Weekend Thread 25 July 2020

The BBC loves a statistic . On Twitter a bbc employee crowed that on average 438 million non UK people visit BBC News each week . And the instant response ? But they don’t have to pay for the monster ….if they want it – let them pay for it – don’t make the british taxpayer fund it through threats and prosecution .


And – of the 1495 people employed by The Guardian – the BBC in print 180 are to be fired .

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  1. StewGreen says:

    Important local news ‘ a Yorkshire Party councillor wants to declare a climate emergency in the East Riding
    .. his attempt last year failed’


  2. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Amazon, Google and Wish have removed white-supremacist books and merchandise for sale following a BBC investigation.

    Hey… BBC…


    Maybe ‘investigate’ this movie one day too?


    And this dodgy tome, apparently misinterpreted in certain schools the bbc steers clear of too.


  3. AsISeeIt says:

    [Imagine the old-world dulcet tones of that cut glass BBC RP accent]

    “This is the voice of the BBC in London, broadcasting to the free world…”

    I’m tempted to employ the hackneyed phrase – you couldn’t make it up – but I suspect someone did…

    ‘As a gay teenager in post-Soviet Russia, Wes Hurley breathed a sigh of relief when his mother married an American and they moved to the US – but he soon discovered his stepfather, James, was violently homophobic. This led to strained relations, until James underwent an unexpected transformation.’

    ‘I hated my homophobic step dad, then he came out as trans’


    By Natasha Lipman BBC World Service


  4. Sluff says:

    BBC Breakfast at 0845 and the s***-stirring has been ratcheted up to 10.
    The government overnight has re-imposed quarantine on holidaymakers returning from Spain.
    A suspiciously erudite couple are interviewed having just arrived in Alicante.

    Are you worried? Have you heard from your travel agent?
    How do you feel? Are you going to come home straight away? Will your employer give you thevtime off?

    The presenters were so hoping for indignant doom and gloom but the couple didn’t play ball. Excellent.

    Then on to an epidemiologist who also played a straight bat, in essence providing justification for the decision.

    So it was Common Sense 2. BBC s***-stirrers 0.


  5. Guest Who says:


    Doubtless BBC Breaking can rephrase this further after a day long editorial pow wow.


    DailyMail News

    BREAKING: Car ploughs into crowd near train station in Berlin


    • Sluff says:

      Perhaps the BBC should run a story into the disgracefully poor quality of Driver Training in European countries.
      Berlin. Nice, Westminster. It is just not up to the required standard.

      Confusingly, the Daily Mirror reports that the police have both deployed exposives detection dogs AND that they have no evidence of a political or religious motive. Work that one out.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Guest Who: “BREAKING: Car ploughs into crowd near train station in Berlin

      I just did a duckduckgo engine search and plenty of media outlets are reporting it but not yet the BBC.

      ps: I remember a few years ago a car ploughing into people in London. The driver was “Asian”. The Met police accepted the argument that he lost control of his car while changing lanes and he was let off. Or at least that was how the BBC reported it.


  6. Halifax says:

    Beat me to it GW
    The only thing we can be 100% sure of is it aint right wingers……


  7. AndyDozefeet says:

    The usual bollox on the bbbc news this morning. It was an item about spectators being allowed in at the oval for a Middlesex v Surrey friendly. They decided to interview a professional cricketer to get his views. Who did they choose? Ben Stokes? Joe Root? Eoin Morgan? Jonathan Agnew? Or maybe someone who plays for either team? Or maybe then any player from one of the 18 first class counties?

    Of course it was none of these.

    They chose a bearded muslim with a pakistani name who apparently plays for Lincolnshire, not even a first class county.

    Talk about shoe horning!


    • Sluff says:

      Also on the cricket.
      There was a report from Manchester on the forthcoming day 3 of the test match.
      Which was followed by the above mentioned one from the Oval.
      Both games are to be played by men.

      Yet both BBC reporters were attractive young women.
      One non-white, one blonde white.
      Funny, that.

      Easy on the eye, not so easy on men, especially white men, who aspire to be sports reporters.


      • theleftwilleatitself says:

        Who do al beeb want to win the third test? England or the West Indies? ????
        If the government makes them go subscription only then the second thing they should do is strip them of the word British in their title ????????


        • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

          Judging by the BBC narrative over the past few weeks I think the BBC want either Joffra Archer to win or the West Indies.


  8. theisland says:

    A useful reminder. Apologies if already posted.

    The authors reported that this process of “false compliance” is seemingly the use of the “mostly” Shiite Islam concept of “taqiyya”, “used to describe deception and dissimulation to hide one’s true intentions”.

    Can anyone confirm if it is “mostly Shiite Islam”?


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      taqiyya is central to Islam – all versions including Sunni & Shia – it is in the Quran (the “unalterable word of god”) and hadiths. It is one of the tactics in Islam to ensure Islamic spread and eventual conquest.


  9. davylars says:

    Is this a wind up?

    Safari park baboons ‘armed with knives’



    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Sounds like Tottenham, North London on any given night of the week ????


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      I don’t subscribe to the Times so can only read the first few lines but these lines include:

      “… workers at the Merseyside attraction say they have spotted the primates armed with knives, screwdrivers and even a chainsaw.”


    • StewGreen says:

      Yawn, click bait
      “armed” implies they actually use them harmfully
      instead of just seeing a bright shiny object and picking it up.



  10. Ed Hitter says:

    News reporting ought to be fair, balanced, impartial and, above all, accurate.
    But former BBC journalist Tom Mangold has this to say about last week’s BBC News report about Winston Churchill and the Bengal Famine: “The six-minute segment on News at Ten was biased, partial, unbalanced and filled with the spite and venom of the worst of toxic woke culture now pulsing through the heart of the Corporation.”
    You can read Mangold’s Mail on Sunday piece here:


  11. StewGreen says:

    Paul Homewood
    “The comments section is hilarious, with most pointing out that the BBC is the biggest purveyor of fake news of all.

