, Sir Humphrey! What would I do without you?”
      “You would be asking polite questions of Mr Corbyn at his PM’s Question Time on Wednesday lunchtimes, ma’am”


  21. Jeff says:

    Blimey, our state broadcaster has been in full propaganda mode this morning, hasn’t she?
    Firstly I heard the anti-fracking piece on Today. Endless quotes from the sainted Caroline Lucas, as though these pearls of wisdom have been handed down by Moses.
    And then we had a nice soft interview with the repulsive and belligerent Michael Moore who, as usual, was making rather feeble allusions about President Trump and “fascism”.
    So, I thought, let’s see if I can escape the endless bias and turned on the BBC London News. Oh dear!
    First story up was a piece about the Tommy Robinson demo at Whitehall in the summer. Lots of photos of blokes the police want to interview, “the far right”. I was at this demo so was slightly relieved that my wrinkled old mush didn’t appear on screen.
    There was certainly unruly behaviour, I witnessed it, but it’s pertinent to note that ALL the other demos I attended, both this year and last, drew huge crowds and were amiable and without ugly incidents…and were (strangely) completely and utterly ignored by the media.
    It’s only 9.30 and already I feel frazzled by the undiluted bias and propaganda.
    Classic FM…


    • Kaiser says:

      Jeff you managed to miss r4 9am discussion of identity politics

      (introduced by smearing the DFLA as being anti immigrant and far right)

      about how left have dropped the politics of economics and class
      and instead are gathering up all the “historically oppressed” minority’s for “social justice” lots of nice dogmatic meaningless phrases being thrown about.

      you could though with half a brain précis the entire program as “the white working class thrown under the bus by the labour party”

      luckily my train was due so I didnt have to smash the radio


    • Roland Deschain says:

      The organisers usually keep a tight lid on any “unruly behaviour” at these events, do they not? Including keeping a video diary. So why would it happen here? Infiltration?

      We can rely on the BBC not to ask.


  22. Deborah says:

    Why do I do it? Working in the kitchen I switched on the radio. Woman’s hour. First a discussion about some elderly woman who wants to go into space, possibly land on the moon. I think they said she was 85 years of age. Cue Jane Garvey discussing with I think some female BBC science journalist how fantastic this would be and what a shame that the first moon landing didn’t have a woman and how if it had, it would have changed history. It is as though there has never been any female astronauts and there have been plenty.

    Next item was a lady in the music business who mentors young people, including some young man I have never heard of, with a ridiculous name. His grandfather is a Harvard professor. But the young man died of an accidental fentinil overdose. The stress was on the fact that it was accidental. To me it would suggest this woman is not doing the excellent job supporting these young people that she is being portrayed as doing. I also assume she makes a large amount of money out of these young people that are successful.

    This stuff on Woman’s Hour was just so boring and agenda driven. Is it any wonder I switch off?


    • JamesArthur says:

      I ask myself the same question – why do I do it and I can only come up with the answer that you have to listen to keep reminding yourself that something needs to be done about it. The BBC has an agenda and it will keep pushing it until we get rid of the licence fee..


    • pugnazious says:

      It’s pure poison, not an exaggeration at all. Garvey is happy to express quite ‘violent’ anti-male views and the narrative is always that women are the victims of men and the ‘patriarchy’….the most evil of which are the white men. You can listen open-mouthed to the constant stream of hate that is so easily pumped out by Woman’s Hour and passed off as reasonable, everyday comment.

      This is the ‘BNP’ HQ of the darkest kind of feminism broadcasting quite freely to the nation on our beloved BBC that supposedly champions social integration, cohesion, civility and citizenship….it does in fact promote the complete opposite of those values spreading hate, fear, anger and division instead.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        We need to challenge the very existence of ‘Woman’s hour’ as a sexist, anti-equality program, which either needs to be abolished completely, or be accompanied by a daily ‘Men’s Hour’, for the sake of gender equality.
        In fact, I’m surprised that they can get away with this.
        It shows how beeb ‘values’ really are a one-way street, conveniently ditched, when required. Does one need to contact OFCOM?
        The program itself is almost purely for churning out political propaganda, anyway. Has anyone here any experience re protesting against this program and -if so- what was the outcome?


        • pugnazious says:

          More likely to get Transgender Hour or Women of Colour Hour before men get a look in. There is no thought or rationale in all of this…look at the attempt to rename women as womxn in order to be more inclusive for Transgender ‘women’…firstly they’re not women…women are women, second they want to be called ‘women’ so to now designate them ‘womxn’ is surely missing their own point? How about ‘Tomen’…Tomboy ‘women’? And let women be women.


  23. pugnazious says:

    During the EU referendum the question of our Rebate came up and the EU’s likely attempts to reduce or stop it altogether was raised…naturally the BBC moved in to counter that with its own verdict….

    ‘Reality Check verdict: He’s right that the rebate is not a permanent feature of EU membership, but the UK has a veto over the process that would scrap or reduce it.’

