250 Responses to Weekend 21 May 2023

  1. vlad says:

    Remember the 2020 election that Biden, and the BBC, told us was the the most secure election in American history?

    Well, some of those in on the fraud, as exposed by 2000 Mules, are beginning to ‘sing’ to the police.

    Of course anyone paying attention at the time could see with their own eyes that Trump’s rallies drew tens of thousands of wildly enthusiastic supporters, sometimes two or even three times a day (never shown by the BBC) whereas Sleepy Joe could barely muster a handful in some empty car-park (also never shown by the BBC) – when he even bothered to venture out of his basement.


  2. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Some of you may have seen my team, Sunderland, at Wembley today in the play off final.
    Just before the start, the opposition all ‘took the knee’ to those who want to defund the police, share out the $millions and buy themselves some houses.
    We didn’t.

    we won.


  3. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – sorry, I wasn’t paying attention

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-61466136 Am so used to the (good) old days of the BBC web-site when Steffie Flanders would blog every working day that I missed Faisal Islam’s effort from Tuesday. What is more, it is open for Comments! Now there’s something that Laura K has usually avoided in the rare circumstances that the Politics Editor blogs on politics. I do note the accusatory title and no doubt Faisal is hoping to blame HMG.


  4. BigBrotherCorporation says:


    Cost of living: The Ipswich man who feeds his dog rather than himself

    “But the monthly food shop that just a year ago cost him £40 now costs £80, he said.

    As a result, he only has enough cash to buy a week and a half’s worth of food each month.

    “There are days when I am only having one meal a day – I am not supposed to because of the medication I am on, which is supposed to be consumed with food or around meal times. Sometimes it does have an impact on the medication.”

    Rocky’s feeding routine, however, has not been affected by the rising costs.

    “Sometimes I would rather feed my dog than myself.””

    So, I can see, a man on the brink of starvation.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I regularly have ONE meal a day, I certainly can’t eat THREE ! does a boiled egg and toast count as a meal ? likewise beans on toast, – if so then there is two meals for under a £1 ! And like a friend of mine said, its always the single mothers who are interviewed and can’t ‘manage’ that are on the tele.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        If the man in the photo is only eating one meal a day, all I’ll say is it must be a BIG one.

        Boiled egg and toast is a fantastic meal, Briss, especially if the egg yolk is still runny and has a bit of pepper on it, and the toast is brown with a little butter. Today I had bacon and leeks, another 5 minute classic – the bacon consisted of a couple of bits from a pack of ‘cooking bacon’, and the leeks were fresh off the allotment (total cost probably about… oh, I don’t know, 30p?)

        I can understand people being ‘hard up’ and upset about the rising costs of energy and fuel (and council tax!), but every ‘starving’ person interviewed on the BBC and claiming to be ‘barely surviving’ on dust and air, seems to be rather on the large side for someone struggling to put food in their mouth.


        • Scroblene says:

          Bacon and leeks sounds fabulous, BigB!

          I used to grow around 200-250 leeks on our allotment, and they’re a doddle to grow, but of course, one has to make an effort, which never seems to be the case when beeboids start seeking ‘impoverished’ subjects.

          Yes, I know that allotments are disappearing to create building sites for yet more housing, but common sense in even sitting down, writing a menu for the next few days, buying the stuff cheaply and actually trying harder to make it work, seems to be an anathema to people with Sky, a mobile the size of a tea-tray, tattoos all over and some sort of paper-clips stuck in odd places…


          … the sort of people who almost certainly never pay the TV tax of course!

          Perhaps beeboid autocue-readers could ask each of their ‘breadline’ interviewees, “What do you think of the TV licence, and how do you pay it”?

          And Brissles, you’re probably too young to remember the TV ad, “Go to work on an egg”!


          • BRISSLES says:

            Scrob – oh I WISH !

            What’s all this rubbish about ‘heating’ anyway at the moment – the temperature outside is around 20 degrees ! FFS ! I also read that someone is burning old pallets to keep warm ! where the hell do they live then ? in a forest ?

            I’m just listening to GBN where they are talking about putting “food on the table” – no mention of what sort of food though. Do they mean a cooked breakfast, followed by a hefty lunch and a roast dinner later on ? In my experience kids don’t have their plates piled high, normally about the size of a tea plate is enough.

            My own group – pensioners are just as bad. There was an article about an old woman riding around on a free buss pass all day to keep warm – ……. she lives in a £600,000 house !!!!


          • Up2snuff says:

            Scrobie, “Go to work on an egg”, an early famous creation of Fay Weldon when she was a ‘creative’ at OB&M, later to morph into O&M.


            • Scroblene says:

              I didn’t know that, Snuffy!

              That’s where one of my Aussie chums worked – I’ll have to ask him what went on!


          • Fred Stubber says:

            Fey Weldon invented that phrase



            • Scroblene says:

              There was a hilarious parody of that by Christopher Logue (I think), in Private Eye around then!

              For some reason, I always remember the line, “Have a J.Arthur on an egg”


        • Docmarooned says:

          He should be thanking the government for encouraging him to eat less. It would do him good healthwise.


          • Scroblene says:

            Our old JRT never ate much anyway, so whatever he’s feeding him/her must be caviar and crepes!

            So he gets the pies instead, which is very ‘gutteral’ in the pic!


    • Fedup2 says:

      This man says he is on ‘medication ‘ which ‘must be taken with food’. So he is implying a three course meal each time he pops a tablet ? What is the ailment ? What is the medication ? Has he explained to his GP that he buys food for the dog not himself ?
      Is the ailment linked to his size / obesity – ( which you can see from the moon ) ?

      I get Fedup with miserable bleating wimps- with no self respect – like this – although the caveat is the ‘editorial spin ‘ the BBC droid puts on it .

      . It doesn’t mention what fat chap does for a living …..

      Rant over ….

      Declaration – I eating cake writing this and am about 5 kg ( whatever that is ) above my ‘in the zone ‘ weight…


    • Richard Pinder says:

      ONE meal a day for a week, for under a £1 a day. Monday, a McDonalds Hamburger 89p, Tuesday, a McDonalds Cheeseburger 99p, Wednesday. A McDonalds Mayo Chickenburger 99p, Thursday, McDonalds small Fries for 99p, Friday, a McDonalds Carrot bag for 79p, Saturday, a McDonalds Hash Brown for 89p and on Sunday, a McDonalds hot Apple pie for 99p. £6.53 per week, so it would cost £28.10p a month, from June. But with an extra 13 McDonalds Hamburgers, he could cut costs from £80, back down to £40, and still have change.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Richard – and I bet the daily recommended calorie intake for a chap ( 2500 ?) is still exceeded….and for those unable to work I’m sure a bit of effort researching ‘deals ‘ at local big supermarkets would bare fruit ( unless they don’t eat bananas or apples or similar fare ).
        And now that plod has said theft is no longer a crime – shoplifting will be a leisure activity / hobby …


        • Up2snuff says:

          Richard, Fed, came across this recipe pre-Pandemic, courtesy of the BBC. It it is called Mirepoix – no, it doesn’t mean more poverty – but it was the dish of poor people en France but named after a noble and can be varied according to states of poverty whether the dire straits of BBC-type poverty or a little bit more affluenza thanks to farming or keeping chickens or doing some gardening.

