354 Responses to Weekend Thread 6th February 2021

  1. taffman says:

    “Covid: Local elections to go ahead in England”
    Now’s your chance to send a message to this useless Tory Government by voting for the Reform Party or UKIP.


    • oldcrone says:

      ….. and don’t forget to vote for your new Police and Crime Commissioner folks!!


    • G says:

      Little miffed, I is.

      I wrote to Nigel Farage on the 11th January, P&C at party headquarters. A very serious letter concerning President Trump and a personal and positive suggestion for him the next time NF speaks or communicates with him. A suggestion that would benefit right wing people worldwide.

      I have not yet, to date, even received the courtesy of an acknowledgement.


  2. taffman says:

    “EU shellfish import ban indefinite, UK fishing industry told”
    Their loss not ours .


  3. Guest Who says:

    This is what the BBC likes.


  4. Guest Who says:



  5. Fedup2 says:

    There is a sort of Twitter campaign to kill the Andrew Neill TV channel at birth – to target at advertisers at the start . I wondered what you call such people . I looked up the term ‘fascism ‘ but it would need to be adjusted to fit ….

    … meanwhile mr neill has written today in the express about the aim of the channel …..


    • StewGreen says:

      Big campaign supported by his totally non-hatey account with 90,000 followers
      probably fellow HATERS of Brexit
      Isn’t using “gammon” a dehumanising and hatey thing ?

      I think libmob ‘s actions today might be intimidation campaign to deter lefties from working with GBnews
      That way it makes it difficult o keep an Ofcom licence.


      • Scroblene says:

        I must thank this silly bint for reminding me that there’s a tin of https://www.yeoldeoak.co.uk/product/ham/ in the pantry.

        I bought it last year when tinned stocks were low everywhere, and I’ve just checked and it looks just fine!

        As she probably doesn’t understand what normal citizens do, I’ll check out all the ad companies on the new news outlet, and see if I can spend some more pension with them, rather than the stupid gee-gaws she espouses!

        Anyway, the BBC only spend time advertising their own rubbish, so that’s wasted on me!


  6. StewGreen says:

    Advert on now A load of activist doom shots
    “All this is happening to out planet .. RIGHT NOW”
    “But what can done to change it ?
    ..Our Planet Now is the BBC’s commitment to sharing the FACTS
    how to make a difference to our planet”
    .. BBC advert featuring solar panels etc.

    DA “Planet Earth was perfect but now a new force is sending it off balance HUMANS”


  7. digg says:

    While we are all looking the other way over COVID I suspect shady stuff is afoot in the HOC. I signed up for notifications of our local MP, involvement and today it’s all about white papers on media, online misinformation and harm. I suspect a bit more freedom is about to be snatched away while we aren’t looking!

    That being freedom of speech!

    I guess plod is going to really like this trend, they enjoyed busting people for having a coffee at the beach or walking with someone else now they will be enabled to demand what you are talking about as well I suppose.


    • digg says:

      A closer look in detail and it would seem the impetus behind this is mostly coming from an SNP bloke who’s worried about the upcoming local elections and the effect of disinformation. Do I smell panic in SNP land?


  8. StewGreen says:

    Backlink to @Fed’s 2am post last night
    about the licence service harassing OAPs


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – thank you – my nocturnal food poisoning experience allowed me to update this site – between loo trips !


  9. Dover Sentry says:

    Not on BBC of course, but inbreeding is a Covid mortality factor.

    In 2017, Redbridge Borough in London compiled a lengthy report on inbreeding as it is a huge drain on NHS resources.

    “One in five child deaths in an east London borough have occurred because the mother and father are related, a report has found.”
    Independent covered the news:



    • Fedup2 says:

      Redbridge also has one of the highest Covid numbers in the Uk …
      ….. by the way – the war in Croydon is continuing – another serious stabbing Saturday afternoon .. thoughts and prayers …


    • Up2snuff says:

      Dover, ‘old on, wait a minute, half a mo’ – didn’t someone post on here that Hope Not Hate have done a study that found that migration enriches the UK beyond our wildest dreams! Apart from your post, apart from the disproportionate high numbers of BAMEs in prison and apart from the numbers struggling with education at school and not getting into University and also apart from the fact that no FTSE-100 has a BAME CEO, that is.


  10. Northern Voter says:

    1. Watching Final Score on the Bullsh*t Broadcasting Corporation, I know but they can’t lie about the football scores, I was astounded to find that British Football is 83% Bame. Six presenters (3 this afternoon, 3 this evening on Match of the day) just one whitey, jugears himself, one arab, Jason Muhammed, and four black explayers, one of whom was the black female footy player who is flavour of the month.

    2. Whilst watching the rugby on ITV an advert came on for a new channel, Discovery +, satellite channel, subscription, just like the BBC should be. They are promoting a True Crime series, the episode advertised was called Faking it. All about the BBC’s golden boy one Jimmy Saville.Will the BBC blush or say it is all fake and blame Donald Trump or the Russians?


    • pugnazious says:

      Crispy Jugears is an honorary ethnic…I guess he played with so many a bit rubbed off……so to speak.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Northern, do you still fund the AntiBBC via the licence?

      Cancel. #defundin21.

      if you must follow the prima donnas of ‘fuss ball’ there are plenty of other places to get the results from that don’t include BLM propaganda and the sanctimonious jug eared prick Linekar.


