24 Responses to REJOICE.

  1. Rufus McDufus says:

    I remember a couple oif years ago some viewer age stats were released and it showed the following:

    Average viewer age
    BBC1 61
    BBC2 62
    ITV 60
    Channel 4 55
    Channel 5 58

    Here’s a link – there may be more up to date stats somewhere.

    They claim Brexiteers are dying off – BBC TV viewers more like.

    Also here’s another interesting one I found while searching for the above – BBC News reach from 2012 to 2019. Down from 25 million to 18 million.
    That’s a 28% drop-off despite increasing population.


  2. Nibor says:

    Why do the BBC and other remainers try to frighten those poor souls who are EU nationals that they will have to leave the UK ?
    Why do some EU nationals want to appear frightened ?
    The ones at Calais or are in the boats coming across don’t seem afraid of being thrown out of our country .


    • G.W.F. says:

      I am rather surprised that Project fear has not had any effect on the refugees fleeing to safety in Blighty from France and other EU countries. Perhaps when the predicted shortages of food and medical supplies kick in these wretched young men will turn their rubber boats around and head for the comforts of the EU


  3. Nibor says:

    It seems the BBC and other remainers are telling us that hauliers going over to Calais and hauliers arriving in Dover [who won’t be British] may be subject to checks and delays of two days or more , even if they’re doing no more than trying to deliver medicines and fresh food – due to paperwork .
    Meanwhile in Calais lots of mainly young men are ” undocumented ” – but not detained in any way whatsoever .


    • Jagman84 says:

      A guy who phoned into talk radio confirmed that this was utter hogwash. He had been managing the port of Dover until recently. He confirmed that if any shortages did occur, it would be in shops in Calais, not Dover.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    The irony about the number of people still paying their TV licence is that – for a short time – as the number of younger groups falls – the requirement for over 75s to buy a licence will make it look as though people are still using the BBC .

    In fact the likes of appleTV , Netflix and amazon – as well as other big players like google will be draining even more viewer minutes away from dumbed down BBC cheap nasty undemanding dross .

    The BBC will demand an increased cost for their channels in order to pay for all those pensions . They’ll get the increase for a while then say there needs to be a change so that the BBC is funded out of general taxation – thus hiding viewing figures and other ‘commercially sensitive ‘numbers like how much they are paying themselves an tax avoiding celebrity socialists .


  5. The General says:

    In a forthcoming Election the Brexit Party would split the Conservative vote allowing Labour to come through the middle and take seats they would not normally hope to win, however the rise of the LibDems and their revoke Article 50 pledge, is creating the same scenario among Remainers who do not want to vote for Labour. As a consequence this will create a good opportunity for Boris to do a deal with Nigel and save the Tory Government and Brexit. But, will he take it ?


    • G.W.F. says:

      The General

      You are most likely correct, but as a general principle I hold the view that one should vote for what you believe in and Tory and the Brexit Party are different. The Tories may appear to support Brexit but despite the sackings there are plenty of Remoaners still there. I would not recommend a deal, but urge Leavers to vote for the Brexit Party, keeping UKIP as a possibility, even if they can’t form a government


      • The General says:

        Maybe but many will not vote for Brexit Party. Just look at the Peterborough Bye Election. Had a deal been done between Conservative and Brexit, Labour would have lost by a large majority. The situation in Peterborough would undoubtedly be repeated in countless seats particularly in the north.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Only a pact between Nigel and Boris can deliver a Brexit worthy of the name. But the power brokers in the Tory party want to stay well away from Nigel. I suspect these grandees would rather we stayed in the EU anyway and their support for Boris is Luke warm at best. It’s the rank and file membership who made him leader. The thought of a decent Brexit achieved with the help of TBP is an absolute no no to them. Better Corbyn in No 10 than a Tory led post Brexit government beholden to Nigel and his swivel eyed loons.
      Even if Boris is willing to ignore the grandees and is prepared to enter a pact with TBP he can’t announce it before a GE is called because as soon as he does announce it another whole raft of sitting Tory MPs will desert, leaving him with little option to resign. He can’t really soldier on as PM with 50 or maybe even 100 of his MPs having jumped ship.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Guessing… no ‘while I have got you here’ from Groper to Polly about this…


  7. taffman says:

    For some time its been pretty obvious to most in Great Britain that Al Beeb has lost its so called “impartiality” and treats its older, patriotic viewers with contempt. These older viewers are the ones that pay the repulsive telly tax . They bite the hand that feeds it with impunity, as a result I stopped paying for it as soon as I spotted its Blatant Bias. Be like Taff and save yourself some money. 😀


    • cromwell says:

      Yes taff. Mine runs out end of October and I’m just contemplating whether to have Netflix or prime. I’ve got a slight problem though, family are coming over from abroad early December, staying until 1st January and they will be expecting the usual Christmas programmes so I’m wondering how to go about paying then cancelling after Christmas, I don’t want to pay all the money up front and have await on them to give me a refund.


