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  1. Guest Who says:

    But not too much. It may get it banned.


    • StewGreen says:

      Backlinks to previous thread
      Especially since some of us have still be posting on there oblivious
      and just finished page 5 which started 11am Friday
      page 4 started 6pm Thursday

      As always Inoreader is a useful tool, cos you can order posts so the newest appear at the top of the page


  2. Not Gwent says:

    I confess to being confused by the idea of the opposition back seat driving when they could be the government.


    • smoogie7 says:

      If it is Corbyn then driving from the opposition is one of his many daft stunts.


    • JimS says:

      The opposition are the government now.

      We now have a dictatorship, an unelected government with no mandate and no means of removing it for three years.

      They will probably push through a three-day bill to become a Fixed Parliament, only ceding power when the EU makes us the first region of the new euro-state.

      I’m being 80% serious!


      • taffman says:

        We are fast becoming similar to Mugabe’s Zimbabwe?


      • Doublethinker says:

        If Corbyn is ever in power, he isn’t yet, then I really do fear that elections will be consigned to the dustbin. I know at present they seem to count for very little but they haven’t officially been abolished. The Marxist play book requires that the people are forbidden from removing the Marxist party by the simple expedient that there aren’t any candidates from other parties. If Corbyn and his gang seize power the whole gamut of Marxist doctrine will unfold . God help us.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Double, that is why – when the next opportunity to vote arises – it will be vital to get the turnout high. A low turnout, because the EU Ref result was ignored, will give a dictator leader once elected the scope to introduce restrictions or scrap elections.

          Communism (National Socialism) has form on this.


          • Spiderman says:

            Boris must stop postal voting now. Students voting multiple times from multiple address – 5 years, no remission. And buy some steel padlocks for the bloody ballot boxes. This is serious.


        • R P McMurphy says:

          But a Corbyn’s junta will not be able to turn the British Army Generals.


          • Doublethinker says:

            The army is a hollow shell full of liberals and won’t do anything. It’s the people who must take the initiative.


            • rthornton says:

              As armchair generals all over the country are quick to point out.


              • SPC says:

                Yes RTHORNTON but – What else can we do – decent people that we are – faced with this utter stupidity. I never realised what an awful country we’ve become.
                Yes – armchair generals – keyboard warriors – whatever.
                Now our right to an election taken from us.
                This is not what I call democracy at any level.
                I can’t see how we can ever recover from this.


  3. smoogie7 says:

    Posted this on the other page about some potential (and I hope that Johnson pulls this) theories that have been floating around lately:

    Not sure if it is just a bit of fun to tease remainers or just to get people’s hopes up but some theories are being thrown around:

    Johnson and Cummings knew that that could get around a bill one way or another but are keeping it quiet. By allow MPs to go crazy and launch the bill gives Johnson a chance to weed out the wets and at the same time expose Corbyn as a fraud.

    The wets are gone, the Tories can be a pro Brexit Party while Corbyn loses half of his voters.

    Johnson finds a way around the bill and carries on with Brexit ‘Do or die’

    Other ideas are to allow a GE to happen and with Corbyn’s popularity weakened from leave voters struggles. Johnson to do a pact with Farage to allow Brexit Party to sweep up Labour heartlands. Corbyn gone, job done.

    Another suggestion but very unlikely is that Johnson would want to stay in the EU after all and thus is a remainer in disguise but his ego would prevent this from being true. Johnson is not May and is showing no signs of being weak like her


  4. taffman says:

    Moved from Al Beeb Radio today to LBC .
    Nothing but ‘wall to wall’ anti-brext propaganda now on that station.
    The MSM is rife with it , almost as much as Al Beeb.
    Parliament and the media has turned its back on 17.4m of the people of Great Britain. Its almost as if they are being controlled by the EU? The super state does not let go of its empire easily.


    • frustrated voter says:

      Hi Taffman, new on here but try LBC until James O’Brien starts (he will raise your blood pressure for sure) then flick over to Talk Radio for 10.00 am. Mike Graham is one of us, even before that it is Julia Hartley Brewer (and she is quite good too). Hope this helps and saves your radio from and untimely death.


  5. davylars says:






  6. johndba says:

    So much about mugabe on the Bbc lets be honest he was a tyrant no more no less


    • JamesArthur says:

      The Guardian’s obituary of mugabe was written as though he was an intellectual pacifist who did his best…iagainst white colonialism it beggars belief….but then again they think Mr Corbyn is Jesus’ cousin


  7. Cassandra says:

    Separated at birth:

    Emily Thornberry


    The Blimp



  8. Thoughtful says:

    So Mugabe is finally dead and yet another Marxist who ‘failed to implement it correctly’ is consigned to history, yet the BBCs appalling Anti white hate needs to be exposed.

    Mugabe destroyed the economy the BBC tells, Mugabe destroyed a vibrant an effective education system they go to indict. Mugabe destroyed farming and food production so the population fell to hunger.

    But never in these indictments, in the Fascist supporting BBCs coverage was any credit given to those white people who worked so hard to put those things in place.

    Rhodesia as was, was a far better place than Mugabes Zimbabwe ever was or probably will be. The Fascist left don’t want you to know that Mugabe inherited all those good things he destroyed, from the predominantly White government.

    The reality they don’t want telling is that colonialism might well have produced inequalities, but it provided a good standard of living which is now only enjoyed by a few members of the parties inner circle.

    As Winston Churchill said “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Ditto South Africa? However I do discern a slight difference in British media reporting between the deaths of Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe when surely both were at one time, extremely anti white and did their best to banish whites from their country, including extreme violence. Yet if we in Britain were to wish for a white Mandela or a white Mugabe we would be labelled by our great liberal elite as Nazis. I wonder if they will ever see the contradiction in this way of seeing the world, or is it that they do indeed “get it” but just hate their countrymen.
      I have to admit that I am indebted to the administration of Mr T. B. Liar which, more than anything, made me see the hypocrisy in my own erstwhile very similar political views.


