325 Responses to Start the Week 6 September 2021

  1. Zephir says:

    Can anyone explain, how France can say to these asylum seekers tough shit, and in Paris they are forced to sleep on the streets, yet we seem to have to house and feed them, the only reason it seems they come over here ? what is it about the UK ?

    I thought the EU forced us all into parity ? genuinely confused about this difference

    Can we have a referendum about how our money is spent in this way ? if not why not ?

    I strongly suspect, despite the occupation of social media by the far left, that this would prove an election winning platform with anyone with the balls to push it through.

    How many did Russia take in after its sojourn in Afgee ? or any others involved in the arab conflicts and why should we ?

    It seems they scream abuse if we let them get slaughtered by eachother then scream abuse if we get involved then scream abuse and demand they come to this country when we let them get on with it


  2. taffman says:

    “Can we have a referendum about how our money is spent in this way ? if not why not ?”
    Could it be because our woke politicians or their relations have lots of shares in 4 Star hotels ?


    • Zephir says:

      Every bleeding (see what I did there ?) hotel in the country will now be halal as well I suppose?

      because while they will beg and beg to get here, once here, the demands and intimidation starts and they are immediately lawyered up somehow… muzzie lawyers queueing up to help their mates for free

      Not for nothing do most of these countries have harsh regimes to control the rabble

      ….and the RSPCA keeps it’s mouth firmly shut

      They will walk all over us playing victims with racism laws in one hand and blatant intimidation of the media via mass complaint emails demanded from the mosques with courses run on how to do this from the muslim council of Britain, (they have hidden this now in their members only section but I have seen it before) and attacks in the streets on the other hand RE Hyde Park attacks for example


  3. StewGreen says:

    I try to take my daily dose of Simon Webb, TalkRadio GBnews etc. to keep me inoculated against BBC/Guardianland’s agenda pushing.

    He says he was forced to withdraw his video “What It Means To Be British”
    There must another copy around.

    His latest video calls Jenrick a complete liar
    Here is the Telegraph article he references.

    ‘A 19 year wait on the list is typical for a 3-4 bedroom house for British people, but Afghans are to be given them right away’


    • MarkyMark says:

      80,000 UK army soldiers.
      20,000 Interpreters.
      1,400 raped kids with no Government interest.


    • Londoner says:

      Stew Green – That’s exactly what I thought when I read Robert Jenrick’s article in the Sunday Telegraph.

      We are constantly being told that Britain has a housing crisis, which I can only think is due to lazy British builders not working hard enough to build houses for people from the Third World.

      But then I discover from the Housing Minister that he is truly proud of how many houses our local authorities can find in a matter of days for Afghans. The indigenous people might as well go and sleep under a hedge – after all we’re just a nuisance in the liberal scheme of things.

      Does our Tory government really think the people of this country are so gullible that we are going to join in their woke inspired applause?


      • BRISSLES says:

        I’m surprised no enterprising journalist hasn’t highlighted some of our homeless veterans sleeping rough on the streets when Afghans are being housed ahead of them.

        It took the biscuit when refugees were interviewed less than a week after arriving here, and were moaning that they were in a hotel and not given a house as soon as they arrived. They don’t seem to be aware of the word ‘grateful’.


  4. Zephir says:

    19 years sounds about average for a male and then if you are a single mother you will not wait that long this area is full of them sitting in their two bedroom houses gardens all day on their latest iphones ordering trampolines for their screaming kids.

    this seems the terminally unemployable single mothers’ status equivalent of the new car, the circular trampoline, it means you are on the best benefits, they are in almost every garden now rotting away unused.

    I do enjoy a good strong windstorm. The next couple of weeks as they shout at each other who owns which piece of which crap trampoline and cheap red plastic slide is a sight to behold.

    So all I have to do is adopt a baby with another man then get divorced ? sounds like a plan, then the trampoline….


  5. Zephir says:

    “Mass acid attack in Cardiff: Victims pour milk over themselves to soothe their injuries before being taken to hospital following city centre incident”

    Mail online https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9962343/Mass-acid-attack-Cardiff-Victims-pour-milk-soothe-injuries.html

    The photo of the scene is rather confusing, I have visited Wales a few times, but never seen a Welshman with an “afro” (sayin nothing about Shirley Bassey) yet the scene of crime is outside an “afro barber shop”

    Maybe our resident Celt could enlighten us, is it a new fashion amongst the Welsh ? or a consequence of some unexpected electrical discharges, a build up of static in the slate mines maybe?

