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  1. Nibor says:

    Any Questions ( Radio 4 8 pm ) was broadcast from St Peters Church , Sheringham .

    A lovely part of the North Norfolk coast , a Tory area , the BBC must have bussed in all the sixth former branch of the Labour Party .
    Whooping , hollering and clapping at all left of centre , progressive green sentiments expressed by the three lefts of the panel to the one right .

    Housing — there’s a shortage . There’s not enough housing for the population of this island .

    Immigration— it’s alright to let them all in .

    No connection of those two subjects was made by the panel , Anita or the audience to the above anomaly. They were all as stupid as that .

    Also can any tell me why the open borders advocates tell us immigration is a Good Thing but the Rwanda policy is unloading a problem into Africa?


    • ruethewaze says:

      There was a bloody token Johnny Foreigner on R4 News Quiz chatting sh!t about immigration. Same b0llocks.

      “Let them all in, you racists”.

      To which, I shouted, “F Off u pa=i racist. You are much much worse than us, AND we have our white-man’s burden to carry on top of trying to drag these ‘primates’ into 2022.”

      But I went to the West Country a few days ago and it is much much much better there. The minorities are just that. Barely see them and when u do they behave cause they are massively outnumbered by White Man.

      I call for independence for Cornwall, Dorset and what ever Avon and Somerset is called now.

      Build a massive wall just b4 Swindon – cause no one wants that – it can be a no man’s land which it kind of is already. LOL

      That gives us Salisbury and a few nukes to threaten the rest of the country with.

      Then the rest of the white-born cities and town can do the same and we can have London, Birmingham, Bradford – where it is really bad – walled off. Cut off supplies and wait.



  2. Up2snuff says:

    Oh well, second in line, well done Nibor. What can we look forward to next week on R4? More unwarranted CO2 creation that is for certain. The BBC tell us not to heat our homes, eat beef, drive our cars and fly on holiday but they do all that needlessly all the time.

    TWatO on Friday had Jonny Dymond in St Denis, Paris when there is a perfectly good BBC Correspondent who has lived in Paris for years. Martha Kearney was on a needless ‘jolly’ to Belfast for TOADY this morning yet there is a Northern Ireland Correspondent there all the time. I didn’t listen to TOADY beyond 6.40 a.m. so I did not hear whether they did the typical thing of CO2 generating Beeboid talking to BBC Correspondent on site.

    At least Jonny Dymond did not interview Hugh Schofield on air on TWatO.


  3. G.W.F. says:

    What better way to celebrate St George’s Day than report on Tory MP for Southend West, Anna Firth (replacing Sir David Amess), who is campaigning for sharia compliant student grant repayments for her mohammidan constituents.



  4. BigBrotherCorporation says:



  5. Zephir says:

    Re Ruethewaves, this is what happens when the brave little immigrants running away from war become the majority:


    • Doublethinker says:

      The day after Imran Kahn was desposed I had to make a journey to Bradford , a place I avoid as much as possible , but this visit was unavoidable. I arrived mid afternoon and wondered what all the noise was . Then on turning a corner I came across a pro Imran rally , well I think it was pro because they had huge screens mounted on lorries showing him making speeches , loud speaker vans of someone shouting in presumable Urdu . There must have several thousand men all chanting and punching the air.
      I wonder how long before there are counter protests by ‘Bradfordian’ supporters of the new regime and how long we get the violence usually associated with Politics in Pakistan. Import political and religious nutters and don’t be surprised when they behave as they do at home. Particularly when the English elite spend their time denigrating their own culture and tell all the invaders how marvellous theirs is whilst turning a blind eye to all its foul excesses.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Demand (by non-Islamic people) rises for education in Islamic finance {ft.com nov2016}
        Non-Muslim business students seek to understand sharia-compliant deals

        George Osborne , when he was the British chancellor, pledged to make London the world centre for the Islamic finance industry after the UK became the first country outside the Muslim world to issue an Islamic bond, known as sukuk, in 2014.

        ‘The first chapter of the course does explain what is correct and what is incorrect under sharia law, but this is not a course for academics,” she says, adding that so far no former sociology students have applied to her programme.’

        A plan to list Saudi oil giant Aramco in 2018 is still on course, senior Saudi officials have said during a trip to Russia. {bbc.co.uk 05oct2017}

        1. Islam asks for one simple thing. Islam asks for everything – finance, religion, police, morals, schools, law, food, science, clothes, art and your body to be Islamic.



    • G.W.F. says:

      Get used to it, it is going to get worse.


      • BRISSLES says:

        These are the ones who identify as “British Muslims”, yet they clearly regard the toilet that is Pakistan as their ‘home’. Oh yes, Britain is a welcoming country – only by the media, nobody else.


        • NCBBC says:

          Pakistan is home until Britain is West Pakistan. To be born in a kaffirstan is not nice for them.


    • G says:

      I predict we will have another PC Blakelock + soon in one of the Zoos.


  6. Zephir says:

    “Fleeing persecution” my arse, they only attack when they outnumber or outgun. Whoever was “persecuting” them knew exactly the kind of cowardly, bullying, vicious type he was dealing with.

    They must love it over here with the soft police and their “uman rights” they can walk all over us and they do, if challenged, shout wacism.


  7. Zephir says:

    Lets see what BLM have to say about this…..hang on, they are too busy talking to estate agents.

    Philadelphia child whose father used him as a ‘human shield’ in 2019 has died: police
    In 2019, Yaseem Jenkins, 3, was shot four times, Yaseem Jenkins, 3, was previously shot four times in the head, chest and lower body when his father used him as a “human shield” at just 11 months old, Fox 29 of Philadelphia reported.

