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  1. Up2snuff says:

    I listened to Any Questions this evening. Stacked audience, as per usual, hostile to HMG, even Peter – ‘so-called Far Right’ – Hitchens was applauded and cheered for his anti-HMG answers. He did make some good points on illegal migrants and Priti’s Pushback Plan.

    The Labour Shadow Secretary to the Treasury was deceitful as was Ed Davey. Andrea Jenkyns MP (Con) was courageous and did quite a good job but received little support from Chris Mason.

    Am guessing the BBC are still smarting at Boris’ clever little tax grab for the NHS and Social Care. The Beeboids thought they were going to get away without any pain …..

    ……… or payin’.



  2. popeye says:

    With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow, I wonder if the BBC will be showing the scenes of Palestinians celebrating the deaths of nearly 3000 men, women and children? Maybe they’ll put on that disgraceful Question Time where the usual lefty mob harangued the American Ambassador shortly afterwards. Apparently the Yanks deserved it!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Don’t know, popeye, but they are already misrepresenting the truth about Biden.


    • G.W.F. says:


      I put a copy of the You Tube vid of the Question Time programme on the midweek threat here. Worth a look.


  3. Thoughtful says:

    I see it hasn’t taken long for the first Afghan migrant to need the Police to arrest him.


    No reason given as yet but the incompetence and cowardice demonstrated by the Bottler ‘government’ never stops giving.


  4. tipple says:

    Not BBC but they would surely applaud Channel 4’s output today.

    I started to watch ‘The Great House Giveaway’ with is normally presented by a Scouse bloke who used to be in Brookside. Today it was a new black guy presenting a black couple doing the renovation. Then ‘Come Dine With Me’ featuring five people cooking a three course meal for each other, again all black people. Lastly I flicked over to ‘Kirstie & Phil -Love it or list it’ and it was two black presenters with a black couple, no Kirstie or Phil. I feel as if I’m living in Nigeria!!

    Ah, just got an ad break and it’s actually called ‘Scarlette & Stuart’s Love it or leave it’. not that my TV guide told me that.

    All these programs were first broadcast today.


  5. tipple says:

    Today is C4 ‘Black & Proud’ day when everything is black and no whitey. That explains it. All the ads have just black people too. It’s the future come too soon!



    • digg says:

      Come on folks we are still 90% plus of of the population just switch the damn channel 4 off and not because we are racist but because we don’t like to be preached at by these puffed up twats.

      In addition to which I believe that what they are doing is going to create antagonism and set race relations back years and years.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Well the few occasions I tuned in, they all appeared to come from Sarf Lundun.

        Its midnight and there’s a debate between 6 of them discussing how light and dark they are and whose the better off in life.


        • tipple says:

          I lived in Tooting Broadway in the mid 80’s which was mainly Jamaican, moved up the road to Tooting Bec which was a mix of Asian and a lot of Irish. I guess the Irish have moved on.

          It was quite surreal to see just black people on the telly wherever I looked without knowing there was an agenda.


      • Seppers says:

        Yep, worrying.
        I wonder what per cent of black people wanted this, or whether they were asked?


        • BRISSLES says:

          One of the contributors did mention (amidst her manic delivery) that ‘they’ were just 3% of the population. Yet they still maintained there was no equality in their life here. No mention was made that the advertising world reflected more than their 3% presence – more like 50%, but then they wouldn’t would they ?


      • G says:

        Sorry, the (any) broadcaster is being racist in denying the 90% you
        cite. So it is racist.


    • Guest Who says:

      #bbcquotes meets Getty Images


  6. Philip_2 says:

    Listening to LBC yesterday Nick Ferrari, I found myself agreeing with someone attacking the BBC for its bias and then finding out afterwards it was a BBC radio 2 presenter (still employed). Paul Gambaccini. It was weird as he was protesting at Cressida Dicks planned re-employment for another two years as Head of Police. In particular himself being thrown to the Lions by the BBC who also attacked Cliff Richard privacy (and gained unique access to Police operations, and the attack on Harvey Proctor (who has to prove himself innocent), and bundled in with this was an accusation that Paul Gambaccini was ‘up there’ with paedophiles.


    This operation was overseen by Cressida Dick of met Police who failed to find any evidence (and the BBC involvement – previously- they has to recompense Cliff Richard in the courts), but as all charges were later dropped by the Police. Harvey Proctor and Paul Gambercino (bundled in with other high profile members of government) had to fight it out in the free press and protest and prove innocence. No support from the BBC, even though they claim to support (and sponsor LGBTQXYZ) and yet claim Jimmy Saville ‘never actually worked for us’ at (BBC) the time of another investigation. Clearly false at the time of Saville as everyone in the BBC knew.. But its a follow on investigation by the Police because it came from a high profile Labour MP and a Police claim ‘it was from credible source’ now totally discredited as a fantasist.

    ‘Nick’ – aka Carl Beech was the Police ‘informer’ claiming paedophiles stretched right into the heart of government. The Police were claiming high profile names will be arrested (but evidence was found to be thin).


    Anyway I must say, Gambaccini has a good point that the BBC pointed the finger, never offered to help and was in coo hoots with Cressida Dick on what was campaign to expose paedophilia and sexual abuse by a secret Police informer that turned out to be a hoax.

    Parts of it may be true, of course, but the main point is the BBC protects those (guilty) and gives no protection to other ‘expendables’ like Paul Gambaccini who had to prove his innocence, and now is lucky to get his job back at the BBC. He is a very good presenter, there are so very few left in the BBC. Wrong age, wrong views and they may push him out still.

    I am surprising myself, he deserves a big apology from the BBC.

    And as for Cressida Dick, she should be removed by the Police herself.
    Why she is totally hated by the Police force (according to retired officers) that I heard on LBC complaining about her two year extension, and how ‘woke’ she was.



    • digg says:

      Madness in wonderland I am speechless it is all to do with the stupid wokeness and stupidity of the deluded wankers who support these bent individuals into power positions.