    And why should this affliction compel the victims to throw acid at people ? a Fortean mystery indeed


  6. Guest Who says:

    Truly inspired.


    • Zephir says:

      Vegan ? I suspect fans have been doing that for years, whatever it was in the hopelessly optimistically labelled “meat pies”, it never took a walk in a farmyard, but may well have been deposited there through various flora and fauna.

      For the away fans, judging by the taste and texture, they maybe slaughtered some scarecrows, possibly garnished with red diesel and tractor oil.


    • MarkyMark says:



    • tomo says:

      wot – no bluebottle burgers?


  7. Guest Who says:

    Woo hoo.


  8. vlad says:

    Well well, what a surprise, the Chinese are already wooing the Taliban, unconcerned about their murderous abuse of human rights. Soon China will be exploiting Afghanistan’s rare minerals, giving it a huge advantage over the West in coming years.

    Well done Biden, and well done the BBC and the rest of the biased msm who helped put the Imbecile in power.

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban’s political chief, in Tianjin, northern China.




    • Zephir says:

      Thats the bloke from Last of the Summer Wine, and Cato from Pink Panther, they said he was dead, must have been garnering state secrets from Russ Abbot and Peter Sellers, and Lovejoy.

      The CCP will have enough material there to back engineer a decent sitcom at least, that’ll be a first for them. Can’t wait for that.

      they may well f”ck it up and we will have a whimsical Sunday night drama about a rogue antiques dealer who keeps ending up barrelling down a hill in a bath out of control and having kung fu fights with his butler


    • MarkyMark says:

      Belt and Road – see the Chinese road …. 162290-china-proposed-belt-road-initiative.jpg


      • Zephir says:

        You want to try driving that distance ? flying at 600 mph takes 12 hours


        • vlad says:

          It’ll be good for their tanks though.


        • MarkyMark says:

          A Hyperloop is a proposed high-speed mass transportation system for both passenger and freight transport.[1] The term was invented to describe the modern open-source project. Hyperloop is described as a sealed tube or system of tubes with low air pressure through which a pod may travel substantially free of air resistance or friction.[2] The Hyperloop could potentially move people or objects at airline speeds while being energy efficient compared with existing high-speed rail systems.[2] This, if implemented, may reduce travel times compared to train and airplane travel[2] over distances of under approximately 1,500 kilometres (930 miles).[3]


        • MarkyMark says:

          It’s not about a road – it’s about chinese people building the road and settling in villages and generating more chinese people – see Tibet.


          • BigBrotherCorporation says:

            I think you’ll find, it’s about Chinese people (Han) making Uyghur people build the road, then rounding up the Uyghur people and marching them off to death camps (sorry, ‘re-education centres’), whilst Chinese people settle in the Uyg… CHINESE villages and generate more Chinese people… yes, cf. Tib… WESTERN CHINA (which has, of course ALWAYS been home to Han Chinese people… why would you suggest otherwise, and who are these ‘Tibetans’ you are going on about anyway?)


            • BigBrotherCorporation says:

              Plenty of mineral resources in Central Asia and Afghanistan… not that, it has anything to do with Chinese priorities in the region, obvs.


      • tomo says:

        I doubt the Indians will go for that dot in the middle…


  9. Guest Who says:


    Likely carrying a sack of cash?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Annual remuneration (as at July 2021)

      Roles and responsibilities
      Fran oversees the BBC’s News and Current Affairs programming.
      BBC News is the largest broadcast news operation in the world providing trusted news and analysis to audiences in the UK and internationally.
      BBC news reached three quarters of adults in the UK each week across television, radio and online in 2016./17.
      The division’s workforce produces output across Network News and the World Service Group.
      Term of appointment: 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2021.Fran Unsworth was re-appointed to the Board as an Executive director for a further two years from 1 April 2021 until 31 March 2023.


      • Banania says:

        If she has been frugal she may have been able to put a bit by for such an eventuality.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Baroness Unsworth of tellytubby land…the ermin awaits … good news if it is an indication that there is a bigger civil war within the BBC .

