Weekend Thread 1 August 2020

If you are over 75 and not receiving pensioner credit you now need to buy a TV licence to obey the law – if you still watch ‘live TV’ of course . But capita – which runs TV licencing for the Far Left Biased BBC – has issued policy saying that to comply with the need to avoid catching the Chinese Virus – it will write directly to the over 75s about buying a licence. There is no need to run off to the post office and risk your life to buy a TV licence . Now isn’t that nice ? And watch out for the scammers ….

Midweek Thread 29 July 2020

This coming Saturday – 1st August 2020 – marks the end of ‘free ‘ TV licences for those aged over 75 years . All were born since 1945 .The company the BBC uses to catch ‘licence evaders ‘- Capita -has a bad track record when pursuing the elderly over TV Licences . In fact it got so bad that even the BBC – yes – the BBC carried out an inquiry into how the employees of Capita were conducting themselves And their ‘incentives ‘.

Perhaps Friday would be an ideal day for the government to publish the results of its consultation on decriminalising the offence of not having a TV licence and start the process of controlling the BBC and if possible – ending it .

Weekend Thread 25 July 2020

The BBC loves a statistic . On Twitter a bbc employee crowed that on average 438 million non UK people visit BBC News each week . And the instant response ? But they don’t have to pay for the monster ….if they want it – let them pay for it – don’t make the british taxpayer fund it through threats and prosecution .


And – of the 1495 people employed by The Guardian – the BBC in print 180 are to be fired .

Weekend Thread 18 July 2020

The biased Far Left BBC continues to re announce ‘job losses ‘, closing programmes and then ‘saving ‘ them as though we care about them . The truth is that the social campaigning propaganda onslaught is being noticed by more and more people who are forced by law pay for the poison . There is no evidence of ‘diversity of views ‘ from the publicly funded State Broadcaster .

Midweek Thread 15 July 2020

The free TV licence For the over 75s ends on 1 August . If someone is on ‘pension credit ‘ through low income – they will continue to be free of the TV licence if over 75 . But over a million people who are entitled to pension credit have not applied and claimed it . I found out about this on a leading financial website aimed at saving people money …..