Tuesday Open Thread 26 March 2019

I thought I’d try out shorter threads in current circumstances – so over to You to highlight the failings and hideous bias of the Far Left BBC

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  1. StewGreen says:

    tags : Historic sex abuse, cover-ups


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew -best not ask Hattie Harmon about that who I remember defending PIE in her days as a lawyer for the NCCL – liberty as it is now …


      • john in cheshire says:

        Not forgetting Patricia Hewitt who also worked for the NCCL at the time and is also implicated in the PIE stuff.

        Tommy Robinson is constantly vilified for his association with the EDL but Mrs Halfman and Mrs Hewitt are never tagged with the NCCL and its PIE connections whenever their names crop up.


  2. StewGreen says:

    4pm Radio 4 hit piece against righty women, #StitchUps
    \\ Anti-extremism expert Julia Ebner, who has infiltrated multiple far-right groups, reveals that many of these organisations have begun actively recruiting young women in the hopes of softening their public image and potentially increasing their mainstream appeal.

    We hear from Lucy Brown who underwent a political transformation that saw her quit Black Lives Matter and end up working alongside Tommy Robinson, the former head of the English Defence League.
    Lara also speaks to Canadian YouTube “star” Lauren Southern who was banned from entering the UK in 2018 following a highly offensive protest
    ….(WTF she opened a stall in Luton saying Islam loves gays) //


  3. gaxvil says:

    Far Left – Gooood, Far Right – Baaaaaad.

    So can we expect a programme similar on the Far Left – seems logical ?


  4. StewGreen says:

    ooh scary background music
    boo-words like “hardline right”, “denial” thrown around

    … being anti-rape, and anti-terrorism, and pro-equality is pretty mainstream.

    “Lucy Brown” one of the most prominent activists.
    Nowhere near ..she is not Jayda Fransen or Anne Marie Waters.

    “Julia Ebner went undercover with Generation Identity”

    Mentions Jonaya’s anti-Islam views
    ..failed to mention she is mixed-race ( ah in the clip Jonaya mentioned it herself)
    They used her step family’s surname “English” , cos that makes her seem “far right”

    Lauren is now explaining her “Allah is a gay god” stunt and how the gov labels her “racist”

    Lucy is saying she is the “Owen Jones of the right”
    The presenter says ..”You wear a sunwheel necklace..thats a Nazi symbol !” wags finger
    “Your collection of Nazi jewellery”

    4:20pm and Lara gets to topic of grooming gangs, and German immigrant sex abuse “a strong far right argument to lure in new members to the far right”


    • StewGreen says:

      Now on about German speak up group 120dB
      named after rape alarm volume

      4:28pm prog maker tries to connect the Christchurch killer to these women.
      Now listen there were 50 victims in NZ
      but the context in the last couple of months tens of thousands of Muslims have died in attacks in Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.
      so you shouldn’t just count people killed by the odd crazy WHITE guy.


    • Kaiser says:

      scary nazi influenced badge



      • StewGreen says:

        The “Nazi necklace” is probably a pagan symbol , that the Nazis copied
        hence if you wear a pagan symbol, that makes you a Nazi.


        • maxincony says:


          The ‘Nazi necklace’ is probably a pagan symbol , that the Nazis copied…
          hence if you wear a pagan symbol, that makes you a Nazi.

          Lucy Brown,

          Yeah, it’s a Nazi symbol


          Lucy Brown admits looking it up, having full knowledge of what it means, and yet still thinks; “oh that’s cool, I’ll wear that”.

          Either she’s just spectacularly stupid; or she’s a Nazi sympathiser (which by definition means she is also spectacularly stupid).

          Whaddya reckon, Stew? A little bit of both, perhaps?


          • taffman says:

            Nights again?
            Have you any Al Beeb bias to tell us about , no ?
            Have a read of this …………………………….


          • StewGreen says:

            Maxi mate, are you alright ?
            Who’s the bad man, Maxi or Lucy ?

            \\ Either she’s just spectacularly stupid;
            or she’s a Nazi sympathiser (which by definition means she is also spectacularly stupid).
            Whaddya reckon, Stew? A little bit of both, perhaps? //

            Projection ? When someone throws out grand accusations against others, always ask if they are actually PROJECTING their own flaws.

            Any extraordinary claim against someone, needs to have extraordinary evidence.