    In October 2019, Yaseem’s father, Nafes Monroe and suspect Francisco Ortiz were believed to be involved in a drug sale when Ortiz accused Monroe of using counterfeit money, according to the report.



  8. AsISeeIt says:

    They used to warn us: “Careless talk costs lives

    But our incontinent PM sounds off, as quoted in the Daily Mail which blurts out: ‘Boris: I’ll send in our tanks‘ – the reality is a tad more circumspect: ‘It is thought the British Army will send Challenger 2 tanks to Poland so the Poles can give their former Soviet era T-72s – familiar to Ukrainian crews – to Volodymyr Zelensky’s defenders

    Meanwhile, on the continent, the EU military traffic appears to have been moving in quite the opposite direction: ‘France and Germany sold arms to Russia. Paris and Berlin evaded 2014 embargo to supply £230m of weapons to Moscow‘ (Daily Telegraph)

    Those 2014 sanctions were the President Obama-led reaction to Putin’s annexation of Crimea. Let’s not forget this present western foreign policy muck up has been a long time in the making.

    The Telegraph – perhaps gratuitously – hammers home the point: ‘They sent… bombs, rockets, missiles and guns to Moscow, despite an EU-wide embargo… military hardware that is likely being used in Ukraine

    Those good old EU rules, eh?

    I’m reminded of an anecdote, as told by Brexiteer and former Tory cabinet minister Peter Lilley. He had a second home in rural northern France. Passing by his neighbour, a local farmer, who was busy slaughtering a sheep by the roadside one day, he casually paused to say bonjour and to pull his leg: “I hope you’re abiding by all the proper EU health and safety regulations on butchery?” – the farmer gave the typical gallic shrug and replied: “The EU rules, they are for the English, hein?

    Speaking of our British civil servant class, who not only loved EU rules, but enjoyed imposing them on us gold-plated, kudos to Telegraph cartoonist Matt who is on fine form this morning. A frustrated manager surveys a deserted office at the DVLA: “I shared my Netflix password with the staff. Maybe if I changed it they’d come back into the office

    Whilst we were considering issues across the Channel…

    FT Weekend leaves us in little doubt where their sympathies lie on matters electorial: ‘Which way will France turn? “Macron is still bursting with energy and ideas”‘ – so says their Person in the News feature.

    And of his opponent… to misquote Rumpole of the Bailey: “She who must be precluded” the FT has this analysis: ‘Le Pen and the evolution of populism‘ – Populism is of course a near swear word, whereas Democracy is good. And if you can parse those two concepts, then you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

    The prime minister, speaking during a trip to India… Asked if Russia could win the war, Johnsion admitted it was a “realistic possibilty”‘ – so shouldn’t we be talking peace now, so as prevent further bloodshed?

    On the subject of adjusting the prevailing narrative to more closely match reality…

    The BBC are looking out for our health: ‘Coronavirus levels continue to fall across the UK… around 3.76 million people were infected in the week ending 16 April – roughly one in 17 people‘ – 95% of them in the public sector… I jest of course.

    The FT notes: ‘The return of workers to British offices has stalled for the first time since easing of covid-19 curbs…‘ – nice phrasing there… curbs on a disease… but sadly attempting to impose lockdown laws on an infectious disease (or on Number 10 staff) has proved somewhat akin to the EU attempting to impose laws on French farmers, or German munitions manufacturers, or King Canut ordering the tide to turn.

    So what has lockdown achieved? Where has insisting the Koof is deadly dangerous to the otherwise healthy got us?

    Office occupancy is running at about a quarter of of levels before coronavirus hit‘ (FT) – that equates to an average of roughly one and a bit days a week in the office. One wonders how sustainable that might be?

    Obviously the public sector can afford to be fairly blasé about absenteeism. Will private corporations continue to happily pay office rent and full salaries to remote-working staff – or perhaps look to cut their payroll costs and outsource their workers to cheaper English-speaking computer-savvy places with a work ethic elsewhere in the world, like… India?


  9. Zephir says:

    ‘Caribbean should glorify the Queen?!’ Dr Shola erupts at Levin and rages at royal tour
    DR Shola Mos-Shogbamimu lashed out at royal expert Angela Levin for insisting that the Earl and Countess of Wessex’s Platinum Jubilee tour of the Caribbean should continue.

    “You want to prioritise white supremacy over people’s lives.”



    • Richard Pinder says:

      The Sixteen Imperial Territories of Her Majesty the Queen’s Realms, in the Caribbean. (1).Anguilla, (2).Antigua, (3).Bahamas, (4).Barbuda, (5).Belize, (6).Bermuda, (7).British Virgin Islands, (8).Cayman Islands, (9).Grenada, (10).Jamaica, (11).Montserrat, (12).Nevis, (13).Saint Kitts, (14).Saint Lucia, (15).Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, and (16).Turks & Caicos Islands

      Six Flags of Her Majesty the Queen’s Overseas Territories in the Caribbean.
      anguilla.png bermuda.pngbritish_virgin_islands.pngcayman_islands.pngmontserrat.pngturks_and_caicos_islands.png


  10. Zephir says:

    Black supremacy in the Carribean is going well isn’t it Dr ?