          Rough cut or dice an onion, size optional but large [3 for £ at most supermarkets] and rough cut is my prefered option.

          Little oil in large saucepan, warmed on the hob (“More coal, mate”) put in onion and ‘wilt’ a little (the onion, not you)

          Meanwhile, prep some celery [again £1 or less for a substantial bunch] ie. wash, drain and dice roughly into chunks
          carrots [as little as 19p a kilo recently and probably much less than £1 for a kilo at any supermarket of your choice] peel and dice into ‘medallions’ if not too chunky, if chunky use another chopping to suit
          chuck celery and carrots in with softened onions
          add some vegetable/chicken/beef/lamb stock from a well-known cube with its own art gallery [£1 for 12 if you shop carefully, even less if you get lucky or hit a special offer plus pint of water] plus salt and pepper to taste, garlic optional, and cook to al dente or soft or somewhere in between.

          Meat is also optional according to state of poverty and vegan taste of vegan poverty of vegantialness. (Bluebottle-type voice) “I would like a sossinges … I would …. yes, I would. Teeheeee!”

          Consume on a base of rice or pasta or mashed potato or even without. Cornflour may be needed to thicken ‘sauce’ if you eat it without mash potato, rice or pasta. You can of course chuck potato in the pan, either sliced or diced or rough cut.

          If you use a large onion or two, put all the carrots and all the celery in (you may need two stock cubes and a second pint of water and a very large pan) it will keep a family of four fed for at least two meals, if not three, for not a lot of money. A couple will be sick of the sight of it at the end of a week and longing for a burger at McDs or pizza from the other place, a single person more so. It keeps well out of a refrigerator (just boil a bit before use) and can be frozen. Tip in a little wine to help the keeping properties, if alcohol is not a problem for you – red or white, doesn’t matter – adds flavour and helps keeping properties at room temperature. I must get around to doing the Gulag Soup recipe.


          • Scroblene says:

            That sounds delicious, Snuffers!

            (Bloodnok voice), “Bleugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-arghhhhh…no more curried eggs for me”!


  5. Guest Who says:


    Plus, ‘analysis’.


  6. tomo says:

    night night


    • JohnC says:

      Shows the complete and total hypocrisy of him which extends throughout the Democrats and the Left in general.

      That would certainly have been on the BBC front page if it was Trump.

      I’ll never forget Pelosi thanking Floyd for getting murdered. That nasty old witch wouldn’t bother to spit on him in the gutter in real life.


  7. taffman says:

    “Monkeypox: Time to worry or one to ignore?”

    “Time to worry or one to ignore?”
    If they don’t know the answer why ask ? Is Al Beeb starting another Fear, Fear, Fear, panic ?
    There is something very odd about this disease suddenly popping up now following the end of COVID.


    • Up2snuff says:

      taffman, I noted with some wry amusement the other day the response of our valiant NHS to monkey pox: “Our STD clinics are overwhelmed! We need more money. Help!” which somewhat mirrors our valiant NHS at the start of the Covid-19 Lockdown1 “Our hospitals are overwhelmed! We need more money. Help!”


  8. taffman says:

    “Senedd reform aim is to keep Labour in power, says UK minister
    Published9 hours ago”
    Us taffs need rescuing from this bunch ‘third world dictators.


  9. taffman says:

    “Rwanda deal: Migrants in Calais say they’ll still try to cross to UK”
    They Know it and we know it. It’s just another gimmick thought up by the Consocialists .


  10. JohnC says:

    Australia election: Anthony Albanese vows unity after Labor seizes power

    I have to say that thanks to the BBC’s wonderful reporting, I don’t really have any clue what that means which usually means there are things they don’t want me to know. Luckily I don’t care that much and can’t be bothered to research it. But it seems the only two parties they have are Liberal and Labor !. I hope for the Australians sake they don’t equate to the ones we have here.

    But what did stand out a country mile was how the BBC told me how ‘support also surged for Greens’. Looking at their chart, the greens increased their vote by 1.7% (the BBC told me 1.9%).

    But what the BBC DIDN’T mention was the ‘One Nation’ (Sneeringly call a ‘right-wing populist party’ on wiki) increased their vote by 1.9%. I assume the BBC have cancelled them the same as they have Trump and GB News.


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      The Australian electoral system is a cumbersome arcane creature which enables multi party elections but in reality maintains a tweedledee tweedledum two party state almost as bad as the UK.
      Labor winning is not good news of course but it shouldn’t be a surprise. Scomo only scraped in last time with a very tiny majority. But of all the anglosphere prime ministers he was better than Trudeau, Ardern, Johnson and fake president Biden.
      That’s not saying much I realise.
      The Labor Party is along the lines of UK Labour and have bad policies, though there doesn’t seem to be an anti-Australian group which consistently hates their own country as you find in Britain. Patriotism is stronger there. Labor will, of course, start to implement bonkers ideas.

      The One Nation Party is a populist party which unfortunately did very badly this time when it made a huge effort for once. But the anti-populist swing is an international trend due in no small part to anti-vaxxing extremism putting people off.

      The only good news is that Scomo, the slightly conservative, looks likely to be replaced by Peter Dutton , a man with far more conservative beliefs. Also good, the elections cycle is only three years in Oz.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Yasser, the name of the winner who seized power (mind your language, BBC) sounds like a Mafia Don to me.


  11. taffman says:

    “The government has vetoed a proposal for the House of Lords to temporarily relocate to a building opposite Parliament – and told peers to move outside London instead.”

    Make it for good! They are undemocratic, stuffed with Liberals and many are parasites that do not contribute anything to the people of Great Britain .


    • JohnC says:

      Can you imagine the result of a public referendum to abolish the HOL ?.

      Another one they will never allow. Our ‘democracy’ only extends as far as they allow it to.


      • Zephir says:

        There are plently of old peoples homes outside the M25 with meals on wheels and Age UK volunteers to help.


        • moggie63 says:

          Volunteers? Let the treacherous old b*tards pay full whack for everything like we have to.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Apparently quite a few of these worthless parasites got quite up set by the idea of moving to Stoke .

      Nothing will happen of course – I wonder if the Russian spy nut nut made a peer even knows where the building is ?maybe he can buy it ? Blighty is one of the least corrupt countries on earth ( snigger )


    • Thoughtful says:

      If you have an elected HoL it will be a horror show costing a fortune – far more than the great value free service we get now.