  7. tomo says:

    Worth a watch for the comparison of American and Chinese military recruitment adverts 🙂


  8. Foscari says:

    I really learnt something on the Londonistan programme
    on the BBC this evening. Yes I know the programme is not
    supposed to be for the likes of me, an indigenous Londoner.
    There are over a million Muslims in the capitol and they need
    to be told by the women from the Muslim Council that 9-11
    bombers were not Muslims. They only said they were Muslims.
    So it looks like once again BIG BROTHER from the diversity
    department has control of the events that caused collateral
    damage in New York on September 11th 2001. He, she or
    it. May organize another ” Question Time” where 20 years ago .
    He she or it., managed to ” arrange ” an audience whom if
    not all Shamina Begum lookalikes, were the 50%
    anarchist Marxists he , she or it regularly bring in to do
    BIG BROTHERS bidding. To the point of 20 years ago the
    American ambassador was almost in tears at the attitude of one of
    the panellists and half the audience who were inferring that
    the 3000, all but deserved to die.


  9. vlad says:

    Paul Gambaccini giving it to Victoria Derbyshire, the BBC and Cressida Dick-less with both barrels blazing.


    • Philip_2 says:

      Attaboy!, go get em.


    • taffman says:

      I never liked this guy before, but I sure think he is genuine now.
      He is absolutely right.
      Time for ‘tick box’ Dick to go along with Al Beeb.
      We are lions led by donkeys, and that’s donkeys led by a buffoon.
      Hats off to Paul Gambaccini !


    • JohnC says:

      He would make an excellent pirate. Aye Jim lad.

      Derbyshire was disgraceful. Since when was the role of an interviewer ‘to defend people not there to defend themselves’ ?.


    • Guest Who says:

      Decency at the bbc? Uh huh.


  10. digg says:

    OK time to give these BBC and Channel 4 twats both barrels. They have been living on borrowed time and now is the time for genuine inhabitants of this land to tell them where to get off, we are sick of this crap.


  11. JohnC says:

    MI5: 31 late-stage terror plots foiled in four years in UK

    He said they were largely Islamic extremist plots, but a “growing number” were planned by right-wing terrorists.

    There we go again : the far-right narrative given the prominent role in the sentence to give it roughly equal parity with the Islamic ones. A ‘growing number’ could be 1 instead of none.

    And how many plots were foiled before they got to ‘late stage’ ?. I bet it’s hundreds if not thousands.

    The problem with Muslim terrorism in this country is that we aren’t told anything about it until it can’t be kept quiet eg. after a conviction or a pile of bodies. We now live in an age of massive news suppression to cover up the consequences of ‘diversity’.


    • Up2snuff says:

      John, I couldn’t post a TOADY Watch yesterday, but it was noticeable that Mishal asked about ‘right-wing’ terror plots but did not ask how many of the 31 foiled plots were ‘right-wing’. You are quite correct that 0 could have grown to 1.

      And what is defined by ‘right-wing’? Mishal did not ask about that either. Is it the Militant Tendency of the local Womens’ Institute or ‘White Supremacists’ or even other Islamists who decide to ‘attack’ a special Left-Wing or Socialist policy or people group?


  12. JohnC says:

    I have my sick-bag ready for the 9/11 pantomime we will get from the USA while they awkwardly ignore the huge elephant in the room which is how many deaths Joe just caused in his desperation to have all Americans out of there before his speech today.

    I am wondering:

    Will Joe stare at the teleprompter with those dead-eyes for long pauses in an attempt to pretend he is overcome with emotion ?.

    How many times will Joe stumble and slur or look like he forgot what he was talking about ?.

    Will they try to rub some of the sympathy-vote on Harris by letting her actually speak ?. And if she does, will she fake her voice breaking up with emotion ?.

    After the simply amazing charade of the Capitol Riot ‘equiry’, absolutely nothing is off the table. They have taken lies and hypocrisy to a level I never imagined I would see from a Western government.

    But one thing is absolutely certain : the BBC will dress it up as much as they can and squeeze out as much PR promotion for Joe as possible. I wonder if they will have the ‘However …’ paragraph halfway down like they always did for Trump.


    • Scroblene says:

      Biden’s proposed visits to the sites of terrorist destruction were headline news all through the night on R5Dead.

      From what I bothered to hear, he has the same stock of mumblings as they all have at times like this.

      Assume it’s damage limitation for the horror he’s caused in Afghanistan.


    • G says:


      It is apparent to me that the abandonment of ‘democracy’ by the West is a concerted, collective effort. Every day they ignore the history and ways of doing things. We see the likes of the false President and Bumbler here, ignoring doing things ‘right’. Its as if they feel they are all on the ‘home run’ now and can afford to make that little more bit of effort to prove their allegiance to Beijing and its policies. After all, they all agree that China will be the dominant leader shortly. They’re all vying for the, ‘Look at me Beijing, look how I am conforming to your own style of dictatorship. How good am I’.


  13. Guest Who says:

    GB becomes a bbc clone.


    • Guest Who says:



      • Guest Who says:

        So many heroes.

        Not community leaders.


      • vlad says:

        The GB News interviewee above obviously doesn’t watch the BBC, where, far from being vilified, Muslims are massively pandered to.

        But why does GB News allow him to trot out the lies that the ‘biggest danger is right-wing radicalisation’ and ‘they are the biggest threat’.

        Funny, I don’t remember right-wing groups blowing up tall buildings, tube trains, concert arenas, or slitting soldiers throats, driving into crowds and stabbing them. Or mass raping thousands of young girls.

        But there’s an upside according to this ‘Equalities Lawyer’ – i.e. trained liar.

        “The positive is that it’s brought more young muslims closer to their faith… aware of their rights… how to combat this sort of thing…”

        In other words, more radical!


      • MarkyMark says:

        0 church attacks in Saudi.
        0 churches in Saudi.


    • Banania says:

      To whom was he supposed to apologize?


  14. JohnC says:

    Just going to BBC sounds to listen to Tony Blackburn.

    The home page where I go to click it presents me with:

    6 shows by women, 3 of which are BAME.
    2 shows by black males
    A show on ‘building Queertopia’
    And Tony.

    I remain amazed at how the BBC can claim they are not racist and not sexist. This must come under ‘positive discrimination’ which is all of those things against white males. It’s the most ridiculous hypocrisy.


