407 Responses to Midweek 13 October 2021

  1. BRISSLES says:

    Now here’s a novelty. Some American rapper called Will.i.am who for some reason has left his Californian home to live in the UK (and get work), is fronting a documentary tonight on ITV, The Blackprint – exploring what it means to be black and British !!!!

    I would have thought there was enough UK born black ‘personalities’ to fill 100 football pitches (mostly footballers) in this country, yet the programme makers decide to give this idiot the job. I bet the likes of Dion Dublin, Jay Blades, David Olusoga (oh, he’s appearing on BBC4 an hour earlier) et all, are really pissed off.


  2. Guest Who says:

    “Ok…. We need some dosh. Tour time!”

    “Er… in a private je….”

    “Just write some eco-tripe in a press release and fire it off”

    “Who would churn out such a thing?”


  3. taffman says:

    “Channel migration: Border boat staff don’t need immunity from prosecution, says union”
    They could be terrorists ?


    • vonrecht says:

      taffman – they could be, but that is really only partially relevant. Primarily, every country has the right to protect its borders in whichever way it deems appropriate. Would-be invaders are counting on a soft touch….
      (…exercised by soft heads)


      • taffman says:

        The Home Office’s job is to protect the people of Great Britain and defend the realm from attack.
        At least 18000 illegal landing this year already, but how many have been deported ?
        Lessons to be learned? – we saw this coming years ago when the same tactics were used by the invaders crossing the Med to get to get to Italy, Spain and Greece.
        It looks as if this Border Force and our government have not learned anything?


        • G says:

          I think its not the Border Force, it is the Government and Bottler continually signalling ‘Green Light’ for all in sundry to arrive. And he’s in some sort of unwritten agreement with other Western leaders. All part of the Grand Plan. They won’t even risk continual reference to the UN’s Migration Compact will they? Don’t want to attract the publics scrutiny of Treason May’s entry in to that pact and the UK’s obligations.


  4. taffman says:

    “Ikea warns stock shortages to last into next year”
    Call me sceptical, but could these be ‘fake’ shortages designed to create panic buying to clear all their old stock ?


    • Scroblene says:

      Hmmm, probably right, Taff!

      You can see the ads now…

      “Only two ‘sneiderthermigratitrtasthunders’ per customer”!

      Can Scrobs Printers Inc have the sign contract please?


  5. taffman says:

    “French fishermen warn of blockades in UK licence row”
    Our waters our fish. Get out of our waters!
    If they blockade the ports, the EU will suffer as they export more to us than we do the other way.
    Read the article, and guess which side Al Beeb will take, The French or Great Britain’s ?

    Where is Nadine Dorries hiding ?


  6. taffman says:

    “LA port to open round the clock to tackle shipping queues”
    Brexit again ?
    Perhaps we could open more ports ?


  7. taffman says:

    Kamala Harris has gone Woke ! – “Europeans” invaded the USA.
    Perhaps she is after Biden’s job.


    • JimS says:

      Given that being an immigrant is her ‘unique selling point’ shouldn’t she resign?

      Clearly she isn’t up to the job, let alone that of president.

      Genuine question: Does the US Constitution allow for a president/vice-president to resign? If so she should do it as soon as possible.


    • JohnC says:

      I wish we could see what the country would have been like if they didn’t.

      African sh1thole springs to mind.


  8. taffman says:

    BBC ……….“Overseas abattoir workers to get temporary visas”

    Nothing wrong with that . Most countries like the US , Australia, and even Saudi Arabia have visas for foreign workers.
    The UK had many foreign workers here on visas before we joined the EU.
    Eg fruit & veg pickers , onion sellers and even coal miners.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Uh huh.


    • Rich says:

      To paraphrase the Bbbc, ‘some might say’ here in Norn Iron, and persistent rumours might also suggest, that Nolan himself would be very comfortable working ‘very closely’ with Stonewall.



  10. taffman says:

    A loaded question

    Al Beeb ……… “Is Trump’s power over Republicans starting to slip?”

    Me ………..Perhaps it isn’t?


    • JohnC says:

      And still nothing on Bidens mental state or his tanking approval ratings.

      The BBC are without shame. The only people who claim they are not biased are just more Left-wing hypocrites who want it.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Taffman “Betteridge’s law”
      says that “Any headline ending in a questionmark CAN be answered with “no”.”

