Midweek Thread 2June 2021 Bashir2?

As the Biased Far Left Anti British BBC hoped everyone would look away from their corrupt prodigy – Martin Bashir – it will now be publishing a report trying to explain why he was re hired as ‘Religious Editor ‘.
Maybe someone wanted to put a fox in the chicken coop .On the downside – expect a whitewash . On the upside -it will do even more damage to the BBC ..

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  1. taffman says:

    I have noticed recently that the time allowed for editing after posting has reduced to 5 minutes ?
    Anyone else or just me ?


  2. taffman says:

    “UK records hottest day of the year for third day in row”
    And if tomorrow his the hottest day, it will be the fourth day in a row. The last month was pretty cold and wet in Wales.
    Was it the wettest month for a 160 years ?
    What on earth is Al Beeb trying to tell us?


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      In fairness Taffman, yesterday really was the hottest Wednesday in June 2021 ever. No other Wednesday this month has even come close. Experts are warning that Wednesday 9th, Wednesday 16th, Wednesday 23rd and Wednesday 30th may be even warmer, but either way yesterday will still be one of the 5 hottest Wednesdays recorded in June 2021 and it unlikely that record will ever be broken.


  3. markh says:

    The BBC really are making me seethe today. Ollie Robinson has had a superb debut day for the England cricket team, but can you find any mention of the Test Match on the home page? No of course not, but one of their top stories is about him making a few maybe ill-advised comments years ago when still a teenager. Who cares? Who drags this stuff up? The BBC really begrudge reporting anything positive regarding England – the country or the people. I despise them.


  4. taffman says:

    “UK records hottest day of the year for third day in row”
    And if tomorrow his the hottest day, it will be the fourth day in a row. The last month was pretty cold and wet in Wales.
    Was it the wettest month for a 160 years ?
    What on earth is Al Beeb trying to tell us?


  5. BRISSLES says:

    I see that the non-white Anne Boleyn has found a ‘voice’, yet another boring story at how beastly the Royals were to Megs.


    God almighty, these 2 bit actors get so up themselves when given a smidgen of publicity, they suddenly believe they have something important to say.


  6. taffman says:

    Have some Tory MPs got investments somewhere abroad ?


  7. digg says:

    Right enough is enough. I just watched the latest Lucozade tv ad. I am sick and tired of global brands trying to re-educate us into a new social mould.

    From now on ANY company who indulges in this false diversity will never sell anything to me in future.

    As a web host and developer, I am considering setting up a website to list the affiliations and rank these companies by their faux commercial wokeness.

    Is it something that might have legs? Any feedback welcome.


    • JimS says:

      OK in theory except that brands often change owners, retaining the name that might be over one hundred years old.

      What are seen as competing brands can have the same owner, the top-level owner probably having a near-monopoly of the market.

      “Other brands are available, but are owned by the same company!”


    • Kaiser says:

      I would really like a decent list digg

      I already boycott walkers 🤣
      Ben and jerry’s
      French wine etc etc

      I know what you mean though Jim
      would be nice to know I’m not just buying their other brand

      But I can see the efficacy of damaging a brand even if the global Corp isn’t really hit because the sharp marketing guys will get the message loud and clear.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Its the ad agencies who come up with the suggested campaigns, so is it those we need to challenge ? Clearly these agencies are fully manned by the woke generation and no doubt on a par with El Beeb as far as their diversity employment quota is concerned.


        • Guest Who says:

          May have changed but ad agency creatives used to suggest talent based on professional assessment of who considered best to serve the ad message.

          Often clients would overrule to stick their girlfriends in.

          Final calls have not changed. Reasons may have.

          See also bbc panel guest selections.


    • moggie63 says:

      I’d certainly be visiting. Although I never used to care about affiliations and political connections I am recently getting incensed about the sheer racism and wokeism displayed in adverts.


    • Lunchtime Loather says:

      The important thing is to tell them, and why you have come to that decision.


    • StewGreen says:

      I am actually uncomfortable with boycotting
      It’s a kind blunt, simplistic bullying tactic that lib/lefties use
      If I boycott a firm cos of what the owner does, then I harm the jobs of the thousands of innocent workers in between.
      I don’t like the Greenpeace tactic of saying to firms
      “You do what WE want or they’ll be trouble”

      And on the other hand
      If a firm wants to serve the full public, then it shouldn’t have special groups in mind
      rather it should just keep to obeying democratically set laws, eg sex/race discrimination etc.
      That way it ill be the cheapest for the product anyway
      over corp that spends money on twisted policies and virtue signalling.


      • Fedup2 says:

        So – you’d buy a Coca Cola product ? Despite Linaker ramming his lefty false politics down the publics’ throat ?
        No me
        Boycott away . Hardest bit is seeing who is linked to who

        Go woke go broke


  8. digg says:

    So having spent months on full pay for doing next to nothing the teaching profession gurus are angry about the level of extra funding to let teachers “catch-up”.


    Political crap is all it is.

    The teaching profession at large have obviously have no pride, marxist views and a total lack of empathy for the disadvantaged pupils they have let down.

    It is sickening greed!


  9. JohnC says:

    I see Trump has discontinued his blog page as he prepares to move onto the proper social media platform he has been planning.
    The BBC’s headline for this ?
    ‘Donald Trump’s ‘communications’ platform permanently taken offline’
    They have tried to make it sound like he is being punished. And all his comments and website are still there to see : it’s only the real-time blog page which is gone.
    As usual, you have to dig into the article to get the truth – but the headlines are designed to give the desired impression to the majority of people who just scan them.
    And for their two example blogs, they cherry picked two from over a month ago where has was criticising other people. Nothing about any of the real issues he brought up to do with the economy and election fraud.
    They are absolutely ethically dishonest.


  10. JohnC says:

    Hyde Park stabbing: Teenager stabbed in mass brawl
    Mr Khan has urged any witnesses to contact the police saying: “There were lots of people in the park yesterday evening who saw the awful attack unfold.
    “There is no honour in staying silent.”
    The thing which is bugging me about this story is how BLM-supporting Lefties like the BBC have managed to make it almost a non-story by glossing over details and ignoring very important facts.
    The situation is this : almost every person in Hyde park – in the capital of England – is black. A gang of these blacks chase another in broad daylight and stab him on the ground. Only chance means he wasn’t murdered.
    Then all the other blacks refuse to help the police catch who did it to protect one of their own against white society.
    Everything about this story (and many like it) is caused by the black community. It is 100% race based. Yet race is never even alluded to in the article.
    It’s absolutely wrong on every level and nobody seems to care.
    If they want us to start bothering about BLM, they should resolve this ridiculous situation first.


  11. JohnC says:

    Dea-John Reid racially abused before Kingstanding stabbing, say police
    This stabbing is getting follow on articles because he was killed by whites. They never do when blacks do the stabbing.
    I searched around the net trying to find out what happened because I can’t imagine for one minute they just picked the nearest black boy. There is definitely a reason he got targeted and nobody is going to tell us why.
    Just to be clear : anyone who stabs anyone else in cold blood for any reason other than self-defense are scum who should be locked away for life. Whatever their colour.
    But the hypocrisy and double standards – all of them anti-white – we now get depending on who does it is absolutely disgusting.


  12. Scroblene says:

    God Almighty!

    This is just terrible!

    I wish we had Sky Australia here instead of a cardboard cut-out crowd in W1A


    • JohnC says:

      Never have two less worthy people been put into office (not including Gordon Brown and Theresa May of course).
      The USA should be embarassed at where it’s ‘democracy’ has ended up.


      • theisland says:

        But John – crooked Starmer (who speaks ‘sincerely’ and in the ‘national interest’) says differently

        In the Commons on Nov. 11
        Starmer: “May I welcome the victory of President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris—a new era of decency, integrity and compassion in the White House”


    • Guest Who says:

      Given the alluded reasons to Kammy’s rise to an unfamiliar upright position, that freeze frame is naughty.


  13. AsISeeIt says:

    There are so many things which our media fail to explain to us.

