484 Responses to Midweek Thread 25 November 2020

  1. Peter Sausages says:

    First, first time ever!!


    • Scroblene says:

      Hot Doggetty – it could have been wurst if you’d been furter down the list!

      But congratulations, you made it by the skin of your teeth!


  2. taffman says:

    Well done Sir!


  3. vlad says:

    I don’t know if this is real or not.

    If it is, she’s either got real dirt on Biden or she’s barking mad. After all the build-up, if she can’t deliver in court, her career’s in tatters and SHE could be facing time behind bars.

    If it’s just bluff and psy-ops, it’s very high stakes.

    Either way it’s funny.


    • JimS says:

      I think the ‘laptop’ evidence should be enough to impeach a ‘President’ Biden alone, but that would pave the way for his running mate.

      What a pair. When asked ‘tough’ questions one says “come on man!” and the other cackles and flutters her eyelashes. Meanwhile Jon Sopel wets his pants with pleasure.


      • Doublethinker says:

        Biden won’t be impeached if the Dems hold either the House of Reps or the Senate. What we are seeing in the US is the power of the elite to ignore the democratically expressed choice of the people. It’s just the same as in Brexit, or in those countries which voted against changes to the EU constitution but had them imposed on them.
        So what is happening in the US isn’t new it’s just a more brazen abuse of power and surely confirms to anyone who still had lingering thoughts that they lived in democracies , that they certainly do not.
        The West clearly lives under a state funded oligarchy where around 10% of the population, politicians at all levels of government , billionaire globalist business men, civil servants , charity bosses , academics etc run the show to feather their own nests regardless of what the other 90% want or think. The billionaires are the ones sitting at the top of the pile, what they say goes.
        We live in the post democratic world and democracy is dead. Biden’s inauguration will be its last rights.


    • NCBBC says:

      Yes Vlad, praying for Pres Trump and for the USA. If the Dems win, they will turn America to a socialist state. Its the dying vengeance of the USSR.

      Too, the Great Fraud of the century, Climate Change, will be back.


  4. taffman says:

    “US election 2020: ‘America is back’, says Biden as he unveils team”
    Back where ?
    What ever happened to “Make America Great”?


  5. taffman says:

    “Benefit scams worth £1bn foiled during lockdown”
    What about the scams that have not been foiled ?


  6. taffman says:

    “Government set to pass new laws to cut UK overseas aid budget”
    Why do we need “laws” to cut UK overseas expenditure ?
    Bad laws that need abolishing . “Charity begins at home” .


    • JimS says:

      “Why do we need “laws” to cut UK overseas expenditure ?”

      Because in recent years governments have created a fad of putting policy targets into law.

      A government that carries out its policy declarations doesn’t need to do this. All it does is remove the ability to be flexible in the face of unforseen events and to give its opponents plenty of weapons for ‘lawfare’.

      Imagine if Chamberlain had declared ‘peace in our time’ by putting through a ‘German Peace Act 1939’. Not only would we have been fighting the Germans but a whole pack of expensive lawyers declaring that it was illegal to defend ourselves.

      As for foreign aid:

      The Labour Government introduced the Draft International Development (ODA Target) Bill in the 2009-10 session of the last Parliament, which would write the 0.7% by 2013 target into UK law, and require this to be the minimum level of future aid spending.

      While such legislation could hold a future government to account and act as a restraint on breaking the 0.7% limit, punitive measures for missing the target are unlikely, and an International Development Select Committee report recommended measures to strengthen accountability and consideration of making all – not just DFID – aid focused on poverty reduction.

      Thus another reason is to attempt to tie the hands of future parliaments, something that breaks parliamentary tradition and democracy. What is the point of voting in a different government if it is bound by law to act in the same way? (This of course is why they love the EU and the ‘New Normal’).


      • Nibor says:

        They Powers That Be like the two old ex Prime Ministers are blackmailing the British public saying give over the money or third worlders will break into your country .
        The trouble is , they are breaking into our country , those that arent taxied here by our Border Farce anyway .
        If the PTB are really worried about immigration then cut the aid budget , spend it on a proper border force , cut all benefits to illegals , deport all illegals .
        There , sorted .


