Midweek Thread 22 April 2020

It’s a month to the day that Boris Johnson made his TV appearance announcing the ‘ lockdown ‘ and that ‘ people will die ‘ . Seems a long time ago . Since then the Biased BBC has been unrelenting in broadcasting bad news and criticism of the Government . We can but dread what effect this has had on the mental health of the UK .

Today is a big day for the Far Left BBC . It is Lenin’s birthday . Taxpayer funded Champagne For the comrades in Broadcasting House .

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  1. Roland Deschain says:

    The media is again criticising Trump for something he didn’t say. It’s the “fine people” hoax all over again.

    And here’s what he did say.

    Not IS something like that. CAN DO something like that. You have to wilfully misunderstand to think he meant injecting disinfectant.


  2. Doobster78 says:



  3. Celtic_Mist says:

    The BBC and face masks

    “The WHO is also concerned that when users search for the term coronavirus on Amazon, listings for FACE MASKS and vitamin C boosters come up. Vitamin C has been listed as one of the fake cures for coronavirus.”

    This is because WHO had declared that coronavirus was not an airborne disease!

    US ‘Healthline’ –
    “Airborne disease can spread when people with certain infections cough, sneeze, or talk, spewing nasal and throat secretions into the air”

    “Coronavirus and COVID-19
    The CDC that all people wear cloth face masks in public places where it’s difficult to maintain a 6-foot distance from others. This will help slow the spread of the virus from people without symptoms or people who do not know they have contracted the virus. Cloth face masks should be worn while continuing to practice physical distancing”

    Germany has belatedly made mask-wearing compulsory!

    Arguably, WHO is responsible for the rapid spread of the ‘plague’

    For example

    “WHO stated that no airborne spread of the coronavirus has been reported, and “it is not believed to be a major driver of transmission based on available evidence”. So, it is no use to wear masks such as respirator masks or N95 masks if you are completely healthy. The virus is not airborne!”

    Is the BBC also responsible because of its global reach to spread WHO messaging?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m waiting for virtue signalling face masks with little messages on them – sponsored by? The EU!


  4. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “My son is four – how do we explain to him that the world we were teaching him to survive in is already changed?”


    If that ‘we’ involves the BBC, the little mite is so screwed.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Guest – if a parent has to ask the BBC for advice the kid was screwed before..
      No doubt they were one of those telling their kids Greta is right and the end of the world is neigh… 🙂


  5. JamesArthur says:

    BBC thought for the day….by a Playwrite David? Clearly a Labour liberal of course knows best and is now an expert on epidemiology too..but surprise surprise knocking Govt…

    What is it with the MSM fixation on – ‘grown up conversation/adult conversation/ treat public like adults” ?

    And now…..knocking Trump…and deliberating misunderstanding what he said about disinfectant…
    BBC..enemy of the state


  6. Celtic_Mist says:

    The BBC has this headline grabbing but misleading headline

    “Coronavirus: Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment”

    When you read the article, it not what Trump said, but people react only to the headline


    • Tabs says:

      Yes, the headline is “Outcry after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment” when it should be “Outcry after Trump suggests something like injecting disinfectant as treatment” but as we all know sometimes the editors have the difficult task of removing important words to fit the text into the confines of the web site.


      • Up2snuff says:

        The President should know by now, nearly four years after his election, that he is going to be misreported and misrepresented. Why give the critics any ammunition? There’s a Doctor on the White House staff. Why not check with him before saying anything that can be twisted by The Swamp?

        DJT can be his own worst enemy at times. Bojo is a bit similar.

        Any politician of a conservative, Conservative, republican, Republican or GOP stripe should now realise that ‘the opposition’ and ‘the media’ and ‘State employees’ no longer recognise the result of an election if they, their side, do not win and gain power. Thus, Republican Presidents and Conservative Party Prime Ministers are going to face five years of lies and subterfuge and distortions and attacks not just from opposing politicians but from supposedly neutral State employees and a supposedly neutral media, especially the BBC. Sgt Phil is back.

        “Hey, hey, HEY!” Hand smacks on desk.

        “Let’s be careful, truly C A R E F U L out there, today.”

        “OK, that’s it. Let’s roll.”


        • JimS says:

          “The President should know by now, nearly four years after his election, that he is going to be misreported and misrepresented. Why give the critics any ammunition?”

          The difference between Trump and most politicians is that he thinks and talks ‘from the hip’, like most normal people. Normal people recognise that and make allowances. (Imagine the hell it would be if our family, friends and workmates took what we say literally all the time).

          Probably driven by ‘gotcha’ journalists, most politicians avoid questions that they aren’t prepared for and answer questions that they are prepared for in the prepared for way, answers often not written by them anyway. It’s like a game of Mornington Crescent, everyone knows what the outcome is going to be before they start, just don’t stand on the cracks or you are ‘out’!

          Trump is never going to win over those in the media that thought he shouldn’t have been elected but their howls just confirm to those who voted for Trump that they were right to do so.

          If only we had politicians who are prepared to say to The Guardian and its mates in the BBC, “Do you know what? You guys are idiots, you are wrong, and if we did what you demand you would be back again tomorrow with fresh demands. You know and I know that nothing I do will make you like me, the feeling is mutual. Now go away and only come back once you have grown-up!”


