Weekend Thread 1 May 2021

Comrades – May Day – rise up – burn your TV Licence – cancel that DD – some might say . Its the last weekend before some elections for something . Time for the BBC to have more ‘revelations ‘ about something on behalf of its’ Socialist friends .

Meanwhile- in the real world ….

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  1. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:



    • StewGreen says:

      Catchup links to latest posts on the previous thread
      page 4 started 7am Friday
      page 3


    • Up2snuff says:

      Halifax and Lobster, do let us know how you are.


      • Deborah says:

        I have seen Lobster a while ago posting on I think it was Guido. Halifax, your friends here are still thinking of you.


        • Eddy Booth says:

          Halifax was here last week and said he’s 100% recovered.


          • StewGreen says:

            Halifax APRIL 19, 2021 AT 10:46 PM
            “Can I just say a big thank you to you all for your kind words and thoughts. I’m now 100% health wise so I’m looking forward to joining you lovely people back on the site, ..”


  2. StewGreen says:

    Belfast : The 2 soldiers trial is not over over,
    but now the case seem paused so prosecution has to think about an appeal after the judge ruled out the main evidence.


    • digg says:

      Any judge who was not in Ireland having bricks bottles spit and petrol bombs and bullets thrown at him has no right to sit in judgement of English soldiers posted there without any choice in my opinion. If they convict these men they should roast in hell. And I hope they do. How long will it be before we are asked to have our POW’s apologise to the Japanese for building a shit railroad through Burma and having the total arrogance to die of starvation while building it?


  3. StewGreen says:

    now Ch5 doco about the Hudson River
    “contains racial terminology which maybe offensive”


  4. digg says:

    First time I have seen the get out of jail free card fail…



    • Scroblene says:

      Ratners have a lot to answer for…



    • davylars says:

      Where was Dan Johnson and the police helicopter?

      (BBC reporter that broke the Cliff Richard Story)


      • digg says:

        The BBC will put this story in room 101 as frigging quickly as they can don’t worry


      • digg says:

        Incidentally they are letting the odious, slithery creature Dan Johnson pop up again on northern stories, he must have something on the DG of the BBC.


  5. Scroblene says:

    Just for some interest, can anyone help me out with some new ‘Bidenballs’ statements?

    That one about him getting confused about his wife was a classic, so presumably, the awful BBBC won’t have that stuff anywhere near normal citizens who are forced to pay their eye-watering wages!

    What a dreadful crowd they are, in W1A! Smug, fat-cats, loving their high-life while sucking on the teats of the elderly…

    Whatever happened to real talent?


    • digg says:

      If the BBC realised how hated they have become to ordinary Joe they might think a bit. But has it happens they couldn’t give a flying F*** about ordinary Joe!


  6. StewGreen says:

    9pm You can’t see the final part of the Viewpoint thriller
    ITV is protecting you from seeing an accused predator actor

    Instead they’re serving you : New: It’ll Be Alright on the Night

    However, the finale will be available on streaming service ITV Hub from Friday night until Sunday “for any viewers who wish to seek it out, and watch its conclusion”

    To me taking action now, makes it look like you are already punishing him before a trial.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Presumably all those ladies making allegations again him have been interviewed by plod and statements taken – arrest pending … or does this chap get a pass … ?

      Lucky he wasnt in that Line of Duty show .. eh?


      • Nodding Dog says:

        Have never liked this Clarke character and sounds like a nasty piece of work.

        “I’m on a job now which I can’t mention and I came in on day one and I’m the lead actor and I was like, ‘The crew’s not diverse enough, fix it, fix it’,” Clarke recalled.”

        My disliking of him stems from his role in Auf Wiedersehen Pet a role he only got because he was black.The first two series were on ITV the first one is rightly hailed as a classic.They decided to make some more many years later with the original cast apart from Gary Holton who played Wayne who’d sadly passed away so they wrote in an illegitimate son of his to replace him.The new series being on the BBC this son was of course black (Wayne did put it about a bit so is plausable) I read in Jimmy Nails autobiography that he and some of the others were against introducing the character he was also against his son in the programme being portrayed as a drag queen and gay…if you know Oz then that bit isn’t plausable…except in the warped minds of the BBC!


  7. vlad says:

    Aux Armes, Citoyens!

    The lying liars at the lying BBC would have you believe that the Open Letter written by French Generals (on the threat of immigration and Islam) was the product of a few extremist officers (i.e. fascists) and only resonated among scary far-right Le Pen supporters (more fascists).

    The reality is quite different.

    A Harris poll found that 58% of French people say they support the military signatories, rising to 71% of LR sympathizers (conservatives), and 86% of those of the RN (far right party).

    Furthermore, a very large majority of French people share the vision expressed by the former soldiers on “French society in the process of disintegrating” (73%) or “a form of anti-racism which produces hatred between communities” (74%).

    86% of those polled believe that “in certain towns and districts, the laws of the Republic do not apply” and that “violence is increasing day by day in France” (84 %).

    For nearly half of the French surveyed, the country “will soon experience a civil war” (45%) and “the army should intervene without being ordered to do so in order to guarantee order and security in France ”(49%).

    In other words there is enormous support for the letter and its signatories, and huge concern about the issues raised.

    The letter has touched a raw nerve for much of the population, and it is t is NOT an insignificant marginal matter, as the BBC would like you to believe.

    Oh, and the letter was signed by “about twenty generals, a hundred senior officers and more than a thousand other soldiers”.

    Needless to say, Macron is coming down hard on those who dared speak truth to power.

    The figures above come from the two articles below.






      • vlad says:

        Yes, thank you. Your article covers many of the same points but expresses some aspects more clearly.

        – Nearly half want the military to be sent into multicultural banlieues to restore order.

        – the country is heading towards a “civil war” caused by failed multiculturalism and attacks on French identity.

        – The signatories also blame the “anti-racism” movement for seeking to create a “racial war” by attacking symbols of French cultural cohesion and identity, including statues.

        – Almost three quarters think the “anti-racism” movement is having the opposite impact and making race relations worse.

        I would suggest that much of the above applies to the UK, except that we’re more docile and, as yet, I see no sign of civil war.

        But plenty of anger.


        • Up2snuff says:

          One of the attacks on the French culture was actually coming from the Macron Government.

          This news reached me about a Bill to go before the French Congress:

          “This is the first time, as President of the Protestant Federation of France, that I find myself in the position of defending freedom of worship. I never imagined that in my own country something like this could happen,” – François Clavairoly, president of the FPF

          For weeks now, many have publicly decried this bill as extremely damaging to the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion in France.

          “Libérticide” is the phrase we like the best – “Freedom Killer” is the best translation.

          Tomorrow, this bill moves to the National Assembly where it will be voted on in approximately two weeks. Already, over 2,650 amendments have been proposed, however, several major problems remain.

          What’s the problem? It’s supposed to curb radical Islam. Isn’t that good?

          The first thing is that it doesn’t apply to most Muslims! In France, most mosques are dubbed “cultural centers” and organized as 1901 associations. This law applies to 1905 associations.

          So, which associations are 1905? 4,000 of the 5,000 registered 1905 associations are Protestant Churches (and 90% of Evangelical Churches are 1905 associations!)

          So, rather than limiting Islam, it is a slap in the face to Evangelicals and promotes the idea that that religion is guilty until proven innocent, houses of worship are centers of terrorism, and anything that is related to faith should be controlled and erased.