      Career politicos will pile into safe seats and receive a salary at least as high as an MP plus expenses.

      If I was a HoL member I probably wouldn’t be able to afford to attend on the paltry rates they give per day, the travel to London is a claimable expense but overnight accommodation is not

      “Members of the Lords who are not paid a salary may claim a flat rate attendance allowance of £162 or £323 or may choose to make no claim for each sitting day they attend the House.

      This daily allowance replaces the separate overnight subsistence, day subsistence and office costs in the previous system. Entitlement is determined by attendance, not residence criteria.

      Members who receive a ministerial or office holders’ salary are not entitled to claim the allowances based on attendance.”

      The cost of a hotel in Westminster would easily wipe out the daily allowance – and it won’t even be a decent hotel at that !

      People need to think a little more about this. You can have a group of people who work for you for virtually nothing, or you can have a group of grasping bribe hungry politicians who will want more than 10 times as much as the current set up costs, and perhaps the promise of a 1% rise in income tax to fund it, I think I know where that vote would go.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Ha ha – dump it then . Just have one elected chamber – but sitting in somewhere central in the mainland – maybe Milton Keynes of brum or similar …

        Maybe you can list the actual benefits of the Lords as opposed to the normal lies thrown out – ‘expertise ‘ – …’scrutiny ‘ – go look at the fixed term parliament act as a case study …


        • Up2snuff says:

          Fed, bring back the hereditaries! They were free, could be anything from rogue to saint, Conservative to Liberal or Socialist and were much less in number than the bloated Peers that pack the other place out.


          • Fedup2 says:

            I m not sure a favour universal sufferage – certainly requiring people to attend and identify themselves to vote is a start – but financial contribution might also be a consideration for being able to vote – together with provable residency – English language – that sort of thing .

            I d also require fingerprints to verify identity …. Home ownership might also be a requirement to have a vote … and maybe a minimum age – say 21 –

            I’d do a gradual cull of peers start with banning anyone over 75 – 70 – down to a reasonable number before ending it completely – or just enough to have an annual football match …


      • JohnC says:

        Do you really think there should be 800 of them ?.

        And like the honours system, it is massively abused to reward cronies or as a means for corruption.

        It’s not the concept I object to, it’s the implementation. It’s the result of a bygone age where the politcians and others wrote the rules to make sure they were kept in the manner they are accustomed by the taxpayer into old age.


        • Thoughtful says:

          People forget our history, and how Parliament and the HoL were originally constituted. Like the pomp and ceremony surrounding Royal occasions Parliament has those too.

          Remember that it derives from the English Civil War and that Charles the 1st being beheaded led to parliament seizing the powers of the king which is why the mace resides in the commons – the symbol of power.

          The Commons having seized the powers of the king are effectively our rulers.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Thoughtful – well aware thanks – I’m also aware of how ‘false tradition ‘ is used to prevent decent change.

            I don’t believe the current political system ensures the welfare of citizens and really isn’t democratic – it is a self serving game formed out of the Party system – both the elected chamber or the corrupt upper one with no accountability to anyone ….

            I’d like to know the statistics on criminals in Westminster versus the general population . I think I know which is more criminal . They even make their own rules so that convicts can still make laws to control us .

            Obviously the tragedy of the civil war was re installing a monarch and not sticking with a developing form of democracy in parliament – but that’s another website …


          • Up2snuff says:

            T, it is not quite like that. Our Monarch, God bless her, graciously agrees to meet her people (ie. us via our elected representatives) in Parliament. That has been the case for a long time, since Magnet became a Carpet Shop or somesuch. Originally, it was the nobility but later – thanks Olly – it became the ordinary bloke and blokess.

            I remind you of the Coronation Service in 1953: Archbish to people “Will you have this woman to reign over you?” Much affirmation and cheering.


            • Fedup2 says:

              I’m sure that there will be a lot of cheering when Charles the third takes to the throne … wonder if he believes in a God – or is nature his god ? He certainly has track record of breaking oaths ( see Diana Spencer ) …


  12. StewGreen says:

    Last night’s 13 min video from Belfield took a different tone.
    It wasn’t hyperbolic, it was about Lisa Shaw the BBC presenter killed by the jab. and his opening pretrial court appearance on Wednesday.
    He said they wrongly portrayed him as divisive
    ..then a few seconds later said ‘Richie Sunak can’t be one of us if he has £750m of assets…and that he’s never met a police officer who isn’t corrupt.
    He said he’s sacked his lawyers for asking for another £200K for future work
    and says he’ll defend himself in court
    ..not usually a good sign, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s him.
    He said he’s got 10,000 paying subscribers
    so that’s almost £500K pa
    The police say they’ve lost thousands of files for his case, including all of the bodycam videos from all his arrests.
    .. https://youtu.be/086lxQ2tOcI


  13. Zephir says:

    Something for Sunday, no more trigonometry jokes:

    “What do you call Peter Higgs’ wife?”


    A boson’s mate.

    Higgs is always welcome at his local Catholic church.

    Apparently they would never have Mass without him.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC is marking two anniversaries where Muslim third world coloured folk have murdered white British non Muslims – that of Lee Rigby – and the 22 dead at the Manchester Arena .

    The BBC – of course – doesn’t quite describe this Islamic terrorism in the way I do above …. Or – in one case – at all ….


  15. JohnC says:

    God give me strength. This is a FRONT PAGE headline:

    Abertillery boy, 11, loses finger allegedly fleeing bullies

    The story is : the 11 year old boy was running away from some other boys, climbed a fence and presumably fell off with his finger trapped in it and lost his finger.

    A very sad story but this is what happens sometimes in real life. I had a friend who climbed a tree, fell out and broke his back when he was 10.

    But just read this empathy-laden epic from the BBC. They are absolutely incapable of writing simple news articles these days if BAME are involved. It has to be a sympathy and pity laden agenda-based extravaganza about how unfair life in the UK is to them.

    Where do I start ?. First we have another odd headline : ‘allegedly fleeing bullies’. WTF does that mean ?. Are the concerned about the legalities of saying he WAS fleeing bullies or do they know he wasn’t fleeing bullies at all – and this covers them in case anyone finds out ?.

    I notice that in this and the other article it seems to have warranted (a murder by a BAME only gets one these days) that the BBC do their ‘lie by association’ here by grouping ‘Racist abuse’ and ‘bullying’ together every time. So we assume the bullying was all about racism. But it wasn’t : elsewhere we learn the boy is very small for his age.

    But the report contains absolutely no information other than these bullet points. Was the racial abuse by the white boys – and was it these white boys who bullied him ?. We have no idea – but the BBC definitely try to infer they did without actually saying it.