    …thus suggesting that there is no chance the Rebate would go and that this was Leave scare-mongering. What the BBC didn’t like to remind us of is the EU’s habit of side-stepping inconvenient rules in order to get its own way….the most egregious example of course being the pressure it applies on countries to vote, and keep voting, until it gets the answer it wants…the voting then stops. If the EU wants to stop the Rebate it will find a way should we somehow find ourselves still in the EU…unlikely I know but….lol.

    The BBC not so quick to ‘reality check’ the latest from the EU, nor indeed to note the tone of the ‘debate’.

    ‘Eurocrats jibe that Britain will ‘get on your knees and beg’ for a Brexit deal as bloc’s budget chief says the UK’s membership fee will go up by £5bn if it decides not to leave’

    ‘Eurocrats have jibed that Britain will end up ‘on your knees begging’ for a Brexit deal – as the EU’s budget chief warned the membership fee will soar by around £4billion if the UK decides not to leave.

    Gunther Oettinger, the bloc’s budget commissioner, insisted the rebate the UK currently receives will not continue even if the country changes its mind about leaving.

    He also risked adding to Theresa May’s woes by suggesting that her proposal for keeping the UK in the customs union beyond 2020 will mean handing billions of pounds to Brussels.’

    Why is the BBC not highlighting the dangers of staying in the EU, not just the ‘ever closer union’ threat but the far worse than now terms that will be imposed as we go back, cap in hand, to the EU table begging for re-entry?

    BBC has never been interested in exploring what might happen if we had voted to remain in the EU and the dangers associated with that just as it never engages with the reasons for leaving the EU…political control and immigration control, its whole discussion is based upon the economy because it wants to ramp up what it thinks will be the negaitives of Brexit and wants to avoid the positives that people actually voted for. Curiously not so keen to discuss this ‘economic’ story about the Rebate and the likelihood it will vanish if we remain.


    • Up2snuff says:

      pug, the EU membership bill was going up anyway and is always subject to a possible supplementary payment request.

      Increasing tax harmonisation for the EU was likely on the agenda if we had voted to Remain and this would be via VAT (a regressive tax) which gets handed over to Brussels.


      • pugnazious says:

        Yep, the joys of staying in the EU were always going to cost us more whatever….they will always find a way of screwing us for more, even when we’re out.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      We can see this already. T May now hopes that we get another year of “transition” and the cost of that extra year is widely being quoted as 17bn ie rebate free. The logic bring the UK has left therefore no rebate. How about we have left so no fee full stop?


    • popeye says:

      “keeping the UK in the customs union beyond 2020 will mean handing billions of pounds to Brussels”. I’ve just checked my financial situation and noticed, to my horror, that Sainsbury’s sells far more to me that I sell to them. Now, if they decide to charge me loads of money to shop with them I think I’ll take my chances with other supermarkets


  24. JamesArthur says:

    R4 has been playing all the cards out of the sleeves today…
    Brexit…bad bad doom gloom..sources say..
    then Michael More – a dumbF..k who dresses his prejudice up as pseudo intellectual words …he hates Trump and us knuckle dragging Brexiteers..we are all foreign hating racist idiots – apparently. Not a single challenge by Robinson to his comments…
    Then Marr – on identity politics – not a single dissenting voice but all agreed the White folk, mainly men are to blame for all of the evils in the world…complete with a misuse of statistics by the expert social scientist (now that’s an oxymoron)…he selectively quoted that no Remainers had immigration as an issue but all Brexiteers (without a degree) did – hmm just how did he know that? To be fair he did pull up a verbose female on the Rhodes must fall campaign when she siad a white minority still have all the power in S. Africa…which just showed her own prejudice..
    In 45 minutes of discussion on identity politics apparently it’s the right populists that are worst…and only one fleeting mention of the word muslim…
    So there you have it..the BBC have spoken…


    • Kaiser says:

      odd that isnt it 52% voted for brexit

      but 70% have concerns about immigration , so where is this 18%


  25. EnglandExpects says:

    Regarding Tommy Robinson, the Uber Leftie Jo Coburn interviewed Gerrard Batten last week. She clearly hates the guy and especially his stance on Tommy Robinson, whom she clearly classes as a virtual Nazi . Coburn was adamant that Islam is only a religion ( hence in her view as inoffensive as any other) whereas Batten correctly insisted it was an ideology. Moreover he stood his ground.
    As for Today, is there any edition that doesnt have at least one anti Trump piece? Often a Thought for the Day presenter ignores religion and just goes for Trump, as occurred one day last week.
    The BBC takes human- caused climate change as a crisis rather than something that can be addressed over time via technology, and so swallows all the lies and distortions that greens like the sanctimonious Lucas pour forth.


    • rockefella says:

      It wasn’t just down to JoCo. It was a carefully arranged ambush. The other talking heads (with the exception of Toby Young) were all unknowns. Who are they I thought when they were introduced at the beginning. Later in the programme when GB sat down – all became clear. all three, by shear coincidence had personal stories to tell to counter GB’s views. What chance … ? This was arranged by the BBC at the highest level.