      • Northern Voter says:

        No, I don’t pay to watch the Beeb, however living in France I do pay for TV as a tax. It’s a lot less than the beeb though.


  11. StewGreen says:

    Another happy customer for the £460/year service


    • pugnazious says:

      It’s in essence the dole queue for ‘celebrities’ who really aren’t any more…or never were at all really.


  12. StewGreen says:

    BBC make slight slight adaptions to their documentarty about Nellie Armstrong landing on the Moon


    • digg says:

      That sort of wit and satire is about to become a hanging offence Stew!


      • pugnazious says:

        Not a joke that joke…..

        ‘Memes, often in the form of humorous images and videos, are a major part of how people communicate on the internet, but they can also be used to spread disinformation.

        We’ve been looking at how these memes can present false and misleading information about Covid-19 vaccines, feeding into concerns about their efficacy or safety. ‘

        Soon to be illegal….‘It was only a joke’….



  13. Eddy Booth says:

    UK weather: ‘Beast from the East Two’ to bring snow, ice and floods

    BBC turning into the hysterical Daily Express ?

    Not sure of the exact science , but I blame the reduced Co2 in the atmosphere – due to the lockdowns – for the rain and floods.
    Perhaps the plants with less food can’t process as much water..????
    There’s been big puddles/ ponds in some of the North Yorkshire fields since the end of September,


  14. Eddy Booth says:

    Biden: ‘Erratic’ Trump should not get intelligence briefings
    ‘Mr Biden said he “ran like hell to defeat” Mr Trump in the election “because I thought he was unfit to be president”, ‘

    Yeah no other candidate ever campaigned as hard as you….



    • pugnazious says:

      LOL….took a second.

      …and on his treadmill in his basement presumably….the invisible candidate who barely campaigned at all and yet got so many more votes.


  15. StewGreen says:

    Context : The Spectator is a 200 year old UK magazine
    The @SpectatorUSA is US publication that happened to change its name to Spectator 44 years ago, on the grounds “spectator” is a generic word (NY Post)
    It is the magazine that published 1 or more articles by Gareth McInnes the guy who says he founded the Proud Boys as a kind of joke years ago.

    But the “sinister” @STOPfundingHate pursues a campaign against the Andrew Neil and Spectator in multiple tweets, where it implies that it’s the same mag as the US Spectator, often using the McInnes tale in its tweets.

    AF Neil describes the UK edition as a freethinker magazine who won’t let advertisers interfere in editorial choices (COOP case)
    He has published a blogpost by someone who supports StopFundingHate in 2019


  16. StewGreen says:

    Milton Keynes Labour councillor Shammi Akter given nine month suspended jail sentence for child cruelty, after leaving her own four-year-old child home alone for hours in a house, which reeked of urine and was smeared with excrement
    There’s a lot more stories on The Core’s twitter account


  17. pugnazious says:

    Peculiar thing….no mention on BBC website that so many Scottish and English rugby players refused to kneel. Funny that when Milwall fans booed the team taking the knee the BBC expressed total outrage and condemnation…however when Milwall then didn’t take the knee at the next match but stood arm in arm instead, thus refusing to humiliate themselves by bowing down before an extremist, racist left-wing terror group, the BBC didn’t make any comment on it.

    Guess just another occasion when the BBC chooses to play down people refusing to back BLM and its racist far-left agenda just as it so often fails to report anything negative that reflects badly on BLM however appalling it is…..echoes of Rochdale once again…..they never learn.

    The BBC is in permanent self-abasement mode, always on its knees with its presenters all terrified of the inevitable witch-hunt, and sacking, should they diverge ever-so slightly from the received orthodoxy imposed upon them by not glorifying BLM or not doing the necessary two minutes of hate against those who think for themselves and have a backbone and some self-respect.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      I don’t think any of the Scotland team took the knee. About half of the England team did.

      The BBC would never ever criticise their bonnie Scorrtland team and its socialist lesbian leader for not taking the knee.


      • pugnazious says:

        If Wee Shuggie had a sex change, and wore a kilt, would anyone notice the difference?


        • pugnazious says:

          ….would anyone notice the difference between her/him/they and Eddie Izzard? They even sound alike….

          ‘Eddie Izzard says Brexit would spark Scottish independence’



    • Scroblene says:

      Forgot all about the ‘game’! I saw it was going to be on the BBC, so knew I wouldn’t bother…

      I used to dote on the game of rugby, was really involved at junior club level, and loved the whole cameraderie of it all!

      The latest wokery stuff encouraged by the awful BBC has just alienated so many citizens of my tender years, that I really can’t be arsed to watch, especially some of the players kneeling down for some stupid reason!

      Youtube has loads of games, and all are well-worth watching, even if you know the score! Some of the games played in Australia or New Zealand are especially good, and I watch just a few every Saturday, to enjoy the sport as I used to, without having to cope with the crap presentation the awful BBC do these days.


      • The WestWyvern says:

        AntiBeeb on Radio 5dead are cock-a-hoop this morning regards the fact that Scotchland beat England in a game played with funny egg shaped object ( not a ball, not round and sphere like shape).

        AntiBBC. Mouthpiece of the scotch nationalists. Again.


        • Scroblene says:

          Back in my day, TWW, the ball was so old and sopping wet, it was nearly round anyway!

          If you read Michael Green’s fabulous books on Coarse Sport, you’ll get the gist of what I mean…

          (Go on, admit it, you HAVE read them all)!

