Start the Week 18 July 2022

Welcome to the Great British Summer – Aka a level 1 climate emergency .the site as part of the public service – recommends the following in the warm weather
1 – take every thing with a pinch of salt
2. Avoid increasing blood pressure through exposure to strong BBC bias
3 Always wear a grimace when hearing BBC wokery
4 Drink plenty in warm weather – ensure it is alcoholic to blur the dismal anti British BBC output
5 ensure there is always someone else to blame
6 avoid unapproved subjects between 11am and 3pm
7 turn off unnecessary appliances – such as the BBC
8 tidy up your spending – such as cancelling TVL DD s
9 limit exposure to the BBC particularly at most woke times – eg News and QT
10 pray for the right sort of culture secretary / rain ….

Midweek 13 July 2022

Be in no doubt that as the BBC bury the Report on mass child sexual abuse in Telford their fight with the British Military will be pushed on . Some people ask what evidence of anti British Bias is there ? Well the 2 issues above help answer that question. Dump your TV licence – end your Direct Debit .
The site has been playing up from time to time recently – lets hope it gets cured .