Weekend thread 26 October 2019

Not quite our last weekend before being EU free . And we need to get ready for the Far Left Biased BBC to laud the outgoing speaker with interviews and celebrations befitting such a ‘character’. In the meantime OFCOM – affiliated to the BBC – reports continuing erosion of ‘ the younger ‘ British engagement with BBC output . Nice to have good news .

Start the Week Thread 21 October 2019

With 1214 days gone by since the Brexit Referendum we might have got fed up with BBC ‘benefits of Brexit ‘ programmes . But in all that time has there even been one such programme ?
Like many institutions the BBC has devalued itself through an anti democratic bias which shames the country – just like the politicians . With no sign of an end .

Happy Trafalgar Day

Start the week thread 14 October 2019

The employees of the State Broadcaster are getting bigger than their job . Marr accusing a Home Secretary of smiling . Naga shouting ‘racist’ at the president of America and the queen on newsnight found to be biased by her own organisations’ disciple board. Maybe just small cuts will lead to the death of the Unbritish broadcasting corporation .

Weekend Thread 12 October 2019

Is the watered down version of Brexit coming ? The biased state broadcaster continues to run out Project Fear each day , the Brexit Party is marginalised and Brexit supporters – if they get onto the State Broadcaster – are outnumbered or shut down .
The crucial time is coming – again . Meanwhile hysterical planet savers get a free pass as they screw up other people’s’ lives .