      I assume that – like other public sector outfits – there is a permanent war within the BBC of a type which even a Biden type could not run away from …

      Unfortunately us the culture of mafia secrecy within the BBC prevents us from exploiting it to hasten its’ demise. …

      Another story at the weekend was the fat woman from wimmins hour moaning about the amount of money her younger replacement is getting . …. Sistas all


    • Guest Who says:

      Critical. Uh huh.


      Sacks of cash to issue silly emails staff cheerfully ignore, and know there is no consequence.

      World envied.


  10. Zephir says:

    On the vegan front, I have vivid memories of visiting a fudge shop and being asked if I wanted “vegan fudge”

    I truly did not have the energy to reply, thinking what is the bloody point, fudge being butter, milk and sugar and. after a deep sigh just walked out.

    If I wanted f”’cking sugar I would go to a supermarket and bloody buy it.


  11. Guest Who says:

    Vile asks one of his questions.


    • taffman says:

      Guest Who
      How many “Remainers” like her have left ? We need the space for all the invaders landing on our beaches.


      • Guest Who says:

        Another Vile lady companion of choice.


        • Guest Who says:

          Speaking of the BBC cabal of opinionated vixens…

          One is tempted to channel one’s inner Mrs. Slocombe as Champion has raised the feline aspects of her craft.

          Her grasp of fiscal realities is up there with Jeremy Corbyn, noted selective decrier of landlords and sad old git incapable of understanding the concept of the ability to seek choices. Very BBC, mind.

          I see Harry Coles has observed today that the senile pot banger and Champion hero was sufficiently on form to pop his previously off mask up when the Parliamentary cameras swung round to capture his old squeeze mouthing off.

          The loyal defence force comments trying to steer away are hilarious.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “In intention, at any rate, the English intelligentsia are Europeanized. 
They take their cookery from Paris and their opinions from Moscow. In the 
general patriotism of the country they form a sort of island of dissident 
thought. England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals 
are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always 
felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman 
and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse 
racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably 
true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of 
standing to attention during ‘God save the King’ than of stealing from a 
poor box. All through the critical years many left-wingers were chipping 
away at English morale, trying to spread an outlook that was sometimes 
squashily pacifist, sometimes violently pro-Russian, but always 


    • Jeff says:

      I have to say I’m much more ashamed about how we treat our veterans and elderly.

      Ex servicemen have all sorts of psychological, drink and drug problems. Thousands are living on the streets. Where’s the outrage? Where’s Hilary? These people are largely ignored and pushed to the back of the queue, while some bloke floating in on a dinghy is housed in a four star hotel.

      The left-wing intelligentsia seem far more concerned about (so called)”climate change” than they ever have been about thousands of old people dying from hypothermia every winter.

      I also think it’s pretty disgusting that in this country an OAP can be threatened with imprisonment if they fail to pay the absurdly outdated licence fee, while the BBC pay their top “stars” phenomenal wages.

      Yes Hilary, there’s plenty to be ashamed about…


      • BRISSLES says:

        I’ve made much the same comment further above Jeff, about our veterans living on the streets while the refugees are being housed ahead of them. (then I read your view).

        Meanwhile, a record number of 1,000 ONE THOUSAND have sailed gaily across the Channel today. They should call it the Channel Regatta ! with everyone coming first and getting a prize !


    • JohnC says:

      But of course the shameless hypocrite will still live in the UK.


  12. vlad says:

    Well well, what a surprise #2.

    Taliban militants in Afghanistan have shot dead a pregnant policewoman.

    While googling her name some very disturbing pix came up suggesting she was horribly tortured. I can’t confirm as there was no commentary.

    Well done again, Biden.




  13. taffman says:

    “Channel Migrants: Five children among latest group to reach Dover”
    “Nearly 12,500 people have arrived in more than 500 small boats so far in 2021.”
    This will mean that more British people will be put on the housing and hospital waiting lists.
    How many more can this Tory government stuff in to this country ?
    They are treating the people that voted for them with contempt.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Liverpool council finds 24 adult asylum seekers who are posing as children as it launches legal fight to stop almost £1million in taxpayers cash being spent on their care
      Liverpool council say 39 refugees with age in doubt have arrived in the city
      Following assessments 24 were found to be adults, while only 15 were under 18
      Support for under-18s is much better than for adults, so some lie about their age

      PUBLISHED: 00:03, 8 December 2018


  14. taffman says:

    “Arthur’s Seat death: Man charged with murder of Fawziyah Javed”
    A “West Yorkshire man”?


