435 Responses to Midweek Thread 14 October 2020

  1. Doobster78 says:

    Welcome to China folks !!!


  2. Sluff says:

    Rather off topic and only tangentially BBC but allow me.

    Yesterday a family of 5 were killed or critically injured on the A40 west of Oxford.

    This road is an incredibly busy trunk road linking Oxford to Gloucester.
    Yet it is a narrow 2 way road with tiny roundabouts, traffic lights in the middle of nowhere, and frequently stuffed with slow moving frustration- creating slow vehicles such as lorries and even farm traffic FFS.

    It is crying out and glaringly in need of being converted into a dual carriageway linking with the Witney bypass.

    Yet nothing happens. You can imagine the furore from the cycling brigade, the eco-warriors, ER and the rest if the government had the b**** to invest in such a scheme. But for decades they have been imprisoned by the politically correct rationale of investing onlynin public transport. Thats the sector which accounts for under 15% of travel, not least because in many places there is no alternative, unless you count cycling in the pouring rain and wind of Autumn and in the dark in order to do all the family;shopping.

    Yet for HS2 no amount of blank cheques are enough. The bills rise, the budget is exceeded and no-one is allowed to criticise.

    An utter disgrace, an abuse of resources, and a lick in the teeth for the road using public who account for around 85% of journeys.

    No prizes for guessing where the BBC stand on statist versus private transport.


    • Scroblene says:

      Well said, Sluff!

      I’ve never understood why anyone needs to shave a paltry 15 minutes of a train journey from London to the Midlands. Why can’t they get out of bed a bit earlier and get an earlier train?

      I’ve just f****d my bike on yet another pothole in Kent, but the whole sorry lot in Maidstone prefer to look after the illegals, rather than the citizens who pay them.

      The two statements are in fact, connected, but I’ve now forgotten how…


    • Up2snuff says:

      Trouble is, Sluff, for the Beeb and the Greenies and other enviromentalists is that the Pandemic has shown up various weaknesses for all sorts of public transport except the motor van, car, motorbike and pedal bicycle.

      And Lockdown (and the previous fall in the oil price) has shown up the futility of basing a large part of public income on taxing transport.


  3. taffman says:

    Hs2, a financial ‘Black Hole’ .Follow the money.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Wonder what the American BS ‘analysis’ of this will be?

    Or are we thinking tumbleweed?


  5. taffman says:

    “New MI5 chief says UK facing ‘nasty mix’ of threats”
    Of course , we know where the real threats are coming from and it’s not “right wing terrorists”.
    This man has got the care of us all in his hands. A heavy burden.


    • Kaiser says:

      Britain is facing a “nasty mix” of national security threats, from hostile state activity by Russia and China to fast-growing right-wing terrorism, the new director general of MI5 has said.

      Ken McCallum said terrorism remains the biggest threat – with Northern (****) Irish and Islamist extremism also a concern.

      “Mr McCallum said jihadist plots form the bulk of UK investigations.”

      so the last mentioned “also” is the actual threat current threat, nice bit of selective editing going on there, real nice work


      • tarien says:

        I would say that Britain is facing threats from within its own, Politics being the main threat just now. Why are we allowing an associate of Bin Laden to come out of prison in America to allowed back here? Amnesty International are in focus here. Name is Barry and wanted in Egypt where he has been sentanced to death for his part in a plot to blow up a public market, but you can bet your house on it, our government will not extradite him to his native country. There is the threat to our peace.


    • Kaiser says:

      Britain is facing a “nasty mix” of national security threats, from hostile state activity by Russia and China to fast-growing right-wing terrorism, the new director general of MI5 has said.

      Ken McCallum said terrorism remains the biggest threat – with Northern (****) Irish and Islamist extremism also a concern.

      “Mr McCallum said jihadist plots form the bulk of UK investigations.”

      so the last mentioned “also” is the actual threat current threat, nice bit of selective editing going on there, real nice work


    • Kaiser says:

      Britain is facing a “nasty mix” of national security threats, from hostile state activity by Russia and China to fast-growing right-wing terrorism, the new director general of MI5 has said.

      Ken McCallum said terrorism remains the biggest threat – with Northern (****) Irish and Islamist extremism also a concern.

      “Mr McCallum said jihadist plots form the bulk of UK investigations.”

      so the last mentioned “also” is the actual threat current threat, nice bit of selective editing going on there, real nice work


      • Guest Who says:

        Meanwhile, on twitter….

        I think I see how this is playing out.