    • markh says:

      Very few presenters worth listening to now- Tony Blackburn, Johnnie Walker and Paul Gambaccini definitely. I fear Ken Bruce is buckling under woke pressure.


      • JohnC says:

        I agree. Ken tries so hard to be ‘on-message’ these days I feel embarassed for him.
        I would add Paul O’Grady and Lisa Tarbuck to the list and you have the only programs I can listen to now – though Lisa is borderline recently too.


        • JimS says:


          Does not compute!

          Programmes, I think.


          • JohnC says:

            You are quite correct.
            I’m a software engineer and over the years my brain has been hard-coded.


        • Seppers says:

          I used to enjoy Lisa’s programme. Used to really like Simon Mayo but I had a feeling they’d stick their oar in. Nothing against Jo Wiley, who is good at her thing, but it ruined Mayo’s brilliant drivetime show.


  15. Thoughtful says:


  16. Guest Who says:

    Wait until Vile gets honoured.


  17. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – I wake up on this solemn morning to the BBC telling porkies

    The News and Justin Webb both omit the fact that President Biden had been asked by families and friends of the victims of the 9/11 attacks to stay away from any commemoration ceremony today. Instead they misrepresent the truth. You would think that on a day like this the BBC would want to be more honest.



  18. Peter Sausages says:

    I see the Black Gangster voice over bloke was on again last night, announcing ‘Now the News wiv Sofee Rayworrf’ Dreadful, at least speak proper English.


    • Jeff says:

      I’m looking forward to how they present this evening’s musical entertainment from The Albert Hall…

      “This is The Last Night of the Prom’s…innit…”

      Ya know wot I mean?


    • vlad says:

      Peter – I think you mean Black Gangsta.


      • BRISSLES says:

        I think many black people do have a problem physically with speaking articulately. Either they’re short tongued and cannot say the “th’ or their enlarged lips impede upon enunciation. Others like Clive Myrie, Moira Stuart, Trevor Phillips, Trevor McDonald, Lenny Henry et al who don’t have oversized lips don’t seem to have this issue. Of course no-one dare pick up on this for fear of being unpc, and being called racist, but that’s my belief anyway.


        • G says:


          Don’t knock it because otherwise we would not recognise immediately that we were having a black announcer shoved down our ears on the radio. At least now I can differentiate and turn off the radio quicker.


          • Seppers says:

            No need to be racist against black people. Yes the bbc does have an agenda but I wouldn’t say it was black people’s fault on the whole.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Oh I don’t want to be pedantic, and at least this is a safe space, but if you’re going to correct darkie on his speech you have to be whiter than white!

      At least speak English correctly is the proper way.


      • Seppers says:

        Why the insult?
        Yes, bbc is pushing agendas but its not all back people’s fault.
        I preferred life a few years ago when most people just sort of got on.


        • Zephir says:

          A look at the demography of the UK will indicate why so many are getting tired of just one small sector being pandered to, where are the Phillipino, Chinese, Hindus, Sikhs in every advert and TV programme ? do they have to riot and loot to gain representation ? maybe the way forward for every minority
          Or, just maybe they are able to move forward in life through talent, education, nurturing their children, and hard work without blaming their lack of these on others

          And talking like a half demented jamaican with tourette syndrome when you have never even been there, or anywhere near there, may gain you street cred but little else in life


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      It’s called Multicultural London English, or MLE. Expect to hear a lot of it in years to come.


  19. AsISeeIt says:

    The BBC’s top online news headline refers to our burbling Boris and his reassurances that 9/11 islamic terrorism failed. Failed? Remind me who’s now running Afghanistan?

    In a message to mark the 20th anniversary, the PM said that while the terror threat remained, people refused “to live in permanent fear”‘ – Oh the irony… ‘PM to warn of tougher Covid rules‘ (‘i’)

    Face masks will be back if virus cases surge in autumn‘ (Telegraph) – cases not hospitalisations or deaths, mind you.

    Boris is decidedly a baldfaced bluffer, but look up the dictionary definition of platitude and you’ll notice Sir Keir Starmer’s 9/11 aniversary remarks repeated, practically, every hollow and bland word, for hollow and bland word.

    I reckon we’ve reached the stage now with the absolute guff our politicians spout that rather than express surprise at the contradictions they expect us to swallow we ought instead to simply admire their shiny brass necks.

    PM also has contingency plans to extend lockdown legislation, although No 10 prefers “guidance”‘ – and the ‘i’ newspaper appears to actually relish the part it plays in delivering the message of the interminable project lurgy fear.

    Meanwhile, having gone after our kids with a needle and demanded you show your papers to a stormtrooper on entering a place of entertainment – like something out of Babylon Berlin – Tory ministers now debate with themselves whether to give big pharma another booster this winter whilst the former squatter in No 10, Gordon Brown, prefers to prioritise jab exports – presumably heavily subsidised to the tune of giving jabs away free to all and sundry foreigners – I thought that’s what our NHS was busily already up to.

    Council Tax rise to pay for social care‘ – claims the Telegraph. Forgive my ignorance here but I’m still somewhat in the dark as to what this wonderful thing that politicians and the media like to term “social care” actually means. I know it is massively expensive – apparently. It sounds like a good thing we should all aspire to have. It combines the lovely word “care” and the lefty utopian “social” and has something to do with older people. Does it imply every pensioner gets a live-in carer employed by the State, or every OAP gets to live in an old folks institution? We know of course the so-called Conservative Party has forgotten the role family plays in society.

    One thing is for sure – social care is going to be claimed as the reason for every tax rise on the horizon – or coming down the pike – as our American friends might put it. Think of it as the reverse mirror image Tory rival to Labour’s celebrated former Corporation Tax rise proposal wheeze.

    Whereas Labour claimed their pet tax hike would pay for their every new spending pledge, the Tories now claim their every tax hike pays for that one spending pledge.

    The mayor of Calais has questioned whether Britain will begin shooting at migrant boats‘ (Telegraph) – yes, certainly, and with a cannon that shoots free food, clothing and housing, maybe. Think of it as Priti Patel firing an enormous heavy calibre cross channel benefits bazooka.