          Here are four aspects of this law that directly affect the Evangelical Church in France:

          1. Evangelical Churches will need to apply to their prefectures (the local city council) every five years to keep their status as a church. For any reason, the prefecture could close the church without any hearing or other legal process.

          2. Churches will need to declare foreign funds over 10,000 EUR, and “certify their accounts” which is like getting audited financials and costs several thousand euros. The churches who can’t pay? The pastor is personally fined 9,000 EUR and the church is uncompliant.

          3. Article 44 – “The government’s representative… can temporarily close a place of worship if certain positions, ideas, or theories are shared or certain activities are done which incite hatred or violence towards a person or a group of people or would justify or encourage such hate or violence.” This puts the State in a position to audit preaching and teaching in a Church.

          4. Homeschooling – although not widely practiced among Evangelicals in France as is in the US – would still be made illegal except for children with health issues, intense sports/artistic activities, live too far from a school, or have other situations specific to the child but whose parents can justify their ability to teach. There is no exception for religious or philosophical abstention.

          Please pray that the voices of the French Church are heard and that the law is rejected or approved with the modifications desired by the FPF and the CNEF*”

          *The equivalent of the Evangelical Alliance in the UK.


          • vlad says:

            The above is all news to me, but it sounds like Macron’s team are either incompetent, or so terrified of accusations of islamophobia that they have to make their new laws apply to ALL religions, and in the process snare perfectly harmless faiths in their legal nets, while missing the dangerous ones.


            • Banania says:

              The same would happen here, if ever an attempt were made to rein in Islam. The secularists would seize the chance to restrict the churches at the same time, under the guise of fairness.


        • TheRebelUK says:

          Vlad, and Dog with the original links you shared brilliant topic. All I would add is Britain and France have never seen eye to eye on many things but them French are proud of their country like us in the UK.
          The French need to get rid of Makron and get in someone who will get onto of the immigration and stop the invasion and make France French again. Like here we need to stop the BBC from getting rid of the UK’s cultural identity.


    • Up2snuff says:

      D’accord, vlad. I thought Sophie Pedder of the BBC was pushing things a bit to have known exactly what the political stances were of each of the signatories to that letter. Typical BBC misinformation or even a downright deceit on the listener.

      Marianna to Spring into action to investigate?

      I doubt it.


    • Garry Lavin says:

      Sorry, I read that first line as the ‘Flying Friars…’. I’ll start again.


    • digg says:

      The French are now showing the balls that will be needed to stop the rot that is infecting Europe and the USA. We are seeing 10% of the population with crackpot ideas directing things with the help of the 90% of the media who wallow in the same crazy swamp. The general population are beginning to wake up and smell the coffee. So go French and kick these total maniacs where it hurts. The people are behind you even if the media and government are trying to silence you!


      • tarien says:

        Let us hope that they can rock the rotten boat-wonder what Old Goat has to say? I know from living in France just how they the French people have been and are feeling over the steady invasion running over their land, very much as we feel here in the UK but seem unable to rise the head above the …… It was bad before Covid, but with the devils of Sage, the terrified government of its own shadow, a nation of peoples, once so brave now utterly compliant with any government instruction, forgetting that is they that put the government in power, so can take it away. Bon chance mes amies en France.


    • NCBBC says:

      The French have a tradition of violent revolution. But this one is not to be a revolution, accept as a change in attitude. This is war against an invasion of France that has been encouraged by the elite. Its an invasion by Islam fostered by the elite as a consequence of the Oil crisis in the 70’s.

      It will be a no quarters given war, which is generally the case in a religious war.


  8. Philip_2 says:

    BBC bias hidden facts. We shall probably never know, (but suspect that its probably true that the BBC has been infiltrated by extremists) but we can only speculate as the BBC are quite happy for you NOT to know about the BALEN report… but news leaked out.

    (2004) – The BBC itself commissioned the BALEN report in expectation they could ‘white-wash’ the report.

    Somewhere deep in the bowels of the BBC is a top secret document that could explain a great deal about the corporation’s decision to boycott the aid appeal for Gaza. It is called the Balen Report and has been seen only by a small number of individuals at the very top of the BBC. They commissioned Malcolm Balen, a senior editorial adviser, to investigate allegations that the BBC’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was biased.

    Balen examined hundreds of hours of broadcast material, television and radio, and analysed the content in minute detail, often scrutinising journalists’ individual phrases and choice of words. He then put his conclusions in a 20,000-word report. If BBC executives had hoped for a clean bill of health they were to be disappointed. Balen’s findings, given highly restricted circulation at the end of 2004, were frightening.

    Although they were kept secret, elements leaked out, including Balen’s conclusion that the BBC’s Middle East coverage had been biased against Israel…

    (2007) – still waiting

    (2010) – still confidential
    We are still waiting for the £400k publicly funded Balen Report to be available.

    (2012) – top secret document

    (2013) – 50 years of child abuse – kept secret

    (2014) – EU money – kept secret

    (2019)- So the BBC is always short of money at every level but astonishingly generous ‘perks’ to staff who play the game of victim-hood and are politically motivated foot soldiers (1) (like James Purnell head of BBC digital was head of Gordon Brown government).

    (2020) – Knock them down and they pop up again elsewhere (publically funded), of course.

    (2021) – Former DG Tony Hall (aka Lord hall) denies he was involved in a cover up.
    Now is prepared to sue Tim Davie (his successor) on that faked PANORAMA special document on a royal (Diana)

    (2021) – Nothing we don’t know already, the BBC is totally corrupted.
    So many reports I could list. And the favoured few are the ones the BBC paid for to enhance the image of the BBC.
    The BALEN report was held secret – as it still holds true today, it can never admit it is biased, beyond help. Defund the BBC is the only solution that is going to work.


    • vlad says:

      The infiltration you mention at the BBC started decades ago.

      I remember as a student occasionally watching children’s TV programmes (yes, the cliche’ of the lazy student was true), and, even though I was a bit of a lefty myself then, being shocked at the tone of some of them.

      In one (I forget the name) all figures of authority such as police, teachers, judges etc were viciously parodied. This went way beyond typical children’s mockery of authority. They were depicted as hateful to the point of sadistic, and were designed to provoke hatred in return.

      Well, those leftist writers and producers have had years to worm their way up the slimy pole, and are now setting the tone of the adult output.

      As far back as the 1940s and 50s, Communist infiltration of all echelons of society was systematic, planned, thorough and ruthless.

      Peter Hitchens analyses it in this old article, with a special mention of the BBC. And he should know – he was one of them.



  9. Garry Lavin says:

    I wonder how that Jem Stansfield case is going?


  10. Guest Who says:

    There’s desperation.

    And then there’s BBC Newsnight desperation.


  11. Philip_2 says:

    I could add. Dr Who is not what it was either.
    “Said allegations – a catalogue of sexual assault, harassment, voyeurism, bullying and professional misconduct, including covertly filmed “naked auditions,” described in detail by 20 women who had worked with Clarke in the UK film industry – had been published by the Guardian all of 27 minutes previously. (Clarke denies the allegations.)”
    He was made at the BBC image factory. You know the rest.
    I avoid my children from watching the BBC, Dr Who was (as a youth) my favorite program, but its been destroyed by Woke and the diversity going nowhere at all. Another molester from the BBC archives.



