345 Responses to Start the Week 25 April 2022

  1. Thoughtful says:

    I see that the Blue Labour Tories censorship of free speech on line, regarding social media, legal but ‘harmful’ is yet more EU legislation being copied into British law,to make our rejoining and re-integration much easier for the elites.


  2. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I have read that there have been 0 channel dingy crossers the last couple of days.

    If it’s true then the Rwanda option might be working.


    • theisland says:

      Unfortunately not – the wind has been strong.


      • StewGreen says:

        I’m pretty sure illegals have arrived
        It’s just they have so far been undetected
        eg in the backs of lorries or illegal flights etc.


        • G.W.F. says:

          Perhaps the Government want us to think the Rwanda option is working and the dinghy riders are kept out of sight OR are now classified as Ukrainians.


  3. Deborah says:

    I have just been in London for a week and didn’t need the heating on all week. So when you hear people on the BBC claim it is heating or eating, remember at times it can be an easy choice.

    However I returned north today. I have my heating on this evening. Perhaps London based Tories should remember that increased power costs hits northern Tories more than southerners.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Deborah, London because of its size and building content is a real heat island. Now that I live in the sticks, when I return to the capital I often have to shed a layer of clothing. It continually runs 2 degrees or more warmer than most of the country.


  4. pugnazious says:

    Nolan’s on….and apparently it’s OK to shoplift if you’re not wealthy. Haven’t got time to listen to it all but I’m sure Nolan challenges that belief….but you know that the BBC only raises such ‘issues’ when it agrees with them and wants to ‘start the conversation’….and of course it’s also politicial….Tories in government=poverty…must be some sort of election coming up soon.


    • Flotsam says:

      Nolan attempts to promote himself as an unbiased BBC presenter but fails miserably. It is completely obvious that he is a left wing woke. A stream of


  5. Guest Who says:

    Not only sounds like the BBC, but is clearly as deranged.


    • Deborah says:

      Is ‘allyship’ even a proper word?

      Wikipedia explains it as ‘”Allyship” is an English-language neologism used in contemporary social justice activism to describe efforts by members of a privileged in-group, to advance the interests of marginalized groups, both in society at large, and within in particular social contexts, such as universities or workplaces.

      I understand Starmer is trying to draw France and the U.K. as allies, but this social justice word just grates on me.


      • Zephir says:

        I suspect a normal person might say “alliance” ?


        • theisland says:

          It looks like he has been on a ‘training course’ and is deliberately and cynically positioning himself as a champion of the oppressed.
          How many normal people will be fooled by this? We know he subscribes (for personal gain) to the global agenda. Being a lapdog of the EU was just the start. After his failure to keep us in the EU he is now calculating/hoping that an even bigger pension than e.g. Kinnock’s awaits if he follows the approved (?WEF) rules.


    • Guest Who says:

      The bbc and Labour also like ‘historic’.

      Here’s the Far Gone National Propagandist Moaning Emole:

      “Emmanuel Macron has made history in France. He’s been re-elected – the first sitting president to do so in 20 years. The centrist leader saw off far-right rival Marine Le Pen”

      If only he had been female.


  6. StewGreen says:

    PJW on the Afrik-rainians ..Africans and Muslims with sudden Ukrainian passports


  7. tomo says:

    Another death statistic spike (+50%) in an identifiable demographic in the USA during the pandemic.

    Homeless in Los Angeles

    Elsewhere, the US DOJ Appeals Court Decision Lifting Mask Mandate – some people are saying that some other people might just be triggered by that.


  8. taffman says:

    “Partygate: Removing PM would lead to instability, says Oliver Dowden”
    It’s time the Tories had a true Conservative leader not a closet Liberal .
    Wasn’t Dowden an anti-Brexiteer ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      taffman, some people who voted Remain have since switched sides, especially now that they have seen the EU with fresh eyes during the fishing dispute, the Pandemic and a(nother) European war.


  9. taffman says:

    “Labour calls for emergency budget over cost of living crisis”
    Why isn’t Labour calling for an end to the stupid Green Levy?


  10. StewGreen says:

    7pm R4 News was a strange one
    The lead was that Macron has won
    Then it went weird “and here’s French Climate spokeswoman Mme X”
    ‘You see Macron hasn’t made his Climate targets but he does believe in Climate change
    The problem is not only does the FAR RIGHT Le Pen not believe in Climate targets , she doesn’t believe in Climate change at all
    .. so France faced a backward step like Trump’s presidency’

    .. That was such a weird news bulletin
    but weirdly the hourly short news bulletins this evening are not available on Iplayer to check.


  11. StewGreen says:

    “Rigged” is trending
    with tweets about anti-Macron demos breaking out across France.


  12. StewGreen says:

    How many times can @BBCRadio4 say ‘far right’ in the news about the French election?


  13. StewGreen says:

    R4 on Sunday

    12:30pm Food Prog
    ..really PR for their favourite non-binary commie Jack Monroe

    7:15pm comedy with Athena Kugblenu .. usual chip on the shoulder about being black

    She did one joke though “I wasn’t sure that Meghan Markle was actually black
    .. but then i saw she has married an unemployed man”

    8pm Feedback, they cherrypicked the letters that said
    ..’Gardener’s Question Times doesn’t have enough Climate Emergency segments ..so I am boycotting the programme.”

    Meanwhile I passed someone who was watching TV
    6pm the were watching Anita Rani present Countryfile
    .. 8pm she was on again presenting another show

    R3 19:30
    Drama on 3
    Make Death Love Me: Antony and Cleopatra Re-Imagined
    Shakespeare’s classic as a dysfunctional love story of a black empress and a white general


    • MarkyMark says:

      “To cite the other person you just said that would *trigger you Sam Harris*, Mark Steyn said this the other day, *this is the conversation we will be having when the Mullahs nuke us*.Everyone will be discussing if someone is transgender despite the fact they’ve had no operation (ref Jack Monroe in UK)” – Douglas Murray when he’s angry, but he still makes sense.


  14. Zephir says:

    Some invaluable advice on Quora this morning:

    What do you do if a bear charges at you?

    A 1 The standard advice is to climb a tree. If it climbs up the tree and kills you, it’s a black bear. If it knocks the tree down and kills you, it’s a grizzly.

    A 2 If there’s no tree, it’s a polar bear.


    • Thoughtful says:

      If it’s black, fight back. If it’s brown, lay down. If it’s white, say goodnight.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Looks like my dog, when he’s wanting his walk and breakfast in the morning, have woken up more than once to a view like that as he ‘gently’ nibbles and claws at my face to wake me up.

