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  1. Guest Who says:

    Was it not Ed Miliband who got off a Twitter faux pas by blaming a staffer?


  2. Guest Who says:

    They will be blocking motorways next.

    Not the m4 Friday, obvs.


  3. digg says:

    So Shamima Begum now wants to come back to the UK to “help” the Government fight terrorists says the BBC fan club who no doubt would love to have her on their red sofa.


    “There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya (the Shia name). These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. ”

    Quran (16:106) – Establishes that there are circumstances that can “compel” a Muslim to tell a lie.

    Sorry Shamima it won’t wash….NUFF SAID!


    Also again revealing how this woman, despite what she did, can command a whole page from the BBC when others in the UK are non-person-ed, Farage and Robinson to name but two!


    • Up2snuff says:

      digg, on TWatO a comment was relayed from someone, either in present Government or MI5/MI6 – to the effect that – “If you had seen her file like I have, you would know it was a correct decision to keep Shamima Begum out of the UK.”


      • Rob in Cheshire says:


        After Iraq and Afghanistan, I simply don’t take the word of an anonymous government official about anything.

        “If you had seen her file”. So what? Show it to us then. Let us see this evidence and make our own minds up.


      • digg says:

        Yes apparently a statement from a head honcho of MI5 who worked on her case, not a whisper about that mentioned in the BBC story of course!

        She is only a threat to Christians so not important to the caliphate brethren at BBC.

        Lying by omission as usual!


  4. vlad says:

    There is a huge amount of confusion regarding GB News, and UK broadcasting in general, as illustrated by two contradictory headlines in the same paper (Telegraph).

    – “Andrew Neil was wrong about GB News – a ‘British Fox News’ is just what we need.”

    – “Is the UK really ready for a Right-wing news channel?”

    Part of the problem is that, by its sheer size, the BBC exerts a huge gravitational pull to the left, thereby distorting the entire media landscape and making its liberal-left bias appear ‘centrist’ (it’s not) and ‘unbiased’ (it’s not).

    Another difficulty is that GB News couldn’t initially decide if it wanted to be ‘right wing’, or impartial and objective (no such thing in media), or anti-metropolitan / regional, or anti-woke, etc.

    Trying to be all things to all people, including Ofcom (itself biased), it inevitably ended up a dog’s dinner.

    There is clearly an appetite for a right-wing broadcaster in the Anglo-Saxon world, given the popularity of Fox in America and Sky Aus in Australia.

    With the departure of Neil, GB News might at last unapologetically fill that gap. Good luck to it.




  5. Northern Voter says:

    Battle of Britain commemoration. Daily Excess blurb, Spitfire takes pride of place at B of B commemoration, only problem is the aeroplane in the photograph was a Hurricane. Fact checkers I’ve sh1t them.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      This the one?
      It is a Spitfire, just not the ‘classic’ Spitfire shape. It’s a late-war Spitfire LF Mk.XVIe with cut-down rear fuselage, bubble canopy and clipped wingtips.
      The Mk.XVI also had a licence-built Packard Merlin engine rather than a Rolls Royce one. A staff member at the Hendon museum told me that RAF mechanics liked the Packard Merlin because (typical of U.S. material abundance) each one came with a complete toolkit!


      • Fedup2 says:

        24 versions if i recall … if only some were in storage somewhere ( buried in singapore ) -? -the legend


        • Up2snuff says:

          A supercharged Spitfire (cannot remember the Mk no.) put the willies up me by demonstrating a strafing to the crowd at Biggin Hill at a June or September Battle of Britain event. It climbed to a few thousand feet and came down in a very steep dive with its supercharger screaming before ‘strafing’ the runway.

          Exactly what WW2 enemy infantrymen caught out in the open by one of those thought, I know not. It must have sounded like the end of the world to someone in a tank or truck.

          Afterward, I had a very good idea of the concept of induced fear.


  6. taffman says:

    “Nadine Dorries becomes new culture secretary”
    Great!, looks promising but will she sort out the Wokies, and more importantly Al Beeb ?


  7. taffman says:

    “Martin Bashir: Police take no action over Diana interview”
    Why ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      taffman, you’ve seen the BLM riots, you’ve seen XR demos, you’ve seen police take no action over the first M25 blockade, now Scotland Yard? Too busy doing their finger nails and checking the rainbow paint job for next year’s January 1st Pride Parade.


      • taffman says:

        IMHO A very good reason why Bo Jo should have put Liz Truss as Home Secretary. She gets thing done .
        Who is in charge of running this country , Bo Jo or Carrie ?


        • theisland says:

          I disagree. I know Truss was informed of ‘irregularities’ at the MoJ when she was Justice Sec. and did nothing. (Don’t ask).


          • taffman says:

            So who would you suggest for Home Secretary?


            • BRISSLES says:

              Nige would sort the immigration problem out.


              • taffman says:

                Agreed , but he’s not in the government . He should be but the media blocked his early attempts.


                • JohnC says:

                  Nigel, along with Trump and GB News are on the list who the BBC have cancelled. They do not report any of those unless it’s to attack them.
                  A google search tells me they didn’t even report Nigel joining GB News. The only two stories I get are the ex-BBC nobody who took the knee (and very quick interview of him) and Andrew Neil resigning.
                  More of the usual discraceful bias despite ‘Why you can trust the BBC’ being pushed in your face every chance they get. And why OFCOM is such a farce.


          • Banania says:

            “Don’t ask.” You need to say more than that if you want people to agree with you.


        • Up2snuff says:

          taffman, what I think Priti Patel needs from the PM is not demotion or the sack but support. Someone high up, the Cabinet Secretary, the PM even, needs to call in the Permanent Under-Secretary and his or her immediate deputies at Home to inspect the colour and warp and woof of the carpet at No.10 Downing Street. They need to be put on notice of dimissal if there is not an immediate improvement in the performance of the Home Office across all its areas of responsibility.