  12. Deborah says:

    10pm news and the British Army are in Mali. Apparently part of the problem in Mali is climate change. I don’t know what the Climate normally is in Mali but obviously film of near desert is an ideal opportunity to mention the climate.

    Previous item was the late Labour leader’s daughter interviewing a school girl from one of the best schools in Scotland but not one who appeared to be confident. So when Sarah asked her if she felt guilty being at a school where she was likely to do better than other girls who were just as bright. What was the poor girl likely to say?


    • tarien says:

      Indeed what are our British troops doing in Mali? I was concerned to see from the TV News a female Captain interviewed-a very dangerous place to be, and particularly for a woman, no matter a member of an armed force-if those Islamic devils got hold of a female in that troop, that woman would never be the same again even if allowed to live-my sons both in the military fought in theartres of war and they both agreed that in close combat they would never want a female alongside, their strength for starters would be suspect in close combat they would for ever be worried. Crazy that the UK has troops in Mali, and crazy that they have allowed women to be involved in such a dangerous place. It is a Muslim war and will have to be recognised as such.


      • Banania says:

        The British army is in Mali dealing with climate change. They are going to bring the climate back to what it used to be, which you must agree is jolly useful.


  13. taffman says:

    “Lorry driver jailed for bid to smuggle people out of the UK”
    I bet there’s more coming in.
    How many of these being smuggled are criminals evading the law?


  14. StewGreen says:

    Batcat tweeted

    I bought an SNP calculator the other day

    Nothing adds up

    …………………. but it’s excellent at : taking away
    ………………………………………………. and division.


  15. taffman says:

    “Eurozone suffers double-dip recession as pandemic impact continues”
    Aswell as with the Covid vaccine fiasco , its a good thing we left when we did ?


  16. StewGreen says:

    Jay Beecher is miles ahead of the BBC in exposing election fraud


  17. StewGreen says:

    Is SkyNews owned by the Democrat Party ?


    • BRISSLES says:

      Flower ??? its a bloody dandelion ! a weed ! Bloody hell, he’s worse than we thought.


      • Scroblene says:

        A Gardener replies…”An alternative French word for this plant is “pis-en-lit” or “piss in your bed” because the leaves are sometimes eaten in salads, but they are a diuretic, so they make you urinate more than normal”!

        Quite a lot of Democrat stuff to read into this little statement – I think I’ll leave it to others to think about…


    • vlad says:

      He was proposing – he’d forgotten they were married.


    • Garry Lavin says:

      Dear me. Trump version?…….Trump callously rips flower from natural habitat and discards without a thought….


  18. StewGreen says:

    Huge if there is proper evidence for this claim


  19. taffman says:

    Undercover police on wrong side of history, says ex-cabinet minister Lord Hain
    Hey Job done then Peter ! So when are you returning to SA ?


    • StewGreen says:

      There is an unmentioned flipside
      when I was at Green/anarchist meetings it was obvious half the people were undercover police (ala Riotous Assembly novel)
      but half police undercover & non- undercover went native and were helping the Green/anarchists
      so were abusing the taxpayer who funded them and the operations.
      .. Police tend to be the home of LGBT etc, not just old time bigoted righties


  20. JohnC says:

    Just checking the BBC Home page as usual to do a ‘Tripe Check’ and as so often happens, among all the real-news one article stands out like sore-thumb and make you think ‘What is that doing there ?’.
    This one is ‘Restore White House Rose Garden, petition urges’.
    I used to ignore such tattle, but these days I go in to look for the agenda.
    It’s the usual positivity to Biden and negativity to Trump, but it also included yet another link to twitter. These are getting very common these days.
    So I went to twitter – but only to check the other posts by the same person and sure enough, she’s a pro-Mrs Biden activist. Either that or the worlds biggest stalker. Almost certainly on the payroll in some way. Every single time I have followed a BBC link, it’s to a Left Wing activist.
    It’s now very clear what all this BBC/Twitter malarky is about : they are using twitter as a tool for the agenda which is free from bias checking. The intent is to direct the masses into carefully selected twitter feeds with non-stories like this in the hope we follow them and/or read all the other posts as well. And maybe it will just nudge the gullible majority a little bit more to the Left.
    That would be fine if it were the Daily Mirror or some other newspaper with a clearly defined agenda and I can simply choose not to fund them, but the BBC do it with public money while cynically pushing the lie they are not biased in any way.
    That’s why they must change to be a subscription service.


    • Scroblene says:

      And the BBBC always derided President Trump, for doing all his hard work on twatter, and ignoring the stupid Sopel Catty bias!

      I’m an avid follower of a gardening blog, and one of the latest posts is about Monty Don getting away from the awful BBBC.

      Normally, this particular horticultural blog bans anything other than a bit of fun and of course, gardening tips etc, but because gardeners like people like Monty, it seems that like so many institutions which are cherished to Great Britain, the blasted BBC is trying to knock them all down one by one! We’re dealing with a post about now, about all this, and the rules we adhere to are getting battered a bit already…

      What a divisive, cowardly crowd they are in W1A. More loathed by more decent citizens as each day passes.


    • Banania says:

      Perhaps Maxincony can tell us more.


  21. Tabs says:

    Giant 300-tonne fatberg blocks Birmingham sewer

    “This giant mass is the result of everyone occasionally washing and flushing the wrong things down the drains and not realising the impact that it is having,” he added.

    So it is everyones fault is it? Why do these fat bergs always happen in places like Birmingham, Bradford etc?


  22. Eddy Booth says:

    Clubbing comes back: ‘This is the best day of my life

    “A two-day event is being held in Liverpool, with 3,000 people per day allowed in.
    It’s part of a test to see how large events can be ran going forward and everyone has got to show a negative Covid test result before entering.”

    Catch um young
    ‘your papers please!’


  23. ScottishCalvin says:

    A doodle and thoughts this week on the dinosaur that is the Beeb.


  24. JohnC says:

    Just caught a bit of the news before Tony Blackburn this morning and was greeted with this:
    ‘President Biden will cancel Donald Trumps Wall on the border with Mexico today and says it will free up money for other projects such as schools for the children of soldiers’.
    Good God – it’s like talking to children. Are there no puppies who will benefit too ?.
    Note how no mention was made about how much each extra immigrant will cost the US taxpayer over their lifetimes of course.
    It’s so absolutely pathetic, I can hardly believe my ears. Are the British masses really as stupid as the BBC treats them ?. Or are they just targetting the dumb student-types like our pet troll maxi who don’t have the wit to question it ?.


    • Garry Lavin says:

      Blimey. Blatant manipulation and spin. I thought journalism was supposed to see through the PR and put it right!


      • Guest Who says:

        That and holding power to account.


        Reading the entire US MSM and BBC American Enema going ga-ga over President ga-ga going full Round Up would be funny if not tragic.


  25. Foscari says:

    I missed the “One Show” last night . Apparently
    with two of their latest box ticking presenters
    Alex Scott and Rycland Clark Neal , the programme
    was a riot. Clark Neal apparently does as good of
    a Kenneth Williams camp up with the the
    voice and mannerism’s of Kenneth Williams as
    you are likely to see, and it all comes naturally.
    Alex Scott needs to do nothing as she also ticks
    all the boxes already I was told.
    But BBC what we are all waiting for is for a transgender
    presenter who ticks all the other boxes as well , and our
    education and lives will be complete.