      He’s a rescue dog, and I have to admit, we were expecting something a little smaller when we applied. When we turned up at the centre, they had him out the front waiting for us, my son sounded a little shocked as he said “I thought we were getting a dog dad, not a horse”.

      Suckers? Yes, probably, but I’m a soft touch, and I don’t need to worry about mouthy teenagers when out at night walking the dog… he’d eat them alive (quite literally).

      BTW, always thought that guy was one of the better BBoids, I liked his documentaries, and the guy with the walrus ‘tash (no idea about names), which is probably why the BBC prefer the irritating Cwis Pwaquackum, and “THE END IS NIGH!” prophet of doom, the venerable St. Attenborough.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Talking about Boaty McBoatFace:

        Antarctica same-sex wedding first on British territory

        Major article on the front page with FIVE extra large colour photos showing everything in graphic detail, as Stephen and Eric tie the knot (one in suit, other in a kilt) on RRS Sir David Attenborough. They make a lovely couple, I must say……

        Honestly, good luck to them (but, I still think the world’s gone mad and the BBC have a blatant agenda).


    • StewGreen says:

      #1 Good job they put that scare music in the background
      .. I wouldn’t have realised it was a scary situation otherwise.

      #2 There are probably 2 blokes with bear killing guns stationed nearby.

      #3 Knowing the BBC the footage was probably faked
      ie done in a Greenscreen studio cos “that’s almost as good as reality”

      “The bear comes to the door cos that is the weakest point with a gap so the smell is strongest”
      3 minutes later “Oh now the bear has found another place where the gap is big enough to put its nose though”
      .. So he just contradicted himself ..and why leave such a big gap ?


  15. taffman says:

    “Partygate: Removing PM would lead to instability, says Oliver Dowden”
    Will Steve Baker or Rees Mogg replace him?
    Who will finally get us a ‘Full Brexit’ and who will defend our borders and stop the Channel Invasion?


    • Thoughtful says:

      Cowardice on full display, Tories scared of everything yet again, probably because they have been very effective at eliminating both talent and conservatism from their party.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      I think ditching Boris (should have been done months ago) would result in ‘instability’, but only because the Tory party seem totally devoid of any detectable talent at all. Not that the other lot look any better.

      I’m sure it’s not the salary (sorry Thoughtful), otherwise how come they can get the rest of us doing proper jobs for soo much less?

      Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the idea that only public school educated lawyers with PPI degrees from Oxford who’ve served their apprenticeship as trainee politicians should be nominated, and to start recruiting a little more widely?


      • Thoughtful says:

        There was once a story of a British PM sat in first class on his own – when it was possible to do such a thing.

        A fellow traveller entered the carriage and recognised the PM, saying Bladwin isn’t it? Weren’t you at Harrow?

        Yes replied the PM

        What are you doing now? enquired his questioner.

        Of course this could never happen these days with the intense media spotlight on a Prime Minister 24 hours a day, and as we have seen with Rishi Sunak even the family isn’t off limits for a media which simply doesn’t give a toss about peoples privacy when it comes to destroying an enemy politician.

        Who would do such a job especially when most could earn far more without the stress and intrustion, in fact it has been shown possible for the talented to earn more in a day than a minister earns in a 5 year term.

        Given that now one of the top echelon of lawyers leaving uni are being offered a starting salary of £500K in London it puts into persepective why talent is not being attracted to what should be a fundamentally important part of Britains governance and future.


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      Mogg, Baker. Pro mass immigration. More of same.

      However, even a slightly talented Tory MP who believes in Britain and Borders would have the public behind him/ her if they stood forward now and declared themselves. Where are they hiding?
      Step forward patriot the prize is yours. The buffoon has outstayed its welcome.


  16. Fedup2 says:

    Today watch
    Lots of white noise today – comrade Nicholas Robinson sent to Paris to report on the latest stolen election . I wonder if he took his helmet and vest and found a hotel roof to keep ranting ‘far right ‘ far right ‘ which is the latest BBC rant .

    There’s no need to listen really – I know the tune . Celebration – EU – more of the same – keeping buying and selling stuff to Russia …trying to damage the UK as much as possible .

    From what I heard on Today this day they don’t seem interested in the Angee legs gate story – does she spread them for nut nut or not ? Skirt or trousers ?

    At least this nonsense story will keep the girls on wimmins; hour frothing …


    • Guest Who says:

      Sopes cracks one off.


      • vlad says:

        Ooo, scary, the Fascists are coming…


        • Guest Who says:

          Reportedly… Manny is looking at endless terms by ‘evolving’ the next voting system to show of hands or the eyes have it.

          To ensure few Gilet Jeunes get counted.

          It’s… ‘a new form of democracy’, as Green Council Leaders with pink and blue highlights might say.


      • MarkyMark says:

        52% of UK Is racist! FACT!


        • BigBrotherCorporation says:

          And FAR RIGHT, scary isn’t it?

          I’m still not sure how something can be FAR RIGHT if the majority of the population agree with it? Surely to be FAR anything you’ve got to be way out there on the whacky fringes ala Corbyn?


          • MarkyMark says:

            Labour: Difficult to see Jeremy Corbyn return after Nato remarks – Starmer
            Published16 hours ago

            Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said it is “very difficult to see” how his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, could re-join the party in the Commons after his comments about Nato.


        • Thoughtful says:

          and 52% are afraid of the bogeyman! There’s no such thing as ‘racism’ it’s a word made up by the left and is completely meaningless! Even the BBC don’t know what it means and admitted this when I wrote to them asking them for their definitioni, and neither do the Labour party who said themselves that they don’t know what it is but that they recognise it when they see it!

          I simply doesn’t exist, it’s as real as the bogeyman.


  17. Jeff says:

    Yesterday evening, after a hard day at the allotment, planting out over 100 onion seedlings, I fancied a traditional, old fashioned British who done it. I settled back with a cup of tea for a couple of hours of ITVs latest tec’ drama, Grace. Oh dear…

    It’s set in contemporary Brighton and stars John Simm, who was the wimpy one from Life on Mars. He’s now a little older, a tad more portly and in charge of the police division.

    What astonished me…and knowing TV tec’ dramas as I do it shouldn’t have done…was the astonishing contribution played by ethnic minorities in today’s imaginary police force. Where would we be without them?

