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Kesgrave Cancel The BBC

A means of hitting back?


What does the left have that we do not?  The left has community.  They have a strong presence in the community.  They own education, mother and toddler groups, scouts, guides, brownies and cubs, sports associations.  They run local groups like the Kesgrave Help service where you can phone up and they’ll help you get that heavy sofa downstairs if you live alone.  Not 5 minutes from where I live are dozens of Cancel Harpies keen to scream at me on social media.  I was thrown off Nextdoor, an international community web with sites in every locality over much of the world, including Kesgrave & Rushmere.  I had raised the issue of violent teaching in the Koran for public debate and they don’t allow public debate.  Nextdoor is owned by Facebook but run by local Cancel Harpies.

In my local community, like the local Tesco, for example, we interact with people who are full of taking the knee and bowing to Islam.  People who watch the BBC.  The store manager watches TV and pretends to be impartial.  But Tesco now has full time pop music intruding on your thoughts as you struggle to balance budget and bread.  Every 5 minutes there is a Standard English exhortation to PLEASE RESPECT OTHERS.  Didn’t a few university teachers resign recently in protest at the university’s widespread use of this word, RESPECT, as a Marxist injunction?  Like dissent is not respectful.  Well, now it’s at Tesco.  The left is a real presence in every community.  See if you can spot them when you go shopping.  They are the ones who are vociferous in your community, the ones who, in the words of Common Purpose, “lead beyond authority”.  Three or four middle class LHP Cancel Harpies who support each other have a massive influence out of all proportion to their actual numbers.  And there are a lot more than 3 or 4 LHP Cancel Harpies in Kesgrave.  What about YOUR local community?

It’s no accident that the BBC is an organ of Left Hand Path propaganda.  The Left Hand Path is a community based, middle class virus and its early proponents in both Russia and China were middle class.  Media professionals are of necessity educated and inevitably hold middle class values and ethics;  3 or 4 vociferous middle class LHP Cancel Harpies who were educationally Marxists will have begun to spread the word in their local middle class communities and among those influenced by their Marxist fartwaffle are the people who operate the BBC.  Something like that must be how the obscenity that the BBC has become started.  The terrible situation we are now in developed slowly over years and finally we have noticed.  We don’t have a vaccine and this foul virus in the heart and soul of Britain is eating us alive.  Is it too late?  What can we do to fight back?

The truth is, the Left Hand Path has massive presence and control at the roots of our society and the conservative right has nothing.  Forget “I-don’t-mind-woke” Johnson and his party of spineless moderates.  They are woke, they are not going to stop the BBC.  So what can we do?  The real question is: What can I do?

I want to free my community from the Left Hand Path which influences what happens where I live to such an extent I believe it’s true to say they more or less control it.  Therefore I must find a way to take it back from them.  I’m 70 and I don’t have experience of working with others in the community to create a fightback of some sort, but I know if nobody does anything we will continue to fade away.  I believe we are on the brink of the abyss.  It won’t be long before the arrest and mass detention of dissidents will increase to the point where the general public becomes aware of it and is frightened to speak of.  It has already started, but it’s in the early stage.  It’s no good whining on the web about all the terrible things being done in the name of correct thinking epitomised by the BBC and The Guardian.  They represent the community and have its support.  They don’t care about your whining.  For them a woke Tory government is just as helpful as a Labour government.  Red or Blue, Woke is woke, right?

So I started Kesgrave Cancel the BBC in the hope of bringing 3 or 4 other people together within the context of fighting back at something monstrous imposed by threat of criminal prosecution and sanction by our Left Hand Path influenced Tory government.  If 3 or 4 barking nut jobs can do it for LHP, 3 normal people can do it for the right, but contacting 3 such people is like struggling to awaken a dead parrot.  I’m making mistakes and learning as I go along.  Do please try to stay on topic in your comments;  I will read every comment and respond where relevant.  I am particularly interested in reading your ideas for what could be done to increase membership of Cancel the BBC in any community, how to leaflet (where can I get low cost leaflets and handouts printed?), how to organise leaflet handouts, shopping center stalls, public meetings.  Let me know if this description of Kesgrave is an echo of your own community or not.