      OT can we plaese just call it the BBC TAX. It is not a television licens fee. We are taxed to pay for this brainwashing …


    • Kaiser says:

      actually if you listen to it , JoCo starts off using the ideology word and then later back tracks to say you cant call a persons religion an ideology 6:40

      shes attacking batten for using her own words


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        “JoCo starts off using the ideology word and then later back tracks to say you cant call a persons religion an ideology”

        I have seen this happen before, and it gives the game away.

        She will have been briefed with the party line: islam is a religion, not an ideology. However, the word “ideology” has stuck in her brain, and so it comes out without her realising it.

        Whenever you brief someone not to say something, there is every chance they will blurt it out.

        Just one more small example of BBC bias, not that we need it!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Kaiser ta for posting this . I forced myself to watch it all through. Plenty to declarations of religion – Ms Coburn didn’t say she is Jewish did she ?

        I think ms coburn must be under great pressure to make the revamp without Brillo a success -.otherwise she will be aware that somebody suitable vibrant will be doing the job in three months .

        UKIP have obviously got a solid leader there because I think a lot of decent people would have said “ enough “ and walked – making publicity for the beeboid and her fire programme .
        Nice to see labour continuing to get a free pass on covering years of sex crimes because no one wanted to be accused of ‘ racism ‘ or rock the boat – cop culture – social workers – councillors ( not involved ) all looking away in places where the local press either didn’t want to look or didn’t exist .
        The old social fabric of our towns and cities doesn’t look healthy does it?


        • Banania says:

          If Coburn’s Jewish meant anything to her it might make her more critical of the antisemites: Labour and the moslems.
          This interview was disgraceful: Coburn is right up there with Cathy Newman. Batten’s integrity has earnt him my vote.


  26. Deborah says:

    I have almost given up on Strictly. Every year the BBC pair up some of the celebrities with some of the dancers in the hope of a scandal, lots of PR and increased viewing figures. Last year Kevin and Karen but also lots of hints that Debbie McGee and her partner might be having a fling and there were others in the series that took up with the dancers.
    But this year Seann kissed Katya (for the cameras?). Lots of faux outrage and suggestions they should be kicked off. Does the BBC really have to interfere in people’s marriages in the chase for ratings? Do I even really believe in half these relationships the press hint of really happen? I suspect half of them don’t happen and the half that do are encouraged by the BBC’s publicity machine and the media’s loose morals.

    All this PR just induces me to switch off all the sooner.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Deborah, I gave up on TV first to escape Strictly and its ultimate predecessor, Big Brother. 😉 I could see the way TV would be heading and suddenly found that the Snuffy household £150 per annum was far too much for that sort of thing.

      Your suspicions are correct, btw. A friend has done some work associated with a certain ‘Reality’ Show and reports that it is anything but real.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Well Deborah, I think with the amount of column inches reporting the lack of ‘known names’ lined up for the show, there was probably a drop off in audience figures, so a little bit of ‘scandal’ publicity is no bad thing. And anyone else notice how the cuckolded husband managed to get himself in all the camera shots, looking suitably displeased ? – more fodder for the press.

        The BBC have scraped the bottom of the barrel this year with the amount of unknown contestants, who don’t even qualify to be Z listers, and will never be heard of again.

        Personally I think we’ve had enough of sleb participation who just want to up their profile on every reality show going. Strictly made a one-off where members of the public and armed forces were the participants, and they should follow this through with a full series. Why should ‘celebrities’ have all the fun of learning to dance (when most of them can anyway), and be treated to full make-overs ?


  27. fakenewswatcher says:

    ‘Race blind casting’ – a euphemism for rewriting history the ‘liberal’ leftist (anti-white?) way, got its airing on Andrew Marr’s ‘Start the Week’ this morning. Needless to say, the phrase acquired sort of a positive connotation, like ‘fighting inequality’, when actually it is a shameless insult, both to white culture and to history.
    Marr will never challenge/call out lefty garbage like that. As a result, most of his programs, disguised as ‘balanced’ discussion are nothing of the sort. He would certainly pick up error in anyone from ‘the Right’, not that many (or any?) of those make it onto the show.
    One of the participants, this morning, claimed that whites still had ‘structural power’ in South Africa. Marr accepted that, and it was left to one of the other participants to point out the error/deliberate lie.
    The pattern that is developing here is that little Andrew is ever less bothered about facts or truth, and ever more happy to just let the discussion spin along on propagandistic lines. Far from beeb’s assurances that it is fussy about facts or ‘truth’, the evidence is that it is ever less so. Marr is living proof of that.


  28. scribblingscribe says:

    Mentioned above, and in most newspapers, but oddly, not yet on the BBC, the world’s most trusted broadcaster.

    Yaqub Ahmed a nasty little shit who gang-raped a 16 year old stranger had his deportation prevented by passengers on a plane.

    If you get your news from BBC or SKY you will know that black people can only be victims and any white people are murderous evil racists scum bags. Did the passengers ask about his crime, why he was being deported, what his political affiliations were or indeed, why he was being deported? No. They just knew he was a victim.

    with others, some of whom were to later join ISIS, was prevented from being deported because of a group of BBC viewers. Obviously, he is black and thus a victim.

