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  1. Thoughtful says:

    The impression given by the mainstream media especially the BBC is that the Rohigyas of Mayanmar (Burma) are victims being forced from their country by aggressive Hindus and Buddhists, but this is not true and the BBC knows it isn’t.



    There are plenty more allegations of massacres by Jihad in the name of Islam, and yet the media fueled by the Saudi oil money don’t appear to want you to know abou it.

    Yes I linked a story by the BBC, but it’s not the impression they ever give nor talk about when they discuss the Rohingyas.


    • digg says:

      The BBC will always side with the Muslims if for no other reason that they employ so many out of proportion to the general UK population.


    • NCBBC says:

      Hugh Fitzgerald wrote of the “Rohingyas” in Myanmar, correcting the misinformation of the regular media.


      I posted this years back on this blog, when the “doctrinal requirements” of Islam came once more upon the Buddhists of Myanmar. Britain of that time holds some responsibility for this infliction.

      Going back further, Buddhists throughout the world remember what happened to Buddhists in Asia at the hands of fanatic conquering Islamic hordes, be they Mongols or Arabs. They were murdered brutally one and all. The ones that survived fled to Burma, Tibet, Thailand and Shri Lanka.

      Buddhists in Afghanistan, once a tolerant civilised Buddhist country, and written off by Chinese scholars, were simply “wiped” out. Their stupas were obliterated. Even in India, Buddhists were subjected to treatment worse then Infidel Hindus. Once again their stupas in India, where Buddhism was created, was wiped out. Which of course makes sense in the hierarchy of Islam.

      So what has all this to do with us. We have lots of RoP here in UK, and the numbers are going up by the day. The same “doctrinal requirements” hold here as elsewhere, now and the future. So long as the UK allows the spread of the RoP, either by immigration, birth rate and preaching, there will be no problem. One notes that the UK government has accepted this condition. However, if we do what Burmese had to do, we will be faced with a problem of continuous attacks till we once more adopt the requirement of a subject nation. So it is that Christian street preachers are arrested, many quite brutally, but only Christians, no one else. Hinduism, probably the oldest spiritual and philosophical thoughts and writings in the world, is not a proselitizing religion, is not affected. But the founding basis of our civilisation, the Christian faith, is.


      • NCBBC says:

        Its difficult for us to imagine the scale of the fear that enveloped the civilised world of that time. From southern Europe to India and China, that fear was that Islam could not be defeated. Islam too felt that, as they won victory after victory, thus reinforcing their belief that Allah was on their side.

        Even now that fear and hatred permeates southern Europe- Serbia and Hungary we see actual politics imbued with the fear of Islam.


      • NCBBC says:

        India and China, like Hungary and Serbia remember Islamic rule in their collective memory. So they react in similar ways.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Historically the Rohingyas were notorious and bloodthirsty pirates and slavers, who raided all and sundry along the coast. and in the Bay of Bengal. They provided safe havens for European (mostly Dutch) pirates, who traded them guns and alcohol, for women and supplies. The Burmese and the Bengalese hated them, as did the British East India Company, and the Raj.


  2. Up2snuff says:

    Happy and healthy weekend to you all.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Up2 – and the same to you – I’m still plotting what to do with £184million … I worked with someone once who had been a PA to the very rich – so rich that they didn’t know how much they had – and their daily income far exceeded most things they might buy – money has never meant much to me as I could afford to buy some bread and dripping – but the idea of extreme wealth really made me think ….

    As for Elon Musk – his Twitter is pretty good at the moment …


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, I’d like to house the homeless and feed the hungry. Someone I know well told me to do just that. I do a little toward those goals but it is only a little and I would like to do more. Don’t need stuff at my time of life.


      • Fedup2 says:

        You are so wrong . You need stuff . Stuff is good . Your amazon wishlist should be an aspirational dream . Stuff will make you happy – even newer improved stuff © will make Your Life Better .. You Must Be Happy ..


        • Up2snuff says:

          Fed, I don’t need stuff to be happy. Anyway, I might keel over suddenly, next week … who knows? Ah, I know who knows. (Luke 12 vs 16-32)


          • Fedup2 says:

            Up – I know – I was being flip – but I was returning to my true self as an advertising exec getting people to buy stuff to make them think they are happy … until the new improved version comes along ….

            I’m guessing. The Luke ref is the ‘birds in the fields ‘ one – although I’ll look it up …


            • Up2snuff says:

              Fed, which agency? Were you there in the ‘Golden Age’? I know the coded names, btw, if you don’t want to reveal too much info.

              Birds. There is a reference to birds in Luke 12 which always makes me smile because I was a Peanuts/Charles M.Schulz fan as well as a Londoner. ‘Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings?’ To which Snoopy says “Woodstock is worried by some of these Scriptures”. Londoners love little Cockney sparrers.

              Luke 12 carries the parable of the rich fool/farmer.


              • BRISSLES says:

                I love bread and dripping.


