497 Responses to Midweek 15 December 2021

  1. Up2snuff says:

    Have I been spelling Omicron incorrectly? The BBC appear to have adopted the SNP pronunciation of Omicron which adds an extra ‘m’ and a ‘y’ in place of the ‘i’ to the word: “Ommy-cron”.


  2. Northern Voter says:

    Watching the absolute rubbish that is Richard Osman’s house of games, (masochistic I know but someone has to do it) I noticed that on one of the rounds where they smash two things together to get a new word, they needed a plumber. Guess what colour she was, clue she had cornrows in her hair.


  3. Guest Who says:

    The bbc.


    Just a few, extra criteria.


  4. Eddy Booth says:

    18:50 Care homes face ‘significant worsening’ in staff shortages

    “Care companies should be allowed to recruit more care workers from abroad to try to ease acute staff shortages, according to government advisers on migration.”

    No mention of staff lost from the rule they have to be fully vaccinated..


  5. Eddy Booth says:

    PM: Get boosted now as UK has record daily cases
    “Boris Johnson used the press conference to appeal to the public to get their booster jabs.”

    These vaccines seem to have a window before they start ‘working’, I think it’s 2 to 3 weeks, during which time the natural immunity is suppressed, making people vulnerable to infection.
    So no surprise there’s going to be a huge spike in cases with the aggressive roll out ongoing.


  6. theisland says:

    Hundreds expected tomorrow?

    RNLI Have Ferried In Illegal Immigrants 203 Times From January To November This Year.

    Home Office Confirms Illegal Immigrants Will Be ‘processed’ At Manston’s Fire Training Centre

    The Home Office has announced that part of the MOD site at Manston will be used as a processing centre for illegal immigrants.
    The site is said to be ready for use as early as the beginning of January 2022. The Home Office has claimed it will be a secure site and able to hold the illegal immigrants for up to five days.
    The military site will be used to carry out what little checks the Home Office can actually do. This includes asking their name, age and nationality. If they have no identification then the security checks carried out are very limited.
    The Home Office confirmed that short term ‘initial accommodation’ will be provided for people during their time on the Manston site, before being taken to various hotels all over the country.
    The taxpayer-funded site provides all the amenities and services that illegal immigrants could possibly need for a short term stay.
    People who travel to the UK through ‘legal routes’ such as the Afghans flown in by their thousands or the 2,500 people a week from Hong Kong that are arriving will not be taken to Manston, this site is strictly for the illegal immigrants.
    Air Cadets and Army Reservists based at the site have been given notice to move out so that invaders can take their place.
    Those affected are the 3rd Battalion the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment and 2433 Ramsgate & Manston Squadron – RAF Air Cadets.
    In July 2019 a 12-year contract was signed with a private company called Capita, worth roughly £525 million, to outsource the use of Ministry of Defence fire and rescue operations.
    The firm was selected by the MOD as the winning tender for the Defence Fire and Rescue Project in June 2018.
    Ariel footage of the site shows the sheer size of it. The footage of it suggests the government are expecting an awful lot more illegal immigrants next year. They’ve also upgraded the facilities in Dover costing the taxpayer over £2 million. These upgrades are clearly the foundations being laid to import roughly 50,000 illegal immigrants next year.
    This year over 27,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat, over 10,000 by vehicle and the numbers are growing by the day.


    • taffman says:

      Why is our government letting them in ?
      We still have the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines that could turn them back .
      Its all about their “lives” not British lives. They put their own “lives” at risk.
      Could this be the ‘final nail’ for Peppa Pig ?


      • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

        These are the new ‘Britons’

        Ready to staff our Police and Army once they get rid of all the indigenous Brits.


        • G.W.F. says:


          Probably already served as our army, and now being rewarded with residence here


    • MarkyMark says:

      But france has closed its border? HA HA HA HA



  7. tomo says:

    This is going to stir some stuff up…

    as is this


    • StewGreen says:

      That first tweet about a conspiracy theory the police killed protesters, has a lot of “show more replies” gates
      about 6.


      • tomo says:

        Well, they did kill one … I hadn’t seen the stuff about being struck by what might be a grenade launcher riot gas canister – there’s been some nasty incidents in France with those over the last couple of years.

        I did hear ages ago that this incident is one where the official video is being withheld – I didn’t know that there were other cameras present.


  8. BRISSLES says:

    Methinks its time you had a fridge clear out then Fed lol !