    Schoolgirl to superstar in 73 days‘ – shouts the Telegraph. No, not: ‘Ms Giuffre, 38, accuses the Duke of raping her as a teenager, which he denies‘ – this is another innocent sporting youngster with an unusual surname, Emma Raducanu.

    Gosh but our Emma has suddenly scored love all with the media.

    Well, the former emblematic English sport of cricket is a wash out: ‘The Indian cricket team was last night preparing to fly out of Manchester for the IPL, leaving Englsh cricket facing a £40 million finacial black hole… The India players sent a letter to their board… saying they would not play the game over concerns about Covid…‘ (Telegarph) – there’s an Indian Varient for you.

    We’re already over-burdoned with irony today but I do wish Delta Airlines flew the Manchester to Dehli route. The comedic irony surpasses satire: ‘…they were worried about getting stuck in Britain‘ – rather than claiming to be Afghans and donning life jackets perhaps our Channel migrants might make themselves even more welcome should they consider assuming Indian nationality and getting padded up to open the batting at Old Trafford.

    Meanwhile Prince Andrew may or may not be deserving of punishment for past sins but one can’t help wondering why it is that of all the wealthy corporate and political chums of Jeffrey Epstein’s international wide circle, how come: ‘One has been served‘ – as The Sun puns the delivery of his legal writ?


  20. StewGreen says:

    “…how the word ‘misinformation’ is being used as a weapon to censor some legitimate reporting and criticism of leaders.”


    • StewGreen says:

      You’ll note how misrepresentation and then labelling are used to shut people down.
      … That is smear used instead of tackling the actual argument someone is making.

      The PR trick of throwing mud at an opponent
      eg calling him/her a racist, a transphobe, Islamophobic etc.

      I note how last night after Hull news aired a young guy who said he’s already had Covid so he won’t be taking a vaccine
      the Hull Labour MP attacked him
      ” The #BBC is a public service broadcaster & has an important role to play in tackling misinformation #Covid”

      but she never specified any fact the guy had got wrong
      She just misrepresented him and used the power label “misinformation” to try to shut him down.


      • StewGreen says:

        The MP’s sentence before that was
        “On issues of public health we should hear the scientific facts from people qualified & not just the views of people with no scientific basis”

        That too is misrepresentation
        The BBC item had aired both the guy and a Lincoln university expert.

        You’d expect a Labour MP, would be in favour of listening to the little people, who pay tax for policies and bear the brunt of them.
        but no, in her preceding tweet against him she basically said “Shut up. what are your qualifications ?”


  21. LastChanceSaloon says:


    Fauci never lies? CNN, NYT, WaPo & other MSM outlets IGNORE report showing US funded
    coronavirus research in Wuhan before pandemic

    Everyone at BBBC is presumably au fait with the lying “Fact Checkers”.

    I believe a new Checker is required, an Omission checker.

    Emails demonstrate that the virus which escaped (or was deliberately released) from Wuhan
    was engineered, Gain of Function.

    Krystian Anderson emailed Fauci stating that he and three other experts agreed on the origin.
    Fauci and other “experts” leaned on Anderson, who, four days later, produced another report stating that
    “The virus was definitely bat based, and the idea that it was created in a laboratory was crazy”
    (from memory so not verbatim}.

    Hopefully Fauci, who is responsible for millions of deaths, will be sent to be prison where he
    can be kicked to death.

    I cannot find this on the BBC, I have to go to Russia Today, to find the truth about what should be headlines around the globe.

    The Commies wonder why we do not believe the Climate Change “experts”.


  22. StewGreen says:

    9am Radio 4 Neil Oliver will be choosing his music.
    Saturday Live’s normal lineup is Woke London and people and London BAME guests.

    but today’s lineup is different


    • StewGreen says:

      Reactions from the audience R4 have cultivated

      “You are giving airtime to that idiot lockdown-denier mask-refuser Neil Oliver. Why??
      #SaturdayLive #BBCSaturdayLive”

      “Why the hell is Neil Oliver, prominent covid denier being given air time @BBCSaturdayLive


      • JohnC says:

        Those comments and the vast majority of those I saw on the DT forums before the referendum sum up the Left perfectly.

        Nasty, intolerant, spiteful children full of hate.

        Presumably because they ARE children still at school. Or adults who never grew out of it.


  23. LastChanceSaloon says:

    Not on BBC yet.

    “We also witnessed the dark forces of human nature. Fear and anger. Resentment and violence against Muslim-Americans — true and faithful followers of a peaceful religion,” Biden said in a prerecorded video published for the occasion.


    • JohnC says:

      You just couldn’t make it up.


    • Dobyns says:



      • JohnC says:

        I learned everything I need to know working as a subcontractor at Rolls Royce in Derby 20 years ago in an office of about 30 where half were Muslim.

        I never met a more racist set of people. They all sat together in their own ‘half’ and didn’t mix with anybody. They spoke their own language most of the time and hated the one Indian guy who sat with us with a passion.

        They were screwing the company for everything they could get. But they were bulletproof and they knew it. The turnover of staff in such a place was very large and on the nights out for people leaving (in their red velvet jackets) they were the most ignorant, aggressive womanisers I have ever seen.

        I have not seen anything since to give me cause to change my opinion.


    • vlad says:

      LastChance – Here’s David Wood on the Imbecile and islam. It’s old but more relevant than ever – especially today.


  24. Deborah says:

    Less than a couple of weeks ago the BBC was reporting that the Met Office was claiming that this summer was one of the 10 hottest summers ever. To be fair, they didn’t make too much of it, probably because even they couldn’t believe it, or think they could sell it to the great viewing public.

    However there was a lot of spluttering at breakfast this morning. Eon had written to Mr D to inform us that they were very sorry (well they didn’t exactly say that) but they were having to put electric prices up – and one of their reasons was the recent cold weather.

    Either the BBC or EON are being economical with the truth – or more likely they both were.


  25. JimS says:

    Blinkered BBC Radio 3. This morning a nice cosy chat with a musician from Afghanistan.

    If the Saudis allow music then maybe the Taliban will too?

    So that’s alright then.