    So we have the British people now fighting to keep criminals in the country even when they haven’t a clue as to the crime.

    Congratulations to the soft left for creating this insane and self-destructive environment.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Indeed. There is footage of the event on Twitter and Facebook. Thousands of likes for it and the comments were superb. There was a very clear shot of the ringleader and may observers were , shall we say, KEEN to learn his name etc.


  29. StewGreen says:

    Climate Alarm Pornographer’s article has open comments
    but his followers have quickly got to the thread


  30. Doobster78 says:

    I am on facebook and to my horror, on my wall popped up a notification. It was a lady posting into a group i follow, my local town , Glossop. She was rallying the troops letting us all know there were still places available on the coach to the ” People Vote” march on Saturday AND that the £10 cost would be refunded by non other than Steve Coogan. Another non entity so called celeb with no grasp of democracy and indeed another who seems unaware we had a People Vote in 2016. I then looked at this ladys timeline …. blimey … everything PRO EU, pictures of her draped in the EU flag …. luckily for her i was just leaving for work or else her little post would have some critique !!!! They are everywhere these traitors.


    • StewGreen says:

      Quite fitting that Alan Partridge is funding the wooly remainers.

      \\ 17.4 million of us cared about our country enough to vote leave.
      I had to walk to the polling station no free coach .
      We already had our people’s vote thanks.
      But I’ve booked couple of tickets for a free day out .
      Thanks Steve Coogan and Delia Smith much appreciated //


      • Fedup2 says:

        The people who voted in the referendum weren’t taking part in a people’s vote because some people didn’t like the out come .

        Only people voting to remain in the people’s vote are people . The others are not worthy of being people as they lack the intellectual ability or judgement to vote . Remainers see people like me as “other” and , has been intimated before , should die off – is that a form of extremism -fascism ?

        The coming coverage of The People’s March for a People’s Vote will be ecstatically positive and comprehensive . Eagerly pointing out the absence of a brexiter counter March – but then again we know who Soros is funding …


        • Richard Pinder says:

          A People’s March, for a People’s Vote, for a “People’s democratic dictatorship” by the European Union. Is an evil Communist contradictive concept borrowed from Communist China.

          “People’s democratic dictatorship“, is a phrase incorporated into the Constitution of the Peoples Republic of China by Mao Zedong. The concept, and form of government, is similar to that of “People’s democracy”, which was implemented in Eastern Europe under the guidance of the Soviet Union.

          The premise of a “People’s democratic dictatorship” is that the European Union represents and acts on behalf of the people. Implicit in the concept of the “People’s democratic dictatorship” is the notion that dictatorial means are a necessary counterforce to recidivist social elements such as populism, and that without such a dictatorship, the European Union may collapse into a degenerate social form. Therefore, the European Union is perfect because nations not ruled by the European elite are degenerate, because none white European people are degenerate.

          I think that’s what the Pro-Europeans mean?


      • Up2snuff says:

        Stew, smart move.

        Free trip to London, off the coach to a comfort stop in a Cafe and then out the side door for a day in London and back on the coach.

        Now that gives me some ideas …..


  31. StewGreen says:

    Bully Bercow
    Labour MPs and commentators who were so vocal about Kavannaugh seem very quiet on this one. #IdentityPolitics


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think being called “ honourable “ goes to the head of swamp dwellers like Bercow – with the kind of language used in that report a person of honour would resign – particularly since he promised to go some time past .

      It’s that wretched establishment bubble thing which happens with people who already have the kind of ego which takes them into politics and just inflated .

      The Labour Party announced that Baroness someone of somewhere died today so at least the has a spare seat now in the upper house of expenses …. all those “ experts” “ revising” legislation ….


  32. Alex says:

    Why is this news? Talk about BBC agenda. Why can’t they just stop banging on about race and just leave things be ffs.


  33. Guest Who says:

    In the spirit of balance from all sides, friendly fire…


  34. Payne by name says:

    This capitulation over Brexit is so demoralising. What has happened to this country and the fools that represent it?

    No pride, no code, no resolve and no backbone. Snivelling, spineless individuals terrified of their own shadow and desperate to appease their masters – the EU.

    Do any of these people have even a scintilla of guts or indignation at the way we are being treated? Is there really no point where these cucks will say enough is enough, I’m here to represent the British people and we ain’t taking anymore of this crap!

    Trump is giving the world a crystal clear example that you don’t have to bow to someone else’s demands if you don’t want to. That you can set out your position, evaluate your strengths and tell others to ‘do one’ if they don’t want to listen to you.

    This country provided the brake stop in 1940/41 for the turning point for the whole world in the last century, yet we have been reduced to this insipid, cowardly yellow mess dribbling into the gutter of international mediocrity.

    Churchill and Thatcher will literally be turning in their graves at such disgraceful, arse covering cowardice. Our national character and pride is being irreparably damaged by these empty, vacuous charlatans masquerading as our leaders. We might as well be invaded by countless immigrants because everything that we are, and once stood for, is evaporating before our very eyes.