    And as for this: “Sometimes he will start saying ‘mummy I didn’t lose my finger, I was just having a really bad dream, I am having a dream right?’ and I have to bring him back because I don’t want to lie to him and I don’t want to pretend. ‘

    ‘Sometimes’ ?. He’s said that same thing mutliple times ?. Fake BBC. No doubt coaxed from the mother with leading questions.

    ‘He actually said he was worried and thought that he could have died, he just couldn’t get away no matter what he did.’

    So how come he was running away and climbing a fence ?.

    And what on Earth is this picture with the caption ‘Raheem underwent six hours of surgery to try and save his finger’ ?. Is he having surgey with his scholl shirt and tie on ?. His tie would be the first thing to come off.


    One thing I absolutely guarantee : we wouldn’t even know about this story if he was white. I wonder how many incidents of bullying and injury occur in those London schools where the pupils carry knives. I bet there are several a week. But the BBC aren’t interfested if they can’t infer it’s racism (even when they have absolutely no evidence it was). They don’t care one bit about the actual injuries and people affected. It’s all about their hatred of lower-class white people.


    • micknotmike says:

      Ask anyone you know if they have heard of Stephen Lawrence, Then ask if they have heard of Kriss Donald. The answers won’t surprise you.


    • Guest Who says:

      The word ‘allegedly’, like ‘reportedly’ or ‘apparently’, means the BBC can ‘report’ anything as anything it likes.

      It’s a new form of journalism. Sources close to The W1A gutters say.


      • JohnC says:

        The whole article is not far away from one of those serious-but-completely-spoof stories they run in viz where they try to be as ridiculous and over-the-top as possible.

        Unfortunately there is no author for me to research on twitter.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Promising pianist …?


      • Guest Who says:

        Bugle intro for the Kanu Masons.

        It is understood.


        • Zephir says:

          I broke a finger and asked the doctor if I’d be able to play the piano after treatment, he said , “yes, of course”

          I said “great, I’ve always wanted to play the piano”


    • Changethebbc says:

      I still have a 12 inch scar on my leg from fleeing white boys with air guns and slipping whilst climbing a barbed wire fence. This happened in the early 1960s and my mates who were also running away thought the gash was amazing, especially where you could see the bone.

      Should I seek out psychological counselling? Should I finally get revenge on my assailants? They were white.

      I am happy to report that I did not have “PTSD” and life on the estate toughened me up for far worse things in the future.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Seems warranted, after due process and a fair trial.

    The chav in the van too.


    • JohnC says:

      Jail for killing 2 ducklings.

      We can only imagine all the other crimes extreme-Left Jeremy and the others like him would put people in jail for if they could.

      Then – when the prisons were quickly filled – they would need to set up special camps. Then when they were full, they would start clearing out the Untermensch who don’t deserve to live anyway.

      Just as many others with a similar outlook to Jeremy have done in the past.


    • Changethebbc says:


  17. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “Australian business know that good action on climate change is good for jobs and good for our economy, and I want to join the global effort.”

    Speaking for the na… BBC.


  18. StewGreen says:

    R Humberside 8am news
    newsreader “The windfarm transformer convoy is about 6 metres long and will take 6 hours”
    … doh 6 metres is only a normal lorry length
    Surely he means 60 or 600 metres long

    The 9am news instead had a clip where a reporter said
    “60 metres long”

    This is the third transformer and they’ve reported each one.
    It is traffic news, but the station is addicted to reporting windfarm PR as news.
    They never stated if the transformer is imported
    The journey starts at the docks so I guess it probably is.

    9am bulletin did include the anniversary of the Ariana Grande bombing
    .. but didn’t mention Lee Rigby
    which is the same date. 2013 vs 2017


  19. JohnC says:

    So Australia have a new PM. I’m sure there are a thousand real-life implications for the Aussies.

    So what does the BBC think is the most important topic to bring up immediately ?.

    Australia election: Anthony Albanese signals climate policy change

    Of course it does.


    • StewGreen says:

      In one bulletin Phil Mercer said “The Labour government will be tacking 2 issues which were ignored by the Liberals: Climate Change and Aboriginal rights”
      Those are outrageous lies
      the Liberals did have policies on both and Tony Abbott Ex-PM 2013 to 2015 had always volunteered in remote Aboriginal communities.


  20. Nibor says:

    What Australian champagne have the Beeboids ordered ?


    • Londoner says:

      The BBC doesn’t even try to disguise their bias any longer. Absolutely cock-a- hoop over the Labor win in Australia. Imagine how they’d behave if the British Labour Party wins an election. I reckon they’ll burst their collective blood vessels with joy.


      • JohnC says:

        They would wet their panties in a similar style to how they did when someone read out the wrong winner at the Oscars a few years ago.


  21. theisland says:

    Calm in the Channel.
    Lots of fetching and carrying and assisting and escorting.
    It’s going to be a busy day.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Those in the Border Force and RLNI, plus others engaged in assisting people to illegally enter the UK, might want to consider the Accessories and Abettors Act 1861. Although most of the Act has been repealed, Section 8 has not. It states:

      “Whosoever shall aid, abet, counsel, or procure the commission of any indictable offence, whether the same be an offence at common law or by virtue of any Act passed or to be passed, shall be liable to be tried, indicted, and punished as a principal offender.”


      • JohnC says:

        If we’ve learned anything at all since Brexit, Trump BLM etc etc it’s that laws only matter when the establishment has the will to apply them.

        Just look how the Capitol protesters have been persecuted fir ‘insurrection’. It is the worlds first insurrection where those doing it didn’t have any guns and didn’t kill anybody !!!.

        Meanwhile the cop who killed Floyd has been hung, drawn and quartered for political reasons, but the black cop who shot an unarmed women in the capitol protests had his identity hidden and faced no charges.

        The world is ripe for some big changes.


        • tomo says:

          Ashlee Babbit’s murderer Lt. Michael Byrd should face an investigation – not like he hadn’t got a track record of mishandling firearms.

          A 10 minute review of the online search results shows that the US MSM have settled on “she was a far-right Trump supporter who deserved to die”.

          I just wonder how it’d have played out if Byrd’s bullet had travelled a bit further into one of the SWAT attired and armed policemen literally feet away from the lady ….


  22. AsISeeIt says:

    The world turned downunder

    Monkey’s paw to Jaguar Paw

    BBC: ‘The moment that changes Australia. Politics will now be greener, more feminine, and more emphatically Australian, writes Nick Bryant

    Judge for yourself how balanced and unbiased that sounds?

    S’truth… I guess that’s what you get with a compulsory voting system plus low-motivation low-information none-of-the-above sentiment elections.

