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  1. Emmanuel Goldstein says:



  2. theisland says:

    This is quite amusing re M. Barnier’s rant the other day.


    Michel, do please come back to the next round of talks with a better attitude, or we might as well call it a day right now.


    • popeye says:

      The BBC boasts the EU won the most Gold Medals in the 2012 Olympics

      The BBC boasts that the EU is the world’s second largest economy

      The BBC boasts the EU has the world’s 3rd largest population

      Covid-19? Sorry, we only report individual countries


  3. pugnazious says:

    Odd…massive coverage for the smears and toxic and false allegations against Priti Patel [and no usual mention of racism or sexism] by the BBC.

    Today we’re told by most news outlets that she has been cleared of those accusations….but the BBC has remained totally silent.

    Normally the BBC would treat such a revelation as top news even though the official release isn’t until tomorrow…the BBC, when it suits, always preempts such reports and spends days prior to their release speculating as to what might be in it…or what the BBC would like to be in it…often such speculation is done to prime the listener or viewer in order to make them think a certain way if the BBC knows the report doesn’t go the way they want…so they muddy the waters, sowing doubt and confusion in order to discredit the report.

    They will eventually get around to report the Patel inquiry result but you can be sure that the official outcome will be a short paragraph at the top and the rest of the report will be trying to cast doubt on it and be full of critics and Patel bashers along with a stream of alleged historic accusations which will be basically a mud flinging exercise designed to make you think she’s guilty whatever the inquiry said.


    • Beltane says:

      Along with the team involved in the Panorama hate-fest (see Guido’s revelations on previous thread) the BBC seem quite unable to recognise the depth of the hole they are in – but will assuredly keep delving downwards, convinced that Sirkeer will lead the rescue party.


    • taffman says:


      Perhaps she can now get down to sorting out our Border Farce?


      • G.W.F. says:

        There is a possibility that Priti is the victim of bullying. Perhaps it is a group of bullies that won’t let her department publish the grooming gang report and won’t allow her to do anything about protecting our borders.


        • StewGreen says:

          @GWF yes could be
          Those who shouted “bully” at her
          may well have been projecting themselves
          It is a libmob characteristic.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      I agree. The whole Priti Patel case is a good example of BBC bias by commission and omission, with many overlapping themes.

      First of all, Patel is non-Muslim, so not one of that special protected class of people. Contrast with how this would have been handled by the BBC if it had been, say, Baroness Warsi or Naz Shah MP.

      Next, although female, she’s not the right (i.e. Left) sort of female, unlike Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel or Jacinda Ardern. So gender won’t help her this time.

      Then there’s skin colour. If someone wanders “off reservation” on certain issues, then the Left’s approval can still be withdrawn. Compare with the once favoured Trevor Phillips and the Labour Party’s treatment of him for alleged Islamophobia.

      Finally, Priti Patel has also rocked the boat on other occasions: wanting to leave the EU, the semi-secret visit to Israel, her talk of restricting immigration. All of these are bad in the BBC’s eyes.

      So the silence on the exoneration of her is to be expected.


      • Emeron says:

        Excellent analysis Mustapha, totally agree. It’s unfortunate that when you get a strong, capable woman the BBC cannot get behind them due to their outrageous bias.


    • digg says:

      That is the best description of the way the BBC works I have ever read Pug!

      Well done….


  4. taffman says:

    “French police officers suspended for using racist slur in viral video”
    Trouble in France but no mention of riots ? Looks like there’s something going on in the photo used .


  5. pugnazious says:


    This is a programme presented from one view point which aims to prove the government has failed to ‘protect the NHS’. This isn’t an impartial, balanced, measured investigation as you can see from its opening line in its web report…

    ‘The government failed to buy crucial protective equipment to cope with a pandemic, a BBC investigation has found.’

    The BBC tells a slippery little lie stating that…

    ‘The pandemic is not an unexpected event, for almost a decade its been designated the greatest threat to Britain’

    Sorry? What? No, this pandemic hasn’t been..this is a new disease….The pandemic planning was for flu which as stated below has a lower hospitalisation rate than covid19.

    The BBC lying to and misleading us with half truths.

    For one most of the participants are apparently, no surprise, Labour Party activists and supporters.

    Second we know that every country is suffering from lack of PPE, even Germnay which Der Spiegel reported on a while ago….and yet the BBC doesn’t compare.

    Germany Is Failing in its Efforts To Obtain Protective Gear

    Third…those gloves counted as single items?….a cynical, cunning government ploy to con voters? For one the minister would have no idea how the items are counted…it would be a system designed long ago and be standard practice.

    And just looked at a box of gloves …it contains ’20 pcs’…that is 10 pairs…gloves are ambidextrous and able to be used on both hands…thus count as one item each not a pair.

    Look on the net to buy some and it’s the same…you buy ‘pieces’ not pairs.

    ‘100Pcs Disposable Medical Gloves Powder Free Strong Non Latex Non Vinyl ‘

    Programme paints a very dodgy picture but using information that is half true and misleading….when were the government actually advised to increase the number of gowns…and it turns out they do stock eye protection.

    Not only that but the stockpile was for flu rather than Covid19 which has a higher hospitalisation rate.

    The BBC is desperately looking for the negative and refuses to accept explanations…

    ‘There were 33 million on the original 2009 procurement list for the stockpile, but only 12 million have been handed out.

    The government refuses to explain where the other masks have gone.

    A government spokesperson said there was “limited demand” for the masks coming through the Supply Disruption Line, “which is one reason why they haven’t all been distributed”.’

    Interesting though to see one comment from government….covid19 has…

    ‘ a low overall mortality rate ‘


    • davylars says:

      “ The BBC tells a slippery little lie stating that…

      ‘The pandemic is not an unexpected event, for almost a decade its been designated the greatest threat to Britain’”

      Except for…….
      I seem to remember this from 2018

      “Sir David Attenborough: Climate change ‘our greatest threat’
      By Matt McGrath.
      Environment correspondent, Katowice”


      Or this…..

