325 Responses to Start the Week 6 September 2021

  1. Halifax says:

    The BBC are at the forefront of a cultural revolution aimed at overthrowing Western civilisation, not through democratic means but through the gradually erosion of our Christian based society and its values. Paying the licence fee is akin to taking a subscription out for Pravda during the cold War.


  2. digg says:

    The BBC, The Guardian and The Independent are pushing a unified stance right now.

    1. The Muslim Taliban will be a tolerant and accommodating government in Afghanistan and we must stop thinking of them as the evil sub-human butchers they actually are so we can discuss the future and how we can bring them into the lovely Western fold.

    2. The UK is about to go into a siege of unparalleled proportions over goods supply because we upset the gestapo in the EU.

    Both total fairy tales and both dangerous lies.

    Plus it’s strange how the shortages crowed about so far seem to be all working class commodities such as beer, not heard a bleep about a shortage of for instance fine French wine or cheese. Odd ain’t it?

    They are just lying twats and I hate them with a passion!


  3. vlad says:

    Once again, Jacinda and the BBC are baffled by the motivation of the latest jihadi in NZ.

    I don’t know where that particular nut-job got ‘radicalised’, but these girls in Pakistan are being taught how to behead critics of Islam… at school!


    • digg says:

      There really is only one way for the West to fight this cancer in humanity and that is to deny these peoples any rights in the West, no travel, no residency, no aid, otherwise we will all pay for their evil. It might impact some innocents but that is the price of containing their utter evil and demented and twisted ideology.

      If we fail to do this we will end up paying with the blood and lives of our citizens and children as the US has already experienced but learned nothing!

      And we must do it while we still can. We have to understand that they are a cult determined to extinguish Western values.

      Western Governments need to wake up and smell the coffee, they hate us and will not stop trying to annihilate or subdue us.


      • Thoughtful says:

        Is that last sentance talking about Western governments? If it’s the Tories then its probably true and certainly true of the Democrat in America!


      • tarien says:

        100% agree digg, I assume however that it is only the subscribers to BBC bias that can clearly see and understand the evil that is gathering its tentacles to enforce its political ideology over us, to encourage their communities to follow Sharia Law-the places seen of authority in the UK such as the Local Councils hitherto, we now see more and more of those that follow the teachings of Islam taking up positions in those councils. What, we must ask, is what our MP’s are preparing to do about this serious invasion? Nothing no doubt as if they did they would surely lose their seats-frankly I think most have lost them already. Waking up and smelling the coffee, we have been saying for years and still the powers that be refuse to acknowledge to take note of what is happening and is so doing very quickly. Another 5000 a year of people to come to the UK and yet we know nothing about them, other than their culture and ideology are light years away from ours. Terrorism in the UK and Europe will have an even greater force than before. It is said that the majority of assaults against women have and are being carried out by Afgahans. Oh yes our Government needs to wake up but when?


    • JohnC says:

      This is why we see so little reporting on the BBC about Pakistan. The 1 MILLION of them living here would be outraged and the video shows us how they deal with that.

      I’ve noticed for a while now that the BBC reports are always about attacks ON muslim’s by someone else. I did a search for ‘BBC India Murder Religion’ and the top stories are:
      ‘Jai Shri Ram: The Hindu chant that became a murder cry’ (Muslim victim)
      ‘India Assam mob kills two Muslim men over ‘cow theft”
      ‘Beaten and humiliated by Hindu mobs for being a Muslim in India’
      The BBC seem to report very few Muslim attacks, particularly in Pakistan. I had to search a bit to find this:
      ‘Peshawar bombing: At least seven dead in Pakistan school attack’.
      No use of the word Muslim at all in this one. Nor the word terrorist. Only ‘Islamist’ gives us a clue and it was used only once.
      I had to remove ‘BBC’ from the search to find this:
      ‘The beheading of a diplomat’s daughter shows how badly Pakistan is failing its women’ from only last month – and guess what: the BBC have not even reported it.

      Why do they do it ?. Why do the BBC go so far to protect Muslim’s ?.

      I am now of the opinion that the BBC are basically self-proclaimed ‘elites’ who loath the intellectually inferior white ‘untermensch’ masses as a means to reinforce and confirm their own superiority. They use BAME as a weapon to do it. They really are modern-day Nazis.

      It’s all part of the ‘intellectual Left’ mindset which has trouble coping with the practicalities of the real world. Which is why so many of them can’t even change the wheel on their car.


      • Guest Who says:


      • G says:


        “….the ‘intellectual Left’ mindset which has trouble coping with the practicalities of the real world.”

        I stumbled upon “Awoke with JP” – the intelligent persons guide to the present day nonsense. Have a laugh and perhaps look at his other videos:


      • Doublethinker says:

        The persecution of Christians across the Muslim world is massively under reported . There is censorship by omission on a huge scale. As you rightly say the BBC and most of the rest of the MSM go out of their way to protect Muslims. Equally take up the cause of other protected groups and without exception take the side of these groups against ordinary white folks.
        I think that the leaders of these liberal elites are guilt ridden at their own comfortable life style and because they control the media , the arts etc they are able to manipulate many followers who follow the fashion leaders and are blind to where this is leading the society they and we are part of. By the time the fools wake up it will be too late , if it already isn’t.


    • JohnC says:

      I can just imagine someone from Snopes fact checking this video.
      If they can show it’s fake or misleading, they’ll publish it. If it’s true they’ll drop it.

      That’s how Lefty fact checking works.


    • Foscari says:

      Are you sure this isn’t Birmingham? Isn’t this on the
      curriculum for all Muslim faith schools?


  4. taffman says:

    “Afghanistan: Boris Johnson to face MPs over handling of crisis”
    Its time to get rid of this pseudo Tory PM, his cabinet and Al Beeb. He also needs to face MPs of over his handling of the Covid crisis.
    We taffmen cannot do it, we are far too small, its up to England and the people of England to lead the way.