    Try this one – given our school buildings are in place and we have hundreds of thousands of qualified teachers, refreshed and returned bushy-tailed after months of relaxing home leave and presumably raring to teach, then how come the estimated cost of necessary catch up teaching has such a big price tag?

    Covid schools tsar quits after £15bn plan rejected‘ (Telegraph)

    They do say time is money. I hear tell there’s currently a half-term week off. Teachers will tell you they are actually working rather than lounging around, so how is it they couldn’t have worked this week in school with the kids? That would have been a valuable week of catching up with no obvious huge cost implications. We’ll see how serious our educators are about helping the kids when it comes to the long summer holiday period. Will the teachers trade in their seven weeks for two, so as to provide some of the much needed extra tutoring they say our children urgently require?

    The media don’t tell us at what point will the battle against racism ever be won?

    One suspects only when white people are replaced by non-whites can we breath easy.

    Cathy Newman in the ‘i’ says: ‘Listen to Parm Sandhu to tackle police racism

    We read further in the Independent article that even the ultra-woke top cop Cressida was not anti-racist enough.

    Parm Sandhu, one of Scotland Yard’s most senior ethnic minority officers, is raising her voice to shame those who she says stood in her way. And she reserves her harshest criticism for Dame Cressida Dick

    The problem being perhaps that our Cressida was white.

    The Guardian sets its racialist finder general sights on the Royals: ‘Archives reveal ban on black staff at the palace‘ – seems odd, Victoria had her Indian servant and I hear tell way back in Tudor times Henry VIII was happy to employ a black trumpeter and judging by the current Channel 5 costume drama he divorced his first Spanish wife to marry a black one. I jest of course. He soon ordered her head cut off – which is about as racist as you can get. Or do I mean sexist?

    The Guardian have been busy pouring over historic papers at the National Archives in search of dirt on the Royals.

    We notice the only Royal exempt from accusations of racism is Meghan. So if we could replace the rest of the Royals with a black family the problem might be solved.

    Same with sport: ‘Ollie Robinson, England’s Test debutant, said he was “ashamed” and “embarrassed” by a series of sexist, racist and Islamophobic Twitter posts that he made in 2012, leaving him at risk of a ban from the international stage‘ (Telegraph) – seems we can do without picking our best cricket team when racism rears its ugly head. Whereas in football the thought of a black player being unavailable is a frontpage serious problem: ‘Alexander-Arnold injury mars warm-up victory‘ (‘i’)

    In politics too the Times frontpage contrasts: ‘You’ve failed a generation of children, Johnson told‘ with: ‘Rising to the challenge. Rishi Sunak tried his hand at the obstacle course used by the army… in his constituency yesterday

    The none too subtle implication in this being Boris Johnson is unfit for the job (to quote Dom Cummings) but Rishi is fit and raring to go. Whatever their various merits at least racism would be reduced somewhat by the replacement.


  14. JohnC says:

    US Capitol riots: Second guilty plea in sprawling probe
    ‘The crane operator admitted obstructing an official proceeding of Congress.’
    So after all the headlines and accusations, is anybody at all going to be charged with insurrection ?. And if not, will those who said it was be grilled as to why they made such public claims ?.
    Of course not, particularly by people such as the BBC. The subject will become just another lie-by-omission.


    • Guest Who says:

      This actually mostly peaceful riot narrative is unravelling fast.

      The US MSM is reduced to trying to get a bloke with his feet on Pelosi’s altar of doom as the sacking of Rome.


    • Dobyns says:

      JohnC, as best I can tell, none of the 502 people charged so far have been charged with the specific crime of insurrection.

      So, riddle me this Batman, how can it be an insurrection when no one is charged with the crime of insurrection?

      More deliberately deceitful words from the Left and their mouthpieces in the MSM


  15. Fedup2 says:


    BBC in a happy place – spend more borrowed money £15 billion ? Come on – make it £20billion .. on teachers.

    But keep the hours the same – the holidays the same – the pay and conditions the same or better .

    The last 12 plus months was part of life – stuff happens – kids adapt – the idea of chucking borrowed money to ‘catch up ‘ is a socialist joke .
    Thick kids will stay thick – clever ones will continue to learn because they want to .

    If you recall the comrades in the teachers’ Union kept on project fear about re opening schools – result – hundreds of teachers dead in the streets from covid infections ….. or not .

    Meanwhile – red Tories are trying to block the government cutting the overseas give away budget – down from £14 billion borrowed on to Only £ 10 billion on borrowed taxpayers money –

    – to make politicians feel good about themselves . Obscene .


    • Beltane says:

      One of the many obliging and supportive facts thrown up by Naga in full anti-gov flow was her assertion that the decline in teenage literacy has been ‘due to Covid’.
      Our favourite parliamentarian seems to have overlooked the fact that UK businesses have been griping on the same subject for the past two decades and more – as did the universities, once upon a time. Now it’s just accepted as part of the curriculum to enable students to read their expensive textbooks. Or Wikipedia, which comes cheaper and does away with all that boring research.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      The BBC certainly very excited about the prospect of giving away more money to Johnny Foreigner: it was their lead item on their ‘news’ website this morning. Most normal people might think that the reduction announced in January did not go anywhere near far enough, being just a meagre reduction of 0.7% to 0.5%, when 0.7% to 0.0% might be more appropriate. Well, perhaps that’s a bit harsh: maybe a billion or two so towards vaccinations, preferably in the form of physical donations rather than transfers of cash to Swiss bank accounts. But if they really want to spend a further £4 billion, it would be better used to lockdown the English Channel to prevent the hordes of invaders making the trip in rubber dinghies. Or use some of it for repatriation flights to return failed asylum seekers (sic) to their homelands so they can reunite with their families.



      • Scroblene says:

        But you’re thinking rationally, Ian. Such qualities are in very short supply in Westminster, where the snout-train-special rolls on and collects misfits, wasters, thickos (except when to claim expenses), and the like, and they’ll not be interested in considering that all the illegals will be clogging up the legal system, the benefits offices and the housing lists for years to come. That’s for the next lot of losers to deal with.

        If MPs were told to take personal guarantees with the money they hand out, the sound of wallets being put back into pockets would be deafening.

        Maybe the threat of a surcharge would be interesting, especially when there are so many corrupt MPs, wriggling out of trouble, making themselves sound important, but ending up woefully lacking in any commercial or public decency.

        I’ll be 78 when I next have to vote in a GE, unless Boris f***s it up even more. Although GB Inc has done a superb job of vaccinating normal citizens because of proper advisers, not the political ones, (and forget the squabbling anti-vax kids, they know nothing), he’ll try and ride it on the back of the covids, Labour won’t have a chance anyway, as by then they’ll be all sorts of rainbow colours as well as black.

        I really don’t want to vote for Greg Clark any more. The alternatives aren’t worth a pencil cross either.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, one of the things that employers complain about in the UK is that children of 16yrs and adults of 18yrs are unable to read, write and do simple sums. As I observed in these hallowed pages yeserday, the Labour Party would spend £15bn on play and culture and sport. Not on the essential skills that future employers and university degree courses require.


  16. Doublethinker says:

    Another example in the Telegraphtoday of how scared and PC its columnists are. Alistair Heath writes about the alarming growth of anti semitism in the UK. It’s a third of a page article and he mentions Muslims twice, firstly as being victims of widespread systemic racism across much of Europe and secondly in connection with several African wars.
    He , by an extraordinary feat of acrobatics, manages to avoid saying where the increase in antisemitism he rightly deploresin the UK is coming from, the Muslim community.
    Yesterday lunchtime I could not avoid driving through the centre of Bradfordistan, I saw two cars flying Palestinian flags driving along. I wondered if they had been flying Israeli flagswhat would have happened. My guess is that either the locals would have attacked the cars and the occupants or plod would have got there first and arrested them for some crime or other. Plod seems happy enough to let the Muslims do as they like but if anyone objects to that they are breaking some law or other.
    There was a post on here yesterday featuring a Melani Phillips article about how the UK is steadily falling to the RoPers. How true that is when columnists daren’t even put the blame for antisemitism where so obviously belongs.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – I think they might ave been flying the Palestinian flag in solidarity with the Palestinian football team taking part in the Euros next week … or did I get something wrong there ….