  26. Fedup2 says:

    A gift from beyond the DT paywall – Charles Moores’ column on his assessment of recent BBC activities – many of which have been usefully recorded on this site .

    Boris’s mobile phone embodies the bad and the good in his premiership.

    The bad bit is his carelessness. It is not brilliant, when running the country, to be available on a 15-year-old number which can be found online. It is a security risk and an invitation to lunatics and pranksters. No normal prime minister would be so negligent.

    But perhaps we don’t want a normal prime minister. The good side is Boris’s capacity to connect. He knows he must keep talking to as many people as possible, always reach over the heads of officialdom, never use the jargon of government. He must maintain contact with real life. In modern times, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair understood this. John Major, Gordon Brown and Theresa May did not. Guess who won the most elections.

    So it does not surprise me that former officials like Lord Ricketts, ex-Foreign Office, go on the BBC and demand that the Prime Minister’s mobile be “controlled and monitored”, as if Boris were a delinquent secondary-school pupil; or that the Tory lead in the latest opinion poll has increased to 11 per cent. The two phenomena are related. The “blob” wants him under house arrest. The people start shouting “Free Boris Johnson!”

    Let us look at how the Boris mobile has been wielded against Covid. Famously, the Prime Minister used it to persuade Kate Bingham to find enough vaccines to inoculate the population. That did a bit of good, did it not?

    We had not, until recently, heard that the mobile was also used to reach the engineering magnate, Sir James Dyson. Wildly over-excited, the BBC ran Laura Kuenssberg’s scoop that the two men had exchanged text messages in March last year about the tax treatment of Dyson overseas employees coming to Britain to help produce ventilators. Sir James, said Kuenssberg, was a Conservative Party donor. Via the notorious mobile, she implied, backers were getting special favours. Soon the BBC passed explicit judgment on the texting. It was, said Sarah Montague on the World At One, one of three new examples of Borisian “sleaze”.

    On this page on Wednesday, Sir James published a powerful defence of his actions. His key points bear amplifying.

    1. The first call came from the Prime Minister. On the advice of Sage and Imperial College, the Government sought 55,000 ventilators in four weeks. “You know about air-flow”, Boris said to Sir James: would his company help develop ventilators ASAP? Sir James immediately agreed.

    2. The company wanted its foreign employees exempted, if working on the emergency ventilators here for longer than usual tax rules allow, from double taxation – not a corrupt favour, but a request any employer would make in such circumstances. When it had received no reply from the Treasury after 10 days, Sir James texted Boris, who said he would sort it out with the Chancellor, and did. The company made 10,000 ventilators. Luckily, they were not needed. Sir James told Boris he would not charge the Government the £20 million his company had spent. A scandal? It feels more like another Bingham situation – the big man rightly intervening to get something urgent done. It was no one’s fault that the project later proved unnecessary.

    3. Key to the “sleaze” which Kuenssberg thought she had identified was that Sir James was a Tory donor. But he wasn’t. When he protested, the BBC retorted that he had made payments in 2016 and 2017 to a Conservative MP, Michelle Donelan: the Electoral Commission’s register of donations said so. No, said Sir James. He had indeed responded to a payment request from Ms Donelan, but not a political one. When I spoke to him on Thursday to investigate further, he read out to me the cheque stub and number – £5,000 to the Wiltshire Festival of Engineering, which Ms Donelan was promoting on behalf of her Chippenham constituency (and £6,400 for the same thing the next year). It helped schoolchildren interested in engineering careers. In his whole life, Sir James has given £800 to political parties. Contrary to widespread belief, he did not fund Vote Leave.

    So the sleaze story had collapsed. “The BBC still has not made this clear,” Sir James complains. At the time of writing, the only trace of anything amiss at the BBC is a brief “clarification” on an obscure page of its website, which says it was “factually incorrect” to call him a Tory backer. No wisp of an apology, let alone any admission that the true story was “PM asked for ventilators: Dyson said yes”. On BBC Today yesterday, Lord Ricketts spoke, unchallenged, about the “suspicion of favours … or the kind of things we are now seeing with the exchanges … with James Dyson”. Perhaps Sir James could sue both peer and programme.

    It is interesting that the BBC used the Electoral Commission for its wrong information. The primary source to check MPs’ interests is the parliamentary register. There, Ms Donelan clearly states that the payments were for the Wiltshire Festival of Engineering and were made by the James Dyson Foundation. On its website, however, the Electoral Commission makes no mention of the festival, and seems not to understand that a payment made by a foundation is always charitable and therefore cannot be made to a political party.

    Why did the BBC rely on this secondary source, and why does the Electoral Commission not present its records clearly? These questions may be relevant, because the Commission has just launched itself into another area of “sleaze” – the vexed question of who paid for Boris’s boudoir in Downing Street. It did so with aggressive enthusiasm, pre-empting its conclusions by saying there are reasonable grounds for supposing an offence has been committed. It is not usual, to put it no higher, for any public body – let alone an electoral one – to jump into such a controversial political subject just before much of the country goes to the polls.

    The Commission has form. Under its now-outgoing chairman, Sir John Holmes, a publicly-declared Remainer, it spent three years persecuting the young Leave supporter Darren Grimes in a ruinously expensive court case about alleged referendum malpractice. It failed, but its bias seemed clear. I wonder how much time its employees are spending with the BBC, furnishing it with misclassified “evidence”.

    If you look at the extraordinary collection of attacks on the Prime Minister, you see a combined assault by those who lost the referendum, lost the general election and seek to squash rising Tory hopes in the local elections. As before, they are using non-democratic processes and the network of “independent” authorities demanding ever-greater unanswerable powers to achieve what has failed at the ballot-box. On cue, the aptly named Steve Bray, that man with the foghorn voice and the ringmaster’s top hat, is back on our screens.

    The strangest and saddest part of all this is that Dominic Cummings, a leading architect of Vote Leave, is now, in effect, allied with his old Remainer enemies. He threatens to reveal horror stories about the Prime Minister who got rid of him. Less than a year ago, Emily Maitlis used her position on the BBC to claim that “Dominic Cummings broke the rules” and the Government covered it up. The corporation seems now to regard Mr Cummings as the fount of truth. There is consistency in this, though, if one remembers that the BBC’s greatest single aim is to get rid of Boris Johnson. ENDS


    • Doublethinker says:

      Hopefully these scurrilous attacks on Boris by the BBC will revive his determination to defund them. I am certain that millions of ordinary Brits have moved from stoical acceptance of having to pay for the BBC , even though they aren’t very keen on it , to a position where they actively loath the foul corporation. Given just a little encouragement they can be mobilised into taking direct action and refusing to pay the License Fee. Come on Borus give us the tools and we will finish the job for you.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Double – I think this site is evidence of how strongly people now feel about what is going on . I really hope that Mr. Johnson takes some action against the BBC – but I get the feeling he balances the effect of going for it as opposed to leaving it alone .

        The Charles Moore article raises the need to control the OFCOM and Election Commission as they are lefty outfits available as a swamp weapon . He could start by putting someone clearly of the Right in charge of both

        As for the liar Kuensberg -and her smearing of Dyson – how can she appear on the BBC as an unbiased journalist now ? As has been the claim upto now ?


