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  1. Thoughtful says:

    whooo hoo !


  2. Up2snuff says:

    Cannot remember now whether it was TOADY or TWatO, think the latter. Some ‘group’ has reported on the conditions in which illegal immigrants are being detained and stated that it was unsatisfactory. If you cannot be bothered to obtain a legal visa, then I would have thought you would have surrendered your right to enjoy anything like a Five Star, Four Star, Three Star, Two Star or even a One Star Hotel.

    In a now famous saying: “Thems the breaks.”

    It became apparent during Ed Stourton’s interview with this body’s representative, that the now famous Home Office is dragging its feet somewhat at readying the Detention, sorry, I mean Reception Centre on Manston Aerodrome where someone wants to build lots of new houses.

    I wonder why?


    • Thoughtful says:

      Neither can Joe Biden


    • Fedup2 says:

      It was HM inspector of prisons – who some idiot decided should be able to inspect fraudulent asylum seekers dwellings –
      I think it’s time to just make the swim back to France ….


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, yes, I just couldn’t remember when posting. Trouble is when you have so many regulators and Inspectors and non-Governmental organisations they all jostle for a place in the media limelight at our expense.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Their enthusiasm for these criminals was quite something … compared to the unspoken views of the British ( taxpaying ) population . …best we can hope for is sharks


          • Up2snuff says:

            Fed, there have been welcome signs recently that ‘the authorities’ are starting to wake up. At the end of June or the beginning of this month there was a big operation in Germany and elsewhere in the EU, with many arrests. Then if I recall correctly just this last week there were four, I think, arrested in London for trafficking. The Security Agencies and the Police, not just in the UK but worldwide, need to keep going after this scourge.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Propaganda for the gullible . After the ‘major arrests’ they crowed about seeing an immediate reduction in invasions – made no difference at all …

              And I’m sure someone in the ‘ rescue community ‘ trousered a ‘gift’ …

              … I presume on gang grassed another and now has a bigger market share . Time to get brutal . Time to breed sharks .

              If the British state wanted to do something about it – it could apply the same world beating method it used to story paki Muslim Paedo racist rape gangs operating in northern cities all those years ago …
              Er .. is there a flaw in my view ?


  3. Thoughtful says:

    Dianne Abbot was interviewed recently , and the interviewer said “Dianne, some people say your maths isn’t very good, could you tell us what 3 time three is”

    274 says Ms Abbot
    Would you like another try says the interviewer
    Tuesday she replies
    Now that’s not quite right Dianne have another go
    9 she finally replies

    Wow Dianne fantastic you proved all your critics wrong, how did you finally get to the answer?

    Well says Dianne, everyone knows 274 minus Tuesday equals 9 !


    • Eddy Booth says:

      For goodness sake, don’t mention Diane Abbot, you’ll set Mark off..


  4. digg says:

    Whoever wins the tory debacle we will be back in the EU clutches within 2 years in my opinion.

    The nasty mob have won. The UK population are too blasé to object now.

    Heads you lose tails you lose.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Agree. There are lots of comments in the press that Mordaunt is a ‘friend’ of Bill Gates and hence the WEF . If these are true then I think we will certainly be totally compliant with the WEF plan for a New Liberal Order where democracy is reduced to us being able to confirm that we love our WEF nominees every few years.


      • Deborah says:

        I know. Kemi came from nowhere, but so has Penny. Either Penny is for Rishi as Andrea Ledsom was fror Mrs May, (ie pushed forward but so obviously not a leader) or it is Penny’s links to Gates re climate which suggests things going on in the background. Either makes me deeply uncomfortable. I have a vote in this appointment and Kemi is the only one I like. I don’t like Rishi as he walks around as though the job is his and his obvious part in Boris’s downfall (I know Boris was doing plenty on his own).

        GB news had a magician on who has left his prediction of the outcome with Patrick and he said it would be between Richi and Liz. If that is correct, my vote will go to Liz, but not exactly with hope in my heart.


        • tarien says:

          Kemi is not of this nation, she is of another origin and therefore should not lead this nation. Frankly the candidates are not a very inspiring lot how could they be, nevertheless I would want to see a Primie Miniter who is white and of this nation.


          • Fred Stubber says:

            I don’t give a damn about the colour of a person’s skin, but I do care about their cultural hinterland.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Sunak – foreign non Dom cash – the army bloke married to the EU – mordant ‘woke ‘ alien – truss – a grim lifeless Liberal Democrat – sorry bunch really ….

            .. bland lines about – what ? And another dose on ITV tonight …-


  5. digg says:

    whoever wins the tory debacle we will be back in the EU clutches within 2 years in my opinion.

    The nasty bastards have won and will see the UK become a vassal state to appease their EU masters.

    At which point the EU zombies will enact laws to ensure this never happens again.

    The BBC of course will be cock a hoop over seeing this country become nothing more than a region of the EU.


  6. Eddy Booth says:

    Heatwave: National emergency declared after UK’s first red extreme heat warning


    “On the roads, gritters are planning to spread sand to reduce melting, and the RAC has warned more drivers will need help as cars overheat.”

    Err how’s that work then?

    Guess there’s to be checkpoints around the red zone, to make there’s no unnecessary journeys, people are carrying at least a litre of water per 100 pounds of flesh and swabing everyone for suncream compliance.
    It’s for our own good.


    • digg says:

      Wait until this gets buried when we get drowned in the next downpour. At which point the BBC will forget it ever happened.

      Its what they do!


    • Wild Bill says:

      Funny how hot countries like Spain, Portugal etc manage isnt it?


  7. pugnazious says:

    Where does the BBC go from here?…..

    ‘No new probe into SAS claims, defence chief says’


    ‘Adm Sir Tony Radakin said two independent police investigations had found “that did not happen….If the BBC has found fresh evidence, we’ve been clear in saying ‘can we see that evidence?’ and then we will look at that again.””.’

    The BBC will of course not let it rest….lol…

    ‘The BBC said it would engage with the military police and considers all requests for un-broadcast material in accordance with its editorial guidelines.’

    I imagine the Panorama team sat there waiting expectantly for the phone to ring with self-important pious smuggery all round.