  9. Northern Voter says:

    Fox news
    Nancy Pelosi is shocked by the lawlessness in America, she doesn’t know where it comes from. Crinkly cretin.
    From same brazen loon, she sees no reason why lawmakers spouses, especially hers shouldn’t make money, trading shares. Crinkly cretin.
    Refer to first statement.


    • tomo says:

      Pelosi is some strange mix of Harriet Harman, Dianne Abbott, Albert Steptoe and Hyacinth Bucket.

      By’eck she is a poisonous old trout.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Or…. Save time, and end it all now.


  11. Eddy Booth says:

    New government approved Royal Mail Christmas stamps.



  12. tomo says:

    Bizarre enough to be true….?


  13. Philip_2 says:

    I was surprised to learn yesterday (on radio) that Jordan Peterson was invited onto BBC Question time. No doubt for insults by the shows ‘presenters’ or the selected no platformers to express ‘indignation’ with anything they disagree with, which is everything ‘not’ of the left.

    I am reading a few back pages of comments and responses from the DT which may confirm what we know about the global left and the confused thinking they consider as a basic human right, does not make any sense.

    Little gems from Petersen: (he could be talking about the BBC ‘group-think’ but he is talking mainly about the fall of Universities to ‘Woke’ (cancel) culture.


    “Take equity, for example, the pursuit of which we are told is crucial in fighting discrimination. Is it even possible to have diversity and equity at the same time, he asks. “Because equity means the equality of outcome, which is exactly the opposite of any conceivable diversity. “

    No discipline appears to be immune from being “captured” by what Peterson often characterises as the new unholy trinity of diversity, equity and inclusion.

    “It’s happening in medicine, it’s happening in chemistry,” he warns, the latter a reference to a set of guidelines reported by the Canadian National Post as having been issued by the Royal Society of Chemistry staff, to help the editors of its journal “minimise the risk of publishing inappropriate or otherwise offensive content”.

    The guidelines reportedly went on to state that in order to determine offence, “it is the perception of the recipient that we should consider, regardless of the author’s intention”.

    It is, says Peterson, “barbaric” to judge people “merely as a consequence of the outcomes of their actions”.
    “That is what law used to be 5,000 years ago, before we got sophisticated enough to consider intent. We are just reversing now, casually.”

    “There were hundreds of millions of people killed in the 20th century, unnecessarily, for ideological reasons. And we can certainly manage that on a magnificent scale if we so choose. We’re in a state now where our technological prowess has hit an inflection point. It’s all we can do to keep up with it. We have no idea what’s on the horizon.

    “Misplaced guilt and a hatred for human enterprise, and the belief that we’re a cancer on the face of the planet and that the planet would be better with fewer people on it or perhaps none. That’s not the rock you build your house on.”

    My comment:
    I do wonder, if the BBC hates itself and this country so much that it is willing to see the country rollered into the EU by pain of death, or locked up in our homes, afraid to talk openly about ‘posh’ drug abuses, ‘trans drugs’ , the militant ‘left’ or liberal ‘pervs’ over represented in BBC programmes as ‘middle ground’. Even the Climate COPT26 is considered a world summit of unquestioned confirmation of the BBC news channels. Not one of debate.

    Anyway, what do I know. All I know is for £150 you can buy another TV channel and totally ignore the BBC, but then I have to read in the newspapers that (by law) have to post BBC TV and Radio ABOVE all other TV and radio listings. That the law in publishing here in the UK. And that is because the BBC can claim ‘immunity’ from market forces as part of the ‘BBC Charter’ to remain ‘independent’ and ‘uniquely funded’ as being ‘British’ when its should have been closed down in the 1970‘s for being a grossly mis-used bloated public monopoly.

    But then I would have to add the NHS to that body.
    And we all know how well that went. The BBC claims it is a ‘vital’ as the NHS. We need neither, we need something new, smaller and well run private and paid for by our (Abused) NHI – National Health Insurance, contributions and should include the millions who do not pay for any of it (immigrants and part time trippers for NHS operations who have no means to pay for anything and can skip off out).
    And then millions of immigrants adore the BBC for all the help and information to hand to apply to be ‘British’ and claim equal rights to everything we have and equal rights everything we own, and to cancel our English culture (as no doubt) they will find it ‘offensive’ when they cannot get ALL the money, housing, education or as much charity they were told to expect, (by the BBC mainly) and its left ideology of human rights free for all, no questions asked back packer lawyers (paid for us again in the UK). as another ‘right’, they never had elsewhere in the EU.

