464 Responses to Start the Week Thread 13 September 2021

  1. pugnazious says:

    LOL….BBC shocked by the sight of a Swastika flag flying in Britain pre-war…


    ‘The chilling day the swastika flew beside the union jack’

    …and yet this was the same BBC that refused to let Churchill onto the airwaves in case he upset old Adolf with his warnings about the Nazis.


    • StewGreen says:

      While some people flew Nazi flags
      the BBC banned churchill

      Churchill’s disagreement with the pre-1939 war policy of appeasement
      meant he was kept off the air by the BBC…..

      “For 11 years, they kept me off the air. They prevented me from expressing views that proved to be right
      . Their behaviour has been tyrannical.”

      .. https://biasedbbc.org/blog/2012/10/14/muzzled-by-tyrannical-bbc/


    • Jagman84 says:

      A major opponent to Churchill’s appearances on the BBC was a producer called Guy Burgess. Whatever happened to him?


    • ScottishCalvin says:

      What about the time when the BBC itself offered to fly a Swastika in support of Germany?


      • Up2snuff says:

        And now we have a National Socialist Government for part of the UK. Now remind me, who went for devolution big time, was it the Labour Party … and ……. backed by the BBC?


      • G says:

        Since it seems historical events are in vogue, I would like to remind people that the nonchalant, anti democratic stance of people like the Fake President and the Bottler is common in so-called, “Democracies”. Perhaps they are taking a leaf from them?

        Here the Black Broadcasting Corporation’s 2014 ‘light-touch report’ concerning India and its sterilisation programme.

        Seems the records have been bleached of information elsewhere. Sterilised even. See Wikipedia.

        See here for a summary of the evil –

        I think, under cover of, channelling ‘vaccinations’ we are seeing a NWO plan playing out. Having the vaccinations has moved from coercion to imposition whilst readily available (and safe) alternatives are condemned and in some instances, banned. Why?
        The YT video I have been searching for relating to the amazing drop in Covid cases post Ivermectin prescription has, ‘disappeared’. Here’s a good alternative:

        Draw your own conclusions.


  2. pugnazious says:

    The BBC might have a bit of a problem with a German Swastika flag flying in Britain in 1936 but have no problem with modern day Black nationalism [within America…or here], Black Power, Black Pride or the Black Panthers and of course BLM. The BBC romanticises and glorifies that racism…it sees no problem with a separatist movement within the US based on race…

    ”Black national anthem’ makes its debut at the NFL’


    Of course this is the same BBC that refused to play Rule Britannia….


    • Jagman84 says:

      The song came about from the period of our history when the British Isles were prey to raiding gangs of slave traders. The Navy was beefed up to repel such raids and “Britons never, never, never shall be slaves” became a reality.


  3. pugnazious says:

    I was waiting for the BBC to play the ‘immigrant card’ with Emma Raducanu’s victory…surprisingly not read anything yet but no doubt it’s been mentioned on the radio….and Dame Nicky [and Mishal and Amol and Naga and Nihal and the whole host of Asian presenters that seem to dominate the BBC now] will be extolling her immigrant virtues tomorrow….however I wasn’t let down as Is the BBC Biased? have noted ‘The Beauty’ retweeting this….

    The Spectator had already done a piece on the subject of these virtue-signallers….

    ‘Alastair Campbell, who should probably be having a break from the internet after his performance on Wednesday, felt compelled to tweet-lecture Priti Patel, the Home Secretary whose family come from Uganda and India, on what Emma’s story teaches us about the blessings of immigration. Other Labour figures did the same.

    Idiocy is memetic, did I say that already?’


    Looking at Campbell’s [Alastair not Dame Nicky] tweet you get a roll-call of the very obvious…


    Did like this though…..


    • TrickCyclist says:

      Rewind 37 years, the Lefties weren’t so keen on Zola Budd arriving in this country were they?
      The 17-year-old’s track appearances were met by anti-apartheid campaigners.
      From memory, good old Ken Livingstone also tried to insist Budd should denounce apartheid.


      • BRISSLES says:

        And then there is ‘Mo’ (the cozy name for Mohammed) Farah. Same thing happened, and we know how that’s all ended, – rumours of drug taking in his camp, and his brother ‘back home’ in Africa is a criminal.

        Do we know how or why Emma’s parents decided to leave Canada ? – a place I wouldn’t have minded moving to, because I wouldn’t exactly call them immigrants as in the way we term the use today.


    • gb123 says:

      There is one thing that must be making the beeboids and secular lefties boil in their Chablis, the crucifix she wears.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Pug. I said to my wife as soon as she won..You wait the BBC and its acolytes on the left will be shouting immigration is good…didn’t take too long. However as usual they don’t seem to care about politicising the young woman without her consent and more to the point I don’t think anyone on this site or with our values says immigration is bad…it’s uncontrolled , illegal and too much immigration that is…shut the BBC down


    • JimS says:

      If someone from anywhere can just turn up anywhere else, achieve something, and then be declared to be ‘of’ anywhere else they could just as easily have turned up somehere different and be aclaimed by the recent newcomers to somewhere different.

      If there are no borders then there are no countries and no flags, no teams. That would make the competitors individuals who represent no-one but themselves – they don’t ‘belong’ to anyone.

      To take this specific instance Emma belongs as much to Botswana, or Brazil or Belgium, to Farage as Khan, to Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon as Lammy.


      • Zephir says:

        Lemmy . I thought he played in Motorhead. I would not like to come up against him in a tennis match. he grunts too much, and the special brews at match point…


    • Sick of it all says:

      Thank you to Campbell, Khan and all the other extremists for confirming once and for all that the word ‘British’ now has absolutely no meaning other than to own a British passport. I’d be delighted for them to explain to me how this young girl’s lineage in any way links her indelibly to the heritage and tradition of this country – that would be a very enlightening conversation, I’m sure.

      The connection she and her kaleidoscopic family have to the UK extends back approximately the length of time YouTube has been in existence. Let that sink in for a minute.


      • JamesArthur says:

        I know what you mean Sick OI but to be fair the girl grew up here and as far as I can tell her family have integrated and share our values. She seems like a nice person. So British she is.
        But it is the lefty woke lot that are using her…funny how they didn’t say all these things about the paedophile gangs and the recent Afghan.
        As always they cherry pick to suit an argument…fortunately the bulk of the public don’t listen to Twatter …


  4. taffman says:

    “England vaccine passport plans ditched, Sajid Javid says”
    Has this torpedoed ‘Crankie’s vaccine passport plans for Scotland?