            Lucy Brown used to be a Black Lives Matter activist
            … now you are claiming she is a Nazi activist
            What is a Nazi ?
            A person, who believes that Aryans are a master race , that other ethnicities and minorities are inferior, to such an extent that it is OK to exterminate them. Using any older softer definitions is DISRESPECTFUL to the memory of the holocaust victims.
            The label is the strongest boo-label you can think of and renders the accused TOXIC
            …. So you’d think that anyone throwing around the word would have proper evidence.
            Cos anyone who breaks the commandment about ‘bearing false’ witness.is “just spectacularly stupid” or a nasty bully.
            (that’s the projection bit)

            The radio prog had all the opportunity to prove that Lucy is an actual Nazi.
            ..maybe it could have quoted her saying “let’s exterminate the Jews, white people are the master race”..nope
            It could have shown evidence that she only associates with whites and not gays and blacks .. but it didn’t cos we know that is untrue.

            Presenter ‘you have a Nazi necklace’
            Lucy ‘actually it’s a pagan symbol, I didn’t know it had been adopted by the Nazis until after I bought it’
            ‘I still like it, so I still wear it’

            Now Maxi observe, there are three cases these days when people use “Nazi symbols”
            i. when the thing actually predates the Nazis
            ii. When they are an actual Nazi
            … yes there really might be a handful around
            iii. or when they know people like you get super-triggered
            …I think 97% of Nazi symbol use, is about winding up or getting back at people who go around shouting Nazi.

            I think that it is mockery of people who on Twitter scream “Nazi” at people they don’t like and try to say there is some equivalence with people who groom/rape/trade/prostitute children.
            Is Lucy the bad man ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Right so far the prog didn’t generate much talk on Twitter
      but the Hatey No Hopers had already started an angry thread
      Here’s a segment
      “You’re good at appearing reasonable” he says as if this a bad thing.


      • StewGreen says:

        See how Maxi , sneers at Lucy’s necklace
        .. but doesn’t comment on what she actually said.

        An ad hominem attack, is when you try to attack someone’s personality, instead of their message.


  5. StewGreen says:

    Michael Buerk speaks up, again


    • BRISSLES says:

      Its actually a good article by Buerk, and is spot on with his analogy of those yooofs who are the decision makers at the Beeb. What say you Maxi ???


    • BRISSLES says:

      Its actually a good article by Buerk, and is spot on with his analogy of those yooofs who are the decision makers at the Beeb. What say you Maxi ???


  6. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Our honourables are keen to keep on saying we brexiteers didn’t know what we were voting for in our great referendum victory of 2016.

    I have a solution to the impasse we have with the honourables going against the people.

    We have about 500 honourable members who are remainers (who, of course, respect the result of the referendum………)
    They tell us leavers now want to remain.
    If they believe that then they should, all 500, resign and stand again in by elections stating that they will be supporting remaining in the eu. If they then win as they say they will, we brexiteers will accept the result if remainers get a legitimate majority in Parliament.

    Of course this will not happen because they know they will (most of them) lose. They know they are in the minority.

    Maybe the new PM, Sir Oliver leftwing will add this to his indicative votes for his parliament to blather on about.


  7. 7Clubs says:

    The R4 programme ‘in the right’ was yet another BBC view of the new right by a leftish journalist.The website Lara Whyte is linked to Open Democracy is very much a Left Wing academic & media website.
    However her programme had a soft edge to it that felt like the BBC are trying to open up doors with the New Right as maybe the BBC are getting worried about how so many new right figures around the world are refusing to talk now to the BBC because of such overtly biased programmes in the past
    Getting a female journalist to make contacts with right wing females – quite an imaginative idea


    • Kaiser says:

      funders include

      Prominent contributors have included George Soros (through his Open Society Foundation he is one of their largest funders) as if we couldn’t guess

      and the muslin shill Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust,


  8. Guest Who says:

    The BBC have been credulous if not outright supporters of Extinction Rebellion.

    Think new young stud Joey trying to get in the bunny suit of a 6th form college student bunking off on a Friday, or an entire BBC team trying to drum up support for one bloke in Stoke.

    Caroline Lucas has suggested a ‘Citizen’s Assembly’, which is a core of their manifesto.

    And here are a bunch of twerps literally reading each page of their website.