  7. Deborah says:

    I switched over at the end of Miss Marple with the excellent Joan Hickson on Drama to see the tail end of the 10pm news on BBC1. I feel sorry for those people who have bought flats where the cost of removing the cladding is prohibitive. We weren’t told the political makeup of the parliamentary committee recommending that the government (or as I prefer to say, us the tax payers) pay for it all, but I assume Labour has a strong input.

    But the BBC gets to interview a couple in Salford who have been affected . To be fair we weren’t told they were a couple but it seemed very obvious. At the end of the interview the couple, the two men, walked away from the camera with their two dachshunds on leads. So predictable of the BBC to chose this couple but I still find the idea of two pet dogs in a flat without a garden pretty horrible.


  8. Rich says:

    The TaxPayers’ Alliance are on the bBbc case, highlighting once again their continued largesse and entitled profligacy.


    Nice to see the Radio1 DJ and painfully-pc-pseudo-prick Greg James, son-in-law of ex-Guardian Editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger, get a dishonourable mention.


  9. taffman says:

    \\Christmas Covid rules ‘not an instruction to meet up’//
    To Meet or not to meet ?
    Comments could be going better.


  10. taffman says:

    “US doesn’t want guarded border on Ireland – Biden”
    Guarded ?
    Who is guarding it ?


  11. Darcy3 says:

    Here we go, an unelected Paddy Mc Biden is off already, with a stick of semtex in the back pocket of his baggy trousers, handing a cloth cap around the senate for a collection ( for “da boys, you know)

    Humming “the fighting men of Crossmaglen” with a tear in the corner of his eye.

    “President-elect Joe Biden wades back into Brexit row demanding there must be ‘no guarded border’ on the island of Ireland

    Joe Biden stressed the importance of protecting Northern Ireland’s peace deal
    Boris Johnson is seeking trade deal with the EU but is willing to leave without one
    It could complicate the situation at sensitive Northern Irish border with Ireland
    Mr Biden told journalists in Wilmington, Delaware, that the border must be open”



    • JimS says:


      The Irish government introduces armed guards on the border. Sixth generation ‘Irishman’ Biden doesn’t notice.


  12. Darcy3 says:

    “On Ireland and Israel, Joe Biden’s foreign policy belongs to a past era”



  13. Darcy3 says:


    With unprecedented focus on US President Elect Joe Biden’s Irish roots, we republish an exclusive we first carried last month.

    A letter written by Joe Biden — and published here for the first time — in the midst of British efforts to extradite a leading IRA man from the US has thrown fresh light on the Presidential candidate’s favourable disposition to Irish nationalism.

    Speaking to Belfastmedia.com this week, Joe Doherty said he recalled Senator Biden as the lead opponent of moves to amend the extradition treaty to enable him to be handed over to the British.


  14. Darcy3 says:

    The real face of woke…… again…


    BBC fat cats splurged £300k on lavish hotels and luxury flights: As the over-75s are forced to pay for licences, TV chiefs’ high life on expenses is revealed

    Three dozen BBC bosses claimed more than £300,000 in expenses last year
    Extravagant spending includes £120,000 on foreign travel and £18,400 on taxis
    Drama head Piers Wenger fifth highest spender claiming £6,597 return LA flight


  15. Darcy3 says:

    Foreign junkets galore: Cash-strapped council lavished a fortune on overseas jaunts including business class travel to China and five-star stays in Morocco

    Town hall bosses spent £90,000 of public money on trips abroad last year
    Councils need an extra £10billion to plug the funding gap and improve services
    Tory MP Ben Bradley hit out at the ‘hypocrisy’ of council bosses for the ‘jollies’



  16. Darcy3 says:

    “t comes after the Local Government Association said councils need an extra £10billion to plug the funding gap and improve services.

    Responses to Freedom of Information requests from 44 councils revealed the public footed the bill of £89,699.85 for overseas trips for officials.

    Because the audit is based on only a fraction of local authorities, the true figure is certain to be much higher.”

    Scream and shout and hurl abuse at the Govt for more taxpayers money and when you get your greedy, profligate, self serving hands on the cash, it’s fun times ahead.

    Five star and business class all the way….