    Here is another Good Reason to get rid of him and his phoney home secretary with their phoney promises ………..
    “Channel Migrants: First group since August reaches Dover”


  5. BRISSLES says:

    Tragic though it is, the lead story on the news channels has concentrated on the early death of a member of a girl group that I struggle to know little about. Just another indication as to the age of those dictating what ‘news’ is considered important enough to grace the air waves. I cant imagine Reginald Bosenquet (when sober) or Macdonald Hobley (Google him) reading the death of a pop star as a lead story.


  6. JimS says:

    More mangled BBC ‘English’: Jules Buckley gives us the pap-al choir, (something to do with PayPal, nothing to do with the pope?).

    Henrietta Smith-Rolla, (the hyphen, once a sign of an aristo, now an Afro?) surprised to learn that a choir singing without music in a place with a strong echo might be doing something religious. (Gregorio Allegri – Miserere).

    A sure sign that we are living in a Post-Christian, Post-European country.

    Have mercy on me, O God, according to your great mercy.
    Miserere mei, Deus: secundum magnam misericordiam tuam.

    And according to the greatness of your tender mercies blot out my iniquity.
    Et secundum multitudinem miserationum tuarum, dele iniquitatem meam.


    • Up2snuff says:

      JimS, Allegri’s Miserere was a BBC ‘Soul Music’ episode and it was so good I went out a bought the CD. Back in days of better BBC programming than we have now. Must be about ten years ago now.

      Doesn’t time fly when you are not enjoying listening to the BBC?


  7. JohnC says:

    I see the BBC – and the MSM in general – are avoiding any stories about Joe Biden at the moment – including anything about how his approval rating has plummeted.

    How fortunate for him.

    And I have to say just how utterly useless the BBC ‘search’ is. If I search for ‘Biden’ I expect the latest news first. Instead I get an episode of Panorama from November 2020. It seems to be completely random. No doubt the person in charge ticks all the top 10 boxes. Actual ability to do the job is box 11.


    • Scroblene says:

      Blimey John, I was just going to post about exactly the same issue as you have!

      I’ve just been through the awful website, and tried to get a ‘Biden’ story, but there’s only some babble from three or four days ago, with a sub-headline denouncing President Trump of course!

      It should be fair for all normal citizens to know from their ‘most trusted broadcaster’, how the old boy is mental-wise, has he actually done anything recently, and how is he now going to help the US recover from his disastrous decisions.

      We also deserve to find out when Kamala is taking over, because this will affect so many foreign investors etc.!

      Surely there are some proper journalists who could do this, Sopel isn’t really up to the ‘job’ these days.


      • JohnC says:

        lol, Sopel is a complete joke.
        He’s written a book about the election and Trump so I went to check the rating. To my complete surprise it got something like 4 or 5 stars. So I read the inidividual reviews. Then I realised : it got full marks because only the most Left of people read it. One reviewer even said it was a shame that Sopel was so unbiased, he tried to give Trump some credit for something when he actually should have not given him any at all.
        These people have no self-awareness at all. They are absolutely ignorant of any view except their own.


        • Scroblene says:

          Hands up in the Scrobs family, anyone who’s going to buy Sopes’ book…


          Surely there’s someone out there willing to pay the remainder few pennies when it gets onto the cheap table in Waterstones…?




  8. JohnC says:

    Afghanistan: The ‘undefeated’ Panjshir Valley – an hour from Kabul

    “The Red Army, with its might, was unable to defeat us… And the Taliban also 25 years ago… they tried to take over the valley and they failed, they faced a crushing defeat,” Ali Nazary, the NRF’s head of foreign relations, told the BBC.

    Then the BBC along with the other left-wing media lied, distorted and applied disgraceful double-standards to influence the election in order to get their ideological opposite – Donald Trump – out of office.

    Now the person they replaced him with has destroyed all of that history almost overnight with a display of breathtaking incompetence and arrogance by handing the Taliban $85,000,000,000 worth of the latest military equipment. Which they are using to systematically wipe them out.

    Where is your shame BBC ?.


    • Thoughtful says:

      It’s very easy to blame the man in charge and overlook the other failings out of the same political bias the BBC displayed, yet however ever bad Biden is, he was not the man on the ground making decisions as to how the withdrawal should be conducted.

      A lot of problems go back to Obama, the ludicrous focus on ‘diversity’ which has left the US military incapable of being an effective fighting force. Donald Trump called the senior military officers into the oval office and told them “you’re all losers, you don’t know how to win a war any more”. The arrogant sods instead of reflecting on the assessment decided to turn on Trump in an astonishing act of insubordination against their commander in chief, and they are still doing it under Biden.

      The leaking of tapes of Biden discussing ‘progress’ and assessments of the Taleban was an act of betrayal and actually a criminal illegal act, making it impossible for the commander in chief to have confidence his private discussions with officers in the field would remain private.

      They’re not happy either that perpetual never ending war appears to be coming to an end.

      Like so many institutions in the US oversight and control has been lost to arrogant stupid men who look to their own self interest instead of service to the nation.

      It’s not just Biden although his input is certainly appalling, it’s entire party and the infrastructure of state in the USA which is no longer under central control.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Thoughtful – yesterday on the Twitter – a 3 star female US general put up a picture of a ‘bunch ‘ of soldiers – American heroes in the back of a transport plane .

    The problem was 1 – the soldiers were British – as anyone could spot from the kit and weapons – 2 she could not spell heroes … hero s …

    Obviously the stick she got was heavy – including accusations that she was just a tick box and not real military . Then enemies of the US must be very happy …

    And thoughtful – are you saying the outcome would have been the same under Trump?


    • tomo says:

      Not sure how many stars on the collar qualify – but when US generals get “the stars” they are subject to iirc congressional approval.

