Bravery, Beauty and the BBC

Here’s a happy and positive letter from unjustly-imprisoned Tommy Robinson. A short time ago he was finally given his mail after it was withheld from him out of spite by the employees of the police state. He’ll be out in three weeks.

I doubt that BBC corridors will then be strewn with empty champagne bottles. I cannot find the audio of Jane Garvey’s inadvertent admission of BBC lefty bias, but here’s the transcript:

Ah, well – I had been up for most of the night but I was doing this Five Live breakfast programme with our colleague at the time – it was a bloke called Peter Allen so – I had to get a bit of sleep, and I do remember I walked back into – we were broadcasting then from Broadcasting House in the centre of London – all very upmarket in those days – and the corridors of Broadcasting House were strewn with empty champagne bottles – I will always remember that (Allen laughs) – er – not that the BBC were celebrating in any way shape or form (Allen, laughing – ‘no, no, no, not at all’) – and actually – I think it’s fair to say that in the intervening years the BBC, if it was ever in love with Labour has probably fallen out of love with Labour, or learned to fall back in, or basically just learned to be in the middle somewhere which is how it should be – um – but there was always this suggestion that the BBC was full of pinkoes who couldn’t wait for Labour to get back into power – that may have been the case, who knows ? but as I say I think there’ve been a few problems along the way – wish I hadn’t started this now…

The most-trusted broadcaster is surely gloating over Tommy’s troubles, in common with so many on the worldwide left. Re the latter, just when you think they can’t sink any lower they prove they can by not only denying Miss Nevada State her rightful place in the 2019 Miss America pageant over her support for Trump, but by stripping her of the Nevada title.

The beautiful Katie Williams, ex-combat vet, explains what happened in this video.

Googling Katie Williams Nevada State title stripped BBC produces no BBC results on the first few pages and by then the results are already irrelevant.
But I learned that another contestant, Kathy Zhu, was stripped of her Miss Michigan title for refusing to try on a hijab last year at the University of Michigan. And, shock, horror, she is also a Trump supporter and a committed opponent of the hypocritical idiocy of the left.

So to sum up, political prisoner and journalist Tommy Robinson still has the boot of the police state on his neck – though the pressure has been eased, most probably because of worldwide public shaming of the police state by Ezra Levant and several other Tommy supporters.

And the BBC, rather than campaigning on behalf of this courageous, maltreated fellow journalist, campaigned against him and then slunk away in silence when its propaganda, bigotry and cowardice were brilliantly exposed by the very same journalist.

And the BBC, though filled to the brim with outspoken, campaigning feminists, apparently has no interest in the injustice meted out to US beauty pageant winners stripped of their titles because of their political beliefs.

The left used to be regarded as liberal, but not anymore, at least among people who can think for themselves. Here the eminent Dennis Prager talks about the stark differences between liberal and left.

The lefty BBC likes to think of itself as liberal. That would have a funny side to it were it not for the tremendous harm that the BBC has done and continues to do with its worldwide propagandist reach.

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23 Responses to Bravery, Beauty and the BBC

  1. Fedup2 says:

    The States’ attempt to silence dissent will continue if TR survives his political imprisonment. They’ll find something else to go at him with and I wonder how much more he should do ?

    Meanwhile I’m sure that racist Pakistani paedophilic rape gangs are still at work and learning from the few who have been caught so far

    Perhaps the idea of TR becoming a political refugee in America or similar isn’t as far fetched as it might sound .


    • TrueToo says:


      That reminds me of the only white man, that I know of, granted political asylum in the West. I’m vague on the details, but I think he was in danger in Zimbabwe and found refuge in the UK. I’ve Googled a bit, but can’t find more info.

      Probably the far-left idiots at Google will not help me search because white man granted asylum in Britain fled Zimbabwe would be regarded as a racist search. (I’m only half-joking.)

      Would be good if the eminent Donald J Trump would grant Tommy Robinson political asylum. Dunno if it would be strictly up to Trump, but the man has certainly shown that he can get things done.


      • john in cheshire says:

        Tommy Robinson has about three more weeks in prison, I think. But I believe they’re taking him to court on the third of September, I believe, to get him banned from Luton football club matches.

        That’s how wickedly vindictive are these rats.

        I hope he is kept safe in prison and leaves as mentally and physically healthy as he entered.

        May God punish these wicked people in government, in the police, in the prison service, in the MSM (it’s not just the racist far-left bbc collective that disgusts me, it includes the likes of Nickyknownowt at LBC), politicians including Mr Farage and especially in the judiciary.