    • pugnazious says:

      Yeah Taff…kinda suspect the u-turn was to show the Scots what a great country ‘Britain’ is…ie vote for the National Socialist new Reich if you want and get ‘show your papers’ when you go to get yourself a beer.


  5. Sluff says:

    Emma Raducanu’s brilliant win in the US Open has prompted the BBC to run a poll on the top 10 best ever British sporting moments.

    Among their top 10 moments from which to choose are
    1. Dina Asher Smith (who I like btw) winning one world 200m championship
    2. Women’s hockey winning Olympic Gold
    3. Women’s netball winning Commonwealth gold.

    No mention of Redgrave or England at Headingley in ’81. Hell, you would surely pick Christine Ohorogu, who kept on winning at 400m, over Asher Smith every time. But she was never the golden girl. Ann Packer in 64, Hemery in 68, Tony Jacklin in 69. Or Torvill and Dean. But of course not. They don’t fit the current BBC agenda.

    The BBC. Guaranteed to impose their biased narrative at every available opportunity. Actual achievement optional.


    • taffman says:

      Top sporting moment……….
      Greatest try of all time, see Barbarians v All Blacks 1973.


    • Deborah says:

      I think Roger Bannister’s 4 minute mile must rate highly.


    • Sick of it all says:

      Children creating polls for other children to vote on anything within their limited lifespan. It’s idiotic at best. We could easily discuss other examples based entirely around their absurd fetish for black people: Daley Thompson’s successful defence of his Olympic decathlon title in 1984 for example, or Frank Bruno winning the world’s heavyweight title at the fourth attempt.

      However, it’s sporting moments, not necessarily success, so who could forget Nigel Mansell’s astonishing control during the tyre blowout which cost him the ’86 drivers world championship? Or Beckham’s chip from the half way line which elevated him to national attention? Or anything involving Red Rum?

      Leftist pigmies born inside the Matrix discount anything that occurred before May 1st 1997. Damn them all.


    • Foscari says:

      I think the women’s netball winning Commonwealth gold must take pride of place. I believe that the BBC have won the rights to show
      some of the netball league matches. I don’t think I have ever been so excited and am having a prostate operation next week. The
      netball news has really cheered me up.


    • Seppers says:

      Virginia Wade, Steve Ovett/Seb Coe, Sally Gunnell, Kelly Holmes…


  6. pugnazious says:

    Funny old world where if you ask someone [non-white] where they come from it’s taken as a racist comment….er….here’s the BBC telling us all about Phil Wang…a comedian…from….er… somewhere.

    ‘Phil Wang: I wouldn’t be a comic if I weren’t mixed-race

    His mother, a white British archaeologist, met his father, a Chinese-Malaysian civil engineer, when she volunteered in Malaysia.

    They married and Wang grew up in Borneo with his two sisters, surrounded by family and amazing food (and humidity, which he hates), before his family moved to the UK when he was 16. ‘

    So roots are OK if you’re BBC…or indeed any of the new fans of Emma Raducanu who make a huge point of where she came from…


  7. ScottishCalvin says:

    A doodle and thoughts on the Biden vaccine order


    • JohnC says:

      Covid: President Biden’s comments on vaccines fact-checked

      Meanwhile the BBC ‘Reality Check Team’ chose this statement he made to ‘fact check’:

      ‘I’m announcing a new plan to require more Americans to be vaccinated.’
      Not much of a fact to check. But the headline sounds good and it’s a chance to show us another picture of a black person getting the vaccine.


  8. JohnC says:

    It’ such a relief that the worst thing the Taliban is doing is banning women from studying with men.

    There was me thinking they would be murdering all the men who they suspected of working with the Americans but it seems not. Nothing in the news about that since they took over.


  9. Zephir says:

    I can remember a time when this country did not concern ourselves about the rights of medieval sexist, racist homophobic arabs over and above the rights of raped children

    times gone they would have been burnt alive, and the rest of them hung drawn and quartered

    just like the gypsies thev may not all be doing it but they will do their damnd best to hide it

    remember there is no such thing as a moderate muslim they hate with a passion


  10. JohnC says:

    BBC radio 6 news description of 9-11 from Saturday:
    ‘Hijackers flew planes into the twin towers, the World Trade Centre in New York and into the Pentagon in Washington.’
    Some information missing there BBC – who were these mysterious ‘hijackers’ ? – the root of the entire story is not mentioned once. If it were ‘far-right’ it would be the first words they said.
    It’s not that the information is missing which bothers me – it’s the fact that it is deliberately missing. It’s BBC agenda based omission and it’s unethical.


  11. Zephir says:

    I can also remember a time where the Hammersmith Appollo as it is called now, use to be the Hammersmith Odeon, I saw Bruce Springteen with the E street band, Deep purple, Led Zeppelin. Black Sabbath. Status Quo, and a wonderful night with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet band
    and what do our wokes get?
    no more bands . some twat in a check shirt standing there talking about trump and everyone laughing


  12. Zephir says:

    you cant beat a teenage ( EDITED – self abuser ) at the Apollo telling jokes abpout Trump whilst silent about the most incompetent president in the history of the USA


  13. JohnC says:

    The first hate-crime attack after 9/11

    Possibly the most desperate article I’ve seen on the BBC for a long time – complete with that awful, low-class piano music background.

    The motivation of this random article (one of a series) is anti-white racism by non-white BBC staff. I can just imagine their weekly meeting trying to find another topic about racist whitey they can sell to their boss.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting for their video of ‘black-on-Asian’ racist attacks.


  14. Foscari says:

    Oh look , it’s a miracle. A picture on the main page of the
    BBC website without an ethnic face!! Wait , what’s the
    feature about? 300,000 who haven’t gone into quarantine.
    Well done BIG BROTHER at the Diversity department .
    Your picture editor followed your instructions to the tee!!


  15. Scroblene says:

    ​Looking at recent requirements for applicants for new non-jobs in the NHS and the BBC, one wonders what they really mean by ‘diversity’?

    The ‘jobs’ are getting these people to make normal British Citizens conform to some foreign belief, religion or creed, not the other way round. I don’t need to be told what I have to do to exist in my country?

