Start the Week Open Thread 15 October 2018

The Far Left BBC and the rest of the main stream media reported -with the usual bias – on a march on Saturday by the Democratic Football Lads Alliance. The opposition was described as ‘anti fascist’ therefore labelling the Lads as fascist . This has turned into a term of abuse now – or just for a person with whom one doesn’t agree. From traffic wardens to American presidents the term ‘fascist’ is thrown out as easy hate.

As for Brexit – the BBC will be stirring the pot again to support the EU against Britain in yet another “crunch week” ….

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  1. Philip_2 says:

    Hundreds at BBC get pay rise to compensate for lost bonus! ‘
    Always good to hear that the UK gov. austerity measures are in place (as oft protested by the BBC) is now over and 500 bods in BBC management gets a massive pay rise or/and a bonus, – and well before any Christmas bonus as well- so the two are not confused!

    The Times October 10th 2018
This must have been a large strain for the BBC, coming on top of the enforced (it was not ever voluntary) huge payment increases for the other half of the workforce (mainly ‘me too’ femme presenters) who can now enjoy the same ridiculous pay rise and privileges as the men. This will include equal BBC pension awards which are already very well endowed with cash. A veritable BONANZA of riches! You would have thought the BBC may be just a little short of money. But NO!. You see these are all ‘top’ people… T-O-P- -P-E-O-P-L-E. (really?)

    I close on this letter to the Times from an ex BBC man himself who from afar can see the problems the BBC has which is hidden from our many MP’s who think the BBC is a absolute marvel and ranks alongside the best in the World, much like the NHS as being the centre of the known Universe.

    Excerpt from The Times letters page:
    ‘…….It is mystery why, after outsourcing so much of its production, the BBC appears to have many more executives than it did 30 years ago when everything was in-house. One loses count of the number of new roles advertised or reported’….’We are often told, too. that very high salaries are necessary to stop people from leaving to join the opposition. But the BBC must know that staff turnover is a natural process: it stimulates change and helps bring in new people…’

    Mr J Mounter (Former group CEO of Television New Zealand and former president and CEO of of Star TV, Hong Kong)

    The BBC have no doubt good reason to pay such high salaries to keep ‘top people’ who are largely unemployable outside the BBC confines. If this were purely commercial it would be understood but the BBC faces no competition in having such hopeless management tiers and wannabes to be ever effective on a reduced salary. Money is all to the BBC. I wonder where it all comes from?


  2. Guest Who says:

    So far… #CCBGB


    • Guest Who says:

      Speaking of #CCBGB

      The BBC again showing its unique facility with wish fulfilment via numbers. Which in this case makes their 100:1 attempt at claiming views were ‘split’ over the Graun 10:10 video coverage seem almost awesome in its actual accuracy.


      • Guest Who says:

        Maybe her dandruff is Native American?


        • Guest Who says:

          Katty has RTd this, so pert tush covered.


  3. NISA says:

    Cunning BBC? In reporting Senator Warren validating her claim to be a Red Indian squaw the BBC choose to evaluate her Native American heritage based on another medium’s statement
    This puts Ms Warren as between 1/32 and 1/512 Native-American, according to the Boston Globe.
    Have they chosen this method of reporting because the Globe is as innumerate as the BBC? The DNA report actually states that she has had one Native American (not just North) ancestor between 6 & 10 generations ago. That makes her 1/64 to 1/1024 squaw.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Baffling, this obsession to be something other than white. Virtue-signalling at a new level of absurdity. Personally, I’m white as white can be. Wouldn’t mind being part Apache, a little bit of Winnetou, but have to say: I’m white, all the way back.
      Never thought much about it, never felt the least bit guilty about it (why should I ?-baffling!) but there it is. Same for my squaw.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Fauxcahontas has to prove she is a Red Indian because she has been caught out in a lie.

        She claimed to be a native American to get a position at Harvard Law School as a minority. But to qualify as a “minority” you have to be a bit more Red Indian than 1/512, let’s say a grandparent at least. Harvard recorded her as a “woman of color”, which is ridiculous, as you only have to look at her to see she is not, her 1/512 Red Indian heritage notwithstanding.

        I remember seeing an edition of “Who Do You Think You Are?” which showed that Danny Dyer is distantly related to the Royal family, going back to the 17th century. That doesn’t mean he gets invited to Royal weddings does it?

        Fauxcohontas has been caught bang to rights. The test she took to “prove” she is a Red Indian in fact proves she is not, by any reasonable interpretation. She is now spinning this failure as a vindication of her position, and in this she is helped by the ever willing MSM, including the BBC of course, because, as ever, there are no enemies on the left.

        Trump has been proved right again: she is a fake and a phoney who lied to get an unfair advantage in getting into an Ivy League university. A typical Democrat, in other words.


        • Kaiser says:

          isnt anything under 4% considered an outlier as we all have common ancestors or is it 1%


          • Richard Pinder says:

            I have a lot of Irish genes. Also, being White, I have a few Neanderthal genes. But White people only evolved from primitive Black African people from about 40,000 years ago to about 12,000 years ago. So I have Black African genes which evolved from about 150,000 years ago to about 40,000 years ago, and Monkey men genes that evolved from about three million years ago to about one million years ago, but most of these primitive inferior genes are inactive junk genes.

            This is a picture of Charles Darwin showing him with his junk monkey genes from over three million years ago, being activated, to produce a funny cartoon.



        • Richard Pinder says:

          After it was mentioned that Obama went to Harvard Law School. I read that someone had used genetic probability calculations to work out that the overwhelming majority of Blacks who get into Harvard, must do so because of intelligence inherited from a White ancestor. It looks like the whole system benefits Blacks with white ancestry, and mixed race Blacks seem to dominate Black communities.


      • vlad says:

        It’s a mental derangement among trendy whities, that white is bland and boring, whereas effnik is so much more vibrant, with colourfully high crime rates, alcoholic rates, unemployment rates, and let’s never forget, pedophile rates. Reminds me of some Scandinavian dhimmie dummy who said There is no such thing as Scandinavian culture, so let’s import some vibrant rapists.


      • Rick Bradford says:

        Not baffling.