    Both Tony Hall’s brazen defence and the Telegraph’s decision to promote it exemplify why public confidence in the media is now at rock bottom levels.



  12. Guest Who says:

    GT* taking a side? Who does she think she is, a bbc editor?


    Amazed she has time in her busy schedule on economics, global race relations (look out young footballyist on that Nobel) and astrophysics to get back to mundane climate stuff.

    *Speaking of mundane climate stuff, has any savvy e-LiBatty car company yet snagged the GT, ET and XR brand acronyms?

    Pity the poor Korean marque and drivers left with RH, MM or JR (Sorry FE2… had to be done).


  13. Tabs says:

    BBC1 Sunday Morning Live black presenter Sean Fletcher interviewing a black lady who was born in the 1940s to a white mother.

    Sean, “What did you mum say about your birth? In the 1940’s a baby born to mixed race parents must have been controversial?”

    Black lady (paraphrase), “no”.

    You can count on the BBC to race bait at every opportunity.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I should imagine it was more controversial for her white mother to have ‘gone ‘ with a black man in the first place during the 40’s !

      I remember a conversation 30 years later, in the early 70s by a very strident member of the BNP or the National Front as it was called then. He said that in the coming decades we would have a ‘coffee coloured population’ because of the rise in mixed relationships. Those in conversation poo pooed the very idea !


    • StewGreen says:

      In our village there were far more black BAME than a few years after the war when my mother went to school.

      There was a Canadian airbase up the road with lots of black workers
      (who maybe really came from America)
      I guess those kids never came back
      but there are still people around whose fathers were Italian or German prisoners of war.
      in a nearby village 1951 photos show 2 Kenyan guys who came for tractor training.


  14. Guest Who says:

    The BBC’s New Anger and Protests Editor Champion Ash?


  15. fakenewswatcher says:

    I see that in Louisville Kentucky we now have a gang of heavily-armed black men (AK47s etc) ,the ‘Not Fucking Around Coalition’ roaming the streets.
    This, according to ‘Die Welt’. Haven’t seen it in the British press yet.
    The carefully manipulated and orchestrated follow-on to GF is really going places now. BLM anyone?


    • john in cheshire says:

      The commies, globalists, whatever; ie the enemy; are determined to provoke a reaction from normal people that, they hope, will result in one or more deaths of their troops. They probably don’t care if it’s a federal agency or normal people defending themselves. Just so long as they can play the victims leading up to the November Presidential election.

      The side of law and order is going to be tested to breaking point, as the enemy throws everything they have at the American people over the next three months.

      And we’ll get copycat outrages over here too. It will once again expose the likes of the dwarfish muslim mayor of London and Miss Dick, amongst their kind throughout our country for the enemies they actually are. That’s my opinion.


    • StewGreen says:

      The BBC call them NFAC
      without mentioning it means Not FFing Around Coalition

      Other media
      “The all Black armed Militia known as NFAC is in Kentucky protesting police
      but one of them accidentally fired
      and hit three other NFAC members
      who are now in non-life threatening condition
      after emergency services **including police** came in to save them”
      longer video


      • StewGreen says:

        Some tweets use incendiary language
        claiming they squared up to militia who march under the Three Percenters banner
        pics actually show that group has mixed race and even a black guy
        Yet Twitter voices use power labels like “Far Right white supremacist group”

        The police had set up barriers between the two groups
        The home militia said they were concerned about the black group being people from out of the state.


    • Halifax says:

      They are militia according to the BBC


  16. Jeff says:

    It’s interesting to note the way the media have been covering the virus. Most of them have been egging on the government to impose ever harsher and more stringent forms of lockdown.
    For months I’ve been reading that the really tough measures taken by countries like Spain were paying off.

    Our two old friends, The Guardian and The BBC, have been forever attacking our government for not being as harsh as Spain. Boris has been criticised for being too soft and indecisive. The poor blighters in Spain were locked up in their apartments for months; even their kids couldn’t go out.

    “It’s paid off” cooed the Beeb. Social media was full of masochistic comments telling us how “good” it was in Spain and Italy. “They’re forced to wear masks everywhere, why aren’t we?” “You can’t just go to the shops, you need a voucher or you’ll be arrested.” Sounds really lovely doesn’t it?

    Sweden was regarded as a basket case. The country would only be mentioned if the journo’s had some particularly horrific statistics to terrify us with. They were aghast to see people enjoying themselves in bars and restaurants. “This is insane” they screamed.
    And now…

    Spain is back in a partial lockdown and we’ve reacted by quarantining the entire country. It would seem, as many of us foretold, that lockdowns only delay the virus. As soon as your population is free again the thing will start to spread. On top of that, if you’ve been stuck indoors for months, you haven’t even begun to build up any natural immunity. There’s no cure and talk of a vaccine is at best a year away or just a feelgood fantasy.

    Of course we must protect the vulnerable. But incarcerating our entire population and wrecking our economy in the process, isn’t just bloody inhuman, it’s insanely stupid and it clearly doesn’t work.

    If you don’t believe me just take a look at Spain…


  17. Guest Who says:

    Did Krankie have an embedded BBC crew at her Auschwitz photo op?


  18. pugnazious says:

    The British Broadcasting Corporation

    British? Never mind just defunding the BBC the moniker ‘British’ should also be stripped from its title. It is no longer a ‘British’ entity…not in its ethos nor its staff….it, and they, have absolutely no loyalty to Britain, nor do they identify in the slightest with ‘Britain’, its history, culture, society and People….the BBC hates ‘Britain’, the BBC does all it can to delegitimise, denigrate and distort Britain, its identity and its history…all in order to make Britain a happy place for the multitude of ethnic minorities who come here….presumably for all the benefits ‘Britain’has to offer which have only been manifested precisely because of our history, culture and people who made it happen, such as Churchill….and yet these incomers want to destroy all that and replace it with their own brand of culture and ideology…which of course they, their parents and grandparents fled from in fear, horror and poverty.