    I guess it’s too much for any beeboid leftie to actually investigate why British people are being told to take on foreign ideas, while there doesn’t seem to be any ‘department’ where foreigners living in Britain aren’t instructed how to contribute to our values, learn how to conform to our rules and laws, our religion, our justice system, our morals etc.

    If we had a Home Secretary who understood that British people should be considered first, and foreigners need to understand our values and keep to our rules if they want to live here, it might be a step in the right direction, but the sacred cow of the ridiculous term ‘diversity’ is clouding the issue, and the bbc, and sad leftie rags like the guardian, observer, etc., just lap it up and try and make normal British citizens feel guilty.

    Scrobs doesn’t.


  16. Up2snuff says:

    BBC TOADY Watch #1 – the BBC really don’t like the progressive NI tax rise – we live in a post-truth society

    A third of the first half hour of TOADY this morning is taken up with attacking the tax increase announced last week: the BBC swinging its might in behind the TUC and the CBI in promoting the lie that the Health and Social Care tax increase hits the youngest, lowest earners, hardest. Even the Dreary Torygraph joined in the lie-fest yesterday in its Sunday edition with the help of the leak of a Treasury document.

    The PM is really missing someone who can help get ‘the message’ of the truth out there. Where is Allegra in all of this? The truth is being obliterated by MSM and Labour Party lies. Frances O’Grady was at it big time this morning, subtly undermining Keir Starmer at the same time by suggesting tax haven wealth could be taxed instead. The PM and Rishi are going to have to get their act together on this one.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The business bit had sir Martin sorrel delivering a quick assessment of the world economy up to 2024 . The poor beeboid had to let him run . ( it was very good value )

      Any way – the beeboid asked about the NIC increases . Sir Martin said – “ what do you expect – the government has been spending a lot of money so a lot of taxes will be going up “.

      Silence from the beeboid .

      According to fedup2 world – the green nonsense will be the vehicle by which taxes will be going up – so fuel is certain as well as any other consumption – gas – electricity – but they can’t do it yet because the gas market it mad .

      (If you haven’t fixed domestic dual fuel supply – now is a good time ….)


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, I switched off at the 6.25 a.m. or thereabouts Sports segment, so I missed the Sir Martin Sorrell interview.

        I wouldn’t fix a dual fuel bill right now, prices for gas are at a high, possibly an all-time high.


  17. Zephir says:

    More money for the NHS why not: blacks only please for A 60 70 000 YEAR JOB it appears they even have a bloody department for it, the angels..

    “to promote robust EDI initiatives that deliver sustainable change”

    Change ? sounds racist to me

    Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
    Job Reference: 213-CORP-1321

    King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    Denmark hill, London
    £61,861 – £70,959 per annum, inc HCA

    King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the UK’s largest and busiest teaching Trusts with a turnover of c£1 billion, 1.5 million patient contacts a year and more than 13,500 staff based across 5 main sites in South East London. The Trust provides a full range of local hospital services across its different sites, and specialist services from King’s College Hospital (KCH) sites at Denmark Hill in Camberwell and at the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) site in the London Borough of Bromley.

    An exciting opportunity has arisen for an Equality Diversity and Inclusion expert, who will drive forward our EDI agenda across the Trust. This operational role holds responsibility and accountability for providing effective leadership, co-ordination and management of the EDI function within the Trust, delivering our EDI strategy and programme of work, as well as being an expert for our internal and external stakeholders.

    The main focus of the role is to lead on the development and implementation of our Equality & Diversity strategy, working in partnership with our clinical and operational leaders to improve the health equality outcomes for the local community and supporting equality outcomes within the Trust’s workforce. The post holder also holds responsibility and accountability for supporting in the provision of effective and inclusive leadership, co-ordination and management of the EDI function.

    The role will support the Executive director of Nursing and Quality and Patient Safety team with specialist EDI advice in terms of patient engagement, access/reach and involvement with our diverse population groups.

    The successful candidate will work across organisational boundaries and sites working with clinical and managerial leaders in order to promote robust EDI initiatives that deliver sustainable change. The post holder will also support insight generation from staff to support meaningful plans that improve engagement and morale.


  18. Zephir says:

    Lets all have a clap for the NHS angels and those in Northompton market place shouting at the public for “fair pay” on Saturday, maybe should be shouting at the black that will be getting that job


    • Fedup2 says:

      My local paper has a story about a 103 year old man who had an operation but was killed by the hospital because a nurse misread the notes – Which led to him not receiving food for 3 days – after which he died .

      The hospital – whips cross said ‘lesson would be learned ‘.

      And people clap


      • Guest Who says:

        Wonder if she was one of the heftier minxes on tik tok?

        Still, a bit of ‘training’ that feeding folk prevents starvation should suffice.


        • Fedup2 says:

          The ‘mistake ‘ came about because a nurse misread a direction by a doctor that the old boy needed to be fed with a spoon due to swallowing difficulties …

          … so the nurses starved him … the coroner decided ‘natural causes ‘… which led me to think coroners don’t like rocking the boat – it’s £ after all…


          • Guest Who says:

            I once awoke in a bed surrounded by a consultant and a flock of eager med students, having been transferred wards overnight.

            He sagely read the notes at the bottom and then informed me of my progress.

            I offered that I was not who he just said I was and the treatment sounded iffy.

            He glanced at the whiteboard above my head, then the notes and it dawned maybe they had ushered away their last victim and not swapped the details.

            In one week I never saw the same pompous twat twice, or their eyes, as all was conducted with noses buried anywhere but in direction of the patient.

            Seems in this case nurse shifts did not notice and at least check using the degree level skills they now enjoy where, granted, it was apparently not shared that failure to provide fluids can lead to dehydration.


            • Scroblene says:

              Maybe the bloke being told to take a course in British ideals might have done the trick, Guest!

              But such courses don’t exist; we just have to pay taxes for them to do it their way, which they learned in some godforsaken dump elsewhere in the world.

              Good to know you’re still with us anyway!


              • Guest Who says:

                The nurses were almost all great during my stay. Bar two whose sex lives were shared from the station they seemed to occupy constantly as others worked.

                My greater concern was observing the sanitation protocols of all, especially cleaners, using the same gloves to go from recently vacated beds to light switches and vaguely wave a mop under beds.

