419 Responses to Weekend Thread 16 October 2021

  1. Zephir says:

    At last…the truth is out:

    New book slams Twitter and Facebook for trying to discredit the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop story – as poll reveals Biden voters would have chosen Trump if they’d known about the explosive revelations before election day

    New book, Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections, bashes Twitter and Facebook for crushing Hunter Biden story
    The New York Post published the story claiming it had obtained Hunter’s laptop that contained salacious and damning emails, photos and texts
    The president’s son touted his political influence to foreign powers in China and Ukraine – even tying Joe Biden to the allegedly corrupt dealings
    Twitter and Facebook blocked its users from reading and sharing the story for fear that the platforms would be sharing misinformation
    DailyMail.com obtained a copy of the abandoned laptop’s hard drive, commissioned a forensic analysis and authenticated that it belonged to Hunter
    In December 2020 Hunter admitted he is under federal investigation
    A poll revealed one in six Biden voters said they ‘would not have voted for President Biden had they known the full extent of the financial corruption scandals involving Hunter Biden’



  2. Scroblene says:

    Throughout the night, the BBC news of the disgraceful death of Sir David Amess has been covered thus:-

    2.00AM – A British man of Somali origin
    3.00AM – Roughly the same
    4:00AM – A British Somalian man

    See? He’s a Brit, so it’s our fault as true British citizens! He’s one of us now!

    How’s about a Somalian who came to live in this country because it’s a darn sight better than his s**thole?

    Aaaah, ooooh no, might be a peaceful religionist!

    ‘Buqqer’, (spitting comment from lady newsreader) “The Met are now treating it as a ‘terrorist attack”.

    In other news the hippos in Columbia are being sterilised as they roam around the place…


  3. JimS says:

    Muslim kills member of the public, MPs call for protection of Muslims.
    Muslim kills member of parliament, MPs call for protection of MPs.

    Actually in both cases the protection is from you!


  4. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC is focusing on the killer of Sir David Amess as a ‘British national ‘ as first descriptor – then male – then 25 years old – and then – Somalian ‘heritage ‘.

    So nationality trumps everything else in this case . Yet the BBC is globalist and anti nation ( apart from approved nations of course – Scotland – Eire) ….

    ..toady today moved off this religiously motivated killing by 715 am- having spent less than 10 minutes on it … maybe the next MP to be murdered by a British national will get 5 minutes . Now the weather …


  5. Fedup2 says:

    Just following on – Robinson was so eager to get away from the murder of an MP that he switched to a BBC happy place – the climate change fiction – and started an interview with Douglas Alexander – an ex Labour MP dumped out by the Scot’s national socialists …..to talk COP.

    Painfully for the BBC mr Alexander reminded the bbc droid that he had known Mr Amess for 15 years and obviously was saddened by his fate . More deflection by going for the ‘security ‘ aspect as opposed to more realistic solutions such as stopping such vermin getting into the UK in the first place ‘British national ‘ indeed …


  6. Guest Who says:

    Well, there’s always flogging a song by dragging a BBC typical member of the public* in for a quote…

    BBC News

    “Making that decision to be your best self is incredibly important. So thank you Adele. We need more voices out there saying divorce is OK.”

    *Not Meghan.


  7. Fedup2 says:

    Following on further

    Bee Lady tries to interview a Cof E bishop – dr Michael nazis Ali -to become a Roman Catholic . Then said new RC priest started talking about David Amess – who he knew. Then he talked about Christianity . God the BBC editor must have hated that . He even mentioned our Lord Jesus Christ … hated by the anti Christ BBC . …

    Obviously bee lady asked why join a church with child abusers ? He replied – yes it’s terrible – but other public bodies have their issues too …. ( Saville !) ….

    As I write – I’m trying to understand why they included this item in Toady – perhaps they do not realise that like me – David Amess was a devout Roman Catholic – and the BBC don’t get it .