                • Up2snuff says:

                  Brissles, my dear old thing – well it is the cricket season, here in the UK at last. Had dripping on toast back in 50s, 60s, 70s and 1980s. Enjoyed it too. Not so much since. Can’t afford the beef, so I’ll have a beef about that up to BBC standards and maybe the BBC will get interested in my personal cost-of-living-crisis? 😉

                  I was washed/bathed in the kitchen sink in winter, too, as we didn’t have gas central heating and the kitchen was always warm thanks to an Aga or equivalent, fuelled by coal. If we are not careful we will tip over into a MontyPython sketch any moment now. 🙂


              • Scroblene says:

                Snuffers, back in the sixties, our flat in Earls Court/Chelsea was the first stop-off for Aussies coming to the UK for a year or so of decent beer and lovely girls!

                They mainly went into advertising, Masius, Ogilvie, Bloxhams etc, and they were all a fantastic bunch, especially the copywriters! A great friend nearby was at Saatchi for years, and another at Thomson!

                Please excuse the link – it saves these gnarled fingers…



                • Up2snuff says:

                  Scrobie, I was a bit of an advertising groupie, for various reasons, having discovered AFAEP and its awards by accident at a gallery I used to visit regularly. The 1960s/70s laid the foundation for what became the Golden Years when the British agencies ruled the world. All turned sour in the Blair/digital era when the Japanese bought up a lot of them.


  4. Deborah says:

    The trawlerman’s daughter who was one of the women who had ‘fought’ the government to improve conditions for the fishermen has died and her funeral was yesterday. I think Peter Levy on BBC1 Look North referred to them as the headscarf women. I know conditions for the men going to sea in the 1960s and before were bad, but there is no fishing fleet now going out Hull. Did those women hasten the end of the industry and destroyed men’s jobs? I don’t know but the question was never asked.
    At the end of the piece, Peter mused whether a statue should be put up to commemorate the women. The word ‘controversial’ never passed his lips. Only within the last two weeks the statue to Mrs Thatcher went up in this Look North area. Every time they mentioned her or the statue, the word controversial was inserted, and we had a vox pop of someone who disapproved of Maggie and or her statue.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Debs, I’m old enough to remember another group of women, nearer to London, who had a cause and it was a righteous one too. They fought for their rights and won but much of the factory where they worked has closed. At least they are commemorated in a film: ‘Made in Dagenham’ which will live on. The way we have treated our fishermen in this country has been dire since 31 December 1972. Wonder what happened then ….

      Oh yes, we joined the EEC a.k.a. the EU.


  5. Nibor says:

    Sorry if mentioned before :: late news as in late .

    Today programme Radio 4 ,,today .

    Dominic Raab and the bogus asylum and refugees breaking into our country from the EU .

    How stupid do Conservative politicians want to prove and reinforce the saying that the Conservatives are the stupid party ?
    The usual blah blah blah from the Conservative about stopping vulnerable people , criminal traffickers, safe routes etc etc etc .
    Why ?
    The red wall voters and the majority in this country want illegal immigration stopped . Stopped, not stemmed. Stopped .
    And we want it stopped because it’s our country and we should be able to stop it .
    It’s not wrong that we want it stopped, there’s no immorality in wanting it stopped , it does not go against the laws of nature or God that we want it stopped .
    All other countries would want it stopped if it happened to them , the vast majority of other countries do stop it ( take Japan and the Middle East for example ) and no politician or do gooder criticises those countries just mentioned .

    So why do Conservative politicians cravenly suck up to BBC interviewers and bleat about getting the safely ensconced dinghy travellers a different- read surer – means to realise their goal even if it’s against the interests and wishes of UK citizens?
    Why are the Tories more beholden to the BBC and lefty pressure groups than traditional Tory voters and putative Tory voters ?

    Do they honestly think that the majority of BBC employees , professional charity workers and pressure groups will ever vote for them ? Ever . At all ?

    Does a BBC employee, professional charity worker or lefty pressure group worker hold ten votes to the ordinary Joes one ? Can the Conservatives chase those votes ?

    Is it time for the Tories to wake up and stop looking for the end of rainbows?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Thanks for that Nibor. I listened to the first 40 minutes of TOADY, more than enough already, and after that enjoyed the peace and quiet with the radio switched off.


  6. tomo says:

    Yup… when Joe’s sagging fuse disconnects – look who’s “number two”

    Auntie doesn’t seem very interested in Kamala’s doings – eh?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tomo – that’s one of those clever internet dubbing things right ? If not – Obama really has total control- still of the 2 top level cretins,..
      Joe is in th pacific for a bit avoiding the European war –
      It surely – surely – can only be a matter of a few days before he has a border incident with a NATO country – modelled on the Poland Hitler lie used as an excuse to invade…


      • tomo says:

        I’m more of a f-up conspiracy theorist…

        – well, as far as the eejits out front are concerned anyway.

        Let’s not forget that the 1939 invasion of Poland was a joint venture between the “allies” Russia + Germany via the Ribbentrop – Molotov agreement.

        Those German and Italian bombers over London were likely running on Russian fuel.


  7. BRISSLES says:

    A break from the political.