    Will there be any requests? Not from the MOD it seems….and gotta laugh at….’in accordance with its editorial guidelines’…since when does the BBC ever follow those?…and in particular with this story in which it presents conjecture, supposition and prejudiced interpretation as fact.

    The BBC then tries to bolster its case by listing all those whom it implies back an inquiry…

    ‘Gen Sir David Richards, former chief of the defence staff, said “Given the compelling nature of the programme, if I was still chief of the defence staff I would order a thorough investigation of the events portrayed.

    “I have no doubt that Admiral Radakin, the current chief of the defence staff, will do this.”

    On Tuesday, Armed Forces Minister James Heappey told the Commons Defence Select Committee that if there was new evidence of offences “we will absolutely investigate it”.

    Separately, a cross-party group of MPs and peers have signed a joint statement calling for a robust and independent inquiry…’

    Hmmm…I doubt the General had even watched the programme and was merely reacting to what the BBC told him….I very, very much doubt he would find it ‘compelling’ evidence.

    Heappey similarly probably hasn’t watched it and doesn’t actually ask for an inquiry…though should new evidence, compelling no doubt, arise then there would be an investigation.

    As for ‘a cross-party group of MPs and peers’…who they? You usually have to despair when you see that phrase….it’s the usual suspects of wet lettuces and hard of thinking….again which of them watched the programme or indeed have any knowledge or experience of war in Afghanistan?

    This is the BBC now reporting on itself and campaigning on behalf of itself. A shame so many of the supposed Great and Good allow themselves to be conned into giving this dangerous deceit any semblance of backing and credibility at all.

    As I’ve mentioned before you can guarantee this BBC tissue of lies has already been cut and pasted into Islamist videos on the web and is right now feeding into the anger and violence directed at the West.


  8. Kaiser says:


    • pugnazious says:

      Last year I heard a BBC northern journo say he’d been astonished that the police weren’t doing anything….my thought was ‘Well why didn’t you report it?….the police would then have been forced to do something.’

      I guess this answers that…the BBC journo spiked the story in the interests of community relations [and damn the white girls being raped and abused] and then shelved it completely until others forced it into the open.


      • Fedup2 says:

        That email to the now labour mp was NINE years ago – no mention of Fahy there – the CC at the time and now a regular plod mouth £ in retirement …. Sleep well mr Fahy ?


  9. digg says:

    No doubt monbiot and harrabin are creaming their knickers over the fact that summer has hit the UK lets see what happens when it all turns to rain as often happens in this country after a seasonal heatwave.


  10. StewGreen says:

    The BBC school bully gang
    #1 use licence payer £s to make Climate propaganda videos
    then they give it away on YouTube

    #2 ..when 15 comments are made, 9 are hidden

    Climate change on trial – BBC World Service 14 Jul 2022
    Nick Beake travels to Norway to meet the young people taking on their government in an attempt to prevent further drilling for oil and gas



  11. Sluff says:

    BBC fail to join inconvenient dots.

    Taking advantage of the hot weather forecast next week to cream their pants ( thank you Digg above) on ‘the global warming crisis’, a news programme today showed a graph suggesting that from about 1980 average maximum temperatures have escaped the long standing variability window and got progressively hotter.

    What they didn’t show is that UK CO2 emissions have been in decline since 1970 and are now about half what they were then. In China they have gone up 380%. India is nearly as bad, as are Korea and Brazil and many other countries.

    Which exposes the UK eco-lunatics climate self-flagellation, so beloved by the BBC, for the ineffective posturing virtue-signalling Marxist tosh that it is.

    BTW good to hear Kemi Badenoch inject some common sense into the green nonsense. More please.


  12. Nibor says:

    Bit of talk from some of the contenders for the PM job about not saddling future generations with a state debt for jam today etc .
    What about saddling future generations with an overcrowded island due to illegal immigration?


    • taffman says:

      You just could not make it up, a British Government allowing the nation to be invaded by literally thousands of young men of fighting age and not doing anything about it!
      What is more, they are insulting the native people of these islands by putting the invaders in hotels at our expense.
      The only excuse our weak and wet, so called Tory government use is that we can’t stop them by force as it may risk their lives . Well, I have news for our government – the invaders don’t care about their lives but we the people of Britain care about our lives!
      We need a new government that is not Tory before its too late.


  13. StewGreen says:

    Checking on the Belfield testimony The Wednesday afternoon transcript seems explosive against Vine

    Wednesday in the morning the prosecution questioned Jeremy Vine
    and the near identical accounts that appeared very quickly in the press were so favourable to Vine, it’s like the BBC PR dept carefully scripted them.

    Belfield’s own account did raise one issue
    He’s always said the £1,000 taken from BBC accounts was immoral and that that his friend who the memorial service was about also felt strongly about such things.
    He usually says the money was stolen from the license payers, the BBC stole that money by giving it to a charity is supports rather than put it back in the BBC bank, not that Jeremy Vine put it in his own pocket.
    However in one video he does say Vine stole this money.. I guess he meant firstly to say that Vine represents the BBC who actually stole the money from the licence payer by giving it away.
    Vine said in court that BBC allocated £1000 for the memorial event, but in fact Global Radio had covered the cost and he himself had put in £500 so it’s not like he benefitted from free drinks.

    Now in the afternoon Belfield questioned Vine
    This doesn’t seem to be so widely reported in the press
    .. #1 Vine was unable to explain how the video presented in court, had come about ,
    how the video came to be edited from 4 different videos.
    He’d at first denied it was, and then admitted it was obvious it was.

    #2 Vine was shown to be following 13 Twitter accounts whose purpose is to troll against Belfield
    .. some had sweary names like Bell-end
    He seemed to contradict himself

    #3 He’d testified that “EVERYTHING Belfield says is a lie”.. then admitted that wasn’t true
    He said in the videos Belfield had given Vine’s salary accurately, but also said Belfield was being deceptive cos it was not the latest data
    Belfield answered back, yes there was later data it was published yesterday AFTER this court case started.

    #4 Vine was unable to substantiate his claim that Belfield’s Go Fund Me had been taken down by the police
    He wasn’t able to explain why this claim is not in the police records
    He then seemed to accept that Belfield had actually stopped the Gofundme himself

    #5 Vine admitted retweeting a tweet to his 700K followers that spread a story about Belfield
    A story that the original promoter had already withdrawn and apologised for at the time.