                Remember thinking that if ever there was, say, a pandemic, going IN to a hospital in the post matron era might be dodgy.


      • Sick of it all says:


        Whipps Cross is also local to me and its claim to fame – apart from being the birthplace of footballers David Beckham and Harry Kane – is being put on special measures for a respectable four years between 2015 and 2019. I’ve been up there recently and it isn’t much improved – A&E for example, is still an epic clusterfuck which largely resembles the evacuation of Kabul airport. I’d be curious to know the salaries of those tasked with overseeing it…


    • Sick of it all says:

      Plenty of Africans in the NHS. I wonder if they also feel short changed? Taking a look at current figures, the annual salary for an experienced nurse (5+ yrs) in a Nigerian government hospital starts at 100,000 Naira, which equates to about 175 quid. Can’t buy much jerky and international phone cards with that.


  19. Zephir says:

    If ever I take a job I have never felt the need to stand in a market place and shout for fair pay. I have accepted the job, and if I have a problem with that it is not with the general public
    go have a chat with the black man on 70 000 a year and see if he will help with childcare or sandwiches etc

    fat bloody chance and I can bet my house he or she will not be giving to any African feed my kids while my husband spends his money on guns and bombs charity either or if you do not give us money a black will rape this child


  20. Guest Who says:

    The Moaning Emole has Katya, in critical mood.


    EU’s queen with a tarnished crown

    Angela Merkel is, by far, the longest-serving among current EU leaders. She’s participated in an estimated 100 EU summits, not infrequently being described as “the only grown-up in the room”. True, too: she memorably helped steer the bloc through the migration crisis, the euro crisis, Covid-19 and, to an extent, even Brexit.

    But this is a tale of two Merkels. Her European legacy, like her domestic one, is mixed. The criticism levelled at her back home – that during her 16 long years at Germany’s helm, she was a Krisenmanagerin, or crisis manager, typically waiting till the last moment to act; a pragmatist but no visionary – can also be applied to her record on the European stage.

    Read full analysis >

    Katya Adler
    Europe editor



    That ‘steering through the migrant crisis’ really was her triumphant legacy, as any lady outside a German train station at New Year will testify.

    Ms. Adler really is the classic bbc editor. To full extent.


    • Fedup2 says:


      Mondays can be gloomy – but Toady can cheer us up . It was in the form of an interview by the bee lady with the Deputy . Leader . of . The . Labour Party …. Yes Angee

      It wasn’t a ‘car crash ‘ – more like a ‘failing to stop accident ‘.

      Angee talked and talked . My ears started to to bleed – ‘and another fing’ says Angee – as the gob went on and on saying nuffin.
      Actually what she said was

      1that Labour won’t change nut nuts tax hikes and will raise more taxes on rich people .
      ( rich people means anyone not of state welfare benefits )

      2 that Labour has no plan for adult elderly social care but will ‘look at it ‘ in a couple of years so if you are old you don’t matter .

      3 Labour is not fit for government ….

      The bee lady tried – but to my southern snobby ears – Angee just sounded like Corrie … made me laugh though so thanks Ang .


      • Up2snuff says:

        Aw, Fed, I caught the second half of that interview with Angela Rayner so you’ve spoiled another TOADY Watch! It was interesting.

        Ange has obviously had the ‘Riot Act’ read to her: no undermining Der Leader Starmer in public. She appeared to be really reluctant to go along with ‘The Suckers’ latest wheeze, taxing rental income. Martha had to push her at least twice, or was it three times, to mention it. Could it be because she knows that will not go down well with Beeboids who have BTL portfolios or young tenants who face huge rent increases or eviction?

        I wonder . . . ……


        • Fedup2 says:

          Up2 – I apologise – I think that quite a few politicians will be ‘hit ‘ by a BLT tax ( diss lex ia ) so will find another way to stack the taxes … I favour a tax on food banks – or domestic heating – a ‘starve and freeze tax ‘ …. Great mail headline …


          • Fedup2 says:

            Or maybe a ‘channel landing tax’ – which will still have the SNP moaning about the vermin English …

            Other tax suggestions welcome

            ‘Overseas aid tax ‘ starters


          • Up2snuff says:

            Fed, one famous ex-poli or ‘has-been’ as I like to think of them, Michael Meacher was famous for his BTL portfolio which was conveniently in his wife’s name.

            “Funny, I thought. I thought ‘Funny’.”

            Taxing home heating will get the country in an uproar although it might put Labour and the Greens in a difficult position. There are rumours that there will be no new taxes this tax year, so Rishi’s proper Budget (in the Spring) will be announcing plans for General Election year. One of the other clever things about Rishi & the PMs (sounds like a pop group, written like that) NI proposals is that the NHS have had their usual shroud waving and collecting tin rattling cancelled for Party Conference time as well as for the New Year.

            I expect that will not stop the Labour Party and their allies from lying about the effect of the NI changes.


      • Sick of it all says:

        I remain pleasantly surprised by the Labour policy of targeting the wealthy, since their Dear Leader himself was bent over and shafted dry with the top rate whilst serving as DPP.

        ‘You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity’ – Bullet Tooth Tony


    • JohnC says:

      I remember being absolutely stunned that a word from Merkel could stop the entire ‘free press’ from reporting all the sexual assaults by immigrants in Cologne.

      I just dug out the BBC report on it here https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35231046

      Wikipedia tells me:
      ‘By 4 January 2016, the German national media reported that in Cologne, the sexual assaulters had mostly been described as “North African”, “Arab”, “dark-skinned” and “foreign”.’

      Yet the BBC didn’t mention the ethnicity of the men at all in their version of events – because THEY decided their agenda was higher priority than reporting the truth. That’s why you absolutely cannot trust them.