    This is the BBC that wanted us hog-tied to the EU superstate, still does in fact, a BBC that determnedly works to break apart the Union and see Scotland and Wales break away and Northern Ireland be united with Ireland….all part of the BBC’s long term plan to smash Britain, just a small part of its overarching plan to smash Western civilisation because its sees its power and influence, not to mention its history, as evil and bad for the world….not least it sees it as ‘white’ and thus must be broken and power handed to the Black and Brown races.

    The BBC is without doubt engaged in a form of ethnic cleansing of that ‘hideous whiteness’ and our history…destroy the history and sense of self and identity and you destroy the people and their society making it easier to replace it with the one you prefer. This is not sensationalism, not scaremongering, not conspiracy theory…you can see it everyday as more and more ethnic minority people are handed jobs in the BBC and report not as impartial BBC reporters but as ‘Blacks’, as ‘Muslims’ as ‘Indians’. Everything is filtered through their own identity….quite blatantly….and British identity and culture is denied, ‘no such thing’ as Britain or the English…a nation of immigrants.

    Case in point is the recent reports by the BBC’s Yogita Limaye who produced a venomous attack on Churchill…jawdropping stuff that was topped off with her identifying personally with the story as she invoked ‘our’ culture and society…meaning Indian.

    Just remember Churchill was voted The Greatest Briton and now we have the BBC determined to trash him and, if they can’t topple his statue, topple him from his elevated position in British hearts and history….laying the groundwork for his statue to be removed…because he’s ‘so controversial’.

    This is all part of the BBC’s plan to, ironically, ‘globalise’ the BBC….not just to make the BBC a dominant player in the world media but to make the BBC literally a global broadcaster no longer tied to or associated with ‘Britain’….thus it increasingly panders to every other race, ethnicity, identty, ideology whilst trasing Britain and the British….it hates Britain and, much like Prince Harry, wants to flee this place and live ‘out there’ in the wilderness, the new Messiah, preaching to the world.

    Tony Hall posted yet another of his ardently pro-BBC pieces, in the Telegraph this time, telling us…

    ‘The UK will forge a new relationship with the world in the decade ahead, built on an ambitious vision of ‘Global Britain’. Success will mean drawing on all our considerable international assets, and that means unleashing the full global potential of the BBC.’

    This from a man who was sickened by the Brexit vote and thought the BBC didn’t do enough to stop it….a BBC that mocked and derided ‘Global Britain’. Of course a ‘Global Britain’ is different in concept to the BBC’s ‘Global BBC’…a global Britain means a buccaneering Britain that sets out to trade with the world whilst retaining its sovereignty and control over its destiny….a global BBC is just that…a BBC that is definitely not British anymore and sees itself as representing all the peoples and cultures of the world….and if white Britons suffer….too bad, in fact good.

    No irony either that this is of course yet another tract telling us how honest and trustworthy the BBC is….only the BBC can be trusted….he name-tags Russia for interfering in elections…naturally the BBC has never done this apart from Trump, Brexit, any British general election and Scottish independence. No irony that he bigs up the BBC’s world service for its interference in other countries’ politics…

    ‘We have been able to step up the fight against fake news worldwide and support democracy on the front line. That’s meant journalists on the ground during elections in countries like Nigeria and India, calling out fictions and fact-checking disputed issues in real time. It’s meant world-class investigative journalism from teams like Africa Eye, created to hold power to account across the African continent.’

    The BBC interferes in elections and general politics all the time in every country…it deciding what is and isn’t ‘acceptable’ forms of political representation, policies or cultures….broadcasting its own view into those countries and training journalists within those countries to spread a new vision of society and politics.

    This is precisely what it did in Iran….which is why Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is in prison there…she was training Iranians to gather information, encrypt it, send it back to the BBC world service which would then repackage it and broadcast their programmes into Iran….essentially engaged in spying and spreading propaganda against the Regime in Iran.

    Craig at Is the BBC biased? notes that the takeover of the BBC is well under way….although you might say it was always thus…but the BBC is becoming more like the Guaridian and blatant everyday…

    ‘If you subscribe to it, you may well have read former Head of BBC Television News Roger Mosey’s interesting piece in The Sunday Times last week where he claimed that there’s a “battle” going on at the BBC between older hands who want to stay true to the Corporation’s long commitment to fairness and impartiality and newer, younger recruits who want to make it “more of a campaigning organisation in which journalists shape the agenda to harmonise with their personal views”.

    Well, this past week suggested that the newer, younger recruits – the activist reporters – are starting to win. ‘

    Craig suggests…

    ‘I fear the BBC is going to get much, much worse before it gets better.’

    Just not going to happen..the BBC is broken, corrupted and toxic…it will never go back. It is the most dangerous organisation in Britain as it seeks to destroy Britain, its history and sense of identity.

    You have to ask why it is that some people, purely on the basis that they have a BBC job, can pronounce and denounce at will…given the ability to point the moralising finger at people and proclaim them -non-persons’, able to declare what is and isn’t ‘moral’, to decide what is and isn’t ‘fake news’…usually purely subjective…if they don’t like the opinions they become ‘fake news’. They have, and use, complete licence to destroy a person’s life, job and reputation…usually just by smearing them with the whiff of being ‘Far-Right’ or ‘racist’.

    Destroy the BBC before it destroys you.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Pug – I hope the numbers I put up in the preamble didn’t upset you too much . What I find hard to understand is the ‘group think ‘ – example – the UK election – the move of ‘solid ‘ labour constituencies to the blue side .

      Yes – ok – it’s not very blue – but it still meant sticking a cross in the box marked conservative – which for quite a few people was a real crossing point . But the BBC seems still not to notice – or perhaps even sadder – care what people think – because they are outside the bubble .