  17. JohnC says:

    BBC headline ‘Trump pardons Thanksgiving Turkey’ – clearly written to infer Trump is an idiot.
    Nearly ignored it as usual, but thought I’d just check another one to confirm it’s another deliberate mis-representation. Sure enough it turns out to be a tradition every president does.
    On it’s own it’s not a big thing – but the intent is far more sinister. It’s a non-stop drip, drip, drip of very deliberate mental conditioning which has been going on for years. We are sleep walking into ‘Brave New World’.


    • Wink1 says:

      I cannot believe how the media have completely controlled the narrative on Biden. All his ‘ unacceptable ‘ touching of young children – in plain sight. His ‘dodgy ‘dealings with Ukraine, which Ukraine are actually looking into now. The fact that he can not answer a question coherently. In fact at a press conference this week he was sarcastic to someone who dared to ask him a question. The fact that in his 47 years of polical life did plenty for his family but nothing for his country. He also used the ‘N’ word as recorded- could you imagine if Trump had used that awful word! Finally I have seen so much evidence of fraud in the recent election- not on MSM – building up against the Democrats but not one journalist has asked him to explain or comment. I just despair !


    • JimS says:

      ” We are sleep walking into ‘Brave New World’.”

      More like frog-marched.

      Raus! Raus! For you Tommy ze var ist offer!


  18. Darcy3 says:

    Does anyone recall the endless spiteful yet joyful twitter and bbc comments about anything Trump may have remarked that was anything less than Presidential?

    see below for the new one (yet to be elected)

    Joe Biden clearly didn’t write the statement on Brexit and borders himself. Left to what remains of his own devices, Biden often rambles like a drunk on a park bench. On the same day that his handlers composed that communique from the virtual Biden, when asked about employment opportunities for veterans, the real Biden had a hot-mike flashback to the Fifties: ‘if you were a quartermaster, you can sure in hell take care runnin’ a, you know, department store, uh, thing, you know, where, in the second floor of the ladies department or whatever, you know what I mean?’

    Biden is not alone in directing his focus to a faraway country of which he knows nothing. Last week, Nancy Pelosi threatened that if the UK undermined the Good Friday Agreement, there would be ‘no chance’ of the House passing a US-UK free-trade deal. On the same day that Biden was ruminating on quartermasters in the ladies’ department, Boris Johnson received this same hard-border message in a letter from three senior Democratic Congressmen and one Republican, the IRA apologist turned Muslim-baiter Peter King.

    All of this is what Biden, a fifth-generation Irish American, would call ‘malarkey’. The Good Friday Agreement is constructively vague about borders. The British and Irish governments agreed only to demilitarisation, and that there should be ‘close co-operation’ on cross-border economic development. It is the European Union threatening to create a hard border in Ireland. Biden, Pelosi and the Congressmen should address their threats not to London, but to Brussels.



  19. Fedup2 says:

    Darcy – the irony is that if Biden gets power – his regime is going to get total support from the MSM whatever they do .

    But by the nature of things something will happen which even the MSM will not support – but switch to neutral / continue to blame President Trump .

    Even more so if biden has the “illness “ every one predicts .

    I can only assume that the MSM will hound President Trump out of office to cover up the sins of the Biden clan and his staff ….

    As for trade – america will want to put its products into our markets – whoever is in charge …


    • Guest Who says:

      What is American BS going to do?

      Not much he can say about outgoing.

      Not much he’ll want to say about incoming.


      • Quiteannoyed says:

        Why would the President bother to engage with these biased people anyway? Will they give him any credit for Operation Warpspeed?


      • G says:

        I would have thought that he, at the least, would have referred to the, ‘Transition Period’ he and china joe will have to go through having ‘conceded’ so the BBC told us in this context.

        Perhaps Jon got it wrong and there was no mention of concession and agreeing a transition process?


  20. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Sackings? Resignations?

    The programme leads this morning with the waste of £10bn (estimated) of public (and National Health Service funds) in the PPE bungling of Department of Health’s Permanent Under-Secretary and the Director of Public Health (England). In the normal BBC way of things, if Matt Hancock had shouted at someone at the DoH or put his hand on the knee of a family friend who was a second or third rank journalist, the BBC would be shrieking for days for the PM to be sacking him or pestering him on air “Will you resign?” or “When are you going to resign?”.

