492 Responses to Long Weekend Open Thread 1 March 2019

  1. Guest Who says:

    What the BBC dodges, changes, etc is what makes its editorial integrity’ so special.


    Some might say they are as bent as a 9€ bill.


  2. Peter Sausages says:

    Ffs how much longer are we going to see that stinking terrorist lovers face on the front page


  3. upandatem says:

    I was half watching a film this afternoon, from the sixties, called, ‘Play It Cool’. I caught one of the lines. A person at an airport tells passengers, ‘The conditions in Brussels have deteriorated.’ Had to laugh. How prophetic. If only Teresa could play it cool and finally tell Brussels what they could do with their ghastly little union.


    • countryblues says:

      Talking about films…I watched a British film made in 1960 a short time ago and was shocked at the number of health warnings the broadcasters felt it was necessary to issue before it started. Generally, because the film was made before this great age of enlightenment, the viewer should be prepared for shocking views, bad language, bigots, racists, the lack of diversity, homophobia etc.

      It was a very gentle comedy in which you’d have to try very hard to find anything remotely offensive… 🙁


  4. Vonbedda says:

    Question…how have by-elections not happened yet for all the MPs that have quit there parties?

    It’s a disgrace


    • countryblues says:

      Because they genuinely believe that their constituents voted for them as a wonderful representative…not for any Party… 🙁


    • Fedup2 says:

      The Labour MP for Ilford has gone to TIG and was sobbing tohimself on a bbc politics programme this morning . No mention of the killings and stabbings in his area . Just me me me .

      He says he will stand as an independent at the next election but will continue to take his pay until then .


      • Vonbedda says:

        Continue to take pay from a job he quit ? Hmmmm I wonder if my employer will allow this ?


  5. pugnazious says:

    Oh look…

    ‘BBC Radio 2 drops Michael Jackson songs from the airwaves after new string of child sex abuse claims against the one-time King of Pop’

    Still playing Yusuf Islam’s records though….Jeremy Vine loves the guy and promotes him loudly…never mind he would like to personally execute Salman Rushdie.


    • RJ says:

      I don’t listen to Jeremy Whine. Does he play this one of Yusuf’s?

      I have to admit that I don’t remember a spate of teenage shootings after it was released – in 1967.


  6. StewGreen says:

    Australians can see Global Warming news on their TVs, which the BBC doesn’t allow us to see


    • Vonbedda says:

      We all know climate change is a money spin.

      I’m all for greener cars and future.

      I can’t wait for people to wake up to all the lies were being made to eat


      • Guest Who says:

        Not the NYT. Now run by the ex BBC DG.


        • Fedup2 says:

          The TR video is still on YouTube and heading for 1.1 million views . The comments are positive and importantly global .
          I wonder if twitter will do any thing about the Deputy labour leader twitter which I reported as offensive . ? I think I know the answer. He’d close this site down without a blink .


        • Fedup2 says:

          You would have thought she’d have come up with something a little better than that eh ? Not exactly up to JFK speechwriter standard – or even the WestWing .


  7. Kaiser says:

    The Female Archer taking aim at sexism

    And where is this terrible sexism

    Birmingham, Bradford, Britain? …

    no bhutan

    ffs talk about trawling the world for pathetic sob stories



  8. pugnazious says:

    Nick Sandmann Sues Washington Post for $250 Million over ‘Defamatory’ Coverage

    Covington schoolboy’s lawyer suing various media outlets for their libelling of the boys….

    I have pointed him in the direction of the BBC and Jon Sopel. Let’s hope he takes the hint and holds the BBC and Sopel to account for the lies….even after the truth came out he still claimed, twice, Sandmann was ‘in the face of a tribal elder’ and that ‘The Covington boys, who went from an ugly MAGA hat-wearing mob to pious Catholic students in a heartbeat, got a mauling too – perhaps justifiably. and cue the sympathy….‘The elderly Native American had his life turned over.’ Not half as much as the boy had his turned over. The whole piece was a sneering attack on the boys and their new status as ‘ pious Catholic students’ as Sopel put it rather than an admission that the BBC got this badly wrong as they leapt to judgement.