      I’m sure sad attempts to de London the BBC just meant exporting BBC types who couldn’t find a justification for staying south moving the Bubble a bit North – but pining for those London postal letters …N1 , WC1, ….

      The tiny bits of the BBC – even their internal adverts – now make me feel a foreigner in my own country …… we have to kill the BBC – it’s an enemy of Britain .


      • Sluff says:

        Not so much BBC.
        More like ABC.
        Anti British Corporation.
        Antifa Broadcasting Corporation also fits the bill.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Up until, I think it was, Bathhouse Barry’s presidency, the US had a law that prevented the government from using propaganda against its people. Then Bathhouse repealed it, and the propaganda weapon was unleashed with a vengeance by the likes of the CIA mouthpiece CNN and the toilet paper of record.

      I think we need such a law in our country. If we had such a law, it could be used to put a stop to the racist far-left bbc’s blatant use of propaganda against us.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Pug or someone
      “Yogita Limaye who produced a venomous attack on Churchill…jawdropping stuff that was topped off with her identifying personally with the story as she invoked
      *‘our’ culture and society* …meaning Indian.”

      Surely she didn’t say “our culture” like that ?
      it doesn’t show up on a Twitter search


  19. Fedup2 says:

    There is an article in the mail on Sunday about an article in the Radio Times about an interview which has been given by a long standing BBC employer Who has gone into semi retirement and is thus free to say what he wants .

    Play ‘guess the BBC droid ‘

    He voted remain and felt strongly about it
    He doesn’t like or trust the PM
    He did not vote Tory in the last election

    Now I know this is standard BBC Group Think – but the character in question is / was accused of ‘right wing bias ‘ when he was in full employment .

    It’s good to hear BBC pensioners say what they believe instead of the insulting pretence that they leave their views at the door ( except Maitliss Marr Sopel Webb Robinson Meeshall , bee lady , lady Brooke. Sophie the posh girl , Carrie who lacks Gracie , Wimmins house – Evan with the ears , that Asian bloke who is on every thing , Simpson the slug ,
    Myrie, that welsh bloke whose always miserable , chakrabati ,
    Junior sub assistant political deputy editor – whatever ).

    Final clue – the interviewee had to cut his pay from £650k pa to a sad £400 k .

    And his production company earns a nice dividend from doing Mastermind …..


    • G says:

      And now infesting Classic FM………… Just for ‘pin money’ you understand.


  20. theisland says:

    “This would see a new Treason Act, a new Espionage Act to track foreign agents and influencers, and a rewriting of the Official Secrets Act ‘to make it fit for the digital era’.

    The Treason Act will see anyone who swears an allegiance to a foreign power or organisation criminalised if they operate in or attempt to enter the UK.

    It would close the legal loophole that could see IS converts like Shamima Begum escape justice if they returned to the UK due to a lack of specific crimes committed domestically.

    Meanwhile, the Espionage Act would create a register of foreign agents of influence operating in the UK as well as clamping down on British citizens aiding the nation’s enemies.”

    Well … we shall see.


    • G says:

      If true, merely mirroring the US. But nothing will happen pre-November US election, on which the continuance of the West, in its current form, rests. If Biden is elected and the US turns totally Communist, the UK will not be long after. My reasoning as to why Boris will do nothing about the BBC. Hedging bets if truth be known. If the US shifts politics 108 degrees and embraces Communism with the help of the sheeple, the BBC will be a nice, ‘cover’ for Boris and his cohorts to continue until they have worked out the best tack for them. Not the country, just them.


  21. theisland says:

    The Lib Dem leadership process is rather like a DFS sale – pointless and goes on for ever
    @russellquirk July 26


  22. Fedup2 says:

    Twitter watch
    Andrew neill has said his programme is not returning to the BBC . He says he was offered a late afternoon spot on BBC2 but turned it down . So no diversity of thought or view with him out of the way .

    He had his failings – like sucking up to the BBC group think a bit too often but at least he gave the idea of having done some research and refusing to take the standard party reply when some politician was fed to the programme …..


    • Sluff says:

      The Lib Dems.
      A party that could hold its leadership election in an old telephone box and still practice social distancing.


  23. scribblingscribe says:

    Dominic Rabb on Sky News this morning sweating like a hog sleeping on a beach in Spain.

    In the brilliant tv series The Loudest Voice, the producers on a live news interview stop a make up girl from mopping the sweating forehead of a Democrat to make him look bad.

    Why did Sky not attend to the perspiration of a Conservative minister? Sophie Ridge, interviewing him in the same studio had no such problems with moisture on her forehead.


  24. digg says:

    The BBC take another brave step towards their dystopian future World via Newsround on CBBC using children as fodder…


    Not sure if they considered their beloved Muslim viewers on this one!


  25. Mrs Kitty says:

    Bias by omission, car plots into crowd in Berlin with many MSM running the story. Beeb not a whisper on the website


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Mentioned above, but yes not a whisper anywhere from the beeb.

      The German police are now being quoted as saying that they think it was reckless driving rather than terrorism or an anti-white hate crime. Nevertheless most other news outlets covered it because of the number of injuries and the fact it occurred near to the “truck driving through a carnival incident” of a few years ago.


    • StewGreen says:

      Berlin. At #Hardenbergplatz,
      at 7.20 am, a car ploughed into a group of pedestrians,
      injuring 7 people, 3 of them critically.
      The 24-yr old driver is in police custody.

      there is currently no evidence of political or religious motivation.
      “According to current knowledge, an accident occurred this morning,” said a police spokesman.



  26. pugnazious says:

    Classic example of how the ‘BBC mindset’ has been captured, re-educated and brainwashed into certain responses and ways of thinking.

    Yesterday I was listening to a talk about boxing on 5 Live and they had a boxing gym owner from America on…he told them 10% of his boxers were black, 10% white and the rest were Hispanic….the presenter’s immediate reaction was to comment that it was a shame so many Blacks weren’t coming forward to train in the gym.