      It’s all too easy to imagine how that might produce this sort of thing?


    • Thoughtful says:

      “are you saying the outcome would have been the same under Trump?”

      What an incredibly difficult question that is.

      Trump had agreed to withdraw on 1st May, clearly the US military was acting in defiance of the commander in chief and had no intention of withdrawing from Afghanistan at all!
      The actively did not prepare to withdraw, and thought that they could use that refusal to kick the can down the road even further.

      If Trump had insisted on a 1st May withdrawal then who knows what might have happened. No doubt the military would have been briefing against him for their own deliberate engineered failings, but the Taleban would not have had the time to assemble and invade as they did when Biden gave the Military leaders a further 6 months to organise the withdrawal which they seem to have actively opposed.

      I think Trump would have almost certainly called those Senior military personel to account, maybe even court marshalls for the worst offenders, but it’s not just the military which have now decided they are not under state control, it’s several other US departments of state as well, and it is affecting both sides of the political debate.

      This didn’t happen under Bush, it happened under Obama so therefore there cannot be any examination let alone criticism. Don’t forget that the rise of Donald Trump stems directly from the rank failures of Obamas time as President, the failures of which have never been reported by a fawning media which simply cannot contemplate he did anything wrong.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      3 stars, eh? Not many ladies I’ve awarded three stars to, nudge nudge.


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Our Justin has a chat with a female – disabled – Afgee – refugee – about the ‘plight ‘ of the ‘disabled in Afgee under the taliban ‘…. I was waiting for our Justin to suggest Our spare NHS resources to go to Afgee …..but even he couldn’t bring himself to that one – yet .

    The responsibility for Afgee lies with Biden – who is not mentioned as the man responsible for what happens in Afgee now – not us . We did more than enough . Every day on Twitter – a poster called ‘Kyzer solsay(spelling ) puts up details of British soldiers whose lives ended in Afgee …as we now know – lost for nothing .


    • Scroblene says:

      A pedant replies…

      ‘‘Kyzer solsay(spelling )’ is the character behind all that makes the film, ‘The Usual Suspects’ one of the best moving pictures ever produced!

      It’s Keyser Soze, and he’s the devil incarnate…

      Dammit, I’m going to watch it again tonight, with a bottle of red by my side – it’s a fabulous film!


  11. Guest Who says:

    I was up overnight and reading social media originating from the USA.

    It was liberally indispersed by ‘suggested for you’ ‘news’ stories about Megharry.

    I wonder how long before the copy posters here chime in.

    Oh, and Mr. Rashford’s pr team is busy again too.


    • Scroblene says:

      Guest, you could have called by, and we could have cracked the bottle of single malt up there on the sideboard!

      Radio5 Paralym is not that fabulous at the moment, so it’s Classic FM or a chat with the dog downstairs – as if she’d even bother to listen…


  12. Guest Who says:

    I wonder if he’ll be in his boxers?

    Owen, not Jez.

    Champion, Femi or Ash clearly booked elsewhere.


  13. Fedup2 says:

    Toady 2
    Mishallll “interviews ‘ lizzy Kendal – the half wit shadow welfare Labour drone .
    Lizzy says not to use raised NIC to fund social care .
    ‘So how would Labour do it ?’asks the hopeless BBC droid ?

    Answer “ we will look at it in the run up to the next election “And says this x3 ? …. And that was about it ….

    Then mishall interviews – of all people – the traitor ex Tory – David willets – who wants to increase taxes on older people – including making them pay NICs above the current age limit .

    Willets used to be a ‘proper Tory ‘ but somewhere along the line he flipped and became a full on lefty . Very sad .

    15 minutes wasted


    • Up2snuff says:

      Aw, Fed, you beat me to it. That was a laugh wasn’t it? Mishal let Liz Kendall off very easily (remember, she was a one-time leadership contender against Jezza – what happened to him? – after the Milipede quit) and it appears that M/s Kendall has an empty head as far as Social Care reform is concerned, Keir Starmer has an empty head as far as Social Care reform is concerned and probably Labour has no plans in place whatsoever.

      You can be sure that whatever the Conservative Party propose this week, Labour Party will be agin it. Whatever the Conservative Party propose this week, Labour Party will say it is not enough.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I have very strong views about social care – i read the dilnott report when it came out and naively hoped it would be accepted .

        But it was kicked into touch

        I cannot believe that Labour can be so dismissive of any attempt to fund social care – which i think should be absorbed into the bloated NHS budget

        I also think that the BBC let Labour off the hook on this one – which is obviously no surprise – but so blatently …


        • Thoughtful says:

          When I was younger there were few old peoples homes around and they were generally cared for by their families. Now thanks to blinkered modern medicine which always thinks could we and never stops to consider should we, there are old age cabbages sat in chairs dribbling into their laps pissing themselves with no quality of life and costing the rest of us a fortune.

          The medical establishement hasn’t even paused to consider the damage it has done to society, being completely blinkered and only concerned with how long they can prolong life for.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Fed, maybe you can remember as well but many years ago – 50? 60? – elderly care, once a person could no longer live independently, was handled by the NHS. I remember being taken as a child to visit elderly relatives and friends in NHS wards full of elderly people. Local Authorities and charities also ran care homes outside the NHS’s responsibility.

          But then Civil Servants – them again! – came up with plans to merge hospitals and reduce the number of beds in hospitals (despite an increasing population) to the point where the NHS cannot cope with anything anymore and Governments of various colours foolishly agreed to their proposals.

          Maybe before we deal with Social Care reform we need to deal with the Civil Service?


          • Fedup2 says:

            The last character who tried to take on the civil service landed up being destroyed by the MSM – Cummings.

