In a way, the name of this site is prophetic. The BBC is biased, I think that is a given at this point.

But it’s worse than that, it is vile.

Just over a week ago, I was defamed on a local BBC radio programme – the Nolan Show.This came as a shock as I do not listen to such trash and the only reason I even knew about was when I suddenly got an urgent text from the show’s producer asking me would I care to comment on the allegation made by one of their favourite contributors. The host of the show, Stephen Nolan, was quick to suggest he had no such knowlege of any such views, and he stated I would be contacted for a right of reply.

He didn’t do it to help me of course, he did it to save his programmes’ sorry ass from my lawyers. I thought about it, and replied as per below.

I was assured the response would be read out.

It wasn’t. Naturally.

I instigated a legal warning against them and am still considering options but it comes to a pretty pass when an unapologetic bloated BBC can allow people to be defamed on air and ignore any right of response.

The sooner the BBC is defunded the better. This parasite has bled us dry for far too long. It’s been about 5 years since I was last on the BBC and it’s fantastic not to smell its fetid stench

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27 Responses to BBC VILENESS

  1. Loobyloo says:

    Well done. Good to see you pushing back against the bastards.


  2. NCBBC says:

    The BBC is the main global propaganda organistation for the demeanin g and marginalisation of boys and men.

    Other totalitarians of the past did it other races and creeds, but the BBC goes further – they demean the White male sex. What happens when you marginalise men – the evidence is African American society. That road led to George Floyd.

    The BBC is racist and sexist.

    IT trouble

    IT trouble

    and later comments


  3. NCBBC says:

    Dont know what happened to the two links above

    See comments by NCBBC AUGUST 14, 2020 AT 11:23 AM and later, on the last thread.


    • StewGreen says:

      @NCBBC What happened is you posted the URL of posts from this site
      Because this blog autoembeds WordPress stuff
      It emebedded a copy of the top of the page.

      I think your ide that the virus mutates to a less harmful form is wrong.


  4. NCBBC says:

    The curve for viral infection is a normal distribution or Gaussian curve.

    I think this happens not because of herd immunity of the target but mainly because all virus’ mutate all the time. That is the nature virus’. They mutate to something that is not lethal to humans.

    This could be the reason why Ebola comes and goes. It doesn’t go anywhere, it just mutates to something harmless before coming back, if its strikes a “lucky” mutation.


    • Up2snuff says:

      NCBBC, as I understand it, Ebola is not a natural human virus. It is much more of an animal virus and always there in the jungles of central Africa. Every now and then humans do something stupid and catch it and then they do more stupid things to pass it on to other humans.


  5. Oaknash says:

    Ah Ebola
    A lovely metaphor for the BBC.
    Unpleasant, dangerous and never goes away.


  6. Guest Who says:

    BBC vileosity know no bounds.

    This of course is not the BBC, but features one of BBc N. America’s main sources of TDS outrage, and when the mob piles in they are usually lurking if not cheerleading.

    It is of course also a fascinating insight into the total hypocrisy of almost all the MSM on anything, anywhere, if it suits, or when quite descends… when it does not.

    Maybe Nick Bryant could write a book about it?


    • Guest Who says:

      Meanwhile Lurch is on picket duty.


  7. Philip_2 says:

    In PRIVATE EYE this week. The BBC are pilloried (a bit unusual – as editor Ian Hislop was at one time ‘exclusively’ seen on BBC every week as a media luvvie). A fall out perhaps has happened… MEDIA NEWS section reports on Lord Hall (of Birkenhead) on his BBC resignation and his replacement and ‘why’ he had to go….

    We learn that that in 2013, he had already applied for the same job in 2019 as emergency replacement for George Entwhistle (a hurried forced BBC resignation due to the ‘McAlpine’ and ‘Saville’ child abuse fiasco). Tony Hall was going to sweep-it-all-away when he got selected as the (no job interview) ‘obvious choice’ with a brief to ‘get a grip’ and ‘restore morale’ at the BBC.

    The trouble is Lord Hall ‘went totally native’ and instead of hoping to preside over BBC celebration in 2022 (what?) he was asked to ‘resign’ by Sir David Clementi when Boris’s chief strategist (Cummings) suggested that the BBC cannot be sure of its TV license in the future. Shock. Horror!

    Tony Hall had made a pre-election ‘deal’ with Ed Milliband (remember him?) to ‘continue’ his left wing support at the BBC. Except it all went ‘pear-shaped’ when Cameron won an unexpected victory and then George Osborne (Chancellor) took revenge on anti-conservative sentiment. Lord Hall was told to take the deal on the table for any TV license increase (and they increased the TV license by then 20%) must be balanced by a restriction on elderly (over 75’s) being forced to pay.
    Lord Hall described it at the time as a ‘good deal’. Again the BBC failed to ‘modernise’ i.e. downsize to the new reality of ‘competition’.