      Things like this remind me of just how rotten and corrupt our society really is. It’s just hidden under a thin veneer of hypocrisy.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “… and mould the whole of Europe into a copy of Germany …. a good place to start is to ditch the easy historical comparison (ignore history and you will repeat it) … because Angela Merkel is a figure of our here and now and it’s vital to understand her better because she (Merkel) matters more to our future (UK) than, what, 95% of British Politicians.” – BBC’s Andrew Marr 2013

      “The Making of Merkel with Andrew Marr BBC documentary 2013 about Angel Merkel imp politician” {youtube}


  21. micknotmike says:

    One thing struck me after reading about the swastika flag in Nottingham many years ago. Why is the article there at all? If there some anniversary of a far-right outrage on the horizon? I don’t think so. My thinking is that since the BBC showing cheering hoardes in Palestine on the 9/11 of this year would be a little controversial, they decided to go with a “Look over there – nasty far right” narrative. Whenever there is (Another) culture-enriching mass rape, church fire, or internal sunni/shia type brawl, out comes the “Jo Cox” trump card. I agree that there are muslims on the one hand, and nazis on the other. The uncomfortable truth for me, and I may be over-simplifying, is that I only fear the one which would like to see me dead, or at least with my backside in the air five times a day.


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC Reaching Back In History editorial is always a stretch.

      Recall that one where they once dallied with a building here that once dallied with a 40’s invasion plan that dallied with an HQ that was mooted for a UKIP tea morning.


    • JohnC says:

      I think the correct perspective on it is tens of thousands of potential Muslim terrorists compared tens of potential far-right terrorists.

      The difference is that we don’t get told about all the activity to stop the Muslims. I’m certain there are hundreds of officers doing it full time. Whereas every single far-Right looney makes it to the BBC front page.


  22. Zephir says:

    What the F is “far right” ? and if it is a thing, which I suspect it is not, why is it consdered in the MSM to be fundamentally wrong, where far left is considered acceptable ? that makes no sense and anyone that thinks a swastika is a bad thing knows little about anything really (Rudyard Kipling and India)

    There is a big swastika on the floor in the entrance hall to Wimpole Hall covered up by a rug for some strange reason, and this was before the woke idiots

    far right far left ya de yah uncle Joe Stalin what a paragon of virtue and the rest of the bunch


    • Fedup2 says:

      ‘Far Right ‘ means anyone who does not express ‘approved thought ‘ – there is a gradual ‘outlawing ‘ of non approved thought .
      My favourite Heresy of the moment is that a Canadian girl won that tennis thing -….and a Canadian came second …

      ( fervent nationalism is ok in sport )


    • Old Goat says:

      “Far Right” is, in fact, non-existent, largely because it’s so far, you can’t see it, and therefore doesn’t exist.


    • Sick of it all says:

      Once installed as German chancellor, Hitler set about purging the civil service of socialists, communists and democrats, in addition to abolishing trades unions. I’d say that’s a good starting point for our own society to begin healing itself. Does that make me a fascist? Good, fascist it is then. The entire system – as run by the Left – is corrupt, seditious and authoritarian; it needs to be flushed of all the scum which inhabits it.


  23. Up2snuff says:

    BBC Toady Watch #2 – don’t mention the vote losers – doh! er, I mean och! you mentioned them

    Radio back on for the big interview at 8.10 a.m. between John Swinney, Deputy Leader or First Minister or something at Holyrood. Nick Eardley, BBC correspondent, manages to undermine the SNP’s bid for Independence first before JustRemainIn Webb gets to do his thang.

    The problem the Wee Nippy and her Deputy have is that leaving the pound, giving up a newly won Independence to re-join the EU and, of necessity, the Euro and having a hard border with England are all factors that may play against the outcome that Sturgeon and Swinney want from an Independence Referendum.

    In fact, Nick Eardley went so far as to suggest that a second Scottish Referendum may never take place.

    Scottish Presbyterian-style: “Oooh dearhh!”


    • Fedup2 says:

      As an Englishmen I have developed an unusual trait – when ever anyone from the SNP is speaking I just hear a sort of ‘buzzing ‘ – not words . The exception is the SNP ex banker chap in the Commons who I hear as a Scots Bernard manning ..


      • Zephir says:

        We have given up hang drawing a quatering them, but they do seem to manage it themselves , metaphoricaly as history has proved, just give them the weapons and popcorn time same in the middle east keep away and let them resume to their normal hatred of their neighbour


  24. Guest Who says:

    This surely will set the Editorial Awards alight.


  25. Zephir says:

    Stalin killed millions. A Stanford historian answers the question, was it genocide?

    When it comes to use of the word “genocide,” public opinion has been kinder to Stalin than Hitler. But one historian looks at Stalin’s mass killings and urges that the definition of genocide be widened.



  26. Tabs says:

    A glance at the BBC News website this morning:
    The top half which has the “news” has 3 photos showing people, 2 of which are black. (66%)

    Next section down is “Coronavirus explained” has 3 photos of people, of which 2 are black. (66%)

    Next section down is “Must see” which has 6 photos showing people, 4 of which are BAMEs. (66%)

    Last section down is “Full story” which has 6 photos showing people, 3 of which are black. (50%)

    My question to the BBC… why so many white faces?


    • Sick of it all says:

      The fetish for filling adverts with black faces has received an upgrade. In every advert of this type, a black face is now the first one you see in almost every instance.

      During a recent Teams meeting in my workplace, some greasy-haired, waspish little do-gooder mentioned a statistic revealing 28% of the population either don’t have a BAME individual in their lives or have never met one, followed by an indignant rant about how unacceptable this is and that a way must be found to change it. These are the lunatic fringe responsible for trying to stuff blackness into every available space on British television, even past the point where black people themselves feel uncomfortable about it.

      Ignorance and arrogance beyond measure.


  27. AsISeeIt says:

    Nice racket you’ve got there

    Can anyone really tell us what’s happening with covid passports?

    The Telegraph boldly announces: ‘Johnson to rip up Covid restrictions‘ – are we sure about that?

    The ‘i’ honestly admits we don’t really know yet: ‘Prime Minister will announce his plan to the British public in a Downing Street address tomorrow‘ – heaven forbid he speak on the floor of the House.

    The ‘i’ however, predicts: ‘vaccine passports are shelved

    The Star eagerly suggests this U-turn is the end of the road for the policy: ‘Vaccine passports scrapped

    Well, I’m not so sure… we already know they certainly haven’t been scotched: ‘Scotland to launch vaccine passports on 1 October‘ (BBC, 3 days ago)

    The freebie Metro pins the decision on: ‘Javid ditches vax passports

    What’s the difference between a ditch and a shelf?

