Weekend Thread 21 December 2019

Pity the Far Left Biased BBC as the bubble come to terms with their loss of EU jollies as we leave in 41 days … happy days …

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  1. StewGreen says:

    Bercow was the winner
    .. Darren’s now opened a new one Best Person of 2019


  2. Dover Sentry says:

    I have a feeling of inner peace and contentment with regard to next year.

    The worst of the fight is over and the good guys won.


  3. SpinningReith says:

    Out of duty to this site I thought I’d watch A Christmas Carol (BBC 1 9:00pm).
    The introduction featured a street urchin peeing on Marley’s tombstone – Dickens missed that mise-en-scène.
    Diversity appeared at 9:04. Bob Cratchit’s wife is ‘of colour’.
    Their daughter is a redhead, so the genetics are spot on.
    My wife likes Strictly, otherwise I’d tell them where to shove their licence.


    • BRISSLES says:

      SR .. when I saw this advertised I decided to give it a wide berth, as any drama now – particularly historical and on the BBC, will be diversity driven regardless of historical fact. I’m sure if the Crown was a BBC production we’d have the Queen portrayed by 3 actresses of Afro Caribbean descent ! Well, if they can bugger about with Jane Austen and Dickens then anything is fair game.


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Perhaps a campaign for ending the TV licence is called for …hit them where it hurts ….
      And as for rewarding the likes of Bercow and the rest of the bastards it’s just crazy …bring back the rotting hulk prison ships from the good old Victorian age and throw them in there…see I am all heart seeing as it’s almost Christmas, better include that Stormzy slime as well


  4. pugnazious says:

    Red Andy will be in trouble with the Twitterati as after a stonking great Tory win he proclaims…

    This election made me fall in love with democracy again

    ‘It’s an unfashionable thought, but having spent many hours in the university sports hall where constituency votes for Boris Johnson and John McDonnell were counted, I feel freshly in love with democracy.
    Stuck in Westminster during relentless parliamentary crises, it’s easy to lose sight of just how energising real democracy is. I came home with my cynicism scrubbed off, and exhausted-refreshed.’

    LOL….he’s right, Boris is a breath of fresh air sweeping away the corrupt and defiled, bringing renewed vigour and legitimacy to our democracy.

    Naturally that is a rather optimistic intepretation of Marr’s piece in The Spectator…it doesn’t take long before the sour grapes are being trod upon….he starts to think and realises he’s been out of touch wth real people…admitting he was all too willing to gleefully relish the profound and, he no doubt hoped, damaging ‘revelations’ and criticisms about Boris when real people couldn’t give a monkeys about the trivial bo**ocks that the anti-Boris brigade tried to turn into sensationalist, meaningful, vote-losing scandal. Of course, ironically, he uses this ‘mea culpa’ to continue those attacks on Boris….listing his ‘crimes and misdemeanours’…

    ‘ I think the online campaign made screen junkies too easily impressed by strange, vivid, eye-catching episodes, which passed most normal people by.

    Many of them were to do with the Prime Minister himself: briefly pocketing a reporter’s phone to avoid an embarrassing picture; declining to be interviewed by my colleague Andrew Neil; and apparently hiding in a fridge. In each case, addicted Twitterati thought them emblematic, even turning-point truths, and assumed that the nation was transfixed. But millions of voters probably found them trivial, or smiled briefly — if they noticed them at all. ‘

    Was it just the ‘Twitterati’? The BBC was there manning the barricades, lobbing the bricks and firebombs at Boris as much, if not more than anyone else….these attacks were ‘mainstream’ and were not at all the creation of the Twitter mob…more the other way around…the BBC et al fuelling and stoking the frenzied attacks and hysterical rhetoric….the BBC mantra throughout the election was ‘You can’t trust Boris…you can’t trust Boris…you can’t trust Boris.’

    And Marr does go on to suggest yes, journos had their faults…

    ‘One of the common qualities among journalists is a short attention span. During this election, it became for us a crippling disability.’

    However…it’s all the Tories’ fault for trivialising politics with ‘bogus’ PR stunts….

    ‘If that’s true, though, don’t the party campaigns, so focused on bogus publicity moments, also have a lot to answer for? I would imagine that being prime minister is quite an important and testing job. So, was it really necessary for Conservative Central Office to send Boris Johnson to wrangle heifers in Aberdeenshire, dangle codfish in front of photographers and deliver early-morning milk to bleary, pre-prepped householders? Really, what was that all about? Did any of the frantic criss-crossing of the country, the bogus rallies and media scrums, change any minds at all?’

    Note he says ‘parties’ and yet…it’s just the Tories he targets.

    These ‘bogus’ stunts are part and parcel of political campaigns…kissing babies and all that…nothing new….Marr seems only to find it offensive when done by Tories who go on to win and win big.

    Just another disappointed ‘liberal’ venting off through clenched teeth whilst trying to appear reasonable and….failing miserably.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      Good post, Pug.