      • Thoughtful says:

        Yes, but the Fascist BBC are not reporting about SA atm.

        Mugabe for certain used White people as hate figures and “bring me my machine gun” Inshini Wami Zuma hated whites, but it’s a foreign country.

        This is the UK, and the BBC is supposedly our national broadcaster, and as part of its Fascist Left ideology it hates White people – it’s full of Jews so the anti Semitism is very much toned down.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Good quote, Thoughtful.


  9. ScottishCalvin says:

    Wowzers, this really has been a textbook example of that “a week is a long time in politics” expression. Just keep playing down the clock Boris…


  10. theleftwilleatitself says:

    I am genuinely amazed going by the general sentiment around the country, that broadcasting house in W1 is still standing and hasn’t been razed to the ground yet ????
    The way the shower at al beeb have behaved (I only read their online stuff) is appalling considering their ‘neutrality’
    Please stop paying these utterly dishonest twats ✌????


  11. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Lots of lefty outrage.
    They seem to be permanently outraged the poor little dears.

    Outraged that Boris called Cameron a girly swot.
    Outraged that Boris answered questions about other topics instead of only on police matters when he had some police behind him.
    Outraged that he may have mouthed ‘big girls blouse’ about that big girls blouse sitting opposite him.
    Outraged because he got rid of 21 traitors who were trying to destroy him.(one of them was Churchill’s relative don’t you know)
    Almost all the questions on qt last night were from lefties outraged at everything Boris has done (that is, trying to do what the people voted for)

    Being permanently in a state of outrage cannot be good for the poor little Marxists .
    If only they could accept they lost and get on with their little lives they would feel much better.


    • smoogie7 says:

      They are actually obsessed with the man! The ‘bad three’ rags (Guardian, Independent and Mirror) along with Sky are all bleating on about calling Cameron a girl’s blouse

      I mean did those lefty rags ever managed to avoid going to name calling and snide comments towards those that they did not like?

      How mach abuse is Johnson being subjected to?

      Oh, but do they like it when their Corbyn gets called something?


      • Doobster78 says:

        As usual, the left are outraged over absolutely nothing, their hero, Corbyn clearly calls May a stupid woman but that’s fine with them , excuses at the ready…. imagine if Boris called Diane Abbott a stupid woman ?????? They would combust with rage !!!

        I loathe their double standards.


        • smoogie7 says:

          I remember that very well. Corbyn got called out for that and of course it is now forgotten about. One of many blunders from Corbyn that all add up to his revolting image


      • john in cheshire says:

        To paraphrase René Descartes, for the lefties in general:

        I hate, therefore I am

        That’s all they have and without their daily dose of hate, they are just a hollow shell without purpose.


  12. Cassandra says:

    I originally put this in BBBC midweek section but you may be interested to know that BBC propaganda is available in pidgin English as well.


    I like the new start time, Fed. Is it to confuse Maxi?


    • smoogie7 says:

      lol I have seen that before. Is that really how every single English speaking African speaks?

      More ignorance from the BBC!


  13. Thoughtful says:

    The cowardly useless incompetent Tories find their past coming up behind them and biting them in the ass.

    Firstly we see the mess Cameron made with the fixed term parliament act, and now, perhaps worse we see the unbelievably incompetent politicisation of the Police by Camerons jobs for the boys Police Commissioners.

    Seriously, what did the idiot think was going to happen when he gave single Labour loons control of Policing of our major cities?

    Earlier this week we saw LABOUR controlled Gestapo Manchester Police arresting protestors against LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn and then later releasing them without charge.
    This is Fascism – the use of the states apparatus for political ends.

    Now we see LABOUR controlled super achingly Politically Correct incompetent West Yorkshire Police taking a swipe at Boris Johnson. This is the force which FAILED to arrest Pakistani Muslim child rapists, and spends God knows how much of their resources Policing thought, speech, and social media, for unacceptable non Fascist incidents, all the while crime which isn’t investigated explodes.

    And all of this is dierctly the fault of the cowardly useless incompetent Tories.


  14. Richard Pinder says:

    Will the British Army end this Rump of a Parliament with corrupt Maggots in it. Will General Sir Mark Alexander Popham Carleton-Smith say: Your Country calls upon me to cleanse the Augean Stable, by putting a final Period to your Iniquitous Proceedings, which by God’s Help, and the strength He has given Me, I now come to do. I command ye, therefore, upon the Peril of your Lives, to depart immediately out of this Place; Go! Get out! Make haste, ye Venal Slaves, begone!


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Richard Pinder
      Now, there is a saying “history repeats itself” Could we be on the threshold of such a repetition? However much we may wish that it were so, personally I doubt it, because I believe that the brains of our males have been deliberately altered by indoctrination in order that the invader will prevail.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Those of us of a certain age remember talk of military coups in the 1970s. Seem to recall Sir ‘Jams; Goldsmith may have been involved along with another adventurer bloke. There’s some documentary film about it available on-line but ageing memory lets me down at this point.


  15. Nibor says:

    Radio 4 nine o clock this morning .

    What (insert country ) think of us . Today it was Poland .

    I’ve heard three or four of these programmes and they all follow a similar format .
    A lot of history told , how we came to be linked to the country in question , how they on the whole like us but we are not the super race we think we are , what they like about us and what they think is funny about us — then Brexit !
    They think we’ve made a mistake , we don’t understand the modern world , we will all die .
    Today the ex diplomat said the EU commission hadn’t explained themselves well enough to us , we were duped by the media , we should regret it .
    Another luminary ( a professor ) let the cat out of the bag by tellingly saying Brexit cannot be a success or the whole EU project would be in danger and it’s more than just an economic gathering of countries ( I thought the economics was all the remainers thought about ) .
    No ordinary Poles were interviewed .