    Today is there any such approach by the BBC to the Permanent Under-Secretary at the Department of Health? Today is there any such approach by the BBC to the Director of Public Health (England)?


    So that will be Knighthoods and Peerages and other Directorships all round then?



  21. Guest Who says:

    Looks like time Franny and Timmeh! Told the QT guys to hire Nish as chair and engage Momentum as audience stackers.

    At this rate BS and Lewis Goodhall could be team captains.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest – i so hope those figures are true . The irony is that the BBCis only concerned about viewing figures when it wants too . It believes it is doing a ‘public service’ – which means 0.7 million friends , family and guardian readers left in a woke anti brexit echo chamber .

      Looking at the comments on twitter those few defending it say the big number was because Nick Griffin was on … maybe he needs to be on every week ( however bad )

      But luckily they are so up themselves they can never have a non woke view any more – powerful contrary voices such as starkey have been ‘ muted ‘…


      • brexiteerkent says:

        I just looked question time up on Twitter and all I see is comments that ‘ only the far right gammons watch it ‘ . Eh ??
        How far to the left could the people on Twitter be if they think qt is ‘ far right’ ??!! ( not that I have watched it for years since it turned into a lefty wokefest )


      • Banania says:

        Nick Griffin acquitted himself far too well, and was never invited back.


  22. dafydd says:

    Listening and watching to various news channels this morning banging on about public sector pay, unbelievable.

    Head teacher came on and said how difficult things had been etc etc, FFS, the average wage of a head teacher is £48,000.

    People in the the private sector are just chuffed to bits at keeping there job, and that includes me.

    I for one am appalled at these greedy bas—ds in the public sector constantly moaning about how sodding difficult things are….They need to smell the coffee and get into the real world.

    Life is not as it should be at the moment and the economy is struggling, don’t these greedy sods in the public sector not realise this, of course not, they are all right Jack…

    People say these people are hero’s, bulls–t, a real hero is someone defending this country in combat all over the world, our armed forces…That’s real stress..!!!!!


    • JamesArthur says:

      This is my ‘trigger’ the public sector staff have in the main benefitted from covid
      Worked from home and had an excuse for poor service..paid off loads personal debt..
      And the relativley few ‘covid’ staff are doing their bloody jobs….that is what they trained for…and most other NHS staff easy time

      And the private sector fund it all…but so many public sector don’t realise that
      Rant over


    • Kaiser says:

      £48,000 you sure, seems awfully low from what I know


  23. AsISeeIt says:

    ‘Covid rules relaxed for Christmas. Three households can meet over five days. Scientists warn festive measures will cost lives’ (so reads this morning’s Times headline).

    Well, that’s put a complete dampener on the festivities. There we were thinking the only Christmas collateral casualty would be the Turkey.

    The Times, in recent times, has become a particularly distasteful rag, despite its historic pretentions. I blame PBSD (Post-Brexit Stress Disorder).

    Of course the newspaper that today portrays Ministers as endangering grandma by being too generous in relaxing the strict plague laws makes it to the number one spot in the BBC’s on-line press line up.

    The Times is not simply on a mission to ruin our Christmas. The Grinch does attempt to cheer its EU-loving readership with some humour: ‘From brat to wurst: Britain in EU sausage war’ – this is an unsourced (un-sauced?) report by Oliver Wright, Times Policy Editor, with all the familiar ‘coulds’ and ‘threatens’ of a classic Project Fear article. Our Oliver scoops up some crumbs from the Brexit negotiation table and cooks them up into a pot-luck hash. ‘The dispute could result in Irish sausages being taken off supermarket shelves…’ His aim here is to reverse the old joke in that vintage Yes Minister Common Market Sausage episode – funny because the gag reflected and exposed to ridicule a reality of decades of european protectionism – and spitefully turn the joke back on Brexiteers. ‘It also has the delicious irony of British trade negotiators telling Brussels that they intend to use the EU’s own rules to exact revenge on European producers’ – Yes Oliver, just as Brussels has exacted revenge on British industries and consumers for forty years.

    The Guardian is shameless, if not particularly precise in its Project Fear headline: ‘UK admits stark risk of big crisis after Brexit’ – I can’t be bothered to read on about this Big Crisis.

