Start the Week 31 August 2020

The eve of the Tim Davie era . Will Mr Davie be the last chairman of the failing Far Left BBC in its current Marxist campaigning form ? Lets hope so. Apparently his first speech will be on Thursday when he will talk about ‘impartiality ‘ and keep a straight face – which is why he is paid the big bucks .
Meanwhile there are plans afoot to have a new British Broadcaster …

Midweek Thread 26 August 2020

Angry ? The Far Left BBC changing the format of the Last Night of the Proms ? Well the First Night of The Proms is this Friday 28th August . Some might say ‘best avoided’ whilst the Far Left BBC appeals to its ‘target ‘ audience .
In passing – it is 10 weeks until Furlough is due to end – so we can expect a BBC campaign to extend it to ‘forever’ .

Start the Week 24 August 2020

The BBC is to broadcast a documentary about Carl Beech on Monday night . Mr Beech is the criminal who made False allegationS of a ‘ high Level paedophile ring “ which was so eagerly taken up by the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party – Tom Watson . Apparently the BBC didn’t mention Mr Watson’s shameful part in the debacle until those involved demanded the truth be included. The BBC does like to look after its friends …….

The Last Last Night of The Proms

From The Guardian

“The traditional flag-waving anthems Rule Britannia and Land of Hope of Glory could be dropped from the Last Night of the Proms because of their perceived links with colonialism and slavery.

The BBC is reportedly considering whether to axe the patriotic staples in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, and the Covid restrictions are seen as an opportunity to make the change.

Reduced orchestra sizes, social distancing and no audiences make the 2020 Proms a very different experience from past years.”



In a way, the name of this site is prophetic. The BBC is biased, I think that is a given at this point.

But it’s worse than that, it is vile.

Just over a week ago, I was defamed on a local BBC radio programme – the Nolan Show.This came as a shock as I do not listen to such trash and the only reason I even knew about was when I suddenly got an urgent text from the show’s producer asking me would I care to comment on the allegation made by one of their favourite contributors. The host of the show, Stephen Nolan, was quick to suggest he had no such knowlege of any such views, and he stated I would be contacted for a right of reply.

He didn’t do it to help me of course, he did it to save his programmes’ sorry ass from my lawyers. I thought about it, and replied as per below.

I was assured the response would be read out.

It wasn’t. Naturally.

I instigated a legal warning against them and am still considering options but it comes to a pretty pass when an unapologetic bloated BBC can allow people to be defamed on air and ignore any right of response.

The sooner the BBC is defunded the better. This parasite has bled us dry for far too long. It’s been about 5 years since I was last on the BBC and it’s fantastic not to smell its fetid stench