    #6 Vine kept insisting Belfield used sock puppet accounts from his home he named the accounts
    but was unable to explain how the police had raided Belfield and seized his devices 3 times yet had not found evidence of such accounts.

    So far it looks like Vine has been trapped in the web of the anti-Belfield trolls and has actually been joining them spreading HATE towards Belfield.

    Belfield brought up the issue of the tweet that Vine said made him cry cos it was about his father.
    Vine admitted that it was not sent by Belfield
    That is a vulnerable point though, the case is not that Belfield sent the tweet, but rather he may have incited others to send such stuff. Stalking by proxy.


    • StewGreen says:

      It goes on even more I could write another 6 paragraphs
      but crucially Vine has just admitted that he did hand over the £1,000 cheque
      .. https://youtu.be/xTSgV2D7gEU
      Belfield argues that giving away BBC money to charity is against BBC rules.
      Vine’s answer is “I don’t know what the rules are” that he doesn’t believe the BBC should have that policy.

      Belfield brought up the fact that the memorial party was to a guy who wrote a report on Waste At BBC Radio2

      Belfield brought up the fact that the BBC FOI said part of the money was used to fund alcohol for the party that 6 people from the bbc benefited from.

      I still expect the court to twist reality around and make Vine a hero.

      BBC paid for security cameras at his house
      He chose to give 2 away to neighbours.

      Despite Vine saying he is terrified of Belfield and his supporters, Vine tweeted a video featuring his own front door.


      • StewGreen says:

        darn I missed the word “partially”
        ‘money was partially used to fund alcohol’


    • Doublethinker says:

      In my garden we had a bad attack of the Vine Weevil , I hope Jeremy gets a serious dose.


  14. BRISSLES says:

    Its a paradox that “these poor migrants …… etc etc” that cross the channel have the cash to pay thousands to get here, so hardly bloody poor, but of course that’s never mentioned.

    Like someone said on here said about those arriving decades ago with only a pound/fiver in their pocket “nobody checks the suitcases”. They may dispose of their phones into the sea, but surely once they get a new one here, they are still able to access their bank accounts. Even the secret services don’t have the time or manpower to monitor the phones of the 30 odd thousand illegals that are already here.


    • JohnC says:

      The thing which really gets my goat is that these people have friends here and know exactly what they are entitled to. So some of them get off the boat then start demanding they be taken to their accomodation.

      Those should be tagged for immediate transportation to Rwanda.


    • tarien says:

      As has been said, Not one mention of immigration so far by any Candidate for the title of Prime Minister. Shall we keep Boris in place for the foreseeable future?


  15. Scroblene says:

    Just a thought, but has any BBC journo looked at the timing of Sunak’s family’s non-dom revelations and alleged tax avoidance, and the probable start of his campaign film – or whatever – to try and get Boris’s job?

    Seems about the same to me, so who tipped off who? Others may know more!


  16. JohnC says:

    Ivana Trump died of blunt impact injuries to torso – NYC medical examiner

    A sign of just how low-grade tabloid the BBC has become.

    She fell down the stairs.

    I wonder if they are trying to make our subconscious link it to Donald. I would not put anything at all past them and what tricks they would use for their agenda.


  17. AsISeeIt says:

    Britain more daunted, opposition left irrelevant edition

    A cursory review of our national press headlines this morning would leave you with the impression we’ve never witnessed sunshine before. Cue the jokey tabloid Daily Star which in its own inimitable style is explicit about the prevailing underlying agenda: Global waming to bring great whites to Britain… as weather boffs warn of 41C record breaker… Deadly great white sharks could soon be overtaking psycho seagulls as apex predators at the seaside. Thanks a lot global warming.

    Not that we’ve actually seen many great whites turning up at our British beaches lately – mostly it’s fighting age chaps of various shades of brown being escorted ashore by our authorities.

    “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” said Roy Scheider in Jaws [1975] Or as Border Force will shortly no doubt be demanding of our new Home Secretary – whoever that may be.

    The Star’s matchless masthead thought for the day is: And you thought seagulls were the biggest menace at the beach?

    Meanwhile the tabloid dips it’s toe into the murky realm of the cryptozoological with: All you ever needed to know about werewolves.

    Forget any notion of humour, take that tongue out of the journalistic cheek, there’s no sniggering allowed as we turn in full earnestness to the Guardian: Thousands may die as record heat highs expected.

    As the old gag tells us – we knew our granny had a premonition she might succumb to spontaneous combustion – that was when she wrote her Will on a piece of tin foil.

    Perhaps from the Guardian perspective Tories are made both mad and bad because of the hot weather? No 10 rivals clash in ill-tempered debate. Tory leadership candidates argue over tax and trust, with none willing to say that Boris Johnson is honest.

    One is to assume therefore that leftist debate is invariably conducted as a kinder good-mannered thing, informed by science rather than opinion?

    Covid boosters for the over-50s in the autumn… as cases of Covid rise by almost 30% in a week in the UK (Guardian) – if that’s true we’re leaving it but late aren’t we?

    Seems the wonder jab is revealed to have little to no preventative aspect. Add to that the issue of the relative mildness of the virus where the otherwise healthly are concerned and we wonder has the government still not yet done a cost benefit analysis of their mass-vax policy? Or might that upset big pharma’s tame scientists, who would rush to fill our airwaves and column inches with alarms – at the loss of pharma’s crony contracts?

    The left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper is likewise loving every minute of the inter-Tory battles: Tories fear lasting damage from bitter leadership contest – except no one is talking about Labour. The opposition is left irrelevant. One recalls the John Major bounce post the Maggie ousting acrimony.

    One does enjoy the bare-faced contradictory juxtaposition of frontpage headline and features in the ‘i’ today – it’s almost as though they don’t really believe their own alarming: Take cover: 40C red alert in UK; Summer pubs 40 of Britain’s best beer gardens; UK camping late breaks from £15 per night; Emma Barnett relationship tips for hot weather

    Just me, or is there some finality, some fatalistic acceptance of inevitable decline – literally something of the night – implied in the name Mordaunt as prime minister? Britain more daunted? The name certainly has the smack of Tolkienesque evil about it.