    “Because equity means the equality of outcome, which is exactly the opposite of any conceivable diversity. “
    And that is the paradox of the BBC exactly. Making everything equal, does not make it right. Genders are not equal nor are ‘sex changing’ drugs make sexes equal based on perception by the user.

    He joins many University speakers hounded out of UK Universities for stating the obvious.



  14. tomo says:

    People keep saying “I think we know where this is going”


  15. taffman says:

    PMQs: Boris Johnson has lost the trust and authority to lead – Sir Keir Starmer”
    So, why did you vote for him “Sir” Keir?


  16. taffman says:

    “Covid-19: A record day for cases – what does it tell us?”

    Pay attention of the second graph’s text………………….
    “2. Infections are rising at break-neck speed
    Percentage of cases classified ‘possible Omicron’ , to 11 of Dec”

    Note the operative word “possible”.


  17. taffman says:

    “On the front line as Afghan children battle malnutrition and measles”
    Well, the Taliban are in charge now thanks to Mr, ‘President’ Biden .


  18. tomo says:

    They’d start a war with a spelling mistake? (Okay -two spelling mistakes…)


    • tomo says:

      Russian collusion?


  19. taffman says:

    “Climate change: Wales COP26 events ‘costly failure’ ”
    A total waste of money !
    In fact the Assembly is a bureaucratic waste of money .


  20. Sluff says:

    On BBC news the other day, Ben Brown talked about Boris ‘losing’ the commons vote on the new covid measures.
    He then repeated this.

    Now whether readers agree or disagree with the measures and agree or disagree that Boris is useless, it cannot be denied that he did in fact win the votes. Yes, he needed Labour to support, and yes there was a big Tory rebellion, but nevertheless Boris won the votes.

    So why did the BBC assert that he had lost them and then repeat the lie?
    Are they that stupid over facts? Or could it be that they want to continually support their chosen narrative and portray Boris in the particular way that the BBC would like?


  21. BRISSLES says:

    “Bookings across the country collapse…….” well, I booked a table for next Tuesday at our local Chinese restaurant and I intend to keep it.


  22. Zephir says:

    The fightback begins …

    what Cleese reported is disgusting for a so called impartial organisation, insidious and typical , bbc run by BAMES:

    (who are sufficiently stupid to choose the wrong opponents to try and crucify, they must think they are fireproof, or they are just thick…quite likely a bit of both when you got the job because of your colour…think Martin Bashir)

    John Cleese to complain to the BBC over ‘dishonest’ and ‘deceptive’ interview
    The Monty Python star claimed the interviewer had tried to portray him as “old-fashioned” and “uncaring” and had not discussed the agreed on topics.


    So I am formally complaining to the BBC about the deception, dishonesty and tone of this interview
    Karishma had no interest in a discussion with me
    She wanted only the role of prosecutor
    The BBC needs to train her again
    — John Cleese (@JohnCleese) December 16, 2021

    “Instead, the interviewer, whose name was, I think, Karishma, started by asking me questions about Cancel Culture.
    “I replied courteously and in full I explained that if parents were over protective, it did not prepare children well when they entered the real and often not-very-nice world.
    “She then asked a disjointed question, clearly trying to portray me as old-fashioned, uncaring and basically harmful.
    Cleese said his response had been “totally ignored” by the interviewer, who had then asked him about the ongoing pandemic and Dave Chapelle.

    He added: “The media will no doubt report that I ‘stormed out.’ I didn’t. Nor did I lose my temper.

    “But I was depressed that this kind of presenter-ego crap is so prevalent now.”


    • JohnC says:

      ‘who are sufficiently stupid to choose the wrong opponents to try and crucify’

      I particularly like this one with Richard Bacon and Jim Davidson someone posted here a while back.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Strange watching a grown up talk to a BBC kidult ….Jim has aged very well …but I guess the BBC won’t classify him as a ‘national treasure ‘- much safer with the limited Lenny ….


  23. Zephir says:

    Does not take long to find the reason behind the ignorant, clumsy attempt at a hit job by the biased bbc:

    ‘Some of the woke don’t understand anything about irony’: John Cleese’s documentary will explore positive and negative aspects of cancel culture



  24. JohnC says:

    It’s usually eye opening what you miss on the BBC if you don’t check elsewhere. Every so often I will search for something like ‘London Stabbing’ and compare the BBC with what google tells me.