    Both ditching and shelving each appear in the Guardian’s take on the apparent U-turn: ‘Plan for vaccine passports is ditched. Plans to introduce vaccine passports across England next month have been shelved in a dramatic U-turn by the government

    The FT is a shelver: ‘Vaccine passport plan shelved‘ although read on and they tell us the plan: ‘…has been dropped‘ – and get this for a significant messaging U-turn: ‘government insiders said the Covid-19 situation “was not as bad as some feared”

    Someone’s suddenly channelling Franklin D. Roosevelt there: “‘We have nothing to fear except fear itself”

    The Gruan can’t admit the Left are our biggest covid scaredy cats so they turn things around and have Tory back benchers fearing the resurrection of the notion of compulsory vax health ID papers: ‘Conservative opponents fear they could still be made mandatory later this year‘ – and of course if opposition to covid passports makes you a conservative, then by slight of hand, our every progressive institution from the BBC to the civil service to Pimlico Pulmbers to Sainsburys to public museums and galleries will tend to happily take the idea to its heart. And when the time for the reluctant Boris to do a 360 degree re-U-turn comes, he’ll just be bowing to the apparent inevitable.

    Hold that thought. The Times perhaps gives the most realistic statement of present ministerial intent: ‘Jab passports on hold

    Not since Greta Thunberg did our media fall so head over heels for a teenaged girl with such single-minded fanatic foreign parents: ‘Instant icon Emma holds all the aces. Champion Radacanu “ready for anything”‘ (Telegraph); the Daily Express lifts the lid somewhat – as if we couldn’t have guessed – on the tiger mum and dad: ‘“Tough to please” Mum and dad who created champion‘ – Oooh, just as us Brits were glorying in the reflected glory that we somehow created the champ this dull Monday morn…

    And if that doesn’t have millions of parents berating their kids to string their rackets…

    The press are already quantifying the riches accruing: ‘£100 million Emma(Daily Mirror); ‘Teenaged tennis ace in line for £150m fortune… AND a New Year Honour‘ (Daily Mirror) – well that’s taken as read. They’re being given away at the stroke of sub-editors pen these days.

    The Daily Express looks to the US market and outbids them all: ‘Superstar Emma can net a cool $1 billion‘ – I sense our Emma’s Britishness already slipping away. Better hurry up with that gong Your Maj.

    Reading the Guardian in conjuction with the tabloids in mid-September one senses it is just about that time of year when someone claims it’s been about the hottest ever: ‘Late sizzle will make us hotter than Algarve. Blast of the summer shine‘ – The Daily Star referencing Foggy, Compo and Clegg – who sound like just the sort of charcters we have working at the Met Office – and then looking at things from a seasonal perspective we also have those familiar claims: ‘the NHS faces “the worst winter in living memory” (Guardian)

    So therefore it must be time for the populist press to find another cure for cancer: ‘Wonder blood test spots cancer early‘ (Daily Express); ‘Cancer test revolution‘ (Daily Mirror)

    I can’t help thinking our brilliant scientific medics ought to refine a proper working vaccine for covid that actually gives us immunity – preferably without the need for boosters. Then we might all believe it is worth taking the thing.

    And finally… a minor headline from the Telegraph which perhaps explains why we put up with so much media nonsense: ‘People “too polite” to hang up on fraudsters

    And one from the Daily Star which presents itself without the need for further comment: ‘Penguin “poo” on Venus!


    • Fedup2 says:

      The other annual feature is the ‘ someone is stranded and wants to be home for Christmas ‘ .

      The ‘Christmas ‘ references used to come in after Remembrance Sunday – then came forward to 5 November – then All Hallows’ Eve … but now I think people who watch ITV will start seeing the Christmas – sorry Xmas adverts about now …
      ….I like the irony that as years pass and Christmas means less and less the MSM still uses it as though it is significant to ‘families ‘…. Weird ….


    • Guest Who says:

      That is impressive penguin bowel power by any measure.

      Remember having a few extra beers and arguing with a chum on the escape velocities and accuracy of mortar bugs in ‘Starship Troopers’.


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI: ” Both ditching and shelving each appear in the Guardian’s take on the apparent U-turn: ‘Plan for vaccine passports is ditched. Plans to introduce vaccine passports across England next month have been shelved in a dramatic U-turn by the government‘ ”

      It appears the cricket season is dying a death with the Indians dropping out of the final Test Match in the series, so there is no long grass to grub around in looking for a red ball after Root or Kohli has hit another six.


  28. Zephir says:

    Far left {Stalin) ignored


    • Guest Who says:

      Mao had two Chinese parents, and did some good things too.


      Shit at robs from the baseline though.


      • Zephir says:

        Yep, people eating bark off trees, he was a hit with the vegans 20 years forward in this country.. kids lunch boxes being inspected for traces of meat or sugar.. oh hang on its happening already


  29. Zephir says:

    There were many mass killings under communist regimes of the 20th century. Death estimates vary widely, depending on the definitions of the deaths that are included in them. The higher estimates of mass killings account for the crimes that governments committed against civilians, including executions, famine, and deaths that occurred during forced deportations and imprisonment, and deaths that resulted from forced labor. In addition to mass killings, terms that are used to define such killings include classicide, crimes against humanity, democide, genocide, politicide, and repression. A link between communist ideology and mass killings has been proposed by some academics and rejected by others.

    “far right huh, a fifteen year old with a swastika poster versus :


  30. StewGreen says:

    8:53am switch on R4Today a WWF guy is banging on about Climate

    Then next week


    • Zephir says:

      The partially educated, the next generation


    • StewGreen says:

      so at the end of today’s show they trailed next weeks climate special
      ..and then went into a trailer for electric car series
      “Peter Curran is back on the road, travelling from Land’s End to John O’Groats in an electric car”
      On Tuesday’s, 3 episode series)


  31. StewGreen says:

    Covid : Why we still on Delta-variant ?

    We were getting a new variant every week


    • tomo says:

      It’s a dilemma for the Public ‘Elfs presently at the top table (and control freak pols) – that’s what RNA viruses do – but we mustn’t compromise the “we’re in control” line that the assortment of opportunistic and devious creeps riding the issue are punting…

      Not in the public interest, it would erode confidence in our institutions…

      Just to be clear I think vaccination is a good thing – but I also think that the people promoting the vaccine should be open and honest – obviously few in gubbermint share my concerns.