          There is obviously a campaign being run to get rid of Priti Patel and I suspect the Civil Service and much of the MSM is on board with it. A good leader would clamp down and end it. Bojo is really missing Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain at present.

          What exactly does Allegra Stratton do for her money?


          • theisland says:

            Yes it is undoubtedly the civil servants who are the main culprits (leading by the nose a succession of weakling MPs) and I blame years of faulty and deliberately biased recruitment.
            taff, I can’t answer your question about who should be Home Sec. since no-one (out of those elected) seems up to have the will or wit to stand up to the serpents, or indeed to genuinely acknowledge that there is even a problem.


          • Banania says:

            “What exactly does Allegra Stratton do?”
            Help Carrie with her shopping.


    • digg says:

      Mates rates it’s called!


  8. Foscari says:

    There is too much commendation of the BBC on this website!
    We are lucky to pay £157 for such wonderful programmes
    devoted to drag artists, Don’t you just love watching men dress themselves up as women. I have actually written to the
    head of the diversity department to ask him, she or it , that with
    lack of white male presenters, especially newsreaders, if perhaps we could have an indigenous male presenters in drag presenting the news.
    And there is sport. Yes the women’s football is great to watch.
    It’s almost as good as the boys under 14 matches played in
    the fields behind my garden. BUT what I really enjoy on the BBC
    is women’s rugby. Honestly who doesn’t find this better than
    the men’s version? And look at the other sports like netball.
    Yes without doubt it is all well worth the £157 a year for a 76 year old. I am just sorry for all of you outside the London
    area that you can’t watch Riz Lateef , Asad, Ahmad, Alice Bhandhukravi or Alpa Patel presenting our local programme in
    the capitol. Who says that the BBC use positive discrimination?
    Certainly not in the capitol.
    Yes all in all it’s all great value. I just can’t wait to see two men dancing together in “Strictly” I do hope they dance in drag .
    All this Champions League MENS football on BT sport
    Who want’s to watch that, when you can watch a women’s rugby match?


    • taffman says:

      Scrap the outfit.
      It robs from the poor to give to the rich.


    • Northern Voter says:

      Women’s football, called banana football, they run around in bunches, but seriously the Bland Broadcasting Corporation is showing a programme about the menopause this evening. How come it’s called the menopause? I’ve never had a hot flush, or any other symptom, but then I identify as straight white 70ish male.


  9. StewGreen says:

    New Comfort Fabric Conditioner advert is centred around a mum who wants to relive the 1960s
    .. a husband briefly appears ..black of course.


    • taffman says:

      Every one I know of all ages is aware of the disproportionate number of black people on British TV, as I am sure are all the Members of Parliament including Nadine Dorries.


      • Nodding Dog says:

        That Comfort advert was on just before Tipping Point in ITV it was followed by an ad for Sky Bingo then ASDA so that was three adverts in a row with black men with white wives/partners!


  10. theisland says:


    • Philip_2 says:

      Re: The Human Rights Act.

      Its Tony Blair’s secret baby and from it all the wokery and false profits emerge that we as nation should ‘change-our-ways’ and bow down to the high priests of Brussels (EU observance). Our own courts being used to prosecute nations blasphemies. Apparently we are all guilty in the UK of being slightly conservative (small c) and despite being the most international country in Europe we are all ‘racists’. The most generous people in the world are in the UK, education, money and talent abound. And yet the left attack this county seven days a week wanting a socialist paradise that never existed. At least in the ‘soft’ media entertainment business, of which the BBC specialty is ‘drama’, above facts

      Even under Tony Blair. The vicar that never was a christian (small c), the enforcer (Alistair Campbell), the odd perversion (elevated to House of Lords) and many more small wars, (big and small). And a bankrupt country (money all spent under Gordon Brown).

      And yet we still have the BBC. The mini paradise of left wing luxury and pleasures.

      Rant over. New post next issue.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Heard it all before … “Theresa May says she will change human rights laws if they “get in the way” of tackling terror suspects.

      She said she wants to do more to restrict the freedom of those posing a threat and to deport foreign suspects.”


  11. Philip_2 says:

    The BBC’s appointment of Jess Brammar is a total mess – and a jibe at the Right

    Brammar became a pawn in the war over the Corporation’s direction, and her arrival shows where that battle is likely to go

    The problem with Brammar’s appointment is that she will slot seamlessly into an organisation that broadly shares her outlook. In her new role, she will be responsible for selecting which stories should be covered, and how. In that respect, it’s a key role, and with Brammar at the helm we can be pretty sure that she will set the same course that the BBC has now been pursuing for decades. It will be a woke agenda: lots of stories about social justice, Black Lives Matter, the transgender issue, climate change and so on. You hardly need me to tell you: it has all become wearisomely familiar.

    (TWEETS captured from Jess Brammer*)

    Oh!, she did try to delete them all. Not all, though. BBC though she was the perfect BBC news editor. Can you guess why?

    or web link here:

    In the Telegraph today.
    by Robin Aitkin

    Plus ca change. So the new Tim Davie is the same as the others. The smug liberal left employing the smug liberal left. If there was a reason to unfund the BBC, this has to be be it. Proof of content the the BBC is beyond reform. De-fund the BBC, Boris, its beyond reform.



  12. theisland says:

    “If these activists had any balls they’d actually take their protests to China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter, but they know they’d probably be shot on the spot.”

    Now there’s an idea.


    • pugnazious says:

      Road of Bones springs to mind…..’sorry officer…my foot slipped on the accelerator’

      If the police did their job and cleared the obstruction immediately perhaps people wouldn’t die in car crashes due to these extremists. If the BBC et al didn’t give legitimacy to such groups then the police might be less reluctant to act against them….the police know that the cameras are watching and will be highly critical of any ‘brutality’ unlike at EDL, anti-lockdown or Countryside Alliance marches when the police are free to wade in with batons smashing skulls.


