Midweek 13 July 2022

Be in no doubt that as the BBC bury the Report on mass child sexual abuse in Telford their fight with the British Military will be pushed on . Some people ask what evidence of anti British Bias is there ? Well the 2 issues above help answer that question. Dump your TV licence – end your Direct Debit .
The site has been playing up from time to time recently – lets hope it gets cured .

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  1. Fedup2 says:

    Yesterday an independent Inquiry published a huge report of paki Child sex abuse in Telford . Can you guess how many questions there were from any Party on this Report ?

    I will give you a clue . It was less than one . Instead it was dross about the SAS – knife crime – – nonsense about the New Cross fire (1978?!) and questions from Starmer so drab that I can’t remember them

    But – Telford – where is the MP ? Where is the interest ? No Party wants to know …


  2. Tabs says:

    UK economy grows but fears remain over rising prices

    Article about the UK economy illustrated with 3 Muslim women, 2 of which are wearing a Hijab.


    • Guest Who says:

      Fear is the Key (I read Alistair McClean as a kid).

      And the media delivers.

      Every single, rotten, pig thick one of them. In spades.

      I referred to the movie where an innocent was traduced for no good reason by a media mob, and worse because they act like a mob.

      It stuck me that surely, in these news rooms, there are at least some professional with integrity left despairing at what they are dragged into.

      Clearly, not.

      If a ‘reporter’ asked for an interview I would laugh in their face.


    • Banania says:

      Heatwave maps, past and present. Compare the cheery sunny one with the dangerous furnace of today.
      Temperatures are much the same.


  3. Guest Who says:

    And into positions of seniority and influence here too.


    • Tabs says:

      It’s the speed at which she tries to shut him down that boils my pee. Same for BBC reporters who state their opinion first and then interrupt the interviewee with nonsense like in that video above.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Bryant will be supporting The BBC on its selective investigative focusses.

    Hence how such as he get easy rides from The BBC.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Revealing details of the inquiry’s findings, Prof Jay said: “It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered.”

      The inquiry team found examples of “children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone”.


      Five men from the town were jailed for sexual offences against girls in 2010, but the report said police “regarded many child victims with contempt”.


  5. pugnazious says:


    Spot the difference between the BBC’s coverage of Jan 6 and Sri Lanka [or indeed the BBC’s lack of coverage of the years of BLM/Antifa inspired rioting and ‘storming’ of US institutions, laws and history].

    The BBC is onboard with the protestors….

    ‘Sri Lanka: Inside the prime minister’s office stormed by protesters

    The BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan is inside the prime minister’s office in Sri Lanka, currently occupied by protesters.’

    It is apparently ‘historic’…in BBC talk a very good thing….not violence you understand….and gotta love that ‘persuaded the President and PM to resign’….not a violent, anti-democratic insurrection then?…..

    ‘Saturday’s historic protests in Sri Lanka, which appear to have persuaded both the president and the prime minister to resign, were a “huge show of willpower by the public”, demonstrator Catherine Mack told BBC News.

    “We just want change, for the better – it’s not violence,” says the mother-of-two from the capital, Colombo.

    “Having lots of people protest and come out on to the road and demand change – it’s really wonderful. It has changed thinking for the better. I hope it will last.”‘

    Oh and why do they protest so peacefully?

    ‘A state of emergency has been declared in Sri Lanka, and President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has fled the country.

    His departure follows months of mass protests over soaring prices and a lack of food and fuel.

    The country’s foreign currency reserves have virtually run dry, and it has already missed debt interest payments. ‘

    Hmmmm….the BBC asks….

    ‘What led to the economic crisis?

    The government has blamed the Covid pandemic, which affected Sri Lanka’s tourist trade – one of its biggest foreign currency earners.

    However, many experts blame economic mismanagement.’

    Hmmmm…wasn’t it in fact Sri Lanka’s green policies that led to massive crop failure and food shortages?

    The BBC right at the bottom of the piece almost, so very almost, admits this might be the case but puts their own spin on it…..not green policies at all….

    ‘When Sri Lanka’s foreign currency shortages became a serious problem in early 2021, the government tried to limit them by banning imports of chemical fertiliser.

    It told farmers to use locally sourced organic fertilisers instead.

    This led to widespread crop failure. ‘

    The NYT…..