            Nothing will change . I guess nut nut will increase NICs by 2% but raise the lower level income tax threshold a bit to ‘reduce ‘ the blow …


            • theisland says:

              The only way the Civil Service could be reformed is by the top ‘serpents’ being directly accountable to the people. At present nobody seems to be accountable for anything across the board. In theory the MPs should be, but we know they just follow the bad ‘advice’ they are given, or are too scared (of e.g. the MSM) to do anything. Additionally, the justice system, being part of the same ‘blob’, is screwed up and jammed up – unless you are one of the wealthy. You are right to say nothing will change, and certainly if we all keep voting the same way. We do need a ‘reset’ – but not of the WEF/Schwab variety.


              • Fedup2 says:

                Island – those who hold the power are never going to let it go – they have carefully planned career progression – complete with ‘honours ‘ and ‘awards’ as well as the pension and outside ‘consultancy ‘ at the end of it where their friends within the system mutually reward them .

                ‘Yes Minister ‘ was on recently – that’s as recognisable now as it was then – 50? Years ago ….
                …..however – the recent corruption case involving Charles Windsor – and the failure to conceal the evidence – points to more corruption in the wider system which may be so routine that evidence becomes public …. The NHS – PPE and red Tory friends sits there somewhere ….


          • Thoughtful says:

            Perhaps you remember the phenomenon of Granny dumping where those expected to look after their parents simply rolled up at a hospital, dumped Granny and then drove away again leaving someone else to look after her.


            The elderly you are describing weren’t simply unable to look after themselves, they were in need of nursing care and there were home helps meals on Wheels WRVS etc who would help the elderly remain in their homes as long as possible.


            • BRISSLES says:

              When I worked in elderly mental health at our local hospital, there were numerous occasions when families would turn up at A & E, usually late at night, with a distressed and confused elderly relative. This was generally because a GP wouldn’t attend, so the family had little recourse but to come to A & E. However, it was also true that some families wanted a ‘quiet’ Christmas or had a planned holiday and would offload Granny.

              The Psychiatric Consultant I worked for did call it ‘granny dumping’, and so she/he would be admitted for care and treatment.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Springster just back.

    Lots of greetings from fellow travellers.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Not much going on in the USA still, clearly.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      Oops! Fake news as usual from Sopel. The queue is actually a vaccine queue, not one for people who have taken Invermectin.


    • G says:

      That would be ‘Ivermectin’, veterinary version………….

      See how the BBC create the story without mentioning the WHO’s view of Ivermectin and or the name so as to avoid any interest in the very safe drug.


    • gb123 says:

      Hospital involved denied the story put out by the doctor the Rolling Stone quoted.


      “The hospital that KFOR stated McElyea was associated with — Northeastern Health System – Sequoyah — released a statement Saturday revealing that McElyea is “not an employee” there, and explained the hospital has not experienced a single case of ivermectin overdose.”

      The BBC never look at both sides of a story to verify if it suits their agenda. I am not a journalist, it took me less than 10 minutes to track down an alternative view for verification. Surely a professional could have done the same.


    • StewGreen says:

      I see Sopel has now been banned from Twitter for spreading disinformation about Covid
      along with all the other lefty accounts that tweeted that Rolling Stone fakenews
      And Snopes has published a debunk which has been widely circulated
      …. / S A R C

      No cos There is one rule for libmob
      and another rule for the rest of us.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      More proven lies from Sopel, I wonder if he will apologise?

      I like the idea that he thinks there are so many gunshot victims in Oklahoma waiting for treatment. Such lazy stereotyping. In reality there are hardly any. America as a whole is not a violent country. The black ghettoes in a few Democrat run cities are where 90% of the violence is to be found.


  16. StewGreen says:

    9am R4 ..Strange lack of woke agenda pushing
    “The Hallé’s Music Director, Sir Mark Elder and players from the orchestra give us their insider’s perspective on this celebrated music and show how they work together”


  17. MarkyMark says:

    As the fleet crosses the Indian Ocean, the political situation in France becomes more charged. At a press conference about the crisis, a French official who offers a speech in praise of the refugees is confronted by a journalist who claims he is merely trying to “feed the invaders” and demands to know if France will “have the courage to stand up to” the migrants when they reach France. The official decries this question as morally offensive and threatens to throw the journalist out when he continues to yell. Other journalists seek to inflame tensions between the French and Africans and Arabs already living in the country. Over time, these journalists begin to write that the migrant fleet is on a mission to “enrich, cleanse and redeem the Capitalist West”. At the same time as the fleet is praised by those in Paris, the people of Southern France, terrified of the migrants’ arrival, flee to the north.



  18. StewGreen says:

    BBCTV local news
    “Castle Hill Hospital has been given permission for 11,000 solar panels …” accompanied by the PR photo

    I wonder how many times they are going to report the story
    Sept 3rd they added the story to the BBC solar news page
    and the original May 25th story is also there

    I guess it is new new news that the local council has given planning permission
    but the BBC page doesn’t say that
    And anyway today’s Monday yet the hospital’s Facebook page had the news first thing on Friday morning
    \\ East Riding Council has approved plans for a solar panel field ..
    Known as “ground mounted solar photovoltaic array”//
    So that means it’s physical farmland taken out of production and us importing more food.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, I always felt when New/Old Labour was getting going on the windmill & solar panel thing that the place to put them was not despoiling the countryside or seas but on top of retail parks and industrial sites and yes, hospitals and schools, too.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Metals such as lithium and cobalt provide examples of the awkward issues that lie ahead, said Herrington. … In the case of cobalt, 60% of the world’s supply comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where large numbers of unregulated mines use children as young as seven as miners.4 Jan 2021


  19. MarkyMark says:

    GO GREEN ..