    • MarkyMark says:



  13. taffman says:

    Breaking ……“UK, US and Australia launch landmark security pact”

    Jobs for the North East and Scottish shipyards?
    I don’t think the frogs will be very happy with this news. The ‘AUKUS’ Partnership.
    Can we trust Joe this time?


    • vlad says:



    • MarkyMark says:

      Chinese investors are buying more Australian real estate as part of pent-up demand caused by the coronavirus, but experts said that other factors such as rising bilateral tensions and a drop in Australian housing value may lead some Chinese buyers to reconsider their future deals in the country.5 May 2021


  14. vlad says:

    Just as the BBC never showed the huge crowds cheering Trump at his campaigning airport stops, likewise they’re not showing the equally huge crowds booing the Imbecile, or chanting F* Joe Biden.


  15. pugnazious says:

    ‘Historian David Starkey offers to fight racism in the UK’

    Ollie Robinson’s harmless and not racist tweets created a firestorm of left-wing rage….Shamima Begum joining a murderous Islamic State which used women as sex slaves, beheaded people and tortured them in horrendous fashion, all cheerfully acknowledged and accepted by Begum, is being rehabilitated by the media…both ITV and the BBC are peddling her lies about being a newly born liberal and enthusiast for the West…then again they have always been an advocate for her….blaming the police for ‘failing’ her or blaming the West for alienating and marginalising her.

    Hmmm…however she declares that she is “willing to go to court and face the people who made these claims and refute these claims, because I know I did nothing in IS but be a mother and a wife”.

    Not really apologetic nor remorseful…just blunt denial that she was in any way guilty. Still…good enough for our soft-hearted media.


    ‘Former IS teenage bride Shamima Begum offers to help fight terror in UK’


  16. Fedup2 says:

    Bbc 10pm news

    Huw introduced a piece about the coming reduction in credit – meaning a £20 reduction a week

    I wonder if he got the Irony since his pay has reduced from £650k pa to £450k basic – plus outside interests …


    • digg says:

      Boris made a big mistake with the “temporary” credit uplift. I had a client company run by a very savvy chairman who ran a very successful business. He once said to me “You can hand your employees a £1,000 pay rise each and it won’t cause a ripple, but just try reducing their tea break from 15 to 10 minutes and you will be at war with them.”

      The lefties would obviously jump on the ending of this emergency aid and pretend that it is an attack on working-class people by the evil Tories.


  17. pugnazious says:

    Love the weird lack of awareness as the Guardian complains about ‘Right-wing’ media criticising the BBC appointment of the lefty Jess Brammar…

    ‘Brammar, who also worked as acting editor of BBC Newsnight, faced attacks in rightwing media outlets after she emerged as the leading candidate for the role.’

    So ‘right-wing’ [commercial and funded by advertising and people buying the product] media is illegitimate but a proven left-winger at the neutral BBC [funded by poll tax] is just fine?

    Imagine if the BBC had employed Nigel Farage? LOL.

    Not sure why anyone complained about her selection…she fits right in at the BBC….anti-Brexit, anti-Boris and anti-Tory. If she’s a wrong ‘un then the whole BBC is a wrong ‘un…so let’s stop funding the hate and bigotry.


  18. pugnazious says:

    Is there any irony as China cracks down on social media and fake news and tries to mould the internet and information provision into a marxist mouthpiece the BBC does the same….

    ‘China’s new digital crackdown will ensure a ‘Marxist internet’ and fight ‘online bullying and fake news’ amid purge of top Chinese celebrities and fears of a second Cultural Revolution’

    The BBC’s new chairman…

    ‘New BBC chief goes to war on ‘fake news’ and calls for overhaul of rules to take on social media giants…Getting this right, he will say, would give the BBC the chance to define itself as a ‘pre-eminent purveyor of facts in the disinformation age’.’

    Isn’t that just terrifying…the BBC as ‘the pre-eminent purveyor of facts’? So Orwellian it’s hard not to laugh in terror.

    Sharp is an old mate of Rishi Sunak so if you thought the government had some stealthy plan to use him to reform the BBC you’d be mistaken. The government and the BBC are in lock-step as they push the covid lockdown/climate change messaging and drive a narrative that social media has to be much more tightly regulated…ie controlled….the government, with the help of the BBC, will be deciding what the social media companies can publish as ‘news’.

    The government wants new legislation such as the ‘Online Harm Bill’ and Sharp and the BBC conveniently push that message….

    ‘Mr Sharp will call for the 2003 Communications Act to be replaced with new legislation more suited to the modern, fast-changing digital environment.
    ‘We need to rethink the regulatory environment in this country – and replace a Communications Act that pre-dates Facebook with one that can deliver on a clear vision.

    ‘Now is the time to put in place the rights, protections and education that will safeguard not just our media environment, but the stability of our societies and democracies long into the future.’’

    The BBC has been savaging Facebook ever since [ironically for Boris and the government] Brexit…it blames Facebook for the vote and is working to stop alternate news sources other than the BBC from providing the wide-ranging and informative news that the BBC tries to sideline as ‘inconvenient’ to its worldview.

    The BBC is trying to dominate news and ‘facts’…it is trying to make itself the new monopoly provider and any other news outlet must have the BBC stamp of approval to be seen as legitimate and credible…if that doesn’t scare you it should.


  19. StewGreen says:

    Times say that Danny Sriskandarajah @dhnnjyn
    CEO of @OxfamGB
    is behind plans to remove Guy’s Hospital founder statue


    • pugnazious says:

      More cultural vandalism and imperialist oppression by the new colonists….so yeah, let’s decolonise Britain…all those here due to colonialism must go home.