    The EU doesn’t want ‘ever closer union’, even though it is implied in the name and forms the first clause of its foundational treaty; Muslims haven’t declared war on the world even though that is a core declaration of Islam. Why are Western ‘liberals’ so blind?

    Perhaps these Wildebeast show why?


  26. vlad says:

    I was wondering how long it would take the Imbecile-in-Chief to remind us that islam is a religion of peace.
    Answer: 4 minutes and 10 seconds.
    (You’d never hear Trump say those words.)

    Meanwhile here’s a reminder of the religion’s peaceful slaughtering in the last 30 days:
    “During this time period, there were 127 Islamic attacks in 21 countries, in which 842 people were killed and 590 injured.” https://thereligionofpeace.com/


    • MarkyMark says:

      “TO get those terrorists who were responsible, to show everyone seeking to do harm to America that … we will hunt you down … and we will make you pay” @3:40


    • Dobyns says:

      [url=https://freeonlinedice.com/]flip tails[/url]


    • Thoughtful says:

      Wonder who wrote that for him?

      So many easy trip ups though because if he believes in unity – which is the correct way, he cannot believe in diversity because the two are polar opposites. With unity we stand with diversity we fall.

      So many contradictions and easy trip ups over these lies about Islam being a religion of peace as well, not that anyone is going to be able to question him about them.


  27. G.W.F. says:

    GB News feels for the plight of Moslems after 9/11


    • G.W.F. says:

      GBNews, true to form, see Moslems as victims, but the real threat is the right wing community.
      You might think GBNews is neutral but when it comes to the moslem community its back to BBC land


      • vlad says:

        What’s wrong with GB News??

        And the interview is in BATLEY, of all places!!


        • MarkyMark says:

          Interview the 3 teachers in hiding?


          • G.W.F. says:

            GBNews still eager to press on with their argument that the response to 9/11 was waaycist and Islamophobic. They even interview a Sikh who claims his people were victims of race hate for being mistakenly identified as moslems.
            Hey GBNews, just for once poke a stick at the moslems.


            • vlad says:

              I’m genuinely sorry for any Sikhs getting tarred with the same brush as muslims. Sikhs neither engage in or support terrorism.

              But on 9/11 that is not the big story.

              Has GB News gone woke?


      • MarkyMark says:

        We shall not resume our anniversary observances today. The war is lost, at home and abroad. On the domestic front, we doubled the rate of Muslim immigration to the west and began assimilating ourselves with Islam’s strictures on freedom of expression and the like. The decade-and-a-half since the Danish Mohammed cartoons has been one long remorseless surrender on core western liberties. When a school teacher gets beheaded in the street, there is no outrage at the act, just a mild regret that he should have been foolish enough to provoke his own fate. Even the milder jests from the immediate post-9/11 era – the cartoon of the woman trying on new burqas in the changing room and wondering, “Does my bomb look big in this?” – would not be published today:

        In the broader society, our rulers quickly determined that it was easier to punish us than our enemies. The post-9/11 security state surely helped soften up western populations for the Chi-Com-19 lockdowns, in which entire nations have been reduced to TSA-administered airports.

        In the broader society, our rulers quickly determined that it was easier to punish us than our enemies.

        In the broader society, our rulers quickly determined that it was easier to punish us than our enemies.

        In the broader society, our rulers quickly determined that it was easier to punish us than our enemies.



        • Thoughtful says:

          Just the way you wanted it Marky. No use complaining about politicians pay being too high and not complaining that it leads them to accepting ‘gifts’ from the Middle East who are on a campaign to promote Islam.

          You maybe saved yourself half a penny every decade in exchange for the Islamisation of the country. Was it worth it?


    • vlad says:

      What on earth is GB News doing giving voice to muslims claiming to be the victims?


  28. MarkyMark says:

    “US troops left Afghanistan this year after nearly 20 years, stoking fears from many that the Islamist network could make a comeback.”

    You have the watches, but we have the time

    You have the watches, but we have the time

    You have the watches, but we have the time


  29. MarkyMark says:

    Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said 20 years on it was still hard to articulate the sense of “shock and horror” felt around the world after the attacks – including “the devastating loss experienced by so many people, and the fear and uncertainty that terrible day brought”.

    – – – – – – –

    This isn’t to say, of course, that Muslims, mosques and halal food are not all welcome in Britain—diversity makes us richer. But law is another matter. Reconciling any two legal frameworks within a single country is problematic; and sharia remains particularly incompatible with the Judaeo-Christian tradition our own legal system has been built on. In his new book, Reimagining Britain, Welby writes:

    “Accepting it (sharia) in part implies accepting its values around the nature of the human person, attitudes to outsiders, the revelation of God, and a basis for life in law, rather than grace, the formative word of Christian culture”


  30. MarkyMark says:

    Afghanistan: Qatar and Turkey become Taliban’s lifeline to the outside world
    By Tom Bateman
    BBC Middle East Correspondent

    Published2 September


    Nov 2016

    Migrant crisis: Turkey (Erdogan) threatens EU with new surge (EU Tax Payers are paying Erdogan £2.6 billion) {bbc.co.uk nov2016}
    “Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that he will let hundreds of thousands of migrants travel on to Europe if pushed by the EU.

    ‘Listen to me: these border gates will be opened if you go any further,’ he warned the EU on Friday.”



  31. BRISSLES says:

    God on a bike ! I had the news on in the background – ‘live’ from the NY memorial service, and I suddenly heard this ‘wailing’ / singing ??? I thought who the bloody hell is that ? what a f….g row ! I looked and saw some old bloke with a guitar rasping away and off key – then I saw the text underneath saying it was Bruce Springsteen. Jesus, no wonder he needs a backing group playing as loud as possible, because if that’s a sample of what he’s been paid for during his career, then he’s got away with murder. Surely the organisers could have got someone who could actually sing ?


  32. MarkyMark says:

    Clinton forced to admit she exaggerated tale of Bosnian sniper fire


  33. vlad says:

    In phoney Biden’s phoney 9/11 pre-recorded speech, at one point the Imbecile began speaking of “the darker forces of human nature”.

    For one mad moment I thought he might be referring to the terrorists and the dark cult that motivates them… but of course not: he was referring to the “fear and anger, resentment and violence against Muslim Americans, true and faithful followers of a peaceful religion”.