    Just caught up on iPlayer a few episodes of Garden Rescue. What IS their fascination with sodding garden benches ???? in every episode they were knocking one up. If I was coughing up 3 or 5 grand to have my garden transformed I certainly wouldn’t want to sit on an uncomfortable bit of wood (!) nor would I want half the garden taken up with vertical posts with a few others resting on them and open to the air – otherwise known as a pergola. A recent edition showed one of these monstrosities complete with ‘bench’ but it was classed as a Greek Taverna Lol !!! the poor couple were lost for words – an area to entertain family and friends, well they would hardly play host to complete bloody strangers. Honest to God.

    Ok, back to the political chat.


  8. theisland says:

    Northern Ireland: UK and EU’s row risks Western unity, top US official warns
    The US Democrats and the bBC weigh in against any ‘unilateral’ action.
    Anyone would think it was all co-ordinated for Labour’s benefit.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Boris the bottler and his far Left Socialists rejoiced when Trump lost the election and Biden was elected despite his obvious hostility to the UK. People need reminding of the fact Boris is far Left and not at all conservative, so presumably he is more than pleased Pelosi is threatening the UK ?


    • tomo says:

      Pelosi make my skin crawl


  9. StewGreen says:

    Robert Barnes is convinced by the 2,000 Mules film
    In a 20 minute discussion https://youtu.be/3lQ9xFlNWt4
    Viva Frei explains they can’t actually discus the election result
    cos challenging that might get him a YouTube ban/supension.


  10. Thoughtful says:

    Married Pakistani doctor, 44, who grabbed 21-year-old student nurse’s breast then blamed different ‘cultural norms’ in UK is cleared to treat patients again


    A doctor who assaulted nurses and police officers as her life spiralled out of control during her alcohol addiction has lost her appeal to return to work. Karen Clark went from being a top A&E specialist to being struck off due to her alcoholism and and subsequent violence. She has now been suspended from practicing medicine for another 12 months following a Medical Practitioner Tribunal Service (MPTS) ruling.


    Remember the MPTS are not doctors but greedy weasels often as bad as journalists for their political activism

    The Pakistani was reinstated on the basis of 7 days good behaviour, the White woman suspended despite her (claimed) remission from alcohol.


  11. Guest Who says:

    ‘Nonsense’ seems generous, but Charlie is well named.


    • StewGreen says:

      Latest UK *average* petrol and diesel prices
      Unleaded Super unleaded Diesel LPG
      168.24 180.38 181.00 85.91

      If £1.68 is the average then Charlie is wrong to suggest that is the lowest

      RAC nationwide survey

      around here : Across 5 petrol stations the price is £1.62 to £1.63


  12. Guest Who says:

    Champion level?


  13. tomo says:


  14. StewGreen says:

    Webb reckons your pension scheme has gone Sharia compliant
    .. https://youtu.be/1lua19MRJOc


  15. JohnC says:

    I do enjoy watching the BBC’s deliberately misleading front-page agenda-oriented headlines gradually morph into the actual story if you bother to dig in.

    Today I saw ‘Ukraine says giant nuclear plant won’t supply Russia’.
    Well done Ukranians I thought. But something struck me as a bit odd because the Russians have it. I used to ignore such articles but now I have a look to see why it’s odd.

    So straight away the headline changes to ‘nuclear plant can’t supply Russia’ for the actual article. And reading through it, it’s simply because it isn’t connected to the Russian grid. Which – while being a big job – they can do if they want.

    Not a huge thing, but yet another BBC story which is misrepresented by the main page headline. A very comment trick for them these days because as it’s not linked to the article in any way, it’s fact-checker proof.


  16. JohnC says:

    Oh dear, a new virus called monkeypox which affects gay men and is associated with coming from Africa.

    How terribly, terribly inconvenient. A racist AND homphobic virus with the word monkey in it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone demands they change the name and say it mainly affects men without further detail.


  17. JohnC says:

    Biden plan to end US migrant expulsion policy blocked

    Here is the lead pic for the BBC article:


    Then they have a video. It starts with various scenes of just a few migrants who are all families and children.

    I went searching the video for the mass immigration queues to get the real picture – and sure enough the big queues have a vast majority of young males. They even blur them when it’s too obvious so you don’t notice.

    This is one of the major problems with the Left and the BBC. They are so consumed by wanting to create empathy for women and children or any minority ‘victims’, they are absolutely prepared to distort and hide the truth to do it. And totally believe their ends justify their lies. And they actually believe they are morally superior for doing it.

    They are unable to relate to the real world because they live in a bizarre one of their own making. Which is why so many of them are teachers.


    • Scroblene says:

      “They are unable to relate to the real world because they live in a bizarre one of their own making. Which is why so many of them are teachers.”

      I know several autocue readers and their under-sub-assistant-managers at the BBC who are of the same mindset! Most of them actually!

      Interesting podcast with Iain Dale and Steve Allen is up on LBC. One comment they make, is how all independent radio stations ad-lib their shows – with a few notes of course, but the beeboids still have to adhere to a written script, probably prepared by the same ‘managers’ as above!

      You couldn’t make it up… (well in W1A you’re not allowed to…)!