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Has Lord Haw Haw taken over our national broadcaster?
      If he has I would like the fcuker to know that I just ain’t listening and I ain’t paying his ransom.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Interesting analysis, Nibor. I don’t listen to much on Radio 4 these days (other than TMS, in the background!) but I did make the effort with the first, second and fourth of these five (i.e. Singapore, USA & Australia) though I missed the Spain & Poland ones.

      They were quite good but there was a persistent negativity about present-day Britain and almost a nostalgia for the bad-old past, which is unusual for the BBC and its ‘progressive’ world view.
      In the Singapore one, the idea was put forward that people there struggled to understand why the UK would leave the trading block of its neighbours … but, surely, the whole point of Brexit is that the UK is not dealing with a Common Market any more, or even a European Community, but rather a fully fledged and undemocratic European Union which may become a United States of Europe. Making it all about trade and the economy misses the point.

      I think your observation about the EU project being threatened by a successful Brexit is spot on, and one that the biased BBC refuses to analyze. The BBC cannot admit that the EU has no interest in any nation leaving and getting a good deal, particularly one that is a nett contributor. The BBC’s naivety (or deliberate misinformation) about the EU’s motives is notable: it cannot drum up the same cynicism that it has for anything done by Trump, Farage, Bolsonaro, Salvini, Orban et al.

      You note that no ordinary Poles were interviewed. One does wonder what was left on the cutting-room floor in the making of these and other programmes. If this tour of other countries amounts to little more than a series of interviews with an educated elite who share the same globalist opinions, then it serves little purpose.


  16. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Today on sky news they had some bloke from the House of Lords on about Brexit and he made a great point.

    We keep hearing that there ‘could’ be delays of up to 2 days if we come out on no deal and this means no food, firms going bust and people dropping dead because of no medicine.
    He said:
    “In 2015 the port of Calais was closed (blockaded) for 23 consecutive days, we heard of no effects and certainly nothing like they are telling us will happen”
    Not word perfect but you get the message, 23 days with negligible effect.

    In fact, he said every year its normal for at least 10 days when Calais is closed.

    I doubt that they (Sky) will have him on again.


    • Jagman84 says:

      A WTO Brexit is mandated, by the EU refusing to discuss trade arrangements until we leave. They attempted to protect their trading imbalance with the UK by getting us to ratify the WA and associated PD. if we had, it would then be unnecessary to hold trade talks as the WA/PD would give them all they needed in advance.


  17. Frustrated says:

    Was planning on seeing how newswatch reported on the week and so sat through part of BBC News with Rachel Shabi from the Guardian blustering on about what an awful/disgraceful liar Boris is and how appalling his first week was. (Claiming incidentally how brilliantly Corbyn has positioned himself and how he “destroyed” Boris … has she been watching the same parliament.live footage as me?)

    The “token” Telegraph guy (Asa Bennett) was not much help, though he occasionally pointed out how blatantly biased the Guardian’s comments were.

    As usual NOTHING from the BBC woman about maybe toning down her aggressive manner.

    It was almost too much and then (what was I expecting!!!?) newswatch spent the last minutes talking about the updated logo / theme music for newsnight having spent the first half (?) discussing whether or not the new “popstar” microphones were good enough for blocking out surrounding noise of protesters while doing interviews outside Parliament …

    I somehow think that this week (many!) people may have been complaining about other things reported by the BIASED bbc??

    As the news is now showing the interview with “Gina Miller” defending how good the decision was for HER (it wasn’t a defeat or thrown out …) and the police chief complaining about having been “used” by Boris I’m going to switch BBC off again.


  18. Dave S says:

    I do not think all is as it seems. Firstly Boris now has control over his party. May did not. Rebel at your peril is now the policy. Any PM who can sack seriously important ( once ) men like Clarke and Hammond is no pushover.
    Next i am sure that the EU and the powers that be have come to terms with Brexit and understand that the risks of stopping it outweigh the potential benefits to them. The hysterical opposition in the Guardian and the BBC is exactly that. Just a form of demented insanity and positively unhelpful now.
    Then it is important that Brexit causes as little disruption as possible and maybe Boris is there to deliver.
    That amendment by Kinnock ( he must be as well connected to Brussels as anyone in this country) allows for the May WA to be put to the vote again. It could be tweaked and appear to give a real Brexit. I am sure Brussels will do this.
    The vote takes place. Tory rebels reconsider as there is now a deal . The diehard brexiteers know that to vote against will end their careers. Enough labour MPs vote for it as well as there is obviously real discontent with Corbyn and this is part of the way to ditch him.
    WE then have an election. Boris wins it and Corbyn is dumped along with his chums. The younger men and women in the labour party are quite prepared to let the Tories stay in power as they know that 5 or 10 years down the road they will have their turn.
    Corbyn is useless and has to go. Boris gets to be Pm and normal service is resumed for our political class.
    Cynical of course but that is how the world works.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Dave S
      Many years ago,as a gullible Labour supporter I would have welcomed the advent of Mr Corbyn as leader of our movement and would NOT have been ” quite prepared to let the Tories stay in power for 5 or 10 years.” However, given the support of most of our current politicians and so called celebrities, media and judicial system I find it hard to see how the E.U. Communists (Mafia) can fail to attempt to impose their (already failed) philosophy on the U.K.


  19. Nibor says:

    Unfortunately I can’t get a Brexit rep to impart information and give some money but I’d like you to know some info ; that that all EU states are still signed up to the TIR (Trans International Routier ) system and the AETR rules . They’re also signed up to the International Driving Permit both 1926 and 1949 .


    • Nibor says:

      Sorry I should have made that clearer explanation
      A Brexit rep to impart information TO and I give some money .

      Job losses ?! They’ve already happened — to us . The future job losses will be Polish lorry drivers and the companies they belong to .


  20. smoogie7 says:


    Boris Johnson would rather defy the law than ask for another Brexit delay, he has indicated, as Labour was accused of plunging Britain into a constitutional crisis.