        • G says:

          ‘Fraid I must question your terminology: “….of the Right…”.

          Surely you mean, “FAR Right”. LoL


          • Fedup2 says:

            Ha ha – yes – since anyone suffering from ‘non approved thought ‘ is now designated as a far right extremist it must mean a Far Right Chair of these quangos needs to be appointed and the wokes flushed out …

            … elsewhere …. The Labour leader is going to somewhere called ‘Hartlepool ‘ today to try and get a Labour MP elected .

            Will there be a photo op in the local John Lewis – 0r reference to that great Labour figure so close to Hartlepool – mandelson ?
            I think not ……

            … any one using the mainstream in the next few days will suffer extreme anti Tory propaganda – to be watched out of duty as opposed to anything else .


          • tarien says:

            No G ‘from the right’.


        • Foscari says:

          Fed Up-You get what you see with Laura Kuennsberg. We
          could see her arrogant sarcastic questioning of Boris
          Johnson and Matt Hancock during the pandemic
          I have referred to her as a latter day Lady Haw Haw.
          William Joyce-Lord Haw Haw used the same tone of voice
          as Kuennsberg with his” Germany calling, Germany calling”
          in the early forties when mocking Winston Churchill.
          Kuennsberg is just a latter day Germany calling , mocking
          Boris Johnson in her usual facetious manner. But really it’s just
          what the BBC pay her to do.


      • Guest Who says:

        The Times just ran a series of around six tweets trying to make this media incest clown show persist longer.

        If the burn out does not get them, the mockery might.

        Or lack of readers.


        • Guest Who says:

          Or audiences.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, thanks for that post. Two questions arise, one of which I know the answer to.

      1. Do you need to be a drug dealer to have two (or three) mobile phones?

      2. When will Tim Davie start his job as Director General of the BBC?

      3. If the PM had two or three ‘phones would he get in a muddle between the secure CS one, the old Mayoral one and t’other, without Dominic Cummings to organise the PM around the three?

      I have three questions …. ha! …… you weren’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.


  27. Guest Who says:

    This is serious. No, really.


    Imagine if Marianna caught this over there and brought it back?


    • theisland says:

      Looking at all those tweets must be terribly exhausting for the poor dears. Just as well they never have to read a range of researched academic/scientific documents etc. which are more than half a page long or engage in any primary historical research themselves (wikipedia doesn’t count) as part of their ‘job’.
      “Sources say …”
      “Some think …”


  28. Fedup2 says:

    Guest who – does the headline of that piece make sense? More seriously wouldn’t it be great if the majority of journalists burnt out permanently . ?


    • Guest Who says:

      The output of most beeboids suggest they burnt out long ago, possibly in the upper atmosphere taking out the dinosaurs.


  29. G says:

    “Firestorm After UN Watch Reveals Iran Elected to UN Women’s Rights Commission” (by Secret Ballot!)


    Could anybody, Worldwide, have any faith whatever in this corrupt outfit?

    Time to withdraw and hack off its Chinese managed tentacles. Ditto WHO.


  30. vlad says:

    While the BBC continues to fawn over the senile socialist in the White House, the Australians are getting very worried indeed. After all, they’re just across the sea from China, which is increasingly belligerent and assertive in the area.

    But it’s not just that; it’s much, much more.

    P.S. Does Biden wear his useless mask to cover up his incoherent mumblings?

    The ‘leader of the free world’ is ‘cognitively delinquent’


    • Guest Who says:

      One for all the ‘health correspondents’ and political analysts in the cubicle gardens to ponder…

      Or, not.


    • vlad says:



      • Guest Who says:

        The size of it, we might get the gist even across the pond.


      • Up2snuff says:

        I have to say that it is easier to listen to Boris Johnson than Joe Biden.

        I listened to a clip of China Joe that closed TWoT on Friday. Beijing Biden was at the Amtrak Golden Anniversary Celebration and his speech was seriously jumbled. I couldn’t tell you precisely what he said. I think China Joe said he commuted via Amtrak to the capital.

        Obviously either wealthy or having others pay for his ticket charged to expenses.


    • JohnC says:

      Excellent – and this kind of serious topic is what the BBC should be reporting. Instead they deliberately hide it because of their own politicial agenda.
      When Joe is removed from office, there will be no serious questions from the BBC about how such a person could be elected in the first place. Instead here will be a huge decoy-campaign where they run lots of articles about dementia and it’s victims and the Twitter idiots will be so consumed by their humanity and moral superiority, anyone asking what the f*ck is going on will silenced with the usual mob tactics.
      The real questions asked should be about who is behind this man becoming President and what is really going on behind the scenes in the USA. The BBC won’t go anywhere near it because once you accept it’s a conspiracy pushing a front-man, the election fraud suddenly becomes a much more realistic possibility.
      The worst part will be the inaugaration of Harris. Expect a ceremony chock full of spite aimed at the Right. And the cover up for her will be greater still.
      ps. Anyone have Jon Sopel’s email to send him this video ?. Maybe it will bring him back from cuckoo land.


      • vlad says:

        Harris will be fêted by the BBC like the new Messiah.

        Female, black, brown, far-liberal, leftist, feminist, pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, pro-BLM… she will be untouchable, beyond criticism.


      • tarien says:

        Absolutely JohnC, who is behind Joe Biden? Think we have a pretty good idea, and who they are in collusion with, a very nasty almost in human lot- they that would have us all under the New World Order, World Economic Forum, the Great RE-SET and whatever else that will subjugate, enslave, total complaince, and bring absolute control to this unhappy wolrd. I’d better go and cut the grass whilst I have the energy and freedom to do so.


        • Dobyns says:

          tarien, a one word answer



        • JohnC says:

          Whoever it is, it’s clear they have the power to ruin anybody in the ‘establishment’ if they choose to do so.
          Those with no ties to it for their future (like Trump) dare go against it – and look how hard they are going after him. They can even say in public they want to impeach him just to stop him running again and nobody bats an eyelid. That’s how bad it’s got.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thank you for that painful watch . I said at the outset that the false president would be gone by June . I stick with that although I don’t think his puppet masters thought they could get away with minimal Live exposure or non querying of his ability to read from the auto cue .

      Perhaps the Chinese are ‘happier ‘ with Biden in charge in this condition rather than the prospect of the coloured girl whose potential reactions might be harder to assess .

      Maybe then – there won’t be serious ‘confrontations ‘ other than cyber in the short term . But the script has so many variations who can guess .

      As for the piece itself – it reminded me of those 15 minute ‘point of view ‘ slots which the BBC used to do before there was a requirement for just one ‘point of view ‘ as there is now ….
      Is it easy to get an Aussie passport ?


      • Demon says:

        Fedup2, I had originally thought he would be gone by Easter, with a medical reason other than the blatant dementia he actually has. It could have been a stroke, a heart attack or even falling down stairs (although he seems to normally fall going upstairs). They would not use dementia as the Republicans accused him of it prior to the election and that would entail difficult questions.

        I have read since that if Biden manages to go through two years and Harris has less than half a term to serve, she will be allowed to follow it with two complete terms. i.e. nearly 10 years of Kamela!

        After all, their electoral corruption is supported by the courts and it is very unlikely that the Republicans will ever get the Presidency again.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Demon – maybe they’ll have an assassination by the required ‘trump supporter ‘ to kill 2 birds with one stone – as it were . I agree that ‘dementia ‘ won’t be mentioned as you say .