    With BBC TV license evasion becoming a pandemic (16 to 34 mobile phone addicts refuse to pay for it) and over 75s about to be hauled before the courts (without a hope of being fined), the courts are less sympathetic to the BBC. Times have changed, The BBC cannot rely on Labour strategy to ensure its monopoly any more. Chiefly as left wingers don’t want to pay for it any more and prefer NETFLIX.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    In another part of the magazine: NUMBER CRUNCHING: £500m Amount spent by BBC on restructuring and making staff redundant in past decade, according to ‘Press Gazette’ research.

    500 : Actual reduction in headcount in same period, down to a mere 22,400.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    There’s more!:
    I also read of a ‘power struggle’ at the top of the BBC between two factions claiming ‘BBC strategy’ between the tyrannical Jonathan Munro (Head of News gathering) i.e. central planning for all BBC news reduced to ‘ten hubs’ of approved news and format. Munro has form, as it was he who planned the Sir Cliff Richard invasion with the local Yorkshire Police and made serious claims that later fell apart. The BBC paid a hefty sum out of court. The QC on hearing the case said of MUNRO – that he was unfit to hold his job!

    And the ‘other’ contender is:
    The fragrant Frans Unsworth, who has replaced all men in almost all the TV and radio news channels and reduced the lofty Radio 4 to childish CBBC levels with many experienced R4 BBC journalist jumping ship to LBC or even Classic FM and taking early redundancy payments rather than take a direct wage reduction. This is BBC ‘diversity’.

    Without a doubt the BBC will need re-funding soon, but the nation I think has had enough.
    Time to get rid of the lot of them. The UK would be £3.8 Billion better off. The losers will be
    The Guardian which has about 134,000 newspaper sales per day nationally, most of which are bought by the BBC’s 21,000 + for feature articles and job placements under ‘common purpose’ agreements and the rest are give away free on many University campusus still awaiting the second coming of Karl Marx. As aired on the BBC thrice nightly.

    I don’t think we will miss the BBC or The GUARDIAN for that matter as both are joined at the hip and rely on public finances to survive. That is the only reason they exist.

    The BBC agree to anything as long as its more money and they can increase the TV license for ever more and ever and impose it on those that don’t even watch (or listen) to it!


  8. Doublethinker says:

    The BBC is definitely biased, it is certainly vile , but it also highly dangerous. It is in the vanguard of the movement to change the very essence, the soul of our country. It has been the leading player in this decades long covert campaign to create a new Marxist , multicultural Britain. A key part of this is to undermine and attack anyone who dares to make a stand against this agenda, which of course is why David Vance is a target for its programme makers. The only way we ordinary folks can support the likes of David in the struggle against the BBC is to stop paying it or at least to make it work for its money by cancelling our Direct Debits and paying by cheque using every trick in the book to delay payment. We should also sign every petition to defund the BBC , comment on every anti BBC press article in the likes of the Mail, Telegraph and Times, and encourage our friends and family to do the same.


  9. AsISeeIt says:

    Alex Belfield agrees, the BBC is vile.

    He’s not happy about Mandy


  10. Guest Who says:

    Not nice.

    Also, not news, especially national.

    More so as it is thus far based on an allegation.


  11. Concrete sea says:

    ‘M & S customer racially abused’. Just her side of the story from the Beeb. Only to be expected. Surely, to present a balanced and indipendent report there should be both sides of the story or some sort of overview. So, because she apparently queued in the wrong place she was subjected to abuse. If that was the case then I’ll support the allegation, but it seems highly unusual. What did she do and say ?
    Once again I suspect half a story from the Beeb . Perhaps as they only give us 50% we can all expect a 50% reduction in our licence fees.


    • Halifax says:

      And they just happen to have what looks like a professional quality picture of the “victim”……spooky


      • Guest Who says:

        Look out Nadiya.

        Or Jess.

        Pro Graun Headshots are a sure sign of media and/or political ascendency.


  12. Up2snuff says:

    The problem is, the really, really, big problem is that the BBC’s delinquency of journalistic integrity and impartiality is actually creating spirits of fear, individualism, populism and is stoking the FakeNews and FalseFacts, all the very things the BBC say they are concerned about and don’t wish to see in the UK and USA and Europe.

    They are a disgrace.

    Will the new DG set about cleaning up the BBC’s act?

    I will not be holding my breath while observing.