  32. Thoughtful says:

    New report ‘proves’ Dr Fauci lied in his testimony to Congress and not just once but on several occasions.
    The Biden administration has basically said it’s OK to be a perjurer and Fauci will not be prosecuted under any circumstances, and his job is safe !

    No wonder US departments of state don’t believe they are answerable to the elected politicians supposed to be in control of them, and despite the fact that Dr Fauci and others might well have been responsible for creating the entire covid pandemic.



  33. markh says:

    Back to Emma Radecanu. Given that she is obviously going to win Sports Personality of the Year (deservedly so), can’t she just get the award now and spare us the woke diversity/ immigration is good drivel that the TV programme has become?


  34. Zephir says:



  35. Zephir says:

    Look shes a little black ! wow like the other less than 10% of our country that we see every bloody day on our TV but never on the streets.
    Quite amazing how many black men are married to white women on TV, a parallel universe maybe,most certainly not this one, just wish they would all F off there and maybe there would be a lot fewer half cast gang drug dealing stabbing kids whos fathers are long gone and off looking for the next “white meat”


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      She’s not very black though, not even as black as Meghan Markle, Kamal toes, or that Obama fellow, and none of them are really black, are they?

      Honestly, I don’t care what colour skin someone has, and really wish they didn’t either – racists!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Big – oh come on – she had a great great grandparent who went out with a darkie ? And what about the ‘boyfriend ?’ Or is it ‘girlfriend ?’ Or have the press gone back to the Chinese and Romanian villages where her mum and dad come from ?

        Then – of course – there must be a scandal – something negative about the young lady to keep the papers selling – maybe a Twitter rant from 10 years ago when she was -er – 8 .
        Better ‘squirrel ‘ story than worrying about Afgee or the Chinese virus or false president eh?


      • tomo says:

        Who started all this squawking about tennis+race?

        From where I’m sat – it looks like it sprang from the race hustling identitarian left – am I rite?


        • TrickCyclist says:

          The only thing I can say about Emma Raducanu regarding colour is that during the U.S. Open Final she wore red, blue and yellow – the colours of Romania.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Z, er, you obviously don’t realise that tennis players spend a lot of time in the sun. They tend to not play in the rain. Look at Jo Konta’s skin colour.


  36. Zephir says:

    Well I do now, I did not before, I was as you in my outlook, have friends from all over the world but now am sick to my back teeth of the black obsession in the media two points:
    one., I have worked in local government and the worst places are
    where incompetent black people are employed because thay are black , they turn up late then start to eat breakfast while the phones are ringing which they ignore , I was intoduced to two of them where their manager said” this one will lie to you and this one will shout abuse at you”
    within two weeks I had my laptop charger stolen and my desktop phone

    point two the black bastard who dragged the neighbour by the hair down the street because she would no longer have sex with him, with the child whimpering in the corner of the bedroom who it seems had another few white bitches and he went house to house
    Eye witness trumps the bbc


  37. Zephir says:

    Even Hillay Clinton acknowledges the problem we have with violent black people. and as problem we never had in this country before, it cannot be put down as racism, it is a lack of family values. spiritulism of any denomination, and so many have a pure worship of sex, money and above all violence any examination of their culture through their taste in music will reveal that


    • Sick of it all says:

      I disagree on the spiritualism aspect. Speaking from personal experience, Pentecostal, Seventh Day Adventism etc. are widespread amongst African and Caribbean communities in the UK. The church has a huge presence in the lives of much of the black community here.


  38. Zephir says:

    Superpredators’ in context

    The “superpredators” line comes from a 1996 speech in New Hampshire, where Clinton spoke in support of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which her husband, Bill Clinton, had signed in to law.

    “We’re making some progress,” Clinton said. “Much of it is related to the initiative called ‘community policing.’ Because we have finally gotten more police officers on the street. That was one of the goals that the president had when he pushed the crime bill that was passed in 1994.”

    Provisions of the act included a ban on some assault weapons, more funding for community policing and an expansion of the death penalty. The legislation, which was championed by Bill Clinton as a way to reduce the number of African-Americans being killed in drug-related incidents, has drawn criticism in recent years for sending disproportionate numbers of African-Americans to prison.

    The “superpredator” remark, which Priebus and Trump referenced, was in the same speech a few lines later.


  39. Zephir says:

    “But we also have to have an organized effort against gangs,” Hillary Clinton said in a C-SPAN video clip. “Just as in a previous generation we had an organized effort against the mob. We need to take these people on. They are often connected to big drug cartels, they are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called superpredators — no conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first, we have to bring them to heel.”


  40. Zephir says:

    Are we talking about “far right ” teenagers with a swastika in their bedroom ?

    so dangerous
    go figure


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Zeph, I’m desperately trying to cling on to the conviction of my younger days that race is all a figment of the imagination, and there are good and bad of all hues, and cultures.

      The last few years have strained that view, I have to admit.

      Wasn’t calling you a waycist by the way, rather those ‘people of colour’ (actually aren’t we all people of SOME colour, even if that might be pasty white in some cases?) who are really annoying me now going on about race all the time, and how ‘privileged’ and ‘racist’ I am (could have fooled me!)

      Leave it alone, and it’s fine, I would say racism was dying out here in the UK anyway, and has been all the years I can recall. Keep banging on about it all the time, and you start annoying people, the end result of which might not be what BLM et al. seem to be expecting.

      As for those mixed up (white) teenage lads who think drawing swastikas and guns in an exercise book, and browsing the internet for others who feel ‘unwanted’, is going to make them feel better about being born white, male and ‘underprivileged, they are in for a nasty surprise when plod come kicking their parents’ front door down. Society seems to need witches to burn.


  41. vlad says:

    The BBC are usually very quick to scream “racism” every 5 minutes, often on the flimsiest of grounds.

    So when a white protestor wearing a black gorilla mask screams abuse at a black politician, throws eggs at him, and punches his entourage, the BBC should be all over the story, right?

    Well, no, not when the black politician is a Republican challenging the Democrat governor of California.

    Larry Elder has sustained non-stop vitriolic attack, often racist, by those nice people on the Left, who have called him – unbelievably – a white supremacist.

    Silence from the BBC.


  42. gb123 says:

    As far as Vaccine Passports go, Boris will be getting his orders soon and will likely do the 180° as usual. The only issue is what will be the timeframe. Minutes, hours or days.
    The only think we can rely on is not to rely on press statements and sound bites from politicians, pundits and “experts”.