      As you say – plod would do nothing – flying an Israeli American or English flag would be ‘inflammatory’ -….


    • G.W.F. says:

      Perhaps Melanie and others might draw attention to the hostility shown towards Tommy Robinson whom the Jewish Board of Deputies accuse of spreading division.

      ”The anti-Muslim activist was seen holding a placard which read ‘Free Gaza from Hamas’.
      The Board of Deputies of British Jews tweeted: ‘Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) & supporters of of far-right extremist organisations like the English Defence League are not welcome at our community’s events.
      ‘Their message of hate and division must be confronted and defeated. We utterly reject their bigotry.’
      Placards bearing the messages ‘Free Gaza From Hamas’ and ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’ were held aloft while music played loudly.



  17. Guest Who says:

    One for the racists at BBC American BS to ‘analyse’?



    • vonrecht says:

      I think we all know Harris shouldn’t have got near the VP position, for so many reasons, just as Creepy Joe shouldn’t be President. I got the distinct feeling that this ‘victory’ was engineered by careful fraud
      and the MSM. The fraud is still under audit in key states and counties – Arizona and Georgia, with more to come. Unfortunately the same MSM are still there, and people like Rachel Maddow MSNBC are trying their best to undrmine/stop audits.


      • Scroblene says:

        Are they waiting for the mid-terms, by when Biden will have screwed just about everything up! Camilla Norris will a side-show, seemingly thick, as well as useless, but that’s US politics for you, confuse as many thickos as you can, then carry on cheating them.


      • Up2snuff says:

        vonrecht: “I got the distinct feeling that this ‘victory’ was engineered by careful fraud and the MSM.” with the help of China.


    • G.W.F. says:

      It really does not matter what the voters think of Harris. They don’t count as the votes were delivered fraudulently and the results backed by the MSM and the judiciary.


  18. Guest Who says:

    In an effort to score with Springster, M. Wrong Shyster just passes on something to wet BBC girls’ knickers. And the wimmin.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Jez goes coy by #questionasaheadline


  20. Guest Who says:

    Whoever the BBC Iran Propaganda Editor so designates deserves checking further.


  21. Woodenfish says:

    Ollie Robinson, a new player in the England Test cricket team, performed well on his debut appearance yesterday.

    The media were pleased — until someone discovered that he had written some offensive tweets ten years ago, when he was a teenager. Speaking as someone who frequently gave offence as a teenager, mostly on purpose, I am not hugely shocked.

    However…former England captain Michael Vaughan said it was “absolutely staggering” that the England and Wales Cricket Board did not know about the tweets earlier. “Surely when you pick players you check everything?” he gasped. Quite right, Michael. No stone unturned, eh? By the way, I heard that an uncle of yours, back in 1951, once said…

    Discovering a waycist at Lords gave ECB chief executive Tom Harrison a shock, and reminded him that he was not a man but a sheep. Dropping on to all fours, he bleated: “I do not have the words to express how disappointed I am that an England men’s player has chosen to write tweets of this nature…”

    Cheer up, Tom. He wasn’t an England player when he “chose” to write those tweets. 

    Another former England captain Nasser Hussain thought the player should be forgiven, but added: ‘You can’t wear T-shirts criticising online hate and abuse and then come out with that sort of stuff, whether you’re 18 or not.’

    Cheer up, Nasser. He didn’t wear the T-shirt “and then” come out with “that sort of stuff.” He tweeted first, “and then” wore the T-shirt, ten years later.

    I fully support the right of Vaughan, Harrison and Hussain to hold their opinions and express them. I hope they feel the same way about mine. Because the sight of anyone being pilloried, shamed, hounded out of their job or otherwise persecuted for saying foolish or offensive things in their teenage years, fills me with disgust. I therefore consider the three gentlemen referred to above to be pathetic idiots.

    The question now is — which of the BBC’s doughty sports reporters will stand up for Ollie Robinson?


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Being an avid fan of the game and having played at a half decent level I listen to TMS whenever possible.

      It too has sadly now succumbed to wokery pokery and is virtually unlistenable.

      Agnew and Vaughan’s reaction to the tweets were ridiculous and over the top. When Agers announced it, I thought someone had died.

      The tweets were slightly distasteful but the amount of attention & focus given is out of all proportion.

      I am convinced (having experienced it myself around the leagues) that these two individuals would have seen/heard far far worse ‘banter’ during their times in dressing rooms and on the field of play, but hey ho, there’s a bandwagon rumbling by.


      • Scroblene says:

        Quite right, WF and TWW.

        It’s hardly another D’Oliveira story is it!

        Move on BBC, enjoy the fact that you may get a couple of extra viewrs to make up for the thousands you’re losing every week, and forget all this.


    • Nibor says:

      It was a long time ago , BBC , like the Martin Bashir forgeries.


  22. Guest Who says:

    Dream team.

    A wet one for a very limited audience.


  23. Tabs says:

    I managed 30 seconds of the BBC News channle at 9am. The headlines were:
    Ousting of the Israeli right wing PM (BBC preferred politics)
    Covid travel restrictions (BBC Covid obsession)
    G7 Meeting about stopping future pandemics (BBC Covid obsession)
    Reversing UK Foriegn Aid cuts (BBC Social Justice obsession)
    Olympics going ahead (BBC Covid obsession)
    Princess of Wales wedding dress on display (BBC diversion tactics away from Bashir)

    I prefer watching the 5 minute repeating loop on the GB News channel (Freeview ch.236) as it is less predicatable than BBC News.


  24. Guest Who says:

    BBC Young Propagandists posts often have more young people in their images than engage.

    But the real concern in this carefully selected group is the diversity balance.


    • Beltane says:

      In the light of present angst levels, perhaps a ginger counts as two blacks?


      • Guest Who says:

        This did occur to me too.

        I was wondering also about the disability or gender multiplicity aspects hard to convey in stills.

        They did their best, and Harry has helped when choosing from a hideously white pool, but June Sarpong will be demanding someone’s head (little regal TV humour there).


    • JohnC says:

      I suspect they are real students – not GETTY images – and hence there are no black people in their class. It’s 6th form remember.


  25. Fedup2 says:

    Having seen a full 10 minutes of the Anne Boleyn show – I’m sure the producers missed a trick by not having the ginger ex prince ‘ missus in the title role .
    The final episode would get huge ratings for so many reasons ….


    • Beltane says:

      I’m sure the casting is simply an oversight, or perhaps dyslexia? Did the writer think her name was Anne Bling?


    • pugnazious says:

      No surprise there’s no shock or outrage at this total fabrication of history for propaganda purposes. Can’t wait for the white Mandela or Obama….not to mention the revelation that they were both gay.

      Always liked the BBC narrative that because some Roman soldiers on Hadrian’s wall were ‘African’ [North African not actually ‘Black’] Britain was thus a ‘multicultural’ haven…so, erm, India is thus actually White as is so much of Africa having had white soldiers invading, colonising, those lands?
      Funny how they want to erase anything white from such countries[and indeed from Britain itself] as evil colonisation and imperialism but a few African Roman soldiers are celebrated as welcome migrants bringing diversity and culture to a dark and savage land. Bit like millions of illegals flooding into the US being ‘undocumented migrants’ in BBC lingo but Jewish settlers are ‘illegal occupiers’.


    • JohnC says:

      I guarantee you one thing:
      She will go for the chop with a level of nobility and grace we have never witnessed before on TV.
      I look forward to seeing how many black people are in the crowd watching in this racist farce.


      • Guest Who says:

        Cluedo mash up plot twist….

        In Greenwich Park, with the machete, by Dooayne and D’uh Johnson, at the behest of Sasha’s homies.

        Mostly peacefully.


        • Northern Voter says:

          I’m waiting for Martin Luther King, played by Laurence Fox, with James Earl Ray played by any bame you care to mention. The bame would get away with it of course.