      What are the biggest threats to humanity?

      By Simon Beard and Lauren Holt
      Centre for the Study of Existential Risk



    • Dazed and Confused says:

      As with all Panorama programmes, you don’t need to scratch the surface too much for the alarm bells to start ringing, and almost Immediately, Guido picked up that, this was little else than a political broadcaston behalf of the Labour party, as seen in the link below.


      So I was left with the burning question of, ”why would the editor of Panorama leave herself open to such obvious accusations of Labour party bias and crass activism”?.

      So let’s see.. Panorama Editor Rachel Jupp. Previously worked (with her husband) at Demos, a left wing think tank, jointly created by one Julia Middleton, before she went on to invent the poisonous Common Purpose….Rachel Jupp. Who has a brother called Ben, a man that just so happens to be married to current Labour M.P. Helen Hayes. See link below.


      You just can’t trust the BBC with anything anymore.


      • Nodding Dog says:

        I posted on the previous thread (but made a bit of a mess posting the tweet) about a union activist on twitter telling his followers how he’d put the BBC ‘in touch’ with some NHS staff and the Beeb told him “we won’t let you down”

        I did question who contacted who first and I have a suspicion that the Panorama team probably put the word out among their buddies in the unions to get some people on who’d say just what they wanted to hear.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      The 21 million discrepancy is likely the finding that most had deteriorated due to a dumb cluck NHS ‘manager’ having failed to note the expiry date and their not being able to use them or having to hand them out to facilitate the current grievance of ‘out of date PPE’.


  6. Doobster78 says:

    Oh dear. The great Germany who did EVERYTHING right according to the BBC !!!!!

    They could do no wrong !!!!!! Held in the highest regard by all at the BBC , whilst we did everything wrong.

    MSM backing the wrong horse, again !!!!


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Surely 5 days is far too short a period to have had any effect on the number of infections detected?


  7. Halifax says:

    My Dear Friends on Biased BBC.

    Let’s us not forget that the BBC and to lesser extent other members of the MSM wish to see the government fail in thier battle to control COVID -19.

    These despicable people would gladly see our loved ones die to promote their cause that being the introduction of a socialist government and the re-instament of the UK into the European super state.

    Make no mistake this is their wish using our money to undermine our country , culture and religion.

    Whilst we all suffer they exist in their protected bubble sprouting anti government messages, an internal and visible fith column bent on the overthrow of the Torty government.

    They offer nothing in this crisis only critiscm of our country and culture and take every opportunity to show that we and our government are failing.

    The furtherence of the BME narrative durring this crisis is there for all to see we are an equal and fair society yet they continue to push the narrative that we are inherently racist.

    So please do not forget the fight that we are in and continue to educate and inform all of the anti British bias spewed out by the BBC on an industrial scale and that we are fighting back against the onslaught.


  8. pugnazious says:

    Will the BBC report this…will Starmer act promptly and kick him out of the party?


    ‘EXCLUSIVE: Top public health expert compared ‘Zionists’ to Nazis

    John Ashton, a prominent critic of the government over its coronavirus response, has a history of inflammatory statements about ‘Zionists’
    A public health expert at the centre of criticism of the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has a long history of making inflammatory statements, comparing “Zionists” to Nazis and wrote that “Jews” should reflect on the actions of the Israeli military, the JC can reveal.

    Professor John Ashton, a former regional director of public health for north-west England, appeared on BBC Panorama on Monday to discuss the findings of an investigation into the failure to stockpile personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS staff.

    But aside from offering his advice over health issues, Professor Ashton, who has been a long-time member of the Labour Party, regularly posts on social media on issues involving Israel and Zionism. In one tweet he suggested it was, “Time to isolate Zionists and all religious fundamentalists whatever colour of black.”

    An analysis of social media posts made by the former President of the Faculty of Public Health from 2012 until 2018 shows that he has frequently equated Zionism with Nazism.’


  9. pugnazious says:


    Is the BBC biased? notes the ever reliable Lewis Goodall thinks no-one should criticise the BBC or Panorama….it doesn’t matter if the programme was full of Labour Party stooges it’s the facts that matter…of course whose ‘facts’ and how they’re presented might be important…but hey…let’s not discuss Fox News or the Daily Mail eh… damn their blackhearts! LOL


    ‘Lewis Goodall (BBC Newsnight): Sure we could have a conversation about the news. Or we could have a conversation about carers struggling to get tests. NHS workers struggling to get masks. Care homes struggling with excess deaths. It’s our job to report on people who don’t have the luxury of being “positive”. So let’s not have a conversation about the news. It’s the one conversation which is least useful to anyone right now, except perhaps to some in power, who curiously enough seem very keen to have it.’

    Goodall, more used car salesman spiv than decent, impartial journalist…



    • Guest Who says:

      Lewis is shaping up a treat.


      • Guest Who says:

        I am interested in the numbers of bbc ‘reporters’ headed hither and thither.

        BBC News

        The coronavirus crisis has dramatically changed how hospices operate. The BBC’s Ed Thomas witnesses the impact of the pandemic on staff, patients and families at East Cheshire Hospice in the north of England.



        How are these visits arranged? What parameters guide bbc venue choices, and such venues agreeing?


        • Guest Who says:

          How long before one of Amol’s old gang at the Indy are invited in to ‘analyse’ on a bbc propaganda show?