        • TrueToo says:

          john in Cheshire,

          Yes, he said he will be out in three weeks. They want to ban him from Luton matches? That certainly is just being vindictive. What a farce the UK ‘justice’ system has become.

          I’m disappointed in Farage re his disparaging remarks about Tommy.

          Re the media, Tommy really dealt the BBC a heavy blow with his Panodrama. There must surely be millions more people on the planet who now know that the BBC is not to be trusted – along with all other lefty media who follow the BBC line.


          • maxincony says:

            john in cheshire,

            …banned from Luton football club matches. That’s how wickedly vindictive are these rats… May God punish these wicked people

            Gosh, how vindictive, how wicked.

            And when Darren Osborne deliberately drove his van into a crowd of people, murdering one and injuring nine others.

            And when it was revealed in court he’d become radicalised after reading posts by Britain First and Tommy Robinson.

            What did you have to say then about “wickedness”?

            Oh yes:

            I think I’m going to feel very sorry for Mr Osborne… the best outcome for him and us would be a non-custodial sentence…


            • taffman says:

              Apart form me, I don’t think anyone pays attention to your posts here any more because you support a company that ‘robs from the poor to give to the rich’.
              Also, you never post any examples of Al Beeb’s Bias.
              You are just trolling on behalf of Al Beeb.


  2. jazznick1 says:

    Some recently breaking Climate news that’s bound to be covered by our ‘gold-standard’ BBC !

    (tumbleweed rolls by)

    Michael “one tree” Mann has lost his court case against Dr Tim Ball.

    Dr Ball gets all costs but( that will come out of green blob funds no doubt).

    Still need to get him to ‘show his r2 working’ behind the hockey stick graph but he’s probably got a million lined up to prevent this happening at least until he dies.


    • TrueToo says:

      That article is way over my head but it’s great news. Apparently Mann has 30 days to appeal. I really hope the verdict stands if he does appeal.

      I guess one could say Mann failed to hit the Ball with his hockey stick.

      (I’ll get my coat.)


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Tim Ball’s version, sea sediment cores, is replicated by a hundred other scientific papers using a variety of evidence. I believe the only way you can replicate Michael Mann’s version is if you go into the forest were Mann got his tree rings. Make a mistake or fraud by assuming all the thin tree rings are caused by cold weather. Deliberately ignore or incompetently not know about isotopic evidence that proves that many of these thin tree rings are caused by hot droughts. Then after all that, you are confused by the tree rings showing a cooling after 1960, so you therefore add on the global temperature record for after 1960.

      This way your incompetence or fraud will get you a PhD and make you a media star. All because your hockey stick is just what the left-wing morons are looking for. If Tim Ball and other enemies of science are after you then call for the world to rebel against Donald Trump, but never reveal evidence to a court that you made an innocent mistake, if the evidence proves you are a fraud and therefore should be in the State Pen, not Penn State.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    This from the Wattsupwiththat, Anthony Watts website, is on the same outcome:

    I wonder if Mark Steyn will ever get his day in court? I think Mr Mann would be completely destroyed if it ever comes to pass.

    Remember Climategate, remember 28gate.


    • jazznick1 says:

      I think Dr Ball’s intention was to ‘flush-out’ Mann and get him to ‘show his working’ as a way to prove he was not a fraud.
      This is difficult to achieve when you refuse to release your data declaring ‘intellectual property rights’ : so the issue rumbles on.

      It looks like going to the Supreme Court (after 8/9 years) but has cost Steyn a fortune. Mann, however, seems to be able to keep Steyn bleeding in the hope he will give up.

      Mark Steyn’s case is more about freedom of speech and has potentially wide ramifications for the press and even sites like this.
      What is interesting about this case is “disclosure” – as Mann has chosen to tough this out he must disclose all relevant documents (his data) to Steyn’s team. Mann’s own arrogance seems to have tripped him up here and apart from a bent judge he cannot hide-his-own-decline much longer.

      Sorry, I’ll get my coat too.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Thanks for this post – the link is excellent. I am looking froward to hearing about the Mann case on the BBC


  4. john in cheshire says:

    A short three minute video from John Pilger about Julian Assange. I remember the poor condition of Tommy Robinson after about ten weeks in solitary confinement so it’s no surprise that Mr Assange’s condition appears to be so poor.

