Midweek 13 April 2022

Will the Far Left Social Campaigning Broadcaster – known to some as the BBC – manage to bring the democratically elected Prime Minster down ? The campaign is back to full flow . Wall to wall Fixed Penalty Tickets adorn the airwaves . The Third World War must wait . Putin must laugh .

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  1. taffman says:

    \\Boris Johnson has previously said he said he was “not in favour of more coal”, but with 40% of the UK’s coking coal coming from Russia will the war in Ukraine change the government’s approach?//
    What do you think ?
    Are we really going to import coal when we have so much beneath us what ever the climate is doing ?
    Wherever it comes from we are still burning it.

    Lessons to be learned ? No, just common sense, stuff the ‘Green Bubble’ .


    • MarkyMark says:

      650 MPs give up heating and eat soya to save the world.


    • Up2snuff says:

      taffman, we were importing German (and I think maybe Polish) coal not so long ago. It was far dirtier, in terms of smoke (pollution) and emissions (CO2) than many UK coals. So we turned instead to importing wood chips from even further afield (USA) to burn in the Drax power station.


      One argument in favour of not mining UK coal – the health and physical cost to miners – has disappeared in the age of AI and robotics. We should get digging again!


      • Northern Voter says:

        Whilst working on Hull Docks inspecting bulk coal carriers, I saw coal coming from Poland and Germany, but also further afield. 35,000 tons of coal from Vietnam. How much diesel to ship that via the Suez?


  2. taffman says:

    “Inflation: Five things driving up prices at record rates”
    Looking ahead if they can do that , what is Boris and Rishi going to do about it ?


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC – save £159 per year by stop paying Gary Lineker to heat one of his 12 homes.


  3. taffman says:

    \\Police arrest suspect in New York subway shooting ‘without incident’//
    A terrorist incident ? Anyone in that subway would be terrorised.


  4. theisland says:


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      I remain puzzled by the inaction of the people of Kent. I haven’t been in that county since 1961. So tell me someone, why the acquiescence to the invasion?
      I am in no position to criticise because I don’t live there but other than Steve Laws and the occasional interest by Nigel Farage there seems to me to be not the slightest sign of La Resistance.
      Perhaps u2snuff can reveal more?


      • taffman says:

        Yasser Dasimbehbi
        Nowt on Al Beeb?


      • Up2snuff says:

        Kent is quite a large county Yasser. Just over forty miles top to bottom, north to south, even more travelling east to west. It appears to be well served by motorways but it is not. In addition, the roads are ‘sabotaged’ by a certain (mis)management of a certain body. Nudge, nudge, wink wink, know what I mean Guv, say no more.

        The M2, one of the UK’s earliest motorways is only two lanes wide for part of its length.

        The other factor in relation to ‘Kent residents activism’ is that many communities in Kent are tiny villages but ancient villages, with narrow winding roads. In addition, it is very much a farming county, and so the roads cannot be widened without losing (privately owned) farm land. Then on top of all that it is an affluent county and with affluence that may be derived from commuting to London and London based jobs.

        Kent can be a very difficult county to travel across and around.

        Of course, with affluence may go an inclination to liberal or even socialist politics which I think we agree might be more invasion – rubbing noses in diversity – friendly.

        In addition, there have been some high profile arrests (Nigel Farage for one) that tend to discourage direct action.

        It has changed since 1961, a bit, but not that much! You can no longer drive through Canterbury City Centre on the A2. Time for you to visit again.


    • MarkyMark says:

      As the fleet approaches the Suez Canal, Egyptian military forces fire a warning shot, causing the fleet to steer south, around the Cape of Good Hope. To the surprise of observers, the apartheid regime of South Africa floats out barges of food and supplies, which the migrants throw overboard. The international press is thrilled, believing the rejection of these supplies to be a political statement against the apartheid South African regime. Western leaders, confident the migrants will accept supplies from their “more virtuous” nations, organize a supply mission, funded by governments, charities, rock stars and major churches, to meet the migrants off São Tomé. However, the fleet does not stop for these barges either, and when a worker from the Pope’s barge attempts to board one of the ships, he is strangled and thrown overboard. The press attempts to contain coverage of the murder.

      When the migrants pass through the Strait of Gibraltar, the French president orders troops to the south and addresses the nation with his plan to repel them. However, in the middle of the address, he breaks down, demanding the troops simply follow their consciences instead. Most of the troops immediately desert their posts and join the civilians as they flee north, and the south is quickly overrun by the migrants. Some of the last troops to stand their ground take refuge in a small village, along with Calguès, an old man who has chosen to remain at his home, and Hamadura, a Westernized Indian who is terrified of his “filthy, brutish” countrymen and prides himself on having more in common with whites than Indians. The troops in this village, a total of nineteen Frenchmen and one Indian, surrounded by what they deem “occupied territory”, remain the last defense of Western values and “Free France” against the immigrants.



    • digg says:

      In context now more than ever…


      ….and still the woke lefty loonies can’t see the wood for the trees.


  5. Sluff says:

    Does this story really, really warrant a webshite news front page screen space?

    ‘Fantastic Beasts 3: Gay dialogue removed from film for Chinese audiences’

    It’s the BBC, so of course it does.


    • StewGreen says:

      Dan Wootton explained the movie company first sidelined JK Rowling for not conforming to Woke-Supremacism

      Then the same movie company cut the gay characters she wrote from the dialogue when showing her film in China
      so they are COMPLYING with the Chinese governments censorship.


    • MarkyMark says:

      China …. https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.cnn.com%2Fcnnnext%2Fdam%2Fassets%2F151209092914-china-star-wars-poster-controversy-rivers-lok-ns-00003623.jpg


  6. Up2snuff says:

    TWatO Watch #1 – oh, what a give away ….