    Will we perhaps be obliged to rejoin the EU with their strict acceptance of Euros and Cents rule under Penny Mordaunt? Remember John Major’s devaluation? Pound to a penny, it would make a nice headline.


    • micknotmike says:

      There’s a non-too-subtle wording on the bbc front page too :-
      “All over-50s to get an Autumn covid booster”
      Got it, so it’s compulsory then?


      • tomo says:


        I saw that

        – the inference of compulsion was clearly there – slyly changing the headline to the main article on a click through.

        Not been stealth edited yet it seems


        • JohnC says:

          They do that a LOT tomo.

          The main headline is always the most misleading, agenda oritentated one which suddenly switches to something a bit more truthful in the article.

          I have presumed it’s because the article page is archived and it’s what the fact/bias checkers will see. The biggest lie in the headlines disappears and is then untraceable.

          One of the ‘unbiased’ BBC’s ways to lie to you and get away with it.


          • Guest Who says:

            They justify it using ‘evolving the story’.

            I am staying on the SAS one which ran two headlines parallel; both journalistic career enders.

            Or would be, but for bbc ‘exemptions’ for the purposes of unaccountable propaganda.


          • tomo says:

            “a bit more truthful”?

            The poop ‘n scoot tactic is something that permeates the BBC’s domestic output.

            I noticed some years ago that pooping + scooting was used with BBC regional magazine progs where a nationally sanctioned story was pushed out to the tea-time local shows across the land.

            I got into a minor habit of pulling them off iPlayer – now, they are cautious about leaving evidence lying(!) around and the local progs wink out of existence after 24 hours…


            • Scroblene says:

              Absolutely, and the Bashir ‘poop’ has been the longest in the history of the universe, including the new one that some Yank oik has managed to photoshop for Obambinton with the help of his Dan Dare Annual…

              Mailtis is the second longest ‘poop’.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ok – so it might be very warm – let’s play predict the headline –

      Sharks in the Channel
      Dinghy attacked by shark
      Dog in car dies from heat
      Teen drown in river / quarry / Thames
      Park fury
      Rape in park
      Egg fried on pavement
      Shops run out of – fill in gap
      Fraud sunscreen
      Charity demands sun help
      Air con con
      Air con boom
      Never seen anything like it
      Air to hot to fly
      Carnage at airports
      Something about zoos
      Love island celeb in crash
      Water shortages
      Vulnerable need more help
      Shade to be taxed
      Something melts
      Heat kills thousands
      PM lies about heat


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        In the good old days all we got was:

        ‘Phew, what a scorcher’


    • tarien says:

      Read her history-might surprise you, certainly she has more to offer this nation than that Sunak individual-I think Penny Mordaunt would make a good Prime Minister, why? Because she will bring a no nonsence toughness to the position-at least she will make certain that Women and Men’s loos are quite seperate.


      • Guest Who says:

        Kev Maguire moonlighting as a BBC sub?



      • Scroblene says:

        Interesting point made by a caller on LBC this morning, where he eloquently mentioned that the lgbthfertyui& ‘non’ story is getting far too much headline space, but only affects a small minority of the UK population, and I think he’s right.

        I don’t give a stuff about what they get cut off, sewn on etc., it has nothing to do with me and I guess most of the normal citizens on this site, and there are far more important issues to address like not having enough money or the cost of petrol! But the BBC, Sky and ITV and leftie MSM still bang on endlessly about such an insignificant issue!


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Heat is good /bad says boffin
    Starmer – give out free stuff
    Labour – tax heat sez growler
    Sun is racist sez Lammy
    Corbyn -Ban summers
    Putin starts climate war


  19. Guest Who says:

    Most of the BBC are buying AEG cookers in Germany or organic lumps of coal in Sri Lanka.


  20. theisland says:

    Mark Steyn’s Q&A audio recording from last night can be downloaded here.

    All very good as usual and with entertaining musical intervals.
    If you don’t have the whole hour to spare listen from 54:00 onwards where he states facts about Muslim rape gangs etc.
    Thank you Mark.


  21. pugnazious says:

    BBC weather today….It will be dangerous and thousands will die!’ #duetoclimatechange….oh…and government negligence in not ensuring the infrastructure can cope!…having slashed spending since 2010.


  22. Guest Who says:

    Great. More BBC football commentators getting hired.


  23. Guest Who says:

    Awful. Tragic. Very BBC.


  24. Guest Who says:


    Remember when BBC staff went on strike, nobody cared but market rate management caved anyway?


    • tarien says:

      Well I did learn that a driver of a Tube train earns around £ 64K a year, I’ll have his job as no doubt thousands would at that salary, and they want to strike for more! Incomprehensible-they and their colleagues should consider how many people are having to use Food Banks and be very thankful that they are paid such an amount.


  25. brexiteerkent says:

    BBC local ( Kent ) news at 9am re conservative leadership contest :

    ” He has problems because of this, she has issues because of that, there are many doubts about him because of the other ” ..

    Maybe so, but If it were a labour contest would it be ” He promises to do this, her best point is that, his best point is the other ”
    The unbiased BBC as ever ..


    • Guest Who says:


      #politicsoftheleastbad 101.

      Whoever ditches the state media gets my vote.

      And whoever agreed to appear on these idiot what a beauty parades is suspect.

      All they exist for is ratings, ego boosts for overpaid morons, heat, no light and selective ‘quotes’.


  26. Fedup2 says:

    Been thinking about the next blue labour leader – but in terms of the membership – the worst case is a choice to two bad uns – let’s say sunak and mordent – but I still think the like of ‘safe hands ‘ like truss will play big .

    Obviously the token white guy remainer might have gone well wrapping himself in khaki all the time but he is toast ….

    The assault of the Conservative party membership will ramp up at the BBC and wouldn’t be surprised if the names and addresses land up leaked …..


    • tarien says:

      Difficult for me to understand as to why shuch support of Sunak, an idividual who apart from his political career is of Indian origin and therefore not of this nation, and will never be so, as such he should never be considered for PM. We might now be called (not by me) a multicultuaral society, however such a development will never work, as one culture fights against another. Indigenous white folk, following Christian values are still just about a majority, therefore we should expect an indigenous white person to be the next Prime Miniter.