          In the early seventies, we sometimes played with a plastic monstrosity, that had a point at each end, which could easily take an eye out! The only kneeling-down we’d do then was to hide the blood from one’s chums, and then carry on with just one eye open…

          Meanwhile, the awful BBC are planning a bean-bag-on-head trotting race extravaganza, with teams from every effnic country. Silly haircuts will be allowed for a level playing field, or more aptly, a level soft green-enclosure with multi-coloured kit and pink bootees for all.


          • The WestWyvern says:

            Ha, made me chuckle! I may have turned the pages once upon a time….

            I only enjoy the smaller red ball, cork and leather construction, does hurt when it hits you but the best game ever invented IMHO.

            On the subject of reading/sport just finishing ‘The Unforgiven’ the true story of the ”rebel West Indies’ players who toured apartheid South Africa in the 1980s. The BLM idiots would do well to read and learn about real history.


            • JimS says:

              You surely don’t mean cri…zzz…zzz…zzz…?


              • The WestWyvern says:

                Says those who never played it and have short spans of attention.

                If it’s Zzzz’s you are after, try Golf or Snooker.


  18. tomo says:

    Never get tired of this, never gets old

    Oh for an open window at Broadcasting House


  19. Eddy Booth says:

    Interesting article abiut USA election
    My colleague Bonchie wrote an excellent article
    about a very long, detailed piece in TIME magazine
    which exposes what many of us already knew: Democrat elected and unelected officials, Corporations, Big Tech, and legacy and social media colluded to turn the election in their favor.


  20. Eddy Booth says:

    Interesting article abiut USA election
    My colleague Bonchie wrote an excellent article
    about a very long, detailed piece in TIME magazine
    which exposes what many of us already knew: Democrat elected and unelected officials, Corporations, Big Tech, and legacy and social media colluded to turn the election in their favor.


  21. Eddy Booth says:

    Interesting article about USA election


    My colleague Bonchie wrote an excellent article
    about a very long, detailed piece in TIME magazine
    which exposes what many of us already knew: Democrat elected and unelected officials, Corporations, Big Tech, and legacy and social media colluded to turn the election in their favor.



    • pugnazious says:

      EB…..Fake news….I am reliably informed that there’s no evidence that the election was stolen by the Democrats and friends!…however there is plenty of evidence that Trump stole the 2016 election and that Brexit was also stolen by devious means…..I mean, the BBC wouldn’t spend four years on a wild goose[stepping] chase would they? They wouldn’t invent ‘evidence’ and twist the truth to make a trap for fools would they? They wouldn’t deliberately set out to misinform and mislead people would they? They wouldn’t act as the propaganda mouthpiece interfering in a foreign election nor help a foreign power to seize control of an area of the UK would they? Sounds more like Putin’s Russia than Auntie BBC.


  22. Richard Pinder says:

    On January 20th the day Biden was inaugurated, the British Mensa Forum was attacked. Since then the Mensa Forum has been down. Was it someone who got the big secret in an email from an American Mensa member, and then put it on the Forum? The Chairman, Chris Leek, wont say, but he keeps sending us emails saying they did not get into the secure areas with details about Mensa members and their bank accounts.

    Why is the big secret still secret? Did the big secret come from Italy. Taken from Germany? Sent to Arizona for Analysis? Sent to the Pentagon yet? Is the Pentagon independent of both Trump and Biden?

    If so then one thing is certain, the National Guard in Washington is keeping 7,000 troops on standby until March 12.


  23. JohnC says:

    Another odd article on the BBC by the grubby Jonathan Head on the coup in Myanmar.
    Myanmar coup: Thousands gather for second day of protests
    Despite telling us how many thousands were there and describing their banners etc, the only picture he could produce to back it up was of 3 women using a salute from ‘The Hunger Games’ !!!. That can only mean it’s mainly students.
    And ‘deadly military crackdown two years later on Rohingya Muslims’ could so easily have been written as ‘military crackdown two years later on Rohingya Muslims after deadly terrorist attacks’. Because the truth is that those Muslims tried to make a mini-Muslim state by driving out everyone else.
    At school, I thought journalism was a noble profession which existed to tell the world the truth. How wrong I was.


  24. taffman says:

    “Croydon stabbings: ‘Abhorrent’ night of violence leaves man dead”
    More Black Lives Matter? It’s becoming so frequent that stabbings do not appear on their front page anymore. What is the Mayor doing about it?


    • JohnC says:

      It should be renamed to ‘BLDM’
      ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’ – except when they can be used by the left against whites on the right.
      Plain hypocrisy.


    • pugnazious says:

      What was laughable was the police reassuring us that it was OK because the stabbings weren’t connected……so an epidemic of stabbing by different people is better than one madman on the loose?


  25. Dover Sentry says:

    Likely BBC Headline:

    “Due to racism, black youths have no choice other than to stab each other.”


    • JohnC says:

      The BBC would prefer it like this:
      ‘Study shows white people cause black people to keep stabbing each other’.
      Infers it is fact, not opinion without directly saying it.


  26. AnneG says:

    Yesterday I watched a BBC news report on Myanmar. Rangoon has been renamed according to the report. However the local reporter was called the Burmese correspondent. They could at least try to be consistent.


  27. Guest Who says:


    • pugnazious says:

      It’s not ‘dictatorship’ though…the fact checkers assure us Biden never likened using executive orders to dictatorial powers…..er….but he did. So…he is a dictator by his own standards.