          If this risible set-up headline is any guide, soon:

          “Matt Hancock refuses to apologise to relatives of elderly residents who died of Covid-19 in care homes”


      • Peter Grimes says:

        I wouldn’t watch Leftist Goodall at any price having observed his churnalistic apprenticeship at Sky. Did he ask anyone howtf they got their hands on out of date PPE? Early on in this crisis there were reports of deteriorated PPE. Was this part of the stock which some dumb, overpaid NHS ‘manager’ counted and didn’t renew? And if so, it’s not a gum’ment problem but a pure NHS one, and someone should pay.


        • Halifax says:

          A lot of PPE will be passive in that it will have no active content. It is common practice to have equipment re-lifed in that a representative sample is sent back to the manufacturers tested and re-certified as usable for an extended period. This process can go on indefinitely if the correct storage conditions are maintained……I feel like I’m at work …


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      @ pug at 10.15 pm
      Two life lessons that have held true for me,
      1) don’t trust a man who wears red trousers especially jeans
      2) don’t trust a man who wears tan shoes with blue trousers

      Picky I know but my eyes told me all I had to know about him.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Who the hell wears tan shoes with blue trousers ????? Nooooooo.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Bris – chap is clearly a cad . I see he was an unpaid intern for some democrat politician to get a CV lift . Plenty of money and connections with this BBC droid .

          I’m clearly prejudiced because I have never seen or heard this character and hopefully never will , – I suppose guardian readers watch the Newsnight …


        • Halifax says:

          He wouldn’t get ten yards in Halifax dressd like that……and where is his cap ????


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        “Those dreadful Hush Puppy shoes Kenneth Clarke wears everywhere. He’s really a socialist at heart.”

        Margaret Thatcher, quoted by Woodrow Wyatt, on Ken Clarke.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Bunter really is doing an excellent job at demonstrating media grasp of, well, just about anything sane.


    • StewGreen says:

      “So what?”
      FFS libmob they are obsessed with #Diversity
      and now it’s Oh it doesn’t matter that all the voices came from the same ideology ?

      In a sane world Ofcom would be all over this


      • Guest Who says:

        His hole digging is impressive.

        As is that of Lewis, who ‘liked’ this latest bluster that is garnering a fair share of ratio.


        • Peter Grimes says:

          You might take more notice of Fatty, tongue-swallowing Boulton if the risible MSM had apologised for putting up, and thereby giving credence to, the non-medical doctor and failed Labour GE candidate who claimed Covid patients had been turned away from her local hospital, subsequently denied by said hospital, or the Southend nurse, and coincidentally Labour activist and co-vice chair of her local Labour Party, who not only gave PPE to a charity she supported but also lied about PPE shortages at her hospital, others publishing photos of large recent deliveries there. She tried to save face by saying it was a general shortage she was TWATting about. Fatty Boulton and the rest of our p-poor churnalists would have more credence if they apologised for their (deliberate?) errors or gave exposure to the circumstances.


          • BRISSLES says:

            Don’t forget who Boulton is married to. Anji Hunter – one time closest aid of Tony Blair.


  11. Fedup2 says:

    Apparently furlough money arrived today . On time and the right amount – no sign of the BBC acknowledging this . Why should they ? It doesn’t mean anything because they get paid anyway . ( got this from twitter )

    I reckon the reason the BBC isn’t saying anything about Priti Patel being exonerated is that they don’t accept the result – like brexit . They ll demand they go away and get the ‘right ‘ result .


    • StewGreen says:

      @Fed The BBCnews are not a news organisation
      They are a political CAMPAIGING org

      I do spot at tweet from BBC journo who also works with the JDF Journalism Diversity Fund

      Rianna Croxford
      Sounds like the inquiry is due out this week.
      This (Telegraph) article says the DWP employee had only worked *for* Priti Patel for two weeks.
      Ms Patel served as Employment Minister from May 2015.
      The BBC reported the employee left the @DWP in October 2015 and had worked at the department since at least 2014.
      The legal claim explicitly names #PritiPatel and was brought against her as well as the department. £25,000 was paid out in 2017 following the claim.
      see BBC report

      There is a difference between working FOR PP, and working in the department.


      • StewGreen says:

        Then on BBCpapers tweet they don’t mention
        The story tucked away
        on the bottom right of that Telegraph front page
        (and we can see it unless we open up the tweet)


        • Fedup2 says:

          Stew – I really had to look hard for that . Maybe there is some doubt – because if true it would clearly be unfair when compared to the treatment the allegation got when first made – and the concerted effort to get the lady to resign or be sacked . If I recall there were large numbers of labour MPs calling for the same ….


    • Guest Who says:

      Bbc editorial integrity means there is not always time or space for anything that is not relentlessly damaging to the BBC’s ideological foes.


  12. theisland says:

    Israel’s Independence Day (72 years) from the evening of 28 April to the evening of 29 April.

    Apparently Israel supplies one in seven prescriptions issued by the NHS.


    • StewGreen says:

      This is not a new stat. it used to be one in six.
      Most medicine used is generic
      and “Israeli company Teva is the largest producer of generic medicines in the world, and works closely with the NHS.”

      To me that claim is a bit flaky
      i bet bet Teva has operations all around the world
      It’s not like the medicines are mostly made in Israel.

      We could say “almost 100% of British Black cabs are supplied by China.”
      Since a Chinese corp owns the factory in Coventry.


      • LynetteO says:

        It doesn’t matter where the medicines are made but if there wasn’t Israel’s Teva, Britain wouldn’t have a sixth of its medicines . If China didn’t own the Coventry factory you may have a few less black cabs . Which do you think is more important ?!