      That is spin itself cos note the word “can”
      QuestionASaHeadline is often used to create an impression in the mind of the reader that supports the publisher’s AGENDA and that might be certainty YES or doubt NO

      So although the question can usually be answered with “no”
      it can also be answered with “yes”


  11. tomo says:

    as an adjunct to the twin links to CNN medical guru Gupta getting Rogan-ed earlier…


  12. JohnC says:

    Just following up my prediction of the BBC’s coverage of the Norwegian terrorist.
    The story is now a single-line on the lower right of the main news page. If it’s gone by tomorrow, I deserve to win a coconut.

    They report: ‘However a motive has not yet been determined.’. Just to sow a seed of doubt and make you think it might not be ‘extreme hatred’ like every single other one.

    I notice they also have a ‘must see’:
    Climate change in India: Teen inventor’s solar-powered ironing cart
    By my calculation, the average iron would need a solar array 5 meters by 1 meter. The idea is totally impratical.

    If anyone has the stomach to watch another totally lopsided BBC video, please do and let us know what it’s like. It’s too early in the morning for me.

    What did blow my mind though was a picture of Saudi Arabia with a small square drawn on it showing the size of a solar array needed for ALL the worlds electricity. This is a tiny patch from the sun 93 million miles away. The amount of energy it is continuously giving out – and has been for billions of years – is completely incredible.


    • Scroblene says:

      Coconut in the post, John – the ‘story’ has vanished!

      I will crowd-fund the postage, so watch out for an HGV near you very soon!

      Well done bbbc; dropping proper stories to put fake stuff up all the time.


      • JohnC says:

        Actually they are just 50p at the market here – and fresh green ones with straws to drink the milk, not the brown husks you have to chisel.

        So you just need 10 people @ 5p each. I take paypal.


        • Rich says:

          ‘A coconut in the post’ would probably be considered a hate-crime now John.

          Sounds more like something one of our ‘progressive’ BAME politicians might call a similarly-hued Conservative counterpart.


    • JimS says:

      Ironing clothes is a bit of a vanity thing isn’t it?

      I can just imagine the politicians getting together and building a solar farm in Saudi Arabia.

      Then would come the moment for the great switch-on from UN HQ in New York and all the lights go out, because they forgot that the Sun doesn’t shine everywhere all the time.

      Funnily enough some of the climate models don’t model that either!


  13. JohnC says:

    Beirut port blast: Gunfire erupts at protest against judge leading probe

    ‘They said Christian snipers from the Lebanese Forces (LF) faction fired at the crowd’

    Seems the BBC are happy to mention the religion of people who cause violence when Muslim’s are the victims.

    Knock knock troll-boy maxi. Does your apparently extensive database have any evidence at all of any BBC report in the last 10 years explicitly reporting Muslim’s as attackers against Christians ?.

    As much proof of their extremist far-Left hypocrisy as we need.


  14. Scroblene says:

    Being a somewhat reserved sort of Scrobs, I wonder if any friends here could point out an unbiased resume of where/why/what should be the sensible attitude to the covids, and whether citizens should or shouldn’t be vaccinated?

    I’ve tried to get info from the state broadcaster, but they are in a hopeless stuck record of anti-Brexit/Trump/Bottler all the time, and never offer anything worth reading anyway!

    Please, there’s no need to say much, just help a bewildered Scrobs get on with whatever he needs getting on with! Any link to another site with real info would be plenty!

    Many thankyouse in advance, and y’all have a nice day!


  15. Scroblene says:

    Heck, two posts and it’s only 6.00am!

    But is it true that the BBC’s ‘reporting’ of the Cod26 bingo really going to cost as much as it’s feared?

    When one considers the cost of all those wages, for about 125 ‘reporters’ and techie birds, plus 5 star accommodation for a month, plus free food etc., there can’t be much change from a couple of mill for starters!

    Surely they could do all this remotely, yes, send Harrabin up there (by train) to interview a few of the Codites (or Coddities as some wag calls them {me}), but that’s all we need!