    Unfortunately, we’re sticking with the Times for: ‘Billions to help jobless as historic economic rebound predicted’

    To which I will counter with a headline from the FT: ‘Hard-hitting ONS report find Britons understand little about economics’

    The Times puff piece on our debt laden economic outlook has three bylines. I note just one of the three has the title of Economics Editor whilst the two-thirds majority have the word Political in their job title. Enough said.

    To be fair, not all journos are cringing crony-capitalist painfully woke anti-Brexiteers. One brave soul is Suzanne Moore who gives her ‘First interview’ in the Telegraph: ‘I was bullied for saying women should not be silenced’

    Our Suzanne is the former Guardian writer whose fellow guardian-sistas wanted to burn as a witch for failing to tow their latest Trans line. She found herself bullied out of a job because she stood up for free speech, difference of opinon and the rights of actual women.

    Kudos to another female journo unafraid of the wokerati – Dawn Neesom in the Star: ‘Do not let Begum back’

    Meanwhile a feature on the frontpage of the Times has fashion reporter Anna Murphy: ‘Over 50 and flaunting it’

    I’m going a little autobiographical here. I feel as though I grew up in a transitional period. Whilst I was at school first marbles and then conckers were banned in the playground. My mind turns to this early seeding of the notion of paternalistic (maternalistic?) official health and safety culture, prompted by a couple of rather headmasterly (headmistressy?) annoucements in the Telegraph: ‘Teenagers prohibited from using airguns’ and ‘Councils awarded new powers to close shops’

    And finally: ‘Police to investigate bushtucker TV stunts’ (Guardian), because, as the Sun explains: ‘Welsh cops probe invasion of the Celeb cockroachs… non-native I’m A Celebrity bugs are invading Wales’

    Well, the closing mic drop gag is obvious – best of luck to the plod with finding those cockroaches, our police do bugger all to investigate non-native people invading Britain.


    • JimS says:

      Aren’t all squirrels squirrels? Aren’t all beetles beetles? Aren’t all weeds weeds?

      Open the borders! Let them in!

      And if a lion should chew George Monbiot’s head off, so be it.


  24. Guest Who says:

    Maybe Laura can ‘quote’ Beff quoting someone quoting a source?



  25. Fedup2 says:

    Im sure the BBC will be trumpeting the Free Trade Agreement just made with Kenya . Strengthening alternative sources of food and building such economies is better than foreign aid give aways – which have to be crushed …


  26. Guest Who says:

    BREAKING: Down

    Does the bbc have a Lunatics In Publishing Editor yet? Or is that covered by Amol’s cousin Mountie Rajan?


  27. AsISeeIt says:

    Telegraph: “Car crashes into gate of Angela Merkel’s office in Berlin”

    Mrs Merkel was scheduled to be hosting a video conference of German state premiers on Wednesday morning, at which an extension to the lockdown and further steps to combat the coronavirus pandemic were due to be discussed.

    This car, was it a BMW, a Merc or a Trabant, we wonder?


  28. Guest Who says:

    Ms. Spring pitching for Laura or even Lewis territory already.

    This is not fact check reporting, Toenails best watch his back.


    • Van Helsing says:

      The BBC do pick ’em, don’t they?

      Still, I don’t contribute to their salaries.


    • JamesArthur says:

      I hate it when NHS staff preface statements with frontline.
      Suspect it means they are not 🙂
      But what the fook relevance is this story…so a family falling out over a subject…grow up BBC…


    • kingkp says:

      Just how stupid do these frauds think we are? This is getting very dangerous. Why would you need an untested mRNA vaccine for a virus that doesn’t exist? Even Pfizer et al admit the trials have not even been set up to prove the vaccine can a) prevent infection b) prevent transmission.
      Isn’t it funny how you have never heard anyone talk about how the virus was isolated and the experiments that have been carried out to prove how ‘deadly’ it is? I’ve met no one over the last year who has even been ill let alone die from anything. Strange for a ‘deadly’ pandemic.