    The Caribbean stands out as one of the most violent regions in the Americas, registering some of the worst murder rates in the continent. The Caribbean Basin is also infamously known for harboring billions of dollars worth of tax evasion that would otherwise fund the coffers of some of the largest economies and emerging countries worldwide. Besides violent deaths and financial crime, Caribbean states also suffer from concerning levels of property crimes, such as robberies, burglaries, and car theft.


    The hard facts about gender equality in the Caribbean

    According to National Women’s Health Surveys, 25% of women in Suriname and 24% of women in Jamaica have experienced sexual harassment (the highest prevalence in the region among the countries for which data is available). Research has shown that both domestic violence and sexual harassment are associated with high turnover and absenteeism of women, increasing firms’ costs.


    On average, more than one in three women in the Caribbean experience gender-based violence in their lifetime; child sexual abuse is also a concern. The causes behind domestic violence in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean are complex and deeply entrenched in cultural and behavioural norms.



  11. Zephir says:

    “deeply entrenched in cultural and behavioural norms”

    Woke speak for “it’s just what Carribean men do”

    Notice the “Doctor” above keeps silent on that, still happening today while having ago at the actions of UK white people hundreds of years ago.

    Also conveniently ignoring who got the slaves ibn the first place in Africa ie blacks


    • Guest Who says:

      Careful, this might result in inspired selective linkage research whilst Cathycony is getting recharged in her 0 of 0 Newman Borg pod during daylight hours.

      Not generally known, but I once danced with a girl who danced with a man who wrote her gotchas. After Jordan, he got fired. So what I am saying is, true story, if a streeeeeetch.

      But true desperate outrage is a steady build up of inference, guesswork articulated as conviction and playing to an audience markedly thicker posted in the wee stalls on a platform markedly smarter. End of. No backsies.

      Plus dealing in facts. Did you know the Saddo Night Warrior Units once tried, and failed, to get excited by the Russians having a map with the HQ of the Azov Brigade marked on it. Racists. Clive Myrie would never be seen in the same room as that Ukrainian tennis lady.

      Anyhoo, Marky often posts actually relevant links to when BBC knowingly tried to pass off images from antisemites as News.

      And Jeremy Bowen is cool on what is not news.

      Wait until he, Femi, Champion and Doc Shola discuss real estate with Vile.

      Oooo… is that a knock at the door after midnight?


  12. Zephir says:

    “European traders captured some Africans in raids along the coast, but bought most of them from local African or African-European dealers. These dealers had a sophisticated network of trading alliances collecting groups of people together for sale.”

    “Captains offered gifts to local African leaders and paid taxes for the right to trade. They then began the serious business of barter and exchange, offering a wide variety of trade goods such as textiles, firearms, alcohol, beads, manillas and cowries.”



  13. Zephir says:

    Many Americans, influenced by images in the television mini-series “Roots,” mistakenly believe that most slaves were captured by Europeans who landed on the African coast and captured or ambushed people. While Europeans did engage in some slave raiding, the majority of people who were transported to the Americas were enslaved by other Africans. It is important to understand that Europeans were incapable, on their own, of kidnapping 20 million Africans. Indeed, the system became so institutionalized that Europeans had little contact with the actual process of enslavement.

    How were people actually enslaved? Most slaves in Africa were captured in wars or in surprise raids on villages. Adults were bound and gagged and infants were sometimes thrown into sacks. One of the earliest first-hand accounts of the African slave trade comes from a seamen named Gomes Eannes de Azurara, who witnessed a Portuguese raid on an African village. He said that some captives “drowned themselves in the water; others thought to escape by hiding under their huts; others shoved their children among the seaweed.”

    The overwhelming majority of slaves sold to Europeans had not been slaves in Africa. They were free people who were captured in war or were victims of banditry or were enslaved as punishment for certain crimes. In Senegambia, the Guinea Coast, and the Slave Coasts of West Africa, war was the most important source of slaves. In Angola, kidnapping and condemnation for debt were very important. In most cases, rulers or merchants were not selling their own subjects, but people they regarded as alien. We must remember that Africans did not think of themselves as Africans, but as members of separate nations.

    Some African societies — like Benin in southern Nigeria — refused to sell slaves. Others, like Dahomey, appear to have specialized in enslavement. Still other societies, like Asante, in present-day Ghana, and the Yoruba in western Nigeria, engaged in wars that produced as many as half of all eighteenth and early nineteenth century slaves.



  14. Nibor says:

    In Re ; Maxincony ,

    I notice this troll does anything to get the last word in . His usual method is to only post on the tail end of threads , especially if a new thread has already just started. His replies are usually in the early hours of the morning as he knows most people are getting their sleep ready for a days work .

    I actually welcome people like Maxi , Piku and the others ( or are they all as one ) because it’s good to test our opinions of the BBC and world events— if they are going to play fair .

    But Maxi obviously plays by the BBC method of attacking its opponents = the devious way .

    May I suggest that Maxi has a curfew on his comments, say none after midnight , but that they are stored and then placed in the newest thread about 7 am , so that Maxi’s comments are in normal hours not burglary hours .

    It seems weird that a defender of a public broadcaster doesn’t want his defence seen by the greatest number of people possible . But then we are talking about the BBC , aren’t we Maxi ?


    • taffman says:

      maxincony is too thick to realise that his trolling here antagonizes more and more readers and posters of this site to see that his employer is not fit for purpose and ditch paying the tax that robs from the poor to give to the rich.

      ‘Cary on Trolling’ maxincony !


      • Guest Who says:

        Not convinced it is not a creation of the site owner to keep things ‘feisty’.

        Surely no troll could be this inept?