    Nigel Mills MP (Con) was on the programme to give his opinion about why the PM should resign. The Montacutie asks him “What do your constituents think?” and came the reply “I don’t know, I have been busy doing the round of TV and radio stations giving interviews.” Well, I guess that is one way of prostituting yourself as an MP.


    • Bulldog says:

      Let him luxuriate in the glow of media attention for his 15 minutes of fame only to disappear back to the life of obscurity from whence he came.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Paid representative on £89K a year with expenses! HA HA HA HA!

      MPs awarded £2,200 pay rise as Britain faces cost of living squeeze
      ‘Right that they are paid fairly’, says watchdog as pay rises to £84,144

      Adam Forrest
      Tuesday 01 March 2022 18:29



    • MarkyMark says:

      Name of donor: William Hill plc
      Address of donor: Greenside House, 50 Station Road, Wood Green, London N22 7TP

      Amount of donation, or nature and value if donation in kind: As a member of the APPG on Darts, two tickets to watch the William Hill Professional Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace, total value £524 (£262 each). At the same event, as a tournament prize, William Hill plc pledged a donation of £500 to my nominated local charity.


      Name of donor: Sky plc
      Address of donor: Grant Way, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5QD

      Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Two tickets to test match at Trent Bridge including hospitality, value £400



  7. Sluff says:

    A propos of nothing.

    We’ve spent time recently in an extremely cycle-friendly city and we’ve sat in cafe and restaurant windows watching the world (and cyclists) go by, day after day.

    Most cyclists are male and whether they are or not nearly all seem to be under 40, and quite possibly 35.

    In other words, cycling is not ‘for all’ in any normal sense of the word, but for a very narrow demographic. One might say tiny minority.

    I’d venture also that many of these cyclists are quite well-to-do young professionals not short of a few bob. Few if any appear ‘too poor to afford a car’.

    What a crazy world we have become, where the poor working class are taxed and penalised, browbeaten, even victimised, so that a small affluent, often professional minority and a few eco-warriors can use a particular form of transport undesired and impractical for the huge majority.

    There must be votes in it for anyone with the b**** to call out this nonsense for what it is. But don’t hold your breath.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      The wife and I were talking about this some time back Sluff. Around here, way out west in the countryside, most of the cyclists are clearly affluent middle-aged, white males (MAMILs). Jez Vine would fit in perfectly.

      If you see them setting off on one of their group rides, which get more common as the weather warms up, they all get out of massive SUVs – Land Rovers, BMWs, Audis etc… which they abandon all along the verge, so lorries and tractors can’t pass, and blocking the entrances to fields (annoying the farmers). They all seem to come out of some city (Bristol, London!) en masse to invade the country for a ‘day out’ on their (expensive looking) bikes.

      We wouldn’t mind so much if it was just weekends, but they’re often clogging up the country lanes, 30 or more at a time, blocking the entire road for hundreds of yards on weekdays. They’re impossible to pass safely on twisty country lanes, and really slow down your getting to work, or home, or travelling for business meetings. I do work odd hours a lot of the time, but they’re even out during rush hours and seem angry, entitled and totally oblivious that a lot of people live in the country and do NEED to be able to go about their daily lives too.

      I’d hate to think what kind of charges you’d be up against if you accidentally ran one off the road, they all seem to have those ‘headcams’ on their helmets too.

      I know very few around here who cycle to work – distance being one big obstacle, it’s usually several miles to the next town, and very few kids, poorer, or older people who use a bike, mostly because the little country roads are often quite busy, and aren’t safe after dark and in the winter – plus it’s miserable to turn up to work soaking wet and cold. Yes, toys for an entitled minority.


      • Up2snuff says:

        There’s a big difference Sluff and BigBro, between the ‘utility’ cyclist (like me as an OAP) and the ‘leisure’ cyclist in Lycra at weekends on a £3500 bike. The leisure cyclist behaves as BigBro outlines, sometimes putting the utility cyclist in danger on narrow and twisty roads. The utility cyclist uses their machine out of necessity, out of convenience, for the freedom it brings, for exercise and out of love for ‘being there’ and ‘getting there’.


        • BigBrotherCorporation says:

          Quite so, Up, there’s an older guy (am guessing in his 70s) lives half a mile along the lane from me with his missus. He often gets his bike out on an evening for a trip down to the lake to do some fishing, chip shop, pub… he seems a really friendly, happy guy, always gives way with a smile, if you meet him at a junction, and never in a rush.

          HE and his ilk are not an issue, nor are the local kids on bikes – who normally go up into the woods to ride around on dirt tracks of their own making – no harm to anyone, and always polite when I meet them walking the dog.

          It’s not about cyclists per se, it’s about ATTITUDE.


      • G says:


        ” I do work odd hours a lot of the time, but they’re even out during rush hours and seem angry, entitled and totally oblivious that a lot of people live in the country and do NEED to be able to go about their daily lives too.”

        Time for local farmers, confronted by blocking, “….massive SUV’s” to do a little tree felling. Fore and aft of the obstructions………..


  8. Jeff says:

    One of the more farcical aspects of party-gate are some of the really dodgy ne’er-do-wells who are calling for the prime minister’s resignation…

    I’ve just seen that the disgraced (and sacked) Labour MP, Claudia Webbe, has put her head above the parapet and called for both Rishi and Boris to walk the plank.

    I mean…does this woman have no sense of shame? This is the delightful creature who harassed and threatened another woman, who she believed was having an affair with her boyfriend. At her trial the judge said her testimony was full of mis-truths, falsehoods and was completely incoherent.
    In plain English she was talking bollocks.

    I think Boris is safe…


    • Thoughtful says:

      Nope, this woman is a Black Socialist and therefore immune from any criticism, which is why she thinks it appropriate to speak out to criticise Whitey.


  9. pugnazious says:

    Spot the difference….


    ‘NYC Subway Shooting Person of Interest Frank R. James Ranted About Race Wars, Homelessness’


    The BBC:

    ‘Police arrest suspect in New York subway shooting ‘without incident”


    The BBC doesn’t mention any of the comments the shooter has made…just this final line at the bottom of the report….