      Here’s convincing evidence it is a total fraud , a trojan horse to accelerate the implementation of Agenda 21, aka the Great Reset.

      and the analysis produced by the team of spanish scientists who did the analysis (many others have done something similar)

      Click to access The-scam-has-been-confirmed-Dsalud-November-2020.pdf

      Would this woman be able to respond to the disturbing issues raised in this article? Has she read ANY of the ‘scientific’ papers that have been published proving a) the virus has been isolated and biochemically characterised and b) the virus, if it exists, can be transmitted between humans and shown to cause the symptoms they claim it does (just about everything including heart attacks and being knocked over by a car)?
      I doubt it.
      Of course the whole house of cards collapses when you analyse the origins of the Drosten et al RT-PCR test.
      And isn’t it interesting that Drosten is being taken to court for faking his Phd. Once a fraud always a fraud.


      • kingkp says:

        And of course when this kind of thing gets to a real court, as it did in Portugal earlier this month, the RT-PCR test is exposed for what it is. Fraudulent. Which makes the Coronavirus Act null and void, since the entire scandemic is based on the supposed ability of the test to detect infection. It does, of course, nothing of the sort as its invented Kary Mullis REPEATEDLY stated when he was alive.
        It’s scandalous this has not been reported outside of RT.


  29. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – what a difference a week makes!

    The TOADY prog are keen to inform me that China Joe Biden is such a nice chap, so very loving and liberal, keen on equalities and diversity and openness, he’s everyones favourite Uncle and he’s appointed Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary.

    But I thought yellen’ and shoutin’ and swearin’ and bullyin’ were highly disapproved of at the BBC?

    Then I discover the nasty side of Beijing Biden. China Joe has interfered in the UK’s negotiations with the EU: he doesn’t want a border in Ireland. He is in effect putting pressure on the UK to agree a deal. Of course, the pro-EU BBC will not see it like that but that is the effect of that little interference. No different to ‘back of the ‘queue’ Barak Obama’ then?


  30. Guest Who says:

    OT, but explains if does not excuse the msm influences now, especially given the Graun links, leaking between them, etc.

    Interesting how she circles the direction of origin before admitting where it originates.

    Also the order of dining in crocodile swamps.

    Mishal likely has a list.


  31. Square-Eyed says:

    God has not forsaken the United States.


  32. G says:

    Is that a black burglar?

    How unusual.


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh the burglar was non-white
      The homeowner is black
      The TV corp would have buried the story if the homeowner was white.


    • JohnC says:

      But you won’t find any bad black people in TV programs now. Mostly they are falsely accused by racist whites then are instrumental in catching the real villain (whitey) near the end.
      Even the most unlikely situations have that same story now. Even one of my (ex) favourites Father Brown was been contaminated.


  33. StewGreen says:

    Jordan Peterson is trending due to Canada employees being triggered at the announcement of his forthcoming book for March 2021
    RebelNews haven’t put a video yet

    @andrewdoyle_com said
    If you think Jordan Peterson is “far right” then you either haven’t read his work or haven’t understood it.
    If you start crying because he’s written a book, & call for it to be cancelled, you’re not behaving like an adult.
    In either case, you shouldn’t be working in publishing.


  34. Demon says:

    Very interesting. Not to be shown on the BBC.


  35. Laughing at Lefties says:


    Post-Brexit trade deals going well, fisheries protection signed into law yesterday, Team Trump with all the legal apparatus and the evidence of leftist corruption…and now more signs that the BBC’s grip on the narrative is falling apart thanks in large part to presenting a direct distortion of the facts in 90% of their output.

    2020’s been a terrible year, but it may be about to be the ‘great reset’ – not the one promoted by the global elite, but one of a populist resurgence.


    • JohnC says:

      The number 1 thing Brexit and Trump have achieved for me is to make the Left so desperate, they abandoned all attempts to hide their true selves and showed the world what they really are.
      I have been astounded at what nasty, spiteful, deceitful liars they are who have no conscience or shame about what they are prepared to do to get what they want.
      Now I understand why their history is so dispicable in places where they didn’t have to hide it. The genie is out of the bottle for me and can never go back in.


  36. BRISSLES says:

    The Sussex’s suffered a miscarriage during the summer. Any child lost is a tragedy. However, she’s not the first and wont be the last, – but writing an all revealing article about it in the NYT brings out the actress in the Duchess, ensuring the couple keep in the spotlight, and promoting sympathy rather than the negative reports they have instilled on themselves. Zara Phillips her cousin by marriage, has suffered two miscarriages in the past, and there was barely a mention, quite rightly keeping it private.