    His boss is a tough talking African woman (oh, she would be) and his side kick is a decent, hard working black bloke, who unfortunately couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. Towards the end of the drama this fellow is shot…probably by the writer I shouldn’t wonder…

    This force is a credit to every PC meme known to man…and woman. It’s full of diversity to such a distracting degree I had difficulty following the story. Absolutely everybody is in a mixed race relationship. Black women seem to make up at least 40% of the modern TV police force. They’re all courageous, hard working and intelligent. If you want a dodgy character then there are plenty of white males to take the role.

    By the end of this PC TV drama the miscreants had been caught…all of them white and male…ex army officers and a really loathsome South African…the usual suspects.

    I can’t honestly say I enjoyed it.

    Perhaps next Sunday I’ll fish out my old box set of Miss Marple…


    • Fedup2 says:

      Jeff Jeff – spoiler alert ( actually I think it sounded like the opposite of spoiler ) .

      . It’s still surprising that TV companies still put this tired old stuff out – defective white cop – superior female coloured boss – victim coloured side kick – whitee baddie – how many times has it been done by BBCITVC4?- but I suppose it’s something to put between adverts with mixed race actors – who must be making a fortune ….


    • Guest Who says:

      As they were free, binge watched all the latest Craig’s List of Bonds on streaming.

      Including the last, with the new 707 as MI6 Head Di Hard of Thinking might dub.

      Hope the next incarnation does not have to squeeze through small spaces after a sesh at KFC.


    • G says:


      One of the reasons I don’t have a tv licence. I refuse to be subjected to propaganda such as that.


    • Scroblene says:

      In Peter Adams’ books, Glenn Branson is black anyway, but the author only mentions it in passing, and anyway, who really cares!

      Of course, we won’t watch the TV version, because they’ll never get the story Adams wants to put across. He is prolific in the series, and while I’ve read nearly all of his books, (because I know Brighton), I dread to think how the TV casting types can screw up some quite good stories without pandering to the snowflakes.

      I did like John Simm in ‘Life on Mars’ though, so another reason not to see his part mucked around by the wokies!


  18. Guest Who says:

    And so it begi… morphs…

    She is rich enough. Now.

    Time for the beach front landing strip for the Lear?


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      Not sure on this one as she would have to give up the titles and actually do a tiny amount of work.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Is she going to be the Queen of England and President of the USA at the same time?!


      • Scroblene says:

        That would make Hary some sort of ‘Consort’, but then, she never could spell…


    • Thoughtful says:

      She doesn’t need a PR guru, she needs a safe seat and the greedy socialists who always want others to salve their bleeding hearts for them will vote her into power.

      She will be expected to keep the tax rates low, keep the Blacks out of White schools and to only concentrate law enforcement in the wealthy areas such as where she lives.

      She seems more than fine aith all that hypocrisy and lying, she’d be great as the new Jen Psaki !


  19. Guest Who says:

    BBC uses ‘trust’ almost as much as #sourcessay, and oddly unchallenged ‘commentators’.


  20. AsISeeIt says:

    Business as usual edition

    Le Champ! Macron crushes Le Pen at the polls to win another five years‘ – roars the Daily Mail. The only thing Mr AsISeeIt finds crushing about the result is the inevitablity.

    One prefers the first-past-the post system – but given the low turn out, the number of spoilt ballots and the make-shift leftist/centrist/soft-right make-up of Macron’s coalition, he can only really be seen as the anti-Le Pen President.

    Which is good enough for our current elites: ‘Macron’s victory was swiftly welcomed by EU leaders‘ (Guardian) – the little Napoleon won’t be rocking any boats – and he won’t be stopping any inflatable boats heading our way.

    In crony corporate news – the crony corporates are doing quite nicely, thank you: ‘Bulb energy, the failed electricty and gas supplier, has reportedly paid millions of pounds in staff retention bonuses since its £1.7bn rescue by the UK government in November‘ (FT) – I’m oddly reminded of that famous Sun frontpage that pictured Neil Kinnock’s head in a light bulb “…will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights“;

    The chief of construction group Balfour Beatty has predicted a decade of UK infastructure growth after the government set aside billions of pounds for investment in the sector‘ (FT) – infrastructure investment is supposed to improve our infrastructure, right? But my experience tells me of continual on-going engineering improvement delays to rail and road networks;

    Big four accountancy firm KPMG has won millions of pounds of government contracts despite saying it would pause bidding for public sector work after its involvement in corporate scandals‘ (FT);

    Profits jump for Patel-backed PPE firm after it won £216m contracts. Pharmaceuticals Direct Limited was awarded taxpayer-funded business after support from home secretary‘ (Guardian);

    Fujitsu has won two huge government IT contracts, worth over £400m, while taxpayers face footing the massive bill for the Post Office scandal caused by its software‘ (Computer Weekly);

    Firm owned by family of Rishi Sunak’s wife allegedly won £50m in taxpayer-funded deals‘ (Wales Online)

    As for the Rayner/Boris thing… I think he’s innocent of this one. She’s not his type at all. He goes for the posh totty types, not the fag ash lils.


  21. Guest Who says:

    Remember bbc payola?

    Plugging gone well drastic now, bro.


  22. theisland says:


  23. Guest Who says:

    Le mot du jour est ‘historic’.

    Surprised this effort did not garner it too.


  24. StewGreen says:

    8:26am local radio news
    Framing : the Not Fit For Purpose Office NoFiFoPur are evil
    They have issued visas for 71,000 visas to Ukrainian refugees but only 21,000 have arrived.
    Item opens “Here I am at the house of a woman who is sponsoring 2 young Ukrainian lads,
    who have been waiting 37 days for UK visas
    and she is worried cos Ivan is coming up to 18 and that would mean he has to STAY and do military service”

    Right, media people love to get jeopardy into their narratives.
    However the woman explains “Ivan and his mates are stuck in this flat in Warsaw, Poland awaiting their visa”
    .. Hang on, surely that means there is no military service jeopardy, cos Ivan is already outside Ukrainian laws.

    The two BBC presenters then both start talking about their own Ukrainian refugees.
    Sally already has her 2, that her British-Ukrainian friend set up. They got their visas within 2 weeks of applying and flew straight in.
    Amanda is still looking on Facebook to hook up with refugees
    but she’s getting lots of scammers pretending to be refugees and asking for money, before they will agree to a video call

    So how many of the 71K are stuck in the visa queue cos they are not real Ukrainians , so don’t have PROPER Ukrainian documentation ?


    • MarkyMark says:

      “she is worried cos Ivan is coming up to 18 and that would mean he has to STAY and do military service” – I thought fighting for your country was a good thing? Or not? v Confused.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Looks more like training for Jez and the Spandex mobile battalions if caught short in certain areas of London.