    Man stabbed to death in Elephant & Castle

    This is a day old and I never even saw it on the BBC despite checking the front page through the day. And the report is a brief as you can get. It’s basically ‘A man got stabbed. Police are asking for witnesses.’

    Elsewhere of course we get the full story. The victim as 23 year old ‘Ian Gualavisi’ and he was also attacked with a machete a few months earlier.

    More ‘enrichment’ under the carpet. As I always say, I have no problem with the people we are importing, I have a problem with the culture they bring with them.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      We can only speculate about the background to this, which the BBC would prefer you not to do in case you reach the “wrong conclusions”. A local news site* provides further information.


      * Note for BBC staff. A ‘news site’ is a website which provides news and factual information regarding an event, rather than regurgitate crude state propaganda, or promote your own immature and incoherent world view gained in the Junior Common Room whilst studying sociology in a former polytechnic-turned-university.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think it is interesting that the londonistan plod shot someone dead in the street last week and he hasn’t been named ‘ identified yet .
      So if you come to londonistan and the plod shoot you dead don’t expect anyone to be interested ….

      … I’m starting to think the dead ‘man’ might have got off a dinghy ….


  25. Fedup2 says:

    Today Watch

    Here’s a name for you. Charlie Taylor . He is the ‘inspector of prisons ‘. He thinks criminals arriving on the shores of Kent are not being treated nice . Conditions are not nice . Our Justin let him go on and on about it not being nice .

    I was waiting for the question about whether they should get anything at all – after all they have come to our mug country illegally . But that never came .

    I just thought they should feel lucky for not having drowned in the Channel.

    Then I thought – who the hell recruits people like ‘Charlie Taylor ‘? Clearly a weeping lefty which no proper politician of the Right would have anywhere near an important job …..


  26. Guest Who says:

    Ros clearly thinks this is his route to award glory like Marianna does her feet.


  27. Guest Who says:

    This is not journalism either.


  28. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile BS pushes Sopes pushing Lurch.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Dear Winston Smith,

      I noticed that Jon Sopel is talking about impartial and unbiased reporting but his twitter account has three references to his book whilst using the BBC brand. Could the BBC please explain what is happening?

      1) Is BBC Jon Sopel supposed to tell us about the news or his new book?

      2) BBC Jon Sopel’s twitter feed has the BBC name in it and says “Jon Sopel, BBC North America Editor. My book If Only They Didn’t Speak English is out now.” which references his book and not the fact he is an unbiased and impartial reporter.

      3) BBC Jon Sopel’s twitter’s pinned tweet is from 23May2018 and is about .. himself and his book.

      4) Is BBC Jon Sopel’s book 100% BBC approved thought and unbiased and partial?

      5) Shouldn’t BBC Jon Sopel’s twitter be about the latest news and not himself?

      6) When Jon Sopel sells a book does it go to help pay for the BBC TV Tax – to reduce it? As the BBC are promoting it – thus it is promoted by the BBC TV Tax Payer.

      “Impartiality lies at the heart of public service and is the core of the BBC’s commitment to its audiences. It applies to all our output and services – television, radio, online, and in our international services and commercial magazines. We must be inclusive, considering the broad perspective and ensuring the existence of a range of views is appropriately reflected”

      Good luck answering this one without laughing yourself silly.



  29. Guest Who says:

    They have just hired a new dusky specialist just not to do this.


  30. Fedup2 says:

    Hilarious “today “

    Someone has written in the NY Times ? That maybe Biden will be too old to be re elected in the coming fixed US election . ‘There are starting to be questions about his health ‘.

    Quite funny that the BBC treats this as though it is new ….


    • MarkyMark says:


      President Trump’s 100 Days President Biden’s 0 Day 

      Dear Winston Smith in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth,

      You covered President Trump’s 100 Days and then produced a Beyond 100 Days to hold power to account.

      Why have you not done the same for President Biden to hold power to account?

      ‘Omission is the greatest form of lie.’ 


      Thank you again for contacting us,

      BBC Complaints Team


  31. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Leeds crash: Suspected burglar dies after stolen car hits wall

    See, what actually happened was a violent toe rag took themselves out using poor driving.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Ban walls!


    • JohnC says:

      Again this strange recent BBC reporting technique which implies the car is to blame, not the driver.

      I expect it is some kind of general directive given to not imply any blame for what happened on the person who did it to protect the agenda when the perpetrator is inconvenient for the agenda. Like their hero Alec Baldwin.