        • StewGreen says:

          Like any country with Democratic in their name
          any organisation with “hate” in their name is using it as ambush word.
          .. ie they are front groups from one political side which spread HATE against their opposition in order to clear the way for their own agendas
          .. whilst claiming victimhood for their own side.


  6. Tabs says:

    BBC Newsnight had a long video piece on the Lesbos Greek island refugee camp fire. The ‘special’ report was entirely based on the hearsay of about 5 Afghan men who claimed the fire was started by “fascist locals”. They even admitted fires are started on a regular basis by refugees protesting but “who would set fire to their own tents?”.

    At the end was a bit of text on a blackscreen saying police are investing a fire started by 5 Afghan men but no voice commentary reading this out aloud. The BBC then added more text saying “the locals are not being investigated for starting the fire”.

    The enitre piece was accusing “right wing”, “fascists” etc of starting the fire with no proof whatsoever.


  7. taffman says:

    Breaking ……Wind farms failing. Possible Power outages.
    Anything on Al Beeb about it yet?


    • Scroblene says:

      Sorry, Taff, but I read that as ‘Breaking wind, farms failing’…

      I never really grew up did I!

      Rigger Horribin (12) is ashen-faced…


      • Up2snuff says:

        Wot? Horribin could smell it in London?


        Those ‘westerlies’ are strong.

        Must be the Climate Change again.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Having a bit of history – the poor people of london tended to live in the East – partly because the air quality was worse than out posh West ….

          Personally i like air i can see smell and on a bad day – touch – but not the taffman version of air .


  8. JimS says:

    From The Guardian: Researchers at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) said making cities walkable was vital to improve health, cut climate-heating transport emissions and build stronger local communities and economies.

    “In order to provide safe and inviting walking conditions, it is essential to shift the balance of space in our cities away from cars,” said Heather Thompson, the head of ITDP, which is based in New York. The IDTP said the need was particularly urgent as the coronavirus pandemic was driving people away from walking and public transport and into private cars.

    So people are ‘social distancing’ and avoiding public transport by using their cars and these people think ‘the answer’ is to make less space for cars!

    I think they also want to pack us together so we don’t have so far to walk. That should help spread diseases too I expect.

    ‘Stronger local communities’ are the weasel words for ghetto. ‘Local economies’ is weasel for black markets, (tax-free, as we used to understand the term).


    • Up2snuff says:

      Making cities walkable? I recall a statistic that gave the lie to claims of the Greens and other AGW fanatics that everyone drives everywhere in London. Londoners spend more on shoes and on shoe repairs than inhabitants of other UK Cities.

      Let’s get practical on this: Chase Farm Hospital in north Enfield is in a group with Barnet General Hospital thanks to the infinite wisdom of a Labour Government and the Department of Health Civil Servants.

      Let us assume that you are an orthopaedic surgeon and have just completed a relatively minor op – say, tidying up a severely broken limb – at Chase and you are called to Barnet General to do a similar op just after you finished the first. The distance between the two Hospitals is several miles.


      Go by that ‘Green’ alternative solution for everything – the bus?

      How many buses will that take? And how long?

      And what shape will you be in on arrival for an up to an hour long operation?

      North Middlesex Hospital is closer to its one time stable mate (are they still linked?), St Annes in Tottenham. Let’s say you are an administrator for the group. You are based at North Mid but are scheduled to attend a meeting (it’s what administrators do) at St Annes.


      While you cover the couple of miles, you are not working. OK, you may be able to make phone calls in this day and age of constant connectivity, street noise withstanding, but work efficiently? (Yeah, I know, it’s not what hospital administrators do) I don’t think so.


  9. Darcy3 says:

    Yes I agree and to add: I cringe when I hear the word “vibrant” used in a community sense.

    From experience it generally means overcrowded, full of immigrants of a dusky nature with their “shops” spilling over the pavement into the roads, crime ridden with street crime a main factor and jammed with traffic and cars parked on pavements everywhere, check Bury Park Road in Luton for a prime example of vibrancy.

    Bring your passport with you,

    and a phrase book will help if you need directions or want to do a little shopping.



    • Scroblene says:

      I used to quite like Luton in the sixties.

      My uncle worked at Vauxhall all his life and enjoyed a successful trade sales career, and also liked the short drive from near Hitchin and back. He was a wonderful man, and a few years before he went off to the other car-maker in the sky, quite a few years ago, he told me that ‘The place has changed dramatically, nobody enjoys living or working there any more. The company isn’t the same’.