  8. brexiteerkent says:

    Not the BBC but interesting that the daily mail website articles on the stabbing have their comments disabled. ( at time of writing ). Usually the daily mail are keen on comments …


    • Fedup2 says:

      This character hasn’t been charged yet – so free speech and speculation on him is still legal …. Obviously when he is charged – which I suspect will be sooner than later – and definitely before the Sunday papers get a grip with this – then comment must be closed down ….


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Each news report on the murder of David Amess by a Muslim terrorist is ended with a reference to jo Cox and the ‘murdered by a ‘far right extremist ‘ .

    For some reason they don’t mention his nationality first ..

    The BBC is desperate – desperate – for this political – religious killing to disappear … it’s not being called ‘racially motivated ‘ or indeed that BBC favourite – the meaningless ‘hate crime ‘…


    • jazznick1 says:


      Had these atrocities been reversed in time and Cox had been murdered yesterday, one wonders if the ‘earlier’ murder of Sir David would have even got a mention ?

      I think not.


  10. Fedup2 says:

    One of themes being aired is further restriction on freedom of speech – quite a few were quick to raise the use of the words ‘Tory scum ‘ by the deputy leader of the Labour Party as a potential driver for killing a Tory MP.

    Well I think Islamic terrorism – and the need to kill non Muslims to meet the needs of that false religion – trumps bad words and arguments ….
    Rayner may well be off the hook in this case – but maybe not the next ….


  11. taffman says:

    Have we heard “lessons to be learned” yet ?
    How many more are coming across the English Channel?


  12. Zephir says:

    When will there be a consideration of revoking UK nationality due to false applications and or crimes committed ? there are clear questions on the application forms about crimes and applicants views on terrorism and committing major crimes should also be sufficient grounds.
    There should maybe be a provisional passport for at least 10 years if not more which also applies to any of their brood born here or not
    A serious review of “human / family rights” is also needed to balance that against public safety, which these laws seem to ignore, yet protection of the population is the prime role of government.

    Gang rapists and other criminals are currently allowed to legally challenge deportation


    • moggie63 says:

      The government are very much protecting the population, just not the one that belongs here. The only time they acknowledge we even exist is when elections are due or taxes need raising. The government, of either hue, is the enemy of the people, not the protector. Other countries have leaders who put their own country first, not a chance of that happening here.


  13. Fedup2 says:

    I’ve listened to Toady today since 0700… methinks they are misreading the room – there is only one story today – that is the killing of Sir David Amess MP by a Somalian Islamic terrorist .

    They have filled time with something about NASA ( yawn ) and sterilising a drug dealers ‘pets in South America … and the queen being overhead talking about the COP thing .

    We can speculate over this – but there is no need . We know why . And it does the BBC no favours ….


  14. AsISeeIt says:

    For whatever reason, this morning I was reminded of that classic Not The Nine O’Clock News sketch – casually entitled on You Tube as Politicians Argue – in which Mel Smith and Rowan Atkinson appear as adversaries on some debate show, hosted by Pamela Stephenson, going at it hammer and tongs: “Now that Michael has allowed me to get a word in… to say that this man is in the government is quite frightening”; “I resent that snide remark, that’s exactly the kind of thing I’ve come to expect from your kind of politician”; “If only the public knew to what depths some people will stoop when they enter the House”

    You’ll recall how it goes – in mid-Mel Smith counter tirade Rowan Atkinson suddenly clutches at his heart, drops from his seat to the floor and expires. The previously finger wagging Smith U-turns on a sixpence: “This is the kind of politician who… will… will be greatly missed. A great Parliamentarian of our time. And a close personal friend”

    At least we can immediately forget there’s something apparently rotten in the state of Denmark this morning – or was it Norway? These Scandinavians all look alike to me. Let’s not be mean to those angst-ridden Scandis, they have just had to suffer the slings and arrows (but especially the arrows) of some outrageous islam convert.