  20. StewGreen says:

    Wales court : Hayder Jasim (Iraqi) received £20,000 from undergraduates he helped cheat at the University of South Wales,
    Using keyloggers he got staff passwords then stole standard answers to exams

    When 5 students answers contained the same spelling mistake that was in the Answer paper the ruse was spotted.
    He 20 months in jail
    Helper 9 months suspended sentence

    All the names seem foreign
    How many students cheated and what about them ?
    was in a 100 or something
    What about the people competing against them ?


    • Grumbler says:

      I was an external examiner for a university. I interviewed a girl accused of plagiarism. She had borrowed a bit too much from other sources and, let’s say, hadn’t referenced them too well. But in her defence she alleged the rest of the class had paid for original work. The plagiarism software wouldn’t detect that. I believed her but the university decided to take no action against the other students.


    • tomo says:

      The course subject of the cheaters seems to elude the reporters too.

      A maths lecturer spotted spelling mistakes is a bit vague.

      That said – I remember pharmacists passing en masse and bragging that “it’s not so hard when you know the questions”.


  21. vlad says:

    The Imbecile can’t even remember the Australian Prime Minister’s name. He has just TWO names to remember and he manages to forget one of them. Tries to cover it up with a joke, Doesn’t work. Cretin.


    • Fedup2 says:

      BBC a bit vexed about the 3i defence deal- particularly since it upsets to of our enemies – namely France and China – if they are both against it it must be good ..


    • Zelazek says:

      My natural sympathy for the old and senile is overridden in Biden’s case by contempt. His colleagues and especially his wife should have told him long ago that he needed to retire from politics. If he was a decent man, he would have realised that himself. But he and everyone around him is corrupt. His memory is seriously impaired, he can’t form a meaningful sentence, he can’t even play the role of puppet without revealing that he has handlers who control him. His mental faculties have gone and all that remains is the base instinct of the politician – a naked lust for power and the robes of office.

      I have grown to hate the sight of him. As you say, Vlad, he is a cretin. A cretin who cares nothing for the lives of his fellow Americans, who alienates America’s allies and strengthens America’s enemies.


  22. pugnazious says:

    The BBC continues to push the narrative that January 6 was a far-right coup attempt that amounted to terrorism that threatens US democracy rather than what it was…a disorganised rabble that saw the chance to enter the Capitol Building and took it….not a planned coup but a political protest that got slightly out of hand….the BBC has of course completely ignored the BLM terrorism and very genuine and current attempts to hijack and destroy US democracy using violence and intimidation…all backed up by the Democrats…so-called….


    • JohnC says:

      I’ve read many reports now on the BBC about the Capitol rioters being labelled as insurrectionists by the Left and then charged with ‘trespass’. Who would have though ‘insurrection’ would be such a light charge !.

      But I don’t recall any reports of the convictions of BLM rioters for the damage and murders that took place – yet google tells me there have been hundreds.

      That to me speaks volumes of the rank hypocrisy and double standards of these people. All to make themselves feel morally superior.

      The Left is a cancer eating away at the very fabric of what created it.


  23. JohnC says:

    Goodness me. I doubt you will read two other articles as sympathetic to the cause of Muslim extremists as these:

    Afghanistan: Life under Taliban rule one month on

    Paris attacks trial: Abdeslam blames France for bombing IS

    You can tell agenda items on the BBC because the first half is full of whatever message they are sending. The counter-arguments and facts appear in the last third. If you just read the first bit to get an idea of the story, you don’t see the rest.

    A bit of research shows the author of the Afghanistan report (a Pakistani) had his laptop siezed under the counter terrorism act because of his emails to members of ISIS.

    What’s going on at the BBC ?. Has the balance finally tipped ?.


  24. tomo says:

    Some might have noticed that I’m not a Joe Biden fan… and given I can see that some folk here have understandable issues with global Islamists – I thought the vid linked below might be of some interest.

    Recent events surrounding the 9/11 20th anniversary – suggest perhaps he (Biden) actually has some marbles left / a conscience.

    I just watched a presentation (+Q&A) at Dartmouth College by Jim Kreindler, a lawyer for the 9/11 victims (and a Democrat with connections to Joe Biden).

    It’s 90 minutes – but quite jammed with nuggets of insight that you won’t find elsewhere (definitely not in one place – and since I’m commenting here – not on the BBC!)


    The Obamessiah doesn’t come out of it well….. at all


  25. JohnC says:

    Shamima Begum tells the BBC she will forever regret joining ISIS

    These lopside agenda pieces by the BBC really make my blood boil.


    She is a liar. The BBC know that, we all know that but there’s no Muslim victim in that story so the BBC are happy to go along with a lie.

    Why is our state funded broadcaster giving her a platform ?. They should show some of the things her husband and ISIS did as balance.

    With articles like this and the very positive one for the Taliban I posted earlier, the BBC are making themselves the ‘go to’ place for Muslim terrorists to get an unchallenged, sympathetic hearing.

    All to confirm their self-proclaimed moral superiority and compassion. What a shame we can’t send these people to live under ISIS or the Taliban for a few months. They would be quivering cowards hiding under the table within a week.


    • digg says:

      Shamima remembered….

      Shamima Begum, 19, described spotting the gory aftermath of extremist executions, but calmly brushed off the experience as part of her “normal” life with fundamentalists.

      Begum said: “When I saw my first severed head in a bin it didn’t faze me at all.

      It was from a captured fighter seized on the battlefield, an enemy of Islam.

      I thought only of what he would have done to a Muslim woman if he had the chance.”

      The heavily pregnant teen surfaced in a Syrian refugee camp and says she doesn’t regret her decision to join the murderous cult.”


  26. JohnC says:

    The BBC opened a HYS on rising food prices. This is the top comment:

    ‘Whatever happened to the cheaper prices Mr Farage promised once all the great new trade deals were signed once the UK was free of EU red tape.’

    1340 upvotes to 340 downvotes.