        • G says:

          “Why give the critics any ammunition? ”
          I think he’s subtly baiting them. He knows that they will distort or embroider anything he says and this ‘disinfectant’ issue was easily distorted. But the balance of opinion focuses on exactly what he said thus highlighting the Fake news once again. He’s chipping away at any support the MSM and, not forgetting our, “Worlds Most Trusted”, have got left. Long may it continue I say.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Hahha, GazzerG ‘Hes no tool’ obviously.

      Does he not realise there’s also dumb as **** people in society, who despite being told to the contrary by medical/health professionals and others in positions of power, such as politicians, still continue to inject various toxic substances into their bodies that will do them harm.

      The lefty brain is unfathomable.


    • StewGreen says:

      Like playground bullies the wokemob media
      MISREPRESENT Trump’s words
      so they can score points
      “He said we should inject disinfectant into people, thicko”

      TalkRadio news have just added a tag
      “Trump posed it, in the form of a question”
      … that’s little better

      See my initial reply is above

      (I see Mike Graham immediately liked my tweet)


  7. theisland says:


  8. Foscari says:

    I was looking yesterday at some of the articles in
    our house which were made and exported from China. From
    tee shirts and caps to electrical appliances. These exports
    have brought China out of the third world into now one
    of the two most powerful economic power houses in the world.
    Yesterday I packaged some very important prescription
    medicines to my son who is stuck in Portugal. I was very very
    careful with the packaging.
    I very much expect that the Chinese communist party were not
    so careful with their biggest ever EXPORT to the rest of the world.
    An export which most likely will make them by far numero uno
    for the economic title.
    Just comparatively few cases of the virus and deaths in China, why is this? Of course they are lying . But we see THEIR supposed rates on the charts every day. Maybe there is another reason?
    Early on were those with a temperature and a cough were encouraged
    to fly off. on a holiday to all corners of particularly the economic
    world to “recuperate”?


  9. Guest Who says:

    The MSM


    • Guest Who says:

      A few seem to be aware…

      #boatlongsailed matey.


      • Guest Who says:

        And another.

        Lie with fleas…


      • Fedup2 says:

        Encouraging to see this sort of survey .
        They’ll cry about ‘messenger shooting ‘

        But the characters here are only projecting their own ‘ message ‘ and not the truth . People know this .


  10. Kaiser says:


  11. Guest Who says:

    The bbc loves heat over light.

    It is not that clear cut.

    Comments appear polarised, but the bbc has stirred things nicely.

    And the blonde gets her mug on the telly.


    • Thoughtful says:

      £20K deposit ? They ‘HAD’ to cancel? Thanks to the Church of Socialism abandoning God in favour of ekwaliteee people have forgotten many Christian teachings.

      Marriage is two people formalising their intention to spend the rest of their lives together, it is absolutely not about bridezilla getting to spend a huge amount of money being a princess for a day!

      They didn’t ‘Have’ to cancel their wedding and it’s pretty much a sureity that their union won’t last if it’s built on such fragile foundations.

      Time a Christian church spoke up about such things, but it won’t because it’s decided the teachings of God and Jesus are wrong, and that Marx and Ugo Shavezzzz had better ideas.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest – I haven’t read the BBC item you’ve put up but I am really surprised that they found a couple of white heterosexuals to tell their take . The multi ethnic / gay pressure groups must be burning the phone lines to the complaints department …….
      After watching a few adverts I didn’t realise white couples exist any more …..


  12. Peter Grimes says:

    When the furore around insufficient ventilators first came up I commented on a Torygraph article that a CPAP might be useful.

    I have atrial fibrillation, courtesy of a onetime 18 inch neck from playing hooker, not much smaller nowadays, the consequent snoring, sleep apnea eventually and the heart problem of a-fib, and I use a CPAP every night. Some of the ventilator models proposed to address the ventilator shortage used modified CPAP’s. The Cheshire hospital discovery that a CPAP means that the invasive nature of a ventilator can be avoided, particularly as we now know that their use can be fatal.

    I’m as pleased as nine pence that ‘er indoors and I can perhaps use my machine should we ever succumb to Covid 19 at home.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Peter, yes use that CPAP and facial nebulisers as well as things like ‘the recovery position’ which minimises heart stress. Had President Trump spoken with the White House Physician before his conference about understanding the nature of the lung, the heart and the blood stream, he might not be having his words twisted by the main stream marxist media this morning.

      Thinking about it, the doctors and nurses around the globe are in an Apollo 13 situation with Covid-19. It’s exactly the same problem: keeping people breathing for a recovery. That demands the same measured, careful thinking: ‘What can we try?’

      I do despair at times at the stupidity of politicians but, on the other hand, it is not easy when under various pressures and questions are sprung on you by broadcast journalists and answers are expected on life, the universe, the number 42 and everything.

      My last GP was really good and would take time (despite the 15 minutes appointment pressure) to explain everything, even drawing little helpful sketches – from memory! – of what would, I guess, be found on pages of Grey’s Anatomy.


      • G says:


        “……..on the other hand, it is not easy when under various pressures and questions are sprung on you by broadcast journalists and answers are expected on life, the universe, the number 42 and everything.”

        Come now, its just that, post “sprung” question that the Marxist interviewer relishes. It’s that point just following the “sprung” question posed when the interviewee speaks words to fill the split second of time he/she needs to collect his/her thoughts to create a cautious/noncommittal reply that the Marxist Newsies use to interrupt – at that critical point – because they know the audience would see the part/preparatory gibberish response as being issued by a bumbling idiot who seems not to know what they are doing/talking about. The professionals I’ve seen speaking understand the vulnerability at that split second in time and will remain absolutely silent whilst contemplating their response. If, at that point, the interviewer interjects before the interviewee has a chance to respond, it will never look good for the interviewer and the tables can be reversed.