    So in Biden’s world, the real ‘darkness’ is to feel fear, anger and resentment after 2,996 people have been murdered, and 25,000 injured.


  34. MarkyMark says:

    2016 …. Johnson – whose great-grandfather was Turkish – called it “a scandal” that a German court had granted an injunction to prevent comedian Jan Böhmermann repeating his offensive skit about the Turkish president.

    “If somebody wants to make a joke about the love that flowers between the Turkish president and a goat, he should be able to do so, in any European country, including Turkey,” Johnson told interviewer Nicholas Farrell, who then challenged him to enter the Spectator’s poetry prize.

    Johnson then offered the limerick: “There was a young fellow from Ankara, Who was a terrific wankerer.

    “Till he sowed his wild oats, With the help of a goat, But he didn’t even stop to thankera.”


    2021 … Batley Grammar School suspended two more teachers amid row over cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad


  35. MarkyMark says:

    Biden represents modern politics – empty, void of meaning and sniffing every child it can.


  36. Up2snuff says:

    Oh dear! Der Starmer has just launched his alternative to Rishi’s & Bojo’s fair to all plan to raise more money for the NHS and Social Care. I guess Sir Keir and Annaliese worked out their plan using Diane’s ‘Abbotocus’ because I foresee trouble ahead.

    Der Starmer and his Party’s alternative is to tax private Landlords. That appears to let off Local Authorities and the Charitable sector. That leaves large private landlords, who may have incorporated themselves, and the small private landlord. It probably also includes in that latter category some Care Home providers. The first of many Ooooops!

    The next question is, if it is a really small private landlord ie. one or two rented properties that bears that tax, what legislation will the Labour Party introduce to stop that landlord evicting his tenants and selling up? Another Oooooops!: I can see the headlines now – ‘Labour makes thousands homeless’.

    Then there is the question what rule will stop the Landlord passing on the cost of Labours H&SC tax to their tenants? That could hit young people, most of all, very hard. Yet another Oooooops!

    Finally, the Conservatives progressive taxation plan (I guess it was Rishi’s idea, don’t think Bojo is sharp enough to come up with it) produces billions – immediately – for the NHS and later for the Social Care sector. Is the private rented sector big enough, even at a specific 50% tax rate on rental income or property value, to come up with a similar sum?

    Starmer’s other idea of adding 10% to Inheritance Tax (IHT) rates would have only produced £500,000,000 or so, far less than the Government’s Legislation.

    It maybe a return to the Abbotocus is required and some midnight oil to be burned.


    • MarkyMark says:

      650 MPs on £80K to get £40K and create 650 new NHS Diversity officers for the NHS.

      Everyone wins!

      Diversity officers in the NHS are hired to tackle inequalities in the workforce with NHS chiefs believing it will help save lives. Supporters argue a more diverse NHS will make patients feel more comfortable during their care and encourage them to come forward for treatment.31 Aug 2021


      • G says:

        If anyone wanted a reason to believe that the Government is comfortable with encouraging the importation of millions of foreigners, mostly black and Asian, you gave the reason.

        With hundreds of thousands of Diversity Officers being employed they need feeding with a steady stream if not a flood of immigrants.

        When I don’t see advertisements for these ‘Diversity’ Czars I’ll begin to believe that the Government has shelved their plans for 70/80% foreigners in the population. I wonder if they see it as an, ‘eradication’ of whitee rather than ethnic cleansing?


        • MarkyMark says:

          Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
          Article II

          In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

          Killing members of the group;
          Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

          Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to
          bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

          Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

          Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.



    • Up2snuff says:

      I should have also mentioned that Beeboids may be upset by Der Starmer’s cunning plan as they may have BTL (buy-to-let) property portfolios. I can foresee some private frantic lobbying going on behind the scenes.


      • Guest Who says:

        As a result of creating a small annexe to look after my mother until she eventually required professional care, we ended up as very small landlords.

        On the whole it has worked out; we get a small income and the tenants get a nice base to start off in the shires.

        That all went to poopville when Potbanging Jez announced that no one should have to honour rental obligations.

        If Slick thinks this is a winner he can explain to tenants why they are facing a shortage of property options.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      It is clear that Labour have no cogent plan at all. What they do have is a hatred of private property, and most especially landlords, who suck the blood of the poor you see. So a vague mention of some sort of landlord tax, which they have no ability to implement, is all they can offer.

      The sad fact is that the so-called Conservative Party, when Gideon Osborne was Chancellor, have already managed to throttle the life out of private landlords with their tax raids. Labour are so stupid they do not realise that the Conservatives have already done what they threatened to do.

      Remind me why we bother to vote.


  37. MarkyMark says:

    ….As one survey revealed (no reference given), 83% of Muslims said they were proud to be British, compared to 79% of Britons overall. {by Baroness Warsi – jan2013 }

    “ Channel 4 poll from last year (2015), found that only 1% of UK Muslims think that publications should have the right to publish the cartoons of Mohammed.” {by Douglas Murray}


    • vlad says:

      I wonder how many cheered on the 9/11 and 7/7 murderers in the privacy of their homes and mosques?

      Remember Tebbit’s cricket test? I wonder which side they’re on in this game?


  38. vlad says:

    America’s finest put on their long faces to pose for the cameras.

    By their wilful refusal to acknowledge and call out the evil cult responsible for 9/11, all those bogus leaders are hypocrites and traitors.

    Obama was the worst of course, with the current Imbecile a close second.



  39. pugnazious says:

    John Simpson, Liberator of Kabul, seems to have changed his mind…a week ago he was claiming Afghanistan had been a great success bringing education, democracy, infrastructure, phones and a new hope….now…all change.

    Just heard him proclaim Osama Bin Laden the winner who got everything he wanted….along with a bullet in the head. Thus America is the loser….a great message to rub the Americans’ nose into on 9/11.

    Simpson says Bin Laden got the war he wanted and showed up the limits of American power…I was under the impression that we were being told this was the war that the Americans really wanted….from the BBC…The Power of Nightmares….Islamist terror is a myth and an illusion…


    ‘Radical Islamists and American Neoconservatives seem to be at odds, but filmmaker Adam Curtis asserts that the two have more in common than one might think.