    ‘Sri Lanka’s Plunge Into Organic Farming Brings Disaster’

    The Mail:

    ‘How the world’s first all-organic farming nation has led to hunger, riots and economic ruin in Sri Lanka… The consequences have been nothing short of catastrophic’

    Of course Sri Lanka had other problems not least covid inspired economic decline but going green was the straw that broke the camel’s back….and this is what the BBC et al wants for us…they want to end agriculture and have no more farms….to turn farms into safari parks for rich Londoners to play in a ‘rewilded’ Britain….you can hear this again and again on the BBC and in the Guardian of course…..

    ‘Tony Juniper, the government’s chief adviser on the natural environment and a former head of Friends of the Earth, described a future in which Londoners think nothing of weekending among lynxes and beavers in a rewilded green belt…..and that farmers may not be around to see it.”’

    Dutch farmers already know they are being made extinct by design….


    • MarkyMark says:

      What happened as a result of the Great Leap Forward?
      Instead of stimulating the country’s economy, The Great Leap Forward resulted in mass starvation and famine. It is estimated that between 30 and 45 million Chinese citizens died due to famine, execution, and forced labor, along with massive economic and environmental destruction.


    • Thoughtful says:

      I love all this Sri Lanka stuff, the cover up being so blatantand so well done even people on here don’t realise one of the main architects behind this was our very own Prince Charles and his WEF buddies.

      PC is of course highly pushy of organic farming and he did visit Sri Lanka to congtratulate Rangapaksa on the success of the organic farms there, and encouraged him to move more towards organic farming.

      What we see here is yet again the failure of Socialism, by never knowing when to stop. It’s OK for a few wealthy trendy elites to buy organic veggies, but for everyone else unfortunately it doesn’t produce enough to feed everyone, and it is too expensive to boot.


  6. s.trubble says:

    Which of these 8 will keep Nadine Dorries in place to battle for the end of the Licence Fee….?

    PS The seething, republican, nationalist hatred was right on show at PMQ,s.

    They surely have come to realise that the game’s almost up for their
    separatist dream ,,,surely they’ll choose drowning as opposed to life under the English yoke!!


  7. Fedup2 says:

    Belfield has made the Telegraph..


  8. Sluff says:

    Down the BBC news running order today.
    GDP growth of 0.5% last month, way above expectation.
    Needless to say, even in the face of this good news, they have to state that ‘fear remains’.
    Gotta keep the fear going.

    Hands up those who think the BBC would have been equally relaxed and non-commttal and sceptical had GDP shrunk by the same amount.

    Just as I thought. No-one.


    • Fedup2 says:

      With the background of people starving in the street and eating their relatives – any kind of growth should be a ‘miracle ‘ instead the BBC ignores it ..

      ..I’ve heard a loon economist saying there will be no recession – must be employed by the half wit Bank of England ….


  9. MarkyMark says:

    Pay your license….

    DJ Tim Westwood accused of sex with a 14-year-old
    By Chi Chi Izundu and Ruth Evans
    UK Insight


  10. MarkyMark says:

    FREE £159 per month PER CITIZEN – Boris cancels TV License.


    • Up2snuff says:

      MM, if that happened would I go out and buy a new TV (only have an old CRT one) and watch regularly? Hmmnn, difficult that one. As I feel now, probably not.


  11. MarkyMark says:

    Our Leadership
    The Forum is chaired by Founder and Executive Chairman Professor Klaus Schwab. It’s guided by a Board of Trustees, exceptional individuals who act as guardians of its mission and values, and oversee the Forum’s work in promoting true global citizenship.

    The Board of Trustees comprises outstanding leaders from business, politics, academia and civil society. In their work on the Board, members do not represent any personal or professional interests. To reflect the Board’s multistakeholder status, its membership is divided equally between representatives of the business community and leaders from international organizations and civil society.


    Studied at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, University of Fribourg and Harvard University; degrees include doctorates in Mechanical Engineering and Economics (summa cum laude). 1972-2003, Professor of Business Policy, University of Geneva. 1971, founded the World Economic Forum as a not-for-profit foundation and built it into the foremost international institution for public-private cooperation; 1998, Co-Founder, with wife Hilde, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, supporting social innovation around the world; 2004, Founder, Forum of Young Global Leaders; 2011, Founder, Global Shapers Community. Numerous honorary doctorates. Several honorary professorships. Recipient of international and highest national honours for initiatives undertaken in the spirit of entrepreneurship in the global public interest and for peace and reconciliation efforts in several regions of the world.