          But having seen what the democrats are willing to do such an extreme action would – sort of -in woke eyes – legitimise the coloured girl as the actual president . She needs to cry a lot too .
          As you say – now that we have witnessed the MSM colluding in theft of an election – anything is possible.


  31. G says:

    I have just taken delivery of a new Smart TV and, after setting it up and searching its offerings, I have concluded that the BBC is doomed (sooner or later):

    It is now impossible for the BBC to compete with all the alternative ‘entertainment’ now available.

    What’s more, my Smart TV has a web browser so I can add the likes of Bitchute so, I’ll be weaning myself off the dictatorial and increasingly limiting YouTube.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I consider my TV ‘smart’ if i can find the remote . Apparently Brillo TV is now running a live test card …


  32. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – the forthcoming battle is laid out

    Professor Sir Mark Wolpert is wanting to keep things locked down. Hugh Osmond, founder of Punch Taverns, was the first interviewee and he reminded the BBC, the Government. and the listener that the commitment was to the data not dates. The data was looking good, stick to the road map and re-open unless the data indicates otherwise.

    Poor old BBC and JustRemainIn Webb: just didn’t know which way to go … pro-Lockdown and pro-continuing restrictions or be pro-freedom and the return to ‘normal’.

    The Prof was certain. “Yes but” and “No but” restrictions must continue until we are ‘safe’. The paucity of thinking and the poverty of thinking in a professorial brain sort of astonishes me but is immediately rationalised away: Wolpert is against the current Government and is weaponising the threat of Covid for political ends.

    The battle lines are being drawn. A democratically elected Government and the people of the UK


    Some SAGE scientists and others together with much of the Civil Service, the Public Sector including education and much of the media.

    Which side will you join? You are going to have to decide, BBC. Soon.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    I think the BBC will play it both ways –

    If the ‘roadmap ‘ is followed with no increase in infections ‘ death then it was opened too late and ‘harmed the economy’

    Death and mayhem after ending lockdown – government ‘bowed to pressure ‘ to lift lockdown with the Duty Sage professor doing his ‘told you so ‘ act …..

    The ‘interesting ‘ outcome in the coming week is whether people anywhere vote about anything – and whether a low turnout will lead to various loons getting their hands on the taxpayers ‘ cheque book …

    Also – if there is no clear vote for a national socialist Scotland – will they just shut up for a while ? Personally I want a fully independent Scotland with a border – the euro and no common travel area ….Scottish passports to enter England …. And of course independence for Shetland …..and its’ oil …..( I write this in the full knowledge of the date and 1707)

    And if the Tories win Hartlepool the prospects for Starmer keeping his job diminishes with the prospect of Angela scum Rayner becoming leader too much to dream off …


    • Up2snuff says:

      You could be right, Fed. Trying to ride two horses at the same time.

      Could be a messy, painful and uncomfortable end for the BBC.

      Reckon it would be better to swallow their Remainer pride and back the people who keep them in lucrative jobs with holiday homes and global travel.


  34. AsISeeIt says:

    The number set in stone & a little bit of cultural cleansing

    I’m none too sure this really ought to be the job of our press hacks, but since we now live in a secular society, where our churches, rather too willingly, closed their doors on people in their hour of need, so the Daily Mail steps in to offer unction – or somesuch: ‘Help us to remember the loved ones we lost

    Personally, I’m wracking my brain to think of a relative, friend or colleague, or even distant acquaintance, anyone really, I know who actually died in the last fourteen months – despite the pandemic. So apologies if my reaction here seems a little dismissive.

    Oh, wait a minute, I did hear of the boyfriend of a daughter of a cousin of mine, aged in his twenties, who for unknown reasons, topped himself last summer. The story goes that he had a minor tiff with a manager at a fast food outlet where he worked, but other than that the family were perplexed, could think of no reason for his giving up on life. I vote that’s more tragic than the passing of the average eighty-two year old from the Wuhan nonsense. Apologies once again, but that’s just me.

    Each life lost to coronavirus is a tragedy‘ (Mail) – it may have been Churchill, as I recall it, who asked his editor to be brutal and to remove all and any unnecessary words or phrases from his writing. I think we can do without the words “to coronavirus” in that sentence.

    By all means pick up the Mail and take advantage of their offer: ‘We’ll send you this beautiful candle for a £25 donation*

    ‘*online donations only. 5,000 candles available

    What do we get for this donation – that is so very appropriately socially distanced in the manner it is required to be delivered? ‘Revealed: Magnificent memorial to 127,000 Covid victims to be built in St Paul’s Cathedral – with your help

    This has the backing of: ‘Prince Charles, faith leaders, and grieving families‘ – good luck to them and all that but let them get on with it.

    Here’s an odd line about the proposed commemoration of the 127,000 – seems that’s the number set in stone so to speak – sort of ‘127,517 and rising‘ best leave the door open on that: ‘dedicated to those who lost their lives – directly or indirectly – to Covid‘ – I guess that little proviso, directly or indirectly, has to be in there just incase some future inquiry takes too a close look at some of those covid death certificates and resassesses the NHS’s rather rushed homework.

    To cheer us up, the ladettes are back at the pubs – three young women offer us cheers as they raise their pint glasses from the frontpage of the FT Weekend – I guess all the male readership of our financial broadsheet would be pink gin men.

    I count two ciggies in shot – naughty, naughty, what on earth would Public Heath England have to say about that? Next thing you know David Beckham will be doing keepy-uppy headers and risking early onset dementia for charity. Come to think of it, there must have been something odd already going on in his brain when he was pictured wearing a sarong all those years ago. I digress.

    Despite appearances the FT is not really trying to cheer us up with their pic of the three hard-drinking cigarette-puffing lovelies, they want to depress us: ‘Three cheers… but will the beer run out?

    This next headline must stick in the craw of the globalist Brussels-loving FT Weekend: ‘Euro-zone in double dip recession. Covid lockdown takes toll. Region lags behind US and China.‘ The FT does find some small scrap of solace on the continent: ‘France bucks trend

    Here’s one of those written backwards reports reminiscent of a BBC middle east news story, where the headline implies Israeli aggression only for the reader to find halfway down the report this was in retaliation for a Palestinian provacation.

    Museum chair quits as Downing Street steps up “cultural cleansing” campaign‘ (FT) – I know, it’s not the most explanatory or on the face of it the most engaging of headlines. Suffice to say it gives the impression the government is doing something bad and initiating a culture war in our institutions. This with the added bonus of coining a new anti-conservative slogan – “cultural cleansing” – one wonders how long before it is taken up by the likes of the Labour Party the Guardian and BBC – but I repeat myself. Perhaps they already use it?

    Once you delve into the thick of the small pink print you learn the PM is being castigated by the liberal FT for refusing to reappoint to some cultural sinecure someone who was themselves actually pushing the culture war: ‘a trustee whose acedemic work advocated “decolonising” the curriculum‘ – but wasn’t a little bit of flushing out of the radical marxists from our institutions precisely what those new northern working class Tory voters… voted for?


  35. theisland says:

    How is the Arizona (Maricopa) 2020 vote audit going?
    I can’t seem to find it on the bBC webshite!