    Back where they belong the Observer tops the BBC press review lineup and our Graun on Sunday goes with a brace of odd couples in their frontpage feature teasers: ‘Richard Osman & Marion Keyes‘ are the long and the short of it in the New Review while light and shade are provided by: ‘Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton promote their new film, Three Thousand Years of Longing, at Cannes‘ – loved him as the drug dealer king pin in The Wire but I think I’d rather open a vein than sit through a movie with such a portentiously endless-sounding title.

    George Miller’s belated followup to 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road is a consciously unfashionable fantasy about a wary academic and a chatty genie… Adapted from a 1994 AS Byatt novella… None of which is to suggest that the film itself is a monkey’s paw, a wish that boomerangs back as the worst thing in the world‘ (Guardian) – as they tend to say in Dragon’s Den: “I’m Out!”

    The lead pair photographed care of Reuters look as though they’re off to buy a sofa at some south of France branch of DFS.

    For some reason I’m reminded of the Chuck Berry – or preferably – the Buddy Holly version of the track Brown Eyed Handsome Man

    “Flying across the desert in a TWA,
    I saw a woman walkin’ ‘cross the sand.
    She’d been walking thirty miles en route to Bombay
    To meet a brown-eyed handsome man,
    Her destination was a brown-eyed handsome man”

    PM versus Sir Humphrey – both messed up over Lockdown policies but the Observer is in no doubt who they would prefer to see carry the can: ‘PM to sacrifice top official over Partygate to save himself

    For a moment I’m imagining the pudgey Boris at the top of an Aztek pyramid, dressed in a fabulous cloak of peacock feathers (thanks Carrie) wielding an onyx dagger over a cringing pin stripped civil servant (desperately insisting he shouldn’t even be expected to come into the office today) in hopes of somehow bringing on a solar eclipse suddenly magically purging from the minds of the credulous populace all memory of the past poxy panic – anyone see that Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto?

    Sadly our media already have the next poxy panic for us – just like sad to say most films nowadays are lame reboots, sequals, prequals, franchises and knock-offs: ‘Monkey-pox: should we be worried?‘ asks the rhetorical Sunday Telegraph.

    I’ll start worrying when they get around to renaming it something more politically correct. Such as MP-22 or the totally nothing to do with homosexuality or monkeys virus.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Pretty outrageous that the PM should want to meet the person he appointed to carry out an inquiry he set up – and the gong she will be getting will either a ‘reward ‘for a ‘whitewash ‘ or one from starmer for nailing nut nut .

      It’s also outrageous that the top Jonnie crème de la cream civil servant responsible for allowing all that stuff to happen – is found to be responsible for it ….

      I hope all names are named – who got tickets – how many – are they still ‘in post’or promoted of off to friendly employment outside for not spilling beans …

      ‘My cakegate hell ‘ by rising star civil servant ..

      ‘How boris shafted me ‘ by girl staffer’ ( wot another one ?)


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, four CSs have already been allowed to resign from No.10 (instead of being sacked – think they went before Christmas 2021) and I expect more to follow. It was obviously a set-up but Bojo was too dim or confused by No.10 home officing to realise it. You would have thought Cummings would have been sharp enough to spot it and warn his boss.


    • Guest Who says:

      Is Mr. Bryant still a beneficiary of bbc largesse?

      Like this clown, finding his ‘voice’.


  23. Fedup2 says:

    BBC News is reporting that afgee female newsreaders are now appearing wearing the Muslim full face thing instead of a head scarf .
    Is this a bad thing ? How did that happen ? Can we do something about it ? Surely a job for the last superpower with that nice Joe the old man in charge ..

    Oh . …er … maybe not ….

    How would this have been reported if president trump had done it ( he would nt have ) ? – they’d have been all over it like a rash – favoured by African queers …


  24. Changethebbc says:

    The privately educated Michael Morpurgo was given 15 minutes this morning to issue a diatribe in favour of migration.

    It is tempting to address his public posturing as a saint but the more important issue is BBC Bias.

    Some contributors to this website and the majority of poorly educated humanities graduates believe that there is no such thing as the “truth”. However, truth aside, there is such a thing as an impartial method for describing events:

    “What is impartiality? It is a method or procedure for including all parts of an issue and relating them to each other according to the available data to account for an event. It is then possible to elucidate the causes of the event and their proportional effect. Impartiality is about the relationships between all the parts that account for most of an event. It relies on the accuracy of data but is not the same as “truth” (see footnote* ).”

    The BBC is charged with being impartial in the sense given above, not with presenting the “truth” or embracing the quagmire of “moral impartiality”.

    Morpurgo’s diatribe was a prime example of bias. It should have been prefaced with an impartial description of migration into the UK that included overpopulation, loss of landscape, stress on the education system, infrastructure and NHS, rising rents and hence house prices, the prospect of millions fleeing climate change etc. etc.

    The BBC has been captured by a group of upper middle class posers who are using it to display the “holiness” of their Internationalist beliefs. Ofcom should intervene.


    • digg says:

      Not to mention the sudden spate in the UK of new diseases rampant in Africa and The Middle East. There was a time when even dogs were required to go into quarantine for weeks when shipped into the UK. The danger of human disease import however doesn’t seem to be a thing at all to our border force or politicians just pump them out all over the Country and cross your fingers appears to be the stance.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Morpurgo used to be regularly rolled out by the BBC in the run up to the brexit referendum – he had as much success as any other meddling he does . I guess his wealth gives him the right to preach . The WW1 horse thing he did was painfully bad too … but I bet he made a packet …


  25. Fedup2 says:

    From the DM website – ouch – the BBC is gonna be probed

    Ministers have opened up a fresh front with the BBC over accusations of its editorial bias by launching a major review focused on its compliance with ‘impartiality requirements’.

    A mid-term review being announced later this week is expected to reignite tensions between the Government and the Corporation over claims that its output is too skewed towards a Left-wing, so-called ‘Islingtonian’ world view.

    It comes against the backdrop of threats by Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries to scrap the £159-a-year licence fee when the current Royal charter comes to an end in 2027.

    The review, held at the mid-point of the ten-year charter, is also expected to examine whether the BBC abuses its dominant market position to the detriment of commercial rivals.

    Government sources said the review would ‘assess how effectively the governance and regulation arrangements of the BBC are performing at the halfway point of the BBC charter’.

    The review is also expected to examine whether the communications regulator Ofcom is ‘holding the BBC to account’ by assessing ‘the effectiveness of the BBC’s governance mechanisms… in ensuring compliance with its editorial standards including impartiality requirements’.

    A White Paper published last month declared that the Government intended to put in place a new funding model for the broadcaster when the £3.2 billion-a-year licence fee deal expires in five years’ time, as part of plans to make the British broadcasting system ‘fit for the streaming age’.

    Ms Dorries said that the current model was ‘completely outdated’ and Ministers would be ‘looking very seriously about how we fund the BBC’, with decisions taken ‘well ahead’ of the Corporation’s charter renewal in 2027.