    Maybe as an afterthought, they could also ponder this little bit from Wiki: –

    In an interview shortly before the 2021 COP26 conference, climate-change activist Greta Thunberg, asked how optimistic she was that the conference could achieve anything, responded “Nothing has changed from previous years really. The leaders will say ‘we’ll do this and we’ll do this, and we will put our forces together and achieve this’, and then they will do nothing. Maybe some symbolic things and creative accounting and things that don’t really have a big impact. We can have as many COPs as we want, but nothing real will come out of it.”[29]”

    Maybe Marianna hasn’t seen it yet…


  16. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC

    I was watching some of David starkey’s interviews on GBNews . He is a sad loss to the BBC -and really deserves wider viewing –
    His interviews are on YouTube

    Anyway – there is one about ‘coloured history month ‘ as well as the Greta creature moaning about Blighty inventing industry ….
    Then I thought – how could a mental teenager like her become so influential ( apparently ) ? Is there a similar example ? I thought – yes of course – Rashford.

    So – if you are an organisation with an objective – don’t just turn up on the MSM – get yourself a selected teenager who you can use as a mouthpiece – you ll get heard and if lucky ‘traction ‘ leading to being fireproof against criticism …

    And that is where we are ….


    • JohnC says:

      Using a young girl with autism as a front to get attention knowing full well nobody can fight back without looking cruels and callous is a scumbag trick.

      But the BBC and the Left in general – being the required low-life scumbags when you strip away the veneer – are quite happy with that.

      Rashford is the same principle. This time he’s black with a PR company moudling his image. He will never get criticised by the BBC – whatever he does.

      It’s all absolutely dishonest.


      • Guest Who says:

        Greta is well on the way out. Hope she copes when her team bail.

        Meanwhile, lest any doubt remain on how ‘news’ is disseminated and passed through media PCs to broadcast like Exlax in a prune smoothie…

        They all ran the exact same thing at the exact same moment.


      • Guest Who says:

        It is a tried and trusted technique.

        A local ‘special’ nutter was tolerated for a while in pubs until they moved from being a verbal pain to more irritating ways to get noticed.

        So they were banned.

        All pub goers were relieved.

        A few PCVS non pub goers got wind and kicked off, and the media were of course duly alerted.

        So now a minority of one has inspired a minority of a few to make life miserable for the majority using the medium of a lazy young oaf at a PC nowhere near, pretending to be a ‘journalist’.

        Mental illness is terrible and allowances need to be made, but there are limits and exploitation for agendas and/or ratings is beyond risible.


      • Scroblene says:

        They’re keeping Rashford’s name in the albeeb news yet again, by him telling someone that he may and go a play abroad when his signing finishes over here.

        Wonder if China Dragons might want a centre-forward or whatever position he plays in? Perhaps Nigeria might want someone like him, I don’t know as the only thing I heard about him is that he missed a doddle of a penalty and lost some British people a cup of some sort!


      • StewGreen says:

        PR teams using children as a shield from behind which they push their agendas
        a shield that prevents proper questioning.


    • theisland says:

      Starkey is excellent. He demonstrates the importance of genuine research.

      When history becomes propaganda you get bad history

      ‘Modernity was invented in Britain’


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Starkey is intellectually brilliant, erudite, and highly articulate, unfortunately (like many others with a brain) he doesn’t buy into the ‘woke’ agenda (despite being gay – something he clearly doesn’t feel is anyone else’s business, which I agree, it isn’t), therefore, he’s been blacklisted (pun intended) by the BBC and the MSM.

      GBNews gain and yes, would agree with Fedup, his material/interviews on Youtube are usually a great (informative) watch.

      As for using a mentally ill teenager as a figurehead for a movement, I don’t suppose you could beat Joan of Arc (as I’m sure Prof. Starkey would agree), and we all know what became of her in the end.


  17. JohnC says:

    Black scientists say UK research is institutionally racist

    Jeez, talk about someone who feels entitled with a huge chip on her shoulder.

    ‘She acknowledges that getting a job in academia isn’t easy, but suspects her race may be a factor.’

    Nope Jazmin. Wrong. It’s your attitude. Nobody wants gobby people who play the race card so readily on the team. Even to the point of contacting the BBC about it.

    Nothing is EVER the fault of a BAME is it BBC ?.

    The BBC are the ones who are institutionally racist.


  18. Guest Who says:

    Fabulous. Absolutely.

    Watch every flouncing broadcaster go mental.


    • JimS says:

      Isn’t ‘accidental damage’ when something gets broken in a careless moment, not when a petulant brat goes rampant?