      Dear old towns just die under circumstances, but I wouldn’t go back there now.


  10. Darcy3 says:


    • Darcy3 says:

      An invasion from Pakistan with flags flying


      • Scroblene says:

        And to think that I still have in front of me, a football programme from when my uncle took me to see Luton Town play Reading on 3rd April, 1965…

        They were Div 2 then, and McKechnie was in his element with 31 appearances and joint top scorer with eight goals.

        Y’see, the news here is much better than our failing national broadcaster, and much more interesting!


        • brexiteerkent says:

          Looking at the actual YouTube link it seems that video is 11 years ago and not recent ..

          On the one hand at least it was pre covid ( unlike last weekend’s huge Muslim march in London)

          On the other hand, if that was 11 years ago, I wonder what it is like in Luton now with all the additional immigration and breeding since then 🙁

          Also .. I just thought, being a YouTube channel holder myself, .. The owner of the channel might decide to look at his ‘ analytics’ page to see where his views are coming from and it might lead him and his friends to this site … Not that I am against free speech from all sides of course !


  11. digg says:

    It would seem that even the UK’s own Security outfit is infected with wokeism and trying to change th narrative…

    The new head of MI5, Ken McCallum has warned that violent right-wing extremism is now a major threat facing the country, with more than a quarter of serious terrorist attacks stopped in the final stages linked to neo-fascist and racist groups.


    So we can stop worrying about people getting blown to Kingdom come or decapitated by Islamist terrorists it seems. much more worrying is youngsters posting support messages for Trump from their bedrooms!

    Does anyone remember the last time anyone lost their life to a “Right wing extremist” in the UK?

    Me neither!

    In my opinion, the greatest threat to the future of the West is the insidious spread of this Marxist mantra seeping trough all of our institutions, up to now it has been mainly from academia & news outlets but it has now obviously got a hold in the very Government institutions that are in place to protect us all.

    One way or another the spin being spread by these people will need to be challenged in due course and the best way will be the ballot box.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Presumably Ken is after a gong …… judging by the way his outfit has failed to disable eco and race threats and bio attacks it’s full of them already ….


      • theisland says:

        Yes, MI5 and others have been ‘shaped’ by Common Purpose etc. and have been in cahoots for decades.


  12. Darcy3 says:

    Check above for one of the greatest threats, their ghettoism ensures votes go their way

    which is why we have such a vibrant London Mayor


  13. Doobster78 says:

    Just checked Sopel , Zurcher and katty’s twitter feeds … not a PEEP about this huge story !!!

    We can all imagine if it was the other way round of course !!!

    However, they are spending our money tweeting these

    Zurcher retweed whats the most important to him

    and Jon busy aswell on this major news



    • Guest Who says:

      BBC BS are an expensive, bad embarrassment.

      And the rest are exactly the same here.


      • Guest Who says:

        Guido poking stick.


        • Guest Who says:

          And stirring.


          • Guest Who says:

            Running dual tracks inevitably results in a collision.

            By so blatantly running black and white reports according to ideology, with propaganda for ideological fellows and attacking foes, or censoring what does not suit, eventually they merge and the collision is messy.

            The truth will be shades of grey, but the MSM has ensured that it has been obscured and corrupted so much no one trusts anything.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Looks like the daily Mail is to become the retirement home for BBC droid royalty – John £600kpa Humphries and now the panto dame Jennifer Murray – free to opine lefty sick as done on the taxpayers ‘ licence
    – some nonsense about a kid who got a sex change on the NHS but now changed its ‘ mind – taxpayers funding a screw up – she of course favours it …….

    I might have got me facts wrong cos I won’t read the full online piece or by that dire paper ….


    • Guest Who says:

      The Fail or Classic FM, which beyond the risible Global News is almost unlistenable.

      I love music wherever I roam and have noticed as I move from room to room and switch the radio on the odds of getting any in favour of endless dire ads is slim.

      Clearly desperate for funds to pay their sleb djs, who I could care less about.

      In fact Anne Marie M and John Brunning have much better delivery. Alexander Armstrong was ok but is in love with his own voice, and after the idiotic virtue signal effort is hard to tolerate.

      May have to get a Walkman.