  18. Zephir says:

    Yet more NHS Enrichment:

    Doctor, 85, who lied about his age to land an NHS job faces jail after he admitted the manslaughter of a patient, 48, who died during a routine bone marrow sample procedure

    Dr Isyaka Mamman behind botched bone marrow test on Shahida Parveen
    The doctor, 85, had given false dates to appear under age 65, GMC had heard



    • Thoughtful says:

      And yet if you tell the NHS you don’t want a Muslim doctor, they will deny you treatment on the grounds of your political beliefs.
      And yet if you are a Muslim you are allowed to request a Muslim or a female doctor.

      I have had the misfortune in my life of being treated by several Muslim doctors, and in one case I needed a 10 hour operation to put right what they had done wrong.


      • Guest Who says:

        Just tell reception you have an itv political doctor lodged in a tricky alimentary place with Toenails.

        They will reassign you.


  19. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – whatever the Conservatives propose, we are against it …

    Am at serious risk of turning this Weekend Thread into a Nostalgia Thread. I was taken back to the 1960s and 1970s by an item that was presented by Amol Rajan. Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary, has written an article for the Daily Telegraph today. Liz Truss is suggesting that Moldova, already threatened by Russia, should be armed to NATO standard (with help from the West?) so the BBC are doing the Labour Party and Trade Union-thing and are questioning and opposing it on behalf of Lacklustre Labour.

    Amol interviewed an expert from RUSI who when presented with a leading question from Amol that Truss is suggesting a bad thing, answered superbly and diplomatically. In effect he said “No, not at all. Acting now is a good idea. Much better than leaving it until it is too late.”


    • Thoughtful says:

      I don’t believe Moldova is being ‘threatened’ by Russia, given the lack of progress they have made in the Ukrainian conflict.

      I believe now that the evidence stacking up shows a Sino – Russo pact to attacks the worlds food supply something others have noted in calling in weaponising food, but I believe it goes much further than they have thought.

      We have seen Russia deliberately targetting Ukrainian food storage, and either removing or destroying argricultural equipment which could have no other purpose than food production.

      I believe this strategy between the two countries has been long in the planning, and that many of the so called ‘Green’ policies which have people behind them who are out & out self confessed Communists are carrying out policies which have not only attacked the robustness of our energy generation, but also the ability to grow and produce food in Europe and in America.

      We know the results of the so called ‘Green’ policies because others have implemented them before we have and they have resulted in disaster. There is in America now a disaster unfolding in their food supply chain which will only get worse, and we will not begin to see the full effect of this in the UK until late August September.

      If as has been suggested the Russians do cut the gas supply to Europe in late August September we will know for certain this is an attack on Europe.

      Famine in the third world is forecast to cost the lives of millions, but many are predicted to travel to Europe where craven treacherous Socialist policial elites will simply allow them into the continent until Europe is destroyed.


      • StewGreen says:

        Is there not still a Russian base inside Moldova ?


        • BigBrotherCorporation says:

          Do you mean Transnistria Stew?

          It never joined Moldova – there was a war fought over that, and it has been a tiny fragment of ‘forever USSR’ sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine for decades now.

          Most of the population of Moldova are ‘Romanian’ (in a broad sense), Romania being an ’empire’ of smaller countries – Wallachia, Transylvania, Moldavia, united in language and culture, to which Moldova belongs. But, Moldova also has enclaves of ‘Russians’, ‘Ukrainians’, ‘Turks’ etc… dating back to the Soviet Union, the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. It’s always been something of a shifting ‘borderland’ between rival empires, as the whole region has, including (the) Ukraine (which means literally ‘borderlands’, or ‘wastes on the border’).

          The various ‘minorities’ in the region hate the Romanians, and each other, and it probably wouldn’t take too much to tip them into another ‘Balkan War’, with various neighbouring powers getting dragged in to ‘support’ their own factions, and there we go… WW3.


          • StewGreen says:

            @BigBrotherCorporation are you stating the Russian propaganda version ?

            BBC call it “Transnistria, the breakaway state of Moldova that hugs its border with Ukraine.”

            First there was the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic (Moldovan SSR;
            Then one of regions (now Transnistria) proclaimed itself the independent Pridnestrovian Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (PMSSR) on 2 September 1990.
            Desperate to keep a fracturing Soviet Union together, then-leader of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev declared the proclamation of the PMSSR null, paving the way for the Moldovan SSR to declare its own independence – with its territory encompassing Transnistria – in 1991. Tensions between the two regions escalated to a military conflict in March 1992, and by the time a ceasefire was declared a few months later in July,

            That’s why the BBC say Transnistria separated away
            rather than being an independent state in the first place.

            Generally I believe the local population have the right to self determination
            but in this case no UN state recognises it as a country.


    • theisland says:

      Given that ‘independent’ think tank RUSI are largely funded by the EU I’m not sure they can be trusted any more than the bBC, even though their operatives are vastly more intelligent.


  20. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – more unpleasant nostalgia of the singularly unpleasant sort as Amol is still in Pandemic mode

    Eleven more cases of monkey pox have been discovered in the UK. Amol Rajan is concerned and interviews an expert, sorry forgotten the name, but we have heard from him before in relation to Covid-19. Right at the end of the interview Amol raises the spectre of mass infection just like Covid-19 but then the medical contributor states that infection appears to be between homosexuals and mainly men at that.