  27. pugnazious says:

    Fascinating BBC take on the debate….what they emphasise and what they miss out.

    They love Tugenhadt and his claim that Boris is dishonest…but then what politician isn’t? So the question by leftie C4 Krishnan Guru-Murthy who might be upset about Boris wanting to sell off C4[amongst other things] was itself dishonest…not least because we know journalists are one of the least honest professions….hence the need for this blog and so many others like it.

    Curiously Today didn’t mention this from The Telegraph:

    ‘Channel 4 was accused of bias by Conservative MPs on Friday night after it hosted the first leadership debate.

    “Candidates can barely get a word in with this biased woke presenter in this debate,” said Scott Benton, the MP for the ‘Red Wall’ constituency of Blackpool South.

    “Why give left-wing Channel 4 the first leadership debate?”‘

    So many journos love the sound of their own voices….Robinson instantly springs to mind…and of course Beth Rigby as shown recently as she harangued Sunak with the world’s longest question.

    The BBC also managed to miss out any of the meat about Mordaunt and trans…they mention Kemi raised the issue but we got no clip of her saying it…the BBC not wanting to let us know that ‘trans’ is actually an issue, not wanting to give critics a platform and credibility….shhhh…just don’t mention there might be a problem and we can keep on under the radar as we ‘trans’form society.

    We do get many, many mentions of Sunak apparently trashing Truss about tax cuts and borrowing…now that’s a turnaround from the Big Borrowing Corporation whose answer to everything was to demand the government borrow, borrow, borrow…but not now…Rishi is the new hero…austerity the new black…Truss’, seemingly sensible, plan for long term borrowing ala WW2 to pay for one-off dire emergency, is just a ‘fairytale’ as the BBC repeatedly stated quoting Rishi but failing to mention he borrowed hundreds of billions during the pandemic….odd huh?

    Odd how Truss wants to dump the NI hike, something the BBC has campaigned for itself, and yet she is now apparently daft….curious how there could be a completely different take on the debate….the BBC thinks Truss was trounced but the Mail thinks that’s just a fairytale…

    ‘Truss lays into Rishi on tax rises: Leadership hopefuls clash over cost of living as Sunak’s Tory rivals vow to spike the hike in the first of three TV debates’

    The BBC’s, or at least Today’s, take on the debate was decidedly partisan and favoured certain candidates….who’s dishonest now then?


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      It looks like Truss is the bbbc’s least favourite which means she will be the best of the bunch.
      Anyone recommended or supported by the bbbc should have a big red flag warning.
      Remainer Tom “I was in the Army” Tugenhat is being praised for saying Boris is untrustworthy or whatever the question was.
      To me, all politicians are untrustworthy, it’s a given and you just vote for who you can put up with, the least worst.
      A couple of exceptions of course, Frosty and Redwood come to mind plus I’d vote for Farage, Tice and some of the smaller parties.
      It’s a pity we haven’t got the great Anne Widdecombe. She is a giant compared to these feeble five offerings.


      • zxcvbnm says:

        never seen or heard Tommy Tugenhadt before – thought he was the worst of the bunch


        • Fedup2 says:

          Entitled – EU lover – connected – slimy – the worse type of ‘military ‘ …. Bet he as a French passport and a Blighty one … lives in France ? Rather have the entertaining coloured girl than him ….

          Think Liz truss ain’t well …


  28. tomo says:

    The BBC has been thoroughly complicit in the cover up of Joe Biden’s dementia.

    I suspect that few here will be surprised about that statement – now, when the matter is undeniable let’s see how they handle that FACT.

    – there are some statements from US TV talking heads in there that might cause the unwary to explosively expel any drinks or food at the screen / keyboard.


    • pugnazious says:

      Yep Tomo…if it were Trump the BBC would be making a huge song and dance about things…including any medical/mental issue…they weren’t above claiming Trump was mentally ill when it suited them

      ‘Trump’s mental health and why people are discussing it….It is a question that has dogged Donald Trump – fairly or otherwise – since he was elected president: is he mentally fit for office?’

      ….but Biden’s obvious failures they somehow brush under a very big carpet. Even ‘BBC thru and thru’ Andrew Neil notes….

      ‘As inflation soars above 9 per cent — the highest rate in 40 years — Biden’s job-approval ratings plummet to 33 per cent in the latest New York Times poll, the lowest in modern presidential history.

      Almost eight out of ten Americans think their country is moving in the wrong direction under Biden, and only 26 per cent of Democratic voters want him to run again. More than 90 per cent of Democrats under 30 want a new candidate in 2024.

      Republicans have been having a go at Biden’s age and declining faculties for ages. But now even America’s overwhelmingly Democratic-inclined media — hitherto lapdogs with laptops when it’s come to the Biden presidency — are making it an issue. Including the mighty New York Times.’

      The BBC included in that ‘Lapdogs with laptops’?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tucker nailing it as usual – Obama is behind all of this – maybe they’ll finally ‘off’ him


      • tomo says:

        BHO is going to be difficult to winkle out …

        His mates at Langley and in the US MSM have little option but to try and brass it out.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thanks Tomo – it’s good to see the truth sliding out – but bidens’ dementia cannot be recognised by the democrats . This is because people might ask -‘how long has he had it ?’ Did he have it during the election ? And the killer ‘was the election fixed .?’

      Now I admit to being wrong . I thought they’d dump ( kill) Biden in June 2021 because of his liability status – but Obama has kept the msm on board up to now – far longer than I bet he expected .
      But as the pressure grows ( money ) more and more people are gonna ask about Biden whether the democrats like it or not … maybe that’s when he has the fatal heart attack / massive stroke –
      And the mourning will cover the sins …


      • tomo says:

        The CIA / deep state have most all the US MSM either on the payroll or a very short leash.

        Given my own direct experience seeing dementia first hand in other people and being “close up” to the sad outcomes – it’s 50:50 sad slow slide or a series of episodes that randomly accumulate into a final one that sees them off…

        Biden was unequivocally mentally unfit before he was even formally selected. The succession ? phew! – not much to chose from there.

        Kamala is functionally (!?) not a million miles away from where Joe is heading – the procession of resignations from her staff hint that wiping VPOTUS’s bottom / cleaning up after her – isn’t a popular job.

        tbh – I have zero sympathy for the Bidens and even less for the cabal of scum that emplaced them in the White House. America needs to divert a river to sluice out this present Democrat Party.