  15. AsISeeIt says:

    Good news! The FT this morning leads with: ‘Austerity not inevitable to restore public finances to health, says IMF’ – might be worth quoting a little further from this sudden ray of sunshine, brightening the dark cloud under which we’ve been labouring for a long time now and which, frankly, seems to contradict common sense:- ’Most advanced economies that can borrow freely will not need to plan for austerity to restore the health of their public finances after the coronavirus pandemic, the IMF has said in a reversal of its advice of a decade ago’ – in other words and in the style of the late great Bob Marley: “Don’t worry ‘bout a ting, ’cause every little ting gonna be all right’
    As you can tell my first reaction, to set this headline in my mind to the relaxed vibes of reggae, was to question what exactly it was the IMF had been smoking? My next thought was to wonder who in the world had all this disposable cash to lend to the soon to be deeply borasic western economies? And then the somewhat conspiratorial question of how it might be that the IMF when doing their numbers could calculate how long it will be before the pandemic – if that’s what it is we are tackling – will end. That’s quite some crystal ball they must have. Perhaps they could let us into the secret? Next March, June, July? Or maybe the IMF judge Coronovirus will be over by September 2021 – enlighten us please, that would be quite a headline.
    No, forget all that, I simply guess the IMF think us plebs must be so laid back on the Jamaican ready rubbed as to accept such tosh.

    The Express reckons (‘…experts said yesterday…’) : ‘Jobs crisis: It won’t be as bad as feared’ – depends how bad one feared?

    More to the point the Telegraph reveals: ‘Young can’t afford to shop warns Asos boss …swathes of its young customers may be unable to afford fast fashion as Covid wrecks the fortunes of a generation’
    Never mind. The Telegraph has good news for the youth: ‘No prosecution for teens with hard drugs’ – seems the cops think this is a wizard wheeze with which to counter the so-called county lines drug trade. Well, it’s one way to counter crime – legalise it… we’ll advertise it.
    Here at last we have the divide in opinion. The Telegraph goes with the not so sunny outlook Chancellor: ‘Sunak: New lockdown would inflict terrible harm’ and the Mail urges us to wake up to: ‘The proof lockdown tears the heart out of Britain’
    The Mirror imagines readers are still interested in: ‘Schofield: my torment’ with a pic of this chap’s famous pre-corona screen hug: ‘Pals, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby… hugs when he reveals he is gay’ – the Mirror’s crafty use of the present tense can’t help but belie the fact this is an old gay story: ‘New book bombshell’ gives the game away.
    The ‘i’ exposes: ‘Exclusive. 60% pay rise for BBC chair to attract stronger candidates’ – well, I’ve checked my diary and I’m available.
    The ‘i’ seems to have a penchant for percentages this morning as it urges: ‘Give young people 20% off healthy food’ – or so says Jamie Oliver. Perhaps he’s concerned footballer Marcus Rashford is stealing his grub for kids gig. The Mirror front page meanwhile advertises lower prices at Tesco for Pepsi and Doritos – each in large multi packs.


  16. Darcy3 says:

    Maybe bbbc could “fact check” if the virus is racist or certain sectors in our midst do not give a flying f’@@ about our laws

    Chances of that ? nil


    • Doobster78 says:

      Imagine plod were out in force and heavy handed (NOT) !!!

      BBC, SKY , Piers Morgan all shouting about the idiots not social distancing like they did about the anti lockdown protest ???? Again, thought not !!!

      it could be seen as one rule for one and one for another !!!!!

      Surely the BBC, Met Police and all these celebs wouldn’t want that !!!!


    • tarien says:

      Oh excuse me where did you say this gathering was, Oxford Street, London-goodness I was convinced it was in a Middle Eastern Country. This photo tells me that very soon our once brave country filled with indigenous white people will soon find themsleves a minority and their great Parliament of Westminster a Mosque. No real attempt to avert such a happening is apparent-the BBC et al and its propaganda support programme is forging ahead-the next Chairman of this extreme duplicitous organisation might be a follow of Islam.


  17. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “We are not staying open for financial gain but more for our members mental and physical well-being.”


    Beyond the FB sub poofing, this story is a perfect Bbc mix of quote and blatant one degree of separation PR.


    • Guest Who says:

      Poofing your heroes’ words can be overwhelming.


      • Guest Who says:

        The Perils of Katya Pitstop.

        And how reporting works.


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Mickey Deacon – in the telegraph – questions the police investigation into David Starkey . He says it is not in the public interest .

    I disagree – I think it is in the public interest – to show the public how political and interventionalist the plod have become in the woke age .

    Incredibly – the need for an investigation is now being investigated … so add that to the taxpayer bill . An foi would be useful to cost how much this madness is really costing – apparently include an ‘advice ‘ from the CPS – more cash .

    So the next time you hear a £200k a year police chief moaning about resources – just say ‘no’….