    ‘Police have not given a motive for the attack, thoughauthorities have said Mr James had posted bigoted and threatening rants online.’

    Black man shoots a lot of white people after ranting about race wars and the BBC doesn’t want to talk about it.

    Bet they would if it had been a ‘white supremacist’.

    Of course if the BBC can ignore two years of BLM/Antifa violence, destruction and fraud then I guess it can ignore anything.


  10. taffman says:

    “UK to sign deal to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing”
    “The numbers of people crossing the English Channel has risen sharply this year”

    Really ?
    Will this apply to all “thousands” of them or just the ones arriving from now on ?
    Lessons to be Learned ?
    Yes, by the people that voted for a Tory government that promised to secure our borders.


    • Halifax says:

      You have zero chance of returning anyone to Rawanda. The woke brigade will be sticking themselves to the planes and legal aid lawyers will make 100 thousands defending the “rights” of these poor people seeking a better life in the UK. She had better use a RAF airfield and make sure she has the legislation tied up or there will be smurks all round from the far left supported of course by the UK public funded BBC.


      • theisland says:

        And we will be subjected to the whining of the treacherous lib/lab/bbc etc. enablers ad nauseam.
        All the enablers and their families should be dispatched with them.


        • Thoughtful says:

          It is one of the most ridiculous acts of Tory cowardice I think this government has pulled to date, and the first time its challenged by a leftie liberal lawyer, another leftie liberal lawyer sitting as a judge will rule it illegal.

          Funny I was just thinking about the people who moan about the House of Lords not being elected – a place where no legislation is ever initiated, a mere revising chamber for government legislation, and yet when it comes to judges who do make new laws which do affect our lives there is no call for election and removal of those who make ridiculous decisions.

          If the Tories had a scintilla of courage they would simply leave the asylum treaty which is now being so abused it is a ridiculous spectacle of something which should have been changed long ago.

          That’s not to say we should offer those in dire need sanctuary, just that we shouldn’t be offering a means of illegal entry to the UK by millions of people who are not refugees at all.

          leaving the asylum treaty would send a strong message that the UK is no longer the soft touch it once was. For those countries who refuse to accept their citizens back such as Iraq Israel India, sanctions should be applied to pressure them into doing so.


        • MarkyMark says:

          About us
          The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure.

          The suicide bomber who killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last year had been rescued from the Libyan civil war by the Royal Navy. Salman Abedi detonated a home-made bomb in the foyer of the Manchester Arena on 22 May 2017 as concert-goers, many of them children, were leaving the venue.31 Jul 2018



    • Guest Who says:

      In summary.


      • Guest Who says:

        And guess who is coming to Linek… dinn… the studio…


        • Guest Who says:

          Love this to the professional whinge charity.


          • Up2snuff says:

            Apparently Guest, the illegal migration is all to do with our Embassies, in safe countries, not being allowed by UK law to process asylum claims. It would be simpler to change the law to enable that procedure to change than fly illegals out to Rwanda.


        • theisland says:

          Straight from the ‘conflate different issues in an attempt to confuse’ playbook.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Merkel offers cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to return home in an embarrassing U-turn
        The German chancellor agreed measures to speed up deportation
        An estimated 450,000 rejected migrants are set to be sent home
        Scheme includes £76million of cash incentives to leave voluntarily



    • MarkyMark says:

      They will come in via plane now – that is all.


  11. Zephir says:

    Lets have a referendum on it and about the eco mob see what this country really thinks

    Not just those who shout the loudest


  12. Zephir says:

    And there will be bbc silence over one single aspect of this:

    “Irish police probe ‘gay-hate serial killer’: ‘Middle eastern man’, 22, is arrested after two men were found grotesquely mutilated in their own homes and third was stabbed in the eye ‘after meeting someone through dating apps’ – amid fears of MORE victims”


    Yesterday I mentioned the sexist remarks of one of another “minority”

    Is it not rather ironic…those using equality laws to get what they want and shout about the racism of white people are often the worst offenders ?


  13. andyjsnape says:

    Ukraine attention shows bias against black lives, WHO chief says

    Some black man says whites are racist
    Got me thinking whites must be racist as the bbc only ever report that!
    defund close down sooner than later!!


  14. Zephir says:

    How the woke left justifies violence:

    Even though if you go to UC Berkeley, they might make some kind of false claim. Here’s what’s actually being pursued. I call it the racial antinomian heresy: The theory that there are people that … can misbehave, they can blow up subways, they can run their car down over people. And we’re going to overlook that as somehow we’re making up for past mistreatment. All that we’re signaling by that behavior is that more people should do it. So shame on the New York Times, shame on CNN, and shame on Joe Biden for lying to America.



  15. Zephir says:

    News you may not have heard (but as for rama bloody dam)

    April 11

    Holy Week has just begun: Here’s why it matters to Christians



  16. Zephir says:

    Google news search first page:


    Chesham: Ramadan runners raising money for food charity


    Referee pauses Bundesliga match to allow Mainz’s Moussa Niakhate to break Ramadan fast


    How can you support your Muslim employees this Ramadan?


    Ramadan 2022 around the world – in pictures

    i news

    What time is Suhoor and Iftar today? Ramadan 2022 UK timetable in full and fasting times explained

    Sky Sports

    West Ham Women defender Hawa Cissoko discusses Ramadan and fasting as a professional footballer

    Etc etc etc etc


    • digg says:

      The BBC are going large on Ramadan precisely to undermine Christian week which they cannot tolerate and want consigned to history.

      This is a Holy war we are entering and the BBC are on the side of the enemy of the majority of British people. The other problem is that the Christian Church leaders are abandoning their churches and true faith so as not to be seen as Archaic. A situation that the BBC has been carefully engineering for some time using the same tactics they use to promote gay and trans etc. i.e. you are the villain if you don’t bow down and agree.