    Forget all that…

    And so our Left-leaning press, that only an editorial moment ago accused BoJo of 20,000 counts of grand-patricide and grand-matricide, read the room and do a Mel Smith: ‘He died serving the people‘ (Daily Mirror) – handily supplying a little pic of Jo Cox – lest we forget because this might get awkward: ‘Terror cops lead probe after constituency stabbing

    The Left-leaning ‘i’ echoes those themes: ‘Killed serving the people… Second MP to be killed in five years, following murder of Jo Cox

    But just hours after the Norway incident?

    On the one hand The Times sub-headers put this terror murder into a meaningful perspective: ‘Man. 25, held over frenzied attack on father of five‘ but then go a bit tentative in tone: ‘Counterterrorism police investigate possible Islamic links

    The globalist-minded pink paper for the affluent the FT has: ‘Fatal stabbing of Tory MP Amess reignites politicians’ safety debate‘ – which tells us exactly where the mainstream discussion is headed.

    Yes, we should think carefully about the security and safety of our MPs – but as the late era Micheal Jackson once asked “What about us?

    The FT’s frontpage feature Datawatch yesterday had some survey about how keen various developed nations were about welcoming new diverse populations. The UK scored 80% approval but the Japanese a mere 20%. Which seems to go to show us here in the UK are far more adept at giving surveys the result they want than are the Japanese.

    And, out of respect and dearth of other frontpage news we’ll leave it there.

    And as the BBC once used to say – normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


  15. JohnC says:

    Radio 2 are very proud to announce to me between every record that today is National Album Day.

    This year – surprise surprise – they are only celebrating albums by women. And every track played today will be by a female artist.

    My gast is well and truly flabbered. This is out and out completely sexist. I am absolutely certain they will not have a ‘Mens tracks only’ day.

    What I really object to is that the BBC use our license fee to fund Left-wing activism. They have absolutely no right to do that.


    • Seppers says:

      I agree, and I am a woman.
      Totally agree with your last paragraph also. It can’t be legal to force people to pay for political activism.


  16. The Mouse says:

    No knee jerk reaction.
    We will not be swayed by seeing our country turn into a third world, crime ridden cesspit and our children and loved ones murdered and raped.
    We must get out the reddy bears and candles and sing “Imagine” together.

    Move on – whats on tele at Christmas, hopefully we will we have Turkeys.

    God help us because this bloody government won’t.


  17. StewGreen says:

    BBC news page : #3 item is about Cox’s sister
    A click bait item, that says “her partner” wants her to give up the job.
    That looks like a deflection from the Muslim terrorist issue that killed Amess


  18. Doublethinker says:

    I note that the board of the National Trust Charity is being challenged by a group of members and ex members called Restore Trust who are rightly appalled by its lurch into extreme Wokism over the past few years. It’s noteworthy that a new chairman of the Trust is to selected and appointed within the next few weeks. The members of the Trust have no say in who is to be appointed , the appointment being made by a select panel of establishment lefties. It is therefore unlikely that there will be any changes in the Wokism on view at the Trusts hundreds of properties.
    Similarities with the BBC and hundreds of quangos are plentiful. A group of left liberals decide everything , go Woke, prattle on endlessly about slavery, colonialism , ignore the views of the public but still expect the public to go on paying. Of course , the Trust doesn’t have the power to demand money with menaces that the BBC does.
    But both these organisations have an Achilles heel, they only survive because the public pays them. The time for direct action has come , simply stop paying the License Fee or the subscription and they will face ruin within months. Show the liberals who actually holds the power, the silent long suffering majority.


  19. Guest Who says:

    ITBB addresses another area where the bbc very much knows which lines to take and which must not be crossed, in advance.


    Fi earning her crust there.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest who – thank you for the link . I don’t get to view the excellent ‘is the BBC biased ‘ as often as I wish because I’m busy ranting on this site .

      The clip reminded me of the reason I don’t watch that or most BBC political programmes any more .

      However – the ‘hostess ‘ is clearly out of her depth – or so constrained by the editorial set at the outset that she has to ‘read off the card ‘…
      …….‘balance ‘ is not a BBC word – instead it is ‘approved thought ‘ ‘narrative ‘ and ‘social(ist) agenda’ – anything or anyone else is forbidden …..
      Every so often they throw out some fresh meat for the woke to devour – in this case it is prof . Winston – who – I recall is a Labour Peer….