    • StewGreen says:

      Someone will die in a London stabbing within a few days.
      If the police were allocating their resources properly maybe they wouldn’t.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I dont bother reporting of Londonistan shootings and stabbings here any more but i keep an eye for transport purposes – the euphemism is ‘ police incident ‘

        This mainly means one third worlder ending the life of another third worlder – all promising footballers …


  19. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “I’ve waited longer for a bus than I have ever waited to vote.”

    While long lines are expected in the US, people around the world are shocked at how long voters must wait in queue.


    Shocked, they tell you! Shocked!

    Another BBC editted Vox pop quote, now propelled to not just speaking for the nation, but the world. Well, this mystery bbc entity, ‘people’.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC

    For those who suffer 14 day house arrests after coming back from somewhere with a lower R rate than the UK – they are reducing the house arrest to 7 days – but you have to get a covid test -privately – which I think costs over £100…..


    • Guest Who says:


      On bbc?



  21. Fedup2 says:

    From Uk press gazette – news sources on twitter by popularity



    • Guest Who says:

      The incestuous RT factor linking the bbc with them all is striking.

      Oh, and…


  22. Guest Who says:

    Let’s play a game.

    Which is The American BS team more likely to RT?

    Impartially, of course.


  23. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Welsh Windbag and Son of Welsh Windbag, you have a rival

    I had the immense joy – not, in the hour that I listened from 6.35 a.m. on, of hearing Ian Blackford MP (SNP) interviewed by Nick Robinson. That man can talk.

    And talk.

    And talk.

    I’m reminded of something my mother used to say to us children “Empty vessels make the most noise.” Even Nick’s interrogation skills could not extract a coherent policy from Blackford’s brain.


  24. Guest Who says:


    BBC’s alarmist and biased [enter topic here]


  25. digg says:

    Off topic but…. I am getting totally sick of outfits like Banks, Building Societies and etc telling me how to improve my life, it seems to be a growing thing….For instance my latest Bank email is trying to teach me (in order)…

    1. How to save money by using left-over food….(!)

    2. How to quit smoking… (I don’t!)

    3. How to get fitter by taking my dog for a walk (I don’t have a dog!)

    ….and finally..

    4. How to give my bank some more money for extra insurance….

    ..I say Just stop pretending to help when just trying to sell me stuff, stop pretending you are caring, disguising what you are really after and get off my back!


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      Wish they would f*ck off with all their crap and make sure there was:
      1. Someone to answer the phone.
      2. Improve the ratio of tellers;admin – go into bank, 1 teller, huge queue, 3 staff interrogating queue. Asking woman in 80’s if she could ‘go online’ and 12 year old boy to use automated pay in.
      Get behind the counter and serve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • popeye says:

      Years ago the Telegraph’s Economics Editor gave us Hutber’s Law; Improvement means Deterioration. When an organisation says it is improving services it invariably mean that services are reduced – the benefit is always for the organisation. I still remember that 40 years later and it is as true today as it was then


  26. Guest Who says:

    BBC Moaning email triple whammy…

    Families ‘face destitution’

    With the prospect of increased restrictions comes additional concern for businesses and their employees. The government promises to pay two-thirds of wages from 1 November for workers at firms forced to close under tougher Covid restrictions, saying its priority is to protect jobs and incomes. However, the government’s former homelessness adviser says this support – a reduction from the current furlough scheme which sees workers able to claim up to 80% of monthly pay up to £2,500 – will not “cut it”. Dame Louise Casey warns: “We are looking at a period of destitution. Do we want to go back to the days where people can’t put shoes on the children’s feet?” Our political editor Laura Kuenssberg says ministers may find her “haunting” message hard to ignore.

    More ‘quotes’, “quotes” and Laura, who says.

    Rashford presses again over free meals

    Ministers face fresh pressure from Marcus Rashford, the England footballer whose campaign prompted a Westminster government U-turn over the provision of free meals over the summer holidays, securing him an MBE in the process. Now he’s calling for a further expansion in holiday provision and free school meals to be available for every child from a household on Universal Credit or equivalent. This would mean meals reaching an additional 1.5 million children aged seven to 16 across England, his campaign said. Many children are “back in school, struggling to concentrate due to worry and the sound of their rumbling stomachs”, he argues. The UK government says its “substantial action” has already included extending free school meals, providing £9.3bn in additional welfare support and funding councils’ emergency assistance to families.?

    Oo… more ‘pressure’, from a rich footyballist. With shoes.

    His Lewis Hamilton collection will be awesome no doubt.