      They are slugs!


  17. Zephir says:

    And the same search for Holy Week, nothing from the above on first page, the only articles are from the Catholic Herald, except this respectful and insightful article for Christians:


    El Salvador: Whip-wielding demons kick off Easter week

    And the Fox article above


  18. AsISeeIt says:

    Back to the future edition
    In which sisters ain’t doing it for themselves

    Well, if it took the public embarrassment of the Partygate relevations – booze in suitcases and birthday cakes in Tupperware boxes and all – and, as the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper puts it: ‘View from the Red Wall “I don’t respect Boris anymore”‘ so as to finally at long last prompt some action on: ‘Patel in Rwanda signing deal to export Britain’s asylum seekers‘ (‘i’) then bring it on, bring it on: ‘Johnson may face three more fines in party scandal‘ (Guardian) – I say again, bring it on…

    Fine the bugger until his pips squeak – to borrow from Labour’s Denis Healey circa 1974.

    No 10 dismay at drip-drip of fines‘ (‘i’) – if each new fixed penalty announcement squeezes a conservative policy fix out him then open the floodgates, hand down those fines on a regular basis, one a week until further notice.

    In other news our media would have us look to the heavens: ‘Attenborough’s warning to humanity‘ (‘i’) – what another one? The old prophet of doom is getting boring.

    Space eggheads admit that time travel IS possible. Wormholes could allow us to travel between worlds… In theory we could go back… & get a new PM‘ (Daily Star) – Interesting that they don’t want to go back to a time before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and have Joe Biden leader of the free world act in a way to prevent the war. Or to go back to Wuhan circa 2019 and prevent that lab leak. As for a change of UK PM, I’d settle for rejuvenating the pre-in-thrawl-to-Lockdowns, pre-Greenie-Nut-Nut-Carrie version of Johnson and restore our Brexit-Boris.

    FT Datawatch, as we have noted over time, shuns the financial market analysis one would think was of prime importance to the pink paper; and instead purports to track subjects like political sentiment and global trends of interest mainly to… globalists.

    This morning FT Datawatch remarks on: ‘Those affected most by fuel price rises are even more likely to vote for rightwing challenger Marine Le Pen than in 2017

    Ah, but think of Scandinavia… where unlike in France apparently we’re more than happy to see female politicians running the show. So how is that refreshing modernist outpost of female-led ultra-liberal welfare nations doing these days?: ‘Sweden’s parliament elects Magdalena Andersson as first female PM‘ (Aljazeera Novemebr 2021); ‘This is what a nation run by women looks like… Finland’s 36-year-old female Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, heads a governing coalition of five political parties — all led by women and almost all aged in their 30s. It is a nation largely run by women‘ (CNN March 2022)

    And when times get tough… the little damsels in distress have to turn to the big men of Nato to protect them: ‘Magdalena Andersson and Sanna Marin before meeting in Stockholm yesterday… Russian menace edges Finland and Sweden closer to Nato entry‘ (FT)

    Is this what’s known as implied consent – he asked controversially.

    Sisters NOT doing it for themselves?

    I’ve a sudden day dream of scenes from one of those ancient black and white silent movie melodramas.

    The poor barefoot heroine clutching her babe in arms thrown out of her log cabin homestead on the wild frontier into the snow storm by some evil black-caped villain… to the rescue…! Who shall we cast as hero? Sleepy old man Joe Biden? Bumbling, lascivious bonking Boris Johnson – she’d think he was a rogue male polar bear on the prowl? Saucy diminiative Emmanuel Macron… he’d have to be stood on a box… not tonight Josephine, I don’t have my step ladder? I think not.

    Or perhaps she is tied to the railway tracks in front of the oncoming prairie express train, calling for help from some brave Canadian Mounty… Justin Trudeau? Maybe, he does like to dress up in costume… no, please not the blackface again Justin. This movie is titled Damsels in Danger on the Frontier not The Return of the Ol’ Minstrel Show.

    And to bring down the curtain on events this morning, the Sun celebrates the fact – as predicted – we won’t ever get to know who it was who leaked – several leaks ago: ‘Watchdog drops Hancock scoop witch-hunt in win for press freedom‘ – and a big win for strategic political leaking to bring down your rivals, so long as your source can claim to be a whistleblower, acting vaguely in the public interest.


  19. G says:

    I stumbled upon ‘Joe Bloggs’ on YT some months ago and I’m glad I did. ‘Short & Sweet’ I prefer: the financial low-downs on important countries – Property market in China / Turkey & Pakistan going broke / state of Russia. It’s all there in short order and in simple terminology.

    What is patently obvious is that they’re beginning to queue up at the doors of the IMF seeking bailouts. Naturally, we are only at the beginning of the collapse/World recession so there’s more to come. Got me thinking about the ‘Great Reset’. Probably never before has been a phase where countries seem to be intentionally destroying themselves: Biden, Putin, Erdogan to name a few at the top of the pile. In the case of Erdogan, with inflation in the 60’s % what does he do? Reduce interest rates…………

    Clearly the IMF will not have enough funds for eventually bailing out all comers. “You will own nothing and be happy”. I suggest that eventually the only way will be for the IMF to work on such a massive scale will be for individual Governments to realise the value of all privately owned assets. Realty and all personal property, Choses in Action included. I do not recall exactly but my memory tells me that it has been known for a Government in difficulty to seize property (including bank / saving accounts of the citizens). Somewhere in South America maybe?

    Anyway, Joe Bloggs can be found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ga4S6nvH4Nc


    • AsISeeIt says:

      ‘Government in difficulty to seize property (including bank / saving accounts of the citizens)’

      They call them bank “Bail Ins” as opposed to “Bail Outs”

      Bail-in is a key stabilisation tool afforded to the Bank of England by the Banking Act 2009, that ensures investors rather than public funds bear the burden of resolving failing banks


  20. Guest Who says:

    BBC getting in a Tranny charity marketing director to be outraged?