  32. Guest Who says:

    Jess Brammar retweeted this. I bet she is ‘essential’ though.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Presumably the dinghy-based invasion force from Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent will still be categorised as ‘essential UK travel’.



      • Guest Who says:

        Beyond doctors and space engineers, there is a clear shortage of folk with the qualities necessary to be appointed to senior bbc roles.


  33. AsISeeIt says:

    The misanthropic ‘i’ newspaper presents us with a stark headline: ‘Don’t mix with friends unless you have to

    We’ve come an awful long way in terms of public health warnings since the good old days of coughs and sneezes spread diseases.

    Frankly, I tend to mix with friends whenever convenience allows.

    A misanthrope is defined as a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society. The latter action rather implies the former attitude.

    The Misanthrope, or The Cantankerous Lover, is a play by Molière, dating from a generation or two after Shakespeare, it is a comedy of manners which satirises the hypocrisies of French aristocratic society. Two of the playwright’s previous plays had already been banned by the French government, so Molière may have softened his message to make the play more socially acceptable. As a result, there is much ambiguity about whether the main character Alceste is intended as a hero for his uncompromising honesty, or as a quixotic fool.

    The Misanthrope is also the title given to a sixteenth century painting by Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The central figure of the allegorical composition depicts a man, black-robed and white-bearded, seemingly in other-worldly contemplation. A man behind him uses his knife to cut the strings of the elderly man’s moneypouch. The elderly man appears so lost in thought that he notices neither the actions of the thief nor the caltrops that lie in his path. Calthrops are medieval tin tacks thrown on the ground in warfare to disrupt cavalry horses. Here they represent worldly problems cast in the man’s path of which he appears oblivious. But he cannot renounce the world as he might wish and he is contrasted with a humble shepherd in the background, who guards his sheep and who is more virtuous than the misanthrope because of his simple, honourable performance of his duties.

    Here endeth the lesson – as they used to say.

    Now for the parish notices…

    The Sun complains: ‘Outrage as Katie dodges jail. What price justice?‘ Here’s the charge sheet, or what you might call a litany: ‘Get off your face on booze and drugs, drive while banned, overturn you car, then end up with nice trip to Vegas and a little spell in rehab

    The Star reckons: ‘If Danny Dyer says so then it must be true. Aliens are among us. World expert Danny Dyer says there is no doubt… at least that’s what some bloke down the Vic told him

    Avoid the pub… and save ChristmasThe Sun quotes Boris there in a secondary frontpage story.

    The ‘i’ offers us, besides misanthrophy and their familiar basin full of coronaphobia, a stodgy-looking side order of Labour: ‘Keir starmer. Voters will no longer give Boris the benefit of the doubt‘ – that’s as maybe. Meanwhile we’re presumably prescribed the piggie-eyed stuffed shirt that is Sir Keir as antidote.

    Speaking of which, BBC stalwart Jenni Murray teams up with the Daily Mail: ‘I’m jabbed up to the eyeballs – and I shall go to the Christmas ball‘ – you go, girl!

    Of course the Mail’s headline: ‘It’s Boris versus the scientists. Whitty warns Britain to scale back Xmas plans but PM insists he WON’T cancel parties or close hospitality‘ – presents us what amounts to a complete sham. Boris in fact seeks some deniablity for his latest turn of the lockdown screw via project fear – pure and simple arse-covering. It’s not me wot done it. It’s no as if I’m Prime Minister or anything!

    This pretence – we don’t like or want to do this but we have to – is wearing awfully thin.

    The damage is already done: ‘A covid outbreak in Watford’s squad led to their game against Burnely being cancelled… It was the Premier League’s third postponment in four days‘ (Times) – due to obsessive testing for cases; ‘… and Queen also weighs up risks of family get-together‘ – nudge-nudge (Express); ‘Omicron: Schools prepared if Covid forces online move next term. Some children are being asked to take laptops home with them before Christmas in preparation.‘ (BBC); ‘Firms ask for help as customers cancel bookings‘ (BBC); ‘Business seeks support‘ (FT)


    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘Don’t mix with friends unless you have to‘

      Matt Hancock tells Brits to avoid casual sex and stick to ‘established’ partners
      Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Sky News journalist Kay Burley became rather giggly as they discussed the Government’s casual sex ban and when it will end

      Kay Burley and Matt Hancock get flirty talking about casual sex ban
      ByChris KitchingSenior News ReporterOliver MilnePolitical Correspondent
      12:15, 24 Sep 2020UPDATED12:41, 24 Sep 2020


    • Guest Who says:

      I wonder if that applies to Maaaaates?