    I don’t recall Farage ever making such a promise. The whole comment is like a spiteful student wrote it (and probably did).

    I reported it as defamatory saying Farage never made such a promise. Let’s see what the BBC do about it.

    This HYS says everything about what the BBC has become.


    • Guest Who says:

      Run it by Marianna; always up for a check. Apparently.

      Nope. Still stuck in her area of ‘expertise’.


      • JohnC says:

        I think the rule for social media is that if you go out and push yourself in everybodies face, similar people will push back. And a lot will disagree with whatever you say.

        If your life functions on ego, I imagine that can be quite unbearable.

        Perhaps Marianna could wipe the gormless look off her face and investigate the posts on the BBC’s own HYS about inflation where it seems all the bitter and twisted remainers are trolling Brexit.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Pakistan: man sentenced to death for blasphemy on Facebook
        Taimoor Raza was found guilty of insulting the prophet Muhammad during an argument on social media with a counter-terrorism official

        Protest in Pakistan against social media
        Blasphemy is a sensitive charge in conservative Muslim Pakistan, where even unproven allegations can trigger mob lynchings and violence. Photograph: Faisal Mahmood/REUTERS
        Sune Engel Rasmussen in Kabul and Waqar Gillani in Islamabad
        Sun 11 Jun 2017



      • MarkyMark says:

        Dear Marianna Spring (BBC wages paid under threat of prosecution),

        As I’ve had to look at your BBC news and use other sources to determine that your news is not news but selective editorial opinion I’d like to request that I have a refund for the last 4 years plus get the BBC free from now on.

        Please let me know how I can go about this as I am willing to create a full list of articles that I’ve had to investigate plus time taken for me to check your fact checker whilst realising that the BBC intentionally removes news rather than incorrectly report on it, uses images to sway opinion or misleads with the main titles hoping no one reads the full article.

        ‘Omission is the greatest form of lie.’

        CAS-4987700-SY1FTF : BBC NewsWatch says boredom with pro-Brexit march.

        CAS-4844672-N8FDYY: Update on the MP Expenses 2009 scandal in 2018.

        CAS-4939547-J71Z1V: Here’s hoping Ireland do the right thing G.Lineker.

        CAS-4937378-YKMWBJ: BBC not reporting ‘Day of Freedom’ March 06may2018.

        CAS-4906141-BFJQL0: I take offence that presenters promote their books.

        CAS-4892811-C820SC: I am offended that I have to pay the BBC TV Tax.

        CAS-4824332-633N1P: What happened in Italy was not covered …

        CAS-4933135-ZV3V7F: The omission is the most powerful form of lie …

        CAS-6005141-S1V9D1: Not seen a report on the UK Governments Covid19 

        Let me know how to go about resolving the issue of paying for something that wastes my time as I have to check each story rather than rely on its accuracy.



        • micknotmike says:

          If you are going to write to pull her up on her non-reporting, could you raise the issue of selfies please? Something like :-
          It’s come to our attention that you seem to think that the public want to stare at you all day; I don’t know if you’ve realised, but you actually look quite ropey.
          There’s very little I miss about the bbc, being two years licence-free, but Carol Kirkwood still brightens up the morning if I get a chance to check on the website (Not Iplayer) . Now there is a woman. Got a new boyfriend apparently, Grrrr.


          • MarkyMark says:

            Dear Winston Smith,

            I noticed that Jon Sopel is talking about impartial and unbiased reporting but his twitter account has three references to his book whilst using the BBC brand. Could the BBC please explain what is happening?

            1) Is BBC Jon Sopel supposed to tell us about the news or his new book?

            2) BBC Jon Sopel’s twitter feed has the BBC name in it and says “Jon Sopel, BBC North America Editor. My book If Only They Didn’t Speak English is out now.” which references his book and not the fact he is an unbiased and impartial reporter.

            3) BBC Jon Sopel’s twitter’s pinned tweet is from 23May2018 and is about .. himself and his book.

            4) Is BBC Jon Sopel’s book 100% BBC approved thought and unbiased and partial?

            5) Shouldn’t BBC Jon Sopel’s twitter be about the latest news and not himself?

            6) When Jon Sopel sells a book does it go to help pay for the BBC TV Tax – to reduce it? As the BBC are promoting it – thus it is promoted by the BBC TV Tax Payer.

            “Impartiality lies at the heart of public service and is the core of the BBC’s commitment to its audiences. It applies to all our output and services – television, radio, online, and in our international services and commercial magazines. We must be inclusive, considering the broad perspective and ensuring the existence of a range of views is appropriately reflected”

            Good luck answering this one without laughing yourself silly.



    • JohnC says:

      From my complaint to the BBC HYS comment that Farage had not personally ‘promised prices would be lower’ as the comment claimed:


      Dear BBC Visitor

      Further to your complaint about some of the content on a BBC website (reference number P42308055), we have decided that it does not contravene the House Rules and are going to leave it on site.


      ‘Defamation is the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation’

      Not at the BBC when it’s about Nigel Farage it seems.


      • JimS says:

        When we were about to join the EEC we were told, in a leaflet sent out to every home, that food prices would rise. This was because we would lose access to some of our traditional suppliers.

        In theory Brexit should have allowed us access to any supplier world-wide so our food prices should trend towards world levels rather than the EU cartels.


    • Piku says:

      “I reported it as defamatory saying Farage never made such a promise.”

      Nigel Farage made that promise on lots of occasions. This is one example:



    • Sick of it all says:

      What happened to the mass civil unrest and societal breakdown we were promised as a result of leaving the EU? I must confess to being a little disappointed.


  27. Guest Who says:

    Tragic of course.

    But so is the subbing.


    • JohnC says:

      Tragic indeed. But the BBC are very quick to use it for vaccine propaganda purposes and very careful not to say COVID directly killed either of them.