    • Guest Who says:

      Next, Gaz as liked by Champion Ash.

      This kind of thing best decided by old styles of democracy rather than the XR or Green council new variety, propped by polls anyone can multiple sign for, then reported ad nauseam by media and endless gobs on rotation to simply decry anything lefties get upset about by default.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Gary Neville asks right questions of Qatar but gets no nearer answers we need
        This article is more than 2 years oldBarney Ronay



      • MarkyMark says:

        Kneel to end racism.
        Take a back hander to ignore Qatar human rights.


      • The Sage says:

        Let’s remember that Rwanda has just been rated 6th safest country in the world and, surprise, surprise, ahead of the UK. Gallup rates Rwanda 11th safest in the world, again ahead of the UK.
        The illegals arriving in Dover will love it there.
        But having travelled on a flight with a stroppy returned migrant guarded by two officers I wonder how these criminals will be kept safely in place on the plane to Kigali.


        • MarkyMark says:

          Flights from Rwanda will increase. Dinghies decrease.

          How much aid does Rwanda receive from the UK?
          The British government announced that the UK has provided £1 billion (US$1.3 billion) in development assistance to Rwanda in the past two decades as part of a visit by Matthew Rycroft, the permanent secretary of the Department for International Development (DFID).13 Nov 2019


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Gary Neville is trying to deface Manchester with a massive skyscraper right in the centre of the city. He is the front man for a Singaporean consortium. Ryan Giggs was also used as a front man, but we haven’t heard so much about him recently.

        Manchester needs yet another skyscraper, this one looming over Albert Square and the Town Hall, like a hole in the head. But Gary Neville, like so many “socialists”, is in it for the money. Absolute tosser.


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC – but do give a rapist power to sit in BBC officers and get kids to sit on his knee. Ala Jimmy Saville.


  21. Guest Who says:

    Ex law abiding Labour MP opines.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Barry Gardiner has £500K to give to students via China.

      Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent
      The Labour MP said Christine Lee appeared to be ‘operating as a legitimate person in the UK’.
      Amy Gibbons
      Thursday 13 January 2022 20:23


  22. Flotsam says:

    Governments already have an’ easy way to sieze its citizens money and savings. It’s called inflation and it’s knocking on all our doors now.

    I don’t know where they get the official inflation figure from but the one I see in supermarkets and forecourts is massively higher.


  23. Guest Who says:

    Col Sue of the Gay Gordons opines.


  24. Zephir says:

    People who live in glass houses:

    Alex Salmond harassment inquiry ‘concludes Nicola Sturgeon misled Scottish parliament’

    ‘7 Labour MPs given jail sentences!’ Marr skewers Starmer over attacks on Tory sleaze

    “Can Claudia Webbe continue as an MP after her criminal conviction?” The court heard Ms Webbe – who sat as a councillor in Islington’s Bunhill ward until May last year – threatened to throw acid at, and reveal naked pictures of, Michelle Merritt, a friend of her boyfriend Lester Thomas.

    Chinese spy scandal engulfs ‘useful idiot’ Nicola Sturgeon and her gullible SNP administration
    The First Minister has longstanding ties to the shadowy Chinese organisation at the centre of the Westminster spying row

    Why the SNP continues to survive political scandal
    The resignation on 6 February of the finance secretary Derek Mackay, once tipped as a likely successor to Sturgeon, was a double blow. The nature of his offence was tawdry and humiliating – sending messages to a 16-year-old boy, which amounts to grooming.

    McGarry, The Glasgow East MP is accused of misappropriating thousands of pounds donated to Women for Independence, a grassroots group established in 2012 to build female support for a Yes vote last year. Former WFI comrades claim that some of the proceeds from a series of successful crowdfunding campaigns last year, paid into McGarry’s personal bank accounts, are unaccounted for.

    McGarry is the not the first MP forced to resign from the party amid a whiff of financial scandal since the SNP’s general election success in May.

    In September, Michelle Thomson left the SNP group in Westminster after police announced an investigation into the Edinburgh West MP’s involvement in “alleged irregularities relating to property deals.”

    Nicola Sturgeon’s husband refunded money to ex-SNP member as donations scandal row deepens

    SNP chief executive Peter Murrell is being urged to come clean over SNP campaign donations.


  25. Guest Who says:

    A statement followed by a question.

    And yet he is on the bbc studio doofus rotation daily.


    • MarkyMark says:

      David Lammy, the new Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Affairs, was once on Mastermind.

      The BBC game show sees four contestants faced with a quick-fire round of questions, usually with a specialised subject of their choice.

      We rediscovered MP David Lammy’s appearance on the show – described as “comedy gold” on Twitter – which took place in 2009.

      The moment he sat in the interrogation chair on Mastermind resurfaced on the Internet, just a day after his new Labour Party role was announced.



    • Guest Who says:

      Who the BBC invite on is very much driven by what the bbc want said.


  26. Guest Who says:

    Ben needs to be made Head of BBC Head.


  27. Guest Who says:

    Wonder if the new breed of bbc senior editor ever has trouble getting his name right on purpose….?


  28. Guest Who says:

    The Springster Effect reeling them in, as ever.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Name of donor: Medical Aid for Palestinians
      Address of donor: 33a Islington Park Street, London N1 1QB

      Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): Flights, accommodation, food and transport with a total value of £1,230

      Destination of visit: West Bank and Israel

      Dates of visit: 19-23 September 2016

      Purpose of visit: Fact finding visit organised by the Council for Arab-British Understanding and Medical Aid for Palestinians.