  20. Guest Who says:

    Blubber brain has the self awareness one might expect.


    • Fedup2 says:

      So sir David was everything Boulton isn’t ….


    • StewGreen says:

      Reporters trying to highjack Amess cases
      .. and deflect sympathy to their own mates.

      MSM reporters are not so often murdered
      ..yet often stir up against political opponents
      They seemed to encourage milk-shaking and jailing of a guy who had a pee against a wall.


      • Fedup2 says:

        The BBC have got the repulsive Sandford and cascianni on this Islamic murder – to deflect –

        Silence from the Race Industry – a coloured man killing a white man – cannot be racially motivated – or a ‘hate crime ‘ as they’d describe it ……

        Now let’s here from the ‘somali community ‘ …. Yuk


    • Garry Lavin says:

      Dear me. Hijacking that murder to make his points. Despicable.


  21. Guest Who says:

    Ok, Megharry’s pr team have stepped up.

    No Catholics?


    • JohnC says:

      The Left are masters at claiming exceptions prove a rule.

      This is a new one : usually it’s about feminism and how women can do anything men can do.


  22. Guest Who says:

    “What’s that Skippy? Mark Drakeford is a political giant?”


    • gb123 says:

      ” Pam mae’r idiotiaid hyn o’r BBC yn ein ffilmio ni?”
      (google translate. Sorry to any Welsh speakers)

      Why are these idiots from the BBC filming us?


  23. Guest Who says:

    Vile wheeled him out yet? Or booked on QT already?


  24. tomo says:

    re: The Southend Atrocity

    Shaping up for some “group punishment” to be meted out – everybody to be treated as an unhinged savage from a hellhole on the Horn of Africa.

    One not unconnected observation – BBC OB news and sport film crews in the UK routinely have ex special forces minders… – and not always from UK armed forces.


  25. Scroblene says:

    “One not unconnected observation – BBC OB news and sport film crews in the UK routinely have ex special forces minders… – and not always from UK armed forces”.

    Good one Tomo.

    Noticed Mare Khan said that Sir David had ‘passed away’. What an ubelievably crass statement to make!

    If Sir David had had the same number of armed protection knobs who guide the Mare to his luxurious offices where he can ruin London even more, we might not be reading of such a terrible murder!

    ‘Passed away’! My arse!

    He was f*****g stabbed, for Christ’s sake!


  26. Guest Who says:

    Actually, entirely believable.


  27. Guest Who says:

    Sky is engaging with the public as only the media wishes they can always.

    Perhaps they can see Linz’ platitudes may not see a kind reception.


    • G says:


      Let’s have 20000 more savages come in by rubber boat. More’s the Merrier!! Let the killing continue that’s what I say …………………

      Strip MP’s of their security then they can truly announce, ‘We are all in this together’.


    • Banania says:

      David Amess’s life was not “lost”.


  28. Guest Who says:

    Guessing GB got brain donor Owen as all the heavy hitter Vox pop gobs were on Sky or BBC?


  29. StewGreen says:

    FooC : Iraq elections : ” tribal and religious affiliation appear to have trumped any ideological leanings, and with a heavy dose of apathy and disillusionment thrown in, says Lizzie Porter.”

    Japan elections : the Liberal Democrat Party always win,
    no one noticed they just changed interim prime minister,
    Rupert Wingfield-Hayes:

    Rome Mayoral elections : the two remaining candidates in this contest are a radio star with *links to the far right* (that’s BBC smear framing),
    and a former Economics Minister, who has attempted to seduce voters by serenading them with a bit of bosa nova guitar.”

    – “Emma Vardy says that the latest developments in the Brexit saga, have left Irish people exasperated, and also rather sad.”