    • Dave S says:

      The real problem that will kill the BBC is that is is rubbish now. Night after night is has nothing worthwhile on. Nothing that really appeals to any imaginable demographic. The young have left and now the old are getting fed up. The tax being the last straw. It is finished. Been coming a long time but the internet has finally killed it off.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Dave – I agree entirely with your description – “rubbish”. However, you may be a little over-optimistic about beeb being finished? As long as they can afford to hire an organisation of enforcers to bully people into paying their poll tax, as long as the “Conservative” party essentially remain “hands-off” (muttering summat about 2027 when the Charter comes up for renewal), as long as people are threatened with court for non-payment, beeb will keep benefitting from this little version of a ‘protection racket’.
        Philip gave us a little background to the sort of rattlesnakes at/near the top of the beeb. Make no mistake, if you try to tread on them, they will fight. All part of bbc ‘vileness’.
        And the question of how to pull their fangs will remain.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Dave, fnw, the BBC appear to me to be recruiting like they have increasing funds, not a declining number of taxpayers, judging by the new correspondents I keep hearing on R4 for the first time.

          The BBC does not really have an effective competitor for R4 and its other sports services on R5.

          R1, R2 and R3 are all replicated in the private sector, pretty much, but until something comes along to compete with R4 & R5 Sport that bit of the Beeb will survive.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Dave ,
        It’s a fair question about who watches the BBC now . There will be those who habitually watch that nice sounding welsh news reader because they always have .
        But then what of the other stuff ? When the BBC has a ‘success ‘ such as Fleabag or Line of Duty they flog it to death . Maybe the overseas sales keep it afloat on top of the taxes it extracts from its ‘victims .

        Maybe the BBC is in terminal decline irrespective of the comments And evidence of bias we record here .

        As for Mr Vance and alleged defamation – a media barrister brief and if it’s a certain ‘win ‘- go for it .


  13. Concrete sea says:

    Priti Patel has told Conservative MPs that the UK’s asylum system is “broken” and promised to introduce laws that will “send the left into meltdown”. What a revelation. I’m stunned.
    Apparently those found in dingies not wearing masks (from 04.00 on Saturday) will be only given one bottle of water instead of two, An Asda sandwich instead of an M & S meal for two, will not have their own personal interpreter, but one on the phone, with just a £5 top up and will then be required to self isolate for 14 days at Gary Linekers place instead of the local Hilton.
    That should do it.


  14. fakenewswatcher says:

    Concrete – what has happened to Priti’s little ‘migrant’ stopper, you know – the one with the very long and very fancy job title? Former Marine or something?
    Will we find he has vanished without trace, yet another Patel word gimmick, entirely devoid of meaning/substance?
    Or will we find him to be another Captain Mainwaring, determined to stop the invasion by whatever means and with whatever resources available?
    I would put money on the former, although I hope to lose it.


  15. Richard Pinder says:

    The BBC is a vile discussing dirty virus.

    BBC or B Beta Coronavirus. Later named severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2. Is the strain of Coronavirus that causes Covid-19.

    On Tuesday, Professor Karol Sikora challenged BBC fake News by saying that the death toll is about 1,700 people per day. But those who die from BBC (Covid-19) is about 30 per day, and those who die from Cancer is about 450 per day. So about 1.75 percent of deaths per day are from BBC (Covid-19). But then I read that people are going to the hospital because of other health issues, such as Asthma, Anaemia, Lung Cancer, Heart Failure, Cystic Fibrosis and Tuberculosis. Then catching the virus in the hospital, and then they put down Covid-19 on the Death Certificate.


  16. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Dear David Vance,

    The message the BBC sent to you I assume was only to fulfill some legal obligation (right of reply).

    However they sent it AFTER they broadcast the allegation about you and they didn’t actually say what that allegation was (at least in the message you provided).

    As your response doesn’t directly address the allegation made against you I think the BBC would be able to successfully argue why they didn’t read it out.

    What is needed is a verbatim transcript of what was actually said about you.


  17. StewGreen says:

    Re BBC Vileness
    This seems to be the root
    A Twitter discussion where DV suggested that the number of Covid19 deaths might be inflated by the deliberate inclusion of deaths from flu and other corona viruses etc. for political purposes.

    I note tweets by Malachi say he is glad that her ancestors ended up in Northern Ireland rather than south controlled by the Catholic Church.

    I see @Gareth_Mc is the Nolan Show producer


  18. StewGreen says:

    Someone mentioned the incident on Aug 14th
    saying it was “the other day”
    meaning to me it was 12, 11, 10th
    Nolan does just 87 minute phone in each morning
    All 3 phone-ins were about A levels results
    I didn’t spot the segment so it may have been quick or been edited out.