  26. Guest Who says:

    Historic pic, certainement…

    ‘Mon cheval, mon cheval, mon Kingdome pour un cheval!’


  27. MarkyMark says:



    Macron keeps up appearances with €26,000 makeup bill since May
    This article is more than 4 years old
    Aides to French president acknowledge bill is high but say artist had been called in as ‘matter of urgency’


  28. StewGreen says:

    Radio 4
    expert on political “strong men”
    Orban, Erdogan, Trump

    ‘These guys make out that there is a crisis and then use that excuse to bring in draconian laws’
    “Trump said he is was just going to ban ALL Muslims”

    … Trump never said anything like that
    ..rather he banned all entry from certain terrorist states, that happened to be Muslim dominated.

    At all times Muslims from other countries were entering the US without hindrance.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Saved by the Easter Bunny: Biden questions are increasingly unproductive


      • Guest Who says:

        Will Beff be dressing up in an Edna Mode suit to chirp ‘wenyagonnapoligise?’ over and over?


      • Doublethinker says:

        Im sure the Democrats plan was to use Biden to defeat Trump ,or to at least make the gap Dominion had to close smaller, and after a decent interval retire him in favour of Harris. But Harris is so detested by the American public that this is no longer an option. So they are keeping Biden in post but it’s getting farcical as his dementia rapidly worsens .
        I note that even the democratic mouthpieces in the MSM are becoming increasingly critical of Biden and more willing to allow stories about HunterBiden nefarious business deals to printed or aired. The polls are dire and it is increasingly likely that given free and fair elections in Nov both the House and Senate will become Republican . Many states have revised their election laws making rigging supposedly tougher , we shall see.
        The Dems and their globalist pals must have a plan . Biden can’t last much longer, Harris is a no no , election rigging is tougher , so how are they going to get out of this one?
        Remember if the Republicans take control of both Houses they can open up inquiries into the Russian Hoax and cover up, the 2020 election rigging, Biden’s corruption , Obama’s and Clinton’s involvement in all of the above , the involvement of the FBI and CIA with the Democrat Party. The fall out could be immense and last for generations.


        • Scroblene says:

          Reading that, DT, makes me feel so much better at this early hour!

          Nicely put, and thank you!


        • Fedup2 says:

          My assumptions –
          1 the actual president is Obama
          2 the voting systems remain fixed
          3 it still suits Obama to have a declining Biden in place
          4 Harris will not be the replacement
          5 the replacement will be an Obama shadow
          6 maybe michel Obama …(40/1 )
          7 Clinton is too toxic
          8 Obama will ‘false file ‘ trump again
          9 the MSM will continue to be democrat propagandists
          10 Elon musk is now a full target


    • Guest Who says:

      Inaccurate? Liar?

      Bbc expert for sure.


    • Nibor says:

      I listened to half of that programme Stew until I arrived at my destination.

      The BBC tell us that 54% of Britons want a strong leader who will break the law .
      I’m suspicious of that – what laws ? The law of our country, or international laws set by unaccountable bodies which our Powers That Be use to punish us .
      A case in point are the SOLAS laws = Safety Of Lives At Sea , used by our PTB to allow the dingy invaders to come to Britain. Other international laws that would help the UK are ignored .
      Another case in point ; the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
      The BBC breaks this . Their threatograms breach Article 12 .

      It seems BBC and its guests can’t distinguish between democracy and sham democracy.


      • StewGreen says:

        “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”
        from the United Nations
        Article 12
        “No one shall be subjected to *arbitrary* interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence,
        nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation.
        Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

        That sounds #1 Wishy washy … the rue rule can be broken if there is a reason ie not just arbitrary.
        #2 BS “attacks upon his honour and reputation.”
        Of course you can attack my honour and reputation, cos that is your free speech.


        • Nibor says:

          No doubt the good folk drawing up that declaration had in mind unjustified attacks on anyone’s honour , or attacks made not for discussion but to close down discussion.
          You cannot attack someone’s honour for no GOOD reason – that is libel .


        • Nibor says:

          Next you’ll be saying there’s no such thing as arbitrary arrest .

          The Declaration is more to stop a state from harassing an individual than individual to individual.

          It may be a bit wishy washy but it’s an institution loved by the BBC and thus should be used against the BBC .


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Yes, I heard that too, after I made the mistake of listening to the latest pile of horse-droppings from the Far Left BBC at 9 a.m.

      It’s another flat-out lie from the Hard Left BBC. Trump enforced a ban on a small number of Islamic countries (selected during the Obama administration!) but most were not on the list. He talked about being cautious “… until we figure out what the hell’s going on.”

      Needless to say, the Far Left BBC presenter (Tom Sutcliffe?) made no effort to correct this lie, which was debunked ages ago at the time. This sort of ‘casual’ bias makes Radio 4 less and less of an option if you want anything balanced.


  29. MarkyMark says:

    Furlough fraud to cost up to £7bn – with no civil penalties issued yet


  30. pugnazious says:

    A storm in a D-cup….so to speak.

    LOL…utterly shocked and outraged at the perverted and misogynistic way a Tory MP has attempted to belittle the delightful Angela Rayner….though I suspect it was a joke and a throw away line….now mythologised as appalling Tory sexism and hate…can’t remember such fuss from the BBC over Rayner’s hate-filled rant against the Tories….and, er, apparently she has boasted of using her ‘femininity’ for advantage…

    ‘“She knows she can’t compete with Boris’s Oxford Union debating training, but she has other skills which he lacks. She has admitted as much when enjoying drinks with us on the [Commons] terrace.”’

    Curiously, or not, the BBC misses out that part of the quote in a remarkably long and accusatory report that we didn’t see for Rayner’s hate-filled rant…


    Guessing with elections due the outrage is being ramped up to extreme levels to try and whip up a bit of anti-Tory hate.

    Haven’t seen any evidence of Rayner’s legs in action but we all know women use their god-given assets to manipulate men….dressing to accentuate the positive and be provocative and ‘alluring’….if you’ve got it flaunt it.

    Not as if the BBC doesn’t think women’s bodies are somehow shameful and provocative…..how soon they forget….and odd how the Guardian used to think that women flaunting their bodies was fine but the ‘outrage’ is offensive….[not now though]…

    ‘Cleavage is not offensive, but outrage about it certainly is’

    ‘BBC Africa blurred a woman’s breasts over concern about the reaction in conservative countries. Such censorship objectifies female bodies’


    Ah yes….the misogynistic BBC objectifying women’s bodies…not that women don’t ‘objectify’ their own bodies….is this really ‘innocent’?