    – Ukraine – Museum to open about the “Babi Yar” massacre in 1941. German Nazi occupiers shot dead more than thirty thousand Jews
    Colin Freeman says that tells us much about present day Ukraine, as well as about the terrible moment in history being commemorated.


  30. tomo says:

    Sadiq Khant – devoid of self awareness and leaving a trail of slime?

    “passed away”

    One has to wonder, given Sadiq’s old clients – if any of his esrtwhile associates will be hoovering up the inevitable little lottery win of legal aid that’s going to drop into the the murderer’s lap?

    cynical? moi?

    update: I’m reading that addresses in Sadiq’s “manor” are being raided by plod …


    • Scroblene says:

      See above, Tomo.

      Mare has ‘security’ in huge four-by-fours from his house to the GLC (?), while Sir David just went to do his job quietly in a church and with no fuss.

      What do we really expect from such a small-minded idiot in county hall, or what sort of people’s palace they like to call it nowadays?

      Little tw*t needs a few genuine ideas before he actually opens his little gob. How’s about looking at his appalling record of allowing London stabbings to go un-noticed?

      Not so nice now is it, mare!


  31. G.W.F. says:

    So can we assume that he was known to the police?

    Can’t be insane if they thought that a de-radicalise programme would affect him.

    GBNews (Fans)
    Police cars revolving light | BREAKING: The British-Somali arrested for the murder of Sir David Amess was previously referred to an anti-radicalisation programme.


  32. Fedup2 says:

    Seems like a new BBC radio news editorial policy is to declare the nationality of people in the news – for instance a so far unnamed Islamic Somalian murderer is described at the outset of the report as “British “….
    Why would this be an important feature of said murderer ? If the primary motive is to kill a white not Islamic politician in a Church – surely that is a more important issue than whether he has ‘British nationality ‘ –

    Or am I missing something .

    Name will come out late Saturday night I reckon … it’s a news management pattern …


  33. tarien says:

    And now for your delectation it is learnt that a Basil Watson is to make a statue of two Black Pople as a Windrush Monument-Why? Who is going to pay for it, the Black Community? The conceit, the seemingly never ending White Christian Indigenous bashing by the Media/BBc, our TV screens bursting with Black representation at every level, with our Mother Parliament filling up with those that follow the teachings of Islam, with a murder committed every day, all begins to show a nation that is falling fast into the realms of what happened to the Roman Empire.


  34. tomo says:

    Sleepy Shouty Joe’s peeps are going to be spitting feathers over this:


  35. micknotmike says:

    As many have noticed, the bbc have wheeled out the old Jo Cox story. If I recall correctly, the murderer wasn’t a far-right extremist, but a genuine nutcase; he may have watched the dambusters more than once, but that’s as far as he went. The bbc refer to him as a “far right extremist” without even a hint of allegedly.
    In this case we are looking at “possible islamic terrorism links”, “radicalised” etc. The police are looking into these possibilities. Ask me chief, I’ll give you a summary in ten seconds without tying up a ten-man squad for a fortnight.
    What is needed is a cover-all phrase for anybody likely to do this sort of thing, “british citizen” (Yeah right) or not.
    The bbc could then headline “He’s a muslim, this is what they are instructed to do”. There will probably come a time when it will be accepted as part of a “not guilty” plea.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      MnotM, the impression I have is that the guy who murdered Jo Cox was, as you say, not really a ‘far right extremist’… at least, from what little was reported about him in the press.

      In reality, he seems to have been some kind of sad, messed up loser, who wasn’t coping with life and the death of his doting mother very well. The only reasons they seem to have for portraying him as ‘far right’ were a couple of books about the Nazis in his bedroom, a passing interest in some ‘nationalist’ groups, and a dislike of Jo Cox (who was outspoken on certain left wing issues – e.g. immigration).

      We (here) are all aware of the BBC’s biases (shared to some extent by others, incl. the MSM), although the reasons for some of those biases, and ‘logic’ behind them eludes me. Frankly, I’m not sure there is a logic to many of them, other than someone, somewhere decides they’re ‘correct think’, and then it becomes known that to publically disagree with such ‘correct thought’ is to commit career suicide and be cast out as a pariah (if not face jail time).