    The article tells us (as only Americans can put it so syrupy) to be kind and help one another. Pity she cant do that with her own Dad then, who hasn’t even seen his first grandchild.


    • Swelter says:

      Indeed Brissels… So grief stricken and in need of privacy that she manages an article for the NYT. I rather get the feeling there is no misfortune or tradgedy that this woman wouldnt use to garner publicity and sympathy


    • Red Pill says:

      It’s the new ‘enlightened’ way unfortunately. Nothing is private anymore, everything has to be shared – it’s brave apparently. Not for me I’m afraid, for me it’s completely self-absorbed and narcissistic.


  37. andyjsnape says:

    Doesn’t Archie look like Captain Hewitt his grandad


  38. Darcy3 says:

    Are there no depths to which this attention seeking, egocentric, self absorbed, cynical, publicity hungry monster will not stoop to get a headline or two in the press?


    • BRISSLES says:

      Darcy, she’s an actress pure and simple, and in their world all publicity is good publicity. We can all see it, but that 12 year old manchild beside her is the only one who cant. I knew she spelt trouble when they got engaged.


  39. StewGreen says:

    Influencing out masters in Westminster
    Last week after comrade Boris Stalin issued a sudden decree that British people would not be free to sell and buy whatever car and energy systems they like with his 2030 ban list.
    I decided to contact our MP who usually hides
    On her website is a Residents’ survey form
    So I thought it would be the best way of getting over that we don’t approve of voting-Blue and getting-Yellow
    with their mad green policies and caving in celebrity footballers PR campaigns

    2.1. What is the most important question for you and your family right now?


    Then a list of 18 tick boxes of which you pick 3
    – The first one is Immigration (I guess they know most will tick this)
    – Then Brexit
    – The Animal Welfare
    – Tackling Racism was the last box

    Then 3 “How you vote ?”
    Then next instead of asking you more details about your concerns,
    the next page moves on to “how can you help us ..deliver leaflets etc.”

    I told her to snap out of her Guardian bubbleworld.


  40. Fedup2 says:

    The chancellor has announced that the overseas give away budget is to be cut from 0.7 to 0.5 percent of national product – which knocks off a couple of billion pounds but still gives away £10 billion of borrowed taxpayer money .

    We shouldnt be giving it at all . If people wanna buy coloured babies or save donkeys let charities do it .

    You can be sure that the BBc will home in on this small cut …


    • Doobster78 says:

      They just did Fed !!!

      Apparently according to the BBC , it’s broken the conservative party manifesto and it will mean , in their words , ” millions of children will now not get immunized ” !!!!

      Add to that he made sure we knew they would be breaking the law doing this (0.7% legal) and there will be challenges in the COMMONS ahead.

      I think we already know what the BBC feel about the very small cut !!!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Doob – its one thing to import the third world dimishing blighty as a result – yet alone then exporting borrowed taxpayers’ money as some naive nonsense called ‘ soft power ‘…..


    • StewGreen says:

      The green madness decision that Boris made on a whim
      will cost us hundreds of years worth of Aid Budgets
      It’ll cost us trillions.


      • Up2snuff says:

        And also add vast amounts of the CO2 that Bojo and Princess Nut Nuts think causes the Warming and Climate Change into the atmosphere. You couldn’t make it up – it’s an Ealing Comedy based in Downing Street.


      • JohnC says:

        Not on a whim, after hours and hours of mental pressure.
        The attempt to sabotage Boris by the Lefties who hid outside his flat and recorded the argument told me everything I needed to know about Ms Symonds : it was all her screaming at him for spilling wine while he told her to calm down. Though the shameless Left tried to say he beat her !.
        He really should have got rid then. After Carrie and COVID, the man has become a weakling and not fit for purpose.


  41. Fedup2 says:

    In reply a head girl type who is apparently the shadow chancellor having a rant . She thinks all public sector people should get a pay rise – when i cant but think the overtime in recent months has been flowing freely .

    Strange this was there was no mention of how all the spending is to be funded apart from borrowing and borrowing …


  42. G says:

    Twato: “Over to our economics editor, Darshini David” No thanks. Off button.