    The Prime Minister said he “will not” carry out Parliament’s instructions to seek an Article 50 extension if he fails to agree a new deal, adding he was only bound “in theory” by a law passed on Friday.

    Mr Johnson also ruled out the option of resigning to avoid asking for an extension, saying he would be staying in office to deliver Brexit and defeat Jeremy Corbyn.


    (There is a paywall)


  21. StewGreen says:

    Coming new JHB prog ……………… and good Twitter thread
    Thursday on Radio4 : Can impartial journalism win out in a world of alternative facts and the re-tweet echo chamber of Twitter?
    There is a long long blurb
    ‘spect they will be tiresome and try to FRAME thmsleves as the good guys
    (the internet) has put old-fashioned,
    *impartial news* itself under the spotlight.
    (presupposes they are impartial ………. they aren’t)

    Are we – the BBC and others – any longer believed? Are we trusted? (bears/wood)

    And what happens when we aren’t? (Think your Tesla funded pension will pay out ?)

    Do democracy and digital sit comfortably together or is one currently winning at the expense of the other? ‘(ooh fake news ..so we have to close down the internet’..yeh right)
    James Harding He set up Tortoise slow news
    – ITN, Robert Peston
    – Helen Lewis; presenter of BBC Radio 4’s The World this Weekend,
    – Mark Mardell;
    – Talk Radio host, Julia Hartley-Brewer;
    – Gavin Haynes of Vice UK
    (the BBC’s girlfriend)


  22. chancygardner says:

    Having weighed up the options available to Boris, I am still unable to see clearly how he can ‘guarantee’ a departure on 31st October. A re-hash of the TW deal might or might not be accepted by the EU so that can’t be it and the ‘no deal’ route has been scrubbed by the latest bill.

    So what’s he going to do? Declare war on Germany? What trick does he have with a sixpence and a piece of string that will take us all by surprise?

    Either that or..he might have gone nuts! Theresa May only just held onto her sanity on two hours sleep a night for several weeks and Bojo, well he tends to be a bit eccentric at the best of times.


  23. Terminal Moraine says:

    Not BBC but Apple bias… just recently I’ve been getting these promoted ads on my Twitter feed.

    Standard issue these days to have a diverse choice of model, but even I was surprised to see the main content in Arabic script. The page it directs to is not some middle east market or special faith school but apple.com > UK > EDUCATION.



    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Edit function gone again (page is apple.com > UK > EDUCATION > Everyone Can Create)


    • StewGreen says:

      “need an inclusive environment”
      ..Well guess the seating arrangements when I had a class of 24 Muslim adult students in a rural area of Malaysia ?
      And then I naively tried to do my normally rearranging so that beginner students sat next to good students .

      (hint Mosques are for men, with maybe a woman’s section at the back or upstairs.)

      However I’ve been to lots of inclusive social events in the cities when half the group was non-Muslims and the rest ethnic-Muslism (some practicing and some not) then we not split men/women, but all those people were middle class and English speakers)


  24. StewGreen says:

    Saving 20p a pint tonight ?
    … Remainiacs are having their usual ‘Bitter attitude’

    Some local Wetherspoons will be having Brexit meetings
    I know Doncaster will be having one on the 14th


    • smoogie7 says:

      The same Weatherspoons that promote Brexit but still appeal to the young remainers?

      I guess they will come round and support leave once they get their cheaper drinks and knock off food prices but don’t tell the BBC that, Tim Martin is a bad guy in their books who needs putting out of business!

      Not that the well off BBC staff would drink with us commoners of course!


  25. Dover Sentry says:

    I found this comment on Guido Fawkes:-

    “Boris has this afternoon said he has no intention of asking the EU for an extension. Here’s one theory why:

    The speaker deemed Queen’s Consent is not required for this bill, therefore the bill doesn’t affect the Royal Prerogative.

    It is the Royal Prerogative that is used for foreign affairs, including negotiating and extending treaties such as that containing A50. Tilbrook case made this clear as May extended A50 without needing a Parliamentary bill using the RP powers, and a judicial review ruled this was lawful.

    Boris can therefore ignore the bill, or do as the Bill requires and then immediately go against it using the RP and/or refuse to bring anything back to the Commons from his negotiations.

    Presumably this is his plan if the Commons doesn’t eventually agree to a General Election.””


    This is the sort of stuff that Cummings would have been involved in. Far ahead of the game.


    • smoogie7 says:

      This might well be the get out of jail free card and perhaps why he has remained so cool the last couple of days.

      The left will see him as undemocratic of course and expect some court action against him. How dare this dictator go against the will of parliament!


  26. vlad says:

    Here’s something you’ll never see on al beeb: a thriller sympathetic to Israel and Mossad, called The Spy, on Netflix.

    Starring the unlikely Sacha Baron Cohen.

    May it be a roaring success and may it be one more step in the demise of al beeb.


  27. Philip_2 says:

    iplayer Radio is axed by the BBC The BBC is scrapping the iPlayer Radio service to focus on is Sounds app -despite being deluged with complaints that is doesn’ t work as well…’ it states in The Daily Mail this week:

    It reminded me of a Month Python sketch of a dead Parrot or indeed the famous Cheese shop where they had NO CHEESE but could not bare to admit it. And then there was the ‘Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy’ series where one episode involved the discovery of an entire planet is made of compressed shoes (that don’t fit anyone and had all died out with bad feet) – as the factory output was only geared up to make ‘one size of shoe’. James Purnell is the shoe maker responsible for the BBC Sounds app. He said ..It.. ’now matches the major features and functionality of iPlayer radio’. Not a lot of people know this; but he was an MP which gave him amazingly clear EU standards on sausages and banana shapes via the app on his less than smart phone. He has been described as both a ‘twerp’ and a self-confessed ‘disruptor’ (his description) of futuristic BBC technologies. He has, of course NO technical skills what-so-ever, no technical qualifications (other than being an ex Labour MP with politics) and likes to dress like the former Steve Jobs (deceased) all in black. Steve jobs spent his entire life avoiding public funded cretins like Purnell who would have trouble finding the difference between a microwave and an FM transmission, let alone DAB. The BBC is doomed. Another aside is the fact (and I only heard this very briefly on LBC or Classic FM) that Globals ‘app’ is being used far more than the troublesome BBC ‘Sounds’ which nobody wants to use or pay for. Radio is free, of course and the BBC budget wants to squeeze radio into TV, which is another problem as the two don’t mix at all. But for the BBC ‘one-size-fits-all’, it is a perfect match for the left-footed shoe remainers on planet EU. Doomed to fail, as the cost escalates. Who cares?