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      I feel exactly the same way. I was rather hoping we’d at least be rid of the current PM by the end of this week, but I’m sure all the drama about the brexit talks is just theatre and we’ve already been stitched up.

      I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading about WW2 recently, not just about the battles and fighting, but also about the diplomacy and post war settlement, Marshall Plan etc.

      I’m starting to think was it all worth it..given how wretched the country has turned out 70 odd years later. One leader (Thatcher) had a go at turning back the tide of decline, her successors have turned the UK into a place for spivs, scroungers, screaming commies and worthless airheads.


      • Payne by name says:

        I hear what you are saying and have to agree on whether it really was all worth it.

        As a country, the UK sacrificed everything in WW2. We committed everything to keep the candle of freedom burning, we faced up to the Nazi’s and the Japanese despite crushing loss after crushing loss (you can understand Churchill’s anger at the fall of Singapore – it still annoys me), we were effectively rescued by the US who took the credit for winning the war, we got forgotten after the war, lost our empire, lost our influence and saw our beaten enemy rise up to be even stronger and more influential than ourselves.

        Despite the efforts of Churchill and Thatcher and a select few, our influence has waned, patriotism is a dirty word, a sense of belonging to a great country is frowned upon and the last hurrah of the British people in rejecting the EU against all the odds is being thrown away like useless garbage.

        For one brief moment, the British spirit reared up again and fought back. For one last time, the British revealed a national characteristic that we weren’t going to be ignored or lied to or trodden on. We listened to the nonsense being spouted, we absorbed the accusations of xenophobia and we considered the arguments and we still said No. We shook off the commands of our elites, we gave a finger to the masters that told us to obey and fired a shot that was heard around the world that a nation’s people didn’t have to be suppressed, that we were listening, that we did still have a voice.

        And from that moment that filled me with such pride we’ve had nothing but denigration, smears, back stabbing, back sliding and a concerted push by the traitorous media and establishment to put us back in our place.

        Despite what the media hacks and defensive elites had to say, we showed the world that the ‘plucky Brit’ hadn’t completely died out. That some small element of that fire which kept us warm during those lonely months in 1940 was still holding on by it’s fingernails.

        And yet that message, that resilience is being thwarted by the self serving cowards that now represent us. Such is their desperation for globalism and the removal of national identity that they have literally no concept of being British, of feeling the astonishing weight of what this small nation state has achieved and of feeling some kind of duty to continue that line.

        I know it sounds all overly dramatic and self absorbed but I feel genuinely betrayed. I feel virtually no one in government speaks for me or this country. Theresa May could be speaking for any country because I have no feeling that she respects her country or her people or their wishes. To her it’s just a job, that she wants to retire from and collect a pension.

        And that is what is so appealing about Trump. You can feel that he is American, that he loves his country and that if another country was to take a pop at HIS country, he wouldn’t just meekly take it. He knows and he shows that he is out there to represent his people and his country and they will ALWAYS come first to him.

        In essence Brexit is like WW2 – we technically won it but we are going to lose it.


  35. Demon says:

    Starts at about 1:30


  36. Cassandra says:

    Rejoice, rejoice Megan is expecting her first child exclaim the ethnic news presenters through their forced ecstatic smiles on BBC News; You WILL rejoice. The multicultural vision of Britain and Europe that the MSM is engineering is proceeding at a pace unimagined. On the BBC News web page, why there is even a story about the NEW Irish in Northern Ireland…

    Meanwhile, over the border in the Republic, the new Irish there have been making their presence felt too in recent years.
    “We can reveal that the gang, with African origins, are running rampant in communities all over the capital, with gardai insisting “they don’t fear or respect us anymore”.”
    “I live in Tyrrelstown for the last 10 years and boy is this place in trouble . I’ve had a gang of 12 black kids attack my car while picking my son up from creche . They had been messing on a zebra crossing , when i told them to move , one of them charged at me and spat in the window of my car . My 3 year old son was with me , my 70 year old neighbour was walking her dog to the shop when 2 blacks on a bike rammed into her , one jumped off and punched her in the back of the head . she fell so hard she ruptured her knee caps . Also my work colleague who lives in Tyrrelstwon was knocked unconscious with a choke hold while 2 black lads robbed his phone and wallet .”

    Harry and Megan’s child will feel right at home in the years to come.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I thought that was a clip from “Zulu” for a second.

      The things you see when you don’t have your Martini-Henry.


    • G.W.F. says:


      I see racism has broken out in Ireland, people complaining about crime. Best to restrict their access to the internet.


  37. Terminal Moraine says:

    Not overt bias but a bit of a rant needed: I’ve cut my beeb exposure down to Radio 5 mostly just for the footy. But today Nihal Arthanayake’s daytime slot introduces a new segment: “real stories from real people…”, which naturally means it has to come from a community barbershop in Holloway (Dizzee Rascal’s no less). We’re told it’s “special and vibrant”. What follows is 15 minutes of the most excruciatingly dull, agenda-driven radio as Nihal interviews the owner about his business.