        Jordan Petersen is quite masterful in handling that, split second gap.


        • Up2snuff says:

          G, quite correct but I suggest that Jordan Peterson is a 10 when it comes to fast thinking and a careful use of words and rhetorical argument. He’s not a push around.

          Donald Trump probably scores rather lower. In addition, POTUS finishes an answer, then it’s on to the next question and so on. AFAIK, he’s not a comeback person.

          Unless he spots Soapy in the crowd.


      • Peter Grimes says:

        My GP, himself a former hooker with a hooker son, used to chat about rugby with me most of the time until he retired very recently, very young! When watching my favoured rugby team I get blue fingers and palpitations, I told him. He said I probably had Reynauds and should wear gloves!!


        • Beltane says:

          Oh! You mean a RUGBY hooker? Sorry, all clear now, thought you meant….sorry. Honest mistake, no offence.


        • Scroblene says:

          Actually, Peter, I spend a very happy half hour most evenings, watching the rugby games from the 2002 World Cup on YouTube, when the game was – in my opinion – a nice place to go.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Oh the irony ! inventors/engineers/scientists/manufacturers who are paid a small fortune and were asked to come up with more respirators, are now beaten by doctors in a small town hospital to come up with answer by using modifying equipment that’s already in use.


      • Eddy Booth says:

        What’s the difference between a respirator and a ventilator?


        • Peter Grimes says:

          Courtesy of Wiki.

          “A respirator is a device designed to protect the wearer from inhaling hazardous atmospheres, including fumes, vapours, gases and particulate matter such as dusts and airborne microorganisms.”

          “A ventilator is a machine that provides mechanical ventilation by moving breathable air into and out of the lungs, to deliver breaths to a patient who is physically unable to breathe, or breathing insufficiently. ..Ventilators are sometimes called “respirators”, a term commonly used for them in the 1950s (particularly the “Bird respirator”). However, contemporary hospital and medical terminology uses the word “respirator” to refer to a protective face-mask.”

          “Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a form of positive airway pressure ventilator, which applies mild air pressure on a continuous basis. It keeps the airways continuously open in people who are able to breathe spontaneously on their own, but need help keeping their airway unobstructed. It is an alternative to positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP). “


  13. Thoughtful says:

    I think we need to read this once again because it’s very important


    This is a link to Reuters news agency so none of the press can legitimately claim not to be aware of it, or its content.

    The Tories are I’m afraid proving what I said at the time of the election – that they are cowardly useless and incompetent to be absolutely true.
    They are allowing the narrative of the media over the EU procurement initiative which as anyone would suspect would have been a failure.

    Like many cowards they are bullies, attacking the civil servant who said it was a political decision.

    In my opinion a party of integrity with a backbone would have stood up and shamed the Devil !

    The EU initiative was not supported by France and Germany who would have quite happily taken UK medical equipment whilst continuing with their policy of not supplying anything outside their own borders. The EU procurement would have left the UK in a worse position that it currently is, but the cowardly useless incompetent Tories are incapable of telling the truth about this.

    Up to date the EU has supplied absolutely nothing, because other member countries all want supplies but don’t want to give away what they have.

    Another issue arising is that the cowardly useless incompetent Tories despite admitting that the peak of the virus is past, and that the NHS is managing to cope and the Nightingale hospitals are not needed, is about to order tens of thousands of ventilators which are never ever going to be needed, wating millions of pounds of taxpayers money. Unless the machines are voltage switchable to 110V we won’t be able to palm them off on the Americans either!


    • Beltane says:

      On the other hand, BBC headline: ‘Huge £470bn rescue package agreed by EU leaders!’
      Other sources suggest that violent disagreement between predominantly northern European nations and their southern counterparts continues to mean that effective decisions have yet to be taken, relevant documents have not been signed and further meetings will be needed before anything is finalised.
      Who to believe, eh? Decisions, decisions.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Well, it was that or head of radio 1.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Ah but what the Times isn’t saying is that the cowardly useless incompetent Tories are fully behind Mr Watsons appointment with some of the loony leftist idiots going so far as to congratulate him on his appointment !


  15. pugnazious says:

    Trump is being dumped on again as the liberal media go into hysterical overload because he suggests research is needed on some possible treatments for the coronavirus.

    The Mail has this sensational headline…

    ‘Donald Trump suggests injecting people with ‘DISINFECTANT’ and hitting ‘the body with a very powerful light’ could kill coronavirus in bizarre White House outburst’

    But just a below is this ‘striking’ story…the study that Trump based his remarks on…

    ‘Coronavirus dies in SUNLIGHT in just minutes, reveals ‘striking’ study by US Department of Homeland Security’

    The BBC of course is there as welll disparaging Trump….

    ‘Coronavirus: Outcry after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment’

    The BBC demonstrates how dangerous and wrong Trump is…
    ‘Disinfectants are hazardous substances and can be poisonous if ingested.