    The funny part is they are doing it to… Greenpeace.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Re Greenpeace.
      I hate to be pedantic but it is 11 and half years according to the report they quoted before we all die in unthinkable ways.


  9. Kaiser says:

    the scots are going to be on the warpath again


    out of 500million people

    There were 4.6 million replies in that consultation, 70% of which were from Germans.



    • Van Helsing says:

      The Germans, eh? They’ve obviously never forgiven Stuffy Dowding, Robert Watson-Watt and Keith Park (his father was Scottish) for doing so much to ensure that they ran into a brick wall in the skies over Britain in the summer of 1940…


  10. countryblues says:

    Did anyone notice the Dutch elections recently? Meh…not newsworthy apparently… 🙁


  11. Guest Who says:

    The funny part is most comments seem to be mocking the BBC for not saying it looked like MJ.


  12. Guest Who says:

    How to be a BBC ‘reporter’:

    1) Get a press release from an activist mate.
    2) Copy and paste
    3) Run it by a superior for approval
    4) Post as ‘news’
    5) Job done.


  13. StewGreen says:

    ITV Calendar is covering Chesterfield care system “grooming gang” victim
    … I think that is cos the “madam” and 3 assaulters were white.
    At least one was Asian
    She has a book out

    NAIPAC charity still take 750 calls per month


  14. Fedup2 says:

    If you fast forward to the next election – whatever the outcome of Brexit – when prospective MPs ( as in the current ones) ask for our vote – how can anything they say or promise be relied upon at all ?
    I know the politician lies for a living but truly – every thing is invalid now – speeches , manifestos , TV debates – all just mush .
    If brexit is stopped will the remainers be happy ? Will they be triumphant ? When the reality is that promises made again and again about leaving have been broken ?

    The Monarch is preserving herself by giving no sign about what is going on in her parliament or how her subjects feel . Instead the Royal Family performs a useless function as a branch of the entertainment industry advertising frocks and playing their lives like a ‘soap opera ‘ ‘

    Yet the monarch is the head of her Commonwealth which would benefit greatly by reengagement in free trade ….. I don’t get it.


  15. john in cheshire says:

    Sorry, this is only tangential to anything that’s being discussed here today but it does involve the far-left bbc collective in that they covered the Madeleine McCann case quite extensively at the time and over the intervening years. And the parents seem to be in the news again at the moment.

    One thing that has occurred to me, whatever happened to the sniffer dogs evidence? It seemed very compelling at the time then just disappeared as though it was irrelevant and unreliable.

    If use of sniffer dogs was a waste of time, why are they used to find bodies ( alive and dead ) when there’s been a natural disaster such as an earth quake?

    In the Madeleine McCann case, the dogs located evidence of her both in the apartment and in the hire car.


    • G.W.F. says:

      John in cheshire

      May I point you to the vast number of you tube inquiries into this affair. Some are preposterous, some are not and there is much about the sniffer dogs.


      • john in cheshire says:

        G.W.F., thank you for the pointer.


        • vesnadog says:


          Also the MSM/MET POLICE/and of course their lawyers have rubbished the dogs.

          When asked about his comments for the cadaver dogs success in smelling a dead body – jerry said: ask the dogs . In other words; there’s a huge coverup but the MET aren’t even falling for that piece of cheese knowing if they open their mouths other unanswerable questions will follow.


  16. Dover Sentry says:

    Sky News:

    “”Knife crime: Locals start street patrols after Jodie Chesney murder””

    “”Residents are volunteering to patrol the streets and remove knives following the fatal stabbing of 17-year-old Jodie Chesney.””


    This is what happens when the Judicial System and the Government is ineffective. The response could spread.

    How would the BBC spin this?


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      DS – Great news.
      Vigilantes, not before time.
      They will have to be armed to takes knives off the unwilling.
      Not only have successive British “Governments” not protected real British people, they have pandered to our enemies and admitted them.
      If they will not protect us, we will protect ourselves.
      Protection that will ignore their gun laws completely, totally justified after their Brexit betrayal.
      It sounds like the beginning of a Brexit Army.


    • Thoughtful says:

      When the last set of riots happened in London the BBC did exactly what you would expect and what they have done many times before.

      Every white person trying to protect their homes and businesses was labelled an out of control vigilante thug, hell bent on murder of efniks.