    ‘Paris Musée d’Orsay sorry for barring visitor in low-cut dress

    The Musée d’Orsay is one of the biggest tourist draws in Paris and home to some of 19th Century French art’s most famous nudes.

    But when French literature student Jeanne visited wearing a low-cut dress on a hot day this week, she says she was barred from entering.

    Museum staff told her “rules are rules” and she was eventually allowed in when she put on her jacket, she explains.’


  31. pugnazious says:

    ‘For more than 85 years Turks have lived in an officially secular state founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who rejected headscarves as backward-looking. ‘

    The BBC can’t say ‘Marine Le Pen’ without adding ‘Far-Right’…or ‘extremist’…Nick Robinson this morning followed the editorial assiduously this morning and kept up the barrage of ‘Far-Right’ name-calling.

    Sooo….what is ‘Far-Right’ then? Apparently it’s because Le Pen wants more control of immigration and she wants to ban the Islamic headscarf….a misogynistic and patriarchal imposition upon women by Muslim men if ever there was one but the BBC is more concerned about a Tory making a joke about Rayner than institutional misogyny in one of the world’s biggest religions.

    Hmmm…er…Isn’t the headscarf already banned in schools and public offices in France and indeed the burkini on French beaches? So…is the French government not ‘Far-Right’? Macron himself has attacked Islam but apparently he gets a free pass from the BBC.

    ‘The head of French President Emmanuel Macron’s political party withdrew support late last week for one of the party’s own candidates, Sarah Zemmahi, after she wore a headscarf in a campaign poster…“Wearing ostentatious religious symbols on a campaign document is not compatible with the values of LREM.” ‘

    How soon the BBC forgets….Europe is just over-run by Nazi Islamophobes….


    ‘On 6 December 2016, Chancellor Angela Merkel said the wearing of full-faced veils should be prohibited in Germany “wherever it is legally possible”.’

    ‘On 11 April 2011, France became the first European country to ban the full-face Islamic veil in public places.

    Under the ban, no woman, French or foreign, is able to leave their home with their face hidden behind a veil without running the risk of a fine.

    As President, Nicolas Sarkozy, whose administration brought in the ban, said that veils oppress women and were “not welcome” in France. ‘

    ‘A law banning the full-face veil came into effect in Belgium in July 2011.
    The law bans any clothing that obscures the identity of the wearer in places like parks and on the street. ‘

    ‘In November 2016, Dutch MPs backed a ban on the Islamic full veil in public places such as schools and hospitals, and on public transport.
    The niqab and the burka full-face veils were included in the ban along with face coverings such as ski-masks and helmets.’

    ‘The Danish parliament approved a bill in May 2018 to punish anyone wearing a full-face veil with a fine, which would increase tenfold if an individual was caught again. It is due to come into effect in August 2018.’


  32. Flotsam says:

    I noticed at Macron’s “Rallye de Triomphe” that there was an almost equal number of EU flags and French flags, a bit strange for a nation of patriots (no shame in being proud of one’s country). Was it stage managed to broadcast Macron’s claim to be Emperor of Europe?


    • Doublethinker says:

      I suspect that Macron’s supporters , ie those who actually want him as President rather than those who voted for him to stop MLP, are also strong Europhiles.


  33. Flotsam says:

    Angela’s “Basic Instinct” moment. Boris……….Was it horror or lust? What colour were they?


  34. MarkyMark says:

    MPs to get £2,200 pay rise from April for ‘dramatically increased’ duties last year


  35. Doobster78 says:

    Ken Bruce back on Radio 2 today after a 2 week holiday.

    A listener had emailed in asking if he had secretly been auditioning for Talk TV ….. BBC management would have been proud of his very BBC standard line

    He sniggers and then says ” i am not that desperate” !!!!

    Just the usual belittling , looking down their noses at anything perceived to be remotely to the right of far Left !!!

    As i type, apparently Macron has seen of the challenge of the Far Right candidate is headline news on radio 2 …… could be a record breaking day for the term “far right”

    They really are a rancid outfit … DISGUSTING !!


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m sure if the money was right Mr Bruce would join the ‘exodus of talent “(really) and go get a job on daytime TV quiz’s or classic FM ….. his BBC must be quite solid by now – and he is an ‘institution ‘ of course …


    • G.W.F. says:

      Ye Far right has been over used and has largely replaced political discussion.
      But also time to re-name Marine Le Pen as Yaxley Lenon Pen.


  36. pugnazious says:

    Apparently, aaccording to Nick Robinson, the Macron win was a vote for forward looking progressiveness that is represented by the EU and gobalisation.

    No irony or contradiction in the BBC report moments earlier that said France, and many other EU countries were looking to support their own industries, food and energy production in light of the Russian invasion and the damaging effects relying on imports from other countries has on their ability to maintain their economy and society.

    So…backing away where possible from globalisation.

    And just a note…the BBC likes to claim attacks [when coming from Brexiteers but oddly not when the lefties are trashing Davos] on globalisation are anti-Semitic…..hmmm…why would that be? Because the BBC believes so many global financiers are Jewish….er…isn’t that pushing the old trope that is itself anti-Semitic…that Jews are always rich and run the world?

    This from the BBC that relentlessly pushes an anti-Capitalism narrative and yet supports globalisation…maybe it’s a different kind of globalisation….world government…’internationalism’….erm…communism.

    The BBC that hates empires and loves diversity but wants us all to be ruled by one over-arching lordship and we all think, look and act the same.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Writers share this characteristic with scientists, artists, politicians, lawyers, soldiers, successful business men – in short, with the whole top crust of humanity. The great mass of human beings are not acutely selfish. After the age of about thirty they abandon individual ambition – in many cases, indeed, they almost abandon the sense of being individuals at all – and live chiefly for others, or are simply smothered under drudgery. But there is also the minority of gifted, willful people who are determined to live their own lives to the end, and writers belong in this class. Serious writers, I should say, are on the whole more vain and self-centered than journalists, though less interested in money.



  37. pugnazious says:

    Will the BBC’s News Quiz being doing their own Angela Rayner ‘Fatal Attraction’ version of this? LOL…doubt it somehow…..

    LOl…how could I forget….how the media pilloried Macron for his chest rug….so sexist and filled with hate for men….just how will we get more men into politics when they are so objectified by such perverted smears?!

    Plenty of comment from BBC presenters sniggering at ‘Le Rug’…and the Guardian goes low too….Macron is man-spreading and using his chest rug for political advantage….ooh la la!….

    ‘The return of the rug: could Macron’s hairy chest start a new fashion?’