    1] A customer with a small kid found out it wasn’t his… he was in a pickle… barbershop owner persuaded him to speak to his partner about it. Turns out she suspected all along the kid might have been her ex’s. Next haircut, man says they’re working things out. 2] Another customer got in a fight and killed somebody. Owner tried to persuade him to hand himself in, but he went on the run instead.

    Arthanayake listens with no interruption, calls this all “fascinating”… then asks the question that only “special and vibrant” businesses can relate to: what happens if two enemies turn up at the same time? “Well, me and another barber ‘Slider’…”

    I could go on but quite honestly I’d rather not for everyone’s sake.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Wasn’t “Sliders” a sci-fi programme about parallel universes? That just seems apt here, for some reason.


    • RobRoy says:

      Terminal, I heard that and you find yourself thinking wtf? Why is this considered to be good radio. It’s absolute pap. And who the hell isn’t ‘real people’? It’s just so mind-numbly boring. Who does the BBC think is listening? Surely even the ‘ethnics’ would find it dull. No surprise their audience is dropping fast.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Indeed… ‘pap from a parallel universe’… could be the new BBC tagline.

      For some reason the whole barbershop conceit made me think of this (back in the day when the beeb could actually do comedy.)


  38. pugnazious says:


  39. Up2snuff says:

    September Snippet #4

    I did find myself wondering as the Conservative Party conference ended whether I had worked out the PM’s ‘cunning plan’ for Brexit correctly. I did not take kindly to being threatened by her. Not directly in the Hall but via the BBC and clips of her speech.

    However, I am now slightly reassured by today’s TWatO.

    Ed Stourton’s increasing incompetence is a concern. Is he developing some age-related problem or was he merely following orders not to question Sean Kelly, Irish MEP, too closely?


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      You are right about Stourton.

      He forgot to ask Mr Kelly where the Irish government planned to erect its “hard border” infrastructure, and who was going to pay for it?

      It seems the UK has no plans to erect any sort of “hard border” on our side of the border. Who is going to force the Republic to do it? Barnier, Juncker and Tusk? They sound like a firm of dodgy solicitors.

      If the Irish PM had his country’s interests at heart, he would know that Brexit has to work for Ireland as well as the UK. But he is probably planning his future as an EU commissioner. He can prove his commitment to the EU cause by the amount of damage he is prepared to do to his own country in the name of the EU.

      It is sad that within one hundred years Ireland’s dream of independence has turned into craven subservience to the foreign rule of Brussels. If it were possible, it seems their political class is even worse than ours.


      • G says:

        “If the Irish PM had his country’s interests at heart”. What this PM?
        “Irish Government embraces mass immigration”.


    • Kaiser says:

      I think I know where treasoner mayhems plans come from


  40. Fedup2 says:

    Ed Vasey – the Tory MP for Wantage writes in the Londonistan Evening Standard that bits of the BBC should start charging for use -such as the iplayer .

    He thinks that because of a couple of Sunday night successes al beeb is in “rude health” .

    Obviously Ed can see the writing on the wall and looking for a hobby in the BBC after his current occupation but boy does it show how far out of touch the political class is – I suppose it has always been that way –

    It’s just that modern information sources show it up more .

    Checking Vaizey out – son of a labour peer – private school oxford then barrister then career politician … Nuf said .


    • pugnazious says:

      Good spot Fedup2.

      The BBC uses and abuses its massively powerful position to attack and undermine its commercial and ‘ideological’ rivals. It has run a relentless campaign against the Daily Mail, it joined in the assault of Murdoch’s News International urging Leveson to practically close it down, it has hounded Facebook as people relied more on it for their news than the BBC, the BBC wanting to retain control over what you see and think, and it has turned its guns onto Netflix and Amazon.

      Just days before the speech below the BBC published this[along with endless sniping comments during daytime broadcasts on its programmes] about Netflix….the BBC urging you to take a break from Netflix as it is damaging your mental health…BBC black propaganda about a rival? You bet…….

      ‘Netflix: The signs you might need a break from the site’

      ‘It’s 10pm on a Sunday evening, you’re still in your PJs and your dinner was some Doritos washed down with a can of orange Tango.
      Why? Because you’ve spent the last eight hours bingeing your favourite show on Netflix.
      The streaming service has become a big part of our lives and in extreme cases it’s even led to addiction.’

      The BBC’s Director of Content, Charlotte Moore, in the Steve Hewlett Memorial Lecture has launched an attack on Netflix and made demands for more money for the BBC…and look, almost instantly it has paid off as Fedup2 points out as Tory idiot, Ed Vaizey, promotes the BBC agenda….

      ‘ The BBC lies at the heart of our broadcasting ecology, and it is vital that it continues to thrive…..Politicians need to stop imposing their own pet policy projects on Auntie, and now give her their full support. ….Charlotte Moore is right to warn that uniquely British content for British audiences is under threat — and we need to save it.’

      So at the same time as saying politicians must leave the BBC alone Vaizey is saying politicians must ensure it thrives and dominates the media world. Ironic that only a short while ago Lord Hall was urging us to support the BBC because it was the media goto gold standard that raised the bar across the industry and that it was the BBC’s support that kept the industry afloat…now we hear that the successful industry, no thanks to the BBC, is a bad thing and that the BBC needs our help because it is failing to keep up. LOL. No longer the gold standard but a failing enterprise…its latest big hit, The Bodyguard, of course being made by ITV.