      John Lewis endorses fraudulent insurance claims?


      • Scroblene says:

        Thousands of commenters on the YT version agree with you Jim!

        The nearest I get to JL is Waitrose, but will prefer Tesco from now on.

        Can’t wait for Sainsbury’s as they already pizzed lots of people off by telling them not to shop there if we don’t go woke, so that’s around £2,000.00 they won’t get from Scrobs!


  19. Guest Who says:

    Know how ‘man’ is a code in media?


  20. Guest Who says:

    The Metro is often cited by the BBC, and hence here.

    Usually as floor covering in public transport.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest who – your cut and paste wins the Fedup Award for the best cut and paste Laugh Out Loud . Clearly the kidults are fully in charge of the BBC site whilst the senior lefties are away at the second or third country homes …

      I may use the secretly hypnotised defence the next time I can’t blame the ( imaginary ) dog/cat /goldfish …


  21. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of #prasnews the BBC is shrugging off all pointing out what this BS is all about to keep plugging a dead horse.

    Or… the question as a headline route…

    Nice meal at the Ivy too for any Radio producers who don’t know anything about payola in the corridors of W1A either, guys and gals.


    • Foscari says:

      I watched Adele on Breakfast TV on the BBC just now. And
      I am heartbroken over all the mental issues she has had to
      go through. But maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel
      with the mental health issues of those earning over 10 million
      a year , or a week. These issues are beginning to become a
      very major talking point. They may even overtake lgbtqxyz issues.
      Even Black history month or pride month. We may see adverts
      on TV with “stars” advertising products in a state of mental
      I have some good news for those who don’t appreciate my
      comments. I wont be frequenting this website for awhile, if ever.
      I go into hospital on Tuesday for major surgery for my cancer,
      which is a bit dodgy because I also have heart failure. I will have
      to stop working my 60 hours a week ,also for awhile. But maybe
      at 76 this is a good idea. I have to be honest I am feeling a
      little depressed. Do you think they will invite me on to Breakfast TV to discuss it? At least you can see that I am up to date with the
      latest fad with my depression!


      • MarkyMark says:

        All the best.


        • BigBrotherCorporation says:

          Yes, good luck Foscari, not sure how seriously to take some of your posting there, but I hope the surgery goes well and you’re back posting on here in the not so distant (it’s always good to post here for stress relief).


          • Foscari says:

            BBC-Yes -I do go OTT sometimes with my facetious comments.
            Probably not necessary my “appendage” at the beginning of
            this midweek thread on Gareth Southgate. As Trueman says
            ” Good morning, and in case i don’t see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!


            • Scroblene says:

              Best wishes Fos, and to be fair to your goodself, I probably know more about you than any of the ‘slebs’ which get plastered all over the BBC’c smug physogs!

              As for the Good Evening bit, a dear friend used to tell me that his MD used to preface each Christmas bash with the saying, ‘To those I know, it’s nice to see you again, and to those I don’t know, Good Evening, it’s good to meet you’!

              Hurry back!


        • Foscari says:

          Mark -Thank you-Life for most of us is a struggle. It’s
          just that I am getting sick to death of these
          celebrities “earning” untold wealth going on about
          their mental problems. Like any of us care. Or do we?


          • Zelazek says:

            Foscari. I remember a couple of years ago you were going to quit posting here for other reasons. Some of us entreated you to stay.

            I love this site because here I feel surrounded by many like-minded friends. (Unlike the real world!) So I will be very sorry if I never see your name on these pages again.

            Best of luck, old chap.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Foscari – sorry to hear that – you will be missed whilst you are away . All the best to you – my personal remedy for ‘black dog ‘ is avoiding the MSM…

          I’ve been listening / watching more BBC news than Is healthy and I conclude that the combination of the 3 project fear strands of Covid – Price increases – shortages – are enough to drive the best of us Down ..

          Once again Foscari – good luck – I’ll say a prayer to the Boss ..


      • G says:

        Best wishes Fos.


      • Loobyloo says:

        Best of luck Foscari, thinking of you


      • Banania says:

        All the best.


      • Dobyns says:

        Heal quickly Fos, your voice is needed


  22. Guest Who says:

    This young lady is not blonde. Like Strumpet, Laura, Springster…


    Also unlikely to find a home at the bbc, despite seeming to meet bbc criteria unrelated to competence.