        • Fedup2 says:

          Guest Who – if there was a commercial drive to this site I might suspect that too – but there are no adverts …. No drive for more hits or comments … although I notice a bit of a decline.

          Certainly I have trouble because of the lack of BBC TV I use now ..


      • Fedup2 says:

        What I would like to read is a defence of the BBC ? Where are the fans of it ? Give examples of unbiased reporting – particularly domestic issues . …

        The bias by exclusion is more difficult to evidence and takes a bit of assessment of the BBC editorial group think . Some is easy – such as the pursuit of the PM and the attempt to overthrow democracy on a fairly regular basis .

        But it takes the likes of GB News ( Steyn ) or Fox News ( Carlson ) to provide a different angle to events .

        This week Steyn has highlighted issues around the third covid jab
        And Carlson has highlighted the increase in coloured deaths as a result of US police stopping regular policing in the face of democrat politics .

        These issues don’t make the MSM – taxpayers are being cheated .cancel the TVLicence DD .


    • StewGreen says:

      On April 19th in a 2am reply to Nibor’s comment saying that the government was negligent in Covid times cos it failed to robustly defend against dinghy divers, Maxi said that such asylum seekers were never illegal and posed no Covid risk.

      Hmm if someone is in a safe-ish country they can go around embassies and request asylum
      A refugee could do that in France.
      If he did he’d be a lot more legal than someone paying a people smuggler to put him in a dinghy

      Plus a lot of dinghy divers who arrive in the UK may eventually have their asylum bid, legally rejected
      surely meaning that they weren’t proper refugees in the first place.
      It’s strange that the public can see a difference between bona fide refugees doing the right thing and fake refugees queue jumpers, asylum shoppers.
      Yet many British activists put them all in the same category.


  15. theisland says:

    ‘Values’ is not where people live and democracy makes no difference.

    On steynonline.com Clubland Q&A last night Mark discussed a point someone had brought up earlier about Enoch Powell. At a weekly Tory discussion group Margaret Thatcher had said we go to war for our values to which EP scoffed and said they (values) only exist in a transcendent realm and that we go to war because this is our country. He said that he would fight for England even it it had a communist government. Mark thinks there is a lot of truth to this as evidenced throughout history – and I agree. It used to be enough just to love your country – this is your land and if you are invaded by people who are not from your land you fight, you resist.
    Does anyone know the source for the MT/EP anecdote?

    Anyway, listen here between 18:25 and 23:00.

    Happy St George’s Day.


  16. Flotsam says:

    As has been pointed out before, BBC Wokeradio 5 Live repeatedly tag Marine Le Pen as “Far Right”. Perhaps listeners might want to make their own minds up, it is after all hardly unbiased reporting. How might Macron be described?


  17. Zephir says:

    @the island

    John Casey, a British academic and a writer for The Daily Telegraph. He has been described as “mentor” to Roger Scruton and is a former lecturer in English at the University of Cambridge and a former lecturer and a Life Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. In 1975, along with Scruton, he founded the Conservative Philosophy Group.

    “The early Thatcher years marked a very odd moment in the history of the Tory party when it decided to lie back and enjoy ideas. Hugh Fraser — high Tory MP, Scottish aristocrat and Romantic had a gift for friendship, and thought it would be fun to mix some of his young intellectual friends with the better class of journalist and Tory MP. So the Tory philosophy group was born.

    There was an eclectic variety of speakers. A clutch of political philosophers and economists from the LSE were members, as well as philosophers and historians from Oxbridge. Over the years, papers were given by Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, Michael Oakeshott, Elie Kedourie, the Archbishop of York (Habgood), Shirley Letwin, Peter Bauer, Hugh Trevor-Roper, Robert Blake, Edward Norman. Hugh Thomas, Maurice Cowling, Tony Quinton, T.E. Utley, Peregrine Worsthorne, Paul Johnson, Frank Johnson, Geoffrey Wheatcroft, Norman Stone, Charles Moore, Oliver Letwin, Noel Malcolm were members. So were very many of those who went on to serve in the Thatcher Cabinets, and some on the present Tory front-bench. Enoch Powell never missed a meeting.

    Mrs Thatcher came only twice, once as prime minister. That was the occasion for a notable non-meeting of minds. Edward Norman (then Dean of Peterhouse) had attempted to mount a Christian argument for nuclear weapons. The discussion moved on to ‘Western values’. Mrs Thatcher said (in effect) that Norman had shown that the Bomb was necessary for the defence of our values. Powell: ‘No, we do not fight for values. I would fight for this country even if it had a communist government.’ Thatcher (it was just before the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands): ‘Nonsense, Enoch. If I send British troops abroad, it will be to defend our values.’ ‘No, Prime Minister, values exist in a transcendental realm, beyond space and time. They can neither be fought for, nor destroyed.’ Mrs Thatcher looked utterly baffled. She had just been presented with the difference between Toryism and American Republicanism. (Mr Blair would have been equally baffled.) ”



  18. Guest Who says:

    Vile mocking the standards in the CivServ?

    Almost. Almost mocking.

    Sent by an upset imam in his community, or is he medically exempted from turning up too?


  19. G says:

    “Economical with the truth”; “…..deeply misleading”.

    No, I wouldn’t put it like that, I’d prefer to refer to Boris as a Serial Liar.



  20. taffman says:

    “Supermarkets set limits on sale of cooking oil”
    Al Beeb doing its bit for panic buying again ?

    Bring back dripping! Better cooking and taste .
    Let the Beeboids, vegetarians and vegans queue for plant oil.