  29. Guest Who says:

    ‘Promoted’ is when they are already desperate.

    Worth coming back to to see if they actually get anyone engaging.

    There may be more ‘experts’ than audience.


  30. R P McMurphy says:

    Whatever happens with the leadership battle for the Conservative party Labour will never gain any power for a long long time.

    On Sky news this morning a shadow finance minister was being interviewed. If ever there was an argument against appointments made by box ticking or tokenism then this person makes that rule. Could not answer any question put to her just generalisation and rhetoric. It may work in the echo chamber of her local constituency meetings but exposed to the real world will fail badly.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Nope, the electorate are grossly stupid, and they vote not for the other side but because they hate the side in government.

      IF Sunak is elected he will be ousted by a landslide at the next election regardless of competence. Later this year or early next will come the big crash and Sunak will be judged responsible for that.

      Not that it makes any difference because he can’t answer any of the big economic questions either, and to be honest, he’s far too close to Boris to be untainted.


  31. Guest Who says:

    Odd, the bbc usually likes ‘tensions’.


    Albeit of the ‘mostly peaceful’ kind.


  32. Thoughtful says:

    I vas not a Russian agent really , no!



  33. Guest Who says:

    ‘Do you like Brownies?’


    And she kept her job?


  34. pugnazious says:

    You can take Andrew Neil out of the BBC but not the BBC out of Andrew Neil…..

    ‘Democracy requires two things: a victor; and for the loser to recognise the victor. Trump has undermined this prerequisite by refusing to admit defeat in 2020.

    It is his most poisonous legacy to the American body politic.

    Trump has set the precedent.

    Imagine, this time, that Trump wins but only by a slither. The Left, aping Trump, would claim the election had been stolen. ‘

    Hmmmm…Neil, being an informed, intelligent journalist must surely know Clinton never, ever accepted she lost to Trump and has said many times that the election was ‘stolen’.

    Neil tells us America is in a dangerous crisis…polarised, divided and at war with itself….

    ‘ Things are so bad that America could be on the brink of a political crisis — perhaps even a constitutional crisis — of historic proportions….There is the risk of division and violence as bad as any since the American Civil War in the 1860s, undermining the very foundations of U.S. democracy.

    And it’s all largely down to one man: Donald Trump.

    What!? Really? It’s all Trump’s fault? Huh?!

    Trump won an election…the Democrat’s absolutely refused to accept the result and decided rather than ensure stable governance, a unified country and a nation at peace, to march on the seat of government in their very own insurrection using every means at their disposal, fair and foul….from collusion with an enemy state, Russia, to abusing procedure to try and impeach, to every dodgy legal means to tie the Presidency up, to smears and lies spread by a very willing and complicit media who whipped up the anger and sowed massive division and ultimately joined forces with terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa to bring violence and terror to towns and cities across America.

    Trump to blame? Hardly. He won…and the Democrats and their media lackeys launched a very uncivil war against him and America.

    This was an attempted coup but Neil doesn’t recognise it…it’s all Trump’s fault.



    • tomo says:

      Neil has lost many people who saw the naked truth of his near complete reliance on his production team.

      I’d hoped he knew when to shut his trap and wait – but apparently that was all scripted by his minions.

      As far as I’m concerned he now ranks below Piers Morgan


  35. pugnazious says:

    LOL….read this at Is the BBC biased?

    ‘It is part of my job to read the BBC annual report so you don’t have to. Once we’ve dealt with the astronomical salaries, other things swim into focus. Such as the fact that, of the corporation’s £1.78 billion TV budget, just £31 million is spent on the arts. There is no breakdown of the budget for science programming, but it is clearly a low priority. Search for the word “science” in the 280-page report and just a handful of mentions come up, almost all of them about the BBC’s commitment to Net Zero.’

    The BBC that uses ‘The Science’ to batter us into submission to change our whole way of life, our lifestyles, our comfort levels, for the worse, actually commits F-all to actual science.

    Hmmmm…well, that’s actually what we thought….there is little real science behind the green power grab that the BBC shills for….it’s just what they want to happen and they have the opportunity and position to bring it about.

    When you have an English graduate lecturing us as the BBC’s environmental expert and ironically denouncing critics for not being scientists[when in fact far more qualified than he is] so that he can close down debate and silence those critics and yet give a 16 year old girl a huge, uncritical platform to spout green gobblygook with absolutely no authority, credibility or ‘science’ herself you just know science is not the most important thing…faith is.

    Climate change is the new religion.


  36. tomo says:




    • Beltane says:

      I know it’s an unlikely suggestion but just suppose the experts and the doomsayers get it wrong and the temperatures hover around the mid 30s rather than the ‘possibility of 41 by Tuesday’ will the emergency be downgraded, or will those involved (that means you Justin, among others) issue an apology for such specious scaremongering?

      After all, temperatures hovered around the low to mid 30s for weeks on end in 1976 – but that was just weather in those days and Harrabin was unheard of.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        Beltane I think it could depend on whether the hot weather vaccines are ready yet.


  37. tomo says:

    It looks like the BBC really don’t like Kemi Badenoch

    The whole archly damning with faint praise thing is getting farcical.


  38. pugnazious says:

    The BBC has trivia stories like this….

    ‘Sunbeds: Underage teens allowed to use tanning salons’

    and ‘political’ stories like this…a feel good story for LGBTQ+++++…

    ‘Woman who had to adopt own child made legal parent’
    ‘Sarah Osborne, who was in a same sex relationship, was refused permission to be named as a parent on the birth certificate after a Cambridge registrar said “there could only be one mother”.

    The High Court has now revoked the adoption order and quashed the original birth certificate. ‘

    Buuuut….I was looking for this on the BBC news…couldn’t see any mention…could it be because it has negative connotations for trans and gender warriors? Surely this is a significant story…not least because it’s going on behind our backs without any discussion….from the Telegraph….

    ‘JK Rowling backs parents told disabled daughter did not have right to female-only care

    Harry Potter author warns that special school’s cross-gender policy on intimate assistance endangers ‘extremely vulnerable girls’

    The family of a disabled girl told she didn’t have the right to women-only care in the school toilets has been backed by JK Rowling.