    Remember this was broadcast on Today, the BBC’s flagship, prime-time news programme that blasts out to the whole world…and Sopel is smearing a kid who has no chance to reply to Sopel’s claims…..note Sopel makes no mention that the Native Americans, there was more than one there, were also racialy abusing the boys, he claims the abuse came from black protestors alone….[H/T is the BBC biased?]

    ‘ This time last Saturday it was all so straightforward. A video appears on Twitter. A group of teenage white boys are surrounding and jeering at a Native American who quietly, defiantly, is banging a tribal drum by the side of the Lincoln Memorial. One in particular, with a goofy grin and lips red from the cold, is standing right in his face and wearing a red Make America Great Again hat. The kids, from an all-boys Catholic school in Kentucky and nearly all wearing MAGA caps, had been in the nation’s capital for the annual Right to Life March – the big gathering of the anti-abortion lobby. They seem braying and boorish. Social media lit up. Moral essayists dipped their quills into their self-righteous inkwell and started opining about the state of American society. Where were the parents? Why has American youth been so coarsened? What had happened to respect for our elders? And, in particular, what did this say about the nastiness of Trump’s America? The council in Kentucky called for an inquiry. The school promised suspensions. The 65 year old Native American, Nathan Phillips, who was besieged, went on TV to lament their behaviour. Trump supporters were unusually sullen.

    But then something odd happened. 24 hours later new smartphone video emerged painting a very different picture of the confrontation. A tiny group of African-American men are captured this time hurling vile abuse at the teenagers. They were from the fringiest of fringe organisations, the black Hebrew Israelites. They were abusing the Native Americans as well as the white boys. And whoosh! Social media lit up once again. The kids were singing out school chants this time as a way of drowning out the insults. Their restraint is now praised. Our teenage sinners from Covington High School are now saints. They’d been wronged. Donald Trump weighs in, blaming the media, exonerating the children. Now liberal America went a bit quiet. And the teenager, Nick Sandman, who’d been in the face of a tribal elder, took on a PR firm to act for him. He gave an exclusive interview to NBC’s breakfast show:

    Nick: My position is that I was not disrespectful to Mr Phillips. In hindsight I wish we could have walked away and avoided the whole thing, but I can’t say that I’m sorry for listening to him and standing there.

    The elderly Native American had his life turned over. The Covington boys, who went from an ugly MAGA hat-wearing mob to pious Catholic students in a heartbeat, got a mauling too – perhaps justifiably. But maybe all of us who dabble in Twitter emerge with our reputations sullied. Since when was truth ever simple? Why can’t we wait for more facts to emerge before passing judgment? Why do we seem so pre-programmed today to believe what we want to believe, and baulk when forced to listen to an opposing viewpoint? Whether it be Brexit, Question Time, Scottish independence, Trump, the wall, you name it, maybe we all have something to learn from what should have been a rather unremarkable confrontation at the Lincoln memorial last Friday. ‘


  9. pugnazious says:

    Former Equality Chief Accuses BBC of ‘Whitewashing’ Black-on-Black Knife Crime

    Trevor Phillips has accused the BBC of “whitewashing” crime stories by not addressing the high number of black-on-black stabbings, and warned politicians and police to stop ignoring the links between race and gang violence.

    Mr Phillips, the former head of the United Kingdom’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (ECHR), made the comments in an opinion piece in The Telegraph on Friday, following a string of stabbings in London and Birmingham.

    Referencing a report released on Thursday which revealed that some 27,000 under-19s in England identify themselves as being part of a gang, Mr Phillips noted that in terms of youth gang violence, “black boys are more than 20 times as likely to be involved in serious attacks compared with their white peers.”

    “Yet, to read our newspapers and to listen to our media, you would imagine that race played no part in this issue at all,” the Policy Exchange think tank senior fellow wrote.