  21. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC ‘approved fact checker’- springer – has an equivalent in the washington post – she is called – Taylor Lorenz .

    Lorenz spends her time talking sbout how difficult it is to ‘out’ people who are unapproved – including publishing the home address of the author of th’libs of tiktok ‘

    – a site which publishes video put up by perverts such as queer american teachers .

    The piece is on Fox You Tube …

    I dont mind the concept of ‘ fact checker ‘ – but when it is selective and partisan – thats just another BbC propaganda weapon


  22. Thoughtful says:

    An intersting comment made by a friend concerning Boris’s partying and the attitude of the rest of the Blue Labour party.

    It is undeniable fact that Boris Johnson and his cabinet had access to all the very best information about the real dangers of the Covid virus and potential policies to deal with it.

    The lockdown was completely unecessary and the Johnson cabinet knew it was, and therefore while they thought they were out of sight they partied, along with the entire staff of number 10.

    The rules of lockdown – and some may say it is conspiracy theory (how many of those have been proved true) was to control and coerce the populace.

    The real scandal of ‘partygate’ was in fact that the Tories knew lockdown was a scam and acted in a way which proved they knew it to be so.


    • Fedup2 says:

      They were all in a ‘work bubble ‘ . By the very nature of the number 10 set up they were meeting in different numbers all the time – so an outside drink would nt be outside the norm .

      My biggest criticism would be that nut nut had no one to say ‘this isn’t a good look / potentially illegal ‘ if it ever gets out – which such stuff inevitably would .

      It also reflects the chaotic slack attitude of nut nut when he thinks he can bluster anything away doing his buffoon act.

      I guess now they will hold up publication of the Gray Report as long as possible in the hope that the 3rd World War will distract a bit …

      As for the BBC – I reckon a lot of those ‘reporters ‘ will have ‘are you going to resign prime minister ?’ Etched on their tombstone .

      There seems to be a swamp competition to get nut nut …. But it only matters if it is a step to an early election / rejoining the EU


      • Thoughtful says:

        The point here which appears to have been missed, is that Johnsons government and the senior civil servants knew covid was not as dangerous as they were telling everyone, and acted accordingly.

        There should never have been a lockdown it was all doine to control and condition the people lurching now from one crisis to another.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I believe the SAGE expert crew landed up with a risk averse group think leading to stronger and stronger advise to lockdown .

          They didnt consider the knock effect for people suffering from other illnesses but they didnt want to be accused of giving advice about covid which might have raised the number of covid deaths – the worse case scenarios always won .

          I think other countries suffered the same group think . The MSM aided and abetted with State sponsored Project Fear …

          Whether this comes out in a public inquiry – i doubt …


    • StewGreen says:

      ” Johnson cabinet .. while they thought they were out of sight they partied”
      I don’t accept they did

      #1Boris was off for a month with Covid
      #2 So far the vast majority of people at gatherings seem to be civil servants.

      I do detest the way this is all strung out “there may be future fines”
      Surely the Gray report has been done
      why hasn’t everyone already been dealt with ?

      The principle was to stop people bringing infection to vulnerable people.
      I would have thought it was obvious that someone who recently had Covid is at less risk of spreading it than someone who never had it.
      That mixing with strangers adds extra risk compared to an extra hour mixing with the same work colleagues you see every day. etc.


  23. theisland says:

    “Somebody needs to bring out the truth as to whether or not the entire political establishment is in fact at least tacitly conspiring to cast off its Northern Ireland citizens as an inconvenience to be got rid of.”


  24. Flotsam says:

    Boris was forced into lockdown by media, notably the BBC, the Labour Party the SNP, Plaid Cymru, overblown scientific advice, the public sector, the NHS. They all had something to gain from promoting covid hysteria.
    Most Governments around the World went down the same path for similar reasons. Covid does look very much like a global conspiracy.


    • digg says:

      Flotsam, I couldn’t agree more. Pretty eerie how a large percentage of the western world rushed exactly the same “rules” into place at the drop of a hat from a bunch of faceless people in the WHO and UN.

      The ruthlessness of the rules and the punishment handed out for breaking them surpassed even the wartime public restrictions enforced in 1939-45 such as lights out, carry a gas mask etc.

      What this has proved to the faceless Globalists is that they can impose effective highly restrictive martial law on almost every Country when they wish to do so.

      They are fully aware that if any Nations government refused to fall in with the plan, the media would scream blue murder and accuse that government of genocide etc. This explains why all governments had to follow the “guidance” or risk being tarred and feathered by their own press.

      So, what could follow?

      Imagine for instance if the Globalists were able to convince Western Governments that something for instance like the threat posed by Climate Change needed combating with severe restrictions on all citizens, e.g. No personal transport, No Travelling, No meat-eating, No heating, etc. etc. ?

      In very short order, the West would be suffering a massive decline in the quality of life and the Globalist could then step in, overrule National Government, tear up the Nations statutes and replace them with a Global overreach giving them for instance the power to move populations around the globe at will, dictate what could or could not be discussed.

      We are already seeing signs of this.

      The end-game?

      Either they succeed and the World becomes one enormous virtual prison for all of mankind or enough people see what is happening and fight to stop it.

      Many parallels with the old Soviet Union.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Certainly the globalists had the advantage of a mystery virus to fuel the project fear and thereby control the population .

        Fear of hospitals certainly worked on me – but that was there before the Chinese virus

        Can such control be imposed again ? Certainly another virus will have to have a real killer image / effect to get general compliance – more deaths to subdue any resistance to those draconian rules . ….