      Thinking of coining the term ‘Rajaned’ to add to the BBC EdGuds lexicon, referring to a vastly over paid market rate talent being tucked away on vast over payment until inconvenient aspects of their talent that have come to light are deemed blown over.

      The Indy does seem a rich source of bbc senior types for an ex medium that has no audience and is propped up by an oligarch and potentate.


  34. MarkyMark says:

    Taking the KNEE for BRITISH IMPERIALISM … ha ha ha ha …

    Introducing… Sir Lewis Hamilton!

    . . . .

    He responded with the message “Thank you Jesus”


    • JohnC says:

      What a shame they don’t have similar awards for the biggest hypocrites. I would support him getting that one.


      • MarkyMark says:

        “But we have learnt somethings in the last 10 years. We have learnt that most of the press in free western countries are cowards. We’ve learnt that most of our artistic establishment are cowards. Most of our politicians are cowards. We’ve learnt that industries that spend much of their year in award ceremonies patting themselves on the back for their bravery, stop when bravery is required.” – Douglas Murray @5:00

        ‘”If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. I’m proud those words now adorn BBC HQ’



    • Fedup2 says:

      Where is mum ?


  35. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – BBC default position is . . . ….

    …. . . . to take the Labour Party and Remain Campaign position on UK Politics. This morning it has been purely a mouthpiece for the Shadow SoS for Health, Wes Streeting. They did via JustRemainIn Webb (I think) and an interview with a Care Home spokesman – just for a bit of variety – push for more immigration from the EU. Then it was back to the Labour Party line.


  36. MarkyMark says:

    BBC to report on any parties at the BBC whilst the BBC tell you to stay home and watch your parents die over ZOOM.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      The BBC does not have problems with parties.

      The Communist Party and the Socalist Workers Party are welcome at Broadcasting House at all times.


  37. G says:

    “Omicron variant: Five symptoms that are specific to the new Covid variant”


    For youngsters: These are the daily symptoms of old people every day never mind about the Chinese virus. I know.


  38. Guest Who says:

    This was special.


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC bans white people from applying for £18,000 trainee job on Springwatch and The One Show
      BBC is advertising a one-year trainee production management role in Glasgow
      The position is ‘only open to black, Asian and ethnically diverse candidates’
      Positive discrimination is illegal but ‘positive action’ is allowed for trainee roles

      PUBLISHED: 22:01, 19 June 2021


  39. wronged says:


    Dutch MP ordered to delete Covid Holocaust social media posts

    I am sick and tired of the BBC pushing the notion that the Nazi Party is right wing. Hitler himself was a self confessed Socialist. The Nazi Party itself was formed from a Democratic Socialist Party. They abhorred the capitalist state.
    So please someone, explain to me, a non brainwashed citizen of this country, how any association with the Nazi Party is perceived of as being right wing?


    • MarkyMark says:

      “This Tweet is from a suspended account. Learn more”


      …. you to go home and kill your racist Brexit-voting parents.” It is a a MYSTERY why Nish Kumar is the favourite comedian at the BBC!!!
      You’ve visited this page 4 times. Last visit: 02/12/21


    • StewGreen says:

      (Seems the missing photo is just a headshot of that Dutch politician)
      Apparently Stalin’s PR dept put a lot of work into building the narrative
      that Nazis, National Socialists were the opposite of communists.

      Actual evil totalitarianism regimes are often rooted in such anti-capitalism.

      but I do think it is offensive to actual victims of real WW2 Nazis to keep comparing minor authoritarian modern things to actual Nazi’s.

      Someone who gets a hard time cos they don’t like vaccine passports is not on the same level as victims of the actual Holocaust.


    • G.W.F. says:


      The standard Trotskyist line is that the Nazi’s are right wing, capitalism taken to its conclusion. Remember the BBC is full of Trots recruited from yoony soc socs that have been infiltrated by Trots – known as ‘deep entrism’.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Wronged – I think when the cut and paste troll,reads your comment it will think it’s an out of context Christmas . …

      … I think they get confused with the believe by both the Germans and the Japanese that they were racially superior to their enemies – thus providing an ‘excuse / explanation ‘ for their respective atrocities ….