    “The BBC in particular is guilty of whitewashing the truth. Its defence is that race should only be reported where it is relevant. Yet it has no qualms about routinely describing stop and search by police in racial terms.”

    “The daily parade of dark faces in items about knife crime tells its own story,” he remarked. “And the routine appearance of such individuals as ‘Olu from Brixton’ in radio interviews would provoke howls of ‘racist dog-whistling’ around Broadcasting House were the BBC’s own journalists not so deeply complicit in the silence.”


  10. pugnazious says:

    Psychiatrist Warns of ‘Time Bomb’ in Germany: ‘Today’s Migrants Are Not Integrable’

    ‘A psychiatrist has warned that Germany faces a “time bomb” as a result of the mass migration of young men who have “crazy potential for aggression”.

    “This is a time bomb,” Christian Peter Dogs said of the decision to open Germany’s borders, in an appearance on the Peter Hahne talkshow on ZDF last month, explaining that psychiatry has found people’s temperament and personality are usually fixed by the age of 12.

    Stating that migrants “can’t just ‘be taught’ to understand our values”, he said that classes on how to behave in Germany were unlikely to have much effect, adding: “You have to accept that.”

    “There are people who have crazy potential for aggression because they have grown up surrounded by war. They have learned to fight and don’t even know the meaning of living harmoniously,” said Dogs.

    On the Peter Hahne show episode — the topic of which was “the power of fear” — the psychiatrist said the biggest mistake politicians are making now, with regards to the migrant influx, is their response to voters’ concerns on the issue.

    People are “neither ‘far right’ nor anything else”, he said, noting how critics of mass migration have been pathologised as “bad” and “far right”, whilst reports of problems with regards to the newcomers’ behaviour have been suppressed.


    • vlad says:

      The 2 posts above show that a few brave whistle blowers are waking up to the truth of our situation and daring to speak out.

      Sadly, too little too late.


  11. StewGreen says:

    So Mr Corbyn what first attracted you to the multimiilion blockvote of the mosque going community ?


    • vesnadog says:


      Above photo: I can see three people whose smiles are genuine.

      They know that their kind (muslims) are a creeping cancer to the health and wellbeing of this great nation of ours, and they don’t give a fig.

      Being bored, I read an article about the history of the muslims/arabs and in one form or another they are have been with us just as long as the Jews, and only in one (1) war I believe have they been defeated (not including modern warfare, as this was written many years ago). The writer may be mistaken? But he quotes historians such as Gibbon, and his description of the Arabs is, “armed against the world”

      They were better known amongt the European nations as the “Saracens” or, “Hagarenes, or children of Hagar, of the OT.

      The Arabs called themselves Sara-cens, instead of Hagar-cens, to wipe off the reproach of their birth.

      Arabs: “armed against the world” eh. Sounds familiar.


  12. Fedup2 says:

    I hope the egg was free range organic and halal – and obviously non white ….

    Our thoughts and prayers should be with the egg at this difficult time .


  13. StewGreen says:

    PS why no diversity ?
    There are no Muslim men in the picture


  14. StewGreen says:

    Look carefully at the words
    Tom Watson says “anti-Islamist” posts are a bad thing
    Tom Watson is Pro-Islamist

    Isn’t it a good thing to be against Islamists ?

    \\ I welcome Facebook’s decision to remove Tommy Robinson pages under their “Organised Hate” policy.
    But for far too long
    … *anti-Islamist* tirades were given a platform by Facebook //
    full tweet



  15. Yob says:

    Oh dear…Steptoe has been hit by an egg whist surrounded by his largest voting block at Finsbury park mosque…



  16. TrueToo says:

    I accidentally stumbled on an ‘Independent’ article and found this blurb:

    “At the Independent, no one tells us what to write. That’s why, in an era of political lies and BREXIT BIAS (my emphasis) more readers are turning to an independent source.”

    Independent of what, one might well ask.


  17. Guest Who says:

    Shots fired.