Note: Defund the BBC is an online electronic entity which talks a lot online but has no community presence and it is, quite rightly, laughingly ignored by the media and the political establishment, as well as by the LHP which controls your community and mine.


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36 Responses to Kesgrave Cancel The BBC

  1. G says:

    All agreed Kesgrave but personally I only have negativity for your hopes and aspirations.

    Overall, I think that the deep seated sickness is one that only time will cure – and that’s a big ‘maybe’ – and that’s provided the awareness of where it is taking the population is recognised – in time. I fear that in dealing with the “Sheeple” as a term used infrequently on this blog is totally draining. A not more accurate description can be found. Sums it all up.

    I have personal experience of starting a national cause and observing the “Sheeple” participating (not!). I found the Sheeple hated what you hated but they eventually tagged you on the list of ‘hated’ as well. They will turn on you just as quickly as the opposition. “Nowt queerer…….” I eventually, after many years, got my issue into legislation in dealing with Government and, along the way, got offered a role as a Government, ‘Special Advisor’. Simultaneously, my health deteriorated to the extent of heart attacks and by-pass surgery resulted. But still I persisted. And I was younger than you are now.

    If you have not had experience of trying to promote any national cause and aware of the the public reaction (sorry, ‘inaction’), speak to those who have. I remember an election a few years ago when For Britain became involved. Canvassers came from all around the country to support the (first) For Britain candidate in Newport Gwent. Every weekend they beavered away delivering leaflets all over the place and standing around distributing same in the town centre. Over weeks and weeks prior to the election.
    Come the election and needless to say the FB was not elected. Afterwards, I searched for the number of votes supporting the candidate. Don’t recall the precise number but I think it was in the region of 125. Sorry.


    • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

      Well Mr G, I think your spirit has been crushed, sir. Where is your courage, your imagination, your sense of fun? You appear to be beaten down by failure. Besides, I only need 4 people to help, 4 out of Kesgrave’s total population of 14,600 – less than .027% of the population. I see it as an opportunity to have fun,to create colourful and imaginative community events while flicking bogies at the LHP Harpies (a very small number of them)who have come to accept control of this community as their birthright. Drawing attention to the iniquities of the BBC does not have to be a military litany of far right fury. Just drawing attention to Kesgrave Cancel the BBC will be enough. Local media are desperate for stuff to print. Looking at your own local community, who are the people who talk most vociferously, most arrogantly of their woke issues? You will find very few of them have an absolutely massive ffect on the community, is that not so? And that is in line with what their Master, Chairman Mao practiced in the early days before communism was fully established in China. There were very few of them but they had a big effect on their community. What would be a good attention getting event which local media would like to talk about, can you think of something? Putting your sadness and broken spirit to one side just for a moment and pretending you are courageous and spirited, what would you do to attract attention and get a very few people to help you, get media to talk about what you are doing?


      • G says:

        Not broken spirit.
        Perhaps I should have explained a little further to clarify. I’m heading rapidly for the big 80 and, post my heart problems, I’ve had a stroke. In the midst of two hip replacements with the first needing a replacement itself. So, with the greatest of respect, ‘I’ve done my bit’ and I’m done with all the nonsense. But I hope that, at least, I can explain my experiences of national campaigns from scratch. I doubt anything’s changed with public awareness despite the internet.


        • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

          Please read my original post again. The internet does nothing to bring awareness of anything to anyone. Its not that the necessary information isn’t there – it is available in abundance. But my neighbours, disgustingly stupid as they are have, most of them, no idea where Brussels actually is and they don’t know what is meant by “woke”; generally speaking they are politically naive and easily manipulated. I am not speaking of working class people only, here, the middle class have a similar ignorant outlook. In order to bring change to their outlook, it is necessary to bring information to them which they would not otherwise get. If Nigel had established himself in has chosen constituency a couple of years before the election, got himself involved in community meetings and events, appeared at important public functions, started a local community website covering only that constituency and got himself known and accepted in pubs in the area, he would now be an MP. His online information bulletins have have an effect of people’s awareness but do not specifically target constituency electors. The minority of conservative right electors remains extremely low and those who voted woke Johnson into power mistakenly thought it was a “tactical” vote, or were so stupid they believed everything promised.
          Hence My focus has switched to local tactile activities to bring the right information to people in my area. I do not seek to build a big following, but to inform local people. Firstly by leafleting and later by introducing an online community network offered via leafleting. That is why I say I seek only 3 or 4 others to help bring this about.

          That is why I am trying to direct your and other’s attention to local activities that local people can see and interact with in the real world. The reason Nigel has never made it to Parliament is not just because its “very difficult for a new party to gain a foothold in Parliament “because our electoral system is designed to prevent new parties from gaining power” as he has repeated many times.


      • G says:

        Just an afterthought, get a Member of the House of Lords on side and/or a MP. It should not be too hard to sift through either to find people that are highly critical of the BBC. That’s where the focus should be made. Don’t work too hard on the normal and well beaten path where the failure rate is very high.
        Any broadcast debates in the HoL/Commons will indicate those who may be on side in their dislike of the BBC.


  2. Doublethinker says:

    You are right in what you say about the all encompassing power of the Woke left and the incalculable damage it has done in the past 25 years. In my view there are millions of people who share many of those views but you are spot on in believing that the problem is mobilising them into a cohesive force which can compete with numerically much smaller LHP.
    What is needed is a tangible victory to demonstrate that ordinary British people can push back against Wokism. After all millions of these determined folks forced through Brexit. One of the ironies of the current situation is that the Woke need the money of the ordinary folk to insult those very same people and to denigrate their culture , history, beliefs and country. My first step would be to target the BBC , the great behemoth of Wokism in Britain. The BBC needs ordinary folk to pay the License Fee. I am sure that there are loads of folks who deeply resent being forced to pay for the BBC . They need to be mobilised into a campaign of direct action focused on mass refusal to pay the License Fee. Once a few hundred thousand refuse a million or two more will quickly follow and the BBC will be on its knees and ordinary folk will see that they have the power to push back, they can force things to change in the direction they want. With such a victory under their belt a leader like Nigel will emerge , a political entity will be born and the Wokists will be pushed back to the fringes of society.
    In short the first practicable step to regaining our country is the destruction of the BBC by refusing to pay for it.


    • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

      so ahh, how exactly would you mobilise people round where you live, Double?


      • Doublethinker says:

        No idea how to get hundreds of refuseniks round where I live but I take every opportunity to say to friends and relatives that I am very anti aunty and am refusing to pay the License Fee. So far a couple have agreed to try , at least they said they would. The Otherwise Woke Times and Telegraph, plus the Mail are not friends of the BBC and would report a growing License Fee payers strike. Once the ball starts rolling it will be difficult for the BBC to stop it. Or better still for the newspaper coverage a martyr sent to jail by the greedy Woke BBC . I would have to consider if I wanted to be the martyr though.


        • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

          As I said in my thread starter, I am only really looking for 4 people to help. If we look at how chairman Mao worked in the community, we can see that 4 people can have a massive – ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE – effect on a community’s thinking and outlook. And if YOU, sir, examine what happens in YOUR community and you will see the same as I do, that the 3 or 4 Cancel Harpies of the LHP are calling the shots at meetings all over the district, not just at council meetings. So focus your thinking on what 4 of you could do as a hardcore dissent unit focused on calling attention, creating upheaval and resentment, disseminating INFORMATION and building recognition around a major issue. I only want 4 out of Kesgrave’s population of 14, 600. Less than .027%. Only 4.


        • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

          So what would you advise me to put in an A5 leaflet/handout? Are you yourself interested in cancelling the BBC, or do you have some other plan? Please let us know.


  3. Nibor says:

    Also put in Gramscians , Frankfurters, Columbia University, cultural Marxism , fellow travellers and useful idiots.

    The rapier point is better than the sledgehammer.
    Here are some tips gleaned from others :

    Let your position be known , but don’t bring it forth . Let your opposition start the debate that you will win .

    Never let anyone think that you have “turned” them . Let them think that they had or were coming to your views all along .

    Show the inconsistency of your opponent’s views to themselves. Never be afraid to ask them to explain the meaning of a technical point ( for example ‘ what does xxx stand for and who invented that acronym etc ‘ ) .

    Never let your opponent quote experts without challenging about the experts , who commissioned any poll etc , why it was commissioned, where , and when .

    Ask ‘ why should I believe that statistic /experiment/ result ‘ ?
    ‘ Are they the only ones / Is that the only one ‘ ?

    Find one government/ organisation statistic / report that is wrong . Find others . When quoted by a LHP / Gramscian / woke person a statistic favourable to them quote just one that is not .

    Point out how the most vulnerable are affected by woke policies. And how big business ( which they pretend to hate but are in bed with ) adapt and make money from .

    Use their methods , their words , adapted to your ends .


    • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

      Are you giving me advice which you do not actually use yourself, Mr Nibor?


      • Nibor says:

        No Mr Kesgrave .


        • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

          great, because you can really help me to get a fightback started doing what you know about – logical argument. I need to word an A5 leaflet which we will have printed and delivered around Kesgrave to hopefully get a response. What would you put in such a leaflet, what would you actually say, Mr Nibor, please? We need your ideas.


  4. Nibor says:

    Sorry but I think I left the best one out .

    Make a bet with your opponent.

    Eg : bogus asylum seekers are housed in hotels .
    If opponent disputes this , lay a bet with him/ her , make the stakes high .


  5. LynetteO says:

    Publicising things that people were not being told, that have been documented may be helpful – just getting family and friends to read the incidents that someone they know was personally involved is limited but it can springball from there eg The case of FGM in Bristol I know this is a specific concern and may be limiting but if things are not right for individuals it is important to make a start to get others to read it..

    But people do not generally repond well to negative news – they just don’t want to know -they get enough of it from the BBC and the media !-perhaps make news items that improve people’s lives and that they can appreciate and at the same time will realise what has to be done to change the destructive ideas that the media wants to push.


    • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

      Thanks for your reply,Lynette. I need help finding quotable and pithy URLs exclusively about the iniquities of the BBC. Anything very recent and revealing you can find please post here, I would would be very grateful . I am focusing only on the BBC. Later, when I have helpers, we will invest in a local community network which will be advertised by handouts/leaflets produced and distributed by ourselves. We will start to deal with other issues of a local nature on that as well as other national issues. The aim is to inform with relevance to those who live here. But, I’m starting with the BBC.


    • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

      Can you help us with the wording of an A5 leaflet, please, Lynette? Nothing negative at all, make it as positive as you like as long as what you say advocates cancelling the BBC? What would you say bearing in mind you must not put anything negative in case they don’t respond well. So what would you put, please?


  6. Up2snuff says:

    I’m fresh from listening to TWotWeeeee with a new voice, Ben Wright, in charge. The author has forgotten that The Left now control The Climate or at least think they can. Ben was almost shouting at the radio in his youthful (he sounded young) enthusiasm for China Joe and John Kerry working together with China on stopping ‘Climate Change’.

    Mr/Mrs/M/s Author, you have your work cut out for you. It will be hard going. How high is Kesgrave above sea level?


    • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

      No idea what you are talking about Mr Snuff. I don’t watch TV and if I did I wouldn’t watch the BBC. But if you want to help you could send me recent URLs relating to bad things, lies and woke agenda propaganda perpetrated by the BBC and that will help me stay up to date in writing copy for my leaflets. At present I’m only interested in focusing on the BBC. My organisation is Kesgrave Cancel the BBC.


  7. Deborah says:

    I was going to respond using the main computer, where I can type more quickly and with more sense. For various reasons I am on the iPad, forgive me.

    The Left are in charge of the institutions. It is why we still have immigration via rafts. Every time Priti wants to be firm, you can see the hand of not just the human rights lawyers but also senior Home Office officials. You can see it in the Police; if BLM want to riot during a lockdown then they should be allowed to but if people want to pay their respects to Prince Philip, they should stay at home. You can see it in the schools when children are taught about climate change, but not spellings, because good English is racist.
    But I cannot get inside the heads of the true harpies, the ones that truly believe. What I see in the heads of most people is fear. They don’t really believe in climate change, they aren’t racist and they don’t mind if the couple living next to them are the same gender. But they are afraid to speak out. I watched as someone who headed an organisation came out as trans. They had become poor at their job as their decisions about gender consumed them. But when their staff spoke out, it was the staff who had to be retrained in what to think and a day with a person in a dress changed nobody’s mind. Money wasted but it ticked a box. What people are being taught is to keep their heads down, or be attacked by harpies.
    But the Left are winning with the young; the police who bend a knee, the young who become vegan to save the planet, the young who scream BLM. Except it is all in their imagination. The young still want to get a lift to their mates rather than walk, young women will still want to drink themselves silly and expect to walk home safely and young women still want to wear new clothes for a special night out they will never wear again and wasting earth’s resources to produce their lipstick and painted on eyebrows and still want the heating on rather than put on an extra pullover.
    And what of those at the BBC? I saw the young urban women who produce Countryfile, or I did as John Craven turned 70. If they stay at the BBC, they will earn enough that they can continue with the unrealistic ideals of the Left……until they have children who grow up and want work. Only then will those people see how their Utopia is actually Hell. Utopia will only be for the very rich. The BBC and their like will have destroyed the middle classes.


  8. Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

    Thanks for your passionate response, Deborah. If you want to help us get started you can post recent urls about the BBC you have read or watched which you think we should check out. That would be a really big help. Also I need help writing leaflets where we have to use large bold type and can only have a heading and 3 or 4 sentences. But we also intend writing letters to local media, politicians, businesses and organisations, What would YOU say to your MP about a local pensioner aged 76 who looks after his partially sighted wife and cannot afford the licence fee, who hates the BBC and does not watch it and who lives in fear of the TV Licencing screws. What would you say?


  9. Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

    If you really want to help then make a few suggestions: what would you say on an A5 leaflet going out to 5000 households in Kesgrave? Anyone?


  10. SpinningReith says:

    Sorry to rain on your parade (or pee on your chips for the less sophisticated) but I doubt that a grass-roots campaign is likely to achieve very much.
    The ‘Establishment’ will ignore any campaign with which it disagrees. Look at immigration for example. Brexit was successful because it appealed to a basic desire in the British people. This is not the case with the BBC. The extreme ‘woke-ness’ and multicultural ‘product-placement’ are to be found in News and current affairs programming which many people do not watch. There may be stronger feeling about mixed-race advertising, but many will say that has nothing to do with the BBC anyway.
    Assuming your campaign is successful (and I sincerely hope it is) and lots of people defund the BBC my fear is that the Government will merely finance it through general taxation, or something similar.
    In my view, change must come from the top, from a sympathetic Government and can only be achieved by diverting your/our efforts towards the election (or threat of election) of politicians with views similar to our own.
    Look what effect UKIP had on David Cameron.