  43. Doublethinker says:

    I think it was Deborah who posted yesterday that she watched a debate on the green agenda on the Neil Oliver show on GBN and was impressed , so I decided to watch it too. What came across very strongly, and is a trend I have noticed elsewhere, is that when the proponents of Net Zero are cornered about the the huge cost of the target and the fact that GB is a tiny CO2 emitter cf China India , both of whom are refusing to accept limitations on their emissions, the greenies immediately switch to saying how important it is for GB to be the moral leader in saving the planet. Deborah is right when she says this debate would never be allowed on the BBC or the rest of the MSM.
    So what the greens are advocating is that the UK should pauperise itself in order to show moral leadership to a world which simply isn’t interested and will probably never adopt the green agenda.
    Then the panel seemed to conflate climate change and net carbon zero with minimising the release of plastic into the environment, cleaning up rivers etc, which are worthy causes but absolutely nothing to do with climate change. This confusion happens very frequently and indicates the sloppy thinking and gross ignorance of the commentariat on any technical or scientific issue.
    Two other programme on GBN which again touched the topics the rest of the MSM never would , was firstly Colin Brazier who had a discussion about population growth in the third world being a future major driver of CO2 emissions , and secondly Nigel Farage who discussed how the housing shortage in the UK was directly caused by mass immigration over the last twenty five years.
    GB really does provide the silent majority of Brits with a voice on topics which are and have been suppressed by the MSM for years and years.


    • Rich says:

      This pretence that they are concerned about how others view them within the global “community” is nothing more than moral grandstanding by the political “elite”. Simply an effort to deflect from the fact that they posess no personal morals or principles themselves. They are in the main weak and duplicitous chancers who have no respect for their voters and thus deserve none from their voters in return.

      Those with the intelligence and honesty and patriotism that the nation needs don’t enter politics. The indoctrinated, the scheming, the selfish become politicians, like their friends in the media they are increasingly detached and seemingly irrelevant to many yet are unfortunately becoming more and more stupidly and arrogantly emboldened and dangerous each day. Rats seemingly determined to sink the ship themselves.


    • JohnC says:

      The root of all of it is that without climate change, there will be no massive budget to be divvied up for studies etc and they will all be sat at home all day with nothing to do. Particularly now Jeremy Kyle is not on any more.
      They cannot let it drop. They are nothing without it.


    • Old Goat says:

      The elephant in the room, of course, being CO2 – that essential, life giving gas which really ought to be present in the atmosphere in far greater quantity than it is now – the slight rise in recent years, of course, hastening the greening of the planet. Thousands of years ago, when it was present in 1500 ppm, or more, all life thrived. Our tinkering at the periphery under the pretext that we’re saving the planet, is clearly having the opposite effect. But the agenda has been set, and we are doomed to follow it, despite the true science which tells us that it isn’t a good idea, at all, and which must be kept from us, at all costs.


    • Scroblene says:

      “So what the greens are advocating is that the UK should pauperise itself in order to show moral leadership to a world which simply isn’t interested and will probably never adopt the green agenda.”

      Spot on as usual, DT.

      And as the greens are a hopeless case in the manner of elections, (excepting the s***hole which Brighton is nowadays), they’ll squeal and squark for ages, and normal hard-working citizens couldn’t give a t**s about the drivel they spout.

      The BBC, of course, give these sad loonies an equal platform against normal citizens who work all hours to strive to make Britain Great, and twonks like Horrobin never consider the disastrous consequences of anything ‘green’, because it just doesn’t work that way!

      He did get an ‘a’ level in English, so is well qualified to be an utter pr*t.


  44. Zephir says:

    It would be informing, a first for the bbc morons never read a book in their life, teenage ignorant non qualified in any discipline apart from twittwer that call themselves fact checkers hey go to school oh wait you probably did that why you are thick as Sh


  45. JohnC says:

    I always enjoy a trip to the BBC home page to find out what I ‘must see’ today.

    I can tell you are all on the edge of your seats for what I found. What topic could be so important, everybody ‘must’ see it ?.

    Here it is:
    ‘Festivals: Period facilities are needed at live events’

    They should rename that section to ‘Agenda items we want you to read today’ and at least be honest about it.


  46. StewGreen says:

    how did channel 4’s BlackToFront inverted racism day go ?

    – #BigBreakfast revival
    45k viewers, 1% audience share.
    45k out of 60 million adults in the UK, that’s 1 person in every 1333 ie 0.075% watched
    ie 99.925% didn’t watch
    (BBC Breakfast, 1.2m @GMB 640k).

    other black shows
    #MelBsPackedLunch, 125k
    #CelebrityGogglebox 2.6m (17% audience share, not terrible for channel4 Googlebox normally gets 2.2-3.2 million ..used to be around 4.5million)


    • harry142857 says:

      I watched Countdown. The problem is that Trevor has zero personality. He used the same monotone voice that he read the news decades ago. The two contestants were fairly averagely intelligent people. There was some obese woman doing the numbers and a guy in a hawaiian shirt in ‘dictionary corner’. They all sounded like that had never left East London, and were all middle class, so much for diversity.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Trevor McDonald embodied the BBC News to me, growing up in the ’80s.

        His plain, monotone voice seemed right for serious, ‘impartial and unbiased’ news, and as far as I recall he didn’t exhibit much emotion, or personal opinion… if you were being uncharitable, you could describe him as ‘robotic’.

        What works for the news doesn’t necessarily work elsewhere though.

        I’m wondering now if there wouldn’t be considerable advantage in replacing newsreaders with simple, expressionless, monotone synthesised voices. In fact, why not let impartial and unbiased AI progams write the news too? There could be considerable cost savings…


    • MarkyMark says:



  47. davylars says:

    BBC on the case.

    “Covid: More than 300,000 suspected of breaking quarantine rules”

    Figures for this period obtained under Freedom of Information laws show a total of 301,076 cases were referred to investigators for checks on whether they were self-isolating.


    What about the 10000 + illegals that have broken the immigration rules so far this year BBC?


    • tomo says:

      I’m rapidly tiring of this mantra that’s presently doing the rounds….



      I’m hoping for some mobile phone videos of XR getting “Canning Town DLR’d” on M25 junctions.


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