    • Doublethinker says:



    • JohnC says:

      I see it scored 1.1 on IMDB. Channel 5 clearly don’t have the budget for fake reviews like Black Panther had.
      The only good thing about this program is that it exposes the outstanding hypocrisy of the woke Lefty cretins who try to tell us how good it is. They all think it is absolutely OK to blatantly lie for the agenda.
      The BBC grudgingly admit it ‘divided viewers’ and give a quick summary of the bad ones before giving lots of column-space to the Guardian review which was much more praising. And the comments were jam-packed with those woke cretins I mentioned earlier.


  26. JohnC says:

    Perhaps maxicony can give us a bit of insider information about how the BBC decides which stories will run and which will be top billing. Often it’s quite bizarre and I’m certain it must be because of some agenda I don’t know about.
    I was just listening to Ken Bruce from 28 May via my PC and the 10 o’clock news came on. I lurched for the mouse to move it on, but was too slow and caught the big headline of the day:
    ‘New rules are to come into force in January to stop people who renew home and motor insurance with the same company being penalised.’
    JANUARY ???. That’s 8 months away !!!. And as important as it might be to some people, why on earth would that be the top news item of the day ?. It even had a special report from some company getting a free plug (by a woman of course).
    It’s just very strange when you consider the magnitude of some agenda-driven stuff they don’t report at all.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I’m waiting to see the line up for the next series of Strictly. My money is on Jay Blades – once an obscure handy man who painted chair legs a different colour, and now, due to the success of Repair Shop, is being pushed front and centre for everything now. Then there’s Jermain Jennas – One Show (never heard of him, which fits the criteria for Strictly), and probably another unknown person of colour who is discovered deep in the bowels of the Beeb.


  27. theisland says:

    France, Italy and Germany seek post-Brexit deals with UK
    Talks on defence are first signs UK is willing to forge positive bilateral relations with its European partners
    France, Italy and Germany, the three leading European powers, are each trying to reach bilateral post-Brexit agreements with the UK, after Britain said it was not interested in closer security and foreign policy cooperation with the EU.
    The behind-the-scenes discussion at ambassadorial and ministerial levels runs in contrast to some of the negative rhetoric from Downing Street about its approach to its EU partners. The discussions have focused on defence cooperation but go far wider, and would be the first signs that the UK was capable of forging positive bilateral relations with its European partners.

    FRANCE, Germany and Italy are hoping to strike their own post-Brexit agreements with Britain to increase defence cooperation now that the UK is outside the bloc.
    Talks are reportedly being conducted behind the scenes by ambassadors, ministers and their teams to see if there is a way for the countries to strengthen ties with the UK. The development comes after Britain said it was not interested in forging closer security and foreign policy cooperation ties with the EU.

    EU Army by the back door?


  28. pugnazious says:

    From The Telegraph:

    ‘An obsessive, singular demonisation of Israel is at the heart of a new wave of anti-Jewish hatred.

    J’accuse: anti-Semitism, that oldest of hatreds, the othering of Jews, is making a terrifying comeback across the West, fuelled by a toxic confluence of the intelligentsia’s embrace of woke ideology, a resurgence of Islamist extremism and the sewer that is social media.

    The new, toxic, more acceptable variety is an obsessive, singular hatred of Israel, demonised as the prototype oppressor, racist, “apartheid” state, the only country that doesn’t deserve to exist, an approach pushed relentlessly by the radical woke storm-troopers who have captured Western academic, cultural and commercial institutions. Even seemingly moderate people now parrot extreme, one-sided, ignorant claims on the subject, believing that they are signalling their virtue.

    This is going hand-in-hand with Jews being pressurised across the West to disavow Israel, something that no other group would ever be asked to do in relation to any other country. All of this has made it easier for a resurgent Islamist movement that the British state has done too little to control since David Cameron left office to propagate its own propaganda.

    This madness must end. We need a sensible debate on Middle East peace, not anti-Israeli hysteria that is fuelling anti-Semitism. We need the Government to win its war on woke. We need a new strategy to root out Islamist extremism in Britain.

    Who are the people inciting hatred, and why are they being allowed to ply their trade? The Government must act before it is too late.’

    That last question is the most striking and relevant…just who is fuelling the demonisation of Israel and thus inciting the sinister and deadly rise in anti-Semitism?

    Who is inciting hatred and is being allowed to ply their trade freely and unquestioned as they deliberately and maliciously set out to malign and vilify Israel?

    No-one would call you out if you were to suggest the BBC was one of the main instigators…or that Jeremy Bowen, as Middle East Editor, oversees a group of people who spread a toxic and incendiary narrative about Israel around the world.

    The narrative recently on the BBC has been that the current violence is actually Israel’s fault…the hundreds of rockets that Hamas launched unprovoked at Israel were due to Israel’s ‘hardline’ approach….no definition of what that is. Bowen was on Today this morning saying exactly that…he hoped a new Government would be less hardline. So we know the narrative comes from the top….Bowen is spreading the hate and the message that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist…because that is what it all boils down to….Israel’s ‘hardline’ defence of its right to exist….listen to the Bowen narrative and the only logical conclusion you get from his take is that Israel must be wiped off the map.

    And if you think this is just about ‘Israel’…no…remember the Paris attacks? You know…when Jews were targeted and a BBC reporter told a Jewish woman that Jews should expect to be attacked in France because Palestinians were suffering in Gaza ‘due to the Israeli actions’. Anti-Semitism….and trying to get Jews living in Europe to disavow Israel.

    Where are all the BBC programmes spreading a pro-Jewish message telling us how lovely Jews are and what a golden age this is for science and technology all flooding out of little Israel? When Muslims started attacking us the BBC filled the airwaves with positive messaging about Muslims and Islam…the same with Iran…when the sabres started rattling the BBC spun out a narrative that avoided the inconvenient facts about a terrorist state but instead painted picture of a cultural and social paradise.

    Israel though is portrayed as an apartheid, violent, racist state that is committing war crimes against an innocent and vulnerable people…never mind that Israel has been under attack for over 70 years and the Muslims intend to literally wipe it off the map and that the Palestinians could be living a peaceful and prosperous life if they stopped making war and the demolition of Israel as their first and only priority.

    The BBC spreads hate, anti-Semitism and a very dangerous message.


    • maxincony says:


      Bowen was on Today this morning saying exactly that…he hoped a new Government would be less hardline.

      You are a habitual liar, pug/alan. No, Bowen didn’t say; “exactly that”, and no, he didn’t say; “he hoped a new Government would be less hardline”.

      (Jeremy Bowen’s report starts at 1:19:00)

      listen to the Bowen narrative and the only logical conclusion you get from his take is that Israel must be wiped off the map

      Except that it’s not; “the Bowen narrative”. It’s your narrative; constructed out of nothing but your own lies.


  29. theisland says:


  30. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    We all knew it and here it is:

    This weeks scare, the Nepal variant.

    They needed something after getting 0 and 1 deaths a day which have some connection to covid and this is what they’ve come up with.

    I’m waiting for the one from Germany, the Volkswagen Variant.
    (some of you may understand this)


    • pugnazious says:

      Strangely they seem to be closing the large vaccination centres where I live…the open ones are mainly in shops like Boots or pharmacies which clearly won’t have a large capacity….just as they shut the Nightingale hospitals whilst telling us the NHS is going to be overwhelmed by a third wave.

      Reality and what we’re being told don’t seem to correspond….then again it never did….we were all ‘terrified’ into lockdown and they want to keep the fear level ramped up so they can keep us willing to accept any draconian measures they want to impose in order, supposedly, to ‘protect the NHS’….when flu season strikes the emergency legislation will be dusted off and we’ll be locked down again one way or another. The same way of thinking will be used to justify other types of lockdown in order to ‘save the planet’ as they stop you driving or flying and ration your power, ie switch it off at certain times, using those smart meters that were sold to you on a lie. And then there’s food…already Boris has tried to stop you eating anything the government has declared makes you fat or is otherwise deemed unhealthy…how long before an ‘approved diet’ comes out and if you don’t follow it you’ll miss out on jobs and other benefits….much as you will if covid passports are quietly imposed and you haven’t had the vaccination. Like paying by cash? Think again…the government wants to track your spending and your habits…so will try to make you pay digitally…thus knowing not just what you buy but where you are at all times….and can stop you purchasing anything it wants to by blocking authorisation at the till….bought your ration of sugary things this week? You won’t be able to buy any more until your next ration period.