      (Registered 04 November 2016)



    • MarkyMark says:

      Least we forget how it all works … videos, words, pictures … you don’t get to choose the arrangement …

      Chaos as police stop Hungary migrant train – Gavin Hewitt – BBC -Sep 2015 @53s
      “… the a really distressing incident happened. A women who was carrying a small baby began crying for help (photo of lady carrying baby). One of her companions tried to help her (photo of man with women on track, riot police reaching towards them) Somehow there became a push and a shove with the police. She ended up on the railway lines (by the male refugee dragging her and the baby to the floor, but this is not said) with the riot police trying to pull her back, and this of course inflamed all the other people…”
      -Gavin Hewitt – Sep 2015

      Watch the video and the male refugee (companion trying to help?) drags the women and baby to the floor, by force.

      Even the Mirror (03Sept2015) says “… this refugee couple cradle their tiny baby, after throwing themselves (NO! Male refugee drags women and baby onto train tracks) on train tracks as police try to take them to migrant camps in Hungary”

      Gets better. Two days (05Sept2015) later the Mirror then report it as
      “Refugee who dragged pregnant wife and baby son onto train track did it because ‘death would be better’”

      1. BBC Version uses words and pictures to hide the video version
      2. The Mirror shows the video but uses words to tell a different version

      Can I suggest a little story – “Male refugee forces pregnant women refugee holding child down onto a train track, police drag him away for her safety? Riot police then lift women with child off track with tender arms.”



    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      No replies and no likes.


    • Docmarooned says:

      As I have said previously I fail to see how a selfie obsessed youngster has the ability and experience to fact check anything apart from is my phone on?


  29. MarkyMark says:


    I’m not frightened of death,

    0:43:49 0:43:50
    I’m not frightened to see the bodies burning,

    0:43:50 0:43:53
    but it’s the chaos and the stink

    0:43:53 0:43:55
    and the fact that you feel such a small, vulnerable little ant

    0:43:55 0:43:58
    in the sea of humanity that’s constantly around you.

    0:43:58 0:44:01
    And the fact that I just fell over and I really badly scuffed my legs,

    0:44:01 0:44:05
    and I scuffed my elbow and I fell in poo,

    0:44:05 0:44:07
    and I know what kind of poo it was.

    0:44:07 0:44:09
    It was human poo, and now I want to cry and I need my mum,

    0:44:09 0:44:12
    but I can’t cos I’ve got to be strong

    0:44:12 0:44:15
    and pretend that I’m in control of this place.

    0:44:15 0:44:17
    And that’s the biggest mistake you can make

    0:44:17 0:44:20
    cos Varanasi is always in control of you.

    0:44:20 0:44:22
    I just need to get to a place which is clean.

    0:44:37 0:44:41
    The poo-stained streets and the never-ending smell



  30. MarkyMark says:

    This is where Rishi’s wife wants to pay taxes?

    On one hand, it’s seen by millions as the spiritual heart of India.

    0:45:01 0:45:05
    Yet, on the other,

    0:45:09 0:45:11
    it’s home to one of the most polluted stretches of river

    0:45:11 0:45:14
    in the entire world.

    0:45:14 0:45:17
    Upstream, the waters of the Ganges

    0:45:17 0:45:19
    are siphoned off for agriculture and industry

    0:45:19 0:45:22
    and are used as a dumping ground for more types of waste

    0:45:22 0:45:25
    than you can imagine.

    0:45:25 0:45:27
    It’s no way to treat a river,

    0:45:27 0:45:29
    let alone a river that’s also a goddess.



    • BRISSLES says:

      I was at a talk years ago given by the actress Celia Imrie who appeared in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. She was asked what it was like filming in India. She laughed and said “if you can imagine being in a crowded room where everyone has farted then that gives you an idea”.

      India has never been on my “must do” list. I went to Africa – once, and the lifestyle in South Africa appears to be a world away from the place I visited – Casablanca which put me off visiting the Continent further.


      • Guest Who says:

        A few decades of living and working around Asia; never made it.

        A few mates had to for work and even 5* travel and accommodations dicey.

        One risked a luxury houseboat holiday plus a few iconic stops. I was tempted too.

        He never left the bog and had to lock himself in the one on the plane.

        So I suspect the bucket list will skip that one.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Nearly 30 years ago I spent three weeks travelling in India with my sister – we were both in our early 20s, and the sheer anarchy of it all was quite an experience.

        Unless I was literally hovering over her shoulder, my sister got harrassed, mobbed, and groped by gangs of men where ever she went. Even when I was with her there were mobs of men coming up and asking “How much for your wife sirrr? you have very lovely wife, how much for time with your lovely wife?”. They have this idea that all western women are whores, and like them young and fair skinned.

        I came back with a nasty skin fungus that took months to clear, and nearly missed my return flight thanks to an ‘official’ in Delhi airport who whisked me into his office and told me “I’m verrry sorrry sirrr, but you have been bumped off your flight to Engerland, verrry sorrry sirr, verrry sorry indeed, you will have to stay herre in Delhi” “no, I’m not doing that” “you don’t understand young sirrr, yourr seat is taken by somebody very imporant, a verry important official, sirrr” “I’m getting on that flight, and if you try to stop me I’m calling the British Embassy” “Nooo sirrr, you’rre not getting on that flight… except we could upgrade your ticket sirrr, and bump someone else off the flight, just you will have to pay…. In the end I walked out of his office, walked straight through Indian customs with no bother at all, got on the plane and came home.

        An experience, and some of it was very beautiful and left fond memories, but the rivers of shit and floating rubbish in the street with naked kids playing in it, seedy, groping, sleezy little men, crazy old women attacking you with sticks and throwing handfuls of human crap at you, not so much.

        Crowded room full of farting people – apt description of Delhi, for sure, and wouldn’t recommend it for British women on their own.


  31. Guest Who says:

    Jack will go far.

    Well, fairly far. Sucks up good for a white boy.