    • Zephir says:

      More strange, she “fell” not pushed or anything so islamophobic, yet he is charged with murder


    • MarkyMark says:

      Funny how they lose their Muslim heritage or African heritage when a crime is committed.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Easy to see why a professional investigative reporter like Sopes relies on fellow holders of power to account like these guys.


  16. Square-Eyed says:

    Simon Parkes has today published the following declaration on his website, simonparkes.org, with a brief introduction:-

    Click to access MAN-OF-GOD-Declaration-of-the-People-of-the-United-States-for-Global-Peace-and-Prosperity-FINAL.pdf

    Some here may welcome its sentiments. Whether it will succeed in its intentions remains to be seen. Personally I see no ultimate solution for humanity’s condition and future outside of the gospel of Jesus Christ, “… to Jews a stumbling block and to Gentiles foolishness.” (1 Corinthians 1:23)


  17. pugnazious says:

    Spot the difference…

    From The Telegraph…

    ‘New sausage war averted as UK secures major concession on Northern Ireland Protocol ‘

    From the BBC….

    ‘NI Protocol: Further delays for Irish Sea border checks’

    The BBC somehow manages to make it sound a negative whereas the Telegraph recognises it as a ‘major concession’ by the EU.


  18. StewGreen says:

    BMW advert with Alexa
    Couple been on a date black woman, white man
    Get back to house black children look suspiciously through window.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I think they are the standard TV bi-racial couple. The only unusual aspect is that the man is white and the woman is black.

      Personally I hate electric cars, but the idea of one with an added Alexa is my idea of hell, so I won’t be buying, no matter how PC the advert.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        No, this is a New and Upgraded Bi-Racial Couple (NAUBRC). Despite clearly being set in Germany, the NAUBRC communicate in English. Of course, since the ad agency used by BMW holds customers in contempt, they are hoping they are too stupid to notice.


        • Banania says:

          When these manipulative adverts come on, showing us what life (despite what we may think) is really like, I wonder how many people shout at the TV like me.


  19. StewGreen says:

    Tonight’s TV

    9pm BBC1 Silent Witness … I guess the wokest will be the heroes

    9pm ITV The Stephen Lawrence drama part 2/3

    9pm C4 Biography of Osama Bin Laden

    9pm BBC2 biography The Rise of the premier League


  20. StewGreen says:

    10:45pm ITV biopic about modern Afghanistan

    British media is homogenous, not diverse
    Here BBC Afghan director man
    Now working for the BBC’s “CHARITY” division
    promotes his film airing on ITV


  21. MarkyMark says:

    “But we have learnt somethings in the last 10 years. We have learnt that most of the press in free western countries are cowards. We’ve learnt that most of our artistic establishment are cowards. Most of our politicians are cowards. We’ve learnt that industries that spend much of their year in award ceremonies patting themselves on the back for their bravery, stop when bravery is required.” – Douglas Murray @5:00

    ‘”If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. I’m proud those words now adorn BBC HQ’


  22. vlad says:

    Whatever you think of GB News, at least they’re drawing attention to woke insanity such as the latest Diversity madness in the NHS.

    “Dear white people…”


  23. taffman says:

    Here we go……………….
    “UK fires up coal power plant as gas prices soar”
    So much for wind farms, and it is not even winter yet . Never mind , there’s plenty of coal left under taffland.


    • JohnC says:

      There’s another 0.00000001% we added to China’s emissions.

      Quick, allocate another 100 million funding to the universities and ‘green’ companies to study it then organise a protest against our government.

      And lastly – but not leastly – add another 50p to everybodies ‘green tax’ to cover it.


    • jazznick1 says:

      Taff, I was in the shower, shouting at Toady as usual, when the new coking coal mine in the NW was being discussed.

      Couldn’t catch the name of the wally opposed to planning permission but it was – because COP26/CC and we should be leading by example etc,etc.

      BUT should he not be supporting this mine ?

      The coal is going to be dug anyway, either here or overseas.

      Better that we dig it here (more jobs at mine and supporting services, levelling up) and that avoids ships making repeated voyages back and forth saving diesel and pollution and likewise avoiding transportation from ports to end users; who are in the area where the mine is being proposed.

      This would be a net ‘climate/pollution’ GAIN !

      But it’s not about the climate is it……………


  24. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Mentioned earlier about Sopel and his lies.