  13. fakenewswatcher says:

    I didn’t bother to watch ‘Panorama’. One look at the headline/title, and one knew all that was necessary to know…
    Actually, that pretty nearly applies to anything on the bbc these days.
    No question whatsoever, that beeb is going to increasingly use this crisis to attempt a coup, bringing in Labour and Surkeer, in a very similar fashion to that CNN et al & Dems in the US have tried, since 2016, to overthrow Trump.
    Wait and see, how Surkeer, knowing the support he has in the beeb and some other MSM, progressively ditches his ‘constructive approach’, especially given the economic impact that will surely follow, and shows us his true colours…

    I hear on R4 as I type, that Killery has come out in support of Sleepy Joe.
    There I am again, totally flabbergasted; who would have predicted THAT?
    And here’s a really BIG surprise: she doesn’t like the President!


  14. theleftwilleatitself says:

    Apologies if this has been brought up before or commented upon, but my partner was watching the Govt. Covid-19 briefing on her phone and just before the journ….sorry activists got to ask their inane questions she told me that the ‘watching’ number in the top left or right of the screen had just dropped by a third ????
    It says it all really doesn’t it – people switching off the minute the ‘gotcha gang’ pipe up!
    The funny thing is that the msm bubble dwellers will be fully aware of this happening ????


    • Fedup2 says:

      Theleft – I’m guessing this monitor number is on the facebook stream ( I’ve just discovered this because my Sunday mass is now streamed that way ) – anyway – it would be interesting to know how many watch it that way – as well as that fact that the view numbers drop that much when Beff and the rest try their gotchas .
      I wonder if there will be any consequence to this hateful gotcha phenomena showing up clearly on the MSM will have – coupled with day after day of anti government sentiment over the failure of the NHS to , allegedly ,protect its own staff Or more importantly – the people it is meant to be treating and protecting .

      I wonder if there’s any stats for people going into hospital without covid but then being infected by the NHS?


      • theleftwilleatitself says:

        It could have been Fedup as she has got Facebook. She said it dropped from 21,000 to about 14,000 watchers!
        I was surprised to read your hope on the previous thread of wanting the footie to get back up and running ????
        Short of our new stadium collapsing, everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong with our club this season ????
        You must secretly wish it to be made null and void as I do ????


        • Fedup2 says:

          Left – thanks for the numbers – as for the spurs – son is doing national service when North Korea is looking a bit shaky – which also sums the season up ….


  15. Fedup2 says:

    I don’t take BBC product any more but I’ve seen that Guido has identified all the contributors to their panorama as being ‘Labour ‘ .
    If this is proven – I wonder how OFCOM will dispose of the complaints it must be getting ? From what I see OFCOM seldom takes any action about anything at all – unless it is something related to a ‘Complain against anything ‘right wing ‘ In which case it sticks someone in the naughty step.

    ( by the way – I’ve seen the term ‘surkeer’ here – could someone say what or who that is please ?) .


    • jazznick1 says:

      As far as I’m aware a surkeer is a cuckoo ?

      As far as the Panodrama prog is concerned it is to be expected that the BBC would have Labor/Momentum types
      on speed-dial ready to ‘gob-off’ at short notice.
      The programme failed to mention their backgrounds and intentionally injected extreme bias into it’s conclusions.

      OFCOM – where are you ?


    • NicG says:

      @ Fed. ‘Surkeer’, phonetic for Sir Keir (Starmer).


  16. fakenewswatcher says:

    Fed – This is the one and only (thank goodness) Sir Keir Starmer, previously so biased in his role as boss of the CPS.
    Look at him exploiting the racial issue he thinks he sees in the pandemic, and decide to virtue-signal and polish his socialist credentials, and weep. A little wave to Bame voters..

    OFCOM/BEEB: one coin, two sides.


    • Fedup2 says:

      When I saw ‘surkeer’ I first thought it was yet another loudmouth ethnic reporter Bought in by the BBC … now I know .. thanks…..he won’t be one of those calling for the Home Office report on Pakistani paedo racist rape gangs to be published since he was DPP for much of the time their activities were being ignored . …

      In fact – I wonder if any labour politician had called on its publication ….?


  17. Nibor says:

    Millions eat rat poison around the world !

    Voluntarily , without compunction millions of people ingest rat poison under the belief that it’s good for them .

    That’s because the rat poison is Warfarin , which kills rats but doctors pecribe to dilute blood for people with heart problems

    Who thought that rat poison might save lives in humans , that must be a story worth telling surely ?
    But wait , what if the fellow who advocated such a life saver was somebody who wasn’t a Gramscian , socialist , clerisy nomenclature , globalist trougher ?

    Naturally if you are in the peak of health , you don’t ingest rat poison (Warfarin) . Same as you don’t swallow an aspirin , the mildest of medications . Each has side effects , but if needs must , you ingest one or the other depending on your malady .
    So , BBC , obviously one doesn’t ingest disinfectant ( note not bleach ) at present especially if you are fit and healthy .
    But perhaps a time will come when the only way to save a persons life from a pandemic disease is to get the disinfectant to the virus within the body .

    Come on BBC , you live in la , la land would you be so dismissive if Benjamin Zephaniah suggested what President Trump gave as a thought ?


    • StewGreen says:

      My 86 yo neighbour has been driven into senility by the BBC on Trump

      She said to me “what about Bush ?”
      “I said you mean Trump”
      She said “no Bush that crazy guy told people to inject bleach”
      So I said “You know what the BBC are like
      such an extraordinary story isn’t true, it’s just the malicious editing”
      She then went into “does not compute”

      .. The thing is if she is now senile then I should just play along , cos you are not supposed to stress senile people by correcting them.

      Funnily enough “does not compute” was the response I got from one of the other pensioners who sits in front of the telly all day.
      The BBC is creating a zombie army of these people
      : clapping at the sky
      : having regular hours of hate against Trump
      All very 1984


    • Halifax says:

      I take synthetic snake venom everyday its what they make blood pressure (lasartin ) tablets out of……that’s what the doctor told me anyway.


    • Guest Who says:

      Ironically I saw it reported that those on blood thinners may do better as a consequence.