      Anyone with a tan especially Muslims were painted as noble defenders of their communities, perfectly right to kill any whitey scum who dared to even walk past them !


  17. Thoughtful says:

    Radio 4 my Tennage Diary had Robert Peston admitting he had gone out canvassing for Labour with a friend.


  18. theisland says:

    See @isaby for text.
    Treezer will ignore.
    SI to be forced through retrospectively tomorrow after the other shenanigans.


  19. Fedup2 says:

    JRM is to sign up to the sell out then? I wonder what he has been promised ? Cabinet ? Peerage ?

    Principles can be flexible ….


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      I am drawing the opposite conclusion.
      Mogg will be holding his nose when he “approves” the May deal.


    • Oaknash says:

      I have thought this for a long time about him.
      Clever man and brilliant debater – certainly.

      But his loyalty is to his class and his career first, and I am afraid we will only get the sweepings. We all know that Theresas WA is in fact a humiliating political surrender to the EU (including Mogg). I am afraid the traitor class have now shown themselves up for what they truly are – and we should never forgive any of them, including the likes of Mogg.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Fed – DUP still telling May to stick her “deal”.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes – the last principles in the room – because they have shed blood for their existence – unlike the rest of them who are more concerned about not having to queue at ‘non EU’ at airport immigration …..
        I’ll be waiting for some arched eyebrow rubbish like cooper – balls sincerely telling us £39 billion isn’t a lot of money ….


    • RJ says:

      “Principles can be flexible ….”

      JRM has principles, and if you don’t like them he has others.


    • Thoughtful says:

      I posted earlier that Mogg is a product of the rotten school whose hallmark is expediency, every single one who has been spat out by the rotten lot behave the same way.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Well at least he ll be proving the ultimate insult – just another politician .


  21. vlad says:

    Christchurch Watch: It’s now Day 12 since Christchurch, and, yep, you guessed, it’s still on the beeb Home page, and of course all over their Australia section.
    Meanwhile, in the week after Christchurch, there were 35 Jihadi attacks in 16 countries resulting in 165 killed and 104 injured, none of which you’ll read about on Al Beeb.

    And no follow up story on al beeb about Gokmen Tanis, the Utrecht murderer, despite the fact that he admitted to murder with terrorist intent. And no tearful tributes to his victims, unlike NZ.
    And no weeping Jacinda.



    • john in cheshire says:

      Has the far-left bbc collective reported on the attempted murder of 50 schoolchildren in Italy by a muslim immigrant, with a criminal record? There’s plenty to investigate I would have thought.

      Or what about the murder of about 20 Christians in the Philippines?

      What about the latest murder of Christians ( again, about 50 this time) in Nigeria?

      To repeat myself, of course they haven’t because the MSM and the far-left bbc collective in particular couldn’t give a shit about Italian children or Christians in general.


  22. Thoughtful says:


    A poll by ComRes has revealed that a majority of voters believe Parliament is trying to stop the UK leaving the EU, the results coming after the Remain-dominated House of Commons succeeded in a power-grab to take control of the Brexit process from the government.


  23. Thoughtful says:

    And if you need any further reason to explain to a remainer why we NEED to leave the EU then it’s this:

    Europe will be an “ideal refuge for asylum seekers and migrants” in a world where “climate change and global poverty” will drive increasing numbers of poor people to seek better lives elsewhere, according to an EU policy briefing.



  24. 7Clubs says:

    Suella Braverman for next Tory leader?


  25. vlad says:

    Here’s a statistic the beeb won’t be putting on their Home page any time soon: approx one third (33%) of Africans want to migrate, according to Afrobarometer.

    So that’s about 430,000,000 (million) people.

    Let’s hope Lilly Allen, Cucumberpatch, Linecker, Flabbott and all the other posturing virtue-signallers have very large spare rooms.


    • RobRoy says:

      Better put the kettle on Vlad, they’ll all be gasping for a nice cuppa and a rich tea biscuit when they arrive.


    • tapwatertory says:

      Reading the article a bit more closely gave me a headache.

      It gives the percentages of where the cultural enrichers want to migrate to;

      29% within African region
      27% Europe
      22% North America
      13% other countries
      7% elsewhere in Africa
      4% don’t know

      The writer went to great lengths to tell us that the majority want to stop in Africa (29%) as opposed to Europe (27%). But whats the difference between African region (29%) and elsewhere in Africa (7%)???