    Even external exposure can be dangerous to the skin, eyes and respiratory system. ‘

    Hmmm…except of course bleach is well known as a treatment for drinking water…even the CDC approves it…

    ‘Make Water Safe’
    ‘Adding some bleach helps make water safe to use.If tap water is clear:1.Use bleach that does not have an added scent (like lemon).2.Add 1/8 teaspoon (8 drops or about 0.75 milliliters) of household liquid bleach to 1 gallon (16 cups) of water. 3. Mix well and wait 30 minutes or more before drinking.’

    Then again it’s the same story with the BBC’s toxic ‘chlorinated chickens’….not so much…chlorine is in our drinking water and in the swimming pools where your kids ingest large quantities of it.

    The BBC goes on to the dread hydroxycloroquine…

    ‘Mr Trump has previously hyped a malaria medication, hydroxycloroquine, as a possible treatment for coronavirus, though he has stopped touting that drug recently.

    This week a study of coronavirus patients in a US government-run hospital for military veterans found more deaths among those treated with hydroxychloroquine than those treated with standard care.’

    Notice that word ‘hyped’ as if it was some quack medicine with no credibility at all. Except, as with all BBC stories, the truth is out there somewhere…just not on the BBC.

    Hydroxycloroquine is being trialled in a UK NHS study, it was shown to be effective by other studies..so much so that both the NYT reported on it…

    ‘Malaria Drug Helps Virus Patients Improve, in Small Study’

    The Lancett reported….

    ‘In-vitro studies have shown that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine can both inhibit SARS-CoV-2 transmission..and viral spread. Early results from clinical studies conducted in China suggest that chloroquine use might have been associated with reduced fever, increased resolution of lung lesions on CT, and delayed disease progression.’

    The BBC of course prefers to emphasise a ‘study of coronavirus patients in a US government-run hospital for military veterans’ which says shows the drug does not work.

    However….that wasn’t a study of the drug in use by the people writing the study, it was not a controlled experiment…it was a paper study of treatments already carried out…..which of course gives plenty of room for interpretation…

    ‘We performed a retrospective analysis of data from patients hospitalized with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in all United States Veterans Health Administration medical centers until April 11, 2020.’

    So some patients had the drug, some had the drug plus azithromycin, some had standard care.

    The study suggests those with standard care fared best.

    However you might think that those on standard care were less severe cases and thus didn’t need a ‘last resort’ drug and therefore were more likely to survive…and hydroxycloroquine is approved by the US FDA as a last resort….

    ‘ The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has authorized the emergency use of this drug when clinical trials are unavailable or infeasible. ‘

    So more patients died with this drug than without….but was that because they were more ill with more underlying conditions?

    The study has not been peer reviewed…

    ‘This article is a preprint and has not been certified by peer review. It reports new medical research that has yet to be evaluated and so should not be used to guide clinical practice.’

    But it’s good enough for the BBC.

    Trump is merely telling people that some possible treatments have been suggested and will be researched…he’s not, as the BBC is implying, trying to tell us to inject ourselves with bleach.


    • Up2snuff says:

      “Trump is merely telling people that some possible treatments have been suggested and will be researched…he’s not, as the BBC is implying, trying to tell us to inject ourselves with bleach.”

      Quite so, pug, quite so.

      But you can bet your sweet bippy that thanks to the MSMs misreporting of this, someone stupid enough not to read the label and the small print on a bottle of disinfectant will drink a glass or two or three of it and will end up needlessly hospitalised or worse.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Pug – is this anti-Trump sensationalism not what you would expect from third-raters like The Mail and the BBC?
      Once upon a time, when it was about accuracy and impartiality, beeb , at least, would have gone through the process you outline.
      Now it’s all about getting Sleepy Joe into the White House.


      • JamesArthur says:

        Fake et al.

        I have had whatspp messages about this from Trump hating friends – all intelligent professionals but they hate him so much they just take what is online/in media as gospel when it comes to POTUS..
        Like so many of the responses from Twitter medics…they let their hatred obscure reality…


  16. Fedup2 says:

    Confession -as I turned on the tv – trying to fire up the free view box – I caught a bit of an interchange between the sane Trevor Phillips and a loon bbc drone autocue reader .
    The subject of course was BBC racism – in the form of the comparative numbers of non whites dying with the Chinese virus .

    Mr Phillips was referring to recent research ( Newcastle) . The BBC portrayed the non white NHS staff as ‘ doing jobs more likely to get the bug ‘ however mr Phillips pointed out that the research found that non white were more likely to get it ‘ in the community ‘

    I could almost hear the editor screaming into the Beeboids ear ‘ change the subject’ – which of course / she did –

    “ that’s all we’ve got time for -now the weather – if you’re going out “


  17. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Hi, just want to say the BBC have gone full anti-Trump on their homepage as well as on their CBBC newsround page – claiming Trump has advised everyone to breath in / inject bleach into their lungs. The BBC are telling children and adults not to follow “Trumps advice”:

    CBBC headline: Doctors Warn Don’t Take Medical Advice from Trump:

    Homepage headline: Outcry after Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment:


    • Up2snuff says:

      BoBotC, bleach is rather different to disinfectant. But can have a similar effect, just quicker – ie. fast death in agony instead of slow death in discomfort, if you are stupid enough to drink a bottle of bleach instead of a bottle of disinfectant. Just in case maxi is watching. 😉 He’d love to pick one of us up, conflating the two in order to obfuscate.

      Funny thing, maxi never spots it when the BBC does exactly that.


      • The Mouse says:


        I’m NOT suggesting anyone should try this at home (unless there is an extreme emergency).