      Big Brother is watching.


    • Fedup2 says:

      EG – I think that Welsh variant is gonna take some beating – I guess someone in the newsroom ( at home ) takes a look a map and sez – let’s go on holiday -how about Nepal – I’m guessing the Maldives variant is not far off …


      • Guest Who says:

        Given the new trend to symbolism, after all being Greek and before emoji variants it has to be actual symbols.

        Any old Beastie Boys fans still sporting their necklace will indeed be boasting they have had Wolfsburg Variant.

        Meanwhile Prince followers will have a… whatever that was… to show the Paisley Park variant is alive and spreading. Even if their hero no long is, sadly.


        • Scroblene says:

          Patricia Hayes must be chuckling up there now, especially as they’ve taken Edna the inebriate woman to the nth degree, and anyway, she was not the ‘vagrant’!

          Seriously though, I reckon The English Channel variant is a bit too close to chums here, who, like me, pay for the illegals to be safely landed in Kent and also Sussex!


  31. vonrecht says:

    The daily murder of whites by blacks in South Africa goes on, unreported by the MSM and the bbc as always. A man was gunned down on his farm in Muldersdrift on the night of 1 June, according to ‘South Africa Today News’, name as yet not disclosed.


    • JohnC says:

      My friend had to go to South Africa for work a few years ago.
      They sent him on a training course on how to get carjacked by black guys without being shot. Apparently the only reason they don’t want to is that it would make a mess of the interior.
      BBC and Hypocrite-Lefty double standards don’t allow you to know any of that.


    • Jeff says:

      Strange, they seem to have missed the continuing murders of white farmers in South Africa. However (thankfully) they are all over a decades old tweet made by a cricketer when he was about 18.

      It’s all a question of priorities…


    • vlad says:

      White Lives Don’t Matter to the BBC, especially when the killers are black.


  32. Guest Who says:


    The Graun is running a emoting fluff piece on Milipede being just as nuts as the public were well aware years ago.

    Where comments are allowed… #CBGB

    I vote for leaders; not bubble wimps.


  33. pugnazious says:

    Nick Timothy in The Telegraph points out a very obvious truth….

    ‘A growing mood of sectarianism threatens to undo the many successes of multiracial Britain….we are hurtling dangerously towards a future of sectarianism and social unrest.’

    Read his Telegraph piece and you can recognise and acknowledge everything he says…and what is more you can also point out that every single problematic issue he raises are issues the BBC defends, celebrates and supports….

    The BBC supports the Islamist extremists of Mend and the MCB…and of course is a stealthy peddlar of anti-Semitism…and sometimes not so stealthy…‘A BBC journalist is under investigation after tweeting that “Hitler was right”.’. The BBC that tried to suppress the story of the Trojan Horse Affair…telling us it was a hoax, a result of ‘racism, Islamophobia and paranoia’…it blatantly lied when it told us the inquiry found no evidence of extremism….and never mind that the BBC somehow forgot to mention the MCB document given to every school telling them to Islamise ‘or else’…the inquiry stating this was a blueprint for the Trojan Horse attempt to hijack British schools…no surprise the man who wrote it, Tahir Alam,was at the centre of the Trojan Horse affair.
    The BBC that not only backs Hamas but Muslim Pakistan against India and the Hindus.
    A BBC that relentlessly sets Black against White telling Blacks that they were, and still are, victims of White racism and oppression and that British history is a shamefully litany of slavery, racism and colonisation that all white people must atone for…if you’re white you’re guilty.
    The BBC that has adopted the dangerous and malign, not to mention racist, Critical Race Theory, its head of diversity a proponent of that sinister, racist fraud.

    The BBC that wants to destroy ‘whiteness’ which it sees as a worldview , a dangerous identity…a problem…as opposed to Islamism or Black Power which it actually celebrates and promotes.

    Nick Timothy…

    ‘We’re not drifting into segregation, we’re hurtling perilously towards it’

    ‘After the 7/7 terror attacks, Trevor Phillips, then the head of the Commission for Racial Equality, issued a stark warning. “We are sleepwalking our way to segregation,” he declared. “We’ve emphasised what divides us over what unites us. We have allowed tolerance of diversity to harden into effective isolation of communities, in which some people think special separate values ought to apply.”

    Sixteen years later, optimists will point to the minorities reaching the top of UK business and government. The Business Secretary is black, the Chancellor and Home Secretary have Indian heritage, the Foreign Secretary is the son of a Jewish refugee, and the recent London election saw a black Tory challenge a Muslim Labour mayor. Many minorities are thriving at school, building successful careers, and raising confident and happy families, secure in their identities.

    And yet paradoxically, just as millions of citizens are showing the successes of multiracial Britain, its failures are becoming more apparent, too. The segregation identified by Phillips is growing worse, and fuelling a new sectarianism between minority groups. In many ways, our predicament is more visible and alarming than it was even in 2005.

    In the past week, we have seen continuing race hate and incitement to violence on British streets. Pro-Palestinian protestors have, quite openly in front of cameras and police officers, demanded “Jewish blood”, and called for “Muslim armies” to march. A BBC journalist is under investigation after tweeting that “Hitler was right”. Salma Yaqoob, who was backed by some Labour figures to become the party’s candidate in the West Midlands mayoral election, called for an “intifada” in British cities.

    Schools have reported huge spikes in anti-Semitic abuse of pupils. In Leicester, gangs of college students were filmed stamping on tables and chanting “Allahu akbar!” The intimidation of Jewish pupils and teachers grew so severe that the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson wrote to schools warning that while pupils are allowed to express political views, anti-Semitic language and threats must not be tolerated.

    In response to the Williamson letter, Miqdaad Versi, spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, complained that the Government was being “one-sided”. The letter, of course, was not about events in Israel, but the harassment of British Jews. In suggesting there might be two sides to racism, Versi revealed more than he intended about why the Government refuses to engage with the MCB.

    And yet they and other organisations such as Mend, a controversial campaigning group accused of increasing hostility by the Board of Jewish Deputies, are treated by many MPs, local councils and other parts of the public sector as unproblematic and representative community bodies. But by engaging with them, the state is contributing to the sectarianism and hatred it should be doing its utmost to prevent.

    Tahir Alam, the teacher banned for life after leading the Trojan Horse plot to take over state schools in Birmingham, was previously the MCB education committee chairman. Purpose of Life, the Muslim charity that named the Batley teacher who showed pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, has provided training workshops for the teaching union. Mend was even invited to provide evidence for the independent inquiry into discrimination within the Conservative Party.

    Labour is now a full participant in the new sectarianism. Its response to the Israel/Hamas conflict was so one-sided that it was accused of stoking anti-Semitism. Many Labour MPs – and West Midlands mayoral candidate, Liam Byrne – have adopted aggressively anti-Indian positions regarding its stand-off with Pakistan over Kashmir. In Batley, former local MP and now West Yorkshire mayor, Tracy Brabin, failed to defend the teacher after he faced death threats. Her successor, the Labour candidate in the forthcoming by-election, has posed for photographs with pro-Palestine protestors wearing T-shirts showing Israel wiped from the map.

    Do we really want to live in such a divided and sectarian society? Already, different ethnic groups lead separate lives. In the 2001 census, 25 per cent of non-white British minorities lived in “minority majority” communities. By 2011, the number was 41 per cent. By the time the next census is published, it might be higher still.