      Aspirin can assist heart conditions but also in some destroy stomach linings and cause internal haemorrhaging.

      The bbc cubicle gardens had a ‘health correspondent’ who flitted between roles but whose qualifications alone should see her DG one day based on what truly counts.


  18. StewGreen says:

    Border Farce Taxi service to get bonus
    after transporting record number of passengers
    “highest monthly total EVER recorded”


    • Nibor says:

      Are we in an emergency or aren’t we ?

      The Powers That Be are worried we might get bored or angry about the lockdown . Why don’t they prove how serious this is and their resolve to combat this plague by not allowing any bogus asylum seekers to settle in the UK while we are in these straitened times ?
      And if any one of the countries that make up the UK relax the lockdown then obviously they are the ones to accept these migrants .


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Have sent email today to my Tory MP asking what’s going on with the Border Farce , suggested they should be either picking them up and perhaps giving them some water and then dumping back on a French beach or better shooting to sink the boats and dinghys mid Channel and sail away , anything to keep Chinese Virus , TB and any other nasties from our shores ……awaiting a reply


    • tarien says:

      What on earth are these Border Force thinking-turn those people back to France-and what has happened to the boat loads that have already landed on UK soil these past few weeks? Where are they housed? Have they got this plague? Who is feeding them? Are they in isolation? What the H are the authorities going to do with them?-the UK cannot take any more people no matter and with the Coronavirus issue there is surely no case to answer for these immigrants. They must not be allowed to mingle into our society for obvious reasons and should be sent back to whichever country they first landed in-and returned to their own nations. The Traffickers know full well of the virus raging across the world, yet they cannot refuse the money being shoved at them-evil storkes everywhere aided by the BBC et al. Do we really need these TV broadcast updates on the virus situ everyday? No of course we don’t.


  19. carterdaniel says:


  20. pugnazious says:

    •All staff using facial PPE will also use gloves and aprons.

    BBC claims Nervtag recommended buying gowns in 2019…can’t find that recommndation and BBC doesn’t provide it but this is the 2016 report [updated for 2019]….says wear ‘aprons’ not gowns and says glasses are acceptable eye protection and single use masks are acceptable outside ICUs……


    ‘The committee assessed the evidence on the transmission of influenza in healthcare settings, and the implication on PPE during a pandemic. The committee made the following conclusions:

    •The evidence to support the plausibility of aerosol transmission of influenza is stronger now than it was prior to the 2009 pandemic. However, considerations of the infectious dose needed for onward transmission and whether these are regularly achieved through aerosol inhalation have not yet been determined. The relative importance of aerosol transmission compared to other routes is still unknown.

    •All persons (staff and visitors) present on an ICU/HDU (including neonatal ICU) housing pandemic influenza patient(s) to be provided with single use FFP3 respirators at all times (unless all patients are isolated in negative pressure side rooms when only staff entering the room(s) need to wear a respirator).

    •All general ward, community, ambulance and social care staff to wear single use fluid repellent surgical masks (FRSM) for close patient contact. The exception is the performance of aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) (in physically isolated areas when practicable) during which staff should wear respirators.

    •All staff using facial PPE will also use gloves and aprons.

    •Eye protection is considered to be necessary. Eye protection to be worn when in close contact. When recommendation is for FRSM, single use mask with integral visor is considered more desirable than glasses but either suffices’


  21. vlad says:

    France is in flames (again), and an islamic terrorist attacks the police, but the beeb prefer to focus on French police using a racist term while arresting a North African.



    Meanwhile French leftists defend the rioters.


  22. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Nigel pointing out something that the BBC forgot to tell you.

    What happened to the peoples army? Surely a small squad could go to these beaches armed with cameras and recording gear etc and bring this further to the nations attention. They may even be able to help the police and border force do their damn job?


    • taffman says:

      It’s inevitable, one of those invaders will commit a heinous act of terror . The government will then adopt the usual motto, “lessons to be learned”. We keep a military force quite capable of securing our borders . Why is it not used ? Where are the ships that were on patrol in the Mediterranean when we were in the EU ? What are the Conservative MPs doing about it ?


      • theisland says:

        This stretch of coast would be easy to defend by e.g. the Royal Marines or the Army (men with guns). The government should be under no illusion that there will be plenty of volunteers willing to join them if required.

        The bBC ‘forget’ to tell us because they desire the downfall of our country. There’s nothing they like better than these swarms because they imagine they will all become Labour councillors. (Or work for the NHS obviously.)


        • tarien says:

          Of course ‘theisland’, our armed forces are well able to deal with these boat people-and yes support taffman’s comments usual head in the sand and Nigel Farage again sees so clearly as what can be done. I have asked everywhere what is being done with those boat people that have been taken onto our shores? Have they been tested? Where are they kept? And so on. Questions must be answered by this government.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Government approved? Worth checking if they are returning mercenaries having fought for UK interests somewhere. A deal may have been made.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Who knows? Maybe this is the reason behind the lockdown. To enable our enrichers to enter Britain away from the prying eyes of the public.


  23. Guest Who says:

    Nick runs a currently juicy number comparison.

    Does not go well.


    • john in cheshire says:

      This virus is truly a miracle because since it came on the scene, all other diseases, illnesses and other conditions needing medical attention seem to have completely disappeared.
      We know how many people have caught the virus, and have a running total of how many have (so we are told) died from it.
      How many people have died from the flu this year compared to last year?
      How many people have died from cancer?
      How many have been refused treatment for cancer because of this virus?
      Same for lung related illnesses, hip replacements, heart conditions, strokes etc.?

      If we need to know the statistics of this virus, then we should also be told the statistics of all the other things that require doctors and hospitals to deal with them. And compare this year’s statistics with those from last year.

      Maybe the virus is a cure all and we never even knew it.