        From the US Environmental Protection Agency –
        Disinfect water using household bleach, if you can’t boil water. Only use regular, unscented chlorine bleach products that are suitable for disinfection and sanitization as indicated on the label. The label may say that the active ingredient contains 6 or 8.25% of sodium hypochlorite. Do not use scented, color safe, or bleaches with added cleaners. If water is cloudy, let it settle and filter it through a clean cloth, paper towel, or coffee filter.

        They then advise 6 drops of 8.25% of sodium hypochlorite in 1 gallon of water. (So yes, it is very dilute bleach).



        • Up2snuff says:

          TM, that’s getting a bit homeopathic! But yes, you can use it for water purification in extreme circumstances. It is available in tablet form, iirc, – camping shops sell the tablets – and the military use it that way. Sphagnum moss is good for water purification if you have some to hand and the time and containers available.

          If you are that worried about germs in the mouth and throat, try gargling with mouth wash or TCP diluted according to instructions. Sir Joseph Lister would prefer that. If you are friendly with a dentist, then the mouth wash tablets they use are good for treating sore throats. Gargle and spit, though, do not drink.

          Neat bleach is likely to burn your osephagus, cause intestinal and stomach damage and finish you off far faster than neat disinfectant – probably.

          St Paul’s advice to Timothy still holds good for intestinal germs “Take a little wine for your stomach’s sake.” (1 Timothy 5v23) … he may have been passing on good Dr Luke’s advice. 😉


  18. pugnazious says:


    Who needs fake twitter accounts when you have the BBC acting as state propagandist for the government coronavirus narrative….lockdown to protect the NHS and to save lives!

    The BBC doesn’t question the narrative, the only thing it questions is how it is being implemented…the BBC likes to suggest the government is failing[it is, just not on the things the BBC is concentrating oon]…the BBC loves the lockdown but would prefer that it was a Labour government implementing it…and you can be sure that when we look back the BBC will conclude everything could have been handled so much better…if only we had done what Starmer wanted…whatever that is.

    The next election campaign has begun.


    • Fedup2 says:

      For anyone to posit that the Department of Health could be capable of planning and implementing a fake news campaign beggars belief .

      It can’t even do its day job

      After this I pray that it is sold off to someone like the medical wing of amazon …… which would be more than capable of monitoring stuff like NHS PPE and how much of it turns up on eBay or in dance routines ….


    • Scroblene says:

      You’ll never find out what Starmer wants, as he doesn’t have a clue either!

      No doubt the awful BBC will give him a few hints, and a clear run at any interview, but already, he is proving to be a fading shadow of a real ‘leader’, and probably is the best numpty to see off the labour party for the next several elections!

      The bloke really is a tosser!


  19. JamesArthur says:

    Just a thought for Trump haters
    This is list of commonly used disinfectants which is group term not a singular item..
    Alcohols, Chlorine compounds Example:Household Bleach,Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Phenolics Examples:Carbolic soap; Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide
    Some are already known to kill virus’s and bacteria – not saying you should use these but simply it is a good rationale to do research – which I think is all POTUS was saying

    The press, like most people, probably think of disinfectant as just what they put down drains….and the use of UV light for killing bacteria and virus’s is already in existence..

    I really dislike the MSM


    • Up2snuff says:

      JA, don’t forget vinegar a form of wine alcohol and acetic (lemon juice) and other acids. Do not use any of these other than vinegar, wine & spirits and lemon juice and then in limited doses and not if you have pre-existing conditions. Check with your GP, the practice nurse or a pharmacist first.

      Thing is the osephagus and trachea are different. The media’s distortion of what President Trump was implying or wishing for out loud is very dangerous. There has already been a fatality and a second hospitalisation in California thanks to MSM distortion of his previous comments about hydroxychloroquine.

      Think President Trump was hoping for something to disinfect the lungs of the virus. That’s dangerous, partly because of the way this particular virus is thought to work, attaching itself to the bronchial tubes and possibly the bronchioles. Also, human physique separates food & drink from air to the lungs but not everyone will know that. Someone fearful of Covid-19 might try taking a dose of disinfectant thinking it might prevent catching the virus but all it will do is – at best – destroy the good gut bacteria essential for healthy living.

      I do wish POTUS had spoken to the White House doctor before going on record.

      Unfortunately, the damage is done.


  20. pugnazious says:

    Tragedy…something must be done….send them more money dear Government…

    ‘Coronavirus: Muslim Council of Britain warns UK mosques could close forever ‘

    ‘Harun Khan, secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, told Sky News: “Mosques will be hit very substantially. Majority of the mosques are run as charitable organisations. They rely heavily on the support they get from visitors and worshippers.

    “That’s almost disappeared overnight. They are institutions that need to maintain themselves with staff that need to be paid. It’s a really, really challenging time. It will be a Ramadan like never before.”‘

    Oh dear, how sad, never mnd. Less terrorism and social conflict as a result?

    The BBC is also putting ‘Muslims’ front and centre as it keeps this at the top of its ‘live’ news feed and top of the Frontpage…

    BBC News Home
    Top Stories
    Muslims face Ramadan under lockdown

    Oddly no mention of this from the Bank of England….

    ‘Britain’s economy is experiencing possibly its deepest economic shock in several centuries and a quick bounce-back is unlikely, Bank of England (BoE) interest-rate setter Jan Vlieghe said on Thursday. ‘

    Milions on the dole and over 4 million and rising being furloughed…and the BBC barely notices.