  28. Foscari says:

    “Listen up brothers there is just one thing we must
    decide before us Brixton blad clads take on the Croyden
    caribs in tonights Friday one armed scissor fixture. Do
    we go down on one knee before the shanking starts?”


  29. Guest Who says:

    BBC looking one way?


  30. The WestWyvern says:

    As predictably as night follows day and slim glimmers of hope regarding lifting of covid restrictions appear in the ‘news’… What’s this story the Anti Beeb are running…..

    ‘OxfordAstra vaccine not as effective against SA variant a small study has shown’

    You. Could. Make. It. Up.

    This one will run and gain legs. Anti Beeb today, later SAGE and then HMG….

    Still think it’s about a virus. Think again.


  31. AsISeeIt says:

    Beijing-on-Thames, Me learned friends coining it & Careless of the kids

    We wake up to a couple of the Sunday papers giving the BBC a hard time: ‘Why Britain’s new TV news channel won’t be woke‘ (Express); ‘BBC funding shock 750,000 OAPs rebel over TV licence‘ (Sunday Mirror)

    Quick prediction – the BBC will be lobbying the government for some form of tax-funded cross-subsidy. Like a household internet use levy on the likes of google, or perhaps on the mobile phone network providers. Of course these corporations will happily pass any additional costs on to their customers.

    The precedents are there. Our government already tends to think along the lines of taxing one boom sector to subsidise its propping up of another ailing sector: ‘Online giants tax raid on booming sales. Plan for digital levy as high street collapses‘ (Telegraph)

    Meanwhile the Tory government will be making a counter-offer hinting to the BBC’s top managers that a quasi-privatisation and subscription model, with a guarenteed government support subsidy, would line the pockets of some well-placed Beeb individuals. Think rail franchises.

    And in Scottish news: ‘Brace yourselves…‘ Both the Observer & the Sunday Times share the same heading…

    At a time when our national press ought to be waterboarding Sturgeon and her SNP, over their infighting and duplicity, all we get from Scotland on our frontpages is snowboarding:

    Brace yourselves. Enjoying the snow on Moulin Moor near Pitlochry… The Met Office warns, blah-dee-blah…‘ (Observer); ‘Brace Yourselves. Storm Darcy’s coming. A snowboarder making the most of conditions in Glenshee, Aberdeenshire, yesterday…‘ (Times)

    Well I guess if the nationals are going pay this little attention to political scandals north of the border then we English taxpayers may as well supprt the Nationalists and save ourselves a few bob and make it a real border.


    Oh, wait a minute: ‘Calcutta coup‘ (Sunday Telegraph) – no, Bengal isn’t emulating Burma with a military takeover. This is home nation’s sport, about the only way Scotland gets onto the frontpages: ‘Battling Scots stun England‘ – and oh my, how our press do relish an English defeat at the hands of our near-neighbours.

    Seems English political impropriety is still fair game for coverage. Politicians will be politicians. Tory grifters and Socialist hypocrisy are immemorial: ‘Revealed: Johnson aide’s links to both sides in Chinese embassy deal‘ (Times); ‘Starmer ally: covid is “a gift that keeps giving”‘ (Mail)

    On the one hand we have a dodgy property deal over the new Chinese embassy building, with the PM’s adviser pocketing a kickback from both parties: ‘Beijing-on-Thames

    And on the other we have Labour’s shadow Attorney General caught joshing to his learned friends how the pandemic is going to line their pockets. Do lawyer’s black gowns have pockets?

    Like an angel on a cloud the Observer is still harping on the same tedious theme: ‘Fury at Gove as exports slashed by 68% since Brexit‘ – this will be the volumn of exports going through British ports (not including non-physical services of course) as measured in the one month of January 2021 (the first month of the adjustment to Brexit) as compared to January 2020 (pre-pandemic). Even the Observer has to concede the problem is only: ‘…mostly as a result of problems caused by Brexit

    Let’s point out here and now that those problems our anti-Brexit press insist are caused by Brexit are in fact due to the EU’s vindictive and protectionist reaction to Brexit.

    Just as economic problems which our media claim are due to covid are in fact due our government’s lockdown of the healthy reaction to covid.

    Think of the children!

    Now put kids first‘ – screams the Sunday People as it pictures the very unfortunately named: ‘Poorly: Mani Careless, 12, has long covid‘ – well, we all like to think we’re a little bit special.

    This comes as the entire country suffers Boris’s Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

    Boris: youth deserve the nation’s thanks. Exclusive: PM vows there will be no limits to what Generation Lockdown can achieve in future‘ (Express) – here’s a wizard wheeze – let’s have the teachers award all the kids a big fat ‘A’ for eductional achievement, that’ll fix it.

    For some light relief we turn to: ‘Joanna Lumley: I’m old enough to have kissed ALL the Bonds‘ (Mail) – surely she’s used that line before? Her age must be catching up with her and she’s becoming a tad forgetful.