    Apple and Google named in US lawsuit over Congolese child cobalt mining deaths


    Dell, Microsoft and Tesla also among tech firms named in case brought by families of children killed or injured while mining in DRC


  20. StewGreen says:

    8am the local BBC presenter struggled to find the gender neutral term for “fireman”
    Firefighter is the BBC/Guardian bubbleworld word

    but I agree with the Germans words ending in “man” are gender neutral

    Call a male dance a ballerina, I wouldn’t be offended

    We don’t call a woman from German
    a Ger-person, do we ?


  21. Guest Who says:

    When in doubt, go…

    BBC Newsbeat

    Black people, who are under-represented in senior business roles, “just need a chance”, Gold Oyelade says

    1 comment so far. Not positive to the narrative.


  22. digg says:

    State of humanity 2021.

    Church to vote on same sex marriages. (Total oblivion of UK Christian churches now in plain sight.)

    100,000 strong “Satanists Temple” cult lobby against the new anti-abortion laws in Texas, demanding they be handed abortion pills as it is part of their “sacramental” abortion ritual. (The name Satan is spot on!)

    Jump in reports of under-18’s sexually abusing peers. (See two comments above for an explanation).

    19 British soldiers in a regiment in Yorkshire test positive for cocaine and cannabis.

    The most powerful man in to most powerful nation on Earth is kicked out of Afghanistan like a drunk from a nightclub by a bunch of random thugs.

    Children could overrule parents over vax jabs says Zahawi (The is how to teach them to be good little Commies… smash the family structure).

    Greta ups her ante and starts on family planning..(still got Veganism and eating insects up her sleeve I guess)

    Marcus Rashford pops up again to polish his halo over kids food issues (How many could your wages feed Marcus?)

    A whole bunch of highly regarded scientists have cast serious doubt over the climate change myth pointing instead to normal activity of the Sun… Every MSM media including the BBC buries the story.

    Macron wants a super army of EU stormtroopers… now where have we seen that before?

    The mad Duke in the States is now focussing on the paralympians cause with Ursula von der Leyen realising that his other efforts have backfired.

    Australian nutter bigwig tries to push a plan to withhold healthcare for citizens who refuse the jab.

    Loads more but I’ll end with this one nearer home…

    Our 22 year old lad who has not left the house for over a year reckons it would be good if face masks were made obligatory for everyone forever.

    As the saying goes…”Stop the World, I want to get off!”


  23. MarkyMark says:

    NHS is running out of money … oh wait … NHS-Dear-white-people-copy.jpg?fit=1200%2C675&ssl=1


  24. StewGreen says:

    Covid : It looks to me that in July August about 3,000 people over 60 went down with Covid on the death certificate.

    All humans die so Covid never stops you having eternal life
    but I wonder if people 60 or 70 have lost 10 years off their life
    Is that balanced by the tens of millions of those ages who now enjoy days of freedom ?
    Like surely one person missing out on 10 years of seeing their grandchildren is well balanced by a 1000 people not being banned from seeing their grandchildren for a year ..ie a collective 1,000 year ban.


  25. MarkyMark says:

    Boris on Batley – ignorance is bliss.
    Boris on 1400+ raped kids over 16 years – ignorance is bliss.
    Boris on army sleeping rough – ignorance is bliss.
    Boris on BBC biased unbiased bias – ignorance is bliss.

    Boris on 20,000 afghans – no stone left unturned.


  26. Zephir says:

    Sign of a decadent society and civilisation in terminal decline: (BBC style)

    invite the barbarians in,

    give them all rights and benefits

    lie about why so many arrive illegally from nearby countries

    protect them from any criticism from the indigenous population, in fact criminalise those who transgress this

    hide their own many crimes as much as possible, especially those crimes dictated by their religion and culture

    blame the indigenous population and their culture for any problems with the barbarians

    denigrate, crtiticise and minimise our own culture whilst revering theirs

    and watch them take over


    • Thoughtful says:

      No, it’s a sign of completely insane society which believes paying its leaders next to nothing is a good thing, and that allowing other countries to pay them is a fine deal. They save a ha’penny evey decade, maybe less than that, but they’re as pleased as punch and wouildn’t have it any other way even when they are aware its wrecking their country they are still so stupid they think its a good thing!


      • Zephir says:

        Insane or decadent is is much the same thing, any civilisation eventually becomes attractive to the barbarians once it has a surplus of benefits, infrastructure and other attractions they have either destroyed themselves or never bothered to build.
        Insane, yes that they never learn from history and open the gates to the dregs of the world.


    • MarkyMark says:

      The Battle of Vienna[a] took place at Kahlenberg Mountain near Vienna on 11 September 1683[1] after the imperial city had been besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months. The battle was fought by the Holy Roman Empire led by the Habsburg Monarchy and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, both under the command of King John III Sobieski, against the Ottomans and their vassal and tributary states. The battle marked the first time the Commonwealth and the Holy Roman Empire had cooperated militarily against the Ottomans, and it is often seen as a turning point in history, after which “the Ottoman Turks ceased to be a menace to the Christian world”.[18][Note 3] In the ensuing war that lasted until 1699, the Ottomans lost almost all of Hungary to the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I.[18]


  27. pugnazious says:

    Have I missed it? Is it there and I’ve just skimmed past it?…you know…Tony Blair’s statement that radical Islam is the world’s worst and growing threat….surely the BBC reports such an ominous warning?

    ‘The threat posed by radical Islam is of the “first order” and one that is “getting worse”, Tony Blair has warned.

    The former prime minister called on leaders from around the world – including China and Russia – to develop a common strategy to counter the menace to their societies.

    “In my view, Islamism, both the ideology and the violence, is a first order security threat; and, unchecked, it will come to us, even if centred far from us, as 9/11 demonstrated,” he said. “This is a global challenge and one that is getting worse.”

    In a speech to the Royal United Services Institute (Rusi) military think tank, Mr Blair said governments should prepare for the prospect of bio-terrorism by “non-state actors” and would be “unwise” to downgrade the threat posed by such groups.’