        Everyone wants to be a ‘victim’ these days, which means not being white, heterosexual, male, or Christian.

        Because ‘victims’ are the only people who are capable of speaking with an ‘authentic’ voice, everyone else is hobbled by their ‘privilege’.

        You have to learn the jargon…… 🙂


    • Payne by name says:

      Ben Shapiro was cracking himself up about this. I think the Native Indians themselves say you need to have four Indian grandparents to be considered a native.

      And also the tester wasn’t even looking for native indian DNA but rather that of Colombian, Mexican and Peruvian DNA.

      At BEST she could have South/Central American ancestry from six generations back or WORST ten generations back. Doesn’t match with the victim story that her mum was so Indian that her Dad’s parent forbid them from dating.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Holding power to account. Or not. Depending.


  5. john in cheshire says:

    Has the far-left bbc managed to lift their collective noses out of their own vomit to report on the soldiers who were photographed with Tommy Robinson?

    Here are two short YouTube videos; the first is of an officer traducing the real reporter Tommy Robinson and threatening his men if they dare to voice an opinion in support of him.

    The second is an update on the petition that has been started by real reporter Tommy Robinson and Rebel Media in support of the cadets who met him at the motorway stop, including at least one lad who is being discharged from the army. He’s also collecting donations to provide legal representation for any armed forces personnel for any cause they have for concern about how they are being treated.

    I think this campaign has legs and will be the undoing of some of the traitorous officer class in the army and perhaps elsewhere.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Well, I guess they both have their agenda and report accordingly. However one charges me £150 before I can watch any other channel on condition of its impartiality, whilst the other does not.


  6. StewGreen says:

    7:30pm BBC1 Regions
    South West
    – How best to aid Syrian migrants,
    Ben Woolvin investigates the cost of helping the region’s existing asylum seekers and refugees.

    West Midlands
    – why so few men work in childcare and the impact that has on young children who may grow up without a male role mode

    – The Cumbrian children growing up in poverty,

    The litter police item is interesting
    A corp called Kingdom is pulling all kinds of sneaky tricks to maximise commissions for litter fines
    And there is a mass movement against them.

    Last week The East edition hit from the text that one item was about Muslim Care Homes
    Minute 11 to 19 minutes


    • StewGreen says:

      East Mids edition
      – Leicester Rape crisis centre that helps 450 women/year had a 90% or 80% funding cut
      at end they quickly say the Big Lottery has plugged the gap
      I check and I find that funding was put in place in Nov 2017, so why is BBC running the story one year later ?
      “Fantastic News!! We’ve been awarded over £230,000 from the Big Lottery Fund , reaching communities, England. This will fund us for the next four years.”
      – The prog appears to have given us a narrative that was maybe true in October 2017 but isn’t true now.
      In fact their own website news never had a story saying funding had been cut.


      • StewGreen says:

        BTW some regions ran the story of thousands of pensioners who’ve had all their wealth stolen
        “the people who are facing losses of hundreds of thousands of pounds following the collapse of a Suffolk Company Universal Wealth Management. ”

        Back in 2011 A salesman guy set up seminars for pensioners, he told them then their assets were at risk if they went into a retirement home, but he had a system whereby their assets would be put into a Trust fund and so protected by government hands.
        So also in 2011 someone was suspicious and warned BBC East. Thus David Whiteley found the guy wouldn’t answer calls so door stepped him at a meeting ..again the guy wouldn’t answer questions.
        Now a few months ago moles in his sales staff say the boss has scarped and there’s abandoned offices with thousands of peoples confidential deeds etc.
        So looks like pensioners have lost all, and most don’t even realise.
        Surely this is a massive story ?
        Yet news people waste time looking for hate tweets etc.


  7. taffman says:

    Al Beeb tells us that “brexit talks hit ‘real problem’ over Border”.
    Their same news page tell us that……….
    “May says Brexit deal is still achievable”
    Mrs Chamberlain has to be deposed. What is wrong with the Tory Party.


  8. AlexM says:

    I was struck by the Feedback programme on Radio 4 about Climate Change. So I wrote to them. If the BBC is so sure that there is a problem with Climate Change why do they broadcast round the clock irrespective of the type of electricity that is powering the National Grid? If they were true to their principles, they would stop broadcasting at times when there was no solar or wind power fuelling the grid, or better still, would stop broadcasting at times when the grid is powered by oil, gas or coal.


  9. G.W.F. says:

    Joco Coburn made her position clear to Batten that she regarded the far far right, Tommy Robinson and all as supporters of violence. Most of the media covering this weekends Football Lads march focused on violence from the far right although little was to be seen. Cops go lightly with Antifa and lacking any training in dealing with violent mobs would not know how to engage with weaponised thugs from Antifa One suggestion might be to remove the pieces of wood the hold when attempting to block demonstrators.

    Nasty, especially when we note they killed a police horse at a demonstration in the Netherlands



  10. Guest Who says:

    The next series of The Bodyguard sounds like it will be a hoot.


    • taffman says:

      The Human Rights of the traitors have become more important than the Human Rights of their victims and the people of Great Britain.


      • Guest Who says:

        Just hope the Met slobs on close protection wear high heels and keep their shirts on.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Maybe Theresa May and Savid Javid should spend the £2 million trying to find the 22 LOST IN MANCHESTER due to Islamic Terrorism rather than protect an Islamist called Anjem Choudary?

      In effect, the tax payer is paying the Government to protect a known terrorist.



  11. Dover Sentry says:

    Will Trump trump Brexit?

    Will the Beeb bubble burst?

    Joking aside, this really is a ‘watch this space’ moment.


  12. Sluff says:

    Not BBC, bur certainly statist and wasteful.
    I rang my GP surgery today for some test results. (This is the normal system here).
    The person answering the call told me my results were normal and no action was needed.
    Sound simple?
    I asked for the actual results in numbers but she said she could not tell me because she was not medically trained !!!!!!!!!
    I asked her if she could read. She said she could but when I asked her to read out the results she would not. She offered to print them out and I could pick them up, or I could call again and get the results read out by someone who is medically trained.
    What she never considered was that the tests were not diagnostic but checks about the effectiveness and any side effects of a certain course of treatment. In fact I do need to see a GP again, to advise on the next steps. So action IS needed.