  36. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – with the BBC another day, another fear, always a fear …

    …. that the beer may run out. We have heard this before. James Naughtie was famous for it on the Toady Prog of old. Every autumn and Christmas he would do a Private Fraser and claim that the supply of something was doomed. Think he did it just to make The Humph miserable on a day when he was quite jolly.

    Naughtie was invariably wrong.


  37. AsISeeIt says:

    Fedup2, I do hope your reply was satirical in some sense?

    If so, it’s quite a good one.

    (now deleted? – if so you may expunge this)

    You’re absolutely right about the pain of relatives barred from saying goodbye for the last time to their elderly relatives – because of lockdown policies.

    I like the humourous magical thinking of “You tempt fate with your attitude” – ah, now there’s the sort of sentiment that powers the climate change agenda. Your plastic straw can cause a hurricane in the Pacific.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I deleted it . It easnt satire. I realised that as moderator i could not comment that strongly . But your comment is vile

      People are suffering loss and if you are not good for you.

      I won’t be reading your comments again – nor do I expect to see an apology – however much those upset might be distressed.


      • AsISeeIt says:

        I’m slightly disappointed to see a moderator hereabouts has joined the all-pervasive taking offence club.

        You must share with us your “vileness” measuring stick – that’s quite an allegation and it would be interesting to see the justification. I’m guessing poking fun at the Daily Mail/Prince Charles virtue signalling campaign is the issue? And ranks about how many stars for me on the vile yard stick, I wonder?

        If you don’t understand or properly read my comments, or indeed in future even try to read comments I make, that’s a pity but that’s your choice of course.

        Perhaps it’s not the Daily Mail campaign you’re anxious to defend from ridicule?

        Just as well I didn’t mention, in the vile thoughtless of offence I might cause way I tend to do, the upset and distress the BBC TV news caused my elderly father with their coverage of what we take to be Indian covid funeral pyres. “They say these images may cause some viewers distress, so why do they show them?” he asked. Well, Dad, I tried to explain, they want you to be fearful of the pandemic. And I suppose they want to justify all the lockdown damage they did to us.

        Maybe you buy into the whole covid lockdown thing more than me or others? I’m not infact a full-on conspiracy “scamdemic” or “plannedemic” monger, but I do still think I’m entitled to say I don’t personally know anyone at all who has died of it. Despite what WHO may legislate as scientific that’s my layman’s measure of the existance of a pandemic – at least around where I live. And let’s not forget pandemic is the justification for lockdown.

        The one person in my social orbit who has passed this last year was a young man. The societal pressures on him and his peers seem to be ignored and his life regarded as relatively worthless (where’s the St Paul’s memorial campaign for young male suicides?) in comprison to elderly and infirm people whose demise may possibly be associated with the covid – or possible not.

        Just to spell it out – which is a bore but perhaps important.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I’m offended by your cavalier attitude to loss – this is not trivial offence – it’s life and death . If you think it’s ok to offend that way – knock your self out .

          If I wasn’t moderating I’d be as brutal as you. I’m not making any further comment on this because if you don’t see it – you are just not worth it . Done


          • AsISeeIt says:

            I give up. Each to his own. You act as though I have personally maligned a relative or yours – which I haven’t.

            The very broad parameters for offence you want would surely prevent much critical discussion of any current affairs?

            “anyone suffering from ‘non approved thought ‘ is now designated as a far right extremist” – ring any bells?

            It’s trollish I know and I’m sorry, I really don’t intend you any offence. And as a compromise I won’t take offence at you calling me vile. Far right extremist would a little nearer the mark.


          • Up2snuff says:

            Fed, pardon me for butting in here but I really don’t see anything offensive in AISI’s Newspaper Review today, rather the opposite.

            Lives come to an end, naturally, all the time. What it is right to be angered by is the situation AISI set out for his family, together with what the NHS inflicted on you and your family.


        • Banania says:

          For what it’s worth, may I, as a disinterested reader, say that I saw nothing even tasteless, let alone “vile”, in your comment. You say it as you see it, and your attitude strikes me as realistic, refreshingly unsentimental, and impervious to the moral blackmail of the bien-pensants.


  38. Jeff says:

    So, at long last, today’s the day.
    I’ve been waffling about getting shot of my TV licence for so long that I’m even boring myself. The thing is I’m a law abiding sort of chap. Blimey, I get sweaty palms if one of my library books is due for renewal. But now I’ve had enough…

    I don’t recall having seen Line of Duty, but have been told by friends that it’s a “thrilling watch”.
    Um, having recorded the series and getting through to the fifth episode (a struggle!) I’ve got to disagree. It’s painfully predictable and full of confusing acronyms.
    “Detective, can you get me the V15 for last Tuesday’s XYZ?” “Yes sir, oh and I took the liberty of investigating the SPK account of…” There are endless acres of dialogue that spout this codswallop. All the while I’m thinking WTF?

    But that’s not why my licence is going in the bin. The episode I sat through last night was just appalling. It was little more than crude propaganda.

    Out of left field (where else?) popped up an historic racist murder. The victim was a thoroughly decent young black man, Lawrence Christopher, attacked by five white youths and severely injured. The police were incompetent, corrupt and less than sympathetic and took the poor lad in for questioning. The police thought the assault was gang related, but in fact young Christopher was a model citizen, indeed he had been an architect and had never been in trouble with the law. The whole investigation was a shambles. Is any of this beginning to ring a bell?

    The young police officer who brings this to our attention is a black woman, as indeed are an astonishing number of the police depicted in this woeful series. Clearly there are no shortage of BAMEs in this fantasy land.

    The final straw was the sentence “Custody officers were laughing and making monkey noises as Christopher lay dying.”

    This isn’t drama. This isn’t entertainment. This is poisonous propaganda.

    That’s it…


  39. StewGreen says:

    “righty comedian” @GeoffNorcott on Thursday night Radio4
    I listened and still think he could be a BBC lefty actor pretending to be a Conservative.
    Although his main point was the government is not actually conservative
    cos Rishi just keeps giving money away
    he is OK with the government dictating people’s lives instead on encouraging them to take responsibility
    ..”well in favour of the second lockdown”

    He also did #Cummingsmanbad #GeorgeFloydVictim narratives
    To me that is dancing to the libmob Guardianland’s tune
    Freethinkers don’t think Barnard Castle was a story
    and say Floyd was pretty evil
    so both stories were political PR operations.

    A true righty would have pushed back strongly on so many other issues like Trump and media fawning over Biden, and not investigating election fraud.

    Norcott = castrated righty


    • G says:

      Bit surprised at Migration Watch. They’ve sent me a ‘Newsletter’ advising their subscribers that the ‘Government’ have released consultation documents with regard to a ‘New’ immigration policy.
      Would I care to contribute? No I wouldn’t. I’ve advised them that in the event it is declared right now that we will immediately withdraw from the UN’s Migration Compact and the ECHR as a first sign the Government will actually do anything about the current nonsense, they’ll get no support from me. Why waste valuable time engaging with time wasters? I’ve spent too many years in a previous life hearing the phrase, “We must apply a light touch” (to changes in / or new legislation to understand what that really means.


      • theisland says:

        ‘Consultations’ are just time wasting exercises at this point.

        Yesterday @Steve_Laws_ reported that over 300 illegal immigrants had arrived in the last 3 days.
        Today he says 120 dinghies have crossed the Channel (that we know about) so far this year.