  23. MarkyMark says:

    Following the guilty verdict and a warning from the judge that she could face a prison sentence, Labour has officially called for Webbe to quit her seat, which would trigger a by-election. Webbe is protesting her innocence and has made clear that she plans to continue as an MP. “While I’m preparing for the appeal I want to assure the people of Leicester East that I will continue to stand up for them in parliament, fighting on their behalf,” she says, meaning she will continue to collect her £6,827-a-month salary during the months she is on bail awaiting her appeal date. Keith Vaz, however, doesn’t think she will win the appeal and is working to reclaim the seat she took off him after he was disgraced. What have the people of Leicester East done to deserve these rogues?


    Vaz was also appointed to a public bill committee, which held its first meeting on 15 November 2016, looking at the Criminal Finances Bill which aimed to tackle money laundering and corruption.[15]


  24. AsISeeIt says:

    They don’t like it up ’em” was one of Corporal Jones of Dad’s Army fame’s favourite catchphrases.

    I wouldn’t like to speculate who might have the upper hand if one were to pick a fight with one’s proctologist, but Sajid Javid in the thankless role of Health Secretary, has evidently riled the quacks by daring to demand they get up off their backsides. Our Sajid was: ‘jeered yesterday for pulling out of a meeting with GPs after his demand that they see more patients face-to-face was met with a fierce backlash‘ (Daily Telegraph)

    Proctological jokes aside, surely we’re paying hand over fist for this damned NHS of ours and ought to expect a service? And, for the sake of equality, did you hear about the retired gynecologist? He liked to keep his hand in.

    The Guardian considers – for about a millisecond – who are the well-paid, middle class, public sector, left-leaning group in this growing dispute with abandoned NHS patients and their elected representative Sajid – and obviously takes the side of the former: ‘GPs say face-to-face appointments plan could lead to exodus of doctors‘ – presumably this second book of the Old Testament scenario presupposes the docs can take their expensive NHS training and pensions with them and… do what… go and moonlight as remote vets diagnosing gerbils via Zoom? Or does the lure of private practice beckon? Is the Harley Street clientele more easily satisfied with an impersonal service – one doubts that would be the case?

    The medic’s trades union makes their pitch: ‘“The narrative being peddled that remote consultations are substandard to those delivered in person is dangerous”‘ – you know when folks, the Left in particular, have a failing argument? It’s when they criticise your right to make your case.

    The Guardian has another poke at Boris having a holiday – how could he contemplate such a thing when there are always multiple concurrent perpetual crises on the boil?

    There is no suggestion of wrongdoing…‘ but here we go anyway… ‘Documents seen by the Guardian suggest the holiday villa loaned to Boris… by Zac Goldsmith is held by an offshore structure based in tax havens‘ – but it is an offshore villa, is it not? Get back to us with a hue and cry if you discover some Prime Ministerial holiday bolthole in the South West of England that happens to be owned by an offshore company.

    Of course liberal virtue-signallers such as Johnson and his new main squeeze are always hoist by the Leftist media with a petard… of their own self-hoisting: ‘the issue calls into question the PM’s commitment to reforming offshore ownership

    A rare appearance now for a couple of titles, firstly the virtual newspaper the Independent: ‘“Absolute disaster”: Prince William fears George will still be talking about climate change in 30 years‘ – which echoes my thoughts on the climate crisis precisely.

    Prince George Was “Annoyed” After Litter-Picking Experience, According to Prince William “They went out litter picking one day and then the very next day, they did the same route, same time and pretty much all the same litter they picked up was back again,” William said‘ (Town and Country – the posh people’s magazine) – bloody plebs, eh? Dropping their appalling litter on our manor.

    I won’t mention any other members of the Queen’s appalling litter – Andrew, Harry… but shift focus to Her Maj Herself: ‘Queen vents frustation. “Those who talk but don’t do…” World leaders under fire for dithering over climate change‘ (Daily Express)

    This rare Royal reprimand responds of course to: ‘Xi expected to snub UK summit on climate crisis. Chinese leader won’t attend Cop26 PM told‘ (The Times)

    I’m sure the Red Emperor has better things to do with his time… like plan world domination. Our dimwit leaders will continue to enable the demise of the West well enough left to their own devices.