    She has frozen the fee at £159 for the next two years, after which it will increase by roughly ten per cent over the following four years.

    The spiralling inflation rate – currently nine per cent – means that the Corporation will be forced to find savings of more than £1 billion over the next five years.

    Possible alternatives to the licence fee include some form of voluntary Netflix-style subscription model, allowing the BBC to have advertising, imposing a broadband levy, linking the charge to council tax or a hybrid combination of different ideas.

    Ms Dorries has previously criticised the BBC’s approach as ‘elitist’ and ‘snobbish’ and has accused it of being dominated by anti-Brexit, Left-wing staff, with too many ‘dull, boring, male and ageing wig-wearing men’ presenting programmes.

    Tensions grew further during the Partygate rows about alleged breaches of lockdown rules in Downing Street, which No 10 said was being given excessive airtime by the BBC.

    During the height of the coverage, one senior Government figure said that it ‘felt like the BBC isn’t going to stop until Boris has gone’.

    A Government source said: ‘The review will examine closely the way the BBC handles complaints through its BBC First system, and Ofcom’s framework for assessing BBC complaints as part of ensuring effective oversight of the BBC and its relationship with licence fee payers.

    ‘The review will also consider the BBC’s market impact on commercial radio and local news sectors.’

    The review is expected to take about 12 months to complete.ENDS

    But a question from us would be – who – exactly – is carrying out the ‘review ‘ ? Do they have connections either directly or indirectly – to the BBC…?


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      It seems that they are continually opening some investigation or inquiry into the bbbc bias yet after the initial announcement nothing ever follows.
      Nothing seems to change.

      It’s like article 16.
      Boris and his lot are continuously saying they will declare article 16 yet it never happens (although the eu/Van der Halen actually did enact this….are you watching pelosi and young Mr Grace)

      Or like Rwanda and the daily armada coming across the channel to be collected by our lot half way.

      In fact, just about everything they say they will do has not happened and our only voting choice is to vote for one absolutely useless lot because the other lot are even worse.

      If we don’t get Reform/UKIP etc sorted out as a viable option then maybe the population gets what it deserves.


    • Changethebbc says:

      How can we get input to this process?


      • Fedup2 says:

        This was a pre announcement – I think Nadine is going to formally announce it later in the week .

        The terms of reference and head of inquiry will be – interesting …


  26. vlad says:

    The BBC are, rightly, commemorating the islamist attack in Manchester that killed, wounded and scarred so many.

    Strangely, though, not one mention of the taboo ‘M’ word, or the ‘I’ word.

    A stranger reading their report would have no clue who the perpetrators were, or the ideology that motivated them.

    Naturally, all the usual suspects like Andy Burnham are positively gushing with enthusiasm about how the bombing ‘brought us together’ and “love proved stronger”, etc.

    Perhaps we should have them more often.


    Meanwhile, last month, there were 181 Islamic attacks in 23 countries, in which 1154 people were killed and 1052 injured, including Christians burned to death in Africa. The high numbers may be due to Ramadan, that joyful celebration of murder and mutilation.



  27. Changethebbc says:

    The BBC is still regularly reporting that the UK Government will violate the NI Protocol if it suspends the Irish Sea as a Customs Border. It still regularly declares that any action on the Protocol will violate an “International Agreement”. It still allows Americans to wave a stick at us without any defence of the UK position.

    The NI protocol is in the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement (falsely always labelled by the BBC as the “Brexit” Withdrawal Agreement: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?qid=1580206007232&uri=CELEX%3A12019W/TXT%2802%29 .

    Note that:

    – Articles 14 and 15 establish Committees with independent powers to expedite the provisions of the Agreement
    – Article 16(1) says: If the application of this Protocol leads to serious economic, societal or environmental difficulties that are liable to persist, or to diversion of trade, the Union or the United Kingdom may unilaterally take appropriate safeguard measures. Such safeguard measures shall be restricted with regard to their scope and duration to what is strictly necessary in order to remedy the situation. Priority shall be given to such measures as will least disturb the functioning of this Protocol.

    This unilateral action is governed by Annex 7 which states that the action must be notified and reviewed every 3 months.

    The “Good Friday Agreement” (Belfast Agreement) is still being used to justify rigidity in the NI Protocol. Here is a link to the actual Agreement: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1034123/The_Belfast_Agreement_An_Agreement_Reached_at_the_Multi-Party_Talks_on_Northern_Ireland.pdf Notice:

    – it is an agreement for the secession of NI from the UK.
    – it says nothing about trade
    – it was agreed when there was a hard border with watch towers
    – it creates a joint ministerial council and joint committee for resolving issues

    The failure of the BBC to incorporate the actual content of these Agreements into news reports about the threats of trade war by the EU and stick waving by the USA is a violation of their Charter.

    For those who know the content of the Agreements it is obvious that the BBC is anti-British. Of course, had the BBC operated as an impartial National Broadcaster we would all know what was in the Agreements.


  28. Zephir says:

    Another calm day at sea, more monkey pox, dysentry and TB arriving soon no doubt.

    Viral enrichment for us all., no passports of course, but addresses for the nearest uman right lawyers, and proof of qualifications to apply as NHS doctors printed on the back of a cornflake packet.

    The rest of them just being keen amateur gynaecologists when they can get their hands on kaffir girls.


  29. Zephir says:

    Evidence for a national problem: continued rise in tuberculosis case numbers in urban areas outside London

    WHO standards for tuberculosis (TB) control require monitoring and evaluation of TB control programmes. In London, TB rates have stabilised at 44 per 100 000 since 2005. In 38 urban areas outside London with TB rates above the national average, these continued to rise after 2004, to 28 per 100 000 in 2008 (15% increase). London has the highest proportion of TB cases in certain risk groups, but these are increasing rapidly outside London. Many TB control efforts focus on the capital, but with rates rising elsewhere in the country, this strategy is likely to fail in the long term.


    London is “the TB capital of Europe”, The Daily Telegraph has reported. The newspaper says that Britain is now the only nation in Western Europe with rising levels of tuberculosis, with more than 9,000 cases diagnosed annually. In London, where 40% of UK cases are reportedly diagnosed, the number of cases has risen by almost 50% since 1999, up from 2,309 in 1999 to 3,450 in 2009.



  30. Zephir says:

    Feb 2022

    A new STI called shigella is spreading across the UK – and experts are pretty worried

    An ‘extremely antibiotic-resistant’ form of the bacteria is currently on the rise

    Shigella – ever heard of it? Well, it might be about to get a whole lot better known. It’s a family of bacteria that can cause dysentery (i.e. infection of the intestines), and it’s on the rise in the UK.