    Of course come an election suddenly all these dire economic warnings will be dragged off that shelf the BBC has parked them on for now, dusted off and quoted at length, and all those still on the dole will be the star performers on the BBC news as the BBC reports how the government failed to handle the coronavirus crisis adequately and failed to support all these impoverished people in the aftermath…never mind that the BBC fully endorsed, supported and indeed drove the insane lockdown policy.


  21. Beltane says:

    Surely the decision of the Welsh to extend the terms of the lock-down from this weekend could have nothing to do with wanting to raise two properly Celtic fingers towards wee Krankie?
    How depressing it is to see all the coverage her typically meaningless and spiteful ‘plans’ are getting from the usual sources.
    Grow up you dimwits, all she wants is to appear to ‘look decisive’ and pander to her anti-English fan-base.


    • Beltane says:

      Further to the above – and you may find this difficult to believe – the version of these proposed changes to lock-down procedures on the BBC differs radically from the original Sky news item.
      It’s almost as though the BBC are suggesting that Mark Drakeford has more in common with Sturgeon, and that both are well ahead of Westminster in feeling the public pulse. Surely not?


  22. Sluff says:

    Just looking at the general tenet of BBC output.
    After the Islamic Broadcasting Corporation stuff yesterday we are in full BAME mode today.

    So since we can trust the BBC this must mean one thing. The very good news that white British people cannot get the virus!!!!

    Funny how the massive bias of male victims over female victims warrants no mention at all. Oh I forgot. Males cannot be victims in BBC la la land.


    • Despairada says:

      Hey! Who would have thunk it. ‘Corona’, Covid-19, SARS-Cov-2, is a RACIST virus. WTF.

      I wonder what dear Doreen is going to do? Take it to court?


  23. fakenewswatcher says:

    Sluff – Gotta bring Steven back into the picture, you know, after all only slightly more than 20 years have passed. Restart the campaign.
    Labour are a lot like the bbc: stir up anti-white racial sentiment, push your agenda/narrative relentlessly, forget about any uncomfortable facts that might intrude or dilute you message. A little brown-nosing will take you far.
    We’re starting to get the measure of you, ‘Sir Keir’ and you’re plunging even further with in our estimation with your transparent strategies. But will they work in the Northern seats you lost? Doubt it.
    Beeb will LOVE him, of course. Mutual admiration will spiral.


  24. theisland says:

    This analysis points to three main conclusions: –

    Brussels’ root objective in the negotiations is to entangle Britain in a neo-colonial trading relationship and to prevent the British economy being seen to prosper after Brexit.

    To veil this objective, Brussels hides behind a cry for “level playing field,” a camouflaged weapon in a campaign of entanglement.

    Pursuing that campaign, Brussels and its British allies [WE KNOW WHO] seek to spin out and complicate the negotiating process. This is the aim of their campaign to prolong the negotiating timetable. To understand this is to understand why it must be resisted.


  25. fakenewswatcher says:

    Beeb lunchtime TV triumphant that the government testing website has ‘been swamped’. Laila Nathoo stirs it up. Item 1.
    Record low sales, reports beeb, showing us a small gift store in Carmathen, which had to shut. Item 2. Emma Simpson stirs it up. Outlook bleak, although DIY is doing well she says.
    Are we starting to go out? “Creates enhanced tension” an interviewee says. Item 3.
    TfL is sending a quarter of staff home. Khan talks of savings. Item 4
    Drakeford speaks from Wales. Item 5.
    Plod on to speak of boundaries being pushed. Item 6.
    President Trump has been criticized for suggesting ultra-violet light. Deb Brix shoots him down. As many as killed in Vietnam have died. A one-man Vietnam, that President! “Immediate outcry over detergent drinking”. “Trump lies, people die” say the posters in conclusion. Item 7
    AT LAST Baroness Doreen (Remember Steven?) on with Sir Keir. Charlie Williams on. We need to find out why BAME are dying more…why? ( Remember Steven yet? ) Sir Keir is on. Lotsa BAME saying: they are being pushed to the forefront. Doreen is not asking us, she’s telling us she says. (NOW you must surely remember Steven!) Trevor Phillips is on to complain. No ppe, anti-BAME plot. Item 8 – BIG STUFF


  26. StewGreen says:

    1pm local news have moved on part 2 of ProjectSmear
    “The Makers Of Dettol Have Warned People Not To Inject Themselves With Disinfectant As Suggested By Donald Trump”

    BTW this Dettol label was published (Feb 25) months before Trump’s statement today



  27. Sluff says:

    The government opens its online CV19 testing service.
    Totally unsurprisingly it has crashed within hours due to massive demand.

    The absolute glee with which the doom-mongers reported this as the first story on the BBC 1 pm news was palpable. Trebles all round in the ‘news’room.


  28. Venutius says:

    Just watched the Trump disinfectant clip on the BBC after subjecting myself to 5 minutes of 5 live radio while out hunting, in a socially distant sense. Commentators were lining up to ‘slate’ his irresponsible and casual language. One even suggested it may even lead to people drinking domestos.

    There is even a headline on the BBC stating a leading bleach manufacturer has issued a warning not to use its products on the human body.


    I mean. Seriously? WTF?

    Trump is clearly referring to UV light. His comments relate to recent data indicators from the US. SunLight does degrade many other virus’, the problem we have on this virus is lack of data. That is it!