    I could hear wincing emerging from several offices in Broadcasting House as one of their favoured groups is mentioned. This could be difficult for the BBC . . . ……


  21. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3 – poor old Amol is getting all the wrong answers this morning

    Interviewing author of book, Sarah Parry, that has been made into a six-part series by Apple TV. Amol is very taken with the filming location, Mersea Island in Essex, and has been on a CO2 emitting trip there – you can only access by car or boat – to help boost record breaking world temperatures in Spain. Amol asks Sarah how did she feel about being contacted by the Apple producer.

    Of course, there was hope in the BBC, that the answer would be “Oh, I was disappointed that it wasn’t the BBC or even Channel 4” but Sarah Parry could not oblige him. “Oh, I was very pleased as any author is that their book is to be made into a film.”. Clang!


  22. Guest Who says:

    Seems the Graun has snapped her up.

    She and Paul Brand BBC for Breakfast?

    Brando may compensate for the diversity problem.

    Be like Beff and Kay, only without the professional integrity.


    • Up2snuff says:

      GW, Part-time will be jealous if that happens.


    • Guest Who says:

      Here’s mad Al chatting with a media colleague.

      Here’s Lady Nugee citing what suits.

      And knowing they all won’t go near what doesn’t.


  23. AsISeeIt says:

    Doing a bit (on the side) for Ukraine edition

    So how’s that Ukraine war narrative going? You know what our media tells us – the brave Ukrainians are winning and meanwhile we really ought to take in refugees.

    Well, the BBC are a bit grudging here using the semantic equivalent of scare quotes on reports from Russian sources: ‘Mariupol: Russia declares complete victory at Azovstal plant

    However: ‘Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the site’s last remaining defenders had been given permission to leave‘ (BBC)

    So, there really was no need for any qualification or doubt.

    Their tennis stars may be banned from playing in SW19 at the All England – and that exclusionary rather un-sporting, sanction isn’t going down quite as well around the world as hoped or expected: ‘Wimbledon stripped of ranking points‘ (Telegraph) – but the news is confirmed as – game set and match to Putin at Mariupol.

    More grudging backtracking on supposed Ukrainian success here: ‘Russian forces are continuing their slow advance in the east of the country after using heavy firepower to weaken Ukraine’s defences‘ (BBC)

    I guess the British press could still praise the BEF of 1940 for bravely holding up the German panzers – but at some point as our troops fell back on Dunkirk the narrative had to switch to a call for small boats.

    One predicts an emphasis switch in our media away from military reports back to supposed war crimes and refugee stories…

    As for the refugees, the cheeky Sun has a saucy tale for our amusement this morning: ‘I’m doing my bit (on the side) for Ukraine. Dad dumps other half for refugee they took in‘ – who would have guessed that might happen? ‘Whirlwind romance… Tony has run off with Sofiia and left behind Lorna… A dad of two has run off with a Ukrainian refugee just ten days after he and his partner welcomed her into their home

    Watch out for possible further controversy over this one: ‘Royal family secretly house refugees‘ (Daily Express) – they don’t like to talk about their refugee work – but they just did – let’s hope they haven’t billited some busty blonde babushka from the Donbas on Andy – he’s in enough trouble as it is.

    Ukrainian refugees and so much residual working from home could turn out to be a dangerous combination – not just for the royals.

    Huge backlog of power-of-attorney cases as civil servants work from home‘ (Telegraph) – one awaits reports from the Foreign Office as to how many of their senior foreign embassy diplomatic staff are working from home and conversely how many Home Office staff are working from their second homes abroad.

    Our amateurish gauche – better suited to fancy dress photo ops than serious diplomatic negotiations – Foreign Secretary puts another small eastern european nation of which we know nothing in the firing line for obliteration on our behalf: ‘Truss: We’ll give Moldova weapons to stop Putin‘ (Telegraph)

    Roll over Moldova – you’ve got three possible outcomes here:

    One: cosy up to Nato, the EU, gay rights, diversity… the whole liberal western shebang (which can get a bit restrictive, mind you: ‘Smoking age could be increased to 21‘ (Telegraph)) and perhaps Putin smiles and leaves you to it.

    Two: Lean into the western way of stripping your natural assets (in Moldova’s case that probably amounts to a GDP of all of two goats) and using your country as a vast money laudering opperation – like they did with Ukraine and then Putin comes in anyway and slowly steam-rollers your country flat – whilst we paise your bravery and take your women.

    Three: Turn your back on the west and come to some sort of accommodation with the conservative-leaning, Christinity-based Russia. Not so bad was it? Although there is a fair chance the west will agitate for a coup against your pro-Putin government – and put a TV actor in as your president – like they did in Ukraine.


    • Changethebbc says:

      Yes, by hiding the truth the BBC is not alerting us to the emergence of the Asian bloc: China, India and Pakistan all support Russia.

      This is half the world’s population yet the BBC routinely uses the term “global condemnation” about the invasion of Ukraine.

      Global politics is taking a dangerous turn and the BBC is suppressing/omitting the truth.

      The BBC Charter says that it should produce in-depth, impartial reporting.