    We implimented the China-fashioned Lockdown policy. Now we’re rapidly closing in on the One Child policy: ‘Fertility at record low… rate in England and Wales fell to 1.58‘ (Times)

    Revealed: Daniel Craig’s surprising secret‘ (Daily Mail) – spolier alert! (As the kids say) I hear this latest iteration of former ladies man 007, despite a gruelling near three hours of screen time, barely gets to a secret subterranean Bond villain first base with a Bond girl.

    They laughed when Vladimir Putin went bear hunting for a photo op but now: ‘Emmanuel Macron donned his football kit for a charity football match yesterday‘ (Telegraph)

    In sad flabby contrast Boris is snapped looking decidedly out of condition. The dishevelled blond: ‘Yeti spotted in Spain yesterday seems to have forgotten no carbs before Marbs rule‘- scoffs the Daily Star, where their thought for the day is: ‘Abominable snowman‘ – which is all very odd considering his boring diet of Nut Nuts and endless advice taken from health experts.

    In celebrity football news Raheem Sterling issues an I’m a race baiter, get me out of here, come and get me: ‘“If there was an opportunity to go somewhere else, I’d be open to it at this moment in time”‘ – the plea of the poor huddled masses of immigrants from time immemorial: ‘The 26-year old… also spoke about starring in England’s run to the Euro 2020 final and criticised politicians for not defending the team’s decision to “take the knee”

    The BBC is interested in Adele: ‘After a slow-burning PR campaign, Adele’s first new music in six years has arrived‘ – the BBC there happily complicit in ramping up that PR campaign.

    The Mirror is frank: ‘Billion dollar Adele. Making of a one woman industry

    BBC: ‘Adele says new album will explain her divorce to her young son‘ – but is it any good?

    Discarded throwaway Metros might send our little Prince George into a climate tantrum somewhere on the Greta Thunberg spectrum but the diverse metropolitan free rag perhaps finds our Adele a bit beige: ‘Beyoncé singer steals the show at husband Jay-Z’s premier… and she wasn’t even there‘ – I guess she was Zooming it in…? Which potentially brings us full circle back to the GPs.

    But let’s follow the children’s views: ‘Prince George “adored” seeing Sir David Attenborough’s dinosaur collection, says William‘ (Daily Express) – surely they haven’t been force feeding the poor little chap Attenborough, Dimbleby, John Simpson, John Humphrys, James Naughtie, et al BBC repeats?

    Our friend Matt in the Telegraph sketches one diminiative little tike chatting with another: “You don’t still believe in the supply chain crisis, do you? Your parents make it up so they don’t have to buy you christmas presents”

    And as a closing coda for today’s news and views, I’m with Jimmy Page in The Times: ‘We had more fun in the 70s


    • AsISeeIt says:

      The millionaire Raheem Sterling story of course appeared in the Financial Times – under the quite possibly self-aware headline: ‘City exchange’


  25. Nibor says:

    Has the BBC reported that the government is “freezing out ” the Road Haulage Association , not having meetings with them because the remainer administration part of it has been leaking any of the talks which help anti Brexit shouters .

    Not that the RHA ever put up a good fight for hauliers . It just seemed to convey to its members whatever our government or EU planned against them . An ashtray on a motorbike was of more use .
    The only saving grace about the RHA is they didnt damage the industry as much as the meddling Freight Transport Association , now called stupidly Logistics UK .


  26. vlad says:

    This may be of interest to some readers: TV Licence Enforcement Officer Visiting Procedures Handbook.


    • Fedup2 says:


      I did a Google and found the

      capita TV licencing visiting procedures ( all jurisdictions )

      Which runs for 161 pages – im sure someone will put up the link …there are lots of bit blacked out …


      • moggie63 says:

        Is there anything about being punched in the gob by an irate householder who resents effectively being called a liar?


        • Fedup2 says:

          When you think about it – the idea of a private company using members of the public armed with a clipboard – to go round to peoples ‘ homes and demand details abut whether the occupants have a TV – in 2021 – after all those human rights laws – data protection – is a serious anachronism…


  27. tomo says:

    A bit of light relief from Merseyside


    • StewGreen says:

      Despite the speedcamera van operator’s lack of diplomacy
      it is against the law as obstruction of police work
      .. The last guy around here, was charged, but opted to accept a police caution rather than go to trial


  28. s.trubble says:

    If I was a shareholder in CAPITA you would surely have some concerns about reputational damage which could arise from adverse publicity about being involved in this Licence Tax collection procedure.