      I see parallels with Trump’s win and that of Boris. Trump won the ‘rust belt’ vote which traditionally voted for the Democrats. The Democrats had drifted far to the Left and there was no longer any voter connection.


      • Beltane says:

        Speaking of failing miserably, Matthew Parris headlined his valued prose in the December 7 Spectator: ‘The Tory push north will end in failure’. Of course it will Matthew, we all know your political expertise is beyond price.
        Now then, why not share a consoling glass of Sanatogen with your partner?


  5. taffman says:

    “How much should bosses be paid?”
    How much should the boss of Al Beeb be paid?


  6. taffman says:

    Now that Al Beeb failed to get rid of Bo Jo their sights turn back on Trump………….
    “Nord Stream 2: Germany and Russia decry US sanctions”


  7. Guest Who says:

    Tony coming out with the classics still.


    • taffman says:

      \\BBC director-general rejects claims of election bias and says: ‘People trust us’ //
      We don’t trust them .
      They are not listening, they never listen .
      Lessons to be learned ?


  8. Guest Who says:

    Greta signed off on this?


  9. JimS says:

    Radio 4’s Feedback has been in the habit of allowing its various ‘guests’ to voice their little advert and call for comments, David Blunkett being a recent speaker.

    However for at least the last three weeks the programme has finally found its ‘voice’ and yes, its female, black and non-RP! (Did we expect anything else?)


  10. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Graham Norton reflects on 20 years of chat shows””

    “”Harriet Harman and Hilary Clinton are among the few politicians Norton has welcomed as guests””

    “”But while right-wing politicians may be noticeably absent, Norton points out: “When Boris [Johnson] was mayor [of London] I think we asked him to be on quite a lot, but he never wanted to do it.”

    “”While Norton’s later attempt to crack America failed, he remained resolutely popular in the UK.””


    BBC creating news with it’s own vastly overpaid star. He who said he would return to Ireland if Brexit won.


  11. Foscari says:

    Something strange happened this evening. I put on the TV to
    watch the 10 PM news and London programme on the BBC.
    But somehow I got a TV station from Southern Asia. I
    am pretty sure it was from somewhere near the Indian sub continent,
    because nearly all the presenters and reporters were ladies
    from somewhere near the region!
    Then I realised it was the BBC because two of the main
    features on the news were virtue signalling about racism
    and women film directors not getting award gongs.
    What happened at WHL in Tottenham was a disgrace about
    three supporters out of a 60,000 crowd were making obscene
    racist chants. That is THREE too many. And it was absolutely
    no excuse that the Chelsea player they were abusing had helped
    to get a Spurs hero ,the South Korean Son sent off by making
    out that he was in agony rolling around on the ground. The
    German who feigned injury should get an academy award for
    his acting. That would please the BBC diversity department.


  12. pugnazious says:

    5 Live right now is denouncing Boris Johnson as a racist demagogue whose racist language is fuelling racism in this country as people feel emboldened by his example….and of course by Brexit.

    The BBC are using as ‘evidence’ the words of Gary Neville, a man who has previously made ignorant and stupid comments alleging that criticism of Raheem Sterling was racist…hmmm…no, it came from Sterling playing badly and being a bit of a twat…and how about Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka? A white man on the receiving end of massive abuse…and the BBC doesn’t call that racist despite him being foreign. Neville forgets, conveniently, the huge vilification of the very white Beckham and Rooney, not to mention his own brother whose wife came home to find their gates had been draped with the England flag and set on fire, and who had to flee a restaurant due to abuse he was getting from other diners.

    You want more ‘evidence’? Then just ask…er…Stormzy…the man who said ‘ “Fuck the government, and fuck Boris”, hardly a credible and rational person to hold up as your voice of legitimate criticism.

    Stormzy makes the same tired old claims about Boris…

    ‘Stormzy said the prime minister was a “figurehead” whose actions had made it more acceptable to say racist things in British society. “If the top person can openly say this racist thing – the ‘piccaninnies’ remarks, ‘watermelon smiles’, comparing Muslim women to a letter box – if that is our figurehead, the top man, the leader we have to follow, and he openly says these things, he encourages hate among others.”’

    …showing he doesn’t actually have a clue about what Boris was saying….far from being racist he was arguing against racist views and attitudes…and his criticism of the burkha was lightweight and humourous compared to what Warsi and Sadiq Khan said…..but of course that never gets mentioned….Warsi telling us that the veil was not a British manifestation and had no place in Britain…Khan saying that whenever he saw a woman wearing a veil he thought there must be something insidious going on in her home.

    The real danger comes from the BBC which seems intent on stirring up race conflict by sensationalising trivia and telling ethnic minorities that they are the victims of white Britain and need to fight back.

    White Britons must be sick and tired of being vilified by the BBC and cast constantly as racist, nasty little villains whose history and very existence is shameful. Chiles was apologising for being white the other day and Vine did so on Friday, just another day on the BBC….just astonishing how these people self-flagellate and try to redeem themselves for the sin of being white by imploring Blacks to forgive them and beg them to be allowed to atone for the crimes of their fathers….and all in our name.