    The US is still by a long chalk majority white and yet the only concern was for black boxers…why no concern for the lack of whites or pleasure that so many Hispanics were taking up the sport?

    BBC staff now have a Pavlovian response to any story…there always has to be a Black angle even if the story has nothing to do with Blacks…preferably where Blacks are in some way the victim….however successful they are. In contrast not at all put out by Blacks or Asians talking about only employing their own race or women only employing women.

    Take Jofra Archer when he absconded from the bio-bubble and went home to meet friends pre-Test Match…thus putting at risk his team mates and the match.

    BBC presenter was entirely sympathetic and shocked at the abuse Archer received. This same sports reporter also was appalled by the abuse Raheem Sterling got when he was playing badly whilst boasting about how much money he had…but a white player receiving similar levels of abuse was dismissed as ‘chippy’ and gobby, who was talking the talk but not performing….so only fair he got abuse apparently….if only he’d been black….of course same for Rooney, Beckham and Neville who all received years of vicious abuse for their failure to perform, but that all gets forgotten… any Black player gets it and it’s solely because of their colour rather than how they are playing.

    And contrast the reaction to Archer’s covid19 rule busting with Dominic Cummings who actually went into isolation and wasn’t merely going home to see his mates. He was attacked savagely, not least by the BBC, Maitlis infamously…he was also chased to his own home and abused in the streets, even a Guardian journalist was caught chalking a derogatory comment on the road outside his home…..and yet no shock or sympathy from the BBC…quite the opposite in fact.

    The BBC is institutionally racist, a toxic and dangerous organisation that should be torn apart and consigned to history along with all the other State organs of propaganda that were designed to suppress and control the populations in so many dictatorships.

    No irony that the BBC objects to the ‘re-education’ camps in China where the approved thinking is forced upon a dissenting population when the same exists here in reality as people lose jobs, reputation and their freedoms….where being ‘White’ is a sin which you need to be re-educated out of….this is from America but it’s going on here as well…you must not be allowed to ‘incubate whiteness’….ie just live your live without framing everything you do or say with reference to how this might effect Bames…


    • theisland says:

      Yes all those dreadful HR ‘professionals’ are as happy as pigs in muck at the moment with lots of ammunition to keep themselves ‘relevant’ and grossly overpaid.
      Here are just a few pages from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) website.

      From the latter:
      Q: How can I best educate my workforce about racism? What resources and training should I be putting in place?
      The subject of race and racism is wide and far reaching. Learning about it involves a combination of training, listening, reading of books, honest conversations and self-reflection. Organisational training can play a part in your anti-racism strategy but will not be successful if used in isolation; training needs to be accompanied by other initiatives (such as those described below). The following are recommended areas to focus on to educate your workforce about racism (but bear in mind that any training should focus on a number of these areas together, rather than simply focusing on one aspect):

      Legal rights around protected characteristics. Understanding the protected characteristics and how to deal with behaviours in the workplace.
      Unconscious bias. Training to help employees identify their unconscious biases, how to manage them and then move to conscious inclusion.
      Privilege. Educate your people about privilege, how privilege works and how to use privilege for good.
      Allyship. Understanding how to be an active ally and work to creating anti-racist workplaces.
      Inclusive behaviours. Training employees on what inclusive behaviours are and then how to demonstrate them.

      Training and education are an important part of each organisations journey towards becoming anti-racist.



  27. StewGreen says:

    Repost from last week
    Ezra on BBC shouting “Blackpool woman”


  28. Fedup2 says:

    BBC narrative failure

    Their website says ‘ church fire suspect rearrrsted ‘(my words ) yet elsewhere there is his lawyer saying he had confessed and is full of remorse ( for getting caught ) .

    Un named of course but is a ‘ Rwandan Asylum seeker ‘ who has been in France ‘ a number of years’ . Is he a muslim convert – by any chance ? Will we ever find out ? Has he been to any cathedrals in Paris ? ….. i dont think we ll find out about that via the BBC …


  29. pugnazious says:

    Something of an irony that John Ware, working freelance now, supports the BBC when the programme he works for, Panorama, has itself recently been guilty of extraordinary political bias and dishonesty with its programme about PPE.

    Ware says…

    ‘It is broadcasters like the BBC that are trying to hold the line on standards, not the self-appointed ‘media activists’ who make up their own rules and whose self-righteousness leaves them with dangerously little self-doubt.

    If we want fair and truthful journalism to prevail over deceitful propaganda on the internet, we must hold their authors to account.

    If we continue to let them get away with it, truth will not be the only casualty. Democracy itself will be wounded – perhaps fatally.’

    However we all know the truth…social media is in fact a vital counter-balance and ‘fact checker’ to the BBC’s toxic and partisan reporting. Without social media, the views, opinions and analysis expressed and the wealth of genuine information now available to the public the BBC, and other media, would still have the controlling monopoly on information and thus, in essence, control of our perceptions, beliefs, thoughts and ultimately our actions, in particular how we vote….the organisation that most fatally endangers Democracy, here and around the world, is the BBC.

    That’s of course why the BBC is constantly attacking social media and denouncing it as the source of all fake news…when that is in itself fake news from the BBC…all the more sinister because the BBC’s intent is to control information and thus you.

    In contrast, in the Mail as well, is Tom Mangold laying into the BBC…..


    ‘I fear that my beloved BBC’s bizarre obsession with a toxic culture of wokeness will end as a fatal act of self-harm…..Twitter trolls, the social media addicts, the young, the immature and the often daft have become the BBC’s recruitment and audience target.

    If you believe Winston Churchill was a racist killer, sit back and enjoy the product. If not, try to help the BBC leap off the greasy slope down which it is sliding faster every day.’