    The Sunday People presents: ‘Margot Robbie as you’ve never seen her before’ – hold the presses… the 30-year-old Australian actress is switching up her appearance for her latest film role: ‘Margot Robbie Spotted Rocking Dark Hair on Set‘ (People.com – the US celeb magazine, our guest publication today)

    And in less glamorous gossip: ‘Showbiz exclusive It’s the Ender Big Mo. Battleaxe leaves soap after 20 yrs… Laila Morse who has played the soaps gobby Big Mo… will quit Albert Square… ‘ (Daily Star)


    • Banania says:

      Do lawyer’s black gowns have pockets?
      “The modern gown … has a mysterious piece of triangular cloth attached to the left shoulder, often described as ‘violin-shaped’, which is cut in two lengthways. Its origin is obscure and there are two theories for why it is there. The first is that this was once a money sack for brief fees. According to some, it is divided in half to create two segments, one for gold coins, and the other for silver.”
      From Lawyer Monthly


  32. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    If you saw the game between MK Dons and Sunderland yesterday you would have, first of all watched the one minute clap for Cap’n Tom, then the show of submission where they get on their knees to blm.

    Thankfully they are not clapping for the nhs (yet) but all this virtue signalling is nothing to do with football.

    Maybe ok if a club player has just died but all these extra pre match goings on don’t belong in a game of footy.


    • JimS says:

      I was at university with a lad from Pakistan who wanted help to design a cheap device that he hoped to make and sell.

      Its purpose was to turn off the electricity. At first that seemed a strange idea but then he explained that sometimes the mains voltage in Pakistan dropped so low that motors stalled and then slowly burnt out so it was better to cut the supply completely.

      Perhaps we will soon be there? Actually we have been. Back in the ‘three day week” days we were using a printer with an electro-mechanical mechanism. When working normally a motor would burst into life and all sorts of internal mechanical gubbins would be flung into a different state before the poor motor realised what had happened, at which point it switched off.

      Following one of the many power disruptions of those days we had a small fire that originated in said printer. The power had gone off mid-throw and when it came back on the motor hadn’t enough umpff to complete the operation so it overheated and set fire to the plastic case of the printer.

      I guess this time Pakistan might have the solutions for us?


    • pugnazious says:

      The Great Green Reset in action….and of course the meters allow the government to know so much more about you and your life. A spy in the cupboard.


  33. Tabs says:

    Andrew Marr doing his best to keep the covid scare going. Every guest so far talking about a rosy future is met by Marr trying to steer the discussion back to never ending lockdown/social distancing/more vaccines etc.


  34. StewGreen says:

    Sargon video : Dover barracks where the adventurers set it on fire.
    The activists are antifa
    The activists said, this camp is a good thing only nasty far right will cause trouble.
    The same activists then connived to get the place burned down.

    They miss one important context, that the activists say it was unsafe cos people caught Covid.
    Obviously sleeping is youth hostel dorms is not a hardship, but you do have to address the issue of what anti Covid measures were taken
    ie was the place compartmentalised ?
    You shouldn’t have 30 refugees using the same toilets or playing football together etc.


  35. pugnazious says:

    There was a time when everything WHO said was the gold standard….’test test test’….the BBC repeated the mantra religiously and slammed the government for following our own scientists’ advice…not so much anymore as WHO delivers messages that confound the BBC’s desired narrative. When WHO said we shouldn’t be using lockdowns, that they were an extreme last resort, the BBC went strangely quiet…..the BBC loves lockdown.

    Now as WHO says we should not be leaving a 12 week gap between jabs, and Pfizer insists 3-4 week is the only tested and proper gap, the BBC dismisses their sage advice and says we have our own scientific advice from the MHRA that we should follow. Curious that when Boris wasn’t doing what the BBC wanted and was following his ‘scientific advice’ the BBC and Guardian decided that British science wasn’t good enough..in fact they told us that there was ‘no such thing as ‘science”…lol…..they wanted to choose what science was ‘real’…

    ‘There is no such thing as the “best science available”.’


    ‘‘As a scientist, I hope I never again hear the phrase “based on the best science and evidence” spoken by a politician. This phrase has become basically meaningless and used to explain anything and everything.’’

    ‘As Professor Brian Cox told Andrew Marr this week: ‘There’s no such thing as The Science, which is a key lesson. If you hear a politician say “we’re following The Science”, then what that means is they don’t really understand what science is. There isn’t such a thing as The Science. Science is a mindset.’’

    Sooo…I suppose as Boris and Co aren’t following the science and are increasing the gap for political reasons that’s OK with the BBC…until it’s not of course.

    The BBC a while back wheeled in Prof. Adam Finn to back the idea of the gap and never-ending lockdowns…something the BBC likes because it creates spare vaccine capacity which they can pressurise the government to send to Africa or where-ever…which is the BBC’s latest campaign drive…and indeed this morning up pops the ever-so-useful Finn telling us we should be giving ‘spare’ vaccines to third world countries.
    The BBC narrative was all nicely choreographed so that we just had to accept the need to do this….the presenter set the scene laying out the case for surrendering our vaccines and then lined up a caller who told us it was outrageous his children should be vaccinated before some elderly person in a third world country….the presenter then shaped his question to Finn so that it was the only fit and proper thing to do wasn’t it?….Finn performed to order and agreed…we must hand over the vaccines and not bother vaccinating everyone here….the world is a connected place you know.

    LOL….the BBC which has spent the last year ramping up the rhetoric and fear, scarily telling us that even young people can catch covid 19 and die horrible deaths and even those that might not suffer badly will have long term lasting and dire effects…..’long term covid’.
    This of course was part of their campaign to keep you in fear and to justify the drastic lockdown measures.

    Now….that’s old history…the young don’t matter anymore…they’re bullet proof and don’t need to be vaccinated.