    Mark Carney
    UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance, United Nations


    1988, Bachelor’s in Economics, Harvard University; 1993, Master’s in Economics and 1995, Doctorate in Economics, Oxford University. Thirteen years with Goldman Sachs in London, Tokyo, New York, Toronto. 2003-04, Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada. 2004-08, Senior Associate Deputy Minister of Finance. 2008-13, Governor of the Bank of Canada. Since July 2013, Governor of the Bank of England. Chairman, Financial Stability Board (FSB); Member: Board, Bank for International Settlements and Chairman; Group of Thirty; Board of Trustees, World Economic Forum.


    • G says:


      Seems the WEF are on the up, while the likes of ‘For Britain’ are on the way out.

      On 13th July 2022, For Britain Leader Anne Marie Waters has made the following statement on the future of the For Britain political party.
      For Britain has decided to cease operations as a political party with immediate effect……..
      Firstly, support for patriotic politics has collapsed, at least publicly, in recent years. This does not mean that the people don’t agree with us, it simply means they have stopped offering support – especially public support. So successful has been the campaign of fear and propaganda by our opponents, that many people believe that to aspire to live in a democratic nation-state is an act of hatred. It is not.
      Many believe that politics is corrupt by its very nature, and while this may be true to an extent, the current conduct of politics is worse than I’ve known it in my lifetime, and has rapidly deteriorated in the 18 years that I have been involved……..”

      The Sheeple deserve what they get: The rise of the WEF and its acolytes.



      • MarkyMark says:

        First Muslim appointed to House Of Lords charged with rape .. surely this should be reported by the BBC as a first Muslim Achievement?

        “He joined the Labour party in 1975 aged 18 and became Rotherham’s first Asian councillor in 1990, later becoming the town’s youngest magistrate. He was made a made a peer by Tony Blair in 1998 and was one of the first Muslims to be appointed to the Lords.”



      • MarkyMark says:

        With the EU you no longer need a functioning Government.


      • theisland says:


        Masked black-clad activists who intimidate people and threaten (and use) violence against opponents, are now commonplace. Such thugs have the support of the mainstream media and mainstream politics.

        For Britain was a good party with a reasonable manifesto. It was unfairly suppressed and demonised by the mainstream in the same way as TR was, and for the same reason, namely it dared to call out the dangers of Islam and its doctrine.

        AMW says:
        I will return to politics when the country is ready, but for now my energies can be better spent. I intend to return to my roots and seek to educate our country about the incompatible cultures that grow in strength and presence every day. To this end, I will revisit Sharia Watch. I will continue to make videos, write articles, and I will update my grooming gang report from 2015. I will examine what has happened since that time. Perhaps most importantly; last year on a livestream I mentioned my intention to start a support service for victims of rape and sexual assault …


  12. MarkyMark says:

    BBC report on Dutch Farmers …


    Monday, 2 July, 2001, 10:07 GMT 11:07 UK
    Dutch farmers block roads


  13. BRISSLES says:

    I have clearly been living under a stone – or led a very sheltered life for the past 40 years, because the first time I heard of Tim Westwood was when I watched the news. My only knowledge of DJs was when they still spun records at a Disco, playing music that was danceable, not the stuff that you bounce up and down to with arms in the air ! 🙁


    • micknotmike says:

      I’m with you on this Briss. I notice, more and more, along with the “basking shark” mouths in photographs, the tendency, when a reporter says “And here’s the crowd at Bloggsville” they all start jumping up and down on the spot. Pogo-ing is so 1970s. Secondly, if I was Tim Westwood, could I resist the urge to say “Well when i was discussing the will of Allah with the imam at our mosque”. See how quickly the focus shifts back to the Ukranian uphill gardeners.


      • BRISSLES says:

        YESSS ! pogo-ing, what the hell is that all about anyway ? do couples actually still dance together holding each other up, like wot we used to do after a few Cherry B’s (me) and pints of lager (him) ???


  14. andyjsnape says:

    Energy suppliers told to review soaring direct debits

    This mentions
    The six suppliers singled out included Ecotricity, Good Energy, Green Energy UK, Utilita Energy, TruEnergy and UK Energy Incubator Hub (which has now ceased trading).

    How out of date is this, as the last one has ceased trading


  15. MarkyMark says:

    Boris gives £326 per month to struggling families – takes £159 via BBC tax.