    Funny huh? The BBC, which has energetically pumped out every statement by Bair in relation to Brexit or covid has suddenly gone silent as he dumps on their favourite religion….much as Lady Hale, anti-Brexit heroine at one time, suddenly found she couldn’t get onto the BBC even if she murdered the Queen…and certainly not if she dared to voice criticism of how lockdown was being forced undemocratically upon us without proper parliamentary scrutiny.

    The BBC once again protecting Islam…and er…’radical Islam’? That’ll just be Islam then….violent, misogynist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, supremacist and separatist, racist.


    • JimS says:

      There must be a joke in there somewhere, like the statement sometimes attributed to Bush that ‘the French don’t have a word for entrepreneur’, can we say ‘Muslims don’t have a word for Islamist’?


  28. StewGreen says:

    Sheffield City Trust bans Roy Chubby Brown concert for January 2022
    “Doesn’t reflect our values” … that’s #WeFiles


  29. Doublethinker says:

    Does anyone know the current status of the Arizona election audit and the other audits? We seem to have been told for months that publication was imminent and that the report would be devastating and prove unambiguously that the election was stolen.
    I’m sure that if the audits prove massive election fraud there will be strenuous attempts made to suppress and discredit them. Have these attempts been successful or are the audits still likely to be published?


    • MarkyMark says:

      It’s about to happen – Priti Patell says so.


    • Zephir says:

      A waste of time looking through the MSM regarding this, phrases like “conspiracy theorists”, “far right” and “so called audit” abound

      For example: Instead of “a review” we have “A widely criticized Republican-led review of the 2020 general election”

      “Now the company leading the review — Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based cybersecurity firm with no prior experience in elections, and that’s led by a CEO who’s embraced conspiracies of election fraud — is preparing a final report on its findings.”

      etc. etc. etc.

      They just cannot help themselves can they?
      One would have thought they would embrace the opportunity to find how many actually voted for a party led by this corrupt, degenerate, geriatric incompetent.


  30. StewGreen says:

    12:52pm Radio4 “climate scientists have published a guide to help musicians using data from Massive ..by Tyndall Centre”
    .. Prof @CarlyMclachlan the head spoke
    (Note 5Live guy also asking for interview …#PRasNews)

    12:33pm Radio4 : on street charging for your Electric car
    woman “We needed a bigger car, cos of Climate Change”

    presenter “Charge Fair, drive an electric van to your house and charge your car”
    … No mention of losses !
    “£6 per week charge, plus 37p/KWh if you go over the limit”
    #PRas news

    They plugged 2 other firms as well
    Currently Electric cars don’t pay road tax or fuel tax, that subsidy cannot last, so the cost of running them has to go up to more than the cost of petrol.


    • tomo says:

      Given that some EV charge points are charging £0.69 / kWh and the advertised Tesla usage is 345Wh/mile – that works out to ca. 24p a mile ….

      UK government advisory number for a 2L + car on fossil fuel is 21p per mile.

      That’s got to sting

      No road fuel tax eh!… more remorse for *some* EV owners…. The reliability figures for charge points is being withheld too….


      • Zephir says:

        Just wonder, when you run out, as some inevitably will, instead of wandering up the road with a can in your hand to the nearest petrol station, what will happen instead ? will they sell you a couple of AA batteries to get you home ?

        We will probably end up with a national grid run by the gypsies from the fairground dodgems, and they only lasted 2 minutes. But you can have some fun paying a couple of quid playing with weighted, blunt darts to win a 10 p prize or fishing for plastic ducks while they recharge you, cash only, for another 2 minutes.

        Or what about using the train lines when they are on strike ? or even better what about if we put big carriages on the train lines ? and opened up all the stations they closed…


      • StewGreen says:

        @Tomo depreciation on EV’s cost you more than on petrol cars.


        • Zephir says:

          If its anything like phones they wont be able to hold a charge after a couple of years


        • tomo says:

          At the moment … yes – that’s true – apart from Teslas, which – iirc keep their value quite well (Nissan Leafs should be fitted with a wallet crushing moaning sound)

          Second hand EVs are another thing that Kryten the “Fully Charged Show” wa***r won’t talk about besides charge point availability.

          I had to chuckle when they held the Formula E event a few weeks ago at Excel next to London City Airport and there wasn’t a proper public EV fast charger for miles…..

          Could EVs be following the Smart Meter trajectory?


  31. StewGreen says:

    11:30am local radio presenter
    “Now over to stone circles in Grimsby,
    ..Wow that is a hook, maybe interesting archaeology

    “blah blah art project, circle stones in the shape of wind-turbines ..like stepping stones
    regeneration funding, council funding, heritage, cultural development funding ..£21m , £17.4m ”

    So that’s tax money going towards WindFarm PR


  32. vlad says:

    The BBC never understands where muslims get their hatred of the West from (and, incidentally, their attitude to Covid and vaccination). It’s obviously not from their peace-loving religion, right?

    Well, here’s an Imam loudly proclaiming that the pandemic is Allah’s punishment on non-believers (Allah be praised for killing them), and that muslims are protected.

    (This was at the start of the outbreak, and he’s obviously had to eat his words since.)

    If you don’t have the time or the stomach for such nonsense, no need to watch the vid; that’s the gist.

    But if you enjoy watching David Wood take the p*ss, here’s the clip:


  33. StewGreen says:

    Radio4 : 5 dramas from areas of the UK
    #1 Written by Shahid Iqbal Khan Performed by Sue Jenkins and Abdullah Afzal
    (Brandlesholme, Manchester )

    #5 Danusia Samal “writer of Kurdish and Polish origin”
    (Seaford, East Sussex)

    First play starts .. the character’s Arabic prayer reminder goes off.


    • Zephir says:

      One white wimmin and some arabs, how diverse. I think I’ll write a play this afternoon now I know what sells for sure.