    I do question if an ‘app’ can replace a radio set. The over 75’s paying for the TV license won’t see any benefit on radio ‘The Archers’. The BBC obsession with ‘yoof’ continues on mobile phone users. Log in here (as if the ‘yoof’ will ever pay for a TV or radio license).

    Another little ‘snippit’ on the faulty cumbersome BBC ‘sounds’ app is the revelation that they spent 24 hours non stop advertising on-air plus London Underground posters and even hired the ‘London Eye’ to promote ‘BBC Sounds’ this last year. It was then rebranded on the Apple store due to very bad reviews and low usage. It has since done slightly better but it still a failure commercially in its quest for ‘world domination’ (awaiting future EU subsidies for ‘teknologicky’). Reported in The Times 06/07/19



  28. Frustrated says:

    Don’t know if this has already been dealt with …

    German (and British media as well apparently) going mad with viral youtube clip (recorded by BBC, of course) about “Polite Brit” who asked Boris to leave “his” town.

    HIS town??

    I quote: “Another wrote: “Love the gentleman who politely said #PleaseLeaveMyTown – he spoke for many people in Morley & Outwood.”

    Not the majority however, … I just checked. “Morley & Outwood voted 59.82% Leave to 40.18% Remain … So more like a sore loser maybe ?

    I’d say good for Boris for staying (will NOT use the word “remain” ;o) polite and calm after all that has been thrown at him over the last few days!

    But it is yet another thing that the MSM are pushing to mock Boris and that is being pushed “worldwide” …

    Fume, fume …

    That’s it … Things can ONLY get better tomorrow!


  29. StewGreen says:



  30. Celtic_Mist says:


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      I hope I’m not repeating something I’ve already posted but the letter box joke about Muslim women was used in Carry on Spying (1964).
      If I remember correctly it was delivered by Bernard Cribbens.
      I don’t recall any fuss about it then.
      Same sort of thing about “Bongo Bongo Land” My first recollection of that expression in the political arena was by Tory MP Alan Clark. But it was Ukip’s Geoffrey Bloom that copped the flak for it several years later.


    • vlad says:

      Ironic given the long history of persecution of Sikhs by muslims.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Only Labour MPs applauded. More BBC fake news.


  31. Scroblene says:

    Did I hear the R5 ‘struggling to survive’ news correctly just now?

    ‘The BBC are in discussions with Facebook and Twitter to discuss the plethora of fake news and how to deal with it’! (My paraphrase).

    Surely Bookface and Twotter have enough on their plates without having long boring meetings, chaired by some hairy-tweeded BBC selected person with pince-nez, the dull glare of a dead tiger on the lounge floor, and the suspicion of a moustache, advising them how to manufacture and issue fake news, and what are the ways to confuse the public and deal with the response!

    And in the same bulletin, there was a lead ‘story’ on the British Chambers of Commerce – bless – complaining that 2/5 of their members didn’t have a clue on what to do when Brexit is finalised.

    I’d have thought that the 2/5 of organisations, from Lady Nugee’s hated white van man to more sedate businesses, know a damn sight more than politicians on how to make money from the opportunities presented by Brexit.

    The dear old Chambers, (bless again), taking hints from the awful CBI sort of jibe, can carry on as normal, knowing that Elias Sagtrouser and Co. are well capable of dealing with the situation, and probably don’t really give a hoot what others say anyway.


  32. Frustrated says:

    Thought I’d post this here to prove my point from yesterday:
    “sciencefiles.org” is one of the German alternative media sites trying to counter the incessant flow of fake news here and on Thursday they had this article:

    “Stop the fake news reporting by the National Broadcasting Corporations on Brexit “

    (There should be an “orange” translate button [bottom right of the screen?] which is in no way perfect – it translated the title as “Stop the public false reports to United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum” – but you get the idea! ;o).

    They complain about the fact that “experts” are always being brought in to analyse what is going on and give their take on things. As these people are usually totally incompetent there is surely a hidden agenda?

    In this particular article they present the truth on prorogation.

    Everyone here is mouthing off about Boris’ “coup” – him denying Parliament weeks of debating so he can force through an unlawful Brexit against the will of “the people”.

    They explain about the party conferences, why prorogation is nothing new and in fact significantly shorter than usual. They close with a comment from a “true” expert:

    “On the contrary, Vernon Bogdanor, research professor at the Institute for Contemporary British History at King’s College London and Professor of Politics at the New College of the Humanities, has criticised Parliament in an unusually harsh way for the last skirmishes and charades:

    “Remainers have lost all sense of proportion. The liberal elite are bad losers. [Their behaviour] fuels populism. The House of Commons is opposed to a no-deal, opposed to a deal, opposed to a second referendum, opposed to remaining in a customs union with the EU. “It is opposed to many things and yet has done nothing to move things forward. From the moment you trigger Article 50 and then refuse the only deal on the table, a no-deal Brexit becomes your only option, Mr Bogdanor continued, before accusing MPs of “complaining” about the shutdown despite the fact they had long “failed” on Brexit.”

    The problem is, of course, that only those who question MSM bother to look elsewhere for “the facts”.

    The masses are perfectly happy to believe and spread the lies.

    But I think (hope) the number of “questioners” is growing.