  32. The Sage says:

    Not BBC, but Channel 5 which ran a programme last evening about the merits or de-merits of owning and running an electric car.
    Needless to say almost the entire programme focused on the merits and the presenter made the startling claim that driving an electric car meant emissions-free driving, which it may do if you think no further than the vehicle itself.
    But wind was producing a massive 1.87% (only just ahead of coal) of our energy requirement as of 0900 hours this morning! This is after billions and billions spent installing turbines. Gas is at 56.8%. So much for emissions-free driving in an electric car.


    • MarkyMark says:

      The first thing to address is that cold weather does have a negative impact on battery life. Batteries will operate less efficiently, and so you’ll get fewer miles out of them in cold weather – a drop of anything between 10 per cent and 20 per cent in total range for some models.15 Nov 2021


    • MarkyMark says:

      BIG RANGE DIFFERENCE 10-20 years!

      However, the current prediction is that an electric car battery will last from 10 – 20 years before they need to be replaced.



    • Guest Who says:

      I do check the pros and cons every so often.

      Luckily most comparison charts start with price brackets. So a short process.


  33. MarkyMark says:

    Watch flights from Rwanda increase over the next few years ….

    There he will announce the long-floated plans to begin processing illegal channel migrants in Rwanda. Priti Patel has also flown out to the country to mark the announcement. Although it’s been noticed the President himself is actually 7,000 miles away in Jamaica…


    • G.W.F. says:

      No way will any migrants be sent there. Lots of discussion – Tories getting tough in response to public demands – and then the lawyers will rule it out.


  34. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    The shooting of an apparently unarmed black man on 4 April in Michigan has led to protests.

    Being the BBC, with a sweet image from a body cam, that ‘apparently unarmed’ suggests something more I have zero intention of click their sad excuse for a story link to discover.


  35. Guest Who says:

    If it helps, I know where they are not.



    • MarkyMark says:

      “RSPB Lake Vyrnwy, managed to RSPB’s own specifications by RSPB for 40 years. When they took it on it was brimming with wildlife and why wouldn’t it be? It was after all previously managed as a grouse moor. 40 years later and several millions of public money being spent ‘managing’ it, RSPB are now calling for several more million to be given to them to restore what they have already destroyed – blackgame, curlew and other species are all on the verge of local extinction or in some cases already gone.”


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Worcestershire Wetland Trust, again publicly funded, by their own admission only produced one lapwing chick to fledgling stage in over 5 years … hardly value for public money. But it gets worse, they applied for and I believe got over £500,000 from the lottery fund to buy more land. They failed the wildlife populations on the land they already have and have now been rewarded by getting more land on which they can carry out their failing techniques. How could that money have been put to better use in society?”



  36. MarkyMark says:

    Two women incarcerated at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility — the state’s only female prison — have become pregnant after having sex with a transgender inmate, NJ Advance Media has learned.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Interesting world when one woman can get another woman pregnant.

      No need for us men anymore.


      • MarkyMark says:

        1 man + 1 man = 0 children
        1 woman + 1 woman = 0 children
        1 man + 1 woman = 1+ children


  37. MarkyMark says:

    Oh wait – when Saudi kick out natives it is ok?

    ‘It’s being built on our blood’: the true cost of Saudi Arabia’s $500bn megacity


    Abdul Rahim al-Huwaiti made one of his last videos in mid-April. “They have begun the process of removing people, beginning with surveying homes with the intent of removing people and deporting them from their land,” he said, referring to the security forces in his town. “They arrested anyone who said they’re against deportation, they don’t want to leave, they want to remain [in] their homes, that they don’t want money.

    “I would not be surprised if they come to kill me in my house now, and place a weapon next to me,” he added.


  38. MarkyMark says:


    In the UK in 2018, fans of the Harry Potter franchise were were left disappointed when it was made clear that Dumbledore would not be portrayed as “explicitly” gay in the previous film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.


  39. vlad says:

    Trust this useless pile of Third World ordure to cry “waycism” about Ukraine, and trust the BBC to lap it up.

    “Ukraine attention shows bias against black lives, WHO chief says.”

    The same incompetent moron who was put in place by the Chinese and did their bidding throughout Covid, refusing to criticise their hiding the outbreak in its early stages and obediently parroting their statements throughout.

    Once again, Trump was right and wanted to defund the wretched WHO, much to the horror of the libtards at the BBC who seem to love big, corrupt, unaccountable organisations like themselves.






    • MarkyMark says:

      China’s ‘Slanders and Smears’ at UN Human Rights Council
      Attacks on Experts Signal Darker Turn


      The Chinese government has rejoined the United Nations Human Rights Council, having been narrowly reelected in October 2020. Under global pressure on issues ranging from Hong Kong to Xinjiang while trying to revive its regressive resolution on “mutually beneficial cooperation,” Chinese authorities should be thinking collaboration rather than conflict.

      Instead, this week Chinese diplomats opted for open hostility.


  40. MarkyMark says:

    MPs to represent the people … HA HA HA ….

    29 January 2021, received £2,295 via Independent Talent Group, 40 Whitfield Street, Bloomsbury, London W1T 2RH, for guest presenting three shows on LBC on 4, 25 and 26 December 2020. Hours: 13.5 hrs in total including preparation time (4.5 hrs per show). (Registered 26 February 2021)
    29 January 2021, received £1,460.45 from the Wilson Centre, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC, 2004, USA, for facilitating a panel as part of a Foreign Policy is Climate Policy event on 16 December 2020. Hours: 4 hrs including preparation. (Registered 26 February 2021)


    28 January 2022, received £6,927.50 via Independent Talent Group, 40 Whitfield Street, Bloomsbury, London W1T 2RH, for presenting shows on LBC on 4, 11, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 3 December 2021. Hours: 40.5 hrs in total including preparation time (4.5 hrs per show). (Registered 01 February 2022)

    Changes to the Register of Members’ Interests
    David Lammy


  41. MarkyMark says:

    Elon Musk has made a “best and final” offer to buy Twitter Inc., saying the company has extraordinary potential and he will unlock it. He is also committed to reversing the company’s encroachment on freedom of speech…


    Elon Musk did not defame a British caver who helped in last year’s rescue of trapped Thai schoolboys by calling him a “pedo guy”, a US jury has found.