      A kitchen sink drama about a white wimmin and some arabs, who always respect her and her daughters of course. (satire lost on the bbc )

      Followed by a taxi farce set outside a school in Rotherham featuring some white schoolgirls and some arabs driving taxis.
      All a big misunderstanding as the kids are taken to a seedy room above a kebab shop instead of their care homes, thats a winner, I feel a bidding war for that one.


  34. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    £5.5 billion extra for the nhs.
    That’s a lot of diversity managers.

    Big handout to the tallyban £286 million.
    They don’t need it to spend on weapons so it’s pocket money for them.

    Pensioners attacked?
    Triple lock going going ……..
    NI payments to be made by pensioners?
    Free TV licences dropped.
    Prescription charges coming.
    At least we have the interest on any savings, what is it now, getting 0 .1% on savings (taxed)
    I didn’t realise how low inflation is.

    Mind, the government is consistent, it’s upsetting everybody by going against everything the population want (such as mass immigration and HS2)
    They are against us on everything.

    Our fault I suppose as we can only vote for the least worst party, vote Tory to stop Labour, not because you are a Tory supporter.
    I wish one of the parties such as reform/Britain first/UKIP and the like would take off and get voted in but for now we have to hold our noses and vote for a party we hate to stop an even worse lot from getting into power.

    What a mess.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Rishi to bring back INdian Suttee to help the pensions pot!

      “Be it so. This burning of widows (India/suttee) is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.”
      Charles James Napier on the subject of suttee


    • MarkyMark says:

      Project Manager – Health and Well-being/Equality, Diversity and Inclu

      Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
      Apply on NHS Jobs
      Apply on Healthjobs.co.ukApply on Jora UK
      3 days ago
      £52,643–£58,558 a year

      – – – – –

      Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

      King’s College Hospital
      Apply on Neuvoo
      Apply on LinkedInApply on Learn4Good.comApply on BeBee – Jobs, Freelancers, Groups, BloggingApply on Check-A-SalaryApply on Glassdoor
      3 days ago
      Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Band 8b Main area EDI Grade Band 8b Contract Permanent Hours Full time – 37.5 hours per week Job ref 213-CORP-1321Employer King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Employer type NHS Site Denmark hill Town London Salary £61,861 – £70,959


  35. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast
    BBC Radio 5 Live, Wednesday 3 January 2018

    During a phone-in on the programme a contributor, Danielle Tiplady was introduced as a staff nurse. We should have established and made clear on air that she was a political activist.



  36. StewGreen says:

    Steven Pinker in the NYT
    showing the truth
    that metroLibs think it is OK to cheat in pleading for Climate Action



    • MarkyMark says:

      The Aztecs believed that the sun god needed daily nourishment (tlaxcaltiliztli) in the form of human blood and hearts and that they, as “people of the sun,” were required to provide Huitzilopochtli with his sustenance.30 Aug 2021


      • Scroblene says:

        ‘Tlaxcaltiliztli’ and ‘Huitzilopochtli’

        Blimey, I know both those blokes; they used to drive trucks for Tesco a while back! Back in Poland now sadly!


  37. MarkyMark says:

    The Strange Death of Europe is a highly personal account of a continent and culture caught in the act of suicide. Declining birth-rates, mass immigration and cultivated self-distrust and self-hatred have come together to make Europeans unable to argue for themselves and incapable of resisting their own comprehensive change as a society. This book is not only an analysis of demographic and political realities, but also an eyewitness account of a continent in self-destruct mode. It includes reporting from across the entire continent, from the places where migrants land to the places they end up, from the people who appear to welcome them in to the places which cannot accept them.


  38. taffman says:

    “Wales a ‘divided country’ on immigration, say anti-racism campaigners”
    “A survey conducted on behalf of Hope Not Hate suggested most people (57%) believe immigrants have changed their local area for the better.”
    “However 43% of respondents said they have made things worse.
    I have bad news for the “campaigners”
    IMHO the survey is wrong .
    Who did they question ? ……………..
    Source: Focaldata online survey of 1,043 people in Wales, March-April 2021

    Not a very good representative number of people . Most of the folk I know are vehemently against the invasion.
    Its a bit like the Brexit surveys that were done .


  39. StewGreen says:

    BBC the home of bullies
    FOI for last 2 years
    : 105 complaints were rejected
    : 16 were withdrawn.
    : 33 were upheld or partly upheld
    : yet only 1 perpetrator was dismissed.

    This breaks the zero tolerance rule
    “where people feel able to raise concerns and have confidence that they will be dealt with appropriately”.

    Paul Siegert, broadcasting organiser at the National Union of Journalists,
    said: “Many of those accused are managers and the BBC are scared to dismiss them because they are worried about the negative publicity.
    Often those guilty leave quietly with a payoff, a wholly unacceptable way of cracking down on inappropriate behaviour.”

    The BBC should be ambitious about resolving cases quickly, but they can be complex and need to be investigated with rigour and care.”

    Summarized from https://tv-licensing.blogspot.com/2021/09/bbc-retains-bullying-staff-despite-zero.html


  40. StewGreen says:

    The parody Climate Warrior has news from BBC Pidgin


  41. StewGreen says:

    Guess who said these ?
    “We must fight to end child poverty”

    “Heyy kids, here’s my new £80 nylon shirt”
    Yes the obvious guy


  42. StewGreen says:

    Hilary Mantel “I am so ashamed of Britain for voting Conservative …. so I’m moving to a country where the most popular party is Sinn Fein with 24.5% of the vote” ..even though they didn’t stand in many seats

    With all first preferences counted, the left-wing republican party has taken 24.5% of the vote, compared to 22% for Fianna Fáil and 21% for Fine Gael
    ( They got one less seat than FF when second preferences are added in)


    • Zephir says:

      You could try China, and when you bring out a book called the assassination of Xi Ping, see how many Shanghai Waterstones will be flogging that.