    And this from an organisation constantly whingeing about under-investment and pressing for even more money from taxpayers.

    Utterly inefficient and incompetent.



    • Flashman says:

      Hello Sluff,
      Just read your post re your experience with the local GP surgery.
      It would be inefficient for a highly paid clinician to take phone calls from patients ringing for test results. It is standard procedure for a clinically untrained member of staff to relay a message from the doctor that has already reviewed the result.
      If you are really interested in the ‘numbers’ then I recommend you sign up to your surgery’s online system that gives full access to your digital medical record. Most, if not all surgeries offer this.


  13. StewGreen says:

    R4 prog about the rise of Libertarian bloggers
    The progmaker Gavin Haynes seems like an antifa who’s been told to turn it down a bit, so as not to make it too obvious.
    Yet he obviously sneers at Sargon etc. And goes soft on his lefty guests.

    Useful info at the beginning
    Sargon regularly gets half a million views ..which is the same as Newsnight (So that is rather an indication of Newsnight’s fall)
    That Owen Jones looks like a minnow with his 109K Twitter followers vs PJW’s 850K
    He claims that Sargon makes £10K/month from viewers and “probably as much from advertising”


    • Beeb Brother says:

      Sargon is really good. It is such a sorry state of affairs when lone bloggers and Youtubers are so much better than the BBC with its vast resources. Such is the virus of political correctness that has infected it. Plus knowing their money is guaranteed there is no point in taking risks or making an effort, an object lesson in the dangers of communism.


      • Rick Bradford says:

        I think it’s wonderful that bloggers and YouTubers are so much better than the BBC, it only hastens the demise of the old-style entitled media, of which the BBC is the chairman and definitely treasurer.

        For one thing, it’s only rational independent conservatives who have been able to cultivate the freewheeling discussions that YouTube and podcasts make possible.

        That’s because they have interesting and original discussions. Who would want to listen to 2 or 3 hours of “progressive” ideologues repeating the same tired old buzzwords to one another?

        Joe Rogan’s show gets over a million views per episode, which means that more than a billion people have seen his videos, which is always lively and interesting. Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Candace Owens, these are now the media stars.

        If there were no mandatory licence fee (more power to the DUP on that one), the BBC would cease being a topic of conversation in very short order.


  14. Dave S says:

    I attended the Brexit Means Brexit campaign rally in Bournemouth tonight.
    Some quick notes for you all.
    The BIC was completely packed with what looked like a good cross section of our people. Outside a few wimpish demonstrators holding the pro EU rubbish.
    Farage on top form as were Connor Burns MP for Bournemouth West and the DUP ‘s Sammy Wilson.
    It is very clear that whatever the media says and in particular the BBC/Sky axis that Mrs May has a problem. The DUP will not accept an internal border at all. It is not a red line but an absolute .
    Likewise Connor Burns who turned down dinner with May tonight to be with his voters made it clear that Chequers is dead as far as he and his fellow leave MPs are concerned. They want May gone .
    There was very little talk of economics and money that subject the remainers like to keep in the forefront of the debate.
    The talk was about principle and democracy . About the deliberate attempt by the elite to subvert our vote and have their way not the way they promised and agreed to.
    If Mrs May thinks she is going to get away with a sellout then she is deluded.
    There is going to be trouble like never before unless she gives in and does her job .
    The panel stressed that this is no longer a left right issue but about who rules and by whose leave.
    We have been here before . 1642, 1688, 1832 and more contentiously 1945.
    I would not take on the English middle and working class and if our elite thinks it can then they are about to learn a harsh and long overdue lesson.


    • taffman says:

      Dave S
      I would not take on the Welsh middle and working class either.
      The whole negotiations are a farce and a nonentity. Two years ago we knew what we voted for – it was ‘Out’ because the nation’s freedom and democracy was at stake. That’s what we fought two bloody world wars for!
      It is fast becoming Parliament -vs- its people.
      Al Beeb your biased end is nigh.


    • G says:

      “… attempt by the elite to subvert our vote and have their way not the way….”. May bows only to Soros and the UN. She has been ignoring the wishes of the voting public in the UK for many years. Cameron before her.


    • Payne by name says:

      Thanks for posting. I’m still trying to get an answer on Stormy Daniels. Is she a whore who sleeps with famous people for money or is she an extortionist who blackmails people for money?


  15. Celtic_Mist says:

    BiasedBBC’s obsession with ‘identity’ is overtly and explicitly racist.


  16. G says:

    This guy has a knack of summarising current situations very well. ‘The Way of the World’ –


  17. taffman says:

    Al Beeb and Parliament are on about a “Deal or no Deal”, “backstop or no back stop”. They have brought these complications into the whole debate about Brexit as a smoke and mirrors attempt to fudge the independence break for freedom from the EU.
    The referendum was for ‘Leave or Remain’.
    Parliament is a bunch of actors performing a charade of pretence of a debate. They know that leaving the EU means more work for them.
    Contact your MP and tell them so.
    And yes, dump your telly tax.


  18. Celtic_Mist says:

    Maybe I should tweet the stormy Daniels court ruling to ‘the beauty’ lol


  19. pugnazious says:

    BBC milking race issues for all its worth as it tries to claim a US politician has successfully proven she is of ‘North American native heritage’….

    ‘Elizabeth Warren: DNA test finds ‘strong evidence’ of Native American blood’

    ‘US Senator Elizabeth Warren has revealed that a DNA test shows “strong evidence” that she has distant Native American ancestry.

    She took the test after President Donald Trump taunted her in speeches, calling her a “fake Pocahontas” and challenging her to take the test.

    The DNA test suggests Ms Warren has a Native American ancestor dating back six to 10 generations.’

    Trouble is that just isn’t true…there is no ‘strong evidence’ and what evidence there is shows there might be a link to someone from anywhere across the whole American continent…North and South…not, as the BBC headline suggests and the politician would like us to believe, some US native Indian tribe.

    The DNA test proved she is predominantly of European stock, hence her blue eyes and blond hair, white skin.

    ‘”The vast majority” of Ms Warren’s ancestry is European, it concludes, but “the results strongly support” a Native American ancestor.