    And finally…. Underpanties Man!!!! Not Ben Hunte?

    The gay MPs persecuted for opposing Nazi appeasement

    In his book, The Glamour Boys: The Secret Story of the Rebels who Fought for Britain to Defeat Hitler, Labour MP Chris Bryant tells of a group of gay or bisexual MPs whose opposition to appeasement exposed them to persecution. Mr Bryant became fascinated by their stories when researching for a book on the history of Parliament.

    “Every sentence I read about Jack Macnamara was intriguing,” he says of the Conservative MP for Chelmsford 1935-1944. “His researcher was Guy Burgess [later uncovered as a Soviet spy], he went on sex trips to Nazi Germany and he ended up being a colonel in the London Irish Rifles. “Who’s not going to be intrigued by that?”

    Read full analysis >

    Kate Whannel
    BBC News

    Who would not be lured by further ‘ysis’ flannel from Whannel?


    • tarien says:

      Plenty of Trillionaires roaming around that could easily provide a £billion or two to support the present dangerous situation-not many philanthropist’s coming forward in a way to thank those that gave them the opportunities; as those people of by gone years did once.


  27. Guest Who says:

    OT but…

    Telegraph Media Group has appointed Olivia Rudgard as environment correspondent. Olivia will be covering climate change, conservation, biodiversity, innovation, policy and stories of how humans are helping and hurting the planet. She was previously US tech reporter in the Silicon Valley for the Telegraph.

    So, full of Google, twitter, FB joy then?


  28. Doobster78 says:

    But the BBC keep banging the drum for full Lockdown … which will inevitably mean , job losses, repossessions , economic disaster with business’s shutting down etc etc etc

    They have a complete inability to put 2 + 2 together have the BBC


    • Guest Who says:

      The entire MSM in a nutshell.

      They will pass on anything… anything…. quote, Vox pop, ‘research’, expert, scientists saying, pure pr…. one minute if it serves the narrative, and then the next something utterly contradictory, if it serves the narrative.

      And in the case of the bbc, are funded by compulsion to do it in the name of the British public.


    • StewGreen says:

      It’s OK to consider whether some are KGB or PLA operatives.


  29. LastChanceSaloon says:


    BBC/NEWS/US Election/Joe Biden

    #1 “How is Donald Trump doing in the polls?”
    [The BBC section, ostensibly about Biden, is a Trump hatchet job.]

    #2 “The emails released yesterday by the New York Post, demonstrating the mendacity and corruption of the Democratic Party Presidential candidate, are expected to result in Donald Trump being re-elected”
    [Quotation by LCS. Currently I can find no mention of the Emails on the BBC! Quelle surprise!]


  30. Doobster78 says:

    Economic suicide / madness. Just madness.


  31. Guest Who says:

    Shine the signal Boris!


    • StewGreen says:

      Duh if you’ve done 3 days out of 4.5 days filming
      then it makes sense to get a dispensation to do the final 1.5 days
      instead of causing the extra cost and risk of coming back another time.


  32. theisland says:


    “Army is forced to halt live shooting exercise after migrants crossing the Channel in a speedboat land on MoD firing range in Kent in the middle of target practice”

    Comments on a postcard to PritiUseless or her clandestine commander.


  33. StewGreen says:

    Big wind generation problem today
    .. and Boris’s Blue Socialist party plan evermore of these random intermittent electricity generators.


  34. StewGreen says:

    FooC : Greek Island refugee centres have been destroyed by fire started by the illegals themselves
    but who’s fault is it really ?
    ..”The far right”
    … ‘To stop being embarrassed by the far right, EU governments have resisted more illegal migrants, and as a result this has caused thes built up on Greek Islands.’


  35. Doobster78 says:

    Markets live …. pricing in another needless economy wrecking lockdown.

    FTSE 100FTSE 100 London

    FTSE 250


    • Up2snuff says:

      Doobs, think the share and currency markets were pricing in another needless delay and unnecessary kowtowing of our PM to the EU leaders and negotiators.

      There’s no doubt that the business world wants to get on with it.

      No deal.

      No deal ends the uncertainty. But the BBC will not be telling you that any time soon.


  36. Guest Who says:

    The ‘Media Masters’ podcast is usually a cycle of Beeboids and ex beeboids.

    Well, hey… they have decided to really mix things up! Like… wow!