  16. Flotsam says:

    PMQ’s. Has anyone noticed that the speaker, Lindsay Hoyle, seems to select a lot of Scots Nats to put their “questions”? Apart from Blowhard Blackford who is entitled to his two “questions” as leader, two further SNP’s were allowed a “question” ( I add quotes to question because they aren’t, they are rants). It’s not the first time I’ve noticed Hoyle doing the SNP favours. There’s also the sour faced Plaid Cymru woman who always manages a moan, but not of pleasure.
    What a delight these Nationalists are


  17. MarkyMark says:

    BBC SEARCH “Telford”


    Conservative leadership, Covid, Telford, Abortion memories, Poet ‘Lady Unchained’
    Woman’s Hour
    ‘Lady Unchained’ on poetry and prison. Young women and the Conservative Leadership contest. Covid and vaccine uptake. Telford. One listener’s memories of abortion as a teenager


    Telford child sex abuse went on for generations, inquiry finds


    Telford child sex abuse inquiry: Survivors call for change


    Telford child sex abuse survivor: There was a stream of men


    Telford CSE Inquiry: ‘My abusers hold no power over me’


    Telford child sexual exploitation inquiry: What do we know?


    Telford Food Share Project under ‘threat of closure within days’


    Mubarek Ali: Telford grooming gang leader to remain in jail
    12 May

    Telford sex abuse inquiry to give ‘answers’ to survivors
    16 April 2018

    An inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford will “provide answers to survivors”, a council has pledged.

    Telford and Wrekin Council has outlined how it plans to conduct its own inquiry and has committed at least £350,000 to fund it.

    A Sunday Mirror article claimed 1,000 children may have been abused in the town since the 1980s.

    Telford abuse: ‘I was sold twice a night’

    Telford abuse: ‘I was sold twice a night’
    “Holly” was a victim of child exploitation in Telford from the age of 14.

    She told Victoria Derbyshire she went to a sexual health clinic for the morning-after pill twice a week for three years, but no-one ever asked her any questions.

    Watch the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme on weekdays between 09:00 and 11:00 on BBC Two and the BBC News channel.

    13 March 2018
    BBC News



  18. MarkyMark says:

    2018 … Telford abuse: ‘I was sold twice a night’

    Telford abuse: ‘I was sold twice a night’
    “Holly” was a victim of child exploitation in Telford from the age of 14.

    She told Victoria Derbyshire she went to a sexual health clinic for the morning-after pill twice a week for three years, but no-one ever asked her any questions.



    • Fedup2 says:

      Yeah why not fund a 24 hour abortion clinic with a free direct line to the paki taxi firms running the child rape gangs ….


  19. andyjsnape says:

    DJ Tim Westwood accused of sex with a 14-year-old
    DJ Tim Westwood is facing allegations from a woman who says they had sex several times starting when she was 14. All the women are black.

    I thought the courts decided, but luckily we have the bbc to report/decide/smear


  20. andyjsnape says:

    Just reading an Have Your Say on the bbc website, and think the bbc police aren’t vetting peoples comments.

    “I bet the BBC hated having to report this.
    Weird how we don’t get much about potential energy rationing because of stupid pointless green rubbish,
    or uncontrolled immigration,
    or grooming gangs cover ups,
    or brainwashing of our children in schools,
    Police that won’t investigate real actual crimes,
    The stuff real people actually care about,
    Well outside of London and the BBC anyways.

    The first BBC revision of this story went something like ‘UK economy grows more than expected’, later revised and downgraded to ‘UK economy grows but fears remain over rising prices’.
    Good old BBC, always revising and tinkering with their headlines to meet the negative expectations of the Guardian, The Independent, and An phoblacht types that overwhelmingly congregate here.

    etc etc 🙂


  21. StewGreen says:

    Jim Davidson’s 9 mins on the BBCPanorama


  22. MarkyMark says:

    The BBC yesterday published its annual statement on the TV licence fee. Amongst the key takeaways was the increase in domestic customers who stated they no longer needed a licence. The figure rose by 270,000 from last year, reaching 1,960,000. That’s over 5,000 people a week…

    The report then estimates “a fall of one percentage point in the number of people requiring a TV licence would result in a loss of income of approximately £36 million”. The corporation clearly needs to try and reconnect with the public to avoid even greater budgetary black holes. With the salaries of their highest paid stars also being revealed yesterday, one cost-saving solution is obvious to Guido…



  23. StewGreen says:

    That 57s Telegram video doesn’t load for me
    Is it this one about Hunter Biden ?