    This puts Ms Warren as between 1/64 and 1/1,024 Native-American, according to the Boston Globe.’

    Why does she want to make this claim about herself when it is obviously of no relevance to her life?…she is not a member of any tribe..but she claims she is a minority…lol.

    The BBC points out some criticism but fails to note this [from Breitbart] kind of important point which undermines the ‘Native American'[as in US Indian] claim being pushed by the BBC….

    ‘A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship. Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person’s ancestors were indigenous to North or South America.”

    This is an important fact and especially true of Warren’s DNA test, which did not include any American Indian DNA whatsoever to compare her results with.

    Buried in the Boston Globe story is this bombshell: “To make up for the dearth of Native American DNA, Bustamante used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to stand in for Native American.”

    In other words, all Warren’s DNA test really proves is that she might be 1/64 to 1/1024 Mexican, Peruvian, or Colombian.’

    The BBC makes this false claim…

    ‘At a rally in Montana this summer, the president said he would give $1m (£761,000) to charity if Ms Warren would prove her claims of Native-American heritage.’

    That’s not what Trump said…he said that if he was in a debate with Warren he would say to her ‘take a DNA test’ and if it proved positive, that she was North American Native, he would then say we will give $1 million to a charity.

    That is not actually Trump saying he will pay out $1 million…it’s a joke about what he might say.

    BBC peddling a line, anything, just anything to attack Trump. So sad the Beauties.

    Whatever next, the BBC trying to claim the Queen is actually a Muslim related to Muhammed? Put a stop to their jokes about her being a German I suppose…bet they wouldn’t joke about her, er, Muslim heritage!


    • Beeb Brother says:

      I had a friend who was half Italian on the basis that her mum was Italian. That is how most people would understand being ‘part Italian.’ Had she told me she was of Italian stock and it turned out she merely had a great great grandfather who ate pizza once I would consider her a liar; indeed, anything less than a quarter and most people would consider you a liar.

      What is really funny is that some of her ancestors were actually the ones responsible for persecuting the native Indians! How can anyone claim you are ‘oppressed’ for being a member of a minority when people are willing to lie to pretend they are one? Special treatments fall like manna from heaven if you can claim any ‘protected characteristics.’ Imagine how many free passes Obama must have got on his way up? He even managed to claim the highest office on the planet thanks to his skin colour; I must admit being drawn in by the emotional pull of the narrative. Alas he was dangerously incompetent. We must judge on character alone.


  20. Celtic_Mist says:

    #BiasedBBC left out Donald Trump’s $1 million offer to Elizabeth Warren because he didn’t – bias by omission.
    In context: Donald Trump’s $1 million offer to Elizabeth Warren


  21. Beeb Brother says:

    Nothing on the BBC about Facebook unpersoning conservative accounts. How loudly did they shriek about phantom Russian ‘election meddling’? Well the behaviour of Google and Facebook makes Russia’s meddling look like a playground scuffle next to Hiroshima. These are the most powerful companies in history stamping on our faces with censorship.

    The silence from the Left is deafening. So all their rage about behaviour is entirely dependent on who is doing it, which is obscene to me. So murdering blacks is no cause for outrage if the perpetrators are black; mysogyny is fine with ROPers; election meddling of the most flagrant and profound type does not even warrant comment when it benefits them.

    Imagine if Owen Jones or some similarly irritating person were no platformed – can you imagine the outrage? How much better would we be without these idiots talking about ‘structural racism’ etc. But I would never think it ok to silence them. In fact letting them talk helps us as they are so patently wrong.

    As so often with the BBC it is what they memory hole which tells the story. They have space for stories about unsafe baby gates and a woman being pregnant but nothing about such a colossal issue, one which they have spent two years lecturing us about.


  22. AsISeeIt says:

    Today’s Murder
    No names, no photos, of the five convicted killers of Daniel Frederick, 34, of Hackney, on the BBC London tv news this morning. Presumably they were pressed for airtime, what with presents for the soon-to-be Royal baby and presumably it doesn’t matter because there’s absolutely no conclusions to be drawn from the details of the case about London violent crime patterns.

    BBC news protects the identity of all five – our courts exercising recently adopted ‘child’ anonymity rules can only keep the names of the under 18-year-olds from the public. But interestingly in this gender neutral brave new world we are allowed to know they were male – funny that when you think about it. But I digress.

    ‘Kacper Karasinski, 18, of Mount Pleasant Lane, Hackney, and a 17-year-old male from Ilford were unanimously found guilty of the murder… Yigiter Gok, 18, of Sanford Walk, N16 and a 17-year-old male from Hackney were both found not guilty of the murder but guilty of manslaughter by a majority jury… A 16-year-old male from Hackney who had pleaded guilty to murder prior to the trial on Tuesday, 12 June, was sentenced to 10-years.’

    I’m intrigued by this line from Judge Philip Katz QC : Daniel Frederick was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”

    So just to recap, that’s prior to the time of 5:48pm on Monday, 8 January, close to his own front door. Just as well he didn’t go somewhere dangerous on a Friday night, M’lud….


    • Fedup2 says:


      Looks like a multicultural murder – which I would have thought al beeb would celebrate … think the total average murders for Londonistan has now been achieved …. 10 weeks to Christmas …or ‘shivmas’ as a sainsbury boys’ jumper says …


  23. Scroblene says:

    “Nothing on the BBC about Facebook unpersoning conservative accounts. ”

    It’s because they all use it for ‘autocue instruction’ Beeb!

    The standard of bbc ‘journalism’ has plummeted in recent years, any of the old pioneering investigators are all dying out, and we’re left with twits like Sopel and KitKat, plus a few in Asia.

    In the property world, which I inhabited years ago, there were the PDF boys – lazy agents who just re-forwarded details which flooded their inboxes. The real agents – the deal-makers, would get out there and make the proper profits.

    Bbbc ‘journos’ are the PDF readers of Twatter and Bookface, and their stuff is largely ignored!


  24. vlad says:

    Well done Murky Merkel, you sought to expiate your country’s sins at the expense of Europe, and succeeded in f***ing up your country, the continent, and now your party and your career. Schadenfreude doesn’t begin to describe how I feel.