    The BBC once again shaping the ‘truth’ to suit its own narrative…now it wants the vaccines to go to granny in Guatamala the young here can drop dead for all the BBC cares.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      The scientific method isn’t hard to understand.

      The first thing I thought of was (1) We need at least one country in the World to not have a Lockdown (2) After six months we need then to compare that country or US state with Britain.

      Someone did that study for the World Health Organisation and found that Lockdowns don’t work. They only cause economic and social damage. It then follows that scientists should then try and find out why Lockdowns don’t work.

      Successful science is about a single scientist on ordinary pay but appointing assistants if needed. Not a panel of over a hundred heavily overpaid academics, paid over three times more than ordinary doctors. Like Climate Change, all of them chosen because they all agree with each other. No diversity of opinion is tolerated. All with a vested interest in perpetuating Lockdowns and a State of Emergency. This is what is called perverted science. Boris is also doing this perverted science with Climate Change.

      There is no indication that these scientists are doing any experiments using the scientific method. In fact secrecy about how they come up with scientific advice is opposite to how science works.

      I remember Dr Magnus Pike on the BBC. He did scientific experiments in the war, given as information to the public in pamphlets. He then became a BBC presenter famous for doing scientific experiments on the telly. Now we have more than a hundred pompous over paid Professors all covering each others backs from personal financial corruption and incompetent opposition to the World Health Organisation and other scientists who use the scientific method.


    • Banania says:

      Was there a time when the BBC did not have opinions? It now has them about everything. I suppose that is the fundamental reason for the existence of this blog.


  36. Sluff says:

    Another day, another BBC story about the effect of covid on BAME folk.

    The ongoing inference of course is that it is all due to racist discrimination by us whiteys.

    1. If immigration is to infill jobs vacancies and those jobs are low skilled and public facing then obviously BAME are more at risk. But it is correlation not causation.
    2. A need was expressed to have covid advice put into SIX south asian languages. If you do not speak English then apart from obvious questions like what are you doing here is it any wonder that you cannot follow the rules, and whose fault is that?
    3. Multigenerational households are as much cultural as economic. Whose fault is that?
    4. An article in The Times points out that Piers Corbyn and his fellow travellers are targeting poor areas for anti-vax messaging. Whose fault is that?

    BAME is just a convenient easily identifiable grouping with which to promote a Far Left message.
    Taxi drivers, bus drivers, security guards have a much stronger case for focus but since at least some of them are white the Far Left BBC Guardianista narrative cannot be used on them.


    • pugnazious says:

      LOL…the BBC condemns itself…..

      Traditional media outlets were also thought to be acting as government messengers, with the result that people turned to other less reputable sources of information.’

      Wonder how they got that idea? The BBC acting as a government mouthpiece and propaganda outfit….never!


      • Banania says:

        So, having learnt that the traditional source of information is disreputable, you turn to “other less reputable sources”. Makes sense.


  37. StewGreen says:

    7am Radio4 : billed as a show about religion
    It’s really a show about Grievance against White People.
    .. “Here we have David Baddiel on to talk about his new book”
    ‘ Yes I use bad labels against religious Jews, cos I regard Jewish as an ethnicity rather than religion’

    ‘The gentiles all hate us’
    … so he’s just used that phrase twice that stereotypes a racial group (non Jews) and negatively.


    Oh Sir Tom has being getting too much attention, so let us tell you there is this 74 year old Sikh guy who is just as good.
    … Again an ethnicity angle rather than religion.


    • pugnazious says:

      Have you not heard of the black sailor who was the real hero of Trafalgar or the black teaboy whose hard life, resilience in the face of nasty racist Britishness and resolute character was the real inspiration for Churchill’s stoic stand against the Nazis? Or the black brain surgeon who was the real ‘Florence Nightingale’ during the Crimean War….oh…no…that one was real wasn’t it? LOL.


  38. StewGreen says:

    BBC parroting the Guardian
    “Fall in Covid cases slower in *poor* regions”

    So do you mean “poor” ?
    or is it something else

    What towns ?

    Change in Covid infection rate per 100,000 in January

    Preston ↓9%
    Bradford West ↓14%
    Rotherham ↓18%
    Oxford West and Abingdon ↓72%
    Saffron Walden ↓72%
    Surrey Heath ↓70%


    • pugnazious says:

      Only poor because of racism blocking their way up the ladder of success….all those doctors, dentists, opticians, lawyers, media people, academics etc etc…..they’d be in much better jobs if it weren’t for the racism stifling their progress.


  39. StewGreen says:

    The cheek of Burgon


    • Fedup2 says:

      The Labour Party needs more quality MPs like dicky – he has got to be worth the socialists losing 4 or 5 constituencies just for existing .
      And lord Faulkner’s – no doubt alcohol fuelled comments about COVID being ‘a good thing ‘ will also help . It’s just a shame there is no conservative government with an 80 majority to capitalise on it …


  40. Guest Who says:

    The Hill is good value.

    Dumb as a box of rocks, but good value.

    Looks like they are going to have an eternal flame tribute in Portland… all over the place.


    • pugnazious says:

      More likely represents the shattered shop windows from the rioting and ‘terrorism’ that was orchestrated to force black people into positions of power by the threat of continued violence on the streets.


  41. pugnazious says:

    Impressive huh!….