    ‘He is lounging casually on a mustard leather sofa, manspreading, chest rug sprouting virilely from his unbuttoned white shirt, left arm draped lazily – maybe even invitingly – along the back of the sofa …And this is the missile to sink Marine Le Pen? It may even reflect a bigger trend: the return of he-vage. Plus it has seen social media users compare him to … Roger Federer.’




  38. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Bbbc are in a happy place this morning.

    Not only did their man win against Farrightmarine Le Pen (who is also too close to the Kremlin they say, work that one out….

    They are also reporting that Boris must surely go when the Grey report comes out as it is apparently seriously bad for him.

    As it’s always ‘Boris out’ with the bbbc (apart from the week or two when they thought they actually had him on the way out so they started trying to get Sunak sacked as they thought he was going to be his replacement) we can probably dismiss this report.

    Next will be the Met report where he will ‘have to go’ again.

    They will no doubt find something else after that to try and get him sacked.


    • Thoughtful says:

      It would be a Phyrric victory to get rid of Johnson as he is doing more for the Red Labour electoral chances than anyone else and I suspect Red Labour knows that.

      But the media cannot help themselves in attacking someone who they hate and so they might end up replacing Johnsons with someone a little more effective (it would be difficult to be less effective), who is popular with voters. Although finding someone like this in the Blue Labour ranks seems somewhat unlikely.


    • dafydd says:

      Its now a free for all in the media with regards to Boris. They are no longer even trying hide there disdain for the man.

      The BBC along with the increasingly anti Government reporting from Sky are smelling blood and will not cease until they have there scalp.

      To add insult to injury there is obviously an anti Boris clique inside the Conservative Party, hence the constant ”unknown Government source” says..!!

      I don’t know about anybody else on here but when im out and about all i here from friends etc is, ”im sick to the back teeth of partygate” and ”there are more serious things going on in the world”

      As far as i read it is that the whole thing and hysteria is being driven by the BBC and media. I genuinely believe Mr and Mrs Joe Public don’t give a rats arse about a party that happened over two years ago.

      I went to a military reunion at the weekend with over 60 people there and there was an audible groan when one of the speakers mentioned PARTYGATE.

      Whether you love or hate Boris he does have the knack of getting things done and despite the best efforts of the BBC i think the public will support him….

      Labour and the BBC keep driving the PARTYGATE issue…They need to be careful because there is such a thing as ”overkill”, and i think we have reached that point..

      Lets see how it all pans out


      • Up2snuff says:

        Time for the Conservatives to face reality: without Bojo they could be toast at the next Election. I note that by the weekend Steve Baker had realised what an idiot he had been during the week in Parliament. If only he had kept his trap shut and he claims to be a keen Brexiteer!

        It is time for all good men – and women – to come to the aid of the Party in Government.


  39. Fedup2 says:

    The telegraphs’ take on Talk TV – notice the mention of GBNews – which it presumably take over in a while ( remember sky v bsb?)

    A little over a year after storming off the set of Good Morning Britain following a row over the Duchess of Sussex, Piers Morgan was back in ITV’s daytime studios to prepare his war on cancel culture.

    During an interview on Thursday with Lorraine Kelly, Morgan branded the “woke mob” a “form of fascists” as he trumpeted his new show on Rupert Murdoch’s incoming network, TalkTV.

    It was the latest dose of drama surrounding the BBC challenger ahead of its launch on Monday after Morgan raised the hackles of former US President Donald Trump.

    The Donald has accused the insurgent broadcaster of doctoring a promotional video of an exclusive interview he gave to Piers Morgan Uncensored, so that he appeared to walk off the set in anger.

    “Piers Morgan, like the rest of the fake news media, attempted to unlawfully and deceptively edit his long and tedious interview,” Trump said.

    “He wanted to make it look like I walked out on the interview when my time limit of 20 minutes went over by an hour.”

    Morgan and Murdoch will be unphased. The spat will only deepen viewers’ intrigue when TalkTV goes live at 7pm with The News Desk, hosted by former Sun political editor Tom Newton Dunn, before Morgan’s own debut an hour later.

    While there is little doubt over Morgan’s appeal, questions linger around TalkTV’s ability to disrupt the broadcasting establishment when it arrives on Sky channel 526, Freeview 237 and across on-demand streaming devices this week.

    Britain’s appetite for opinionated TV news remains unproven, while traditional broadcasters are ploughing extra investment into current affairs shows to protect themselves from challengers. Does Morgan have enough star power to carry TalkTV to consistently strong ratings?

    Tom Standen-Jewell, of Enders Analysis, says analysis shows that Morgan is a guaranteed audience draw who can put TalkTV on the front foot.

    “We have been looking at statistics for six months before he left Good Morning Britain and the six months after he left the show, and there was a 21pc drop in the average audience,” he says.

    “That was the start of a downward trend that has only continued since.

    “During his time he narrowed the gap with BBC Breakfast, which is quite impressive. We also looked at Good Morning Britain’s YouTube views over the period and they went down even more than linear viewing did following his departure.”

    Murdoch is making an expensive gamble that Morgan can deliver top billing as the media mogul returns to the frontline of UK television four years after selling out of Sky, the satellite TV company he founded in 1989.

    Morgan is rejoining the News Corp fold 26 years after he vacated the editor’s chair at the News of the World when Murdoch reportedly said “the young man went over the top” by invading the privacy of Victoria Lockwood, then the wife of Earl Spencer.

    News UK, which also owns the Sun and the Times newspapers and is producing the channel from its London Bridge headquarters and studios in West London, will be hoping that Morgan now has experience to deliver without overstepping the mark.

    That will be a key test. Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, he defended his behaviour on GMB in March last year when he said he did not believe Meghan Markle following her two-hour interview with Oprah. Meghan had claimed she was nearly driven to suicide by life in the Royal Family.

    “I only regret that ITV tried to make me apologise for something that I genuinely believed,” he said.

    “[The Duke and Duchess of Sussex] are making hundreds of millions of dollars exploiting the royal titles from an institution they keep trashing.

    “I don’t think you can have your royal cake and eat it and I’m going to say that very loudly on my show.”

    Global interest in the Royal Family is likely to be a key area for Morgan’s show, which will be broadcast in the UK, Sky News Australia and America’s Fox Nation.

    The pressure to deliver a ratings winner across three continents means it is likely there will be less attention given to truly British issues and more of a focus on celebrity and big news topics that cross borders.

    Among the challenges will be the competition within his broadcasting slot. At 8pm, Morgan will have to fight with ITV’s popular soap Coronation Street.