      • JohnC says:

        None of those countries trust the motives of the West about Ukraine.

        Neither do I. Specifically Biden + his masters and the EU.

        And in the middle of this game, thousands of people are being killed.


  24. Guest Who says:

    A happier time from the image, hopefully.

    Not clicking on, but wonder if the Graun has BBcised it.


  25. Fedup2 says:

    The disloyal opposition aka the BBC is in full welfare mode – it want more money for certain groups right now – no ifs no buts – no options – so any red Tory who turns up gets fried if they done sing the approved song .

    My MP – ids – has drunk something blue tories sometimes do which turns them into socialists – he’s shouting for more handouts so that people can keep their Sky and TV licences – he’s now a hero – but he will lose his seat at the next election if he doesn’t ‘stand down ‘ to take his seat in the upper rest home £ ….
    The BBC makes no bones about it – there must be more benefits – people are not responsible for themselves – they are hopeless droids who just need money from other people AKA taxpayers – me – maybe you .

    If you are not welfare – why make an effort ? Why change spending habits ?”lifestyle ‘ – if you know you will be getting more of other peoples’ money ?
    I realise this is a big generalisation – but it should not be easy …


  26. Guest Who says:


    This vanished from BBC ME Propaganda pretty quickly, so I presume the strafing run on an Israeli school planned by Surkeer based on their ‘reporting’ was quietly deep sixed?


  27. Guest Who says:

    Hellllllooooo boys!

    And they are off!


  28. Guest Who says:

    One for Hugh not to go near?

    Or Tulip?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ask the kids in the special needs school …although in my local one you might need command of gudjerati


    • MarkyMark says:

      The number of babies born with birth defects in Bradford is nearly double the national average, research conducted in the city has shown. The study found this was largely because of marriages between first cousins in the Pakistani community.4 Jul 2013


  29. Guest Who says:

    Beff has more sources than part time.

    And, get this, they are ‘senior’.


  30. StewGreen says:

    Thursday ITV local news reporter tweeted that fishermen were doing a big protest against “#GreenEnergy dredging”
    Yet strangely later the version on the TV said the fishermen were protesting dredging due to the building of a “freeport in Hartlepool”.


  31. StewGreen says:

    BBC local radio news
    “The proposed strike is likely to stop delivery of materials to power stations”

    My brain said : why didn’t they say
    “likely to stop delivery of materials to Drax power station” ?
    cos AFAIK 99% of material deliveries to power stations is wood pellets to Drax.
    Maybe there are a couple of coal power stations but I wouldn’t have thought they run much in the summer.

    Theoretically there could be delivery of construction materials to Hinkley Point nuclear power station construction site ..I guess.


  32. StewGreen says:

    Item may have appeared on ITV North Yorkshire local news
    ..I see everyone in the room at that village is white.


  33. StewGreen says:

    Thomas Evans says there have been “credible threats to two Tory MPs”


    • StewGreen says:

      Earlier he tweeted about threats to Rachel McClean https://www.twitter.com/ThomasEvansAdur/status/1526673797469847552


      • StewGreen says:

        Earlier he checked out a message to Sophie Corcoran
        from a Man that said he wants her boiled in acid and wishes the “worst death imaginable”
        He found that guy was released from prison after partially serving a 3 year sentence for stabbing someone in the back.


        • BigBrotherCorporation says:

          There are some nutters around, and being in the public eye it’s like a light attracting moths.

          It probably doesn’t help if someone stands out in anyway from the rest of the ‘crowd’ (being a different gender, race etc…).

          Andrea Jenkyns is a strikingly pretty lady (I would say), I’m sure that doesn’t help either, especially when most MPS (male and female) distinctly aren’t too attractive (again, in my humble opinion*)

          *Opinions may differ


          • Fedup2 says:

            I think she is the ‘rising star’ some male labour MP to to her face what a lot of chaps would like to do with her – got reported – and is now with the parliamentary discipline outfit – they formed a queue of sinners
            MP – stand up – say – “ Mr speaker – I’d like to make a personal statement – I wish to apologise to you – the house and MP X for my conduct “ ~ there you are – I’ve written the script…..


  34. Changethebbc says:

    The tragic suicide of a student in Bristol has been covered by the BBC without the context. This is the context:

    Universities treat students as independent adults because the law says that 18+ are adults.

    The Equality Act 2010 demands that employers act as parents towards their staff regardless of whether or not they are adults.

    The suicide rate among Bristol University Students was not significantly different from the national rate for that age group.

    Bristol University has 2 deaths per year in a 22000 enrollment (10 per 100,000). Compared with a national rate of about 12 per 100,000 in the student age group. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/suicidesintheunitedkingdom/2019registrations

    So this is a complicated issue that ramifies from the problem of the Age of Majority/Adulthood through the overbearing Equality Act to statistics.

    The BBC covered none of this and Rajan just commented “well do our bit”. ie: violate the Charter by campaigning.

    However my heart goes out to the poor parents.