  33. Cassandra says:



    • Roland Deschain says:

      Summed up here:


      • Scroblene says:

        “Stop the coup”!!!!

        Chickens live in coops…

        Of course, small-minded townies like this lot wouldn’t know that!


      • Up2snuff says:

        RD, mental gymnastics? Eeek!

        The ol’ Parallel Bars will take a hammering from one of that quartet and probably will not survive the contest. Boy Jones on the Pommel Horse? Hopefully the horse will do some pommelling in return. Sian Berry has no hope of staying on and will fall off the Balance Beam. Laura Parker will be unable to stay on the mat for the Floor Exercise because she will keep turning left.


      • john in cheshire says:

        Go on, Owen Smollett Jones, take off your shirt and show us your battle scars.


    • Scroblene says:

      Hilarious, Cassandra!

      His mum knitted that jersey; he said so on TV a few years back, when challenged about looking like a scarecrow!

      Check me out if you like, but it’s absolutely true;0)


  34. Fedup2 says:

    This was a very good and restrained thread in my opinion and no censorship needed which in the circumstances is astonishing .

    Anyway I started up the weekend thread because this one went beyond 600 comments which I think makes it a bit long with many pages of comments .

    As Cassandra has posted about – General Election – yeah but no but yeah but no but …..

    Quite simply all the parties have done the math and found out that there are over 17 million people – probably add another couple of million to that – just waiting to politically kill remainer MPs ….. the traitors will be depending on a short public memory …

    I have a bit of a problem because I am not taking in any BBC products so cannot comment directly any more . I will see if it possible to continue the admin otherwise I will stop being involved in the site .

    Yours Fedup2


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, get well soon. Don’t let it get you down. We’ll do our best to give you a chuckle as you keep an eye on our well-behaved posts on here.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’m not unwell and I have not suggested I am .i don’t understand how you come to that finding and I find it personally insulting .Your comment makes me want to finish with this site even more . It would be really good it you did n t reply to this comment however there still is limited speech in the UK so use it if you choose .


        • Up2snuff says:

          Sorry, Fed. I made a wrong assumption from your previous references to blood pressure and avoiding the BBC. My apologies.


  35. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Oh, the irony!

    News Bulletins: the BBC has entered into an agreement with other media and media technology firms to combat FakeNews. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-49615771

    The BBC then immediately carry a FakeNews/FalseFacts item about small businesses and Brexit.

    BBC please note: There is a simple reason why a majority of businesses have not done a Brexit ‘risk assessment’. They either have complex, multinational supply chains and stand at the end of them or they have no involvement with EU trade at all or they know exactly what their supply lines are and know they are unaffected by Brexit.


    On the evidence of this, the BBC cannot be trusted.


  36. Guest Who says:

    “You get a lot more information*”

    Can’t wait.

    *definitions may vary.


    • Up2snuff says:

      “You get a lot more information”

      Ordure, ordure!

      Endure, endure.


    • StewGreen says:

      Rob Burley’s tweet got 49 Likes
      His job is to serve 50,000,000 adults
      (many people are lurkers so maybe only 1 in 10 or 1 in 5 will click Like, but one in a million is a different matter)

      The video does have 92,000 views
      That does suggest that thousand of real people have seen it,
      so that’s 92 people in each 50,000
      ie 1 in every 500 people max


  37. tarien says:

    Can’t believe the uttet contemptuousness of those that sit in the House of Parliament at this time-complete disregard for the people that voted to LEAVE the EU. Outraged would be too simple too low to show I feel as no doubt many do. Parliament should be sacked at this time by the people. Have to stop I’m so angry.


  38. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – Oh, more irony

    The Corporation that carries no advertising is advertising – another new book. This one by a member of Obama’s first White House team, Samantha Power. Of course, she is saying some helpful things about current politics including the USA.

    What am I hearing, listening live, right now?


    On the evidence of this, the BBC cannot be trusted.


    • Guest Who says:

      Trust… the BBC?



      • theisland says:

        How surreal.

        This reads like a ‘memo’ written by the club for the club.
        It is reminiscent of a pointless second-rate HR exercise initiated by a second-rate local council.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        GW -This has to be the joke of the year. This man is paid a fortune to run an operation that has turned into an open and undisguised anti-government propaganda machine, constantly selling us ‘diversity’ and other such goodies, as it attempts a massive social engineering exercise to change the socio-political face of the nation. It has NO mandate to do this, whatsoever, but seems unregulated by Ofcom and unaccountable to anyone at all.
        It is able to do this cos it enforces ‘protection’ virtually at gunpoint – pay for us the licence and we won’t chuck you into jail.
        It is a corrupt, spendthrift, dishonest fake news producer, that always has an agenda and a narrative of its own, to which it then adapts its ‘news’ -as required. It is totally immoral and will stop at nothing, whether that is pursuing an innoccent man (Cliff) by helicopter to invade his privacy, or mugging over-75 pensioners, with the cover story that it is actually doing something for ‘poorer’ pensioners – how low can you get, with your disinformation?
        Watching it pervert society, spread disinformation and interfere in the political process has filled me with disgust.
        Latest outrage: undermining the will of the people in the referendum and siding with the Rebel Alliance.


        • G says:

          I confess to having a chuckle earlier when, on Toady, the BBC said they are combining efforts with Facebook, and all the rest to halt, “Fake News”. Oh what a conspiracy! between the Marxists.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Wouldn’t that make them, erm…. collaborators?


        • fakenewswatcher says:

          RD- You betcha.
          Beeb: They are unable to distinguish between public service and public manipulation.
          And they provide a dandy 24 -hour ‘anti-government service’ which gives about 90% of airtime to the Rebel Alliance, as well as playing an active role in the rebellion – especially publicity and co-ordination.
          They are not collaboraters: by giving the Rebel Alliance the public air they need to obtain support for their plotting, and opening up channels of communication for its various parties, I’d say they are Super-collaborators.
          It’s not for nothing that in any banana republic, those who would overthrow government head for the TV/Radio station first.