    He uses the word ‘disinfectant’ in a generic sense around ‘killing’ the virus. He is clearly linking-in with different ideas around the UV study to irradiate the virus. in no way does he suggest ‘drink bleach’!

    Headlines like, ‘Trump suggests injection of disinfectant’ or ‘Trump asks if disinfectant could be used as Covid 19 treatment’ are simply ludicrous.

    It’s like ‘Liberal bingo’ every time he speaks as MSM predictably tick every hate box or twist every meaning. As he would put it. Fake News.

    I think they convince nobody and only entrench people further into their political bunkers.

    Incidentally, if someone does watch his ‘disinfectant statement’ and subsequently drink bleach, then the world has one less idiot in it.


    • gb123 says:

      This is getting to be like The Life of Brian in reverse. Everything Brian said or did was a miracle. Every object he had was sacred, such as the gourd and the shoe. Everything President Trump does or says is false or destructive anything he does is evil incarnate according to the “meeja”.


      • Venutius says:

        I agree. He repeatedly states ‘I’m not a doctor’ on the BBC clip. I mean it’s surreal how his every word is used as a weapon by those who would see him removed.

        As I said, he is clearly referring to disinfectant in the generic, alongside the UV information.

        It’s a very polarised world we live in now, and will be going forward. Pick a side I guess.


        • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

          I’ve seen a video where Tedros, the Ethiopian Marxist WHO man, coughs before addressing a big round-table meeting. He makes a joke that it’s not Covid-19. People laugh. OK, nothing wrong with a little humour, if it’s not too insensitive. But imagine the screams if Herr Drumpf of the Fourth Reich (US) had made such a joke?

          As with the recent objections to that joke cake (shown here on Biased BBC) made to look vaguely like St Jacinda of NZ, it all depends who is on the receiving end. No problem if it’s Thatcher, Sarah Palin, Katie Hopkins or any other female hate figure, but be careful if you want to do it with Ardern, Merkel, Abbott et al.


    • StewGreen says:

      No the presentation didn’t just talk about UV

      Context : First the scientist did a presentation about UV & other things that kill Coronavirus
      Then Trump postulated on what he heard
      asking “what if”s

      The transcript shows a question
      “disinfectant” “knocks it out” “is there” “something like”

      Journos quickly misrepresented him



      • Sluff says:


        A leader trying to ‘inject’ glimmers of hope and positivity in a world where the general MSM news is not great and could be pretty depressing to many.

        That will just NEVER do in doom-and-gloom BBCland.


  29. StewGreen says:

    Josh talking about claims made 26 mins into the Michael Moore film


    • Guest Who says:

      Meanwhile Jon, Katty and gang are RT’ing this gem…

      …unless they read the replies.


  30. G says:

    Just like that chinese ‘talking machine’ representative from the chinese embassy ‘interviewed’ on TWATO earlier, here’s another one making astounding claims of innocence. In this instance, “Not me Guv'” when the finger is pointed as Globalism – the enemy of the people (along with their bedfellows in the UN).

    Simply another load of nonsense asserted as reality which it is clearly not. But interesting they have to scratch around in the dirt to find ……….something.


  31. fakenewswatcher says:

    I think the scurrilous, thinly-veiled Labour/bbc narrative that BAME are being sent into the frontline to die in the battle against the virus, presumably by whitee, could backfire on Sir Keir, not only in the North.
    Doreen Lawrence is bad news. More than 20 years ago her son was killed, and that is terrible. However, I remember a picture of him showing a black power salute, so I wonder what led to the attack. (The picture quickly disappeared). Years of publicity followed the incident, which will now be dragged up again. She exploited the issue to the maximum, got a peerage, and is now back on the scene to make more mischief.
    I mention this because I was once mugged by a black person, who smashed me over the head with a brick. When the police asked me if I wanted to lay a charge, I declined, feeling that I was lucky to be alive. Forgiveness.
    I now think I should have pursued the issue with all vigour.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Interestingly, “Stephen Lawrence Day” is 22nd April, commemorating his murder by stabbing in 1993; this is now over 27 years ago. The expression “institutional racism” came to public attention as a result of the inquiry into how the police investigated the killing. Whether this anniversary made it more likely that Doreen Lawrence would be asked to look into BAME deaths during the Covid-19 crisis, I know not.

      The racialisation of the crisis is typical cultural Marxism: never waste an opportunity to stir trouble but with your eye always on the main goal, not the particular issue, i.e. gaining political power.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Fake, glad to know that you recovered. Sadly if the position had been reversed, just imagine the outcome, there would be no forgiveness and the full weight of the law, and the media, and the ethnic community would be baying for your blood. And no doubt a custodial sentence, which means you would be a sitting target by the BAME inmates . You’re a forgiving soul indeed.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Many Thanks, BRISSLES. With wisdom of hindsight I think I was very naive.
        But, a bystander flagged down somebody’s Jag, which I bled all over, to take me to hospital. (This was before mobiles). I was in shock, so never got to thank whoever that was, so here is yet another opportunity. I’d hate to think what it cost him to clean up his car.
        I was in my best suit, so that was a write-off, too.
        Regrettably, your analysis is probably pretty accurate. That is what irritates me: my guess is that Doreen’s real motive has not a lot to do with justice, and that she should examine her heart. She and Keir are embarking on a little war that will rake up the past and cause more ill feeling between ‘communities’, when everyone is already very stressed.
        It seems very irresponsible to drag race into this pandemic, to say the least. But Labour and the bbc never fail to disappoint. Like Doreen, Starmer strikes me as someone very committed to a certain agenda; it doesn’t bode well.