    It’s not yet on his official channel


  24. MarkyMark says:

    Sir Mo Farah ‘relieved’ Home Office won’t take action over citizenship
    BBC Radio 4 Today programme & Ashitha Nagesh
    BBC News

    7 hours ago


    Boris Johnson Says He’s Open to Amnesty for Some Migrants in U.K. Illegally


  25. MarkyMark says:

    From order-order.com

    So Kemi was at the Treasury at the time when SMEs and self-employed were fked over with lack of Covid help. In line with WEF.
    She didn’t blow a whistle and her answers as to why there is no help were full of deflections and gaslighting.

    I decided to withdraw my support for this candidate. There is none that will be good for the country out of the bunch.

    Just vote for Rishi, as he seems to be most competent at implementing Klaus orders.


  26. MarkyMark says:


    Effigies of female politicians on a County Antrim bonfire have been described as “utterly sick” by Justice Minister Naomi Long.

    An effigy of her was among those hanging from the bonfire, along with representations of Michelle O’Neill and Mary Lou McDonald.

    Bonfires are lit in some unionist areas on 11 July each year as part of Battle of the Boyne commemorations.

    Police said they were aware of images of the incident and were investigating.


  27. MarkyMark says:


    Tory leadership: Where do candidates stand on indyref2?




  28. StewGreen says:

    Alex Belfield trial : Jeremy Vine tells stalking trial of ‘avalanche of hatred’

    Vine said of Belfield “This is not a regular troll here.
    This is the Jimmy Savile of trolling,”

    “Jeremy Vine sobs as”

    BBC and media pals were very quick to get those smear label narratives out
    Now both Mail, Mirror & Sky are carrying the story too.


    • StewGreen says:

      The Independent got that line out at 1pm
      It’s like a team of BBC PR people spend days thinking up the lines
      and the had dozens of their media pals primed to publish and amplify them minutes after Vine testified.

      Sky have switched off replies now from their tweet
      I wonder why ?


    • harry142857 says:

      Sobs in court. What a soy-boy.

      Must have been to drama school.

      Maybe get all his favourites on his Channel 5 show when he gets out of therapy, like Ash, Yasmin, Femi and Owen.


      • StewGreen says:

        So far all 4 BBC witnesses have said BBC legal long ago told them NOT to open the messages from Belfield.

        So far all 4 hardened BBC witnesses have cried in court
        .. as if they’d been coached.
        I can cry at will (haven’t done for ages, only do it for acting )


    • StewGreen says:

      Friday’s testimony was from the head of BBC Radio Yorkshire stations
      -What emerged was Belfield had at least 2 legitimate strong initial grievances before the emails started.
      #1 The BBC had set up a Children in Need stunt where Belfield went down to a local rugby club and got tackled by 2 players
      They don’t deny they broke rules by failing to do a risk assessment and Belfield got smashed to the floor and got a bloody face
      He did get up and then went to the radio studio and continued his show taking over from the relief guy who had already started the show.
      Let ater there was a settlement where the BBC paid him compensation for the accident.

      #2 At the end of the year contract they refused to renew.. something which is their right.
      But Belfield felt aggrieved that he was being forced to set up a shell company when in fact he’d be soon leaving the BBC, so he rsigned a couple of weeks before the contract ended.
      The BBC admitted they didn’t pay him his final wages. Later the courts ruled such BBC shell companies were illegal
      and that people like Belfield should have been paid in house.

      Of course if someone has been injured at work and still bears a grievance, the BBC shouldn’t be writing it off as “he’s a troll”
      Likewise his circumstances about not being fully paid.

      Again in the testimony the BBC staffer often said “I can’t remember, I’m not sure” only for new evidence to come in that contradicted.
      eg the way she said there was no bullying at the BBC. Yet had to admit that a BBC report had said there was bullying at the BBC etc.


      • StewGreen says:

        Oh I should say that Belfield refers to the rugby club incident
        as “that time the BBC hired people to beat me up in a pub carpark, which I got compensation for”

        I really don’t like his spin way of talking
        He was beaten up , he did get compensation, but he’s never given any evidence that the BBC planned it that way, rather than it being an accident out of bad planning.


      • Banania says:

        “BBC paid him compensation for the accident.”
        Hardly an “accident”.