  39. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3 – Bojo’s Options for the week ahead

    Listening to David Lidington MP (former deputy PM) on the prog this a.m. and a thought pops into my head. I had been guessing that if the GE Bill is lost on Monday, then the PM might offer another EU Referendum.

    There is another ‘nuclear’ option: the PM could bring a Bill to the House to overturn Brexit. Just that. No other wording.

    The House would then have to decide whether to incur the wrath of the Electorate and also to make themselves look stupid, overturning their previous decisions to leave the EU. If it passed, the PM might be able to ask the Queen for a long Prorogation. If it failed, the PM might be able to ask the Queen for an even longer Prorogation, perhaps into the New Year.

    Just a wild guess on my part. Any views on this?

    As the exam papers say: Discuss.


  40. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On the radio this morning I’m hearing a group of ‘tory rebels’ want to take Boris to court if he doesn’t ask for the extension.

    What a brilliant opportunity for him to become a hero, immortalised by being the prime minister who stood against parliament to stand with the people.
    Even better if they put him in prison.
    In future times he will go down as the man who stood up to a corrupt parliament to uphold a democratic vote by the people.

    It’s his chance to become a giant.

    (Unless the future historians are ((re)) writing our history in Arabic)


  41. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #4 – Oh oh! ….. more irony.

    Two journos on to discuss Bojo’s Predicament. For the second time this a.m. I am being given FakeNews/False Facts. Sebastian Payne helpfully (for the BBC) suggests the EU referendum votes to Leave were not about the EU but about the dog poo in the local park, the state of the road surface at the traffic lights at the start of the High Street and the fact that feral youths gather on the extended pavement outside the new Co-op, making a lot of noise and dropping litter and cigarette ends.

    You couldn’t make it up!

    On the evidence of this, the BBC cannot be trusted.


  42. Guest Who says:

    She includes the bbc in this, clearly.



  43. Up2snuff says:

    Did anyone listen to BBC R4’s Any Questions last night? Will I be able to stand listening to the repeat? Please advise.

    I understand from R4 Continuity that Any Answers has been extended, putting back a radio version of ‘Kes’ by half-an-hour.


    • Frustrated says:

      Just listened in to it …

      Don’t – definitely not good for Brexiteer blood pressure: 3 Remainers (Hilary Benn, Kirsty Blackmann, Antoinette Sandbach) against Nigel Evans.

      (its available online https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000843j)

      Hypocritical, snide, unnecessarily patronising, constantly anti-Boris, rude, mocking – Evans doing his best but it’s very hard to listen to …

      Continual spontaneous dumb clapping (you can just imagine the signs being held up “clap now”)

      Wonder if “Any Answers” might be better? …They can’t vet the callers so maybe more real people will have their say?


  44. scribblingscribe says:

    For years the Sky web site has been a simple-minded attack on all that’s not quite as left as itself. A web page made up by not terribly bright Guardian letter writers. The slapping the evil lying Topry scum politicians was lightened only by science free pronouncements of Global Warming.

    These days it isn’t so much anti-Tory as just purely anti-Boris, Brexit and Democracy. Its nonsense is relentless. Apparently there is no one in the entire country who supports Brexit.


    • Scroblene says:

      Luckily, Scribblers, I have no desire to watch sky, don’t have a prescription to watch crappe, don’t ever watch foobull, and don’t like having to hear anything like what I’m told they squirt out as second-hand news, mainly from the goadrioonne, and the bbbbbc…

      So that’s Mrs O’Blene and me satisfied for ever!

      (And Mrs O’Blene and I are good at being satisfied)!

      Brexit will happen, never fear! Boris has a huge following, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cards clutched so close to a politician’s chest! Bliar tried to do it with that quunt mindlebum or someone, plus a nutter called kumbell, but we all notice now, how they look so bad these days, it’s no wonder that they’ll get splattered very soon!


  45. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #final for today – hooray!

    I am reminded that John McDonnell Shadow Chancellor has obligingly (for the PM’s sake) opened his mouth and planted both feet firmly within. His heroic contortions relate to ‘Bonus Culture’ and which he directed at ‘the City’ and ‘Banks’ but bonus culture exists quite widely, even at the BBC. A previous DG, Mark Thompson, tried to end it but IIRC the best he managed was to reduce the size of BBC bonuses.

    The Shadow Chancellor’s announcement was not discussed or given lengthy exposure on this morning’s TOADY Programme.

    I wonder why?


    • pugnazious says:

      Yep….just looked on their website…not mentioned at all….very odd. And odd that McDonnell announces something, and surely a lot more of its ilk to follow, that will send the bankers scurrying for Frankfurt, Berlin or Paris and yet the BBC shows no concern for the City and its billions…the City bringing in the bulk of our money. However Brexit…..end of the world for the bankers.

      Maybe if they don’t report it they then don’t have to say how damaging this will be for the City and our economy…the line they have used consistently to attack Brexit….some BBC headlines….

      ‘Brexit ‘sees UK finance firms move £900bn to Europe’

      UK expects to lose 5,000 City jobs through Brexit

      Bank of England believes Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs

      City banks warn of Brexit job moves

      EU referendum: Frankfurt poised for a Brexit boom

      Brexit deal ‘will cost UK £100bn’ a year by 2030′


      • Up2snuff says:

        pug, am no fan of bonus culture and remember the warnings. Have a cutting from the Times or FT somewhere from the early 1980s warning of the perils of widening it in City life. It did contribute, imv, to the Crash of 2007-2009.

        Have to confess, I have been recipient of bonuses in the past but they were: 1. exactly same for everyone irrespective of job & standing within the firm, and, 2. purely for committing to stay with the firm for a year. This happened at a time of fast declining unemployment.