        … I think the upcoming generation will be sufficiently brainwashed to comply with ‘green crap ‘ rules every time a bit of the arctic melts – but then again when they grow up they’ll still be paying for the sunak money tree as well as unplanned energy costs


  25. tomo says:

    Press Association:

    EU reaches landmark deal over online hate speech and disinformation

    “We need to better protect Internet Users”


    Why do I doubt that assertion?

    Also from PA – the lawyers wrangling with The Post Office do not appear to be making much headway – even with 73 criminal convictions quashed.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Doublespeak is language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms (e.g., “downsizing” for layoffs and “servicing the target” for bombing),[1] in which case it is primarily meant to make the truth sound more palatable. It may also refer to intentional ambiguity in language or to actual inversions of meaning. In such cases, doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth.

      Doublespeak is most closely associated with political language.[2][3]



  26. BRISSLES says:

    Apologies if this has been mentioned before. Also apologies for the BBC reference, but it was a surprising article by them.

    German nationals are leaving Germany to relocate in Paraguay – as they feel their country is being overrun by Muslims…….



  27. BRISSLES says:

    Makes you wonder !


  28. G.W.F. says:

    It’s that man again. Stabbing away in Warwickshire.
    Remember that man who was a knifing in Trafalgar Square last week. Not far far far right so forgotten



    • MarkyMark says:

      Emily Jones: Bolton child’s killer cleared of murder
      Published4 December 2020

      A woman who slit a seven-year-old’s throat has been cleared of murder after the prosecution offered no further evidence and withdrew the charge.

      Eltiona Skana, 30, had admitted the manslaughter of Emily Jones on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

      Skana, who has paranoid schizophrenia, had been on trial at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court after pleading not guilty to murder.


  29. vlad says:

    NOT on the BBC:

    Ukrainian female refugees get a taste of diversity in Sweden.

    (Just keep saying the mantras: ‘Diversity is our strength’ and ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.)


  30. tomo says:

    Wind Power vs. Fossil Fuel

    as one reply says “The sh1t hit the fan”


  31. theisland says:

    For those who missed it last Thursday.


  32. MarkyMark says:

    EU and UK to Meet Russia’s Demand to Pay for Gas in Rubles


  33. Fedup2 says:

    Who would want to be in the Franco kraut axis ( EU) when they are funding and arming Putin ?


  34. Fedup2 says:

    The Janet Daley piece from the telegraph –

    If Boris Johnson falls it will not be because of Partygate, or the cost of living crisis, or the Rwanda migrant policy. It will be because he maligned the BBC. At least that was the impression I got from Sir Keir Starmer last week, who was happy to pass on this judgement from the Corporation itself. Apparently whatever myriad ethical or political errors the Prime Minister had committed, they were as nothing to the moral outrage of what the BBC took to be disrespect for its dedicated staff.

    The slighting reference to the news coverage which Mr Johnson appeared to have made came at a time, as Justin Webb noted on the Today programme and then reiterated in a tweet, when BBC reporters like Jeremy Bowen, Lyse Doucet and Clive Myrie were putting their lives on the line reporting the war in Ukraine. It was, he suggested, quite unforgivable and of a different order from a mere political mistake.

    Of course, it is absolutely true that the correspondents Mr Webb named are carrying out their professional responsibilities with courage and integrity in Ukraine. As are the correspondents from Sky News (whose coverage has been particularly good), ITN, Channel 4 News, CNN, NBC and all the other global news outlets of the West, including print journalists. War correspondents have to face risk and trauma: that is what they do and have always done – and their colleagues safely back at home feel the greatest concern and regard for them as they do it.

    But there seemed to be something more to the affront of the BBC (and its echo chamber in the Labour party): this was not just any news outfit that was being insulted. It was “our BBC” – the voice and conscience of the nation.

    Other agencies might be out there on the front line, prepared to cope with physical danger and emotional stress but the BBC presence was of a different order because, you sensed, its role as an institution which represented the spirit of Britain itself, was unique. In fact, so far as I know, the BBC is the only broadcasting organisation in the Western world that readily describes itself as an “institution” which implies that it is utterly unlike any competing provider of programming or information.

    The irony is that, if anything, this overweening sense of self-importance has probably weakened the BBC’s coverage of Ukraine. Its correspondents have often seemed more interested in reporting their personal reactions to the horrific scenes they have witnessed than following fast-moving developments in global events. (At one point, I recall the BBC’s John Simpson asking the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen how he felt covering the war had affected him.)

    Certainly the attacks on civilians and the consequences of Russian actions deserved an account which had a good measure of emotional involvement but switching news channels repeatedly as I did, it was easy to get the impression that what journalists call “colour” – anecdotal background – was being given more prominence by the BBC than, for example, the expert military analysis which was a major feature of Sky News coverage. But presumably this is just the kind of prosaic comparative judgement that the BBC and its political friends would decry.

    Reporting the first European war in a generation should not be a matter for criticism of any kind because of the valour displayed by those who are engaged in covering it – especially if they work for a sacred British institution whose honour should never be questioned. You may note a resemblance here to the untouchable reverence with which the NHS (“our NHS”) is treated in official public discourse. I shall return to this point.

    It is not a coincidence, I’m sure, that this peculiarly sensitive reaction to what Boris Johnson was thought to have said, coincides with a crisis in the BBC’s own identity. There is, I gather, a remarkable degree of dismay at the highest levels over the existential threat to the future of the funding model which is clearly an absurd anachronism.