      ‘A mother and daughter died just days apart in a Northern Ireland hospital after both women contracted Covid-19.’

      ‘Mr McAllister said he believed his daughter had no underlying health conditions.’. Why is his only picture 15-20 years old ?.

      Reading BBC reports is like reading documents from lawyers these days. You have to ponder each part to understand exactly it does – and does not – say. Either or both could have had underlying health conditions according to the wording here.

      I would say that withou tknowing the actual cause of death, this article constitutes dis-information.

      Will Mairanna investigate ?.


      • Guest Who says:

        BBC Loadedtermism is very big these days.

        Springster has fallen in love with Ros.

        She is very selective.

        Warfarin is used as a blood thinner.

        And rat poison.


        • G says:

          Ivermectin, “….more than a decade.” Wrong.

          “Ivermectin was discovered in 1975 and came into medical use in 1981.[12][13] ”

          It is one of the most safe drugs available to mankind (and animals).


          I couldn’t give a plop in the bowl, one bit. I’d take it without any qualms. In fact, I bought 100 x 12mg six or seven weeks ago. For emergency use.


  28. AsISeeIt says:

    The FT’s regular frontpage feature Datawatch is a favoured source of statistical stuff and nonsense for this reviewer.

    The global-minded pink paper turns its attention today to the international rankings on what it terms the: ‘Female equality gauge‘ – nope, me neither, there’s something new pops up every day. This is explained – to some extent – as: ‘Per country “empowerment” rating

    One considers for a moment whether the UK topped this guage when Margaret Thatcher was PM and the Queen, of course, was head of State, but somehow I doubt it.

    The Times has: Emma Radacanu how she will make her fortune‘ – she’s British… sort of.

    If those obvious female empowerment metrics had worked for Britain then the Boris cabinet reshuffle might have bumped us up the rankings yesterday. The Daily Star is scathing: ‘Clowning Street massacre‘ whilst the ‘i’ presents a frontpage ministerial line up captioned in a way reminiscent of that female favourite parlour game Shag, Marry, Push off a Cliff.

    Demoted, Sacked, Sacked, Promoted, Promoted, Promoted

    We note the two ladies and that bulllet-headed asian chap, previously with the vax job, were the winners.

    The Daily Mail presents: ‘…new queens of the jungle… Nadine Dorries and Liz Truss‘ – I suppose politics is something of a jungle. Allusion to women climbing the greasy pole might have dubious connotations in the present context. That’s more Carrie’s private sphere of influence.

    Getting back to Datawatch we learn Britain is on a par with Italy and Portugal, lags behind the more female empowered Finland, Iceland and Ireland, but leads patriarchical Mexico, Turkey and Japan.

    The FT further explains: ‘Equality metrics such as gender pay gap, the proportion of women in higher education and length of paid maternity leave have been combined‘ – in other words it is a measure skewed by weighting in any direction the compilers of these made up stats wish – much like our UK inflation figures.

    Even the heavily massaged figures there are beginning to cause alarm: ‘Surge in inflation to 9-year high dents trust in BoE competence on price rises‘ (FT) – Don’t expect Boris to reshuffle the Governor of the Bank of England anytime soon – afterall he’s doing the government’s bidding by reducing the national debt as fast as he can by inflation. And don’t forget inflation is very handy stealth tax.

    Bank under pressure as inflation balloons‘ (Telegraph) – a minor headline bottom right of the frontpage which tells me there’s little real interest in our media about the rising cost of living.

    There’s plenty more of interest to the ladies in our press this morning: ‘UK’s washing machines face their worst crisis since the great 5p catastrophe of 1990‘ (‘i’) – being a mere bloke and washing machine lore lying somewhat outside of my wheelhouse, I had to think about what that meant.

    Turns out in 1990 the former 5p coin (those of covid-fatal age may know it as shilling) was shrink-flated down to the unfeasible Lilliputian form we nowadays know and ignore. Seems these unspendable toytown metal tiddlywinks were left in chaps’ pockets of their jeans and jammed the Hotpoints of women up and down the nation. Evidently the current bugbear threatening to throw a spanner into the laundry basket works may well be that present day dress icon… the face mask.

    More for the ladies in the Times: ‘Deborah Ross: My problem with recipe books

    And if the FT can make up some feminist-inspired tosh statistics then the freebie Metro too has a make up feature: ‘Getting pout and about like Posh. The celeb make-up circuit‘ – I jest of course. Ladies, you know I’m just pulling your plonkers. Breaking your balls? Sorry, I was rewatching a lot of episodes of The Sopranos recently.

    The Daily Mirror provides some inadvertent comedy today. Readership surveys by social class have found the Mirror’s audience is skewed towards manual workers. Annecdotally, we hear the editorial board are deeply disappointed by this – perhaps having an eye to advertising revenue. Mirror journos would rather ape the Guardian. And so it is that the old Labour Mirror goes with a big splash on climate change: ‘Climate emergency. If we don’t act now… this is our future. York 2070. How flooded city may look‘ – talk about a shambles.

    Charming. The Shambles as it looks today, by Nada Fahoud… artist’s impression of floods caused by climate change‘ – hmmmm… I’m guessing long before 2070 Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe will be transfomed into a Starbucks.

    By 2070 we’ll anyway probably all have succumbed to the Omega Varient. I guess the writing – in this case the Greek alphabet – was on the wall when we elected a classicist as PM.

    And finally: ‘Man ewe… Ronaldo moves out of mansion after he’s kept awake by sheep‘ – (Sun) these multimillionaire celebs, they always find something to bleat about. At least he’s not been distrubed by men from the ministry outside his window shooting an alpaca to death.


    • JimS says:

      ” Readership surveys by social class have found the Mirror’s audience is skewed towards manual worker. Annecdotally, we hear the editorial board are deeply disappointed by this – perhaps having an eye to advertising revenue. Mirror journos would rather ape the Guardian. ”

      Better to have a large readership that buys something than a non-existent readership that buy a lot?