    Adam Curtis explores how the illusory threat of a hidden network of terror has come to dominate global politics.

    In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares. The most frightening of these is the threat of an international terror network. But just as the dreams were not true, neither are these nightmares. In a new series, the Power of Nightmares explores how the idea that we are threatened by a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion. It is a myth that has spread unquestioned through politics, the security services and the international media. ‘

    As for showing up the limits of American power…really? Thought Vietnam did that….however that’s not military power…the US, if it chose to, could obliterate anyone it wanted to…including the sandal wearing Islamist militias/guerillas/terrorists….but only if they also took out the BBC and CNN at the same time. The biggest enemy isn’t the AK wielding terrorists but the liberal media militias that wield their own weapons of mass destruction and distortion.

    The only limit was on America’s power to bring democracy and all that entails in building a modern state to a people that didn’t really want it and never had the society, infrastructure and desire to embrace progress. Post WW2 Germany and Japan werre already very developed nations with populations already ‘trained’ to accept progress and only had to be rebuilt…the builders didn’t have to start from ground zero.

    Ultimately the real problem is Islam…if you went to an African ‘shithole’, non-Islamic, and tried to build it into a modern, democratic state you would have a better chance. Perhaps we should have invaded the Congo instead…lots of vital resources there….and no need for them to migrate here…we go there!


  40. pugnazious says:

    So on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 the BBC’s approach is to damn America.

    Justin Webb asks…

    ‘Is the American century over?’

    Whilst his colleagues pour scorn upon the Afghan war and America.

    John Simpson is an outlier…him having a lot vested in the war…being the self-proclaimed ‘Liberator of Kabul’. Last week he claimed that the war had been a great success and Afghanistan was infinitely better off now than 20 years ago…thanks no doubt to John Simpson. He was most upset that America had left…apparently Trump was only concerned with electoral advantage and the sainted Biden didn’t want to look like a ‘warmonger’….so no higher or more rational motives then? No idea that the majority of US voters wanted out [and Trump was elected on that promise] or that the standard US policy has always been to stand back until its own interests were threatened. Trump of course had long expressed the desire to leave as the video from 2012 [long before any idea that he’d run for President] showed saying the money and effort would be better spent on rebuilding America than on foreign countries….oddly the BBC is this morning parroting that very sentiment…of course making no mention of Trump….he was right then?

    FOOC told us the other week that the ressurection of the Taliban was the American’s fault…from way back in 2002….Americans caused tribalism and allowed warlords to operate and thus the Afghan people looked upon the Taliban as their saviours. Hmmm….Not sure that had anything to do with the Americans…that is Afghanistan. The Taliban came back because they came back….that is their whole reason for existence…to take over Afghanistan…with a little help from Pakistan and Iran.

    But no…the BBC has always got to portray everything as America’s fault…as they are doing this morning as they keep up a rolling critique that American stupidity, brutality and the mass murder of civilians in Afghanistan by American forces [the worst in history apparently] led to Afghans supporting the Taliban.

    Lyse Doucet had a cosy chat with Hamid Kharzai…always known to be less than honest about his relationship with the Taliban…as he told us that it was er, all the Americans’ fault…killing so many people…the Taliban only wanted peace. Doucet fed us the lines without any comment.

    The BBC narrative seems to be [Simpson aside] that it was all a great failure and America is to blame….probably not a narrative the Americans want to hear on 9/11.

    And as an aside somewhat astonished to keep reading that the Left supported these ‘neo-con wars’….no, no they didn’t…the BBC opposed them all…Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and even Afghanistan which they accepted was legal but couldn’t bring themselves to write-up in any positive way.


  41. pugnazious says:

    LOL…BBC gutted….about losing Katz to C4 I mean….


  42. pugnazious says:

    I wonder why the BBC has not the slightest interest in this example of US police brutality as a group of white officers gun down an unarmed black motorist in what seems like a targeted assassination…a bit of ethnic cleansing…..as Clive Myrie might say….


    • vlad says:

      If they do get around to reporting the story, that’s how they’ll frame it: a shocking use of unjustified force. Incidentally the gunman was out on bond – no doubt thanks to a Democrat judge.


  43. Tabs says:

    I managed to get a whole 7 minutes of the BBC News channel reporting facts before their went off on one of their biased rants.

    They mentioned Biden’s 9-11 speech calling for unity.

    BBC woman, “it is obvious what that is in reference to”.
    BBC man, “yes, Trump is not here today but might visit later”
    BBC woman, “blah blah… the Trump supporters attack on The Capitol. blah blah The Capitol could have easily been a target on 9-11”

    The above isn’t quoted perfectly but pretty much right. They went from Biden’s non specific speech to Trump to “Trump voters” storming the Capitol to The Capitol could have been attack on 9-11.

    They didn’t make the final link but they might as well said the 9-11 attacks were done by Trump.


  44. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Hello all,
    It’s been a long time. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments on this page. I have little to complain about these days regarding BBC as I’m still not watching or paying the licence.

    9/11: Why be so afraid of the M-word?
    Peter Mullen

    September 11, 2021

    “Twenty years on from 9/11, and we mark this terrible anniversary by appeasement and national self-hate.

    The Western civilisation created and defended – often to the death – by the Judaeo-Christian culture and tradition has capitulated, content to fight fire and barbarism with Woke.”

    Whole article at TCW


    • G.W.F. says:

      Yes Lucy Pevensey,

      I am dismayed at the media and those who cannot point a finger at the moslems on this day. Shame on GBNews.

      I hope that many of our leading celebrities are reflecting on this day.
      Perhaps one day Mary Beard will regret what she has said.

      ”She wrote scholarly books: on things like religion and power in the ancient world. And then, just after 9/11, she was asked to contribute a piece to the LRB about the attack on the Twin Towers. She said that “the United States had it coming”, and all hell – all Hades, she would probably say – broke loose.”


    • vlad says:

      Lucy – Excellent article. And, remarkably, it’s written by Peter Mullen, a clergyman in the C of E.