      And talking of Waterstones, funny that all of a sudden, around 50 – 60% of authors are suddenly wimmin, but only in Waterstones. Male best selling authors from the last 20 years have suddenly given up selling books apparently.

      And now a plethora of books on display at the counter and other prominent positions by blacks telling white people they are racist. I do enjoy hiding these as a I browse.

      I cannot for the life of me find Biggles in Africa, fighting the fuzzy wuzzies anymore. But I am sure there are plenty talking about how bad white people are, using inflammatory language of their own..

      Time for a boycott methinks.


      • Zephir says:

        Wilbur Smith :

        “With over 130 million books sold, Wilbur is at the top of his game and is much loved around the globe.”

        Not necessarily by me but I did notice one or two by him in the shop but a wimmin called Smith suddenly four or five.

        Ali Smith : According book sales monitor Nielsen BookScan, Smith’s novel Autumn is the commercial winner so far among the six titles shortlisted for the UK’s most prestigious prize for fiction with almost 50,000 copies sold.

        That means not even 50 000 but warrants her whole works to be under “Smith” in Waterstones and Wilbur Smith ? two I think last time I looked


    • taffman says:

      “I am so ashamed of Britain for voting Conservative …. so I’m moving to a country where the most popular party is Sinn Fein with 24.5% of the vote”
      Good riddance.
      Just because she is an author of fiction, it does not make her an authority on facts more than any other person in Great Britain. She is just like any other twirly or member of the wokeraty.


  43. taffman says:

    “French film great Jean-Paul Belmondo dies at 88”

    Jean-Paul Belmondo ?
    Me neither.


  44. Zephir says:

    Top two stories on the Mail online, of course no connnection whatsoever:

    Migrant crossings hit RECORD high: ‘At least 1,000’ have tried to cross Channel to UK today surpassing previous record of 828 in August

    ‘ Girl, 15, who was raped in the sea in front of thousands of holidaymakers speaks about horrific ordeal for the first time as she says she now can’t face going out

    Dorset Police released e-fit of Asian suspect by name of ‘Dabby’, who is 5ft to 5ft 7ins tall, of muscular build with short dark hair and a part-shaven eyebrow

    (no surprise there, whatsover, except that they have released a description)

    Nothing on the bbc front page, of course, but they tell us what we “MUST SEE” , (capitals my own)

    Black interns: ‘You just need to give us a chance’

    Just one word : insidious


    • MarkyMark says:

      They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated. There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone. Girls as young as 11 were raped by large numbers of male perpetrators. {Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham – 1997 – 2013 – Jay OBE –pdf}


  45. Fedup2 says:

    The politicians are back in the commons today – which sounded more like it represented Afgee than the UK – I could only take 15 minutes of this outwoking – and wanting to do more and more with our money for their self esteem .

    We did our bit with Afgee – now it should be forgotten – and our borders controlled ….


    • Kaiser says:

      a acquaintance works for a council population circa 200k

      they been told they are getting 1200 afghans and they are to be put straight to the the top of council house waiting lists

      so tell me again how many are coming ?? 20k my arse


      • Zephir says:

        How soon before they wll be protesting on the streets demanding a mosque and attacking our education system ? and of course now a no go area for Jews and homosexuals and lone white females


  46. Deborah says:

    I know it was mentioned higher up this page that David Willetts was on Today this morning. I switched on to hear him say that grandparents on a pension of £40,000 a year wouldn’t want their 20 something grandchild paying increased national insurance contributions to pay for their grandparents” care.

    In the world of the BBC, the NHS, the civil service and schools, a £40,000 pension is commonplace. Those pensions are paid for out of taxation. But for those having to save for a pension, with interest rates as they are and a raid on pensions by Gordon Brown, a £40,000 pension is hard to achieve.

    I might add that I still see part time government workers wanting to go full time for the last two years before retirement to maximise their pension. This is a pension where in any other sector, their pension would be lower. Most of the schools around me have large pension deficits showing in their accounts. The advice from the accountants is not to worry about it, because it is a government backed scheme and so will not be allowed to fail.


    • Wink1 says:

      In what world is anyone on a £40,000 a year pension ?? I do remember 15 % interest rate on our mortgage that nearly crippled us and we nearly lost our home.This meant our sons ate but we scrimped on our food. We had everything second hand but were grateful for what we were given. I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have to watch every penny and I really resent being told that we are the generation that ‘had it easy ‘!!!


  47. Fedup2 says:

    Willetts is the most repulsive of creatures – a real turn coat – from Good Right Wing Tory – to a Lefty – with no accountability sitting on his rear in the Lords .
    And the BBC gives him the oxygen of publicity .

    It amazes me – amazes – that people cannot accept that taxes must go up to pay for the money tree the government has been shaking for the last 18 months .- if it is not for Social Care – it will be for other things .
    Manifesto promises have always been worthless – and nut nut is about to prove it .


  48. theisland says:

    After a 2 week lull the invasion is back on with @Traxxtra alone reporting 114 yesterday, and more today (total not yet known but sly news reporting 1000?) getting the full VIP treatment.
    Also today there have been a number of beach landings.
    It will be another record.

    It is clear that nobody with any authority cares one jot about our country.
    Traitors all.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be.

      “We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the new world, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.”



  49. Fedup2 says:

    Great news for carbon fans – DT reports that 2 coal powered power stations have been put into use because of demand and lack of wind . And it’s a warm day ! Power prices are also rising . Glad I fixed for 2 years last month ….


  50. Zephir says:

    Yet we can still import thousands upon thousands of unqualified desert dwellers and their broods of kids and give them houses and provide for all their needs.
    Pop over the the DHSS and tell them you have lost your job or at risk of losing your home and see how you get on…


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