      Rather like the ‘Conservative’ Party that tries to appease the BBC and The Guardian, the fans of which will never vote Conservative, while straining the loyalty of true conservatives to the limit.

      It is a lot easier to build on a brand than telling your old customers that you don’t want them anymore and then seeking new customers who are already well supplied.


  29. Guest Who says:

    Next… Femi on lorry driver shortages… due to Brexit.

    Has Roger Harrabin set himself on fire in the bbc patio yet using carbon free accelerants?


  30. taffman says:

    Does Nadine Dorries visit this site ? Something tells that me she does .
    Well will find out soon .


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      I’m surprised Princess Carrie nut nuts has allowed Boris to promote the lovely Nadine.
      She’s actually on the right side of politics and will hopefully do something about the far left bbbc.


  31. G says:

    I really hadn’t understood just how far New Zealand had moved to the left to fully embrace Marxism.

    Sky News Australia: “Bolt: Ardern’s ‘woke politics’ leading New Zealand towards ‘a form of apartheid’”

    All the hallmarks of the left: Government work surreptitiously and clandestinely to conceal what they are up to.

    The, “West” and its members are all doomed (“I tell ye!”)

    If people don’t wake up soon, the madness will continue its acceleration.


  32. MarkyMark says:

    “These people who are not taking the Covid-19 injection – they’re not thinking of the other people that they leave behind.”

    Mr McAllister said the rest of his family had been left to “pick up the pieces” and he urged the public to “listen to the experts” and get vaccinated.



    • Old Goat says:

      I “listened to the experts” and decided to remain unvaccinated.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Experts … Soviet scientists who refused to renounce genetics were dismissed from their posts and left destitute. Hundreds if not thousands of others were imprisoned. Several were sentenced to death as enemies of the state, including the botanist Nikolai Vavilov.[4] Lysenko’s actions and practices contributed to the famines that killed millions of Soviet people;[4] the adoption of his methods from 1958 in the People’s Republic of China had similarly calamitous results, culminating in the Great Chinese Famine of 1959 to 1962.[4]


  33. MarkyMark says:

    Children Under 12
    In March 2021, Pfizer and BioNTech dosed the first healthy children in a global Phase 1/2/3 continuous study to further evaluate the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in children 11 years to 6 month old.


  34. Guest Who says:

    It all went to… places… when Ben Hunte left.


  35. taffman says:

    “Most office workers will never return full-time, survey says”
    Nice multi culti photo.
    However, these office workers should be aware that many of their online jobs could be moved to countries where wages are far less .
    These office workers may end up working as lorry drives, ground workers or builders mates .


    • MarkyMark says:

      The Viatris plant in West Virginia has been making pharmaceuticals since 1965 – but it’s closing down and laying workers off

      Michael Sainato
      Sun 20 Jun 2021 08.00 BST

      “Disbelief. Distraught and traumatized.”

      Just some of the words the United Steelworkers Local 8-957 president, Joe Gouzd, used to describe how he and hundreds of other workers felt after their 56-year-old pharmaceutical plant in West Virginia was shut down, sending between 1,500 and 2,000 jobs to India and Australia



      • digg says:

        I did read that MarkyMark and couldn’t but notice the rabid and multiple attempts to link it to Trump, they will do anything to protect the stupid dolt in the White House because he’s their puppet.


        • Loobyloo says:

          Agree! Apparently they voted for Biden, so you make your bed and lie in it.
          I don’t think Trump would have stood by and let this happen without intervention.


    • Scroblene says:

      Bound to have an effect – needing less space at exorbitant rents, fewer coffee machines, outsourcing personnel, etc.

      Sending a lot of junior jobs to cheaper countries would make a lot of sense, but not to get on the green energy bandwagon, they need to justify huge hikes in power costs, nearly 50% in my case!


    • JohnC says:

      Two black women and three white women. No white males at all.

      Sexist and racist as usual.

      Knowing what I do about the Left now, I honestly think a large part of why the BBC do it is spite. A defining characteristic of the Left.


  36. MarkyMark says:

    Fitness tracking app Strava gives away location of secret US army bases. Sensitive information about the location and staffing of military bases and spy outposts around the world has been revealed by a fitness tracking company.28 Jan 2018


    However, over the weekend military analysts noticed that the map is also detailed enough that it potentially gives away extremely sensitive information about a subset of Strava users: military personnel on active service.


  37. tomo says:


  38. Guest Who says:

    Sky News has appointed Florence Snead as news editor. Florence was previously assistant breaking news editor at The i paper.


    Fish in shallow, stagnant ponds… get fish that are already rotting from the head.


  39. Guest Who says:

    The trouble with BBC clickbait posts is they are designed to drive heat based ratings rather than light.

    Has Vile picked up yet?


  40. MarkyMark says:

    Money is running out for Ru Paul Drag Queen …

    The BBC will end its licence fee grace period for over-75s on 31 July, with 260,000 pensioners still yet to pay.

    The right to a free TV licence for that age group ended last August for all except those in receipt of the pension credit benefit.


    • tomo says:

      I wonder how many of those in receipt of the pension credit benefit already have an extensive collection of nasty missives from Crapita?

      other grim grifters:
      Proximity London Limited
      Havas Media
      AMV BBDO Limited
      Fishburn Communications Limited


  41. JohnC says:

    Biden calls Australian PM ‘that fellow down under’

    Goodness, the BBC actually reported it. But bizarrely they show it twice in the one clip.

    As usual with the BBC, if something seems odd, look closer because they always have a reason. In this case the second one is zoomed in to show Joe smiling. Just to make sure we all think it was a joke.

    Not dementia.

    We all know that if it were Trump, they would have been questioning his competence to be President. But these shameless hypocrites still won’t go near it.