    • Doobster78 says:

      Public sector worker signing in.

      100% agree there should be no Pay Rises .

      Anyone who truly believes it’s acceptable needs to give their head a real wobble !!!!

      I am a rare breed, a public sector worker who actually understands the real world out there .

      I work with a LOT of people who haven’t got a effing clue !!!


      • JamesArthur says:

        Good to know Doob…so many don’t. My wife is on your club…works in clinocal area in uni. Hasn’t had a day off over covid and watched the rest of her team idle away at home on full furlough pay..she is against rises too…


  43. Dover Sentry says:

    For the benefit of pot-stirring Biden, it needs to be repeated again and again that the Good Friday agreement makes no mention of border controls.

    The only mention refers to the reduction in military infrastructure such as watchtowers.

    I’m sure the BBC will elaborate upon this.

    No, not really…..


    • G says:


      Have sympathy, he’s an old man in his rapidly declining years, and an empty vessel hopefully not to be filled soon by the communist acolytes.


  44. StewGreen says:

    Dipped into local radio seemed to be all Guardianl bubbleworld
    full of listener comments like how lockdown is a great thing and we should all stay alone at Xmas.
    She then even referred to a Guardian article about TV.

    Then she discussed about eating pheasant
    saying “oh I couldn’t face all the plucking”
    … FFS you don’t pluck pheasants, you skin them
    If you put your feet on the wings and pull the legs you can do it in seconds.


    • Sluff says:

      OT but we had a brace of pheasant this week from our excellent local butcher. As we do every year around this time.
      Pheasant. With those connotations of landed gentry and toffs.

      Errrr…….no. A brace cost £8.

      We had six superb portions. Works out at £1.33 per portion.
      Well within the budget of those with free school meal vouchers.
      I wonder what Marcus Rashford eats in late Autumn?


  45. StewGreen says:

    “The British Library has compiled a dossier of more than 300 individuals and institutions that may have benefited from slavery or colonialism”

    They’re making list
    #Stalinist #Britain2020


  46. Fedup2 says:

    Watching the Parliament channel and red Tories moaning about cutting the overseas give away budget – it’s pretty repulsive stuff that MPs who seem to think they owe allegiance to third world countries rather than the British …


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, wish I could remember the name of the chap who spoke very eloquently and insightfully about that UK Foreign Aid commitment many years ago.

      Think he may have been a Civil Servant at one time, maybe even ex-F&CO, and he spoke on BBC R4 probably about eight to twelve years ago. He may have even writtent a book or written for our UK broadsheets on the subject. His basic premise was that too much of the aid the UK gives is either wasted in unnecessary schemes or is siphoned off by corrupt officials in the recipient countries.

      He said specific trades with specific areas in poorer countries were much better at raising people out of poverty. He may or may not have cited the deals made between UK flower importers and the growers in Kenya.


  47. StewGreen says:

    Someone is weaponising the Facebook report button
    .. government lockdown PR teams ?

    Mike Graham tweeted
    Good to see those Woke Warriors at Facebook have flagged my @talkRADIO interview with Peter Hitchens
    because some spotty yoofs think it’s “missing context”.

    Toby Young weeted
    Did you see that Facebook has attached a warning to
    @triggerpod’s interview with Prof Sucharit Bhakti saying it may contain nudity?


  48. StewGreen says:

    4:30pm R4 Amol speaks to *Annette King*, UK boss of Publicis Groupe, the ad giant that includes Saatchi & Saatchi.

    Never heard of her


  49. StewGreen says:

    ash Sarkar is on 8pm tonight’s Moral Maze
    Defence versus Foreign Aid

    chaired by Michael Buerk
    also with Guardianistas Anne McElvoy, Matthew Taylor
    and Melanie Phillips
    Guests Dr Sabina Alkire (Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative) ,
    Prof Michael Clarke (Director General of the Royal United Services Institute)

    Ian Birrell (activist lawyer) and Dr Sam Perlo-Freeman.
    The last two are lefties on Twitter, the first 2 don’t express any politics


    • StewGreen says:

      Let’s looking into the guests world
      Perlo-Freeman’s retweet
      I wonder how he votes