    It seems, as always, the BBC is fomenting the very thing they say they are campaigning against….their promotion of mass immigration leading to the rise of the Far-Right, the BBC being deaf to legitimate criticism, silencing and contemptuously dismissing such criticism as racist leaving only extremist reaction as the only effective way to make people listen. Their promotion of a narrative of Britain as a racist nation, in other words labelling all white people racist, will only inflame attitudes and fuel resentment…leading to conflict and violence based on race.

    People will only take so much and in their own country to find immigrants coming in and abusing them, trashing their values and beliefs, vilifying and demonisng them because they are white, attempting to destroy our history, society and civilisation….culture wars will soon turn bloody….Thanks of course to the BBC playing a very dangerous game of identity politics as it tries to weaponise race and religion to further its own political and social aims….now going nuclear on Boris using claims of racism as the only way to attack someone who has so markedly just trounced them and their illiberal ‘liberal’ mafia.

    The sooner the BBC is destroyed the better. It’s the most dangerous organisation in Britain today.


  13. pugnazious says:

    BBC headline…

    Dancing on Ice embraces same-sex pair

    What does that mean? Are they trying to give the impression that everyone who watches Dancing in Ice just loves the gay couple or that Britain as a whole does?

    No….most people tolerate gayness they don’t embrace it…most will think ‘gross’ but applaud along in enforced celebration of diversity….but you and I know it’s horlocks….real attitudes towards homosexuality don’t change even amongst the young whatever the BBC claims. For sure they will like the individuals but that doesn’t mean they accept fully homosexuality….in an ideal world, they will say, there would be no homosexuality. Not the ringing endorsement the BBC requires you to voice.

    Even the right-on Trevor Phillips isn’t convinced…

    ‘He also suggested the BBC moved too quickly to speculate on same sex dance couples on Strictly without assessing the cultural landscape first.

    The broadcaster wrote: ‘Worst of all, the increasingly “woke” behaviour by the corporation is endangering the central justification for special treatment, which is its universal reach…

    ‘The BBC has to recognise social change, sure, but it is not the institution’s role to lead it; speculating about same-sex couples on Strictly, when the ballroom dancing world has not yet considered such a change, feels like putting the political cart before the cultural horse.’ ‘


  14. pugnazious says:

    Dear god…still going on on 5 Live…Britain is a nastier more racist place…and it can all be timed back to when Brexit happened….and Boris is the cheerleader-in-chief. Haven’t heard a single critic of this narrative….all just self-confirming pap with Adrian Goldberg egging everyone on….and when Dotun takes over we are assured this line of attack will continue…Britain is a horrible place for black people.


  15. Fred Stubber says:

    BBC midnight news, 22nd Dec
    After the lead item, which blamed the Australian bush fires on global warming and vilified the politicians who dispute this connection, there was an item about a black female who had died. I didn’t get her name and googling failed to find it, so she can’t have been very famous and why she was the second item or even on the news at all I don’t know. The third item was about Pres Trump’s overturning of the forthcoming ban an tungsten lighting. The ‘expert’ they wheeled on simply estimated the number of 60W bulbs in use in the US, calculated how much power would be saved if they were all 10W LEDs, and translated that into a large number of power stations. He didn’t mention that Trump’s overturning the ban would not mean that zero LEDs would be used. In fact, given the availability of both, far more LEDs are coming into use than tungstens, because people are aware of the power saving. There are also a few applications where LEDs are inappropriate, because their colour spectrum is not continuous. So it was bollocks.


    • JimS says:

      My impression has been that electricity is so cheap in North America that they don’t bother to turn lights off anyway. Besides that is nothing compared to the energy used to cool the house and heat the pool!

      You are right, make a cheaper/better lamp and people will buy it. There are some applications where tungsten lamps have been used as part of the load. My Anglepoise table lamp only works properly with a 60W tungsten lamp, compact fluorecent lamps were far too heavy but some of the newer LEDs are almost light enough, (pun not intended).

      In places like cold stores it can be hard to get non-tungsten lamps to work properly.

      I think the bush fires in Australia are as a result of all the hot air that their politicians have been spouting lately.


  16. digg says:

    I see all the full-time reporters have gone away for Christmas and left the News in the hands of the placement students.

    Trump impeachment inquiry sung by a Christmas choir

    President Donald Trump became the third president in American history to be impeached, exactly one week before Christmas. He now faces a trial in the Senate that will decide whether he remains in office.

    The Washington International Chorus performs the 12 Days of Christmas carol, with specially adapted lyrics by BBC News, to explain how the impeachment inquiry unfolded.


    “Specially adapted lyrics by BBC News?”

    Not “News” BBC, opinion and spin and just about as juvenile and as any “News” organisation can get in my opinion.


  17. Old Goat says:

    Happy Christmas to all from a very jaune France, where the BBC is irrelevant!


  18. Old Goat says:

    Happy Christmas to all from a very jaune France, where the BBC is irrelevant!