  25. JamesArthur says:

    R4 interview James Brokenshire
    it seems as though misogyny will be a hate crime..not misandry..and abuse of white people isn’t being considered a hate crime….so no points for me…I think we need a petition to include misandry and white people…at least BBC was pushing on why misandry isn’t considered important…no mention of white though


  26. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1

    Justin Webb @ 7.48am strives manfully to have mysandry accepted as a Hate Crime but unfortunately there is no equality under the Law as far as James Brokenshire PM, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, is concerned.

    Oh dear! That will not end well for HMG. I hear a rustling of papers at The Supreme Court already.

    Fortunately, not everyone has forgotten that the WOMAN on top of the Old Bailey wears a blindfold.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I note your use of the word “woman” which could be construed as a ‘hate crime’ if Stella Creasy and her type get their way .


      • Up2snuff says:

        Not so, Fed. That woman is Justice. A very honourable British woman whose qualities I admire and uphold.

        A minor correction; I have been reminded that the blindfold has been removed.

        Mind you, Fed, that action might be considered sexist because it reverts to the view that her youthful, maidenly figure was to portray all the purities of justice under the Law. They will have to put whoever agitated for removal of the blindfold (restoring the statue to its original version) in the dock instead.


  27. Fedup2 says:

    Toady Watch

    Young Brokenshore – a red Tory of whom the outgoing PM is particularly fond – was sparky this morning talking about adding a list of ‘types’ to the definition of ‘hate crime’ – to include mysogeny being elderly as well membership of groups .

    The red tory government is asking the Law Commission to take a look . This will inevitably lead to the closure of this site because many here , including me, hate the BBC because of what it does .

    Would a Labour government be any different ? No- it would be just as snowflake ..please Lord – can we have a proper Right Wing government one day ..

    Oh – by the way – hatred of men is not being directly considered by the Law Commission …

    James , Up , great minds eh….!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, I want a decent Government that has absolute integrity and is centrist in the extreme but I recognise that that isn’t going to happen in this life!

      However, close would be good, sometime before I go to join my fathers.



  28. Guest Who says:

    Bbc morning ‘vital’ news email mentions Brexit as only they can, but then the real meaty stuff…


    Royal tour: Baby gifts for Harry and Meghan

    The Duke and Duchess of York received a toy kangaroo and some tiny Ugg boots as they kicked off their tour of Australia, having announced they are expecting their first child in the spring. The 16-day trip also takes in New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji. Here are some pictures of previous royal babies.


    No mention of right royal babies like Owen Jones or Gavin Esler, also pervasive on the bbc.


    Facebook makes UK political ads ‘transparent’

    Feel like advertising a political cause on Facebook? Well, from today, you’ll have to prove your location and identity before doing so in the UK. And each advert will carry a message saying who paid for it. The move follows criticism of the social media giant about ads it displayed during the 2016 US presidential election campaign and the UK’s EU referendum during the same year.


    No mention of any flagging of BBC Facebook pages?


    Why you shouldn’t hug your colleagues

    Hugging hasn’t become the norm in every industry, but there are entire fields where it’s common in both greetings and goodbyes.

    That can be odd for those of us who aren’t huggers, or who aren’t huggers at work. And the fact that different people have different preferences around hugging – and that there aren’t any clear-cut rules for when you’re expected to hug or how to avoid a hug – makes the whole endeavour fraught with awkwardness and peril.

    We could all benefit from a universal code of conduct for hugging at work. Of course, if I wrote that code, it would just say, “Don’t hug colleagues.”


    No imagery, but by wild guess the person penning this has likely been safe since birth.

    I wonder if she will get to be asked to write further codes for bbc zombies to follow? Of course she will.


    • JimS says:

      “Why you shouldn’t hug your colleagues”

      I always thought the BBC was in the vanguard of those promoting ‘French-style’ cheek kissing, but then they also promoted sexual promiscuity of all types, except that enjoyed by heterosexual white men.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      “Universal code of conduct” on hugging, eh? ‘Woke’ people are obsessed with new laws and behavioural directives (legislative, social, familial; it doesn’t matter).

      So much output of the self-searching type you see on the beeb and the Graun is a peculiar adult manifestation of teen angst and insecurity. They’re basically 13 year-old girls fretting at a party about whether they wore the right dress, desperately needing reassurance that they fit in.

      They’d crap themselves if ever confronted with the possibility of actual freedom and independence of being.


  29. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2

    Jamal Khashoggi. 8.10am. No-one on TOADY – in two weeks! – asks the question why Khashoggi went into the SA Embassy/Consulate in Istanbul. Fortunately at last, the BBC bring in Robert Lacey to tell us why Khashoggi went voluntarily to a place that he would have known was dangerous. Mr Lacey tells us without help from intelligent questions from Nick Robinson about the events of Khashoggi’s visits to the Embassy.

    The incompetence of the Presenters & Editors on the premier news programme on BBC Radio 4 is absolutely outstanding. If I was DG, Sarah Sands would have been out of the door clutching her P45 a week ago along with some of the under-Editors and a Presenter or two.

    Why should the listener, let alone the Licence Fee payer, put up with this shoddy, third rate performance?


  30. Guest Who says:

    The lexicon of bbc #honestmistake outings continues apace.

    “Stephenson accepted that this was inaccurate, but claimed it did not matter because ‘audiences would have recognised it was a slip’.”

    A slip of state? Unique. Except they are daily occurrences. Trust them. Envy them. Pay them. Or else.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Toady 3

      Poor Justin – the lament in his voice over the late President st Obama – Bin Hussain was palpable .

      Apparently some snowflake American journo found out he read 10 letters for punters every night . Strange foreplay with the lady wife .

      Anyway – followed by the inevitable dig at the current President – no one knows what the White House does with letters – Boo Hiss – nasty president Trump …

      No mention of his tweeting regularly to his followers -many tweets can get over 60k likes …


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        But Fed, tweeting is the sign of narcissism, hysteria and possibly also the vapours. Letter writing is a noble art enjoyed exclusively by the righteous and true.

        Next week: why Trump’s choice of mouthwash shows he’s a total bastard.