    Scott Taunton, the chief executive of broadcasting at News UK, says TalkTV will have to think about broadcasting in a different way to ensure Morgan’s show succeeds globally.

    “We will have stories that are of relevance to one of those territories that will still carry,” he says.

    “What will be interesting is getting news and opinions of how a British story may relate to an American or Australian.

    “If you think about Piers Morgan and the work he did with the Daily Mail online, that was about building a US audience, but most of what he wrote was relevant both here and Australia. That was part of the appeal for him.

    “If you look at the recent news agenda, there is no shortage of relevant topics, whether it is the war in Ukraine or the pandemic we are coming out of.”

    Ultimately, TalkTV’s success may depend on whether there is a strong appetite in Britain for opinionated news capable of eating away at the BBC’s viewership.

    GB News has struggled to establish an audience that consistently beats BBC News and Sky following its tempestuous launch – although its 7pm show spearheaded by Nigel Farage has delivered robust ratings and typically beats Sky News.

    Other evening shows are also thought to have started performing better after the company overhauled its operations in an effort to become more professional, and it is also seeking to mount a challenge to breakfast TV after hiring Eamonn Holmes.

    Mr Standen-Jewell believes GB News had been a good test as to whether there was an untapped partisan TV audience, but says such a trend “doesn’t appear to have materialised”.

    “If News UK are hoping for a wellspring of disenchanted viewers who are eager for more opinionated TV news then they might be a bit disappointed,” he says.

    “GB News’ average daytime viewership is less than a quarter of what its stated goal was before launch.”

    Analysis of readers of the Sun, the Times and the Sunday Times found that they watch more BBC News per day than the rest of the population and slightly less GB News per day, Mr Standen-Jewell adds.

    Meanwhile, there is evidence that TalkTV’s rivals are also stiffening their defences against the challenge.

    Recent months have seen the arrival of a slew of opinion and debate programmes, spanning Sophy Ridge’s The Take on Sky News, The BBC’s The Context with Christian Fraser and ITV News’ decision to extend its evening news bulletin to an hour.

    Channel 4’s decision to commission a heavyweight political programme spearheaded by Andrew Neil on Sunday evenings has only sought to underscore how broadcasters believe news is a weapon to defend a channel’s viewership from the wealth of drama and reality shows on American streaming services.

    The achilles heel of TalkTV may lie in its daytime programming, which will mostly consist of live video feeds from News UK’s TalkRadio station that includes broadcaster’s such as Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mike Graham and Jeremy Kyle. These presenters have a large and dedicated following on the airwaves, but it is not clear how well this will translate on television.

    Taunton says he is focusing less on rivals and more on the opportunity for News UK as a whole.

    “We want to reach people wherever they want to consume media,” he says.

    “That is changing as time has gone on.

    “There was a day where that was predominantly newspapers. We are now reaching people more through radio and digital – TV just seems a logical extension.”

    One challenge is likely to be striking the right balance so that Morgan’s confrontational style attracts ratings without alienating potential guests.

    Morgan rebutted Trump’s claims that he misrepresented the interview, saying the property tycoon reacted strongly when he disagreed that the last presidential election had been rigged.

    Still, the fallout prompted the former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner to cancel her upcoming interview on TalkTV, claiming Morgan had demonstrated “repulsive conduct” over his handling of Trump.

    As with GB News, missteps can prove punishing when bringing a new broadcaster to British viewers. Morgan’s army of fans has the potential to deliver a strong start, but TalkTV may find that any other slip ups may simply do the opposite of what it hopes: drive viewers back to the BBC.ENDS


    • Doublethinker says:

      Drive viewers back to the BBC!? . You must be joking. I and I’m sure nearly everyone else , watches news and current affairs programmes for their content not their glitzyness. The few remaining hiccups over at GBN don’t bother me in the slightest . I find the content of the station a massive refreshing change from the same old same old globalist MSM.
      If this new station is like Sky Australia I may watch it sometimes but Morgan ought to lay off criticism of President Trump. If Morgan is at war with woke Fascism, as he says he is, then he should see Trump as a powerful ally to be supported not attacked.


  40. G.W.F. says:

    Its that man again.
    Four stabbings in London.
    Can’t be white, can’t be far right.
    Story will die soon.



    • MarkyMark says:

      Continuing to invest in the police to keep out streets safe, fighting for
      the Government funding London needs to recruit more police officer,
      renewing our focus on the safety of women and girls, supporting the
      victims of crime, and taking a public health approach to reducing
      violence by investing to tackle the causes of crime.

      Click to access Sadiq-for-London-Manifesto-.pdf

      Back in May 2016, I was under no
      illusion about the scale of the task
      ahead. It’s true that to many, London
      is code for success, and prosperity, a
      dynamo of ingenuity and creativity,
      and of gleaming skyscrapers and
      expensive West End shops. But,
      to many, that version of our city is
      completely alien. London is home to
      some of the poorest communities in
      the UK. Overcrowded and unsuitable
      housing is still all too common.


    • G says:

      What this man?


    • Fedup2 says:

      The chap who went on a random stabbing mission in The North the other day – remains un named – and has been sectioned … sure the victims will appreciate the absence of justice – yet alone revenge ….( the chap in the video refers to this but he isn’t concise enough for me – life’s’ too short )..


    • StewGreen says:


  41. Zephir says:

    Motorist is handed FIVE points and fined over £400 for driving too close to cyclists as campaigners slam police’s decision ‘idiotic’



    • tomo says:

      the reverse should apply

      Fed up with f-wits on bicycles – as a regular cyclist myself, I see some truly stupid / suicidal / entitled prats on two wheels….


      • Fedup2 says:

        Tomo – I use a motor scooter more than a car these days . Every time I use it I thank god I’ve survived . In London the third world delivery boys are the biggest threat – although I treat cyclists as an almost equal risk – particularly from the point of insurance claims .

        I resent cyclists these days – they have seriously impacted my bit of the world for the worse . . Burn those hydrocarbons .


        • tomo says:

          My resentment peaks when I get stuck behind a crowd (5+) of blokes in £ycra on £3k+ road bikes dawdling along one of the wide fast back-roads across Salisbury Plain and they cycle past large field entrances where they could pull over.

          Farmers often pull over if they see several cars behind the tractor … cyclists near never.


  42. G says:

    I’m puzzled.

    BTW, now in keeping, ‘Thank you for having me’. There, that’s out the way.

    Russia and China conducted joint military exercises (“Showcases”) only last August when China was obviously aware of Putin’s intentions. In fact, as I recall, the military build up on the Ukraine border was underway at that time. You remember, “No, no, no, it is only exercises” pre invasion. That one.