    ‘Your Blackleaf order has been picked in our highly efficient #PoweredGreen warehouse, wrapped in our own plastic free packaging and is now on its way to you. In addition to running on 100% renewable energy from our solar PV panels and a 100% frack free biogas tariff, to date we have been able to remove 99.81% of plastic from our outbound packaging. We’re also working with ground breaking organisations like the #2MinuteLitterPick and Protect Our Winters to make positive changes for our planet.’

    lol…but was it Black as well as Green?


  42. Fedup2 says:

    DT still on firm ground today with the BBC ‘reshaping ‘ the ‘listenership of various radio stations – apparently Radio 2 is to mimic the more commercial stations like Heart and Melody by aiming at 40 something mums ……
    ……….. thus killing off long standing programmes and changing the shape of existing programmes making presenters strangers to their own shows.

    Now this is excellent news – the more the BBC alienates existing listeners the better for us .

    Needless to say – I don’t listen to BBC radio stations much any more – a few 5 live commentaries without awful gormless presenters – and you can miss the first minute because they’ll either be clapping or kneeling or staying silent for no reason any footy player would understand ….


    • pugnazious says:

      Thought the jusitifcation for the BBC was that it provided stuff that no commercial outlet would because it wasn’t financially viable…hence the justification for the licence tax. If the BBC is blatantly competing with commercial stations then there is no justification for the telly tax…..along with the fact that most of the BBC output is dire dross or politically driven messaging and misinformation.


  43. pugnazious says:

    Great news…Biden will ensure the President will no longer be Putin’s lapdog….everything Biden[and his lapdog reporters] say is designed to continue the implication that Trump was a Russian stooge….never mind a massive inquiry and years of attempts to dig the dirt found nothing at all…..in fact the only colluding with Russia was by the Dems and the media who hyped Russian propaganda as fact. When Biden says he can’t trust Trump with intelligence briefings this is yet another of those smears…..maybe Biden would prefer any intelligence leaks to go to China…that’s what he was paid for wasn’t it? LOL.

    The BBC though loves Biden and uncritically applauds his every move and utterance. After his foreign policy ‘reset’ the BBC told us this…

    ‘Shortly after Biden started his speech, he delivered a quote designed to make a headline: “I made it clear to President [Vladimir] Putin, in a manner very different from my predecessor, that the days of the United States rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions… are over.” ‘

    And topped it off with…

    ‘It was the starkest of contrasts with Trump, who seemed to go out of his way to avoid criticising the Russian president. ‘

    Hmmmm….that’s of course total bull.

    ‘A day before meeting with Putin, Trump rebukes Russia in his strongest terms yet’
    ‘”We urge Russia to cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere, and its support for hostile regimes including Syria and Iran, and to instead join the community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies and in defense of civilization itself,” Trump said in Warsaw. ‘


    ‘President Donald Trump thinks that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. election but also believes other countries may have meddled, too.

    “Well I think it was Russia and I think it could have been other people and other countries. It could have been a lot of people that interfered,” Trump said Thursday at a press conference in Warsaw, Poland.’

    Not kidding there….the BBC tried to prevent hs election and campaigned to unseat him for 4 years.

    Here’s some more of that ‘non-criticism’ laid out by a Trump supporter…

    ‘Trump criticized Russia for the nerve gas poisoning of the former Russian intelligence agent, his daughter, and others in the UK. Trump: Russia likely poisoned ex-spy, ‘based on all the evidence’

    Trump has just expelled 60 Russian diplomats and closed the consulate in Seattle. Trump orders 60 Russians expelled after UK nerve agent attack

    In February, U.S. Forces killed 300 Russian troops in Syria in the first direct military confrontation with Russia in the Middle East not using surrogates in battle. Russian toll in Syria battle was 300 killed and wounded: sources

    . Obama wouldn’t cross his red line in the sand in Syria for fear of antagonizing Russia.

    In December, Trump announced that the U.S. would provide lethal weapons to Ukraine. Officials: U.S. agrees to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine
    . When Ukraine asked Obama for weapons after Russia invaded, he sent food. U.S. Rations, Promised for Ukraine, Are Missing In Action

    On March 15 Trump placed some sanctions on Russia for the election interference. Trump’s Russia Policy Is Better than It Sounds

    For all the Trump and Russia drumbeats emanating from the Democrats, in one year, Trump has taken a more aggressive stance against Russia compared to eight years of Obama. It was Obama who promised Putin that he would “be more flexible” after he was re-elected and who also cancelled the anti-Russia missile defense program promised to former Eastern block countries now in the EU.’

    Oh…and how can the BBC forget its own report…

    ‘INF nuclear treaty: US pulls out of Cold War-era pact with Russia

    Earlier this year the US and Nato accused Russia of violating the pact by deploying a new type of cruise missile, which Moscow has denied.

    The Americans said they had evidence that Russia had deployed a number of 9M729 missiles – known to Nato as SSC-8. This accusation was then put to Washington’s Nato allies, which all backed the US claim.

    “Russia is solely responsible for the treaty’s demise,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement on Friday.

    “With the full support of our Nato allies, the United States has determined Russia to be in material breach of the treaty, and has subsequently suspended our obligations under the treaty,” he added.’

    That’s not being ‘critical’ of Russia?

    The BBC lies.


    • G says:


      “‘Shortly after Biden started his speech, he delivered a quote designed to make a headline: “I made it clear to President [Vladimir] Putin, in a manner very different from my predecessor, that the days of the United States rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions… are over.” ‘

      Perhaps unlike the EU who just received back their, ‘Foreign Minister’ with his tail well tucked between his legs.