      I thought they were all too busy (and too stupid) wringing their delicate hands, agonising over what we’d done to provoke those nice peaceful muslims, and apologising for imaginary wrongs.

      Furthermore, that same edition of The Conservative Woman contains no less than 5 articles on 9/11, including one entitled “9/11: Warped agenda of the BBC”. In it, the writer castigates the BBC for focusing on ‘how rampant Islamophobia came out of the events of that day’.



  45. tomo says:

    I find it quite odd reading the assorted pieces on the 9/11 attacks.

    Everything, even this outrage has context

    15 of the 19 attackers were Saudi Arabian nationals – that is not irrelevant detail.

    It is relevant to remember The Siege of Mecca 22 years earlier in November 1979 where some familiar players had pivotal roles – the quantity of casualties by most reports at the time and later exceeded the Twin Towers attack.

    9/11 had roots and if anyone has any curiosity about where those are – look no further than “The Siege of Mecca” by Yaroslav Trofimov.

    That Palestinians and Israel are invoked in many editorial articles is as disjointed as the Saudi Arabian claims at the time (and later) that the massacre at Mecca was perpetrated by the Shiite mullahs of Iran (“dogs” featured often).

    The BBC angle?

    Well , – I went and reviewed their coverage of the 1979 attack – near no mention of casualties in BBC coverage…. I looked at Wikipedia – their accounting of casualties is risibly truncated – especially as iirc their death toll report was 2500 to 5000 when I last looked some 5 years ago.

    The motivation for the 1979 attack is embodied in the Taliban’s philosophy afaics – so- this will rumble on….

    I see that Al-BBC manage to report a fire at Didsbury Mosque – and GMP seem to think that “Hate Crime” trumps arson….


  46. pugnazious says:

    Patronising, smug and dismissive reply from Nick Robinson to Michael Howard’s complaint that Today, Nick Robinson in particular, was so bad that people should now stop listening to it….

    ‘Shouting at the radio

    SIR – I’m sorry that Michael Howard is turning off his radio. He will have missed some illuminating and civilised conversations this week on Today – with the head of MI5 and Tony Blair examining the fallout from 9/11; the Archbishop of Canterbury on climate change and the Health Secretary on the crises in the NHS and social care.

    The joy of live radio is that it can move us – bringing joy when we hear of Emma Raducanu’s success; tears when we hear the memories of those haunted by 9/11 and, yes, sometimes anger when we shout at the radio at a politician who is being evasive or an interviewer who interrupts too much.

    We presenters don’t always get it right but we do our best to balance allowing those we interview to get their message across and holding them to account.

    I hope Lord Howard will be back listening soon and, perhaps, back in the studio too, where he has always robustly answered, rather than ignored, challenging questions.

    Nick Robinson
    London W1’

    I assume the title is Robinson’s…so immediately not taking Howard’s complaint seriously…..very BBC.

    His claim that the following interviews…with the head of MI5 and Tony Blair examining the fallout from 9/11; the Archbishop of Canterbury on climate change and the Health Secretary on the crises in the NHS and social care….were a great and informative listen was delusional…heard them all…Blair was given the softest of interviews [considering the BBC has spent 20 years denouncing hm and the war in Iraq], the Archbishop was wheeled in to prop up the climate change message and was asked the usual stupid, lazy and conceited gotcha question…was he himself doing all these things he suggested to save the planet…hate this type of weasily ‘gotcha’ question…is a Tory minister who suggests people may, if possible, put up refugees in their own homes, going to do the same? Nonsense. The Archbishop reeled off a list of things he’d do only for the presenter to demand ‘Meat too?’ Gotta keep plugging the anti-meat message on the BBC….who the f**k asked them to do that?
    And the health secretary…Savid Javid…er…he got exactly the same pompous, self-satisfied grandstanding point scoring interview that Nadhim Zahawi got….Robinson jumping in to shut Javid down as he talked about what the government had spent on the NHS, telling Javid that ‘No-one was interested in the input [money] only in the output[results]’. We all know that’s not true…the BBC relentlessly tells us there’s not enough being spent and demands ever more money from the government….in fact shortly after Robinson was doing just that in the interview….the BBC is the most powerful lobby group out there…it’s not a news organisation but a political organisation.

    Robinson ends with a lie…suggesting Zahawi and Javid were ignoring the questions when in fact they were answering…just not answers Robinson liked to hear.


  47. Guest Who says:

    What are the chances of a Beeboid running on a poll on any BBC obsession off narrative?


  48. Guest Who says:

    On occasion, the Fail has its uses.


  49. tomo says:



  50. Guest Who says:

    Not sure who I despise more.


    Erring on the Telitoftenenuf for not treating that claim for the wibble it is.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest Who

      Thanks for the link . It is something about human nature that someone like Robinson is in a place where his ego has just been allowed to expand without limit .

      I think it is coupled with an inner knowledge that he can never be a ‘great’ interviewer because he must be the story – the interviewee is just someone to ‘nail ‘ as another scalp to chuckle about with his fans in the BBC Today production office .
      When I dip into Today if he is on – I switch off – in fact there are very few presenters I can listen too .

      I forced myself to listen to the 9/11 edition because I knew what was coming ….. and for the entire week leading up to today there has been a theme – the theme has been about the loss – this is understandable – but what is not understandable is the avoidance of the motivation of the Muslim mass murdering suicide attackers .

      The nature of Islam – which drove those men to commit those acts has not been ( widely ) discussed . And the reason for this ?
      It is easy – it is because the MSM have an informal understanding with the government – not to broadcast anything which might cause ‘discontent ‘ between the non Muslim and the Muslim .
      That theme is all over this site . There is no remedy ( at the moment ) – and there is a calculation that the strength of Islam in thr UK is growing fast enough for it to defend itself – either through the laws or money or votes or by physical ( numerical ) superiority .

      So when the next Islamic terrorist murder spectacular comes – which it will – the ‘all together ‘ theme will be front and centre .

      As for the foreign country that is America – 9/11 was the world so many countries – us – had been suffering for decades …. Which I suppose – together with the sheer spectacle of that day – stays with them and us .

      Lucy – nice to hear from you – I read your comment after I wrote the above .