    Robert Wolf
    Entrepreneur & Board Member, Obama Foundation

    Robert Wolf is an entrepreneur, investor and board member of the Obama Foundation. Known to many as ‘the Dem on Fox,’ he is a regular contributor on Fox News and Fox Business, challenging Republicans and arguing the Democrats’ position. Starting out as a “brash punky-type kid,” in a meteoric career on Wall Street he spent a decade at Salomon Brothers, before 18 years at UBS saw him rise through the ranks, ending up as Chairman and CEO of UBS Americas. In 2009, President Obama appointed him as economic advisor, tasked with focussing on job creation, economic recovery and US exports. In this in-depth interview – and with the Presidential election just weeks away – he discusses the prospects of a Biden victory, the commotion of the campaign so far and addresses fears that Trump will not leave the White House without a fight; reflects on his efforts to guide President Obama through the precarious economic circumstances following the global recession of 2008; and shares anecdotes of time spent with the Obama and Biden families – golfing with the President, his long friendship with VP Biden – and considers whether former First Lady Michelle Obama would (or should) run for election.


    Whaddya reckon… will American Booty be promoting?

    Ya think?


  37. theisland says:

    Tucker on the Hunter Biden Burisma Ukraine Buisness Dealings

    Watch here


  38. theisland says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      I dont know who ben habib is – but not that wise… there are dates and lies and leaks and promis and public and private comments ….. in

      Negotiations …

      But im worried that theyll land up doing one of those ‘ clock stopping ‘ tricks on 31 december pushing deal / no deal into january 2021 .

      I hope the navy is being prepared to enforce UK rights on the seas but somehow theyll be busy elsewhere …


  39. StewGreen says:

    BBC the home of fake-divereity

    3pm Does Clare Balding give a platform for some unknown from the provinces ?
    Nope “Clare Balding walks with Anita Rani”
    ..yep her London BBC mate

    Last week Adam Rutherford used his Radio4 science show
    to interview a guy about his new book
    who ?
    Jim Al Khalili from the other Radio4 science show.


  40. Up2snuff says:

    Snuffy has been updated and fears that you have been misled by a recent post of mine. My apologies. Where is our resident super-troll, maxi, to do something useful in the Corrections and Clarifications Dept. when needed?

    Apparently the BBC Trust was brought to an end in 2017. I obviously was not paying attention. In its place is the BBC Board. It is this for which the position of Chair, previously occupied by David Clementi, is vacant.

    The news that the post of Chair may be receiving a 60% pay increase caught my attention. 60%! Incredible.

    How do I apply?


    • LastChanceSaloon says:


      60% pay rise, nice work if you can get it.
      And you can get it if you are a socialist drone.

      “The workers, united, will never be defeated”.
      So sing all the thought-free lefty thickos whenever possible.

      Historically, “The workers, united, have always been defeated”
      Defeated by the “Intellectuals” who rule over them.

      “Intellectuals” like Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky. “Intellectuals” who, shortly after the revolution were luxuriously ensconced in the same dachas formerly occupied by the Romanovs or the Russian Nobility.
      Complete with chefs, gardeners, chauffeurs, doctors et al.

      The same “Intellectuals” who, during the Civil War, lived on Michelin starred food, while millions died of starvation.

      The same “Intellectuals” who, after the Civil War, also had palatial homes on the Black Sea.
      It is a tough job being a Communist mass murderer.

      The same “Intellectuals” who hid safely in the rear whenever war broke out, which was frequently.
      During which Communist wars the workers were treated as cannon fodder and only united by being killed in their tens of millions.

      You cannot help stupid.


      • Up2snuff says:

        LCS: “60% pay rise, nice work if you can get it.
        And you can get it if you are a socialist drone.”

        I knew there would be a catch.



  41. Doobster78 says:

    This is guaranteed to be vomit inducing !!!!


    • Up2snuff says:

      The Rule of Sick applies to Greta, too?

      B ll ‘ ll eugghh hhhh!


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:


        ‘I Am Greta: The coming of age movie wrapped up in a super-hero flick’

        Someone told me she’s turned 19 now, and I think her days of fame are numbered, bit of a one trick pony I’m afraid, and we all know what happens to them when they’re no longer cute.

        “But you can’t help but feel anxious for her future. ” emotes Justin Rowlett, rather disingenuously. Yes, indeed, I think it’s a dreadful thing to do to a child (especially one who is clearly not very well balanced and has severe Aspergers)… I blame the parents (and the BBC, obviously).

        As an aside, I can’t help thinking that a ‘pet pony’ must produce rather a lot of CO2, and isn’t exactly a necessity for life? Maybe there’s hope for young Greta yet.