    In schools, segregation is even more pronounced than in the broader population: 60 per cent of ethnic-minority children attend schools where minorities form the majority of pupils. Professor Eric Kaufmann finds that where white British children comprise more than 80 per cent of pupils, schools attract yet more white British children. But when the number falls below 70 per cent, schools start to lose white British children and gain more ethnic minority and foreign-born white pupils.

    This is all a disaster for social cohesion. Studies across different societies show that increased diversity reduces trust between strangers; even between neighbours and residents of the same ethnicity. This is a challenge we can and simply must overcome, but we will fail as long as we accept separation and tolerate sectarianism. Robert Putnam, the liberal American academic, says “immigration and ethnic diversity challenge social solidarity and inhibit social capital”.

    Yet instead of taking urgent steps to correct the problems identified by Trevor Phillips all those years ago, we risk deepening our crisis. Critical race theory and claims of structural racism threaten to formalise and institutionalise racial and religious divides. We are no longer invited to eliminate discrimination and overcome racial disparities. Instead we are told that integration is racism, unifying institutions and customs are oppressive, and discrimination – now apparently a good thing – should be allowed to right historic wrongs.

    It took our worst terrorist attack and the death of 52 innocent people to prompt Phillips’s warning that we were sleepwalking to segregation. We should hope it does not take further violence to realise we are picking up speed. Despite our undoubted successes, we are hurtling dangerously towards a future of sectarianism and social unrest.’



    • JimS says:

      Sixteen years later, optimists will point to the minorities reaching the top of UK business and government. The Business Secretary is black, the Chancellor and Home Secretary have Indian heritage, the Foreign Secretary is the son of a Jewish refugee, and the recent London election saw a black Tory challenge a Muslim Labour mayor. Many minorities are thriving at school, building successful careers, and raising confident and happy families, secure in their identities.

      And yet paradoxically, just as millions of citizens are showing the successes of multiracial Britain, its failures are becoming more apparent, too. The segregation identified by Phillips is growing worse, and fuelling a new sectarianism between minority groups. In many ways, our predicament is more visible and alarming than it was even in 2005.

      Big Chief Sitting Bull: “My those European settlers are doing well! Multi-culturalism is a success!”
      Grandson of Big Chief Sitting Bull (30 years later): “Why am I living in a shack on a reservation, getting drunk on a benefits cheque, while the Europeans are now self-sufficient, living in cities and getting rich? It is almost like two separate societies in one country”.


    • vlad says:

      And let’s never forget the BBC’s role in this, constantly stoking victimhood, grievance, sectarianism, divisiveness and unrest.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Maybe oil and water do not mix?


  34. Sluff says:

    Here’s a section from the BBC news webshite – a front page story.

    The Home Office’s decision to house cross-channel migrants in a “squalid” barracks in Folkestone was unlawful, the High Court has ruled.
    Six asylum seekers brought the case………….ENDS

    I should very much like to know how 6 asylum seekers had the independent means to employ legal teams to bring a case on their behalf.
    Or more to the point of course, a clear indication of who exactly paid the legal bills, their funding and their motives.

    How about the rights of taxpayers, eh, BBC?


    • Old Goat says:

      Tax payers have no rights – you should know that – those that were left were all taken away last year.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Napier Barracks.
      Good enough for British soldiers but not good enough for illegals coming from shitholes via a dozen safe Countries.

      They seem to be getting used to the 4 star hotels but there’s so many of them now were running out of luxury accommodation for them.

      I think many of our homeless (and ex serviceman) would jump at the chance of accommodation in Napier Barracks which isn’t good enough for the ever increasing hordes of illegals.


    • Londoner says:

      It’s almost as if our woke judiciary is determined to upset the people of this country and bring about open rebellion. Surely there are few things more likely to infuriate us than to tell us that illegal immigrants with no right to be in the UK in the first place aren’t happy with their accommodation, and have brought a case against the government.

      Thank you BBC for pointing it out to us, although you, no doubt, approve of their action. Anything to humiliate the English people.


    • digg says:

      The immigrants are not the ones pushing this. They are being used by left-wing marxist organisations to infiltrate and ultimately destroy the West, the protests, the banners, the press releases are all being manufactured by these leftists groups to gain more of a foothold.

      If only the powers that be could stop flapping about “rights” and open their eyes to what is actually going on we might start to get somewhere.

      Ilegal immigration is a crime against the UK and it’s high time our leaders and justice system woke up and started to deal with it as such instead of allowing it to be posed as a phoney humanitarian crisis.

      How many of these poor young fighting age male immigrants will be going straight into Antifa training cells right on our doorstep?

      This is nothing more than a slow, determined build-up to an invasion force.

      At the rate they are being assimilated there will very soon be more of them than soldiers in our military.


      • taffman says:

        We have a Liberal Government dressed up as ‘Tories’ facilitating the invasion of Great Britain.
        All under the smokescreen of Covid .
        Scrap the ECHR as we have left Europe, and it does nothing for the rights of the people and their families of this land.
        My Grandfathers are rolling in their graves!


      • digg says:

        Hi Boris this is an example of the way forward and the consequences of doing nothing.

        Denmark passes law to deport asylum seekers outside Europe


        Demark is some way ahead of the UK in “assimilating” migrants and as a consequence have been suffering massive surges in migrant crime and rape. (a recent report says: “10 in 12 rapes committed in Denmark are at the hands of migrants, or their descendants”) It looks like they are about to wake up, stop listening to the woke nutters and take some corrective action.


        • The WestWyvern says:

          I’ve said it here before. Boris and Patel have an 80 seat majority.

          They could introduce emergency legislation overnight to deal with the illegal migrant invasion.

          They do nothing apart from talk. They are encouraging the filth to come to these shores.

          They are part of the problem and we must take matters into our own hands.


          • theisland says:

            They are quick enough with emergency legislation when it suits.
            Because it directly affects national security there should be no need for a vote either.
            Even Alex Belfield recognises this is a catastrophe. The more people are made aware of it the better.


          • maxincony says:

            The WestWyvern,

            They are part of the problem and we must take matters into our own hands

            What do you propose, West? So far, suggestions on this site have included; letting the migrants drown, mass shooting till they stop coming, and feeding them to packs of wild dogs.

            Apparently this is to protect our British and Christian values.


            • Eddy Booth says:

              Didn’t we invent submarines for such tasks.
              If they’ve already here put them in chain gangs.


              • maxincony says:

                I wonder what it is about so many people on this site that they want other people’s lives to made as miserable as possible?


                • taffman says:

                  Does that mainly include you maxi?
                  I am sure the many here on this site will agree with me you ‘Old Troll’.


                • JohnC says:

                  Great idea maxicony. Let them all in here to turn the country our ancestors spend generations building into the cesspits of corruption and cruelty they have made of their own.
                  You truly are stupid.
                  Do you read the news maxi ?. Do you see who are committing the murders and rapes WAY above their actual percentage in society ?.
                  I really, really wish we could send you to live in Syria or Afghanistan or Iraq or Iran to teach you what it’s like in the real world where these people come from. You would be dead in a month. You have no clue whatsoever.


            • taffman says:

              We do the same as Australia .
              We are being invaded by Human Rights abusers who are ‘queue jumping’ in front of legal Immigrants.
              We have been invaded by criminals .
              maxincony , if you don’t like it here you are free to leave to go to a better country as we need the room.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Every time you cut and paste i ask punters whether to have you taken off the site . I have never had a ‘ yes’ apart from me .

              Maybe people secretly enjoy your snide Guardian anti british mindset . I would delete you because you never refer to the BBC . Hence find another site to troll .

              I guess you take comfort from having your existance acknowledged .


        • maxincony says:


          a recent report says: ’10 in 12 rapes committed in Denmark are at the hands of migrants, or their descendants’.

          Some context:

          The ‘report’ covered the period between Jan 2016 & May 2017. It wasn’t for all rapes in Denmark but a much smaller category of “Stranger Rape” (where the rapist/attempted rapist isn’t known by the victim).

          Of those: 10 out of 12 were “foreigners, immigrants or descendants”.