      Why not make it go commercial and allow it to raise money itself based upon its supposed success? Is the BBC scared that not enough people want to watch it and thus won’t succeed? It complains too many people are watching imported, foreign programming [racist bastards at the BBC] and so needs state protection and financing.

      Doesn’t the fact that so many people now watch Netflix and Youtube etc instead of the BBC tell us everything we need to know and raises the question as to why we should continue to fund this failing, state-run broadcasting service that pumps out highly dangerous messages that serve only to create conflict and division in Britain?

      Interesting that Moore thinks that the ‘Three Girls’ programme wouldn’t get made on Netflix as they rely on data and audience likes to drive their programme selection…

      ‘She also cited the likes of Blue Planet and Three Girls – the drama about the Rochdale grooming gangs – as material which wouldn’t have been flagged-up as worthwhile on Netflix. ‘

      Hmmm…A film like ‘Three Girls’ wasn’t made by the BBC for decades because it decided that to expose this was ‘racist’ and the result was hundreds of girls were allowed to be raped and abused as the authorities turned a blind eye and the media refused to raise the issue and demand those authorities take action.

      And is Moore’s point valid, does Netflix merely grind out ‘populist’, crowd-pleasing programmes or does it tackle ‘worthy’, social issue programmes as well? Seems Moore is completely wrong….

      ‘Without the restrictions from the FCC and reliance on advertisers, television makers have much more creative freedom. As a result, TV is more progressive than ever, and these shows on Netflix offer important social and political commentary.

      In an age where media has tremendous influence on society, it’s important for television to reflect diverse perspectives. Netflix has thus far lived up to that responsibility, distributing plenty of shows with a progressive point of view. No matter what the genre, from comedies to dramas to documentaries, Netflix has embraced the opportunity to contribute to social and political conversations through content. ‘

      Now how could an expert from the BBC be so wrong about Netflix content? Is she lying? Who’d have thought!


      • pugnazious says:

        Netflix’s funding is from subscribers, 130 million worldwide, and loans…as yet no advertisng though that may change. It began streaming content in 2007.

        It is thrashing the BBC according to the BBC.

        Maybe the BBC should change its funding model from a tax to voluntary worldwide subscription and commercial loans. One, it would probably raise more money and two, it puts its much vaunted self-proclaimed brilliance where its mouth is….future financing dependent upon success and people wanting to watch it.

        The licence fee is an out of date, undemocratic imposition that forces us to pay for ideologically extreme liberal propaganda that so many people are opposed to in this country and yet have no way of influencing in any meaningful manner. At least if it was a subscription service they could ‘walk’ out with their wallet intact and take their custom elsewhere.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thank you pug,

        I’m slightly hampered by never having been a customer of Netflix or amazon and having given up sky Atlantic after being ripped off for too long . I supppose I’m unusual because I recently discovered DVDs and buy them from charity shops whenever I can .

        The main problem for us is that policians of any and no colour have skin in the game and have to be very brave to take on beeboids live on camera thus they turn up docile and aquiescent in the approach and style of interview the beeboid is instructed to use

        When someone goes against the grain – such as prof Peterson or Gerald batten of UKIP last week it stands out a mile .

        Working from home today – and watching the outgoing PM bluring brexit in the House of Expenses-i think it’s lucky that the vast majority of people don’t see this wishy washy stuff from the leader of the second largest economy in the ReichEU which might as well be Malta – a corrupt nasty little island with half a million people including those Russians to whom it sells passports for foreign currency….


  41. StewGreen says:

    R4 9pm How can we adapt and prepare our cities for extreme weather conditions?
    with that ever so impartial presenter Gaia Vince


  42. pugnazious says:

    If only more politicians and business leaders had the balls to respond like this to faux moral and emotive blackmail….just telling them to ‘f**k off and get a life’ essentially….

    Just to be ungallant I doubt whether the woman who appears in shot is ever likely to be the unfortunate victim of sexual harassment [she should be so lucky in her case], she’d give Serena Williams a run for her money, and it is possible that the children are more likely to be victims of their own parents’ feeding habits than anything else…not to mention their self-righteous, entitled, the world owes us a living mindset which sets them up for a crap, whiny, I’m a failure because of you life.


  43. Despairada says:

    We haven’t said much about Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

    Ok, so it’s very much a side issue compared with all the big stuff going on at the moment and I’m not a big fan of royalty, but I don’t like the general sneering about Eugenie in the media. From the clips and photos i have seen of the wedding, it seemed lovely to me and a nice contrast to the multi culti w*nkfest that was the Harry and Meghan show.

    The BBC apparently declined to cover it at all, and the media in general thought she is too minor a royal to bother with. However, she is a grandchild of the Queen equally with Harry, and she deserved her one day of being the centre of a big public event. She probably has to bow and scrape and curtsy to the other royal ladies who just happen to be duchesses because they bagged a prince, including the over the hill divorced C-list actress, the mail order worker, and the marriage wrecker. There is apparently a pecking order about who curtsies to who but I know nothing about it.