    They had accused the school of putting their child at risk of assault in order to “celebrate staff diversity”.

    The parents of the 16-year-old, who is severely learning disabled, were informed by the school two years ago that it was replacing its “same-sex” intimate care policy with a “cross-gender” one. The change meant that male members of staff would be able to help with intimate care, such as in changing rooms, using the loo and managing menstruation.

    In a House of Lords debate on Thursday, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne said the incident at Helen’s school was “scandalous”.

    She said she understood that 50 per cent of local authorities had adopted the same position on intimate care and warned that “sexual assaults are happening”.’

    Hmmm…wasn’t so long ago the BBC was outraged at police officers strip searching a girl in school and made a huge song and dance about it…not least because, for some reason it’s significant, the girl was black…why that’s important I don’t know.

    Now…it’s apparently OK for males to have very intimate contact with young, very vulnerable girls in schools up and down the country as they do so to “celebrate staff diversity”…and the BBC’s outrage button doesn’t get pressed…wonder why?

    Oh yeah…much like Rochdale etc where BBC journalists preferred to protect the abusers and allow thousands of young white girls to be abused and raped rather than raise concerns about a certain ‘community’ or group.


  39. Terminal Moraine says:

    Covid brought a big shakeup in ‘health protection’. The heat alerts are coming from UKHSA — the agency set up within months of C19 hitting. UKHSA incorporates Public Health England, Test & Trace and newly-formed Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC). The £37bn budget for T&T is being used to build the infrastructure for future surveillance and analytics of everything, not just C19.

    Testing and biosecurity monitoring (and paying management consultants £3k/day) is replacing healthcare. Forget face to face appointments with your doctor… the future is getting text alerts to stay at home ‘to keep everyone safe’ while having to buy black market ice cream out the back of a van because you’ve exceeded your sugar ration for the year.



  40. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – the Met Office and Media are in Meltdown

    All because we are having – slightly belatedly – a bit of sunshine in summer! Before the 7 a.m. News Bulletin, the MetOffice weather girl, poor dear, was almost apoplectic with fear and warnings of this, that, and the other.


    • Scroblene says:

      Uppers…”this, that, and the other.”

      (Lady Constance voice…) ” And I’m not getting any of the ‘other’ either, and that’s why I’m in the studio so early…”!

      Tim Brooke-Taylor RIP…


      • Up2snuff says:

        Scrobie, coincidence or what but yesterday I was thinking of Grimbling. Tough job but somebody has to do it.

        Those were the days!

        Mind you Oddie has become a bit odious in some of his views and will not be as much missed as T B-T and Lyttle ‘Humph’. RIP indeed.


  41. theisland says:

    Last week’s Migration Watch UK email:

    Have you noticed the almost total radio silence on immigration from all of the Tory leadership candidates? Sure, we have heard a great deal about Rwanda, the Channel crisis and vague promises to leave the European Convention of Human Rights, which, even if it were to happen, is unlikely to be before the next Parliament. All the headlines and commentary about illegal immigration gloss over the much bigger story of mass immigration into Britain continuing on a seriously worrying scale with no sign of going down. The fact is in 2021 there were nearly 1 million long-term visa grants (See our research paper here and our summary here).  While, as we have already pointed out, the early census results have shown there was an increase of 3.5 million people in our population, over 80% of which was due to immigration – migrants and children born to them. And yet, the five aspiring Prime Ministers have studiously avoided the issue of immigration. Given that British voters have consistently voted for a reduction in the numbers and recent polls show 75% of voters think the government is handling immigration badly, it seems that the chasm between the elites and ordinary people is ever-widening. None of this will surprise our followers. There is still time of course to let those still in the race know what you think of their immigration avoidance tactics. 

    They are all far too terrified or being paid off.


  42. tomo says:

    London libmob terrified of asking this lady about immigration – I feel that’s a certainty

    – I doubt she’d evade answering

    – or has she evaded it ?

    – anybody know?


    • G says:

      All very well and commendable but just wait until the Civil Serpents get to her aspirations assisted by the lobbyists……………..


      • tomo says:


        quite possibly

        – but the Civil Serpents need teaching a lesson and the lobbyists likewise.

        We have a public sector that by and large feels it can do what it likes and there are no consequences – the lobbyist – they need reining in beyond the occasional Tim Yeo style exit…

        There is a rot in government – some of it highlighted by this interview with Rob Behrens – The Ombudsman



      • Lucy Pevensey says:


        “Civil Serpents”

        What a perfect appellation!


        • Up2snuff says:

          My hope for the new PM? No names, no pack drill, but I would like the new PM to call the head of the Civil Service, currently Simon Case, into the PM’s office at No.10 Downing Street.

          There, in front of the whole Cabinet, I would hope that the new PM would express grave concern over the lack of good performance from many Whitehall Departments. The new PM would then go on to state that the convention that Ministers protect their Department heads and its staff would be suspended until further notice. Any further ‘under-performance’ would be described as down to the relevant Permanent Secretary and they would be named as would their deputies.

          If a Cabinet Minister was put in a difficult position having to explain, for example, the poor performance of the ambulance service, then the Permanent Secretary at the Department for Health would have his or her name mentioned in public as underperforming and a year’s pension would be docked from their pay.

          At this point, the Cabinet Secretary would be horrified and explain that that would cause all Civil Servants to ‘down tools’ and go on strike, I hope the new PM would say: “Fine, go ahead, we will see if the country grinds to a halt and the public notice any difference?”

          (This was probably outlined in an episode of ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ several decades ago. I seem to recall Barak Obama or his predecessor as President got into a similar dispute with the Washington ‘Blob’.)


    • MarkyMark says:

      Speaking for first-generation immigrants like myself—[Interruption.] I am not addressing the hon. Gentleman; I said the hon. Member for Edinburgh West. We should agree across the House that ethnic minorities should not be used as political footballs to make those sorts of silly points when there is no evidence. I am glad that he agrees with me. It is a shame that the hon. Member for Edinburgh West is not in her place.



      The Nationality and Borders Bill, which is part of our New Plan for Immigration, seeks to build a fair, but firm asylum and illegal migration system.