    • Guest Who says:

      But wait, there’s more…

      This is of course in gender terms. All at the BBC long ago signed on as bent professionally.

      “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip”.

      Keep counting those unhatched lemons, bbc.


    • Guest Who says:

      James and Fran really overseeing a world class outfit.


  31. tarien says:

    Can someone explain as to why there is so much publicity surrounding this Saudi Arabian journalist? He is not a Britrish or an American journalist so why the concern as to what may have happened to him. Would we make as much fuss about a British Journalist? I doubt it-what is the main issue surrounding this situation?The BBC appear to have little else on their minds.


    • Kaiser says:

      disappearing a british citizen journalist (tr) is ok for the british government, some one else doing it they get all upset


      • Up2snuff says:

        tarien, and why are the BBC mangling his name so much? A newsreader this a.m. had two different versions in successive sentences. They are trying to outdo what they did to poor Jean-Charles de Menezes, who on Radio 4 was mangled and mispronounced to the extreme, but peculiarly on Radio 2, his name was pronounced perfectly.


        Is it because they are conflicted? “This is a fellow journalist, we are on his side. But on the other hand, he is a Saudi, who we – as liberals – dislike intensely.”

        Or is there some other reason? I am aware that there is often difficulty in translating a name, both written and spoken, from Arabic into a western language, in this case English. But I recall that the BBC had no problem whatsoever with the late Adnan Khashoggi, well known arms dealer and one-time contender for Richest Man in the World.

        Perhaps that is why the BBC are showing a measure of disrespect in this way. They think Jamal may be related. Is he? But why make him out to be Spanish? One Presenter or News reader referred to him as Hamal Hashoggi!

        At least it provides listeners with a good laugh.

        You don’t get that from BBC R4 comedy programmes these days, so I am thankful for these slim pickings.


        • Ian Rushlow says:

          Adnan Khashoggi the arms dealer – that would be the uncle of the disappeared journalist. The journalist who was best friends with the head of Saudi intelligence before he fell out. Yes, that head of Saudi intelligence who resigned 10 days before 9/11. This is not necessarily a case of good guys versus bad guys. It looks like the unfortunate victim is being used as some sort of foil or excuse to bring the Saudis back in line. Maybe as a punishment for buying weapons from Moscow, maybe for their genocidal activities in Yemen. Probably not for their financing of the Clintons or mosque building in Britain. According to the BBC, exports to Saudi Arabia were a paltry £4.2 billion in 2017 and they only supply 3% of our oil – yet we put up with all the misery they cause in this country and the world at large? Time to totally disengage from them and let them slug it out with Turkey and Iran.


          • Kaiser says:

            if someone was to sell me the concept of windfarms, solar and other forms of magic electric on the basis of defunding the middle east and islam, I could quite happily sign up to that.

            get Fracking for western freedom I say


    • Guest Who says:

      Will they all be out in the forecourt again with Gaffa taped gobs?


    • JamesArthur says:


      I wondered that – then read an article about him in this week’s Spectator by someone who worked with him..apparently he wasn’t just a journalist..he supported Muslim brotherhood and didn’t like western democracy – despite making money from it.He had an issue with new Saudi Prince – basically wanted Saudi to become more muslim – didn’t like modernisation . So why did he go in when he knew it was dangerous? Is he dead?

      The BBC seem unable/unwilling to provide any real background on him despite it being common knowledge in political circles – but it’s a better story – nasty Saudi’s killing nice innocent western loving Muslim journalist


  32. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3 (plus Framing Today, probably, although they were out grousing this morning)

    The BBC are starting to lobby for the UK Government to start taxing meat and dairy products. The BBC have been pushing a ‘Food is cheap’ narrative for some years now and I suspected that there was something behind that little campaign, especially as the inflation rate shows otherwise and that sort of statement can be filed in the WPB labelled FalseNews/FalseFacts. Now with the IPCC’s latest loony statement, the ‘tax meat & dairy’ thing is really taking off.

    The greed of the high paid Directors, Editors, Senior Managers, Presenters and others at the BBC is absolutely breathtaking. There is only one motive for taxing food beyond the ostensibly worthy one of ‘saving the planet’ and that is not paying higher taxes on high BBC salaries to fund all the State societal interventions that the BBC constantly calls for.

    The BBC. Tax is something paid by others, not by us.


    • JimS says:

      I have always suspected that the BBC’s campaign, going back many decades, against ‘cheap’ food is a desire of their presenters and producers to retire to their smallholdings and make £100k p.a. selling their ten named hens at Christmas.

      When one makes lots of money for doing very little work it is easy to think that other people should spend lots of money to pay for your hobby.


    • G says:

      ” There is only one motive for taxing food beyond the ostensibly worthy one of ‘saving the planet’….”. Putting the farmers, i.e. those that have a tenuous hold on making money, out of business?


  33. Doobster78 says:

    The BBC and SKY coverage of the “Traitors Vote” march this weekend is going to be sickening …. one things for sure, Doobster78 WILL NOT be switching on the BBC news at any price from Friday onwards for a good few days. For any Leave Voter (aka normal person) who is intent on watching, there should be a “blood pressure” warning. Hours on end of the jug earned Lineker and Tefal headed gavin Esler on their moral high horse .. no tar.


  34. MarkyMark says:

    Where is International Blasphemy Day? BBC Omission

    Dear BBC £3.5bn News Service paid under threat of prosecution by the Many, Not the Few,

    I searched for “international blasphemy day” on the website and your site only returned ….

    * Click: International Women’s Day
    * Click – Short Edition: International Women’s Day
    * Leeds International Piano Competition
    * Manchester International Festival
    * Dana International
    * Manchester International Festival: MIF 2017

    “International Blasphemy Rights Day, educates individuals and groups about blasphemy laws and defends freedom of expression, especially the open criticism of religion which is criminalized in many countries. Blasphemy Day was introduced as a worldwide celebration by the Center for Inquiry in 2009.”

    1989 … Satanic Verses causes Iran to create fatwa for death of Salman Rushdie.

    . . . 4 years later and they mention it . . .

    1993 … Satanic Verses mentioned by United Nations.

    . . . .10 Years of the UN doing nothing . . .