    Her dress was lovely, looked ivory to me and it was a good choice not to have a veil, this in contrast to Meghan’s virginal stark white with over the top veil.

    I hope Meghan and Harry’s children are all hideously luminous white with the most flaming of flaming red hair.


    • pugnazious says:

      Ginger will be the new ‘black’ in the victim pantheon.


      • BRISSLES says:

        So that will be Meghan out of work duties for a while then ! Married in May, then disappeared on honeymoon for a month, hidden away during the summer at the bolt hole in Oxfordshire , a couple of diary dates with Mum in tow, quick hop to Holland to open a night club, and now a major ‘down under’ tour to let them know who she is, then on her return a couple of night sightings to show off the bump, then its feet up until the baby’s born and a few months off maternity leave !

        Sure as hell beats learning lines, and there’s more money in it !!!


  44. Guest Who says:

    Actually, when anyone from the BBC says ‘most people’…


  45. StewGreen says:

    Trans kid is the focus of a new ITV drama series
    Is it just product placement for the agenda of trans NGOs ?


  46. Up2snuff says:

    Looks like the BBC failed to run a pocket calculator over the numbers they put up here:

    Either that fidgetty BBC decimal point skipped sideways or Sophie is losing money at a colossal rate.


    • StewGreen says:

      It says
      ” – the online marketplace has an annual turnover of £150m, over three million customers and 200 employees.”
      that all sounds plausible but could be 300K customers.
      … Apparently their commission is 25%
      … far more than Ebay and Amazon


      • Up2snuff says:

        To be fair the BBC do omit an important piece of info about the employee status. However, I doubt in the present climate they would want to promote a firm that paid employees on Zero Hours contracts AND at less than Minimum Wage AND run by a woman.

        Maybe the BBC confused 20 with 200 and profit with turnover (easily done), then the firm would be viable.

        Assuming directors are paid exactly the same as everyone else (I doubt that the Accountant & head of HR will be though – closer to market rates for them – £160K to £200K) 200 employees at minimum wage or above (annual pay cost at least £4.1m-£4.3m let alone HR overhead plus Employers NI – normal rule of thumb, double actual pay) versus a turnover (not profit) of £150m plus other legal requirements (eg Insurance) & taxes?

        I suspect that those 200 employees are on Zero Hours or Part-time minimum wage contracts. Many students perhaps?


  47. StewGreen says:

    Tonight’s C4 Dispatches : Snitches for Snitches
    \\ Knife and gun crime is on the rise but prosecutions are falling as key witnesses are terrified of giving evidence //
    Wonder if that is an enrichment issues ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Let’s face it – the system cares less about the health of victims – it’s all about judicial bank balances – and whenever any one talks about “ justice “ or “ human rights “ it’s really about £££ …

      I’m surprised it takes a 30 minute TV programme to explain that . As a Londonistaner – I’d have to think long and hard about 1. Intervening . 2. Putting in a call to the police … obviously the weak need defending but for joe public the cost can be high .

      It cost me £150 to get my window replaced the last time I was stupid enough to do something …. and thought I’d got away with it ….


    • Roland Deschain says:

      It’ll be the far right, surely?


  48. Doublethinker says:

    The BBC and most of the press are presenting the Bavarian elections as a triumph for the Greens and a blow for the conservative allies of Merkel the CSU. The truth is rather different . The CSU willl have to form a coalition probably withFree Voters, another Conservative party but one which is very focused on Bavaria and local issue. Both these parties are strongly anti immigrant and when in government should clamp down hard on migrants. Add in the nearly 11% who voted AfD and 60% plus of the electorate voted for parties which are firmly opposed to migration. I would say that this is yet another vote in which the people of Europe are making it very clear that they want migration stopped and indeed reversed. The Visegrad group started it but now Italy, Bavaria, Austria and Slovenia have all voted in anti immigrant governments. The trend is clear and the only question is how much longer can the liberal left Globalist politicians in Berlin, Paris and Brussels ignore the views of the European people on migration and Islam. The answer I think is not much longer , one more election cycle will see them swept away if they don’t change.
    All of which reinforces my views/ hopes that within a few years Europe may come to its collective senses and defend its self from the African and ME invaders. If it does we might want to reconsider Brexit because the leading Brexiteers politicians worry me greatly with their rhetoric about free trade and immigration from Asia etc. If the choice is between Poles or Muslims I know where my preference lies 100%.


  49. Guest Who says:

    And…. she’s off!


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Listening to the electorate over who gets into their country? It’ll never catch on.


  50. AsISeeIt says:

    Early afternoon BBC News Channel talk Brexit news and – as they tend to do – go over from the studio to a BBC reporter on the green outside Parliament.

    A Remain protester just happens to be there and with immaculate timing raises a placard nicely in shot for the camera behind the BBC chap advertising this so-called People’s March with date and time etc clearly printed (this was certainly not a homemade placard).

    As comedian Harry Hill used to say “What are the chances of that?”