  11. Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

    We are just about to do 500 leaflets close to where I live. I expect 2 to 4 responses. My aim is not to start a mass movement. I am seeking 3/4 people who can help build our voice locally. Kesgrave has a population of 14600 and I only need 4 people to be positive and active. About the same number of people as the leading LHP harpies have taken control with. We will point finger and scream “Anti-British!” “Communist!” “Far Left!” “Woke Extremist!” very publicly until they rattle. We will collect signatures so that we can get letters published in local media with 100 signatures. We will do these things repeatedly and unrelentingly until the community begins to repeat our statements and slogans. Just like they do for far left extremist woke anti British LHP agitators. At present the LHP has our community. Our Tory MPs follow the LHP lead, there is no other voice for them to listen to. We need a roots upwards policy to counteract the LHP roots upwards policy which currently dictates what government does. Which government is elected and what their policies are is completely irrelevant whilst the country is controlled at the grass roots local level by the LHP. This is what you and everyone else on the common sense right has failed to grasp.


  12. StewGreen says:

    @Kesgrave take note of how one guy turns activists lawfare on themselves and they squirm
    Energy corp says “look at us we are green we are installing Electric Car recharging points
    Steve Milloy “You have environment impact reports, now the mining of lithium for EV car batteries involves child labour
    So as a shareholder I propose a motion that this corp does a Child Labour Impact Report”
    Corp “no we’ll exclude that from the shareholder meeting”
    Stock Exchange Commission “Nope you can do that, it has to be on the vote list”
    .. now we can expect that institution will instruct their voters to vote no, but Milloy has got publicity.
    Can we do something against the BBC ?


  13. StewGreen says:

    But Tesco now has full time pop music intruding”.. ‘with woke preaching’

    This seems to go against good practice re dementia, and autism people ..who need a calm environment.

    “Three or four middle class LHP · Left-Hand Path Cancel Harpies” .. have disproportionate influence
    Yes that is what Common Purpose is about ..driving society, and therefore is undemocratic.

    the conservative right has nothing
    The Conservative Party is with Labour is mostly well in with Common Purpose


  14. StewGreen says:

    Before XR existed, in my community there arose a school kid who said she was interested in climate demos
    local media feted her.
    But a quick check revealed her family was German, so she spent half her time there, and that she was actually moving there in a few months
    Which she did but having ingratiated herself , she’d already been invited to visit parliament with other Climate Kids, so she then travelled back from Germany just for that one visit.
    Grassroots ? Climate Kids are often really a front for their parent, but I wonder if some of it was centrally orchestrated.


  15. StewGreen says:

    Firstly @KCB the actual conservative public is a majority ..almost silent
    In local pubs most people are in agreement
    ‘Oh here come the BBC pushing woke down are throats’
    ‘Oh here come the local council, inefficient workers who are obsessed with covering their arses and waste tax payer money like water’
    But then at 3:45pm The teachers come into the pub with their council office and union mates
    and everyone else shuts up as they start their anti-Brexit talk.

    Look at your local facebook group when local crime happens
    The consensus is very much to the right
    I believe in Rochdale such a grass roots movement exists
    Though of course when they talk of equality, they are smeared as racists
    And there always seem to be an Aunt Sally who will say something really racist and the left will latch onto that .. Such people are part of society, but I wonder if some are deliberately planted by the left as agitators to spoil groups.


  16. StewGreen says:

    I paraphrase
    ‘Now Left Hand Path have sown up local institutions
    we need to stop them
    they’re getting such a grip dissentients wont speak up for fear of detention.
    whining on the web not enough
    they walk all over us anyway
    ‘Labour/Tory are the same’

    ‘So I started Kesgrave Cancel the BBC
    I believe 3 or 4 people on the right, can stand up to LHP
    BUT people are apathetic
    how to organise ?’

    Defund the BBC is an online electronic entity which talks a lot online but has no community presence and it is, *quite rightly, laughingly ignored by the media & establishment*”
    I disagree, Its a strong org with BAME teacher Calvin Robinson and gay northeasterner Darren Grimes as keystones among others
    They are on Talk Radio 6 times a week
    and in print get support from Sun columnist Dan Wootton
    I think Calvin writes in the righty press too
    Then there is the Spectator and GB News.