    1999 … Iran say they will not hunt for the head of Salman Rushdie.
    {meforum jun1999}

    . . . 27 years later and the UN have been laughed at . . .

    2016 … Fatwa on Salman Rushdie renewed by Iran.
    {independent feb2016}

    . . . 29 years after Satanic Verses.. maybe the UN could have more serious words with Iran . . . .

    2018 …. Iran release state emojis that show ‘death to America’ and ‘death to Israel’.
    { 25apr2018}

    “The omission is the most powerful form of lie, and it is the duty of the historian to ensure that those lies do not creep into the history books.” – George Orwell

    BBC Nick Robinson Twitter 07nov2017 …‘”If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. I’m proud those words now adorn BBC HQ’

    . . . .

    Can the BBC £3.5bn News Service explain why this important day has been omitted from history when other international days are reported on? Was it too difficult to report on?


  35. Fedup2 says:

    An Asian labour MP has called for a ban on the hijab being sold for £6 at marks and Spencer’s …. ideal gift for Christmas


  36. Dave666 says:

    Anyone else have the misfortune to watch “For facts sake” last night? The BBc have aired some rubbish in it’s time but for me it was in a league of it’s own.Wonder how much “Mrs Brown got paid. I did send a complaint to the BBc asking them to axe it immediately. As an aside I was watching an episode of “It was ok to be a offensive in the 60/70s.recently where the Z list celebs were criticising men dressing up as women…


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I caught a bit of it. But then put a DVD on after five minutes.

      I began to realise that there were four guests panellists, picked from the audience, and half of them were Black. But half the audience were not Black. In fact it looked as if all the Blacks in the studio were on the panel, with about 500 white people in the studio audience.


  37. pugnazious says:

    BBC’s ‘experts’ caught out…in a lie or for their incompetence….Guido notes they missed Esther McVey announcing the timetable for universal credit roll-out yesterday…

    ‘This morning the Today programme is, as we go to pixel, leading with an exclusive “The BBC understands… seen leaked documents… Universal Credit roll out delayed…” It is also leading news bulletins and on the BBC News website. In Guido’s half-awake decaffeinated state he thought he was dreaming that actually this was all announced yesterday, in parliament by Esther McVey.’

    It was.

    The BBC also claimed ‘leaked documents’ reveal £100’s of millions to be ploughed into UC. I rather thought that this was on the cards last week when it was the hot topic as the government said no one would lose money.

    The BBC has now caught up as News Sniffer reveals.

    You’d never know that UC was actually a good system in principle listening to the BBC whose very selective and alarmist reporting is designed to undermine its roll-out. For instance recently the Resolution Foundation released a report saying more money was needed for UC having been taken out of the plan by Osborne. The BBC of course put this stark criticism in the headlines. What it didn’t tell us was what else the Resolution Foundation said in the same report that praised the system…

    ‘The prize of a far simpler social security system is certainly a big one that is well worth holding onto, despite the prospect of opposition from some quarters that would arise regardless of whether implementation is going well or not. [Do they mean the BBC?]

    There is one huge advantage that UC delivers representing a big prize worth the long implementation wait: the unification of key working-age benefits into a single system. The complexity of the old system meant that some, especially renters, were not always clear that almost everyone was better off in work.

    Beyond easing the transition into work, having one benefit rather than six should also help boost take-up and ensure that people receive all the money to which they are entitled’

    The BBC seem to want to pour scorn on UC regardless of its basic merits….no doubt this is because of course Corbyn & Co want to use it as a tool to beat the ‘nasty’ Tories with…indeed just heard someone on the BBC claim this must be fixed because we don’t want a nasty Britain.


    • G says:

      “….listening to the BBC whoe very selective and alarmist reporting is designed to undermine its roll-out”.
      Fatal to listen to our far left Marxist State Broadcaster. It operates more akin to a subversive feral rat than anything else. If it is offered a ‘black and white’ situation/scenario, the BBC will make it, ‘multi-coloured’ (needless to say).


      • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

        Question Time last week despite being in Scotland, had a full 15 minutes on bashing UC.


  38. JamesArthur says:

    A whole conversation on Trans….the Feminists don’t like the fact that men can self determine…apparently there are hoards of us MEN just waiting to change our birth certificate to female so we can access females spaces – not sure which spaces those are…How about females going the other way to access my spaces….!!! Not a word…and now non binary people..they can access any space….depending on the day…
    The BBC let it all ramble of interviewees says there are 500,000 trans in the country…BBC did challenge it meekly…I don’t believe it…These are all female academics talking..
    R4’s new strategy to get listeners is to appeal to as many minority groups and hope they all add up to a large audience..not going too well so far…


  39. G.W.F. says:

    From the BBC

    There has been a surge in hate crime directed at people because of their religious beliefs, new figures show.
    Police in England and Wales say there has been an increase of 40% compared with last year’s figures.
    Most religious hate crime – 52% of all offences – was aimed at Muslims.

    If you have been a victim of hate crime, please tell the BBC. You might get on the tele


    • Anne says:

      “Most religious hate crime – 52% of all offences – was aimed at Muslims.”

      Probably true – if you equate a perceived verbal insult with blowing someone’s head off.

      The law has been fixed to produce exactly this result and the stupid MSM will happily report it, time and time again.

      So a member of your family was splattered all over a wall – get over it!


      • JimS says:

        Blowing someone up isn’t a ‘hate crime’, its a ‘misinterpretation’ of ‘the religion of peace’.

        This religion is so peaceful that it refers to non-Muslim countries as Dar al-Harb, the house of war.


    • theisland says:

      More common sense from AMW.


  40. NISA says:

    Before the release of wage/unemployment data the BBC website was making much of the Institute of Fiscal Studies’ (a think tank much favoured by the BBC – “left leaning”?) report that £19Bn would have to be raised in taxes by Hammond to “end austerity”.
    Isn’t that all bollocks? How is the populace better off by having to pay more in taxes so that public sector workers get a bigger pay rise? Just transfers the pain.


    • Guest Who says:

      Isn’t the IFS another one prone to ‘honest mistakes’ with numbers per Christopher Cook et al?