  40. MarkyMark says:

    “Look at it from their perspective- in their own country they have likely noticed little evidence of the new variant worsening the situation, whereas, as an outside observer listening to Boris’s latest rants you could be forgiven for concluding that the UK is in the midst of the apocalypse.”



  41. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Main Page….

    “France toughens travel rules from UK amid Omicron surge” FEAR

    “Schools prepared to move online next term” FEAR

    “Why is Nadiya putting snacks in everything?” ISLAM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS


  42. MarkyMark says:

    Jamie Oliver – beef jerky – cultural appropriation @ Dawn Butler
    Nadiya Hussain – copy other countries – creative genius @ bbc

    #jerk I’m just wondering do you know what #Jamaican #jerk actually is? It’s not just a word you put before stuff to sell products.
    should do a masterclass. Your jerk Rice is not ok. This appropriation from Jamaica needs to stop.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Jamaican totalitarianism…. For Christmas …. I can feel a BBC Jamaican based cooking programme coming on ….

      … take one goat and kill it …..


    • harry142857 says:

      Having you hair straightened from an afro is also cultural appropriation. So that’s nearly every black female MP ever.


    • StewGreen says:

      Dawn Butler handed over footage of her police stop, yet ?


  43. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Radio 4, Monday 13 December

    In an item about the rise in infections caused by Omicron and its impact on the NHS we said: ‘NHS England says between 20 and 30 per cent of critical care beds are occupied by Covid patients…. three quarters of those haven’t been vaccinated.’

    We also said that the ‘vast majority’ of those in critical care are unvaccinated.

    In fact, the most recent figures from the Intensive Care and National Audit Research Centre (ICNARC) show that 51% of intensive care patients in England with Covid in November were vaccinated and 48% were not.




    • JohnC says:

      Why aren’t they forced to put those corrections on the front page ?.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Mark Twain: “A Lie Can Travel Halfway Around the World Before the Truth Puts On its Shoes”


    • StewGreen says:

      ITBB had an item about the BBC correction
      where they retracted their claim Haitian immigrants were whipped.
      I checked Sept 21st tweets
      and hundreds had retweeted the BBC’s fake claim.
      Of course they are not retweeting the retraction.

      There does seem to be a genuine increase in the times the BBC owns up
      but I reckon it still only corrects a fraction of one per cent.


  44. digg says:

    Do I detect project fear raising it’s smelly head again in the lefty press?

    All appear to have been given the same LibDem crib sheet overnight.


    France toughens travel rules from UK as Omicron surges



    UK public don’t want ‘perennial fights of a permanent Brexit’ with EU – report



    Leave voters go cold on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, study finds


    Note those snidey pseudo-fact-words “report” and “study”….. So bloody transparent!


  45. Guest Who says:

    Mentioned before, but there is a lot of it about.

    ‘Instead, the interviewer, whose name was, I think, Karishma, started by asking me questions about Cancel Culture.


    • MarkyMark says:

      But when the Muslims colonised Spain, for some six hundred years they administered a very enlightened, sophisticated and tolerant culture


      • Fedup2 says:

        Did John Cleese really expect anything else from the BBC which once loved him so much – and still exploits his talent from time to time ( repeats )


  46. G says:


    Now, I wonder why they would want to do that?

    Salty Cracker’s take:



  47. JohnC says:

    The BBC are absolutely loving Omicron. I’ve never seen so many articles on a topic and so many HYS open. They are churning them out like there is no tomorrow – all with the comedy ‘Sales’ graphs going up at 45 degrees. I’m almost surprised they don’t have one going off the top of the picture and into the text above.

    They are getting a few comments from the students and proper Lefties with the desired outrage at the government and their Xmas parties – basically repeating the rhetoric the BBC have been putting out, but unfortunately for them a lot seem to be to commenting on how ridiculous the scaremongering is.

    It will be interesting to watch and see if any of the HYS disappear.


  48. Philip_2 says:

    The BBC are ecstatic that we’re all moving back into lock-down and ID passports March next year.
    This morning a new caller rang in to TALK Radio (a Canadian caller) pointing out that that all western leaders proposing national ‘lock-down’ and travel restrictions are graduates of a ‘leader program’ that involved the WEF. (From the global billionaire club at DAVOS, with an assorted mix of pop stars who are left leaning to horizontal on drugs).