    And contrast how Tommy Robinson is apparently being treated in Belmarsh prison because via Ezra Levant the eyes of the world are on them. But because Julian Assange isn’t getting the same scrutiny in public, the rats are reverting to type and effectively torturing him.


  5. Scroblene says:

    I’ve only just read this, so please forgive me if I’ve misinterpreted the detail. I do think though, that the sentiments seem to fit most good people here!

    For some years, I’ve always assumed that when thick, stupid politicians, aided and abetted by gullible state broadcasters and leftie rags, start making noises, they unwittingly create a ‘market’, which is soon grabbed by people with money to risk and gain from.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Once the Marxists realised that the threat from an invasion of Earth from outer space was not going to bring the people of the world together under their Grand Design they needed to find another threat. The Great Global Warming Swindle was born. Voila!


      • Scroblene says:

        Spot on, LW!

        They tried it with ‘Big Bang’, the ‘Millenium Bug’, and a host of smaller issues made out to be important, but failed every time.

        When you see idiots like Miliband staring at Greeta Thunderbox as though she is a saintess, you know a new one is just starting!


  6. Foscari says:

    I have written about this before,but I am pretty sure I am correct
    in the fact that BBC TV has a Muslim women agenda when
    interviewing the general public .
    5% of the population of the UK is Muslim. London has by far the
    greatest percentage. There are over 1 million following the
    religion of peace in the capitol. When asking the general public
    their opinion , in the street on a number of subjects one
    would not expect necessarily there to be a 21/2% chance that the first person interviewed would be a Muslim lady. If it was 20%
    of the time one would not care that much about it.
    BUT if it becoming a fact that on nearly every topic. Be it the weather on Bournemouth beach, the failing rail service outside a
    main line station. Knife crime explosion, Brexit. And even PEAKY
    BLINDERS , this morning on breakfast TV. The first person
    interviewed is a Muslim lady,one might ask what’s going on?
    It’s simple . The BBC has a virtue signalling agenda , in which it
    is drumming into us the fact that in four generations because
    of demographics due to birth rates, the UK will be a country
    with a Muslim majority . And we better start getting used to this !


    • Foscari says:

      Sorry-I wrote this on the the wrong topic page !! I am not that
      computer literate as you can see from my presentation. The
      only way I can find to get to the last contribution is to click on the
      top preview on the right hand side. I didn’t realize it was Bravery and Beauty ! I just find it frustration scrolling down for half an hour.
      I know there must be an easier way!


      • TrueToo says:


        I think clicking on the latest post on the right hand side, as you do, is the quickest way.

        Re scrolling down, if you have Windows 7 with an older IE browser, you can put your mouse cursor anywhere you want on the scroll bar, right click to get a menu which includes ‘Scroll here.’ Left click on that and the page will jump to the point where you put the cursor.


  7. theisland says:

    TR protest on 24 August.

    See PUBLICK OCCURRENCES ( four videos:
    London ANTIFA March to BBC to Protest Tommy Robinson
    Tommy Robinson Supporters arrive at BBC London Antifascists
    MetPolice Arrest Tommy Robinson Supporters at London Protest with Antifa
    Police Brutality: Man left with BLOODED FACE after thrown to ground by police


    • john in cheshire says:

      And now the police are demanding they are all given tasers. They know we won’t give them all guns so they’re trying to achieve that goal piecemeal.

      My view is that since the police are supposed to be ordinary citizens whom we have temporarily delegated some of our power to act on our behalf then if it’s ok for them to have tasers, it’s good enough for us too. Either we’re all allowed a Taser or no one is allowed a Taser.


  8. cromwell says:

    Absolutely bloody disgusting, the antifasist unwashed nearly all look young and looking just to make trouble and what’s with all the cover up, masks and scarves. Is it because they have jobs and don’t want employers to see them or is that mummy and daddy will be angry that they are in a fascist organisation. The police again have shown themselves to be utter twa$s. President Trump has it right calling this vile org. illegal, we should be doing the same here if Boris is worth his salt. Funny how they call Tommy’s supporters out when it is antifas who are doing the vile behaviour. Their signs tell you what they are eg. Smash capitalism and sharia law. They need to be locked up but all I see is the police harassing Tommy supporters. I think that order is from way above the police chain of command.


  9. maxincony says:


    Here’s a happy and positive letter from unjustly-imprisoned Tommy Robinson.

    Here’s an idea…

    If poor, little, racist “tommy” doesn’t like going to prison, perhaps he could stop breaking the law. Radical, I know; but has anyone suggested this to him?