    Requiring every household to have a licence to own a television is like Communist Romania where you needed a licence to own a typewriter. But the loss of income that the end of the compulsory licence fee would bring is, in a sense, the least of it. What would also be lost is that sense of irreplaceable uniqueness – the belief that the BBC plays a role that is fundamental to the British character – which is what its defenders seem to imply. (Nick Robinson stated this quite explicitly when Prince William attacked the Corporation over its handling of the Bashir Diana interview, describing it as “one great British institution attacking another”.)

    Time to ask some questions: is it healthy for a broadcast organisation to see itself in this way? Is it helpful for broadcasters to regard themselves as the anointed guardians of the public consciousness? Has this conceit not led BBC news and current affairs coverage into dangerous presumptions which alienate sections of the population – who are nevertheless required to subsidise them?

    Certainly the news operation has got itself into an extraordinary moral tangle over the need to reflect diversity of opinion. The editing and production of political discussion has now become positively paranoid about what may be regarded as acceptable to transmit.

    That is why so few outside commentators are now appearing on programmes which are supposed to involve debate. Everything is kept safely internal. BBC presenters interview BBC correspondents. Paradoxically, in its determination to become more open and diverse, the BBC is actually becoming ever more insular.

    What is it about these monumental national establishments like the BBC and the NHS that renders them above reproach, and turns any criticism of them into blasphemy? I suspect it is their perceived character as socially unifying forces: in a country still riven with class consciousness, the national broadcaster and the national health provider are believed to treat everyone as equals. That, of course, ceased to be true a long time ago – if indeed, it ever was.ENDS


    • MarkyMark says:

      But there seemed to be something more to the affront of the BBC (and its echo chamber in the Labour party): this was not just any news outfit that was being insulted. It was “our BBC” – the voice and conscience of the nation.

      BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast
      BBC Radio 5 Live, Wednesday 3 January 2018

      During a phone-in on the programme a contributor, Danielle Tiplady was introduced as a staff nurse. We should have established and made clear on air that she was a political activist.



  35. vlad says:

    The slaughter of Christians by muslims in Nigeria continues apace.

    The racist BBC continues to turn a blind eye.

    Black Lives Don’t Matter – if they’re Christian.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Archbishop of Canterbury says Islamic rules are incompatible with Britain’s laws which have Christian values
      Justin Welby said Sharia law should never become part of the UK legal system
      His predecessor Lord Williams had said Sharia law could be incorporated
      Welby said British law had ‘values and assumptions’ rooted in Christian traditions

      PUBLISHED: 23:28, 23 February 2018 | UPDATED: 10:04, 24 February 2018



    • MarkyMark says:

      Obama Fights Nigerian Anti-Gay Bill, Threatens To Cut Off Aid
      Mfonobong NseheFormer Contributor
      I chronicle Africa’s success stories and track its richest people
      Dec 9, 2011,04:11pm EST
      This article is more than 10 years old.
      Nigerians are not happy about Obama’s stance.
      Nigerians are not happy about Obama’s stance.
      U.S President Barack Obama is threatening to cut off foreign aid to Nigeria if a recent anti-gay bill is passed, but Nigerians are unwavering.

      A couple of weeks ago the Nigerian senate passed a bill that strictly prohibits same-sex romantic liaisons. The consequences are dire and well stated: Erring individuals stand to bag a jail sentence of 10 to 14 years.



    • MarkyMark says:

      Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury regarding comments by the Primate of Nigeria

      The Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria, the Most Reverend Henry C Ndukuba, issued a statement on Friday 26 February 2021 which referred to “the deadly ‘virus’ of homosexuality”. The statement goes on to use phrases like, “[homosexuality] is likened to a Yeast that should be urgently and radically expunged and excised lest it affects the whole dough”. It also states that “secular governments are adopting aggressive campaign for global homosexual culture.” (sic)

      I completely disagree with and condemn this language. It is unacceptable. It dehumanises those human beings of whom the statement speaks.

      I have written privately to His Grace The Archbishop to make clear that this language is incompatible with the agreed teaching of the Anglican Communion (expressed most clearly, albeit in unsuitable language for today, in paragraphs c and d of resolution I.10 of the Lambeth Conference 1998). This resolution both restated a traditional view of Christian marriage and was clear in its condemnation of homophobic actions or words. It affirmed that “all baptised, believing and faithful persons, regardless of sexual orientation, are full members of the Body of Christ.”

      The Anglican Communion continues to seek to walk together amidst much difference and through many struggles. I urge all Christians to join me in continuing prayer for the people and churches of Nigeria as they face economic hardship, terrorist attacks, religious-based violence and insecurity.

      The mission of the church is the same in every culture and country: to demonstrate, through its actions and words, that God’s offer of unconditional love to every human being through Jesus Christ calls us to holiness and hope.

      +Justin Cantuar:



  36. BRISSLES says:

    Many people on here have commented in the past on the appearance of Mary Beard. Just watching GB News debate – with the excellent Nana Akua, and then there is Scarlett McGwire. Dear God.

    Also if GBN insist on having comedians on as talking heads on a regular basis, then the least they can do is employ someone who is actually funny ! This Leo chap is as humorous as a septic toe ! The type of comedian who couldn’t tell a joke if his life depended on it, but no doubt gets gigs in small clubs where an audience of 30 year olds fall about laughing at him.


    • MarkyMark says:

      She has worked closely with the Labour Party at a senior level, having sessions with the last four party leaders and many senior MPs. She has also worked with politicians in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan. She has worked with two Presidents, five Prime Ministers, two Chief Ministers, numerous Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament in various countries. For five years she ran the communications consultancy Clear Communication.