  42. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – bit of an own goal by the BBC, maybe?

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/ Shamima Begum is still prominently displayed on the BBC Home Page. This is a woman who ran from the UK to join ISIS to take part in the Syrian Civil War and to enlarge IS to Iraq. But she doesn’t like living in poverty and in military conflict and having switched sides to join the enemy, she now wants to switch sides again and come home to the comforts of the UK.

    Remember, she is living in poverty, in dreadful conditions in a refugee camp, somewhere close to the Turkish border in Syria or Iraq. Now look at the photograph on the BBC’s Home Page on the web-site. Framed picture on the white (plastered?) wall. Hmmmn, some creature comforts then, a chair or sofa to sit on.

    Now look at her. Sunglasses (expensive looking) perched on top of fairly clean looking (styled?) hair. Her face appears clean as does her western-style shirt. Does Islam and IS permit gold jewellery? I note the earring. So the poverty and hardship in that particular refugee camp appears endurable, the question is why should she be allowed to return home? She is living more comfortably than the servicemen living and sleeping on UK streets who she would have wanted killed by IS.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Islam in Bangladesh
      Islam is the state religion of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. … The majority of Bangladeshis are Sunni, and follow the Hanafi Islamic jurisprudence. Religion is an integral part of Bangladeshi identity. Despite having a Muslim-majority Bangladesh is a secular state.

      Shamima, the UK-born British citizen who travelled to Syria to join ISIS at the age of 15, was planning on returning to the UK early last year before Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary at the time, took the controversial decision to revoke her British citizenship.9 Dec 2020

      “Bangladesh will not accept British citizen and ISIS member Shamima Begum. She has no relation with Bangladesh,” said Dr. AK Abdul Momen, as reported by state-run news agency Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS). Not only Begum, but anyone involved in militancy will not be allowed to enter the country, said Momen.16 Feb 2020


      • G says:

        Bangladesh? Remind me how much money we pay them every year.


        • MarkyMark says:

          Budget: £71,718,877.37


          Partnership for a Tolerant and Inclusive Bangladesh
          United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

          Partnership for a Tolerant and Inclusive Bangladesh is a one year imitative to understand and prevent violence and extremism in Bangladesh

          Project identifier:

          Start Date:

          Activity Status:

          Total Budget:


    • MarkyMark says:

      Ms Begum had previously compared the Manchester Arena bombing – in which 22 people died – to military strikes on IS strongholds, calling the terror attack “retaliation”.

      But during her interview with Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley on Good Morning Britiain she clarified her comments.

      She said: “I do not believe that one evil justifies another evil. I don’t think that women and children should be killed for other people’s motives and for other people’s agendas.”

      Ms Begum said when she initially made the comments, she did not know that women and children were hurt in Manchester.



    • Thoughtful says:

      You are seeing but not putting two and two together.

      Who is giving her money? Who is paying for her PR? Who is arranging all the styling and photography and who is paying the legal bills.

      These are really important questions, because we know that there are people in the Middle East who want to see Europe Islamised. We know that the ridiculous libel case against Tommy Robinson was funded by persons unknown in the Middle East. We moan about Soros funding his hate and bile but yet the Islamic activists as dangerous as Al Qaeda but in a different way remain anonymous and uninvestigated.


  43. MarkyMark says:

    Ms Begum had previously compared the Manchester Arena bombing – in which 22 people died – to military strikes on IS strongholds, calling the terror attack “retaliation”.

    She said: “I did not know about the Manchester bombing when I was asked. I did not know that people were killed, I did not know that women and children were hurt because of it.”



  44. MarkyMark says:

    You cannot server TWO MASTERS .. NINTCHDBPICT000587048077.jpg


  45. taffman says:

    The Telegraph
    “We want more Britishness on TV, John Whittingdale tells broadcasters”
    Where has he been until now ?


  46. Sick of it all says:


    A nod to the generously remunerated and pleasantly unhinged June Sarpong for creating this, The Ally Track: a gentle scull through the calm backwaters of critical race theory, and open for the general public to complete.

    And complete it I did, although coming in third last out of 10 imaginary ethnic-minority contestants probably isn’t ideal since I’m white and male. Coincidentally, establishing these two specific demographics are the aim of the initial questions. Well fancy that.


  47. taffman says:

    “Marks & Spencer blames Brexit as it closes 11 French stores”
    “Marks & Spencer has said it is closing 11 of its French stores because of problems supplying them with fresh and chilled foods since Brexit.”
    Does anyone believe that this is the true reason ?


  48. s.trubble says:

    We,ll see your Brammer and Raise you a Dorries”

    Your move punk!

    If only that could come true.

    ps Bashir Police investigation dropped ….why?


  49. brexiteerkent says:

    Alleged plan to make broadcasters produce more ‘British TV like the carry on films’ !

    See link ..

    ( the lefties on another allegedly non political forum I look at are going loopy over this !)

    If only this would actually happen ! Some hope ! Looking forward to ‘ carry on at the mosque’, ‘ carry on in the kebab house ‘ and more similar new ‘ British ‘ classics …

    For a start the article describes Dr Who and great ‘British’ bake off as examples of Britishness … hmmmm …



  50. MarkyMark says:

    Last year, Tory MP Sir Bill Cash criticised the BBC for appointing a Muslim, Fatima Salaria, as its head of religious programming for TV for a second time. He said: ‘It is really important that we have a proper balance.’ When the BBC announced the series last May, it spoke gushingly of how Nadiya was ‘the perfect person to share with viewers her experience of one of the world’s truly great human spectacles’.

    It commissioned Top Hat Productions to make the series, and months had been spent obtaining permits from the famously impenetrable Saudi Arabian regime. Top Hat also organised an all-Muslim crew.

    No jews … all-Muslim crew..

    No LGBT … all-Muslim crew..

    No Christians … all-Muslim crew.



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