  25. JohnC says:

    Just browing the BBC headlines and I notice that as well as putting Taliban propaganda videos in the headline article, it appears that it is now official BBC policy NOT to mention or link Biden with the situation there in any way.

    When it suits them (eg George Floyd), they have a standard, agenda-based summary paragraph they put at the end of every article linked with the story. It seems the cause of the current situation in Afghanistan does not warrant such a footnote.

    These rebels kept out the Taliban and Russia for the last 25 years. Yet no analysis whatsoever on how the Taliban might have managed to do it in a few days – coincidentally just after they received $85,000,000,000 worth of weapons from Joe Biden.

    Now it is so clearly the case, I wonder how they do it. Does a memo go round telling people not to link Biden to the catastrophe, or do they agree it by the coffee machine ?. Or do the management call a meeting and instruct people verbally so there is no written evidence.

    If nothing else, this treatment of Biden shows OFCOM up for the complete waste of time it is. It seems it’s only purpose is to investigate things like people who dare to say that Meghan might be lying because the twitter mob complained.

    I also notice how twitter is the Taliban’s preferred propaganda outlet because they don’t get banned.


    • JimS says:

      Do you remember Tony Blair was once prime minister?

      The BBC doesn’t.


      • JohnC says:

        The BBC also don’t realise how unpopular he is.

        Only 19% of people admit to liking him. Meaning 81% don’t.

        Figures which I suspect are the other way round in the BBC offices. They have a habit of being completely out of touch with the real world.


  26. tomo says:


  27. tomo says:

    The adverts are a bit of culture shock but on the whole – a perspective not popular or visited by the UK MSM


  28. taffman says:

    Has Al Beeb published Priti’s latest threats to France to stop the coastal invasions ?


  29. pugnazious says:

    ‘Most of the crowd of several hundred people in London dispersed peacefully after the rally, but police said they made arrests after a “small minority” refused to leave.’


    • Banania says:

      Arrested for refusing to leave? Why should they have had to leave if they didn’t want to?


  30. pugnazious says:

    Remarkable how this extension of extreme illiberal and draconian laws goes unremarked, undiscussed and unchallenged by the BBC though they are now spreading ‘suggestions’ that we may be heading for another lockdown….the government fielding its scientists to spread the word and prime us for the internment….

    From the Mail…

    ‘Boris Johnson seeks to extend ‘draconian’ Covid rules until next MARCH in case of a winter surge in cases – setting up a new battle with Tory backbenchers’


  31. JohnC says:

    TWO HEROES who “stopped two girls being raped” on a high street suffered sickening injuries in the attack.


    Family members told how the two lads were then brutally attacked and one of them was stamped on as he lay on the floor, Stoke-on-Trent Live reports.

    Shelly Metcalfe added: “Just so everyone knows. My brother and his friend stopped an attempted rape and they got beat up for it by two black men”

    I would give you the BBC link but they didn’t report it. They don’t like that kind of story : it exposes the rank hypocrisy behind all their others.

    Import 3rd world, get 3rd world. And plenty more for the BBC to not report on the way.


  32. pugnazious says:

    The BBC really pushing the Black propaganda….

    ‘Black interns: ‘You just need to give us a chance”


    ”Young, black people have to work three times as hard”


    You might suspect that firms might be reluctant to employ Blacks because they believe that they will be whiny, disruptive and always complaining about some imaginary racism to excuse bad performance or behaviour….ending up in court or splashed all over the media.

    The latest myth is that Blacks just can’t get internships because of their colour…despite acknowledging its really about networking, knowledge of how things work and confidence…

    ‘Gold was born and raised in Brixton, and despite having gone to a Russell Group university, she and her black friends found it difficult to get internships they saw white peers getting with more ease. [any proof that ‘whiteness’ was the factor?]

    “I’ve had to prove myself,” she says. “Where it seems we are just as qualified on paper, for one reason or another, that hasn’t been in our favour in getting internships.”

    This was in part down to their lacking a network – they didn’t know the right people, she says.

    “‘Your network is your net worth’ is alive and well, and can be a disadvantage to people who haven’t had opportunities, or who don’t know someone in a leadership position in the firm,” she says.

    A lack of black leaders in companies can knock people’s confidence in trying to get in, she says.

    “We don’t see people like us in these firms to feel like we’re welcome or we are good enough to be in these roles,” she says.’