          That’s not 10 out of 12 of a much larger number; that’s 10 out of a total of 12 men convicted of “stranger rape” between Jan 2016 & May 2017.

          Further context:

          Currently there are 750,000 “immigrants and their descendants” living in Denmark.


          • taffman says:

            \\Currently there are 750,000 “immigrants and their descendants” living in Denmark.//
            That’s Denmark’s their fault.
            What is landing here is our Tory Government’s fault.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Ah maxi – displaying the mentality of those who look the other way when it is paki racist paedophilic rape gangs in Britain .

            I thought maxi placed in self above us right wing bigots but it now proves itself to be far lower in morality – with a touch of mysogeny thrown in – go cut and paste that troll .

            As you say – it’s only a few rapes … …


            • JohnC says:

              I just spent a few minutes researching the amount of crime committed by immigrants and – as expected – whoever wrote the wikipedia entry is falling over themselves to try and excuse them.
              The bottom line seems to be ‘Yes they do but it’s not their fault’.
              They give me lots of reasons why immigrants don’t increase crime (at one point, they actually try to infer they reduce it) yet I see no plausible explanation of why they make up such a high percentage of the people in jail.
              Neither do they mention that Islam-saturated areas will have very little crime on record. That’s because they don’t go to the police. Their religious leader arbitrates using Sharia law.
              The world seems to have turned into a complete farce.


              • StewGreen says:

                @JohnC If you look at the top of the Wikipedia page of an article, there is a button marked “Talk”
                There is often a comment like “this page has removed mention of X”.


  35. Guest Who says:

    Ah, the BBC and ‘not news’ to follow?


  36. Guest Who says:

    At least his agents knew enough to warn the bbc #prasnews editors not to use ‘opens up’ or ‘reveals”.


  37. digg says:

    So Extinction Rebellion are a nice cuddly, polite bunch really…

    Extinction Rebellion apologise in advance to Cornwall residents for planned G7 protests


    Maybe I could try this tactic on my neighbours, lets say send them a letter informing them that as I am going abroad for 2 weeks I intend to park my car on their drive while I am away and hope they understand it needs to be in a safe place and that they appreciate my thoughtfulness in informing them!


  38. Jack in the Green says:

    Radio 5 presenter ‘taken aback’ by level of booing at bent knee farrago last night at footie. Mr Insipid Southgate declares the boos were directed at black players. Both reactions show that the entire football road show is completely out of touch with reality. The reality being that we are sick to death with it all. The lies, the thug worship, the constant stream of anti-white hatred and the incessant sneering media contempt for anything that doesn’t fit their agenda. Ye Gods!


  39. BRISSLES says:

    All this travel/non-travel abroad aside, the airlines are a bit angry at the latest news coming from Whitehall.

    Well, exactly what is happening with other European airlines ? is the UK the only country where its population is “desperate” to leave the country for a holiday in some other germ ridden land ? because we’re not hearing what’s happening with Belgian or Danish travellers, or are they, unlike us just happy enough to rumble along until its safe to go elsewhere. Surely airlines from these countries must be feeling the pinch as well.

    Friends in Switzerland aren’t too fazed by non-travel, so why aren’t we told what other European governments are doing ?


  40. richard D says:

    Month after month, we have been treated, almost daily, to the ‘news’ that thousands, if not millions, of ‘hospitality sector’ employees are just in dire straits, living on the poverty line, can’t wait for restrictions to be lifted, etc., etc.

    The last couple of days have apparently heralded the ‘sudden’ discovery that these people just don’t exist – and now the hospitality sector needs to be subsidised to the hilt to prevent the whole infrastructure collapsing.

    Colour me surprised !


  41. Philip_2 says:

    Power your Car via a Windmill? (and other nonsense)…

    The quest for ‘free’ energy (aka windmills, solar power, or even hydrogen powered trucks and cars) is fine if you ignore headline energy consumption and the use of toxic and rare earth metals to live the Green Dream of ‘free’ energy. Energy is not free, Windmills are not free (and over a lifetime of 25 years may note even break even on the power it take to assemble, cable and dismantle), solar power modules are largely toxic and have a very short life (voltage drop over ten years) and cannot be easily recycled. Lithium batteries (again) have a short life and cost as much as a second hand car to replace if you ask. None of this is going to make us ‘free’ or environmentally ‘Green’ but we are all going to be lot poorer and for the Green Dream through huge increases in the cost of electricity which predictably will (also) suffer from burn outs, volt drops and cut-outs on a regional basis is part of the Green ‘expectation’ that things will only get cheaper with more roll out. No they won’t. Energy is not free, and the planet is not in crisis, yet — but it soon will be in financial crisis. Net zero is the daftest idea yet, whilst it is feasible to achieve 50% as we will never (ever) achieve 100% as life on Earth would have to stop entirely and even then, it would never be net zero either.

    On NOTALOTOFPEOPEKNOWTHAT blog. and thanks for that link on biasedbbc.tv folks! and also thanks to MarkR for the post- I quote in full below): makes sense of the Green deal of car ownership will be effectively ‘banned’ by 2030! and why…

    Remember, the green idea is NOT that electric vehicles should or should replace ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) vehicles one for one.

    This is less of an issue about ‘saving-the- planet’ by phasing out Internal combustion engines and more of a political/social engineering issue to remove most cars for most people, and most other vehicles.

    Those behind this have an overwhelming goal of societal change. They hate the way of life that relatively cheap car and vehicle transport provides. They wish to exterminate it. Yes, it will cost everyone more and yes, it will not support as many people as at present. That is the goal.

    In brief:
    – Those of us pointing out that electrical generation can’t and won’t support all the new consumers of electricity (vehicle charging, heating, etc.) that will seemingly be needed.
    – Those of us pointing out that resources will limit vehicle production (at affordable levels at least).
    – Those of us pointing out that wind power, solar power, and electric vehicles and battery production is actually ecologically damaging.

    We’re all missing the real point. The real point is to de-industrialise, to reduce vehicle numbers, to intentionally make life more expensive, less flexible, less free, and less economically sustainable for many people. The *goal* is to induce artificial and unnecessary poverty.

    And its has a UK Conservative government to support it! What could possibly go wrong!

    The BBC existence is now based on scare stories that bare no relation to reality, but a prediction based on projections (proved yet wrong multiple times get ignored) but politically focussed on UN Agenda predictions of doom, if we do not ‘submit’, ‘surrender ‘or die off through a new plague (post covid). They have others scare stories. Prophets of doom is the new religion for those that don’t do religion. Marxism and prophet doom replaces all religions bar one. Islam will be tolerated but nothing else can get in the way of project fear. They have the full support of The Greens. The Liberals, The Labour party, The Conservative party, The EU (ignoring crisis in member states) and the entire UN Council have voted for it as a huge global wealth redistribution scheme.

    Cui bono?
    All the old global billionaire tricksters are lined up. Soros and his acolytes will have wealth beyond avarice. It can never be removed by government taxes. They ARE effectively the government.
    The BBC have their own profits and prophets of doom ready for the next dark age.

    Apologies all for long post.


  42. digg says:

    The BBC six o’clock news claims they have seen a “leaked” report critical of the new MOD AJAX fighting vehicle.

    Two thoughts.

    1. It surely needs to be investigated how and why someone in the MOD is prepared to “leak” military information. Surely they MUST be identified and investigated for possible breaches of security.

    2. It is worrying that the BBC were happy to get “copied in”. Surely this is close to spying and sabotage? I think the BBC must be forced by law to name the leaker and that an investigation into the relationship between them and the leaker and possible breaches of the official secrets act takes place and everyone involved forced to provide answers.


    • Garry Lavin says:

      But it’s all over the papers.


      • digg says:

        The BBC would make sure of that because it’s a great anti-establishment story!

        They all drink in the same latte shops you know!

        And moreover it appears its nothing to do with the performance of the vehicle it’s to do with giving our woke soldiers tinnitus FFS, what are they going to be like when they are hit with rocket shells!