    We already know that SOROS promotes graduates into media ‘positions’ by the backdoor, notably the BBC are thick with them. They have never denied it.
    So on the face its ethical and diversity but the selection is by your involvement as political left agitators for global ‘change’ for the WEF cause. The cause is always a global socialist movement. Hundreds of overt political ‘charities’ distribute the money to disrupt at the student activist level.

    SOROS calls himself ‘a liberal’ phlanthropist and funds BILLIONS into fringe left wing groups.

    Another was the The Trilateral Commission (which Starmer is part of) , most of Europe elite seem to be part of it. There are plenty of conspiracy theories about the Trilateral Commission. This 47-year-old organisation helps that easy work. They range from, anti-democratic, anti-Christian or anti-worker, that it is scheming ultimately to abolish the sovereignty of nations and establish one-world government! However, sometimes you don’t need conspiracy theories, the truth is far more shocking.

    So this pandemic was planned (as it was engineered) China may be the source but it was financed by private big PHARMA companies who are able to license the miricule ‘cure’ they created. The funding for that was none other than the same people as above and includes Bill Gates, who is buying up large US farms to roll out massive GM crops production in a ‘Brave New World’ which is bases around zero population growth.

    Gates called this the ‘COVID vaccine war’.

    That must mean a ‘sterility’ program is in play. It may not be obvious now, but the side affects of the Vaccine are only too real for some and removes any immunity from Children who are largely immune at that age. Its not harmless and its being made ‘quasi’ mandatory across Europe and – no doubt – we may be the last to force it through next March, even if Boris denies it, Starmer will push it through later following on from Scotland SNP using ’emergency’ legislation and Wales will follow, as they do based on scare ‘predictions’.

    There will be riots in the streets. It all depends on IF Boris is ‘Churchill’ and face off this global attack or gives in an accepts the SAGE idiots trained in and by the medical ‘The Trilateral Commission’ and fringe communist groups backed by SOROS. There is no scientific evidence any more, its all about ‘predictions’ by the BBC who have predicted the end of the world since SOROS starting funding the BBC staff training program via ‘Open Democracy’

    Nothing to see here, say the BBC. He is just a ‘mastermind’ for good, despite what the ‘hard right’ i.e Daily Mail readers, may read or think or those watching GB News perhaps are all ‘hard left’ identified as the ‘enemy’.

    But its’ never denied, they take the money.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Oxford and Cambridge top world university rankings {bbc.co.uk sep2017}

      The University of Oxford is top of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, with Cambridge University second, up from fourth place last year.

      A key factor in the rankings is income and both universities saw this rise in the past year, partly in the form of European Union research grants.
      But this income could fall with Brexit, warned rankings director Phil Baty.

      “They are a huge national asset, and one that the country can ill-afford to undermine at a time when its place in the global order is under intense scrutiny.”

      BBC miss a golden opportunity to say that Islam is helping fund our Government {independent}and Universities … ” In many cases Oxford (University) has knowingly accepted money from undemocratic states with poor human rights records.” {page35}

      A DEGREE OF INFLUENCE: The funding of strategically important subjects in UK universities: Sources of Arabic and Islamic funding available on public record {pdf page21}
      “What is noticeable from the research undertaken in this report is the disparity in the levels of funding from the countries studied. There are huge amounts of cash currently being donated by Arab and Islamic sources (University of Cambridge / £1.2m / UAE / Appointment of a full-time lecturer specialising in Islam / 1996), and this has undoubtedly led to a degree of influence in the oversight of UK universities. China, however, while donating only a relatively small amount of cash, has managed to gain a disproportionate amount of influence in UK higher education via its Confucius Institutes. What is also clear is that, in terms of money donated, the likes of Japan and Russia do not appear to have the desire to influence higher education in the same way as China or certain countries in the Muslim world.” {page163}


      – BBC can investigate further the monies and influence from foreign investors in our Universities, with BBCs £3.5bn news machine and top presenters like Chris ‘£2.3million + CarFest’ Evans might have some time to complete a proper news investigation.



  49. Sluff says:

    As far as I can make out.
    Boosters prevent symptomatic infection.
    But do not effectively prevent transmission.


    Does that mean to prevent transmission it would be better NOT to give out boosters so that people get symptomatic infection and thus know to self- isolate until such time as they are no longer infective? How do you prevent transmission if you have covid but don’t know you do?

    Ergo. Boosters prevent serious illness but may counter-intuitively assist transmission.
    No wonder I get confused.


  50. brexiteerkent says:

    Absoultely brilliant Simon Webb video.