  8. pugnazious says:

    This is why the BBC is desperately trying to shut down or ‘regulate’ social media as a news source…claiming it’s all fake news….they would know all about that of course.

    The BBC wants to keep its dominance not just for commercial reasons but also to keep its control of the ideological and political narratives….its liberal [yet extremist] world view must dominate and all else be demonised and denigrated and put beyond the pale.


  9. john in cheshire says:

    Has anyone else had a letter from Richard Braine regarding the UKIP conference? It seems the UKIP NEC is still working to destroy what is left of the party. Here’s the text of the letter I have received :

    “Ladies and Gentlemen,

    on the 2nd of August the Chairman was informed by the Treasurer that we were facing a very low turn-out for conference.

    I raised this issue at my first NEC meeting on the 17th of August and proposed an alternative conference in the North East or other region in November. The Chairman told the board that 170 tickets had been sold and reassured us that we could expect to reach 700 to 800 delegates. Head office confirmed that in fact only 113 two-day tickets had been sold. It is my view that the Chairman’s too optimistic reports of ticket sales has misinformed the board’s decisions.

    I raised the issue of the low attendance again at the NEC meeting of the 7th September. Again the number of attenders was misrepresented, and again we were assured that all would be well. In particular we were led to believe that ten ten-packs of tickets had been sold to branches, but this is not reflected in the numbers provided by head office. Again, I think the board was not given accurate information in order to consider the urgency of the situation and to consider my advice to postpone conference and hold it in a smaller venue.

    As of today the number of tickets sold is 201 for Friday and 219 for Saturday, and I have made clear to the Chairman and NEC that I would not attend unless something drastic was done to increase ticket sales, namely returning Gerard Batten to good standing to heal the rift with the many members who are boycotting conference for that reason, and installing one of the two candidates I have put forward to be Chairman.

    At the NEC meeting of the 7th of September it was clear that many NEC members hoped Gerard Batten would speak, despite the fact that he is still held not to be in good standing by the NEC.

    The conference venue contract entered into by the Chairman apparently contains no indemnity or release. But spent money does not justify further mistakes.

    My advice was that a refund be given to those who have bought tickets, and limited cover to those with non-refundable hotel bookings. With so few tickets sold this may even have cost less than the various extras to be incurred by going ahead with a barely attended conference.

    That advice has been rejected and I think this matter has been mishandled by the Chairman and the NEC. It is the Chairman’s conference, planned before I became Leader and continued against my advice. The failure to face up to the reality of a level of attendance which would damage the Party, and the failure to opt for the obvious solution, means that it will be conducted without my presence if it goes ahead.

    Yours sincerely,

    Richard Braine
    UKIP Leader”


    • StewGreen says:

      UKIP does seem to have a lot of infiltrators who are their to destroy the party. I hope the good people overcome them.


  10. StewGreen says:

    I see a BBC old timer is doing the lecture circuit
    ” The History of ‘Auntie’
    Ken Robertson-Scott presents an illustrated journey through the history of the BBC.”


  11. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    From the Mirror, as reported by MSN.

    “Gary Lineker has vowed to take a wage cut after the furore over massive salaries at the BBC.

    The Match of the Day star is the Corporation’s highest-paid presenter on £1.75million but is in talks with bosses to have that slashed.

    The 58-year-old footy legend said: “I love my job at the BBC and I enjoy doing it.

    “I’m currently negotiating a new contract with them and I’m ­volunteering to take less.”

    The former England and Spurs striker told a friend: “It’s the right thing to do.”

    His move comes amid the row over the axing of free TV licences for over-75s and the BBC gender pay gap furore.

    Six years ago he took a pay cut of £500,000 to continue as Match of the Day frontman.

    … … …”