    • richard D says:

      I suspect that, if the programme is focussed on her actual knowledge of the issue…..as opposed to shouty-shouty condemnation of everyone who doesn’t believe what she believes (although she’s very careful never to reveal what she believes except in the most general of terms, so she can’t be brought to account for any factualité in what she says sorry, shouts)……then it could be a very brief programme indeed.


  42. Ed Hitter says:

    Edinburgh professor reveals how biased BBC deliberately sets out to smear its victims….


    • R P McMurphy says:

      I have heard on good authority the same about it’s bias reporting on Israel. Never to show the country in a good light.


  43. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1

    and, previously,


    Isn’t it amazing. All these jet packs and drones seen from cockpits of passenger airlines and all these clever cockpit crew never think to use a digital camera or their phone to capture an image of said jet-pack flier or drone. All the incidents in all the world and you have to stumble on blind.

    In this latest incident, the crew would have been ‘on finals’ and in balmy weather – sufficiently calm to fly a jet pack – I would have thought the aircraft would have been on auto-pilot and could have taken a photo. Any commercial flyers out there, please do correct me if I’m wrong about that autopilot thing.


  44. BigBrotherCorporation says:


    ‘Libya detains notorious people smuggler Abd al-Rahman al-Milad’

    Indeed… does anyone else find the wording of this article rather… err… misleading, or in fact, totally and utterly illegible?

    al-Milad doesn’t sound so much a ‘notorious people smuggler’, as a ‘notorious coast guard, trying to stop people smugglers’ to me… or, have I read it wrong? Like I was saying, utterly illegible, but is that deliberate?….


  45. andyjsnape says:

    The bBC has a Disinformation & Social Media Editor 🙂

    “Disinformation” surely the title is wrong

    I’ve renamed the job title to Information & Social Media Editor

    Kettle black


  46. s.trubble says:

    The bBC “Savile” documentary……..it will be very interesting to see if his numerous visits to Celtic FC will be included in the show!

    bBC Scotland and the SNP will be looking on with interest in their roles as 2 of the 3 monkeys………see no evil…….and hear no evil…


  47. fakenewswatcher says:

    Needless to say, nothing on the beeb about Senekal.
    Where or what is it?
    A small town in rural South Africa, which could tomorrow be the setting of a big story.
    We have to hope it is a peaceful one, but regrettably, explosive ingredients look like they’re going into the mix.
    The SA farmers on the one hand; the violent EFF -modelled on Mugabe’s ZANU, on the other.
    Senekal was the scene of an exceptionally brutal torture and murder of 21 yr old farm manager, Brendin Horner, merely the latest in a long string of such outrages, recently.
    The farmers will be there to protest about the lack of action by the SA government on this issue. The EFF will be there to provoke and/or kill a few whites, as per their much sung slogan “Kill the boer, kill the farmer!”
    The MSM will be there to ensure that, no matter what happens, it can come away with a story about aggressive white racists. The EFF may be murderous, but they’re not stupid, so helping the media to get their story will be part of their plan.
    There are also black farmers and farmworkers involved, so this is by no means a purely racial matter. It is, in the first instance, about the old commie strategy of driving farmers from their land.
    The ANC government has been making soothing noises, but the boundary between the ANC and the EFF is not as clear as it might seem. It will presumably be in Senekal, along with the police and the military. A recent pronouncement from a cabinet minister that farmers should not be surprised if they get hurt, does not inspire confidence.
    Anyway, who knew?


  48. Fedup2 says:

    Twitter is on fire over the coming BBC production on Jimmy Savile

    What will it be ? Drama ? Musical ? Motion pocture ?

    Who play Jimmy ? Isris ? Sir Lenny? Dom west ? Mr Fox?

    Have hours of sick fun dwelling over a BBC failure now beconing ‘entertainment ‘


    • Guest Who says:

      Clearly Nish.

      And given the comedic potential this represents, all others played by the best the BBC has to offer… Frankie, Champion, Amol, Emily (as her older self), Owen (no change), Groper in a walk-on part, hands in pockets (not his own)…. YAB as Hugs: ‘I’m off, I tell you… OFF!!!!’.

      And Nicky Campbell in a cameo, where he is seen alone in a champagne bottle-strewn corridor looking to camera whispering “I wasn’t there”.


  49. Guest Who says:

    Now, who will RT this gem out of Jon, Nick, Katty and Lurcho?


    She makes Bercow seem like Betty Boothroyd.


  50. Doobster78 says:

    Nice one ma’am !!