    Historically, strict top down military leadership fails wherever/whenever it is tried. No substitute for spontaneity when the need demands. So China must have been aware of the Russian military incompetence. So that must not have come as a shock to the partner, China. Otherwise, we must take it that China’s ‘Clockwork marchers’ must be equally as incompetent when it comes down to actual fighting.


  43. MarkyMark says:

    In a rare sign of miserliness from expenses body IPSA, MPs were quietly warned last week that under no circumstances should they claim or keep the forthcoming energy bill rebate. A move that would be too stupid for words given they already get their second home utility bills paid for by the taxpayer…
    MPs to get £2,200 pay rise from April for ‘dramatically increased’ duties last year


  44. theisland says:

    Twitter shares rise as reports say Elon Musk deal close.


  45. Thoughtful says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘They’re sophisticated, clever – and they always deliver’: from the ports of Europe to the streets of London, one criminal network is now at the top of the UK’s £5bn trade

      Mark Townsend Home Affairs Editor
      Sun 13 Jan 2019 07.00 GMT
      Something had kicked off the night before and the guys on the corner were keen to offer advice. “You don’t want to be hanging around here too long,” one said, refusing to elaborate. They were standing near Crispe house, a tower block on east London’s Gascoigne estate, undisputed territory of Hellbanianz.



    • MarkyMark says:

      The golden visa scheme allowed people with at least £2m in investment funds and a UK bank account to apply for residency rights, along with their family. Before 2018 it is thought that minimal checks were carried out on investors or the source of their wealth.3 days ago


    • tomo says:

      FT – Not fit to line the floor of a budgie’s cage.


  46. Thoughtful says:

    Just watched a simulation of an attack by Russian Blackjack bombers using Cruise Missiles on the South East of England, it wasn’t a pretty picture.

    The bombers could launch from 500 miles away – not a single one of them was lost. The cruise missiles are too low for the coastal EWS to detect, so unless a foreign NATO country which could detect them i.e. America on an air force base we would never even see the attack comming.

    Even if we did the planes could have launched 168 missiles at us, and even with the scant Navy we have left most of the missiles found their targets all of which were completely destroyed.

    How on Earth have the Tories allowed Britains defences to become so degraded? We cannot project force around the world and defend our Islands, watching the simulation was some pretty grim learning especially as every target was completely destroyed.

    People should be a lot angrier about this than they are.


    • MarkyMark says:



      • G says:


        That’s a driving licence and a pair of glasses then…………

        Sounds about right.


        • MarkyMark says:

          2017 …

          Meanwhile in a socialist loving country China in the year 2017 … “China Tackles ‘Masculinity Crisis,’ Tries to Stop ‘Effeminate’ Boys {nbcnews.com 09jan2017}” … “Chinese police order Muslims (Xinjiang) to hand in all copies of the Koran and prayer mats or face ‘harsh punishment’ {29sep2017}” … BBC has more news … …

          “State (China) media billed the rallies as “anti-terror and stability (compulsory) oath-taking assemblies” {bbc.co.uk feb2017}”



    • taffman says:

      “How on Earth have the Tories allowed Britain’s defences to become so degraded?”
      Because they are not Tories anymore. They never have been since they formed a coalition with the Lib Dems in 2010.


      • dafydd says:


        Rest assured its been degrading for years.

        When i served 70’s-80’s we would often buy our own waterproofs etc..The quality of the Army issue was shocking.

        I remember buying my own boots with extended ankle supports when doing my tours in Northern Ireland. Pounding the streets in sub standard boots was a sodding nightmare.

        It was often the case we would work with the TA and there kit was far Superior to ours, and always new .

        Radios always were intermittent

        More worrying for me is the total collapse in the size of our military

        I understand things are improving at a personal level for the new lads


    • Non Snowflake says:

      Don’t worry, our brave soldiers will defend us……

      Once they’ve decided whether they’re male or female.
      Once they’ve decided there’s enough BAME’s.
      Once they’ve been told in no uncertain terms to refer to the Russian enemy as People and not “Ruskies” (that would be offensive).
      Once it’s been agreed how many times a day the war can be suspended so people can get down on their prayer mat and talk to themselves for 10 minutes.
      Once our soldiers have had the Health and Safety talk and all been issued with high-viz jackets.

      I feel safer already.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Can’t see the Russians wasting missiles on Blighty – interesting discussion on GBNews about the likelihood of Putin using battlefield nuclear / chemical weapons in Ukraine before 9th May – he’d need the consent of the military – advisors and people …
      How the Obama administration would respond ? I bet putin would calculate that Europe is a long way away and not retaliate -but that’s me speaking as an armchair field Marshall …


  47. theisland says:



    I’m sure Ms Spring will put us right.


  48. MarkyMark says:

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have hired Barack Obama’s former PR guru to help transform their image, as the Suits actor is tipped for a run at politics.

    The Duchess of Sussex has previously been accused of using her royal title to “meddle in politics”, by lobbying President Joe Biden’s team.

    But this does not appear to have dissuaded her from entering politics herself.


  49. MarkyMark says:

    The UK will phase out imports of Russian oil in response to Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine by the end of the year, the Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has confirmed today (Tuesday 8 March).

    The phasing out of imports will not be immediate, but instead allows the UK more than enough time to adjust supply chains, supporting industry and consumers. The government will work with companies through a new Taskforce on Oil to support them to make use of this period in finding alternative supplies.

    The UK is working closely with the US, the EU and other partners to end our dependence on Russian hydrocarbons in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine, recognising the different circumstances and transition timelines.

    The import of Russian oil makes up 44% of Russian exports and 17% of federal government revenue through taxation – this move steps up the international pressure on Russia’s economy.

    In a competitive global market for oil and petroleum products, demand can be met by alternative suppliers. We will work closely with international partners to ensure alternative supplies of fuel products.

    Russian imports account for 8% of total UK oil demand, but the UK is also a significant producer of both crude oil and petroleum products, in addition to imports from a diverse range of reliable suppliers beyond Russia including the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and USA.


    4. Russian oil imports as a percentage of total demand (DUKES 2020):

    Petrol, 0%
    Jet fuel, 5%
    Heating oil, 0%
    Diesel, 18%
    Gas oil (such as red diesel), 1%
    Fuel oil, 0%
    All oil imports, 8%


  50. MarkyMark says:

    3 teachers hiding in Batley – Meh.

    Yet …headlines!

    “Angela Rayner: Tory source of misogyny claims would be punished, PM says
    Published1 hour ago”