    See https://epigram.org.uk/2022/03/12/deconstructing-bristols-suicide-narrative/ for more

    Ofcom does nothing to ensure that the BBC fulfils its Charter responsibility to report news impartially and at a depth not found elsewhere. DCMS must remove Charter enforcement from Ofcom.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thanks for the context . I heard that interview – I understood the stress the student in question experienced – I dreaded public speaking too at that age .

      But further education is a chance to challenge and overcome such issues . I did . When I was learning to teach – talking to classes of adults I had to that too – luckily for me they didn’t listen so I just said and did anything in various lessons .

      The comment amile made was not BBC and deserves an OFCOM upheld complaint. That kidult is the new loose version of the BBC and more like him can be expected –

      – I think the ‘fame ‘ and ‘fortune ‘ super inflates ‘the ego and he has an image that every listener is hanging on his every word …..
      By the way the parents sounded like they were managing their grief by blaming the university – but they’ll need to look in the mirror too..


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        As a parent of (somewhat shy) teenage children myself, my heart goes out to the parents here too – it’s a tragic story, and what a waste of a life of a bright young lady.

        Reading the story in a bit more depth, Bristol Uni didn’t do as much as it should, in my opinion and ignored clear warning signs, but unis these days are about ‘bums on seats’ (‘sausage factories’), not training the next generation. My feeling is this girl shouldn’t have been excused from public speaking and speaking to strangers, she just needed a little more confidence building/encouragement, and one-on-one coaching, so she could get over her fear of it. Gently, gently, rather than straight in the deep end, but that requires time and effort, which I’m sure the Uni wasn’t prepared to provide.

        Like you, Fed, I hated public speaking at school (I went to a brutal Comp, where the teachers jeered and bullied, let alone the other kids), but got over it during my years at Uni. I dreaded speaking publicly there to start with, probably every bit as much as this girl, if I’m honest. I vaguely recall going out for a late night walk (walking miles and miles) before one session and seriously considering never going back, but being forced to do it actually helped me to get over my hang ups, and realise I could do it.

        Have had jobs since where I’ve given lectures, and talks to halls of 100+, recall once being ‘left in the lurch’ by a boss, who failed to turn up (train issues, allegedly) and had to present her talk (emailed to me minutes before being on the podium) to a very hostile audience of academics – not a great 45 minutes, but these sort of experiences give you the self confidence that you can handle such situations.

        These days, apparently, I’m the ‘go to man’ for advice on giving presentations and lectures in my organisation, which I often find incredible. Nearly everyone dreads them and starts out by saying “I hate standing up and speaking in front of people”. That strikes me as perfectly normal, it’s the ones who are fighting to get up and perform in front of a crowd/camera that seem the ‘mentally ill’ ones to me.


        • Deborah says:

          I once had to deliver a seminar at university to a room full of men. Beforehand, I approached each of them, and asked that they didn’t ask any difficult questions. It worked too well. The only question I was asked was what was the number ‘5’ on the bottom left of the transparency. I had to explain that it was the one after the one marked ‘4’ and before the one marked ‘6’.

          However a couple of weeks later one of the year decided he needed Dutch courage before he delivered his seminar. It was the funniest one of the year.


          • Fedup2 says:

            I recommend the thing done to me on the pgce teacher course I went on – deliver a lesson – but be filmed and then have the recording played back at various speeds – to identify personal habits – speech or body language —- it can be done without an audience
            – but painful if ‘critiqued ‘ but useful to identify and ‘use’ weaknesses ‘ strengths …

            I agree that FE is just a money making operation so this student would just be a x or a tick … no individual counselling – and that should have been taken into account by the girl herself and her parents –
            Life can be really brutal and lessons won’t be learnt – it only cost the union £50k but I bet the legal costs were far more …


  35. Guest Who says:

    If bbc protected pigthick slapper is on coordinating manoeuvres with the msm… watch out.


  36. micknotmike says:

    They’re at it again! The latest scare story, now Covid is off the front page, and Kier has queered the pitch for partygate, is the Monkeypox epidemic/plague/apocalypse. It seems to be prevelent amongst recent visitors to west africa, particularly homosexual (Don’t care) Black (‘Nuff said) men. So what is on the front page of the bbc, second only to St. Zelensky? You guessed it, a picture of a white womans hand, complete with engagement ring. I don’t know about “Inform”, but full marks for “Entertain”.


  37. Fedup2 says:

    From our own correspondent

    BBC airbrushing recent history – some feminista type campaigner ( or. Journalist ?) doing a piece about wimmin victims of the taliban in Afgee – banged up in prison for being in the same car as a man .., serious stuff like that …

    … but how did this happen ? Is anyone going to do anything about it ? Maybe the Americans can save them ? No question asked – because we know the answer – who is directly responsible – where the blame lies .

    But Biden / Obama can Do No Wrong – look away now – give that ego journo a press award – she got a secret recording in the prison – imagine the suffering that is going to cause….


  38. tomo says:

    Coffin dancing has long been an accepted BBC campaigning MO.

    You have to wonder at the mindset of scribblers who leap on the weaponisation of tragedy for political leverage – I find that on closer inspection the perps usually have a long and putrid history of shallow + lazy opportunistic mudslinging.