    LOL….a working class black girl gets to Oxford…studies religion and then gets a job at Godlman Sachs…and yet she claims it’s so hard for blacks….a job at a top financial institution with a ‘useless’ degree and it’s so hard?

    ‘She secured a place at Oxford University to follow a passion for studying theology and religion, and from there went into the City working at Goldman Sachs.’

    I don’t think I’d employ someone who lacked the character and confidence to apply for a job just because there wasn’t any black ‘role model’ in the company….would you be continually holding their hand and having to guide their work?

    And where is the proof of this?…

    ”Young, black people have to work three times as hard”

    It’s pure myth…a legend that spins around and around gaining its own stamp of authority and authenticity whilst being pure self-delusion in the black community…one that’s very satisfying and useful….one it excuses failure, two can be used to leverage entry using ‘white guilt’ and three it can be weaponised to generate media attention and whip up a storm ala BLM.

    The BBC needs to stop presenting Blacks as eternal victims of some illusive and imaginary racism that is invisible but whose toxic presence and malignant effect is deeply embedded throughout the whole of society silently and stealthily oppressing…. kneeling on the neck of Blacks.


    • Guest Who says:

      One to run by Springster or Wendy?

      And then get blocked.


      • Guest Who says:

        Some of course can just stroll into a W1A studio and claim anything.


        • Guest Who says:

          This is the expertise in logic that gets you a seat in all the tv studios.

          Plus having working so much harder of course.

          Not his manager.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      In my career, I’ve met some very bright, hardworking black people – a particular individual (son of Kenyan parents), instantly comes to mind, a very smart and industrious man, who probably should have progressed further in his career… but, the same could be said of many of his white, British co-workers, able Engineers and Scientists rarely get promoted into managment in my experience (mostly, because they’re too valuable to an organisation where they are, and too hard to replace).

      However, I’ve also met some not too bright, and some very lazy black people, some of whom seemed to think being born black meant they were treated ‘unfairly’. One who instantly comes to mind there was South African (educated on a Rhodes Scholarship), and whilst charming and funny, was the laziest and most useless Engineer I’ve ever met. He got shunted sideways into a supervisory role, and (thanks to the minority escalator) ended up in quite a senior management post, before a sudden sacking a few years back – allegedly for some kind of swindle, or fraud (which surprised few who knew him).

      Honestly, I think the problem most black people have in the workplace is nothing to do with the colour of their skin, and entirely that they’re ‘working class’ and thus lack the right schooling and connections, it’s a problem familiar to a great many of us ‘whites’ too.


      • JimS says:

        If a company employs a thousand white men these numpties can’t see that nine hundred and ninety nine white men haven’t got the top job.

        Join the queue, lady, person of colour, snack barist or wheelchair-user.


    • JimS says:

      I understand that it is now ‘racist’ to expect black people to turn up to work on time and to produce the right answers when they do.

      Perhaps if you have to repeat your work and complete it in your self-reduced attendance hours it feels like you work three times as hard?


  33. Guest Who says:

    Given Bex Wrong Always’ competence behind anything, this is a relief.


    • JohnC says:

      I feel lucky to be a male because it doesn’t matter if I have to wait a long time.

      Poor Katie already has a job – but this is stopping her getting ‘a job she wants to try to get’.

      ‘The 25-year-old from East Renfrewshire originally passed her written theory test in April 2019 and had hoped to pass her practical driving test the following year.’ Wasn’t that bothered about this new job then.

      Well worth a BBC article. Is there no end to these tragic female victims ?.


      • Seppers says:

        Do you think all women like positive discrimination or biased reporting in favour of women (so called)?
        And do you think they are biased in favour of older women at the bbc?


  34. Guest Who says:

    There you go; sorted.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Wasn’t this the valet who used to put his toothpaste on his brush and cut the tops off his boiled eggs?


  35. Guest Who says:

    The local democracy activists at bbc shires at their impartial best today…

    Boris Johnson made a manifesto promise not to raise taxes – now he’s looking likely to break it! 😳

    Is it ever acceptable to break a manifesto promise?

    Would you be prepared to pay more tax to help the elderly?



    • Charlie Farley says:

      “We will take back control of the Borders ” ….HA HA HA HA HA , Radio Flaw earlier with Nobinson in his saintly role berating the Government increasing N.I …off switch…Its OK for him with gold plated pension at our expense ! ….we at Farley Towers no longer pay his wages !