  43. pugnazious says:

    LOL….if true reflects exactly what went on here….infections in Germany peaked pre-lockdown….and gives the lie to the BBC claim of German brilliance at managing things….not forgetting that that so-called brilliance was sadly lacking in the second wave as German casualties rapidly rose.

    Have we [er…the BBC and fellow lockdown lobbyists] done massive damage to the economy, to education, to the NHS all on a lie? Let’s hope it’s all part of the inquiry [and the BBC’s role in pushing the lockdown]…but so many have a vested interest in justifying the lockdown that’s unlikely to happen.

    From the Telegraph….

    ‘A new study by German scientists claims to have found evidence that lockdowns may have had little effect on controlling the coronavirus pandemic.

    Statisticians at Munich University found “no direct connection” between the German lockdown and falling infection rates in the country.

    Instead, the study found infection rates had already clearly begun to fall before a national lockdown was imposed last November.

    It also found clear evidence the rate was already falling on the two occasions the lockdown was tightened, in December and April.’


  44. Fedup2 says:

    BBBC news 6pm

    Yesterday it was 20 minutes of more benefits money –
    Today vintage

    Hard lefty Daniel Sanford desperate to accuse the police who killed the Muslim terrorist of London Bridge of murder ( shot 20 times ) – the only clue of motive was that the terrorist called out ‘allans snack bar’ Muslim – Islam – isis – enemy within ? No

    Followed by
    Dominic cashiani – another favourite of the hard left reporting on the 3rd world criminals being housed in an ex military base who have ‘won a court case’ no mention about throwing them back at our French enemy or similar – and apparently they’ve removed the razor wire – sounds very pritti useless Patel

    2 anti Tory stories about cutting overseas tax giveaways – and one on the Tory party sending out a few unwanted emails 2 years ago .

    – no mention of how many Labour Party members suspected or on bail .

    To close – bongo bongo land somewhere is after out vaccines – free of course ….

    Roll on the footy ….


    • JohnC says:

      The big question I have is : Does Sanford actually believe what he says, or does he say it because of his politcial agenda and he considers lying is perfectly acceptable in the fight against the Right ?.


  45. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news : a lot of box ticking
    – Students ask for refund cos of Covid
    ..vox pop featured a black student with a bull-like ring through her nose

    – BAME victims of longer transplant wait
    the stats seem to say 20% in the waiting queue are BAME.

    – Mental Health org says lots of people are spending lots of their own money on Covid time mental health treatment.


  46. StewGreen says:

    Wow BBC local news will feature MPs who are not Labour
    Why suddenly 2 Tories today ?

    cos these Tories object cuts in International Aid.
    David Davies, and Edward Leigh.

    BTW the edit time seems to take time to load.


  47. vlad says:

    They’re filming a new movie about Meghan Markle and her mum Doria.
    In the spirit of colour-blindness, I propose the parts be offered to Cate Blanchett and Jane Fonda if she’s still alive. If not, then Cameron Diaz.

    Anyone who disagrees is a racist.


    • Sluff says:

      Surely in the interests of equality someone like Eddie Izzard or RuPaul would be a shoe-in to play Meghan Markle.


      • JohnC says:

        Funny you mention Eddie : I was just thinking about him.
        He has the honour of starring in one of my BBC defining moments. It was when they put up a big picture of him looking about as male as it is possible to be and called him ‘she’.
        It was an excellent example of how warped the Left have become.


    • Thoughtful says:

      I think they should get Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe !


  48. Sluff says:

    How’s this for BBC grievance-seeking.

    On the tv news we are encouraged to feel sorry for ‘victims’ of the government decision to move Portugal from the green to the amber travel list.

    A British couple are featured, who are concerned are worried about the effect on their business.

    They run a bar. In Portugal. Where they presumably live.
    I feel as sorry for them as I am for economic migrants who are miraculously able to take the government to court for not being provided with 4* accommodation.


  49. Sluff says:

    BBC London are absolutely determined to ram down our throats that it is the first anniversary of some Black Lives Matter demo.

    BTW i can’t help noticing that middle class British Indians seem to be ‘significantly under-represented’ among BLM supporters. Perhaps the BBC should investigate. In the interests of diversity you understand. Now what was that song? A Darker Shade of Brown? Something like that.


  50. theisland says:



    We all know that Britain has changed dramatically in just the last few years. Free speech is dead; we cannot comment on immigration, Islam, transgenderism, or a host of other issues without being blasted as bigots – even losing our jobs.

    Furthermore, illegal immigration is being facilitated by our so-called Border Force. Yes, you read that correctly, the UK’s Border Force is bringing illegal migrants ashore – EVERY SINGLE DAY. These migrant opportunists are neither refugees nor asylum seekers but that makes no difference to the British government. This government is using YOUR money to house illegal immigrants in hotels while millions of British people are plunged in to poverty.

    Our most fundamental freedoms have been destroyed because of the coronavirus pandemic, and we may never have them fully restored.

    Britain’s education system is a joke; children are taught there are 100 genders, and of course they are taught to hate their own country.

    White people are under relentless attack and anti-white hatred is all over our public institutions.

    The public sector pours money down the drain and is never held to account.

    It’s a mess.

    As well as all of the above, Islam continues to trample all over us. In Batley recently, a school once again gave in to the Islamic mob by censoring itself. Batley Grammar School changed its curriculum and turned its back on one of its teachers when he used a cartoon of the Islamic prophet Mohammed in a discussion on free speech. He is still in hiding and is unlikely to ever be safe again.

    Now there is a Parliamentary by-election coming up in Batley and Spen. Despite the recent formation of political parties claiming to stand for free speech, against political correctness, and in favour of truth, we know very well that they will go ‘so far and no further’. In other words, despite claiming to be “anti-woke”, these parties will not tell the truth about Islam and the nature of its scriptures.

    They will claim that only a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ is the problem. We know differently. We know the truth. We know that Islamic scriptures condones and encourages violence against non-believers and ‘blasphemers’ and that mass immigration has brought this tyranny to Britain. We can see the result.

    The truth is that more and more Islamic immigrants are coming to Britain every single day, most of them illegally, and nothing is done about it. These new “anti-woke” parties won’t address it and we at For Britain intend to expose this.

    They won’t tell the truth, we will.

    With all of this in mind, I will stand in the upcoming Parliamentary by-election in Batley and Spen.

    I know I will be sidelined, ignored, smeared, attacked, and threatened.

    It is time to show up the other parties for what they are.

    It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    It’s time to show who in British politics really has the courage to tell the truth.

    This is so important., so crucial, but we need your help. Please help by donating so our message will reach EVERY home in the district and we can employ the security that we will need.


    • tarien says:

      100% correct in every word Ann Marie-the situation is now beyond horrible its destruction and aimed at us the indigenous peoples of these Island. A few chosen words spoken by supporter this once great nation.
      ‘To my mind these islands of ours are irrevocably joined to that continent. Not simply by a railway tunnel, but far more bindingly by the arrival and integration of people sharing a common Caucasian heritage, both before and after the land bridge was stretched by tectonics, pounded by great waters and finally finished off by the mega-tsunami of 6200 BC which wiped out at least a quarter of Britain’s and Northern Europe’s coastal Mesolithic populations.
      In time, generation after generation, century after century, the survivors and their descendants, despite all their violent squabbling, came to create a unique common core of belief, law and custom. This essential core is a frail, sometimes faltering assemblage of original ideas generated by painful social experimentation, often during times of great conflict.
      I must acknowledge that this once strong, vibrant collection of nation-states, including my own, is facing a bleak future in disarray and uncertainty as an alien human tsunami smashes down on us, a succession of destructive waves from every failed state on Earth bringing the retrogressive socio-political policies that created those failures in the first place.
      Indigenous Europeans increasingly see this rapidly expanding assault for what it is. Either intuition or a resurgent survival instinct leads them to acknowledge that, despite a torrent of disinformation to the contrary, these arrivals are not benign symbionts but predatory parasites – organisms that kill their hosts by slowly devouring them from within.’
      That piece adds quite clearly to what has been said by Ann Marie Waters, who I have followed in her articles for a while.


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