    • Doublethinker says:

      It does give one hope that the BBC has finally gone over the tipping point and that millions of Brits have finally realised that the corporation is actually a real menace to their own lives and to the country as a whole. Hopefully this will result in the eventual defunding of the BBC due to popular demand.


  30. Fedup2 says:

    Mangold hits a good point -.and makes me unusually optimistic about our mission .
    Its the old analogy of the frog in the ever warming water – so gradual it doesnt notice….
    But what is happening is that the BBC droids are so busy out woking each other that they are heating the water – that ‘ whittee bad ‘ narrative that a lot of people are ‘waking ‘ to what the BBC is doing .

    And not being best pleased .

    Those who still use the BBC can look forward to even more tickbox product and falling viewing and listening figures . ….


  31. StewGreen says:

    BTW you can look at the pics of today’s news before the media
    select the ones they will use



  32. pugnazious says:

    Lecturer Stephen Lamonby sacked for being ‘racist’…only of course he wasn’t. But you’d never know from the BBC’s own report…it has no nuance, no context, no room for doubt about the verdict as it opens with a comment he allegedly made about Blacks not being intelligent enough to be engineers….

    ‘An engineering university lecturer was sacked after racially stereotyping black students, a tribunal heard.

    Solent University in Southampton dismissed Stephen Lamonby, 73, after a colleague said he made remarks including black students did not have it “in their DNA to do engineering”.’

    Now we’ll know what he meant…’not having something in your DNA’ doesn’t mean genetically but due to your mindset which could be as a result of various reasons…such as cultural and historic.

    The BBC uses exactly the same reasoning when it advocates giving Blacks preferential treatment by reason of their disadvantage due to lack of education or resources…the need for role models so that they have something to aim for and can believe that they are capable of doing such a job….isn’t that just what the man was saying in reality…they didn’t think they were capable of doing such jobs?

    From the BBC…

    ‘Black boys need positive role models from within their own communities to tackle underachievement, a report says.

    The Reach panel of experts, from fields including education and business, says too often role models for young black men include rappers who glamorise guns.

    The group wants a national programme to encourage lawyers, doctors, teachers and others to become mentors. ‘

    So Blacks do not naturally aspire, they do not have it ‘in their DNA’, to be lawyers, doctors, teachers and other professionals without role models? Hmmmm. So racist.

    What about saying Germans were good at engineering? Is that racist?

    Er….BBC headline…

    ”The best engineers come from Germany”
    ‘Another apprentice, 21-year-old Gabriel from Northampton, says he came to Berlin to learn the German way.

    “They are much more precise, they go into detail a lot more,” he says.

    “It helps you understand why all the best engineers and creatives come from here.

    It is a point that was recently made by the British business lobby group, the CBI.’

    From Engineering Daily….the well known propaganda sheet for resurgent Neo-Nazism….lol….

    ‘Germany’s prowess in engineering is indisputable. Engineers borne out of the country are world leaders in their field, renowned for their dedication to precision, function and power. Over the years, it has maintained its reputation as a top exporter of machinery and industrial equipment.’

    And Elon Musk, as recently reported by the BBC…

    ‘”Everyone knows that German engineering is outstanding and that’s part of the reason we are locating our Gigafactory Europe in Germany,” he said. ‘

    Such a racist.

    What about the final nail in the coffin….Jews…‘ “are the cleverest people in the world” ‘

    Gotcha!!! Can’t wriggle out of that anti-Semitic insult.

    Hmmm…New York Times….

    ‘The Secrets of Jewish Genius’

    ‘ How is it that a people who never amounted even to one-third of 1 percent of the world’s population contributed so seminally to so many of its most pathbreaking ideas and innovations?’

    What about the Fascist Haaretz?

    ‘What Makes Jews So Smart?

    The intellectual success of the Jews in the modern era and their prominence in occupations in the realms of commerce, medicine and finance since the Middle Ages are among the most challenging mysteries in the long history of the Jewish people.’

    Or about ‘Scientifc America’…

    ‘A Jewish Gene for Intelligence?

    Although the Holocaust was propelled by charges that Jews were genetically inferior to Aryans, a new study in the Journal of Biosocial Science published online in June supports the opposite notion: Ashkenazi Jews may be genetically predisposed to higher intelligence.’

    So if you called Jews dumb that’d be an insult, if you call them intelligent that’s anti-semitic…so best say nothing at all about the Jews….ah, yes, the ideal BBC position….erase them from existence, out of sight out of mind.

    I think you may be able to see that the poor old lecturer has been lynched by the mob and the BBC turn a blind eye to it…oh but remember…. silence is violence….except when it’s a necessary murder of those ‘guilty’ of wrongthink.


  33. StewGreen says:

    R4 Drama the play is The Plague by Camus
    He set in French Algerian city of Oran, in the 1940’s
    but in this version that’s ambiguous.

    The lead part is a male doctor
    the R4 version has a Caribbean accented woman play that part
    She keeps referring to “my wife”

    This production is derived from the Arcola Theatre version
    the same actress Sara Powell played the role there.

    “2017: The Plague, a play adapted by Neil Bartlett
    Bartlett substitutes a black woman for the male doctor, Rieux, and a black man for Tarrou”



    • Old Goat says:

      A number of boxes ticked there, methinks.


    • StewGreen says:

      “She is a Jamaican actress”


      • BRISSLES says:

        Thank you for clarifying that Stew, as I was confused as to the gender – at first glance I thought it was an Indian male with plenty of hair, then the brain kicked in and realised it was a female uniform, duh !


  34. infoquest says:

    By gum Pug, you’re on fire today. If you carry on like this I might cancel my subscription to the Sunday Times – you are a much better writer, more informative and more challenging that any of their guff. Thank you.


  35. Fedup2 says:

    Info – yes I’d echo that – I like a bit of good joined up writing too. I try but once I get going me spelling let’s me down .

    Have they done a government briefing to explain the latest changes , lockdowns , restrictions ..? Or can they not be bothered any more …?