      On 16 September, we published an Equality Impact Assessment for the policies being taken forward through the Bill. This includes an assessment on potential impacts on people who are LGBTQ+.



    • MarkyMark says:

      I am afraid that I am not giving way. I have only three minutes left, and I have more than three minutes of content.

      Dawn Butler said that she hoped I would learn something from her. Now it is time for me to give her a couple of lessons too, although I do not believe that she is in her place. She said that we need to look at history and improve it. Lesson No. 1: we cannot improve history; we can only learn from it. What we can improve is the future, and that is what this Government have been doing over the past 10 years. I am not going to reel off statistics, in the interests of time, because other Government Members have already done so.

      Lesson No. 2: black history is not the history of institutional racism. Listening to some Members across the House, it is quite clear that they do not know the difference. It is not true, as Kim Johnson said, that African history was interrupted by slavery. It also shows an ignorance of geography, because west African history is different from African history. As probably the only Member of this House who actually grew up and went to school in Africa, I can tell the House that that is not what we are taught.
      Much more is taught about the history of black slave traders who existed before and after the transatlantic slave trade.

      In fact, the most notable statue in the city of Lagos, where I grew up, is that of Madam Tinubu. It is the biggest one in the equivalent of Trafalgar Square. She was a slave trader, but she was also a freedom fighter and a much loved icon. Her slave trading is not celebrated, but her fight against colonisers is. In Nigeria, she is recognised as a complex character, as all historical figures are—and heaven help anyone who would try to pull her statue down. There is much that we can learn from Nigeria about how to handle the issue of statues



  43. tomo says:

    Guardian editorial peeps need nappies or what?

    I’d bet that by the end of the weekend GMG Kings Place will see lots of bum balm being delivered?



  44. Nibor says:

    Kemi would be the people’s choice but are the Conservatives going to show they’re the s…id party and get Liz Truss , the ‘safe’ from upsetting the BBC and Gramscians ..?


    • tarien says:

      Whose people? The black/coloured mybe but certainly not mine.


      • Fred Stubber says:

        You’re a racist pure and simple. You shouldn’t be here, despoiling this site. Bugger off.



  45. Fedup2 says:

    Give box ( aka money box )

    Poor Ryan . 2 kids . Claimed child benefit – but got paid more in his job so doesn’t get the hand out . How can Ryan get the taxpayers money ?

    Easy Ryan – pay into your pension and give money to charity – then you can get the taxpayers ( my ) money .,.

    Morality ? Forget it ? Honour ? Forget it ? Self reliance ? Forget it ?
    We live in a socialist state pretending not to be – i am off to the gulag

    The phone in on Wednesday id about trans financial issues ( that is not made up ) …. WTF ?

    The Chinese virus shone up state dependency – the cost of living thing finishes it off comrades –
    Don’t forget to clap – or else …


    • richard D says:

      Heard that, Fedup2…..and wasn’t that the same BBC going raving loony not that long ago about those evil b’stards who did what they could – legally, mind you – to avoid tax on their income, investments, etc.

      But, of course, the tax avoiders the BBC was excoriating probably would never countenance supporting a left-wing political party like the BBC or Labour.

      And as for ‘trans’ financial issues…… aren’t they the same people who only want to be treated equally with the rest of us ? Live with it you hypocritical………..can’t think which gender of curse I could use effectively.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Welfare State – State Food -State Fuel -State Homes -State Health -State Education -State Broadcaster – F]state approved speech – state approved internet – police state –
        And all under a Conservative Government


  46. Doublethinker says:

    The Telegraph is for Mordaunt , The Times seems to be for Rishi. I would once have taken these recommendations seriously but nowadays I am very suspicious. The Times in Remainer Central and the Telegraph seems to become less conservative by the day.Therefore I think that those candidates who receive recommendations from these publications ought to be dismissed . Tug your hat is a Lib Dem through and through and so we are left with Truss or Badenoch.
    I prefer Badenoch because she is the more conservative of the two but Truss would certainly be better than any of the other three and I think keep us out of the EU . Sunak , Mordaunt and Tugyourhat would at least have us back in the EU’s orbit within a year or two.


  47. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Have you noticed that the housing crisis is always too few houses being built and we need to build more instead of the glaring truth which is too many people.

    Never mind the tens of thousands of illegals popping over the channel, there was a million legal immigrants last year and each one needs a place to live.

    Whether it’s brexit (brino), immigration, law and order or almost anything else, the government (all parties) are all against what we want.



    • G says:


      They’ve all signed up to their International Club and its rules & aspirations: Overseen/managed by China and run through the World Economic Forum. All with the taxpayers money. The time will come when that debt has to be repaid. I see great use of the ‘Charge’ on Registered property. How else will they take property and, ‘make us happy’?


  48. harry142857 says:

    BBC athletics, presenting team Jeanette Kwakwe, Denise Lewis, Colin Jackson and Michael Johnson.
    Where’s the race baiting Alex Scott complaining about lack of white faces?


  49. Beltane says:

    ‘Ivana Trump dies of blunt impact injuries to torso’.
    She accidentally fell down a flight of stairs.

    ‘SAS Death Squads exposed’.
    Treasonous, malicious, unsubstantiated gossip and Taliban lies presented as Phil Shiner style facts.

    It’s the way they tell ’em.


    • digg says:

      If there was the slimmest possibility of implicating Donald Trump however flimsy the connection, this is how you would try to do it.

      They are disgusting low-life’s in the BBC, Guardian etc. I bet the headline took their most highly specialised get Trump team quite a while to agree on how to frame the headline.


  50. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – Crisis, what crisis?

    The BBC highlight not only this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-62054049

    but also this:



    • tomo says:


      BBC SOP

      – have your cake and eat it – but not (Like the Daily Mail ) on the same page…

      It’s summer in the Northern hemisphere…

      I saw some reports of chilly weather in ‘straylyah and South America recently – doubtless anything that doesn’t fit the narrative agenda won’t make it into programs or onto the web site.


      • Up2snuff says:

        tomo, yes, that is right. It has been a source of entertainment to listen to Met Office forecasters on R4 almost apologise for the below average temperatures in parts of the UK this summer. Now, proper summer has arrived and they are having hysterical meltdowns.

        Who said the BBC didn’t do entertainment anymore?