    Where are the local righty orgs ?
    Our local UKIP group was such an org and the local pro-Brexit Facebook group
    probably there are other parties that are smear-labelled as far right, but are not except for 1 or 2 odd nutters who may well be plants from lefty agitators.

    Rod Liddle has sided with the original SDP which still runs under their leader William Clouston ..also on TalkRadio weekly

    Now there used to be more righty institutions
    The church and its associated institutions like the scouts, but they’ve been taken over by LHP
    (Perhaps black churches and Hindu groups still are mostly conservative)
    Charities and orgs like National Trust have also been conquered.
    A key part of conquering is the conquering of the media led by the media . that we already live in a world where people are afraid to speak up.
    Look at the guy who founded a Manchester homeless charity
    and woke tried to kick him out, but actually they failed.

    Forums such as this provide a counteraction to the media
    People here speak up anyway ..cocking a snoop at libmob.

    Look at the way Trump no doubt got elected the first time
    And they had to pull a mountain of tricks to stop him the second.
    They admit that he did get more votes than any other Republican
    so there are a lot of conservatives out there.

    Labour does have an immense human-Twitter-bot army
    … but they are still not popular with the public.
    Neither are XR despite their ubiquitous MSM presence.
    Look when the BBC open comments on HYS
    the lefties generally do not win
    despite moderators rigging debate by deleting comments.

    Ex-military orgs and forums don’t seem to be controlled by LHP do they ?


  17. Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

    Appreciate your comments, Stew. I have just had our first handout proof back from the printers and I would like to upload it, but when I click on “add image to your comments”, the bugger asks for a URL. The pdf of the image is on my desktop. Is there any way you know of that I could upload it to this thread, please?


  18. Tabs says:

    I’m having internet problems. I cannot find the BBC article about a black baby sitter killing a 1 year old white baby

    Perhaps the BBC don’t report USA news (when it suits them).


    • Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

      thanks for that. a useful url and it does show bias by the bbc, in my view.


  19. Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

    Download link to poster


  20. Kesgrave Cancel The BBC says:

    About 600 A5 posters as per banner heading above have now been delivered around Kesgrave. 2 people have so far put them up in a front window but there have been no email enquiries. Ignorant as I undoubtedly am about advertising, publicity and copy writing, I don’t think ignorance/incompetence underlies the deafening silence. Actually meeting other people to fight back against a common outrage by our politicians has never been part of the experience of people who live in Kesgrave. Just as it is outside the experience of those who comment so negatively and hopelessly on this thread. And that is why my target is to find ONLY 3 others who have the spirit to fight back instead of spineless commenting online and whining into their beer down the pub. Then there is the question of availability of fightback. Most Britons have no means to fightback and the concept of actually doing something constructive to combat politically imposed outrage is alien to them. There has never in their experience BEEN a means of hitting back. I believe there will eventually be a response when the penny drops and when they realise that Defund the BBC is doing absolutely nothing to bring change or embarrassment to the BBC. Therefore my policy will be to conduct door to door delivery and leaflet handouts at regular intervals so gradually everyone in Kesgrave will understand that Kesgrave Cancel the BBC exists and is available. We will soon be launching regular bulletins via You Tube, but comments will be closed and the only means of response will be our email address. There will be links between our online presence and the means of contacting us for those who live in Kesgrave i.e. you read the handout and watch the clips on You Tube. There will be a reminder on the clips to contact us with your comments. Eventually we will have an online community website open to those living in Kesgrave postcodes only. If you ARE intending to respond to this comment, do try and comment as positively as possible, try to act as if you were spirited and hopeful and willing to take on whatever is necessary to support justice, reason and common sense. Try not to whine sadly as if you have given up.