      • G says:

        Ah yes! those were the days when we had law and order. No longer. One ‘law’ for one group, another ‘law’ for another. Mostly all to do with whims of our, waste of space, ‘boys in blue’. Even they no longer have the respect of the public. That ‘bond’ they believe they have with the public, is long gone.
        Still think that there will be a massive civil uprising in the not too distant future. That’ll sure cause a ‘reboot’ with any luck.


  32. Darcy3 says:

    Meanwhile business (ie crime) as usual for some:

    Police break up traveller funeral as mourners flout social distancing rules after they demand body back from the undertaker – and drive it to church in back of a Transit van

    About 60 grievers – some swigging beer – moved on by Bedfordshire Police at Dunstable Cemetery at 10am
    The group was blatantly flouting government lockdown rules on social distancing – brought in to tackle Covid
    The morgue that was holding the woman’s body told travellers they would not release it on Wednesday night
    But the group is alleged to have threatened to burn down the establishment if they did not let them have it
    Before the funeral, the coffin was put in a van and driven 25 miles from Sandy to Dunstable with its doors open

    En route to the burial site, one of the Ford Focuses in the procession reportedly tried to catch up with the others and went the wrong way around a roundabout.

    It was said to have smashed into an oncoming car, but allegedly drove off and only stopped further down the road when it broke down.



  33. Darcy3 says:

    Police rush to cemetery after gunman opened fire as hundreds of mourners break social distancing rules and line streets at funeral of father, 38, dubbed ‘Mr Ibiza’

    A gunman opened fire at mourners flouting social distancing rules while attending the funeral of ‘Mr Ibiza’
    Police scrambled to Gorton Cemetery on Woodland Avenue in east Manchester after opening fire last night
    The gunman is believed to have then been stabbed and rushed to hospital with serious face lacerations
    Incident occurred as huge numbers of friends and family gathered to pay respects to Clive Pinnock



  34. Grumbler says:

    Just had a thought.
    Is the lockdown strategy of the West a form of ‘Neo-colonialism’?
    We are attempting to save, say, 50,000 of our elderly and vulnerable, whilst probably condemning to death perhaps 10 times that many through poverty in the 3rd world.
    Wonder what liberals and snowflakes would make of that?


    • Scroblene says:

      We could save a whole load of our own citizens, if we didn’t keep bunging millions of notes to the despots, dictators, politicians etc in fourth-world shite-hole countries, who just steal it for themselves.

      Why my taxes shoved to these arseholes, and the BBC for that matter, are needed for such a waste of Great Britain’s assets is way beyond me.

      But there again, I’m a normal Brit, and obeys orders, or plod comes running…


  35. Fedup2 says:

    Grumbler – I’m a member of thr ‘ surely ‘ school . When you see something happen ( which shouldn’t ) you find yourself saying “ surely someone would thought that through or don’t something before hand? “

    ThE ‘ surely school ‘ is related to ‘Professor Hindsite ‘

    And surely some one some where has done a piece on what the effect of locking up an entire country for a couple of months …?
    But I think not ….

    The thread is heavy so to lighten the load I’m going to put up the new thread ….



  36. Guest Who says:

    Remember Operation Clarke County?


    Ian Katz of course now working his special magic at another failing broadcaster, but his legacy at the BBC lives on in all they have achieved for Remain and Labour.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Silly moo can’t even write English.

    Oh, and #CCBGB


    • StewGreen says:

      I hadn’t thought about Newsnight being a pogrom
      .. but yes I suppose it is.


  38. StewGreen says:

    News channel 5 mins after the briefing the BBC correspondent
    told us “about 1 million key workers are eligible for testing”

    FFS 10 minutes earlier the minister had explained 10.7million are eligible for testing.


  39. StewGreen says:

    Local ITV news : it’s the long Ramadan item.

    Previous item was about 300 people living in a tower block
    which had an interview with a white father.
    And then a staged bit where the reporter spoke into his phone on the street, whilst the camera focused on a headscarfed woman on her balcony who spoke her answers into her photo.

    Item before that
    Clapping for NHS : which focused on the family ofthe black nurse that died.

    bit of sport .. maybe Indian cricketer

    Now it’s the Colonel Tom item
    where little Emily is copying him by raising money for the NHS.


  40. fakenewswatcher says:

    Sopel says President Trump pontificates. Pot, kettle.
    But, as expected, he has patched together the extracts he wants on bbc tv1 news to support his regular anti-Trump narrative.
    Having said that, it’s not wise for a President to think out loud/speculate, as it’s exactly what the Sopels of this world are waiting for. After all, he knows the ‘beauties’ are out there, eager for any little scrap to manipulate…


  41. StewGreen says:

    Local BBC news just did their “Look back at the NHS clap” montage
    … Our area must be short if BME cos everyone was white except for a frame showing headshots of 20 nurses
    .. where the headscarfed woman was near to the middle.


    • StewGreen says:

      Now they are appealing for
      “your memories of VE Day 75 years ago”

      .. Well you’d have to be 80 years old to remember.


    • StewGreen says:

      Next item from Dettol factory
      telling us not to use Dettol internally
      “as Trump had APPEARED to suggest”


    • StewGreen says:

      Next item : talking about BBC’s BigShiteIn

      Talking about themselves in the news is their hobby.