  36. Doublethinker says:

    I have not watched the BBC, Ch4, Sky etc re the murder of David Amess by a Muslim , I think that I know exactly what they would be telling the country. I have read the Telegraph’s several articles on this , no readers comments allowed on any of them, and they were filled with the usual platitudes , don’t jump to conclusions, mental illness, lone wolf , unsure of the motivation , linkage to the far right murderer of Jo Cox, etc etc.
    There was no mention of the fact that every government since Blair has continued to fill the country with Medievalists, all of whom could be potential terrorists or their sympathisers.
    GBN got a bit closer to having an honest discussion, but only a bit, it was the section when they read out their viewers tweets where the issue of our open border and tolerance of mass immigration was raised by a viewer. Then they had Douglas Carswell on who said that for the past decade or more successive governments had treated the British people disgracefully by trying to hide the truth of attacks by Muslims and bury the stories. Mark Dolan, the host agreed with him, but did/ dare not pursue the issue further.
    BBC et al , 0/10 ( I assume)
    DT 1/10
    GBN 4/10

    So here we are in 2021 , an MP is killed by a Muslim, a significant number of other Brits have been murdered by Muslims in the past few years but the MSM and government turn their heads away from the obvious conclusion, Islam and British values , well western values , are incompatible. So they continue letting Muslims n by the tens or hundreds of thousands each year.
    Their liberal belief system blinds them to the obvious and undermines their duty to protect us from those who wish us harm.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Stand by for interviews with moslems who will report how they are innocent victims of the backlash against them.
      For the BBC they will be the real victims


    • popeye says:

      It’s not just the liberals though, is it? This whole world is run by Globalists, incredibly rich families and individuals who have only one objective; to maintain and increase their wealth. A Somalian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi family make them no money for them at all – but put that family into a first world country then they shop at supermarkets and chain stores, owned by wealthy people, buy products produced by wealthy people and live in houses built by wealthy people. When first world populations were falling due to the decreasing birth rate they could see that they would lose money and needed to take steps to remedy this. Like First World War generals moving a marker on a map knowing that 10,000 soldiers would die they took steps to achieve their objectives ignoring the consequences, which they would never have to suffer in their estates and on their islands.

      But of course this couldn’t be made too obvious so they enlisted their junior officer class to lead the headlong charge out of the trenches, the lefty liberals. Convinced they were doing it in the name of equality these liberals encourage immigration even while they know that heritage and tradition would be destroyed. The Globalists have been pushing the leftist agenda for decades, the Frankfurt School is just another string to their bow, the real wealthy will never be affected by nonsense policies; university education is controlled by the Globalists – try getting funding for research if you do not support the party line, be it climate change, racial and gender inequality and any other field designed to destroy the type of society most of us want.

      In the 1950’s there was a Sci-Fi story where all money was electronic and had to be spent in the Company (Globalist) stores by the end of the month when it was “switched off”. Credits for work and compliance were automatically added at the beginning of the month to those who followed the company rules. Sound familiar? Chinese Communist Party almost there and us close behind. Of course, they need the services of a compliant Public Services Broadcasting Organisation as well. BBC perhaps?


  37. theisland says:

    Types of British nationality
    The government page.
    I can’t be bothered to read it.
    Basically there are too many ‘types’.


  38. jazznick1 says:

    Check out Brendan O’Neill’s ‘Spiked’ editorial on the Amess murder and the continual media fight to downplay any and every muslim murder.

    No mention of the BBC by name, but you will all recognise where the article is aimed…..



  39. The Mouse says:

    BBC Kuenssberg: Tragic Reminder of growing risks faced by MPs.

    Just MPs? At least the rest of the population are perfectly safe then. As London again and again, Reading, Manchester, West Yorkshire, etc can all testify!


    • Scroblene says:

      But she’s with the bbc, so she follows the leftie line to the limit!