    While shigella has been known for quite a long time (more than a century, in fact), previously most cases in the UK were blamed on overseas travel. In recent months, however, there’s been a rise in domestic transmission. According to a recent government report, there have been at least 47 cases of shigella in the UK in the past four months – compared with just 16 cases in the 17 months prior to that.



  31. G.W.F. says:

    This is now running under the ash tag Nipplegate

    ”A SENIOR Tory MP is caught up in allegations he spiked four people with rape drugs – including two other MPs.

    One fellow Conservative politician is said to have claimed he woke to find his colleague licking his nipples, according to reports.”



    • Fedup2 says:

      Mind boggles – who d have thought an MP could be a sex fiend – got the smell of defamation cases pending …


      • Zephir says:

        Thats the bbc news front page for the next 6 weeks then, at least six stories a day.

        Even if Russia nukes London it’ll end up in local news with this to relish at the bbc


  32. Foscari says:

    Some of you may of seen my 8 year old grand-daughter
    Jessica on Britain’s Got Talent, with her imitating animal sounds.Her dolphin was special!!
    When reading children’s animal stories to my grand-children
    I used to accompany them with animal sounds. So these genes
    were probably passed down to Jessica.
    I also can imitate quite a few English accents as well. AND
    I was thinking of applying to the BBC as a continuity presenter .
    I can imitate a mean Caribbean patois accent, which has become the order of the day on the BBC . So far as continuity
    presenting is concerned.
    Maybe with this contribution you could let me know if i
    would tick the boxes without the BBC looking at me.
    ” We has after the news Dr Who. The raasclaat is being played by
    one of my Batty Boy brothers. We see man , the chief chi
    chi bwoy/ dalek daggering Dr Who.”
    If you don’t know what some of the words mean . Google them.
    I was” lucky ” enough to manage a betting shop in Brixton. So
    after awhile I fully understood what was being said to me. By the
    way I can imitate this lingo perfectly. Britain really has got talent!!


  33. Jeff says:

    Blimey, have you clocked Australia’s new PM? Not the most dynamic. He makes John Major look like Rambo…

    Okay, the last one was a lockdown fanatic, but this geezer was on board for all of that and is also a real green loony. His opening speech was all about the “climate catastrophe”. It seems to be the way of the western world.

    These politicians will happily imprison their populations for two years, cause incredible long term economic and cultural strife, but will always adopt every fashionable green or “anti racist” slogan that passes by.

    There are no leading political parties that believe in traditional values. You have to vote for a minority party that stands as much chance of winning as Muffin the Mule does of winning the Epsom Derby. All the main parties, left “right” and centre, essentially say and stand for the same things. It’s pitiful.

    Western “democracies” are in a fearful state…


  34. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    In 1811, aged 12, Mary Anning discovered a 5.2m (17ft) skeleton, now known to be an ichthyosaur

    I know life was hard in the early 19th Century, especially if you were a poor, working class lass like young Mary, but that’s one prematurely aged looking 12 year old!

    “Mary Anning: Lyme Regis fossil hunter’s statue unveiled”

    “During the ceremony, crowds cheered as Prof Roberts said: “Mary Anning – welcome back to Lyme Regis.”

    She added: “It makes Mary Anning visible as a role model for any woman wanting to get into science. This is her place, where she was from and where she made all her discoveries.

    “But she also represents the change we need in our society – we need to push further and bring more people into science,” she said.

    Anning, whose life inspired the feature film Ammonite, was never fully credited for her discoveries due to the fact she was woman and because of her social status.”

    Quite honetly, good, it’s about time, and I can’t disagree with Prof. Alice Roberts entirely, yes to more (capable and enthusiastic) women in science and engineering, but NOT at the cost of bright young men coming into these professions as well, please, we need both, and punishing the one is not the way to encourage the other, RE: academic recruitment practices championed by ‘Prof’ Roberts in the past…

    From what I understand, Anning’s social status was as much of an obstacle to her acceptance by the ‘establishment’ as her gender – some things never change, and whereas gender (and indeed race, and sexuality) are no longer the obstacles they once were, social status at birth seems to be, and probably even more so than when I was a student 30 years ago… that’s where campaigning is really needed now, ‘Prof’ Roberts.

    PS Why, just WHY, did they have to make Mary Anning a lesbian in that appalling ‘Ammonite’ film? No historical basis, no logical reason, just pure wokeism and completely destroyed the ‘message’ (unless that WAS the message, and nothing to do with her paleontology?). Guess we’re lucky they didn’t make her black, I’m sure she will be in the remake.


    • harry142857 says:

      Although the real Mary Anning’s family was delighted that a movie was made about their famous relative and that Kate Winslet would portray her, they were puzzled about the choice to have Anning, who never married, engage in a lesbian relationship with a woman, for which no proof exists. Director Francis Lee concurred, but stated that since very little is known about Anning’s life, there was no proof for a heterosexual relationship either, which freed him up to fill in the blanks himself. He also insisted that the movie is not intended to be a biography.

      FYI, the director is not a breeder.


      • Zephir says:

        Chutney ferret who thinks everyone else should be one


        • Fedup2 says:

          I mentioned the other day that as electricity /gas prices continue to rise – that a fair number of households won’t be able / willing to pay .

          Well the boss of EON says something like 20% are already in fuel poverty with a likelihood of that rising to 40% .

          So what will happen if people default ? Will they be cut off ? Will their credit score be screwed ? Would EON walk away from the UK market ?

          I don’t know what the answer to those questions are . How much can The State intervene to subsidise those without the resources to pay for what they use ?

          Mind you is people cut back on fuel usage the BBC will be pleased because it will help save their planet eh?


  35. Thoughtful says:

    Defintely worth a watch about how insane climate change policies are about to murder millions of people:


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Thank you, just reminded me, I need to empty all that wood ash (from burning broken up pallets, to reduce our gas consumption a couple of months ago) out of the fireplace and onto the compost heap. Nothing like a bit of wood, or coal ash to get the veg growing. The wife has been nagging, but… well, meh, she’s always nagging, doing my bit to prove the eco-nutters wrong though, now that IS motivation.

      IF we don’t take the hint and start ensuring self-sufficiency (or as near as we can now achieve) in all kinds of areas (energy, food, manufacturing etc…) then we’re setting ourselves up to fail.


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Two favoured BBC sports types – a driver and a golf person have nt done too well in their respective sports today – .. and in the footy – maybe today – final day – we will suffer the vile knee taking for the last time ….although they seem collectively too thick to realise it was a Big Con ..


  37. Fedup2 says:

    Not being an enthusiast for ‘royal pageants I won’t be a customer of the coming celebration thing . However I read that the BBC is concerned that their coverage hits the right pitch unlike the last time – with the boat thing and gobsh@t presenters ( there was no better word ) …

    … no doubt they’ll have a bit of ethnic oil barrel drum bands and the like to sell that ‘all in it together ‘ propaganda lie ….