    Vernon Unsworth sought $190m (£145m) in damages from the Tesla founder, arguing that the tweet damaged his reputation.



  42. theisland says:

    It looks like Ms Spring interviewed an independent journalist in Russia who has been taken taken off the air because he questioned the establishment.
    Oh the irony.
    We should pity such lack of awareness – but it’s difficult.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Dear Marianna Spring (BBC wages paid under threat of prosecution),

      As I’ve had to look at your BBC news and use other sources to determine that your news is not news but selective editorial opinion I’d like to request that I have a refund for the last 4 years plus get the BBC free from now on.

      Please let me know how I can go about this as I am willing to create a full list of articles that I’ve had to investigate plus time taken for me to check your fact checker whilst realising that the BBC intentionally removes news rather than incorrectly report on it, uses images to sway opinion or misleads with the main titles hoping no one reads the full article.

      ‘Omission is the greatest form of lie.’

      CAS-4987700-SY1FTF : BBC NewsWatch says boredom with pro-Brexit march.

      CAS-4844672-N8FDYY: Update on the MP Expenses 2009 scandal in 2018.

      CAS-4939547-J71Z1V: Here’s hoping Ireland do the right thing G.Lineker.

      CAS-4937378-YKMWBJ: BBC not reporting ‘Day of Freedom’ March 06may2018.

      CAS-4906141-BFJQL0: I take offence that presenters promote their books.

      CAS-4892811-C820SC: I am offended that I have to pay the BBC TV Tax.

      CAS-4824332-633N1P: What happened in Italy was not covered …

      CAS-4933135-ZV3V7F: The omission is the most powerful form of lie …

      CAS-6005141-S1V9D1: Not seen a report on the UK Governments Covid19 

      Let me know how to go about resolving the issue of paying for something that wastes my time as I have to check each story rather than rely on its accuracy.



  43. theisland says:


  44. Zephir says:

    Sing along all wokes:

    “They’ll keep a welcome in the hillsides” (of Rwanda)


  45. MarkyMark says:

    2. (a) Support linked to an MP but received by a local party organisation or indirectly via a central party organisation
    Name of donor: Dean R Benson
    Address of donor: private

    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £50,000

    Donor status: individual

    (Registered 22 November 2021)



  46. digg says:

    The Priti Rwanda plan hasn’t got a snowball in hells chance. The BBC are already ramping up the objections including of course slimes Starmer.

    It will be strangled at birth by pressure groups, dodgy lawyers, Labour trying to snatch the moral high ground, warped vicars, and mostly massive under the counter moves by the UN and WHO who actually have moving people into the West from Africa a key part of their grand secret plan to level up the World.

    It will never happen.


    • BRISSLES says:

      This business of lawyers getting involved as to the legality of shipping these chancers to Africa. Surely to God as soon as this discussion started, the brightest legal brains of the land would have been consulted to ensure it could be done – AND to keep other lawyers from having their 5 minutes on camera ?


  47. Thoughtful says:

    You know things are pretty wrong in the West when we have to look to Saudi Arabia of all countries for funny comedy sketches and satire, and yet that is exactly what we have to do when our bent media has become so corrupted it refuses to allow sketches like this on its platforms.

    Even worse than this, apparantly Joe Biden had phoned Mohammed Bin Salman last week, and MBS refused to take the call! Imagine that, the leader of the free world so irrelevant that the crown Prince simply didn’t think there was anything to be gained by talking to him, and nothing much to lose either !

    Again not really made into the world news it should have been.


    • MarkyMark says:


      President Trump’s 100 Days President Biden’s 0 Day 

      Dear Winston Smith in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth,

      You covered President Trump’s 100 Days and then produced a Beyond 100 Days to hold power to account.

      Why have you not done the same for President Biden to hold power to account?

      ‘Omission is the greatest form of lie.’ 


      Thank you again for contacting us,

      BBC Complaints Team


    • MarkyMark says:

      “The most revealing thing about this is that Saudis have a sense of humour.. … I think I may need to lie down “


  48. MarkyMark says:

    How we verify social media posts from the war in Ukraine

    How we verify social media posts from the war in Ukraine
    How do you tell if a photo or video posted online is real or fake? Here’s a look at how the BBC’s Disinformation team check and verify content shared online about the war in Ukraine.

    Presented by Kayleen Devlin.

    Motion graphics by Jacqueline Galvin.



    CBBC Channel, Tuesday 8 June 2021

    In a segment about vaccine approval for 12 to 15 year olds, a contributor claimed that the Pfizer vaccine is “100% safe”. This has been removed from the online article and video: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/57435861


  49. MarkyMark says:

    2017 … 2017 …..

    News by omission works every time for all our BBC £3.5bn Premium News Services (approx £12.25pm), payment and salaries of staff enforced by threat of prison.

    Evidence provided in the following links …

    Just searching my premium £3.5bn BBC News Service for ‘Toulouse attack’ …. no sep 2017 reports … nothing.

    Using BBC £3.5bn News Service Search Engine for ‘Iran Salman Rushdie’ to find renewed Fatwa … nothing

    BBC fails to follow up on a refugee related News story … BBC £3.5bn Search for ‘Maria Freiburg’

    BBC Version uses words and pictures to hide the video version – Chaos as police stop Hungary migrant train – Gavin Hewitt – BBC -Sep 2015 @53s

    Can you guess which overview matches which article/newspaper? Same incident – different reporting techniques

    BBC Search ‘Can’t we talk about this’ does not find the film ‘Can’t We Talk About This?’ above, or maybe not. A film about FREE SPEECH not reported by the BBC …. omission.