      Are the 29% just moving to a different part of their home country? If so they’re not migrating they’re ‘moving house’.

      Are they fiddling the figures?

      And taking of figures 29+27+22+13+7+4=102!

      Who writes this shit?


  26. theisland says:

    Leave deal or no deal 29/03/19

    Er, to be debated on 1 April.
    How appropriate. Insult after insult.


    • Fedup2 says:

      But the 5.8 million signatures to the cancellation of a50 aren’t even going to have their petition debated .
      All that effort the MSM made to get the numbers up gone to nothing . What a great debate that would have been – led by JRSell out Mog and supported by cuddly Uncle Ken Clarke ….


  27. Dover Sentry says:

    May’s Brexit discussions with the EU were held in secret and took over two years.

    It’s now obvious that the secrecy was there as otherwise 17 million Leavers would have seriously objected throughout the two years of ‘negotiation’.

    The public were denied this Democratic opportunity and May should be held to account for this.

    Will the BBC step forward and put their best team on this?


  28. Fedup2 says:

    The Telegraph has a curious question about the proportion of British people who would be able to find Brussels on a map ? My question would be “ who the hell would want to know where it is ?”


    • JimS says:

      The assumption is that the British are ignorant of ‘Europe’, now why might that be?

      Could it be that for 40 plus years the EU-loving BBC has ignored ‘Europe’, (except when the UK has been the ‘bad boy’), and concentrated on the US that it loves to hate, (and loves to visit ‘on expenses’)?

      Could it be that we heard nothing about ‘Europe’ bcause they don’t want us to know about ‘Europe’, in the same way that in over two-and-a-half years the ‘remainers’ have failed to put forward any argument as to why we should stay in the EU, (as opposed to why we shouldn’t leave)?


  29. davylars says:

    The Government Has Responded To The Stop Brexit Petition And It’s Not Going To Please Signatories

    Taken from Huff post.


  30. JamesG says:

    Watching Newsnight, Emily Maitlis doesn’t even try to hide her pro-Remain bias, does she.


  31. StewGreen says:

    Smollet, #MoreEqualThan
    Are there any special reasons why Jesse Smollet would get treated differently to a white crook ?


  32. JamesG says:

    MIchael Buerk’s comment(s) about the BBC was the most interesting thing I read about today:


    “The BBC is so preoccupied with diversity and gender balance that it has become less representative of the country it serves, according to Michael Buerk.

    The former foreign correspondent and news anchor said the corporation spends too much time worrying about paying women as “fabulously” as men.

    It is dominated by a metropolitan middle class, he claimed, adding that the imminent departure of John Humphrys from Radio 4’s Today programme is a loss because he is that rare thing: a BBC presenter from a working class background with no university education.”


    • BRISSLES says:

      The Daily Mail also reported that he said ……”These are more uniformly middle-class, well-educated, young, urban and bright, with little experience of – and sometimes little sympathy for – business, industry, the countryside, localness, traditions and politicians.’

      The next bit was interesting……….

      When he joined in 1970, Buerk told Radio Times, few of his colleagues had a degree. ‘They were sharp, if not especially clever, but they had the smell of the street about them and an empathy with those in the underprivileged sticks from which most had hailed,’ he added.


  33. taffman says:

    “European MPs vote to end summer time clock changes”
    Do their laws overrule ours ?


  34. Beeb Brother says:

    The BBC’s two main stories since 2016:

    1. The threat of ‘fake news’ and misinformation from the internet.

    2. A fake news spectacular about Trump and Russia.


  35. jip says:

    The BBC loves telling us how the government and the EU are getting their priorities straight by putting speed limiters on all cars…


    So i wrote this on the BBC comments section:

    “Great idea, we have a massive problem with pensioners mis-gendering people on twitter. Now they won’t be able to speed away in their car to escape the police when they come to break the door down. Luckily the special people in R-ham, only curb crawl slowly for children in their cars… and so will thankfully be left untouched by this law. Will the cancerous BBC censor this comment?”

    Anyone care to speculate if this comment was deleted by the BBC?,

    The BBC of course loves to deflect with this kind of non-sense news, a bit of child rape, and police smashing in pensioners doors to “check their thinking” goes unnoticed by the BBC. Of course the BBC like a bit of child rape themselves, as well as shutting down speech they don’t approve of.