    • Thoughtful says:

      He has broken nearly all the statements in the book of lies.

      We don’t live in a democracy and it’s high time people realised that. Politicians are in no way bound by the promises they make and there is no accountability when they frequently do.


    • MarkyMark says:

      20K Afghans say thank you.
      1400 raped kids will see none of it.


  36. Guest Who says:

    BBC News goes to India.

    Six girls in central India – some as young as five – were stripped and paraded naked as part of a village ritual to summon rainfall.

    What is ‘not news’ locally less coverage.


    • G says:


      Now, an increasing trend to tell the viewer/listener every time a virtually unknown US show-biz/actor dies. They have to add the series/film names for identification.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Will this see our fave BBC thespian of gayness hooking up with Harrabin?


  38. Thoughtful says:



  39. Guest Who says:

    This is what happens when the bbc hires endless #prasnews cousins for the cubicle gardens who realise they have to run something to justify their salary and massive pensions.


  40. infoquest says:

    BBC director of news Fran Unsworth is to step down after a row over a Brexit-bashing journalist who the corporation was considering hiring.


  41. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    Dune: Critics largely lavish praise on epic sci-fi remake

    I’m quite excited about this film, and really looking forward to going to see it with my teenage son. It’ll be my first trip to a cinema for a few years, and I really hope I’m not going to be disappointed.

    Yes, I’m a SciFi geek (also a Scientist), as is my son (chip off the old block), and Dune has to be one of the best (most intellectual and thought provoking) SciFi novels in my opinion.

    None of the previous efforts to put it on the screen (big, or small) have been very successful, mostly because the directors don’t seem to have ‘got’ what the appeal of the novel is, or even what it’s about.

    Anyway, the BEEB’s review of… err reviews, is pretty useless (as you might expect), but this part caught my eye:

    ‘ “Denis Villeneuve’s film is of such literal and emotional largeness that it overwhelms the senses,” wrote Clarisse Loughrey.

    Her only criticism was the lack of Middle Eastern or North African actors cast to represent the Fremen – led by Spanish actor Javier Bardem’s character – “whose language, dress, and culture are so directly inspired by the nomadic, Arabic Bedouin tribes” she noted.’

    Quite, although they were inspired by the Tuareg, rather than the Bedouin, but the point is a good one. Guess the Tuareg might be out of fashion because of their slaving past, and views on black people (their term for black people means ‘slave’ apparently).

    However, following that train of thought, Herbert based most of his characters and ‘factions’ on specific historical racial groups and peoples.

    The Atreides (as the name might suggest) are Greek, and Duke Leto, and his son Paul, are portrayed as old school, aristocratic Greeks.

    The Harkonnens, Russian (the Baron is called Vladimir), or perhaps Ottoman.

    The Emperor and his dreaded Sardukar are very Persian. Their titles ‘Padishah’, ‘Bashar’ (a variant on Pasha) give it away. As does Herbert’s description of Emperor Shaddam IV (‘ Shaddam Corrino IV was a slim and elegant man, with red hair (and beard), a thin face, and cold eyes.’) which is based on the famous portrait of Ismail I, founder of the Safavid Dynasty, by the Italian artist Dell’Altissimo


    In the book, the blood relationship of the Emperor and the Atreides is hinted at (important for the plot), and Ismail was famously descended from Byzantine Greek (Trapezuntine) Princesses.

    The one British character is the Imperial Ecologist Dr Liet Kynes, described by Herbert thus:
    “Kynes was a tall, thin man with long, sandy hair, a sparse but mussed mustache and beard and under heavy brows, eyes that were fathomless blue-within-blue.” (the weird eyes are part of the plot). Elsewhere he is described as ‘sunburnt’, and his mixed race daughter as ‘pale (skinned)’.

    Here is what the BBC have to say about his replacement:
    “British actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster plays Dr Liet Kynes, in a role that has been gender-swapped from the original books”

    Here is an image of her ‘in character’:

    So, non-Bedouin (Tuareg, surely?!) Fremen = bad, but non-‘sandy haired’ British man = good? Isn’t that a tad hypocritical?


    • JohnC says:

      It just shows how bereft this new woke world is of talent. What number ‘reimagination’ movie is this one ?.
      They are so desperate, they have to take something which was good in order to steal the original audience then deliver it with the woke message they are so desperate to put in front of everybody. Just like they did with Dr Who.