  36. AsISeeIt says:

    What a difference a day makes.

    This morning the BBC’s on-line news covered the Spain quarantine story and appeared to express sympathy with UK holidaymakers.

    ‘Travellers arriving in the UK from Spain must now quarantine for 14 days, under new coronavirus travel rules.’

    ‘Coronavirus: ‘Devastated’ travellers react to Spain quarantine rules’

    Seems the BBC have since taken note of Spain’s reaction and of the Labour Party’s line on this. So the government is put on the back foot and has to defend its decision.

    ‘The faultering recovery of Spain’s vital tourist sector is likely to worsen after UK decision’

    ‘The foreign secretary has defended the “swift decision” to require travellers arriving in the UK from Spain to quarantine for 14 days.’


    • Doobster78 says:

      Exactly. Just came here to say similar.

      Government act – BBC think it’s wrong
      Government don’t act – BBC think that’s wrong

      Like you say, the BBC are basically just the Labour party. No matter what the conservative party do , they MUST take the opposing view.

      Even that slimy little toad Jon Ashworth knows full well he would have done exactly the same !!!!!

      Yet AGAIN, completely out of touch with how the “normal” folk think.


  37. G says:

    I have no doubt that Tucker’s overview of the situation in the US right now is accurate – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72POBijdwyw

    Having watched this video, can anybody tell me, on Tucker’s assessment, that the US is not honestly finished as it stands right now?
    The POTUS is literally, just one man. He cannot put a stop to the rapid decent into communism. It has infiltrated every part of US society. To the extent that it is already rife, it can only be by a civil war that it will be halted. I suspect that, (and I sincerely hope), there are many groups forming and/or already formed in the US, whose ultimate intention will be to stop the rot – quickly and decisively. I also suspect that when it, ‘kicks off’ DJT will sit back and watch the ‘right kind’ of violence. The ‘Pay-back’ will be really bloody.


  38. vlad says:

    Not on the beeb:

    More peaceful demos by BLM / black supremacists armed to the teeth – but they’re so dumb they end up shooting each other by mistake.

    The guy reporting seems heart-broken.



  39. AsISeeIt says:

    Don’t imagine the BBC are going ease up on their virulent campaigning to find Britain guilty of racism on all possible counts.

    Do you sometimes question supposed victims of racism and their interpretation of events as being racist?

    Do you think continuing and violent protests could be aggravating racial tensions?

    Then you are racist and what you are doing is called racial gaslighting!


    ‘Racial gaslighting often comes about when a victim is led to doubt and question their own sense of reality with regard to racism, says Seattle University’s Angelique Davis, who’s carried out a lot of research on the subject.’

    Trauma therapist Diana Anzaldua says: “One comment I hear often is ‘I don’t think that was racist,’ which again questions the victim, and also invalidates the victim. Both of these instances are a form of trauma”

    ‘Speaking on the Black Lives Matter protests, Diana says, “we’re hearing comments like, ‘if you protested more peacefully, more people would listen.’ This comment is essentially blaming the victim based on race.”‘

    ‘Filmmaker and art director Ezekixl Akinnewu remembers being racially gaslighted while working in the art sector and being “tone policed” by a colleague for his flamboyant personality and for being “too loud.”‘

    ‘”The environments have always varied, but one thing is for certain that as a black person your thoughts and feelings are rarely listened to or validated by your white counterparts,” adds Ica Headlam, founder of We Are Here Scotland.’

    It’s relentless, of course, and the only way I see this stopping is if we all just admit we’re racist. We always were racist, we are racist now in everything we say, do and think. We always will be racist. We should shut up and just admit it all. Perhaps we should all just get on a boat and bugger off somewhere and leave them to it?


    • JimS says:

      “Perhaps we should all just get on a boat and bugger off somewhere and leave them to it?

      But where?

      Isn’t that ‘white flight’, which is ‘racist’? (But if the ‘whites’ stayed where would the ‘blacks’ live?)

      We do seem to be asked to believe that everywhere was ‘black’ and then an alien, homeless, species invaded, which must now be exterminated.

      Listening to Radio 4’s Last Word tonight on John Lewis, it occurs to me that one can either fight one’s political opponents or one can persuade them that you are right. The second approach, (the ‘white one’ apparently!), might achieve one’s political goal, the other is just a fight to the death.

      We have to bear in mind that the real political goal of some is death and destruction, they don’t want the poor to be richer or immigrants to integrate, they don’t see those as problems to be solved, rather as sores to exacerbate.


  40. Englands Dreaming says:

    Just enjoyed on Radio 4 “mohamed and the markets”

    Apparently if we followed islamic finance principals the world economic collapse would not be happening. That may or may not be the case, but I suspect our GDP level would be about the same as in 1400 to start with.


  41. Emmanuel Goldstein says:


    Make sure you wear your mask to stop getting the Chinese coronavirus.


    • StewGreen says:

      mask packet pic says
      “does not provide protection against Covid19”


  42. StewGreen says:

    Someone complaining about Netflix


  43. StewGreen says:

    ‘My husband beat me for telling a doctor my name’ bbcNews


  44. StewGreen says:



    • StewGreen says:

      Countryfile itself
      – Chichester Harbour
      – Item about gene editing in agriculture
      filled with organic farmers saying “yes but” *

      – now terns
      she just claimed rising seas are harming them
      tosh cos UK sea level rise is negligible, coastal erosion is a different thing

      – Now it’s Asian.. wildlife photography man

      … Isn’t Patrick Holden a past President/founder of the Soil Association? If so, then not an independent voice.


      • StewGreen says:

        Matt just claimed “Salt Marsh is being lost to rapidly rising sea level and land use”
        .. this is their trick , wrap a climate claim along with a much stronger driver of change.

        Matt “the fight against global warming”
        ‘salt marsh’ is a carbon sink
        …yeh so is landfill rubbish dump.