        However, higher income taxes for the top earners (McD spoke this week of the top 5%, down from 10% originally planned) and banning bonuses may well have an effect on the City far greater than a No-Deal-Brexit. IIRC, London is now in the Top Ten of French cities when population is measured by nationality purely because of the French bankers, brokers, Hedge Fund managers, etc., who fled Paris when Francois Hollande was President.


  46. pugnazious says:

    Another terrible Today interview…ths time between David Liddington and Humphrys. Liddington is a Remainer who quit rather than serve under Boris such are their differences on the EU but in the interview he came over more rational than most, including so many BBC journalists. He voted for a general election and states that Boris is definitely looking for a deal, not a no-deal. Naturally that’s not the message you get from the BBC itself….Brexit extremist Boris is on a one way trip to hell as he seeks to crash out of the EU taking us all over that dreaded cliff….apparently. Humphrys’ approach was very one-sided and everything was presented as if Boris was in the wrong and the wreckers, Hammond and his fellow conspirators, knights in shining armour.

    Boris has split the Tory party and is destroying politics…apparently. Hmmm…didin’t a whole bunch of Tories jump ship under May? The only reason Hammond and his fellow plotters didn’t go was because May indulged their scheming and treachery because she, of course, agreed with them and saw them as useful flies in the Brexiteers’ ointment, a foil to their ambitions….such as fulfilling their democratic mandate to carry out the referendum result.

    Fiona Bruce showed up Thornberry for her nonsensical approach but one thing was missing…as always….where’s the question asking Labour just how do you think you will renegotiate a deal when the EU says it won’t renegotiate? Whenever Boris and Co say they want to get a better deal the BBC trots out the line that the EU will not renegotiate…..

    ‘Brussels has consistently insisted that the withdrawal agreement – one of two main elements of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, which was resoundingly rejected by MPs – cannot be renegotiated. ‘

    ‘But the EU has repeatedly said the withdrawal deal negotiated by Mrs May, including the backstop, cannot be renegotiated.’

    ‘Theresa May’s bid to make her Brexit deal more acceptable to MPs has suffered a blow after EU leaders said it was “not open for renegotiation”.’

    ‘BBC’s Brussels reporter outlines why bloc will not cave to Johnson – ‘EU rather no deal’

    “The EU says, ‘well actually no, the best alternative for the EU side to this agreement is no deal at all’. Because that is how the EU preserves its integrity and its principles and its red lines and its negotiation.

    “It would rather it is no deal than a tweaked deal. Whereas Boris Johnson is saying he would like a tweaked deal before a no deal. Does that all add up to everyone eventually agreeing? It is going to be no deal”.’

    So some very relevant questions the BBC should ask…who is really causing chaos, instabilty and massive uncertainty in politics, the economy and society, who is destroying the best chance of actually getting a deal…Boris or the saboteurs? Just look at today’s headline….‘Brexit: MPs willing to go to court to enforce delay’ So remain saboteurs are ‘willing’ to go to court…in BBC speak you are meant to think the heroic Remainers are ready to sacrifice themselves to save Britain…rather than doing the work of what is an enemy state that threatens our economy, threatens our national integrity and which uses the threat of actual violence, via the IRA [the EU’s very own Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy terrorist army], to blackmail us to agree to their terms.

    Why does Labour think the EU will renegotiate when the BBC constantly insists that the EU will never renegotiate. The BBC actually pushes the idea that somehow Labour will succeed and that if they were in power they will get a deal…I’ve heard it again and again on the BBC, its presenters casually stating as if fact that Labour can get a deal. If so why not Boris? The EU may or may not rengeotiate but at least let’s have some consistent reporting on that.


    • G says:

      “Another terrible Today interview…ths time between David Liddington and Humphrys.”
      Yes, I heard that so-called, ‘interview’. I noticed it was more a discussion between, ‘old mates’ than a proper, probing interview.
      As to your other points, I think we are de facto being run by the EU at the moment. So, opinions of the majority don’t matter. This is their classic modus operandi. Their agents/collaborators on the ground are following direct instructions from the EU. I can see no other way the Fifth Columnist Remoaners are connected otherwise.


  47. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I got round to watching Remainer Time which I had recorded.
    I think Fiona Bruce must be after Bercow’s job.

    At the beginning she told us the audience were split equally remain and leave but the hoots and cheers for the remainer points sounded to me more like 80% remain audience with a muted smattering of applause for a leaver (when allowed to speak in between interruptions)

    Did you notice she introduced the leavers as leavers but the remainers were introduced as labour/snp/liberal.
    I wonder if that fooled anybody.
    I think more and more of us are becoming aware of the open pro eu/anti Brexit bbc bias.


  48. G says:

    The Left’s “Dark Money” source:
    I suspect that the name, ‘Soros’ would appear somewhere in amongst all the other Communists.


    • StewGreen says:

      Today : Why is Jewish billionaire philanthropist George Soros a bogeyman for the hard right?
      a long long BBC story
      .. Obvious question is why is there no similar article
      Why is CHRISTIAN billionaire philanthropist DAVID KOCH a bogeyman for the hard LEFT
      (even though hen he funds something the MSM almost always mention it, the opposite of when Soros funds something )?

      or Why do the people have conspiracy theories about Soros funding when we the media, mostly fail to mention that he is funding an org we are writing about ?


  49. Guest Who says:

    Here’s Emily being impartial.


  50. fakenewswatcher says:

    Beeb calling, Beeb calling! : shades of Lord Haw Haw, this time – incredibly – run from within the heart of Britain! To be precise, Broadcast House.
    But not even Lord Haw Haw had the audacity to obtain finances, with menace, from the British population itself, for his little propaganda project.
    As for the Guardian? Well, maybe a touch of ‘Der Voelkische Beobachter’, operating to support The Rebel Alliance.


    • SPC says:

      With menace is correct. The BBC locked up 65 people last year. 45 of them women and 20 men. I only mention the gender because of it’s vital importance. Shame on you BBC – practice what you preach. Surely all women can do no wrong can they? It’s only the evil male of the species that has that capacity.