      Oh, and has anyone actually isolated this virus so we can see what it looks like?


      • Lefty Wright says:

        I’ve heard that the corona virus is in training for the long jump so it can overcome the 2 metre rule.


  24. Guest Who says:

    This poster is not impressed. Nor should she be.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Interesting bit of ‘news’ from the BBC PRC editor.


    The specially-painted plane has landed with a cargo of surgical gowns to increase hospital supplies during the Covid-19 crisis.

    Anyone know the cost, in labour, materials and additional carbon of a full repaint? One is sure it was raised and is in the story.


    Maybe as it…. ‘evolves’?


  26. Guest Who says:

    A top story. Sad indeed.


    However, getting the full bbc treatment, from bizarre headline though interesting crowd control to ‘aspirations’.


  27. Guest Who says:

    VD knows the top stories for her audience.


    • The Sage says:

      Dan Roan has been all over this story and in his attempt to block the proposed Newcastle United takeover by a Saudi consortium. Roan eagerly reports that Amnesty International has a view on the takeover (against, of course) and finds others (unconnected with football) with similar views. WTF has this got to do with Amnesty International?
      This guy is the Roger Harrabin of sport; always looking for the negative angle and promoting his own agenda and anyone from a BAME background, such as the ghastly Eni Aluko and her money-spinning claims against racists one and all.


  28. Venutius says:


    God help us.

    Nothing against the lass personally, but if this is the calibre of MP we’re screwed.

    I might also add the SJW brigade sit opposite, but what’s the point? They’re all liberals, no matter where they sit. The BBC obviously loved it hence the plug.


    • JamesArthur says:


      Yep I have to agree…gravitas has left the House it seems….how many of our MPs are actually up to it? To me the basic requirement seems to be an infallible belief in self at expense of reality…


      • Venutius says:


        I’m afraid Lawyers, SJW and PPE (Politics/Philosophy and economics, not the current news acronym) wonks just don’t cut it in a crisis.


  29. theisland says:


    The findings of an inquiry into Home Secretary Priti Patel’s conduct must be made public “as soon as possible”, the Labour Party has said.

    Starmer gets his lackeys Nick Thomas-Symonds and Rachel Reeves to do the ‘calling for’. He, meanwhile, is clapping key workers on twitter. What a nice chap!


    • Beltane says:

      The Labour party urging ASAP revelations of the PP enquiry is, predictably, the BBC line – and the only comment available on the text pages. Other more generally accessible outlets, like Breakfast and the BBC News for example, ignore the subject.


    • Van Helsing says:

      Are they calling for the full, unedited report into the infinitely more serious matter of grooming gangs to be released?


  30. Doublethinker says:

    Let’s leave the BBC out of this comment because we all know what they are like. Many of the great and the good are protesting about the lockdown. They use words like incarceration , offence against their liberty or personal freedom, or the action of a police state, to describe the government measures. I find it interesting that many of those but not all , writing these protests have meekly accepted the decades long curtailment of their freedom imposed by the multyculty ‘liberal’ brigade. They lost their freedom to say what they thought , probably for ever, years ago with hardly a squeak being heard from them. They accepted the inclusion of hate crimes on the statute book which allowed people to be convicted with no evidence being necessary on the say so of the alleged victim. They even accepted the police going around and ‘checking people’s thinking’ ! They are quite willing to accept that state funded institutions advertising vacancies to which white people need not apply. They even accept some Labour MPs saying that white girls who have been raped should stay silent for the good of community relations!!
    Indeed many of the recent champions of personal liberty against lockdown actually welcomed the above measures. We are living in Orwell’s dystopian vision where truth has become inverted.


  31. taffman says:

    “Coronavirus: Gordon Brown to assist Wales’ after pandemic”
    Thanks Gordon, but no thanks . Taffland already has enough trouble with the our first minister who speaks like a Dalek running a dictatorship. (apologies to Daleks)


    • JimS says:

      Our first minister who speaks like a Dalek running a dictatorship.

      “Difodi, difodi!”, perhaps?


  32. taffman says:

    “people are being left to rot in a field”
    But , but they are in France, one of the main player in the EU?
    So much for the EU , Rejoiners please note!


  33. Fedup2 says:

    The loud repulsive queer lass who Used to do the BBC breakfast show but got too big for it and went to a less known broadcaster called C4 – has announced that her new show is ‘ to take a break ‘ .

    I’m guessing the real reason is viewing figures or lack of them . Perhaps she found out that people ( still ) turn on the BBC but are a bit selective when it comes to C4 .
    I suspect she ll be back on the BBC – doing the weather – loudly .


    • JamesArthur says:

      Did anyone watch it?..never saw viewing figures..but apparently she is having ‘issues’ with her wife..so ripe for a BBC come back and a life story..no doubt…


    • The Sage says:

      Excellent news.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      I think that’d be the man slash woman Steph McGovern, Fedup ????


      • Fedup2 says:

        Ah yes -thank you – I prefer not to remember their names …


        • BRISSLES says:

          I read a report that the programme reached only a maximum of 130,000 viewing figures. She turned off people with her small business slot on the BBC show, so why would anyone want to watch an hour of her ?


          • theleftwilleatitself says:

            Because Brissles, in msm la-la land everybody wants to watch a big butch lesbian for an hour on the box, don’t they ????
            The bubble-dwellers are so completely out of touch and getting more so by the week ????


            • Scroblene says:

              It was bad enough when we used to watch the morning ‘news’, but when she came on the screen with such a grating noise of ‘delivery’, she got *click* off straight away!


  34. taffman says:

    Nice photograph of our Border Farce’s Chocolate Teapot bobbing about the English Channel looking to pick up more illegal ‘queue jumpers’.
    The have to compete with the people smugglers for trade.