  37. taffman says:

    “A&E in Wales: ‘Broken system’ after worst waiting times”
    All thanks to the Welsh Assembly and its bureaucracy and its ‘Health’ Trusts . Things are going to get worse …………….


  38. MarkyMark says:

    He added: “In terms of my own financial affairs, I own no shares.

    “I have a salary as prime minister, and I have some savings which I get some interest from and I have a house which we used to live in which we now let out while we’re living in Downing Street, and that’s all I have.”

    He said no prime minister had “done more to make sure we crack down on tax evasion, on aggressive tax avoidance, on aggressive tax planning both here in the UK and internationally”.

    David Cameron’s ‘£40bn raised from Chinese visit’ claim under scrutiny
    This article is more than 6 years old
    Government struggles to corroborate PM’s disputed figure as some of the deals listed have eerie similarity to ones made in past
    Chinese firm buys pub where David Cameron and Xi Jinping enjoyed a pint
    This article is more than 5 years old
    The Plough at Cadsden, a 16th-century Buckinghamshire inn, has become a hotspot for Chinese tourists since president’s state visit


  39. MarkyMark says:

    China buying UK brick by brick by pub.



    Chinese firm buys pub where David Cameron and Xi Jinping enjoyed a pint
    This article is more than 5 years old
    The Plough at Cadsden, a 16th-century Buckinghamshire inn, has become a hotspot for Chinese tourists since president’s state visit in 2015

    The Plough at Cadsden was sold to a Chinese firm, which wants to transform it into an international pub chain, for an undisclosed amount. Dr Peter Zhang, managing director of SinoFortone Investment, which bought the inn, said the English pub concept was growing “very fast” in China.8 Dec 2016



  40. MarkyMark says:

    Shanghai: video maker urges people to stop sharing film critical of Covid lockdown
    Plea comes after ‘Voices of April’ spreads on social media as users get creative to bypass China’s censors

    Vincent Ni China affairs correspondent
    Sat 23 Apr 2022 15.25 BST



  41. G.W.F. says:

    Was that an American woman presenting the news on BBC 5pm? Anyhow she and Chakarabatty (in Paris) gave us the low down on the French election.
    Le Pen is far right, she has modified her position from far right to far right, and has made far right views the centre ground so now everyone presents far right policies, including Macron only he is not far right.


  42. MarkyMark says:

    Elon musk buys twitter ….

    Tesla workers in Shanghai will reportedly sleep and eat in the factory after COVID shutdowns
    The measures are part of a “close-loop system” encouraged by authorities

    By James Vincent Apr 20, 2022, 6:58am EDT


  43. MarkyMark says:

    A new Doctor Who podcast spin-off series is making the show more female and LGBTQ+ than ever before.

    Doctor Who: Redacted, written by a transgender woman and with a transgender star, premieres on BBC Sounds this week.

    It’s the story of three young women who make a conspiracy theory podcast about a mysterious blue box that crops up throughout history.

    They also end up having an encounter of their own with a certain time-travelling alien.



  44. MarkyMark says:

    Mark addresses what’s on the mind of Steyn Club members across the globe this weekend, from France to Florida, Zelensky to Disney. There’s also a brand new edition of The Hundred Years Ago Show – and a solo on the electric razor. You don’t have to be a Mark Steyn Club member to listen to the show, so please click away and enjoy it, if that’s the word.



  45. MarkyMark says:

    Powell advocated voluntary re-emigration by “generous grants and assistance” and he mentioned that immigrants had asked him whether it was possible. He said that all citizens should be equal before the law, and that:

    This does not mean that the immigrant and his descendants should be elevated into a privileged or special class or that the citizen should be denied his right to discriminate in the management of his own affairs between one fellow-citizen and another or that he should be subjected to an inquisition as to his reasons and motives for behaving in one lawful manner rather than another.[8]



    Merkel offers cash handouts worth millions of pounds for migrants to return home in an embarrassing U-turn
    The German chancellor agreed measures to speed up deportation
    An estimated 450,000 rejected migrants are set to be sent home
    Scheme includes £76million of cash incentives to leave voluntarily


  46. MarkyMark says:

    An ice cream maker has dropped the words “Little England beyond Wales” from its packaging after complaints.

    Upton Farm used the term, which is sometimes used to refer to parts of Pembrokeshire, on its logo.

    Describing it as “a heritage phrase”, a spokesman said the company believed it helped celebrate its “geography and place in the world”.

    But it will now be scrapped and replaced with messaging that “more clearly celebrates our Welshness”.



  47. digg says:

    This is 100% the beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it. The cartels have greased their way into riches and power in the USA and the government has bowed down to be seen as woke.


    This will end very, very badly and I say this as someone who endured a terrible few years with a cannabis deranged violent partner. Actually ended up in A&E the night before I finally had enough and left. And yes she was a woman!

    Where are all the level headed leaders scrutinising this bullshit? Well they are now infested by dope smoking ex festival goers who have ended up in some sort of power.

    I have actually witnessed a young bloke a few doors away change from a helpful young chap into a shuffling pale ghost due to the constant arrivals of weirdos knocking on his door.

    Forgive them, they know not what they do!


  48. MarkyMark says:

    Mueller finds no collusion with Russia, leaves obstruction question open

    Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation did not find sufficient evidence that President Donald Trump’s campaign coordinated with Russia to influence the United States’ 2016 election and did not take a clear position on whether Trump obstructed justice.