      I’m still reeling from Star Wars – The Last Jedi where the young Asian female hero is in a space-bomber and hits the wall to bring down a remote control stuck above so she can drop the bombs through the open hatch below her and save the world.

      1) Was this massive ship made from tin-foil ?.
      2) Why wasn’t she sucked out ?.
      3) Where did the gravity come from to make it drop to her ?.
      4) Why did space-bombers need to fly over the target like a B52 ?.
      5) Where did the gravity come from to drop the bombs ?.

      All these new films get 10/10 on IMDB from those who support the wokery (and the fake reviewers involved with it) or 1/10 from everyone else.

      I just wonder how long this can continue.


    • Banania says:

      That is really playing fast and loose.


  42. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Play Janet Jackson – but forget to mention she left Islam as a beaten woman! Strange.


  43. JohnC says:

    Afghanistan: Taliban fire warning shots at protest in Kabul

    Really ?. Nobody shot then ?. Is it really front-page, top headline ?. I bet the BBC can’t wait for the first woman to get shot : they have probably written 10 articles for it already.

    What about the slaughter going on in Panjshir Valley BBC ?. You don’t seem at all interested in the fact these people who held out for 25 years are suddenly overwhelmed by sheer firepower. I wonder how many dead are in that area. It must be in the thousands by now. It’s the ultimate ‘David stands up to Goliath’ tale the BBC love so much – but for some reason the BBC don’t want to talk about this one.

    I wonder if they feel guilty because some of that blood is on their hands after their lies to get Joe in. Deliberately omitting relevant information is a lie like any other.


  44. theisland says:

    There are roughly 115,000 illegal immigrants ‘asylum’ applications which have yet to be resolved by the Home Office, with that figure growing daily.

    I reckon the contributors to this site could process and clear the backlog within a year.
    Work ethic.


  45. MarkyMark says:

    Billions for the NHS …

    “That one in four nurses in England have been found to be obese is deeply worrying, not least because we know that obesity is linked to diseases such as cancer, cardio-vascular disease, and diabetes. “It is vital that we redouble our efforts to take care of our healthcare workforce who do so much to care for others.”5 Dec 2017


  46. Seppers says:

    Bbc news website this morning… article about Fran Unsworth, head of news, leaving.
    She said she had had a ‘ringside’ seat at events – Falklands, death of Diana, gulf wars, etc
    ‘Ringside suggests entertainment.
    Maybe this approach explains her insensitive and horrible approach to the investigation into Cliff Richard.


  47. theisland says:


    “The government has denied planning an October lockdown in England, following a newspaper report.”

    Zahawi says he hasn’t seen any plans – so that’s alright then.


  48. Rich says:

    In today’s bBbc Sports Headlines Europe, not just Britain, retain the Solheim Cup, Brazilian Pele is feeling a bit better and Serbian scunner Dojkovic has reached a quarter final. Is this really any sort of achievement for him? All concentrate on “other than British”.

    Think back to the hyperbolic headlines of the summer, penalty misses that were apparently caused by the Gelleresque hatred of our young black “role-models” by an entire nation of racist white men. All are still racist, probably even more so now as the knee-taking narrative continues, alienating activism based it seems on something that most of us already knew. The majority of the nasty tweets and messages came from abroad. Not from white English supporters but Europe, the Middle And Far East. And the bBbc have proved this themselves but are just not sure they really want anyone to know.

    Stashed away as an aside on their Sports page is this. As the title does not initially suggest, it’s not really about an Egyptian racist but more about a bBbc report that found that the continued condemnation of every single English football fan as being a racist is based on a lie.


    Compare the weasel words of this from the shower of shit at the bBbc with the way in which the Fail report it.


    Even the increasingly wrong-thinking Fail are more honest than our national broadcaster, a “British” corporation that blatantly hates the British.


  49. popeye says:

    Just a thought; would it not be a good move if we offered “migrants” the equivalent standard of support as given by to them by the authorities in their last safe haven, thereby reducing the pull factor. I believe the French, for example, are not over-generous in the allocation of hotels preferring – it seems – letting them live in tents near Calais.

    One for the BBC to investigate maybe?


    • G.W.F. says:

      Just checked the criteria required by my local authority for letting property to Affees. My home fails to meet the criteria; if I left the house it would not be good enough for them.