      • StewGreen says:

        Now saying seal numbers are rising there
        They rose from 2 to 100
        … ah they just pointed out that virus wiped out most UK harbour seals in 2002.

        Bet they soon complain that local fish numbers are down
        ..and blame that on Global Warming, when actually all the fish are in the seals bellies.


  45. Guest Who says:

    Fame is fleeting. Didn’t get close to 15 minutes.

    Have Jon and squad contacted Lewis Hamilton for analysis yet?


  46. pugnazious says:

    If only we could see this rigorously applied here….one major benefit would be to curtail the dominance of the social studies ‘professors’ who indoctrinate and incubate little Maoist stormtroopers [except of course now we hear ‘Maths’ is racist…is there no escape?]….maybe they’ll see they can’t get a job for life in the race/gender/victim industry and f off…to the BBC lol.

    ‘If ever there was a place to sign up for a degree in surfing studies you might think it was Australia – but maybe not quite so much in future. The country is reforming funding of higher education so as to nudge students into subject areas where there is a shortage of graduates. Fees in those subjects will be lowered, and the change funded through increased fees for students following courses where there is a less obvious need for qualified people.

    You want to read gender studies? From next year the government’s contribution towards your fees will fall from Aus$ 11,015 to Aus$1100 (£6050 to £605). If you want to study maths, on the other hand, the government’s contribution will rise from Aus$11,015 to Aus$13,500 (£6850 to £7420). Generally, student contributions for STEM subjects, teaching and nursing will fall, while contributions for humanities course will rise.’

    Maybe the same sort of principle should be applied to the BBC’s output and funding…less of the same sort of wokery pokery and more of the mundane, real world of real people…you know, those people the BBC looks down on and sneers at daily.


  47. Philip_2 says:

    Channel 4 should be up for sale!
    Asks Taxpayers Alliance. In a recent interview with the Sunday Telegraph, the chief executive of Channel 4, Alex Mahon revealed that the broadcaster won’t be seeking a taxpayer bailout despite the economic destruction inflicted by coronavirus. We very much welcome this news, but why on earth is the channel still taxpayer-owned in 2020?

    The BLOG of the week explores and ask if Channels 4 can make do without Taxpayer support (it still is part publically funded and is effectively more independent than the BBC and yet does not need billions, as the BBC does each year, just to stay awake. So Good for Channel 4 for staying above the waterline…
    Unlike the BBC, Channel 4 is exposed to commercial risk, as it doesn’t force millions of taxpayers to pay £157.50 each to keep the lights on. According to the most recent annual report, Channel 4’s finances are in good shape – they had a £5 million financial surplus in 2018 and cash reserves of £180 million. It’s admirable therefore that Ms Mahon has put it on the record that she won’t ask for public cash to keep the channel afloat.

    Food for thought – if C4 can do it why not the BBC, downsize and rid itself of all those English ‘oldies’ it hates and get rid of all those ‘oldies’ radio stations and get down inner city – ‘wiv da kids’ on CBBC/LGTBXY with BBC rap musik? I am sure the ‘kidz’ can stash-the-cash towards the BBC on their next drugs run? Flick some cash at the BBC? I doubt it.. But its the only bit of the BBC that ‘worx’ (on radio, at least).

    The BBC want billions just to stay afloat. Its about time it was reduced in size to reflect its hatred of the elderly UK population at large. Even at half the cost, its an expensive white elephant luxury that nobody in any other country has copied or wants.

    If C4 can go private, why not the BBC? They both share the same ‘yoof’ market and both seem to read the same newspaper. (Both use the failing readership of The Guardian in most cases for MEDIA job employment). The Guardian – which is also is unique in that it relies heavily on the BBC revenue for its ‘exclusive’ and – elite- readership. A symbiosis of Marxism and Trotskyists looking for jobs is a circular argument that is all the more ridiculous when we end up paying for the Left wing causes and lefty Liberal intolerance. And for so long.

    So Clear off Channel 4. BBC your next. We don’t want to continue to fund either of you in taxes or TV levy.



  48. StewGreen says:

    Rebecca Stott ..gave the 8:45am Point Of View
    536 AD when the sun ‘disappeared’ and a devastating pandemic followed.
    She started OK
    explaining there was first a huge volcano explosion in Iceland
    wiping out sun for a year
    sometime later a smaller eruption
    4 years later a plague wiping out a third of world population

    Then she moves onto wishful thinking
    “archaeologists will find that 2020 was the year of peak emissions”
    FFS I don’t think so
    .. most of the world is continuing build coal power plants, more people more petrol cars etc.

    She was given the same slot in May 2019 as well
    history novel “Author Teaches at University of East Anglia, Norwich. Feminist. Curious.”


  49. StewGreen says:

    Experts tell me you always do a live interview & decline recorded on the BBC cos they will often do a malicious edit.



    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Protected tweets’ is a new one to me.


      • StewGreen says:

        Looks like she Protected her Twitter account shortly after I went to bed
        She’s from The Conservative Woman, been booked by Nolan Show on R5 to speak live
        then at the last moment they changed it to prerecorded
        which is a bad thing cos you don’t want the BBC to do a malicious edit.


        • StewGreen says:

          OK I got it, Nolan wanted to cover the US riots live so her item was delayed .. that makes sense.
          So it was the last 15 mins of the show She was on near 1am 2h43m into the prog
          The debate why UK aid is still being given to China
          .. and only just given up giving aid to India
          Nolan expresses that bad guys will end up with some UK aid money.
          She asks why the money isn’t diverted to UK veterans etc.
          The Lefty speaker Nick Dearden from Global Justice Now said the UK could afford to do both.
          ..Em that is wrong.. The UK government money is actually BORROWED cos tax doesn’t cover its spending.

          It’s no use saying borrowed money costs us little as he did
          cos it actually pushes our exchange rate down and makes imports more expensive.
          He denied aid money ends up with Palestinian fighters.