  35. Halifax says:

    Just announced on Talk Radio that Borris partner has given birth…….nothing in the BBC yet who will probably say its a publicity stunt.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Maybe they’ll claim she did it so that BoJo could avoid PMQs. I don’t think there is any level to which the BBC will descend

      And a few labour councillors will be getting their acid bottles out again on the social media


  36. Sluff says:

    Do our ‘NHS heroes’ include a Professor Physician in London currently at home with no work to do?
    He or she is not on Covid duty but the clinics are closed because of Covid.
    On full pay, of course.
    Nice ‘work’ if you can get it.
    Not his/her fault but not exactly heroic either.
    And unlikely to feature in the BBC’s hero worship.


  37. Sluff says:

    The minute’s silence for our ‘NHS heroes’ was in fact for the expected number of deaths among a normal one million population of working age, no more and no less. Nor is there much evidence that those who have indeed sadly died did so ‘on the job’.

    Meanwhile the elderly in care homes are dying at an alarming rate, solely because the workforce are taking the virus in with them.

    The logic is clear. More PPE is needed…….for the residents !!!!!


  38. G says:

    The Human Rights Act (thanks Tone…..).
    A short summary of the liklihood of any inquiry into the Governments response(s) to the chinese infection.
    Should you read this and in particular the Governments ‘duty’, mentally exchange references to ‘Covid-19’ for islam and see what you get.


  39. Ed Hitter says:

    So, Priti Patel has apparently been cleared of bullying staff after an official investigation by the Cabinet Secretary.
    The Telegraph reports: “They have looked at all the claims and found nothing,” said a Whitehall source. ‘They trawled through lots of material but found no evidence.”
    This breaking news hit a number of the nationals last night, but unsurprisingly the BBC took its time to eventually work out how to play it. They eventually found their angle and stuck it on the U.K. news page.
    And, true to form, the BBC has opted to adopt the “whitewash” narrative. It’s website article doesn’t bother to reference the above quote, and indeed it plays right down any suggestion that the Home Secretary has been cleared; that’s hidden way down the story.
    The piece instead quotes heavily from Labour MPs and a civil servants’ association representative, calling for full transparency and clearly trying to undermine the validity of the entire investigation process.
    We can all see where this is going……


  40. Philip_2 says:

    We already know how the BBC hate the ‘free Press’ i.e. any newspaper that its not of the left (like their own in-house journal called ‘The Guardian’, which cannot ever be questioned). This bought to mind a Press cutting (I am a hoarder of press-cuttings for various reasons), as I am strongly ‘pro’ free-press. I know there are people on these same forums who are totally ‘anti’ press (as its either not left-wing or righ- wing or whatever), but even though I disagree mostly with the Guardian ‘editorially’, I would never wish for its closure. In the same way that my favorite paper is The Telegraph. You see we have the best in this country because we still have quality mix of newspapers, which have largely disappeared in the EU (as all news is ‘Brussels’ anyway) – which is made through media – identical to the BBC – in each state, some worse than others in delivering a ‘message’ to the confused masses, (who cannot read, or won’t read newspapers). You have to actually ‘buy’ them and its partly paid by advertising. This keeps the cover price down to affordability. I mention all this because I found an old Newspaper clipping form October 26th 2019 (The Times), which explains the BBC position on ‘free press’ better than I can ever state. Read and wonder if we can believe anything the BBC reports:

    (BBC) Press freedom ‘pride’
    John Simpson deleted a tweet yesterday in which he said he was “proud to be a keynote speaker” at a conference in Malta, despite the country’s poor record on press freedom. Simpson was due to give a speech on the “future of news” according to the programme, in which he was advertised as “BBC world affairs editor”. Joseph Muscat, the Maltese prime minister and a fellow speaker, is suing the estate of Daphne Caruana Galizia**, a journalist killed by a car bomb in 2017…

    To put this into context. John Simpson, has worked for the BBC, all his life, and has never worked for the free press. The BBC itself sought to ‘help’ the free press (suggesting) that all the ‘news’ could be filtered on its own (x20+) BBC radio and (x12+) channels – thus ‘helping the press’ somehow (which it does not). The (printed) free press still faces severe advertising losses particularly – at the moment, they need our support by buying newspapers – and not the BBC ‘helping’ by editing out the news bits they don’t agree with). Without a totally free press the BBC becomes ‘over dominant’ in the UK as it has a monopoly of power of national UK media. (without ANY responsibility) In wartime situations – when it has to abide by HMG rules it is forced to comply. In this case it is doing its ‘job’ – primary and ONLY because it is being threatened with TV ‘Subscription’- in the next year or so.

    Subscription is by which most newspapers are able to work, ‘free’ – even The Guardian (with awful sales figures gets by). In contrast the BBC is like a Cancer and sucks the life out of any News article in finds (usually in The Guardian) and makes it into its own ‘ideniti-ikit) of despair and anxiety and victimhood. John Simpson has only worked at the BBC and has never worked anywhere else.* The BBC did report of a secret document called the Panama papers’ which showed corruption (money laundering) in high places (not just Malta) but the highest echelons within the EU itself.. Its an uncomfortable EU revelation although the BBC were quick to distance that part of it. I only read this in The Times.

    The case is still unsolved **, but at least Malta’s PM can sue the ‘free journalist’ Estate for ‘defamation of his character and loss of (private) income. Thats what happens when you get the BBC as a public monopoly on the news. How many Labour councils take development ‘back-handers’ You’ll never ever know on the BBC, but you will know when it hits the ‘free press’. That is why I was livid that Simpson should present himself as being part of a national free press! It still ( even now- six months later – rankles with me), I am not surprised, he cancelled. Upset his privileges and pulled back from further speculation.
    The BBC have a distinct and odious attitude to our press-freedom. They (BBC) want freedom to charge what they like, say what they like and do what they like. They do all of that, but that is not FREE, it costs us our freedom and £3.8 Billion (annually) to prop up the BBC and the likes of John Simpson and his pals. Its not the free-press, not even a good copy. Give me the free press newspaper any day (and that is why I keep press-cuttings), lest we forget that the BBC cannot be trusted.