      Communist countries are growing in power and stature.


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Even more Daily Telegraph – this time Julie Burchell ( is she famous?) laments the dumbing down of BBC output although she thinks the radio has ‘quality ‘ programmes … oh well….

    … the comments are entertaining – with the word ‘hate’ used very widely . Some suggested a new programme ‘

    ‘Celebrity bomb disposal ‘ where the audience rings in to tell some zed lister which wire to cut … a certain hit with explosive viewing figures ….


  45. pugnazious says:

    The BBC….the racist, marxist, lying propaganda outfit that just keeps on giving.

    BBC in a frenzied outrage as Christmas comes its way again….a DUP [backward unpleasant evil protestant occupier] criticises the BBC and BLM with ‘race-baiting’ comment…..


    ‘A Northern Ireland MP has been accused of “race-baiting” after describing the number of black people on an edition of Songs of Praise as “the BBC at its BLM (Black Lives Matter) worst”.

    A number of anti-racism and ethnic minority organisations have called on Gregory Campbell to apologise.

    The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MP made his comments in a Facebook post on 31 January.

    He was referring to the Gospel Singer of the Year competition.

    The five semi-finalists, judges and presenter of the programme last Sunday were all of a black ethnicity. ‘

    Now when there was black outpouring of hate for a choir that had no black people recently where was the BBC crying ‘race-baiting blacks’?…..

    ‘Viewers have complained to the BBC after its festive service Carols From King’s failed to feature a single non-white chorister.

    None of the 13 singers on the programme, which aired on BBC2 on Christmas Eve, appeared to be from an ethnic minority.’

    The BBC’s response…

    ‘The BBC said one of the adults shown in the service is of Japanese heritage. ‘


    You can be too white but never too black….the problem with Britaiin is that there are too many Whites…final solution?….#Killwhitey(©BBC).

    Odd that nowhere can I find the BBC even mentioning this inflammatory comment by a senior Labour politician….

    ‘Labour’s shadow attorney general Lord Falconer is ‘very, very sorry’ after he was caught on tape telling City lawyers the coronavirus crisis ‘is a gift that keeps on giving’ as Sir Keir Starmer faces furious backlash’

    Of course for the BBC the coronavirus crisis is the gift that keeps on giving….the Great Reset is well under way.


  46. Guest Who says:

    Was he on Marr? Today? Newsnight?

    Will he be?

    With certain Spads of historical note? Given to odd “quotes” on tragic matters that serve the cause?

    If not, why not?

    Not newsworthy?

    No space?

    Or time?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nice piece of short video – thanks

      Clever to call lord Faulkner ‘Charlie ‘ – it is like trying to make lawyers sound human – his words will follow him to his grave – political or otherwise .

      Having been exposed to lawyers – they share the same love of money as the medical mafia does – and mr Faulkner has just let us see the truth for a brief moment – well done Charlie – keep billing …

      I am guessing the BBC will bury Charlie’s words or report them any further at all . …..


  47. Jack in the Green says:

    Good to see the rugger Jocks not taking the knee. The problem is there’s going to be a lot of compulsory knee-bending required when they join the Fourth Reich, whoops, Freudian slip, I meant the EU. You know, the ones that created world peace.


  48. Guest Who says:



  49. Laughing at Lefties says:

    In case Absolute Proof is a bit long for people, here’s another much shorter video which covers much of the same information:


    I don’t understand how people can have experienced the disinformation campaign being waged against them within the corporate media, yet still rely on those same media outlets to provide them with the truth and not realise they need to look elsewhere. Psychological Stockholm Syndrome. Look at how bad Fox’s ratings have tanked and Drudge’s traffic has cratered to see how effective boycotts can be. If your answer to the BBC’s bias is to watch Sky News, you’re not awake yet.

    I also realised yesterday that I had fallen for a false choice fallacy from Stew, as his dismissal of Lindell was based on the fake premise that people want to believe the election was stolen. In fact, the complete opposite is true for most people – I for one would much rather there hadn’t been any election fraud, even if Biden had in fact been legitimately elected. Crying for an excuse is a tactic of the regressive left, as they showed for four years over Trump and Brexit despite themselves having all advantages imaginable (including Dominion) and still losing. Knowing and being able to easily prove you’ve been cheated, yet having the entire media machine and an army of programmed brownshirts attack you for seeing through their mirage, is not a nice position to be in.

    The big question is, why would Trump leave office when he knows he won (and left a letter to that effect for Biden) and also knows how much Biden and his commie cabal are going to destroy the country, not to mention he and his family will be constant targets? I suspect he didn’t, he’s running a shadow government with the military who literally turned their backs on Biden at the inauguration and refused him entry to the Pentagon, and if he’s wise he’ll use the phony impeachment trial – a process that implicitly declares that both chambers recognise Trump as the acting president, since private citizens cannot be impeached or tried – as his chance to present all of the election fraud evidence that the intelligence agencies have gathered over the past several years. After all, the premise of the trial is that he used ‘false claims of election fraud’ to antagonise the crowd to storm the Capitol building, which is chronologically debunked by the fact that the breach began before Trump had even begin his speech and empirically disproven by Trump’s own words and video testimony from Antifa and BLM admitting to being the instigators. In order for Trump to defend himself, he is well within his rights to prove that his election fraud claims were genuine.