        An hour ago

        Another petition (for what it’s worth)
        Leave the 1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol & revoke the Immigration Act


        • The WestWyvern says:

          The island, petitions are meaningless. The so called Tory government will care not one jot about a few signatures. They are not doing a thing to stop this invasion and the cultural ‘enrichment’ the invaders are bringing with them. Actively encouraging it in fact.

          Doris, Patel, Gove et al are all bloody useless liars and anyone that thinks different or would defend them in this or let alone vote for them next time around is as bad as they are.

          Someone called Smooge occasionally posts on here in defence of the Tories and highlights Labour misdemeanours. I’d argue the Tories and Labour are two cheeks of the same arse and in the upcoming elections votes should be cast for any one who is not a main stream party. They are both hell bent on the destruction of this country and the indeginous population.

          As for the provisional BBC, well they are more concerned with broadcasting lies about wallpaper and a nightclub in Liverpool. Pathetic.


          • theisland says:

            “votes should be cast for any one who is not a main stream party”

            Agreed. Luckily we have a UKIP choice locally, although I gather some wards have no choices other than the rotten lib/lab/con/grn.


            • moggie63 says:

              We just have Con/lab/lib so I’m going to state on the ballot slip that “none of the above are worth the steam off a pile of dog crap”.


  40. vlad says:

    In America, some he/she became a she/he, or the other way round – who knows, who cares?

    Well the BBC seems to care very much indeed, enough to post the story on the Home page of their trans-propaganda site, at time of writing.

    “Elliot Page on Oprah Winfrey: Transition surgery ‘life-saving'”



  41. theisland says:

    Blair’s ‘Institute’ – is he on the bBC this weekend to tell us we need to delay step 4 of the roadmap and extend the vaccination programme to adolescents?
    Do we trust this creature? Not I.

    I’m with David Vance on this one.


  42. Fedup2 says:

    Why would the noon R4 bbc news lead with the sacking of a met plod for hitting a 17 girl with his stick too much – is it cos she is a mentally disturbed coloured ?

    This incident is more important than mass deaths in India or it being May Day …. Me thinks the plod – ex plod involved is going to become a target ….

    Nice example of 10/10 woke ….


    • Beltane says:

      Didn’t hear it Fed, so may be wrong, but I somehow doubt they mentioned the Eurozone double-dip recession?
      It was tucked away as item 7 on the Politics text pages.

      Good news of our economy of course, so ‘nothing to see here, move along …..etc.’


  43. vlad says:

    Charles Moore sums up the BBC’s political agenda and bias in a sentence:

    “It is the BBC’s greatest single ambition to remove Boris Johnson from power.”



  44. StewGreen says:

    Media/BigTech “What we we do is hold the King to account”

    .. well collectively the Media/BigTech acted to silence King Trump
    that makes them the King ..and they are the ones that need holding to account.


  45. StewGreen says:

    Viva Frei, on Chauvin
    some media people said stuff like
    “I am glad, he was found guilty, even if he was not guilty,
    … cos last time there was rioting/looting in my neighbourhood
    .. and we don’t want any more of that”

    Now if any of the jury thought that way, then that means it wasn’t a fair trial.
    Viva always argued that you the case should have been tried in a different region so that jurors didn’t have that threat over them.

    He also said how can the trials of the other 2 cops be unprejudiced now ?
    He said, Chauvin has gone anyway, cos even if he wins an appeal
    the prosecutors are compiling big list of other things to prosecute him with, to do with other arrests.
    And for sure he’s never filed proper taxes, so they will get him on that.

    (BTW if anyone is interested in reading the Charles Moore article behind the paywall
    @FedUp2 has already copied out the article and posted it near the top of this page 6:58am
    … oops I am not allowed to try to be helpful …. I apologise)


    • vlad says:

      It was never going to be a fair trial, the jury were never going to find him innocent, the backlash would have been huge and they knew it. Everybody knew it.


  46. micknotmike says:

    Front page bbc article referring to the phenomenon of “urban flight”. Apparently it’s all due to covid fears, working from home and needing more living space. I’m glad that has been explained, obviously there couldn’t be any other factors.
    Incidentally I haven’t seen any self-pictures of Marianna bedspring on their website today; is she ill?


    • Garry Lavin says:

      Quite. I’d just about found a way of being able to return to live in my homeland……but in the last few months…that is now out of reach……
      …..as it will be for my son and lots of similar young people.

      Stimulus induced mirage of wealth.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Garry, the bad news, really bad news is that we are heading in exactly the same direction as 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. And we know how that ended. Believe it or not, one of the few to spot and warn of 2007-2009 in advance – Gillian Tett – has issued a warning in yesterday’s FT (I think) that it may be about to happen all over again.

        So hold on, you may be able to find some cheap UK property in mid-decade.


        • Garry Lavin says:

          Thanks for that. Very kind. All I have to do is…..live that long!

          Maybe I could sell futures in the likelihood in that being the case?!

          Somebody somewhere will be selling such futures on that turnaround and future bargains. They’ll find a way!


  47. StewGreen says:

    18 minutes of an Australian engineer
    saying : ‘of course solar pavements are rubbish
    .. this new one in Barcelona will be rubbish
    .. and I don’t know why the ABC keep promoting this stuff’


  48. StewGreen says:

    Viva said “There’s a story that migrant centre kids are all being given a copy of Kamala Harris’s children’s book”
    … that of course breaks the “too wow to be true” rule

    A reporter had got a photo of Harris’s book in a welcome pack at a California migrant welcome centre.
    And then written in the New York Post that every kid had got one.
    …. The charity had then answered that each kid had been given a book from the donated books store and only 1 kid had been given Kamala’s book.
    Snopes was then all over this, and the reporter resigned, blaming her editor for pressuring her.


  49. Philip_2 says:

    Great scams of our times:
    Letter to the editor (Telegraph today) painfully states the case of applied logic of scare stories:
    I note with interest the recent land purchases of Mr Gates and Mr Zuckerberg on prime real estate next to the sea, Gates in California and Zuckerberg in Hawaii. The point of interest being that these are both supporters of the Democrat Party and firmly behind the Green New Deal to tackle climate change. Of course we are led to believe that this will involve the melting of land ice and glaciers creating a rising of sea levels around the world. Yet despite all the warnings these two men have decided to invest in property by the sea similar to Obama.

    A sceptic might draw the conclusion that CC is a great con being brought in to bring about change and has nothing to do with the weather.

    I could not agree more.

    In case your wondering what this has to do with the BBC. Thanks to the way the BBC is uniquely funded… (the BBC will quickly point out) that THIS is not BRIBES – but ‘donations’ – lots of them….! £20 million will keep us (BBC) in tip top world class condition for pushing the CC agenda.


    In BBC we TRUST not.


    • theisland says:

      Yes, and just to please Gates here is the latest Newsround aimed at kids (drip, drip – get ’em young)
      Climate change: Hawaii becomes first US state to declare a climate emergency

      This still contains a link to their January story about rising temperatures
      and of course a link to the goblin.

      The bBC must be kept away from children at all costs.


  50. StewGreen says:

    R4 Profile 3 times this weekend : Ursula von der Leyen

    The European Commission President who says she was left standing because she is a woman.

    .. Bet it’s a friendly take from the BBC