      Luckily, in my village, I don’t even consider some deranged immigrant with a machete, but sadly, she needs to get city-dwellers up on their hind legs.

      Not the brightest spanner in the toolbox I’m afraid, but it suits the bbbc.


  40. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I see that The Queen has been told to lay orf the booze.
    She’ll feel better for it. No big hangovers every morning for a start.

    I’ve also given up… on question time which was the last msm political show I used to watch. I left Peston, Politics live and the like a while back but kept with qt because they usually had one ‘right’ winger on with the other four (or five including Fiona) lefties but it was so bad that I’ve given up. The ‘selected’ audience is also a joke where when asked (several different shows) if there was anyone who voted brexit and all we got was silence.

    I’d recommend it (giving up on these programs) as I feel much better for it.

    Finally, this British 25 year old man who stabbed Amess 17 times, just how much hate does that take.
    Of course, nothing will change.


    • Banania says:

      @Emmanuel Goldstein
      May I recommend looking on the internet for news and political discussion (like here).
      For instance, UK Column, which I think is superb.


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        I’m on GB News all the time now.
        It looks like there’s another channel coming soonish which is also not far left which means two to chose from.

        I also get a lot of news on here as I trust this site.


  41. tomo says:

    Yank politics with a British streak…

    Blimey… it looks like morbid complications consequent from a bad case of the TDS virus….


  42. JimS says:

    A good grief moment: Leona Lewis tells us (in 2016) that the song The First Time I saw Your Face is ‘dreamy’ and she just loves Roberta Flack’s songwriting.

    ‘Dreamy’ is hardly the dominant sentiment and the song was written by Ewan MacColl.

    A chance for another set of Radio 4 Extra warnings? “This programme contains idiotic ideas”, “This programme was made within the last ten years and contains no comedy” etc.


  43. tomo says:

    Will Aldi + Lidl roll this out in the UK?


  44. vlad says:

    The BBC will dig deep into the underlying ideology motivating a killer when it suits their agenda, i.e. if a link can be made to some far-right group or website.

    However, in the much more frequent cases of islamic killings, suddenly the underlying ideology (islam) ceases to be of interest; indeed it’s deemed shameful to even go there, and a clear sign of islamophobia.

    The killing of the two MPs exemplifies this. In the case of Jo Cox, the Beeb were all over the killer’s “far-right” ideology. To this day, they can’t mention Jo Cox without a reminder of her killer’s “far-right” allegiance.
    In the case of Sir David Amess, they are already shifting the focus away from the killer’s ethnicity and religion. Be sure that in future they will not automatically juxtapose ‘Islamist’ to his name.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The BBC seems to think ‘nationality ‘ is the comfort blanket for heinous blood shed . They did the same with the Islamic terrorist killing 5 in Norway 2? Days ago . ‘It’s ok – he’s Norwegian ‘ – but a convert to the evil following ….

      Maybe they’ll finally stop putting up the lie that ‘right wing terrorism ‘ is the biggest threat – how anyone can say that with a straight face is beyond me .

      ‘Right wing terrorist ‘ is never defined – yet alone the lefts’ favourite phrase ‘far right ‘…. Which to he would be anyone with non approved thought or beliefs …


  45. taffman says:

    “Channel smugglers step up risks to outfox France and UK”
    So why is it so difficult for two of the world’s richest and most powerful nations to stop migrants crossing 20 miles (32km) of sea?
    “France’s northern coastline is covered with dunes, foliage and hundreds of bunkers left over from World War Two – all handy places for migrants to hide.”

    Answer : the same way that the Germans were stopped in World War Two.
    18,000 invaders this year alone is serious!
    The UK Forces should have been called in to defend the nation a long time ago. This is a serious neglect of duty on the part of the government for failing to secure our borders.
    Force should now be used to guard our borders before we have many more ‘lessons to be learned’.


  46. vlad says:

    I’ve just seen jazznick1’s post above, with link to Brendan O’Neill’s article in Spiked.

    It deserves to be read as it’s the sort of analysis you’ll never hear on Al-beeb.