  29. taffman says:

    “Migrants: More than 400 people cross the Channel in a day”
    Message to Tory MPS……………
    They need feeding , funding housing doctors and hospitals .
    They are not going to contribute to your ‘Net Zero’ ideals.
    These are young men of fighting age .
    They are not going to fight for this country . They did not fight for theirs.
    Unless you sort this mess out you will be kicked out of your cushy seats in Parliament .

    Anyone looking at The Reform Party …..
    ‘Honesty & integrity’
    ‘Secure Borders’
    ‘Lower Taxes’
    ‘Cheaper Energy’


  30. Fedup2 says:

    Phew – j hunt won’t be the next PM

    Looks like mordant / truss / sunak as the final- with me seeing truss / sunak final – with truss as next PM…. 9/1


    • Flotsam says:

      I just don’t see Sunak as a credible candidate. Personality wise he seems a bit slippery to me. He is closely associated with Johnson’s asassination, money tree economics, super Wealth, possible foreign financial connections. Mega wealthy foreign wife and he’s Indian.


      • Fedup2 says:

        The glossy video was a big mistake and the party voters will see through it … how can a man who splashed so much public money without control then promise to fix things as though it wasn’t his fault ?

        I’m glad the one who took the chancellor job will be the shortest serving ,… bet he keeps the pay off though…


  31. MarkyMark says:

    In Plato’s theory, the cave represents people who believe that knowledge comes from what we see and hear in the world – empirical evidence. The cave shows that believers of empirical knowledge are trapped in a ‘cave’ of misunderstanding.21 Sept 2012



  32. Guest Who says:

    Ah, well.


    Got it off an FB push ad.

    First comment written by Amol’s agent.

    After that #CCBGB


  33. taffman says:

    “No UK troops above law, PM says after claims about SAS”
    It’s about time that a politician stood up for our excellent armed forces?


    • Guest Who says:

      Oh well, he got Brexit in.

      Other than that, no loss.

      The irony of the bloated oaf trying to appease the bbc to the end.

      No broadcaster should be able to make allegations in the way they did.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Listening to the leadership debate – in case a conservative turns up – it seems the penny mordent one said men are not men and wimmin are not wimmin if they are trans – totally pee poor woke …

        … but the reason might be that she was a queer brother who is an ‘activist ‘ – so we get rid of the loony Carrie Johnson and replace her with a queer… or hopefully not –

        Why not give it to the coloured girl just for a laugh …?


      • moggie63 says:

        ‘Oh well, he got Brexit in’.

        When did that happen?


  34. Sluff says:

    A BBC news item about new allegations about Tim Westwood.
    The article features investigations by the BBC and, of course, The Guardian, as if they are the goody two shoes.

    There is just one passing mention of the fact that he actually worked for the BBC for decades.


    • Guest Who says:

      The bbc understands that if it talks about itself as if it was not the same thing, a few will not understand.


  35. Fedup2 says:

    Not the BBC – but a piece from the DT about the current state of energy supply from Russia – and the importance of a particular day next week

    Vladimir Putin has prepared the ground for a drastic cut in supplies of both oil and gas at any moment, giving him the means to strike a psychological hammer blow against the Western democracies before a global recession erodes his energy leverage.

    The coming weeks may be his best chance to try to force the West to the table on Russian strategic terms, locking in territorial gains on Ukraine’s Black Sea coast and in the Donbass before the delivery of heavy weapons from NATO raises the military cost for Russia to excruciating levels.

    Mr Putin spelled out his operating premise at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in late June, calling the EU’s sanctions policy a double-edged sword that would cause Europe to lose its footing in the global economy and lead to a “system-wide decline” for years to come. He left no doubt that generating inflation in the West is a primary goal.

    “This will aggravate the deep-seated problems of European societies. There will be a further growth of inequality, which will split their societies still more. Such a disconnect from reality will inevitably lead to a surge in populism and extremist and radical movements,” he said.

    Last Friday, Mr Putin seemed to cock the gun for something more extreme, broadcasting his purpose in a staged meeting with officials: “Further use of sanctions may lead to even more severe – without exaggeration, even catastrophic – consequences on the global energy market,” he said.

    European leaders have been formulating policy in a parallel universe, discussing unenforceable schemes for a $40-$60 price cap on Russian exports of crude, supposedly with extraterritorial reach into Asian markets. The false assumption – breathtaking in its serial fallacies – is that the Kremlin needs the money and will oblige meekly.