  38. Thoughtful says:

    Here is an ordinary American woman telling her truth like it is. Not the sharpest tool in the box, and she rambles on quite a bit, but it will give you an idea as to how ordinary Americans are thinking right now and how they view their future – there appears to be a great deal of anger and anxiety about the future, something you don’t hear a lot about on the news.


    • Up2snuff says:

      T, the US gallon is smaller than the EU-banned UK alternative.


      • Thoughtful says:

        Yes but the video is a long ramble about the state of America in general and the people who she calls “those in charge”.

        A US gallon is 3.79 litres If they were buying diesel at the price it currently is in the UK then they would be paying $8.15 a gallon and that would shock them!

        The point of the video is the anger building in the people of America, the ordinary folk who are living with this, not the slick TV presenters who don’t convey that at all.

        It’s not about the price of fuel, she covers loads of topics including foreign aid education and much much more.
        She’s pissed at “those in charge” trying to blame people like her for the state of the US economy.

        She gives an insight into the mindset of ordinary Americans the media just doesn’t give, there’s no profound information in this, just her own personal views, which is what I thought made it worth posting.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder if she knows she’s already voted for Biden / Obama in the next election ?


  39. Fedup2 says:

    It’s not the BBC – but Liverpool fc fail to win the footy title – I see it as revenge for booing the national anthem – now lose the champions league thing next week – who will they blame ?


    • Foscari says:

      Fedup -I am afraid that Liverpool have quite a few supporters
      who at the very least have sympathy for let’s say mildly,
      certain gentlemen from across the Irish Sea . And they aint


  40. Guest Who says:

    Kirstie is, frankly, a worry.


  41. Guest Who says:

    This might benefit from fact checking.

    Not by anyone in W1A running desperate #prasnews


    • Fedup2 says:

      Brilliant – lol – but should have made it ‘hull international ‘__


    • Thoughtful says:

      Could have been worse, it could have read Stanstead, and for those who don’t know, Stanstead is the UKs designated airport where hijacks aircraft are diverted to.


  42. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    Social media: Did the pandemic poison online politics?

    One of the best articles I’ve read on the BBC website in… a decade, or so, I guess, evidence the BBC is finally developing a sense of self awareness?!

    “”We really need to remember that [online] doesn’t represent the mass public,” says Rasmus Nielsen, Director of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

    In the UK, the number of people existing solely in just tiny political echo chambers online are “not nothing, but the figures are smaller than you might think”.

    The estimate, he says, “is that 5% of UK internet users are in a left wing echo chamber, and 2% in a right wing echo chamber,” but he says this has to be put in the context that “26% of internet users in the UK have not accessed any online news at all in the past week”.”

    Many of those 5% seem to infest BBC HYS, at least if there is any chance to bash: Boris, the Tories, Brexit, or Trump.


  43. Zephir says:

    Does this NHS enrichment never end ?

    Pharmacist who sold codeine painkillers to drug dealer to flood streets of London with £250,000 worth of ‘Lean’ opioid drink is jailed for two years

    Shamil Amin, 34, began illegally selling pharmaceuticals to Daniel Tillyard, 26



  44. harry142857 says:

    Scientists have discovered how monkeypox is being spread in the UK.

    Apparently it can survive for up to 48 hours on knife handles.


  45. StewGreen says:

    Saturday’s BBC local news

    Context : they have spent the last week making out that the idea of a statue of Margaret Thatcher in her own town is “CONTROVERSIAL”
    Today : “There are calls for a statue to one Blenkinsopp one of the Hull Headscarf women who fought for fishing boat safety”
    What does that mean ? Well of course their mates in Labour Party are the ones calling
    And ure enough we get a clip of Emma Hardy the Hull Labour MP

    As ever I think one should honour the whole team
    so a statue of a group of women might be better

    Item #2 Local Ukrainian refugees, 300 o far in Lincolnshire

    #3 Lincoln canoe club removed pennywort weed from the river.


  46. StewGreen says:

    The Start The Week Thread is already up
    .. but since my topic is Countryfile I’ll put the post here
    Item #1 “this Welsh Rugby club is doing a special Mental Health awareness programme”
    … that is not particularly a countryside issue

    Item #3 Tom Heap on Gene Editing .. Heap kept making grand claim about Climate Change
    .. A certainty beyond available evidence
    ..eg saying therre bound to be less food
    … err actually food grows better in hotter places

    Item #5 Mental Health of farmers

    Now we have an item about foraging
    The woman is pointing out the plants and why people brought them in , in historic times
    Times of the lime miners, the Romans etc.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – I think I can beat you – one of the rags is saying something like 700 000 under 18s get or need ‘mental health help ‘. – I did a quick look to see how many under is there are in the Uk and it’s about 8 million ….

      …. So they are claiming nearly 1 in 10 have ‘issues ‘ so bad as to need help ….

      Well here are Fedup ‘s wellness tips ….

      1 get out in the fresh air / nature more
      2 get off the phone
      3 get off the internet
      4 don’t try any drugs because everyone else is
      5 goes around comes around
      6 avoid the news and the BBC
      7 nothing stays the same


    • StewGreen says:

      Now the weatherman Nick Miller is doing Global Warming preaching by pushing Met Office Climate PR
      “Did you know this week the Met Office said this about OUR WARMING CLIMATE
      the first 25C of the year used to be May19th 1961-1991
      but then 91-2020 it was May 6th
      Isn’t that scary ?”

      His first time period is 31 years, his second is 30

      “Now this year it was Tuesday at Heathrow”
      #1 A jet filled airport, you nutter
      #2 Tuesday was May 19th
      So why is it news that this year is the same as the old average
      He said “well the weather does vary a lot from one year to the next”
      #3 Allowing the first 25C in any part of the country is a huge cheat 2
      #4 Of course you’ll get more 25C days these days , cos you have more sampling sites
      #5 2 blocks of 30 year is a small sample compared to the 6 billion years of the Earth

      “but this coming week the temperature is distinctly average
      mainly 13-19C


      Item 7 Grannies putting knitting on street furniture ..seats and bollards etc.

      Item #1 was 10 minutes long, Tom Heap’ was 11 mins
      Item #3 was a woman who left city to b a specialist pig farmer to make salami ..6 mins
      Item #4 Adrian Chiles at Box Hill with the National Trust 7 mins
      Item #5 Farmer’s mental health 8mins
      Foraging 7 mins
      knitting 5 mins


      • StewGreen says:

        Countryfile’s narrative
        is that life in the countryside is lonely and drives you crazy
        … unless you are an organic dreamer farmer, or a hippy artist/forager etc.


  47. Zephir says:

    So the NHS needs more money for sexually transmitted monkey pox.

    I just cannot wait for the headline, so I’ll write it myself:

    “Clap for the STD staff please”