    * https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/correspondents/johnsimpson
    ** https://www.businessinsider.com/r-the-silencing-of-maltas-anti-corruption-campaigner-2018-4?r=US&IR=T


    • Venutius says:

      More than a free press the BBC loathes Free Speech.

      Champions of hate law, censorship, political correctness, or more recently, policing the internet. It seeks to control what is acceptable discourse both online and off it.

      In Britain there is now really only one accepted lexicon in open debate. Watch any Q Time, political debate or even comedy. It’s all sanitised through the BBC’s ‘acceptable prism’. Deviate from this, but slightly, and you are an Extremist, Racist, Populist or some other ‘ist’. You will be rounded upon, booed or offered up as ‘fodder’ for their ‘friendly’ press.

      Orwell, who of course based a lot of his work on his experience within the BBC coined the phrase ‘doublespeak’ and ‘Newspeak’, i.e language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words.

      The BBC are masters of this…try listening to any news report a subject that is outwit their nomenclature or lexicon, like immigration or the EU.

      The attack on our freedoms is only going to get worse. Wait for the other side of this pandemic!


  41. StewGreen says:

    Timeline : 10:03am @BBCBreaking tweet
    “Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds announce birth of son at London hospital”
    including a link to a BBC webpage
    which had an official publish time of 10:02:47
    (Although coding within the page tells me it was created before 10am)

    9:57am Emma Kennedy published an attack tweet against Boris
    one of a huge series of such attacks
    .. around 10:13am she deleted the tweet
    Someone had kept a copy



  42. BRISSLES says:

    Yes, Claire Fox (on Sky with Matthew Parrish), called out all those political commentators who do nothing but criticise Boris and the government, and said the public are fed up with the style of journalism and the ‘gotcha’ questioning by journalists at the daily press conference. She was particularly scathing of those (like her above) on their social media accounts sneeringly commentating on why the PM is not at PMQs, and how all tweets have been quickly deleted, when his new son was announced.

    It used to be double glazing salesmen, car salesmen and estate agents who were in the gutter of public opinion, but now without doubt its the political commentators and journalists who have replaced them.


    • EUTV says:

      Brissles – I saw that too. Go Claire!


    • StewGreen says:

      Yes strong performance by Claire Fox
      I wound back the SkyNews Live prog on Youtube by 10 hours
      The Marina Hyde article that Parris liked
      used a strawman “Oh the public are upset with journos
      cos the public want happy stories”


  43. StewGreen says:

    Local news
    – Hull hospitals had set aside 50% of beds for Covid
    but used just 10%.

    – Critical Care nurse, chair of the federation*
    has spoken out about being called “heroes angels”
    ‘We are just highly trained professionals, who need the right protection”

    * @credland_nicki Senior lecturer and Head of Department
    Chair of the British Association of Critical Care Nurses

    They didn’t mention they had lifeted the clip off Newsnight ..it’s here


    • StewGreen says:

      I looked the Twitter thread
      and made a tweet, which she immediately agreed with

      There is an interesting pattern in the replies
      “Yeh, I agree with her .. the Tories smell”
      em that is NOT her point in this clip
      she doesn’t make a point about The Tories
      Tweeters acting tribally
      distract from improving situations ..same as patronising labels do


    • StewGreen says:

      Someone quotes from a article where French nurse complains of being called heroines
      “I am not a heroine”, she says. “I just do my job. And the nurses are telling me they are not saints…the problem with calling us heroes is that heroes are expected to be superhuman and to sacrifice themselves”
      ..and he then goes to put in his own political points.

      Original French article focuses on shortages etc.
      “we have a shortage of everything : equipment, staff
      due to the flood of patients”


  44. Foscari says:

    The USA allows it broadcast media to take a political stance.
    For example FOX news is a supporter of the Republican party’
    Other providers support the democrats. But the law in the
    UK is completely different to this . The press can have their
    own preferred political views . But not the broadcasters.
    One would have to be an imbecile to not agree that the
    BBC is left of centre. The question is how far left of centre?
    In my opinion the BBC is much further to the left of Keir
    Starmer the Labour leader whom I would classify as being
    at the centre of his party.
    The BBC is so far to the left now that has become a danger
    to this country and has all but become an enemy of the state
    in its political outlook.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I consciously prefix the Biased BBC with the word “Far Left “ . I do this on purpose because of the language the Left now uses .
      And the BBC /MSM don’t use “Right “ much now – it’s prefixed with “Far Right” for just about anyone or anything with which it disagrees .- which as we know – is a lot of stuff which is British – particularly white british ….


  45. StewGreen says:

    Local news : “Tributes come in to nurse Kumar who died of Covid in Boston hospital”

    “the 44yo nurse had only just qualified 6 months ago”
    .. couldn’t that have something to do with his death
    Like if he had been 26 years old with 5 years experience
    or was he just unlucky ?


  46. EUTV says:

    If you don’t want to be triggered by the BBC then don’t watch Frank reveal the true identity of the villain.


  47. davylars says:

    BBC lunchtime news
    More Americans have died with covd19 than service men killed in Vietnam… 58,209
    Perhaps the next targets are…
    WW1 116,516
    WW2 405,399

    US Vietnam war.. Another thorn in the BBC’s side.


  48. StewGreen says:

    R2 caller is telling how his sister died 6 days after being taken il

    She was a checkout operator and on March 24th
    a customer had been there coughing all over her
    ..when the customer should have known full well not to come out when you have a cough.


  49. StewGreen says:

    An entry for the BBC novel writing competition