    With so many pages of bBC blurb about the process it does make you wonder ?

    Be good to see CAPITA coming under some pressure such as what commission to they receive for each LF recovered?

    The weakest link seems to be collection………….the more who cancel or simply dont pay the more pressure and cost will come on to Capita .More goons = more youtube videos etc.


  29. G.W.F. says:

    BBC reports on a street lamp that is powered by dog poo. See folks, even dogs can help save the world.
    Perhaps Boris could mention this at the Climate Conference – how dog poo might be used to provide alternative heating to the gas boilers his socialist party intend to ban.



  30. s.trubble says:

    Dear Foscari…………make sure you get the odds in your favour!
    Haste ye back.


  31. Guest Who says:

    I must have signed up for these clowns’ feed once when they were funny.

    Very little since has managed even a titter.

    But as a student of bbc irony deficiency I can only assume they have now hired Nish; as this is hilarious.



  32. G.W.F. says:


    MP stabbed by a man.
    Man arrested.
    Await comparisons with Jo who was an MP murdered by someone from the far far right.


    • Guest Who says:

      There follows a series of comments.

      RIP the poor guy, and condolences to the family.

      Given the forum one cannot help but note where requirements have now brought the police and, in complement, the media.

      At what point will ‘man’ also required to be removed, and in favour of what?


  33. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    We’re all behind you Fosari, you’re one of us.
    Like Halifax, come back when your ready.


  34. MarkyMark says:

    ‘They will hang me’: Afghan interpreters blocked by UK seek appeal
    By Jack Hunter
    BBC News

    But the relocation was subject to passing immigration checks – and in the final stages, the Home Office blocked them on national security grounds.

    They were told their presence in the UK would not be “conducive to the public good”.


    • Scroblene says:

      It just goes to show that talking to anyone at the BBC is dangerous to anyone’s health, especially in s****holes like Afghanistan.

      Why some idiot at the bbbc has to piddle around with such a silly story is beyond the intelligence of normal citizens.

      If Biden hadn’t ballsed up everything, I suppose some of these blokes could have finished up in the US, but they’ve got enough problems of their own over there, all because the old fool hasn’t a clue what’s going on anywhere these days!

      Sad, but never mind.


    • StewGreen says:

      ” on 11 August, as the Taliban closed in on the capital, he received a letter telling him his visa application had been refused
      on “national security” grounds with no right of appeal.

      #1 the UK is not the only place for those afraid of the Taliban
      #2 The authorities have to guard th UK’s security
      and that means taking in the safest refugees
      and leaving out the potentially most dangerous


  35. StewGreen says:

    R4 drama about the Nuremburg Trials
    the baddie just said “we wanted to make Germany Great Again
    .. I bet that line that sounds like routine BBCbubbleworld bias again
    ..constnt sniping like school bullies.


  36. tomo says:

    Jeffrey Toobin is back on the CNN airwaves too…


  37. StewGreen says:

    The Twitter algorithm is a bit weird
    It lists “Tory Scum as trending
    then when you click it shows you this factual tweet from the BBCworld reporter which is a link to the BBC story about Amess stabbing


  38. StewGreen says:

    Breaking : sadly Amess is now reported as dead

    … @MaajidNawaz tweeted
    Sir David Amess MP stabbed in Leigh church
    was my mother’s local MP.
    He honourably defended me (mostly alone in Parliament) for years when I was a Prisoner of Conscience in Egypt.


  39. vlad says:

    Tragic news about Sir David Amess.

    I wonder if the BBC will now trawl through the killer’s every pronouncement until they find a left-wing connection, and, if so, will Amess then be hailed as a martyr to the fascist Left and the killer constantly thrust in our faces to exemplify the evils of the Left, à la Jo Cox?

    I doubt it somehow.


  40. Guest Who says:


    As opposed to who the bbc usually wheels on and why.


  41. Dover Sentry says:

    Best of British Foscari! 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll pull through.


  42. tomo says:

    Rebellion in Canada Quebec


  43. tomo says:

    French Senate REJECTS mandatory vaccine bill. 262 votes against, 64 votes in favor.


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