    Here’s the opening para.

    “Can we now have an honest discussion about Islamist terrorism?
    Police think the killing of David Amess may have had an Islamist motivation. We need to talk about this.

    The discussion about the horrific slaying of Tory MP David Amess is set to change. Possibly radically. The police’s decision to treat his murder as a potential terrorist incident, with an Islamist motivation, is likely to shake up how the media elites in particular talk about it. Out will go any implacable political anger and the insistence that we search for the cultural and intellectual influences behind this barbaric act. In their place we’ll see demands for calm. Don’t feel too much fury, we’ll be told. Don’t extrapolate. Don’t blame it on any one faith or ideology. Don’t be Islamophobic. The liberal media will likely stop stirring up passionate feeling about this heinous crime, and instead seek to suppress such emotion.”



    • JimS says:

      No need for a ‘conversation’, we are being replaced, our opinions don’t matter, the opinions of our new Britons must be protected.

      Consider France in 1943, if ten Frenchmen got shot by the Gestapo versus if one Wehrmacht soldier was killed by the Maquis, how would the reporting have gone then?


    • Zelazek says:

      It’s a good article, Vlad, and a hundred times better than anything you can hear on the BBC. I particularly liked the phrase, “Islamist terror amnesia industry”.

      But I think I agree with JimS. Many of us are way beyond the “having a conversation” stage. We have studied Islam and its supremacist and totalitarian tenets. We have looked at what Muslims actually do when they come to Europe. We have concluded that Islam is incompatible with European liberal democracy.

      We need action, not more talk. Those of us who have long considered the problem suggest:
      1. An immediate halt to all Muslim immigration.
      2. The demolition of existing mosques and a ban on the construction of new ones.
      3. The repatriation of Muslims to their ancestral homelands.

      Those measures may sound harsh but the alternative is perpetual conflict and incessant Islamic terrorist outrages until the day they subdue us or they outbreed us and we disappear as a people.


  47. brexiteerkent says:

    Just reading the Telegraph.. Picture on page 8 of flowers messages candles etc for Jo Cox.. Notable on top left of picture is a card saying ” we must unite against the hate that killed her ”
    … so if I put a card with those exact words ( except him not her ) next to the flowers and candles this time .. Would it be allowed to stay there ?


    • Banania says:

      @ brexiteerkent
      “…if I put a card with those exact words ( except him not her ) next to the flowers and candles this time .. Would it be allowed to stay there?”
      Well said!


  48. Rich says:

    Compare and contrast the quality of journalism from the likes of Spiked Online with that of the Bbbc.

    At a time when politicians and the media should be opening a truthful and honest discussion on the reasons behind the Muslim murder of David Amess instead of creating the ‘woke-screen’ already gathering pace, articles like this are on the Bbbc Homepage, considered as an example of ‘More Top Stories’.


    Imagine replacing ‘Black’ with Protestant here in NI, or with Christian anywhere else in the UK. Imagine the outrage if ‘Black’ was replaced with White. Imagine allowing anyone such a platform to actively promote racist views and ideas, without questioning, celebrating bigotry and division, and ask yourself, as the Bbbc actually do this, for how much longer they can be allowed to get away with such anti-British activism masquerading as journalism.

    The Bbbc disgust me, they are rotten to the core.


  49. vlad says:

    Already the BBC are framing the “lessons to be learnt” narrative as “how can we protect our MPs?”.
    All very commendable, as far as it goes. Indeed, our MPs must be protected.
    But I’d like to broaden out the debate, in the spirit of inclusivity:
    “How can we protect all of us from islamic murderers?”
    A first step might be to acknowledge the problem, namely that violence is inherent to islam, and NOT an aberration as the lying BBC and their ilk would have us believe.

    You want proof? Take a look at their own scriptures, below.


    And their record ‘on the ground’.



  50. vlad says:

    Alex Belfield claims the suspected murderer of David Amess was known to the police, the government, and Prevent (surely the most misnamed anti-terror programme ever).