  41. Cassandra says:

    If there was one thing you could rely on with the BBC was that it could be relied on once to make natural history programmes without them being affected with it’s toxic diversity and gender politics agenda but I’m afraid those days are gone. I’ve seen Pakistani ramblers on Countryfile and last night I watched Martin Hughes-Games female african replacement on Autumn Springwatch, Gillian Burke. She really is uncomfortable to watch and listen to with her strange diction and manic hand waving. Like Simon Mayo’s Drivetime on Radio 2, the BBC have destroyed a good team to impose their race and gender quotas on the viewer.



    • Fedup2 says:

      Apparently it’s all gone breasts up for the ReichEU jolly set for tomorrow – Barnier thinks the British People care more about their bloody tariffs than Northern Ireland – which this country spent a lot of blood and treasure on fighting a socialist Republican movement .

      These EU types obviously come from the long line of cowards who will always expect America and Blighty to get it out of the crap when things turn bad again .
      May should resign and let someone lead us out of that sick outfit .


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      Mayo used to take the ‘mickey’ out of people ringing in…not nastily but in a sarcastic way….in doing so he was mocking all of us and himself…its called banter./sarcasm/wit/silliness.(which I think are male traits?)……its what we have always done in Britain.

      Unfortunately with the new ‘hurty police’ nobody is allowed to do it anymore….I have nothing against Jo Wiley but that show has been killed off for me.Radio 2 as a MUSIC station has died in my opinion…its just become a ‘Graham Norton’ style chat show/Magazine style station to push the BBCs agenda…..


  42. Guest Who says:

    BBC NA grudgingly impartial as ever.

    Lucky the Dem’s head girls are pictures of community bonding.


    • StewGreen says:

      “Trump’s good MONTH”
      #BiasedBBC let me know when you have a “non-Anti-Trump HOUR”
      …. you frothing mad MetroLiberals


      • Guest Who says:

        Seems this is despite being…. ‘divisive’.


        Eric Holder & Maxine Walters (harmonising): “Hold our beer, Katty!”.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      You can always rely on Katty to retweet the downside.



      • Guest Who says:

        So, she is reliable on one thing at least.


        • Guest Who says:

          In turn, I wonder how Katty’s day is so far?


  43. s.trubble says:

    Has the bBC ever condemned the scheming Irish Republic in this whole EU scenario. Not that I can recall.

    Minute I heard about this “backstop” BACK IN DECEMBER YOU KNEW a poisonous sepository had just been inserted .

    Any time I have seen this Irish lad , Coveney, (who seems to be a SKY favourite) things turn to ***t.

    At the end of this the following should be remembered…

    1) French( Barnier/Macron)
    2) Irish- southern republican variety
    3) bBc and Sky….

    Oh and the remainer traitors who dropped in on Barnier…..Starmer,
    in particular.


  44. pugnazious says:

    Britain is about to tumble into the Brexit Dark Ages foolishly following a direction laid out for it by dishonest, opportunistic demagogue politicians and underinformed, ill-educated and bigoted voters.

    Don’t worry though…a massive democratic vote like the referendum is not set in stone, it’s not a sacred document, it was merely a cyncial short-term fix that we can chuck out because ‘For centuries, millions of people in this country have fought to establish our democracy’ which is why we can overturn this appalling democratic vote and impose our own world view upon those ignorant voters because we are so much better educated, informed and privileged…and we fucking iintend to keep that privileged position intact! So we fought for centuries so that unelected, entitled Lordships can rule over us disdaining, mocking and dismissing our democratic vote as the result of foolish ignorance and populism, isn’t that what is really being said here?

    So says the BBC’s Melvyn Bragg [Lord Bragg lording it over us] in the New Statesman[from a speech in the House of Lords] as he declares Brexit will turn Britain into a cultural desert comparing the ruin it will wreak with Henry VIII’s Reformation as artists refuse to come to this benighted Isle and those here flee for more enlightened lands. And Brexit must be stopped.

    He’s right of course because we never see any non-EU artists or actors and performers here do we? No Americans, Canadians, Australians, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, South American and so on. How the hell are we going to celebrate diversity and cultural fusion [appropriation?] now!?

    Apologise to your kids now you ‘bastards’ who voted leave…

    ‘ Brexit will be a bar to the future of the fastest-growing, most democratic sector in this country. It will be a clamp on the imagination and the freedoms that younger generations have found to surmount the decline and wreckage of the past.

    The arts inside the EU promise ever-enriching landscapes. Outside will be a smaller and smaller patch of increasingly barren ground. What sort of a legacy is this for our generation to pass on? ‘

    Certainly no ‘clamp’ on Lord Bragg’s imagination. What do they put in the coffee at BBC House?


    • JimS says:

      “The arts inside the EU promise ever-enriching landscapes. “

      The Eurovision Song Contest? Well if Israel and Australia can take part I’m sure we can too. After all someone has to come last.


  45. Guest Who says:

    Danny knows stuff. So do union leaders. Apparently.


  46. StewGreen says:

    R4 phoneIn now : Main topic ‘White people are prevented from adopting non-white cildren, cos white people can’t understand racism’
    “There are currently twice as many children waiting for parents, as there are parents waiting to adopt”


    • Guest Who says:

      Do wot?

      I have traced back to Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrranny Lucy, and am 1/3764578 and 9/7ths Hottentot.

      I have learned.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        I just discovered I was 0.21% Slytherin. I must say, it does explain a few things


      • StewGreen says:

        Actually I think its the case that those descended from second wave Africans do not have any neanderthal DNA
        .. whereas most Europeans do


  47. Peter Sausages says:

    Is it me or are the red coffee cups on Daily Politics getting bigger, their Labour masters must be pleased


    • Guest Who says:

      B,b,b,b…ut I thought coffee was no more, due to Brexit, or climate change.

      Maybe they only drink that stuff that comes out of a moggie’s back hole. If they have the funds. And only use baristas from that BBC TGFridays Off Director’s bistro.


  48. StewGreen says:

    R2 Alistair Campbell is on now, flogging his next autobiography.
    … Yesterday I switched off Julia HB cos he was on.
    Vine’s asking about the Gordon Brown’s Hot mic moment.
    AC’s blaming Sky for breaking protocol.