  39. tomo says:


  40. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Have you seen this:


    Just imagine if it had been reversed, 4 white men doing all this to a young black boy.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Read it – but there seems to be something missing – no change in my view about the Death Penalty – kill the 4 of them ..


  41. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    From Breitbart London today.


    According to a report by Migration Watch UK, the government has in fact done the opposite of what they had promised to do, with the number of people coming to Britain from outside the EU hitting record levels in 2021.

    Overall, more than 830,000 arrived in the UK on long term visas that year, which the organisation notes as representing a number greater than the entire population of Leeds.

    Of this number, only five per cent were reportedly from the European Union.

    “The inflow from overseas is now huge and rising,” said the organisation’s chair Alp Mehmet regarding the study.

    “We are seeing the opposite of what the government promised in 2019. Rules were meant to be tighter with numbers coming down.” he continued.

    “Immigration is now running out of control as longer-term entries skyrocket,” he also noted, before going on to say that the immigration hike combined with the explosion in asylum claims showed that “the public were duped” by those in power.


    An increase of 27% from the previous year.
    We’re on target for 100 million more Africans/Muslims this century.
    How many houses are being built each year to house these 830,000
    How many doctors, schools etc do we need.
    How much more food do we need to import.

    By the way, the illegals are not counted in this 830,000 and I suspect the 830,000 is also an underestimate as all these types of figures are (like inflation is 9.1%)


  42. theisland says:

    Ludicrous doesn’t cover it.


    • moggie63 says:

      Our MP’s appear to want to preserve all the trappings of power whilst absolving themselves of as much responsibility for decision making as they can.


  43. Fedup2 says:

    The false president has been sent to South Korea – I’m betting the North Korean loon will test a missile or nuc just to sent Obama a message – hope there’s no ‘accidents ‘…


  44. Square-Eyed says:

    The War on Trump

    I think it should go on record at least here that one of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle has admitted that the conspiracy all began with Hillary herself. Robbie Mook, her campaign manager, has admitted this at the ongoing trial of Michael Sussman, Clinton campaign lawyer.


    And what do we hear of it from the nation’s most trusted broadcaster? Zippo.

    BBC: Blatant Bias and Censorship.


  45. tomo says:

    Time to start reeling in the mules and their paymasters?



  46. AsISeeIt says:

    So what could a WHO pandemic treaty entail?

    Lots of new extra funding, obviously.

    Firstly, the WHO will gain the authority to announce/declare a pandemic situation whereby they can utilise their new powers under the treaty.

    The problem with this would seem to be that there’s always something fairly nasty going around somewhere in the world. How long before there’s a permanent rolling state of emergency?

    There’s globalised travel controls of course. Might sound like a good idea so as to isolate pandemic outbreaks? But given past practice we know the WHO hates border controls – especially on China – which tends to be the origin of a lot of pandemics. Uniform international health passport arrangements are more likely.

    Lockdowns of course could be imposed locally with no recourse whatever to local politicians. You’ll remember pre-Brexit how you would complain to your MP about something or other and they would just say “Sorry, and all that but there’s nothing I can do, it’s EU rules”

    And for all you vax fans… The big issue is likely to be around access to vaccination supplies. Don’t imagine the UK will be allowed next time to cook up our own vaccines and prioritise our own people. That’s not fair. Vax would have to be shared around according to a set of WHO piorities.


    • G.W.F. says:

      The WHO boss man for Europe has given us an insight on BBC news 5pm into his views on the monkey pox pandemic about to hit us. I see the WHO are the first point of call for the BBC. So it’s bye bye to the four lecterns and Johnson with Van Tam and all every night.


  47. Thoughtful says:

    Made possible only by the unique way it is funded:


  48. Foscari says:

    Please excuse me if anybody else has written about this in the past.
    BUT honestly until reading about it in Douglas Murray’s ” The
    War on the West” . I knew nothing about it.
    You will see the “live” action on You Tube ” Dallas police body
    cameras show moment Tony Timpa stopped breathing.”
    For me it shows that a very few police in the USA are NOT
    racists , but psychopaths.
    And that the BLM organization scam ,is perhaps the
    biggest con WE in the United Kingdom have fallen for.
    This video clips will show you that ALL LIVES MATTER. And that
    the BBC , the advertising agencies . The subjugating prostrating
    footballers , amongst many others . Have all been taken in ,
    and duped into this BLM organization scam.


  49. BRISSLES says:

    When Repair Shop first aired around 5 years ago, I made mention at the time that Jay Blades would be rapidly following in Nadya’s footsteps as to the meteoric rise in the public eye, because they had no discerning talent other than being BAME.. And oh how I hate to say “told you so”. Just like Nadya, there followed double page spread articles, appearances on reality shows, a gong from the Palace, his own show, and now……………………….he has become the first Chancellor at his former university. (!)

    Incredibly for someone who made a programme about his lack of reading ability he managed to study criminology and philosophy in 2001. He said “the university (Buckinghamshire New University) supported his dyslexia during his degree. Well, if he can’t read, someone must have read the books to him then !!! Did he complete the course ? who knows? I’m surprised he did the programme on his ‘home patch’, as I would have thought he would have problems reading road signs !!!!