    It supposes that Mr Putin will allow the EU to reduce its dependence on Russian fossil fuels in an orderly fashion and on its own leisurely timetable, even as several EU member states cross the line in Ukraine from engaged neutrals to something closer to co-belligerents. “We think Russia will seek to make Europe’s energy detox plan as debilitating as possible,” said Helima Croft from RBC Capital.

    Vladimir Milov, Russia’s former vice-minister of energy, said Europe’s decision to stop purchases of Russian seaborne crude by the end of the year has brought matters to a head.

    The talk within the Kremlin apparatus is that Russia must now take preemptive action, exploiting its energy lockhold to stop EU states rebuilding natural gas stocks before winter. “It is highly likely that no more gas at all is going to be flowing. The Russian leadership knows just how vulnerable Europe is,” he said.

    The risk of a total halt to Russian gas supply is by now well-understood. Not a single Gazprom molecule has been flowing to Europe through the Yamal pipeline via Poland for six weeks. Flows through Nord Stream 1 via the Baltic have been running at 40pc of capacity since mid-June. They dropped to zero this week for ten days of scheduled maintenance.

    Europe’s leaders strongly suspect that the Kremlin will concoct a pretext to keep Nord Stream 1 closed at the end of inspections on July 21 – the next red-letter day for the global economy. France’s finance minister Bruno Le Maire warned on Sunday that a “total cut-off” is more likely than not.

    Germany’s Green vice-chancellor Robert Habeck is preparing to activate his country’s stage three “emergency” plan, with gas rationing for heavy industries. “Anything could happen,” he said.

    Goldman Sachs estimates that the eurozone would contract by up to 2.7pc if the gas stops flowing, with GDP potentially falling by 3.2pc in Germany and 4.1pc in Italy. The first talk of an EU “energy bail-out” for Germany and Italy has begun. Others will be expected to share their scarce gas reserves – in other words, to do what Germany did not do with PPE kit at the start of the pandemic. This will be fractious.

    What is less explored is what would happen if Mr Putin triggers a full-blown oil shock on top of the gas squeeze order to push the cost of living crisis to breaking point.

    It is widely assumed that he would not play the oil card because the import revenue is too valuable – worth $700m a day, viz $400m for gas – and because crude is too fungible a commodity on global markets for targeted use against Europe. But this overlooks the internal structure of the Russian economy, and may underestimate Mr Putin’s willingness to create maximum havoc as an instrument of foreign policy.

    Natasha Kaneva and Ted Hall at JP Morgan think the Kremlin may be seriously tempted to try. They argue that Russia could halve its total output temporarily and starve the world of up to five million barrels a day – 5pc of global supply – without doing lasting damage to its drilling infrastructure, or suffering an intolerable economic hit. They estimate that a shock and awe squeeze of this magnitude would drive prices to $380 a barrel, levels that would bring the global economy to a shuddering halt.

    The more likely calibration is a cut of three million barrels a day. This would lift Brent to $190, still high enough to blast through the all-time record of $148 in mid-2008. “The tightness of the global oil market is on Russia’s side and strong public finances could absorb the revenue losses without too much difficulty,” they said.

    Hopes have fizzled for a nuclear deal with Iran that would free up a million barrels a day of global supply. President Joe Biden is trying to coax more crude from Saudi Arabia but even the Kingdom is running out of spare capacity. The rest of OPEC is 2.5 million barrels short of production targets. The stars are aligned for Mr Putin to strike a quick knock-out blow.

    Halting production is a technical headache. The longer that wells are left idle, the greater the damage from pressure and rising water content, above all in the declining Soviet fields of Western Siberia where permafrost is melting. Marginal wells might never recover. However, JP Morgan thinks Russia could cut several million barrels a day for a few months by rotating wells and by “throttling” wells to reduce output.

    There is no immediate financial constraint. Russia’s National Wellbeing Fund has $116bn set aside in usable money. The treasury’s cash balance is a further $85bn. Together this is enough to cover a total loss of budget revenues from fossil fuel exports for almost a year, perhaps longer than Europe’s comfortable societies can endure the pain. Russia would be exchanging lower volumes for higher prices in any case, so it might not lose that much revenue.

    Furthermore, Western sanctions against the central bank are creating a perverse incentive for the Kremlin to escalate. Russia is currently awash with more fossil fuel revenues than it can handle, unable to sterilise a current account surplus of 20pc of GDP by accumulating foreign reserves.

    The result is a surging rouble, currently at an eight-year high against the euro. There is little that the Kremlin can do about this other than pushing through fiscal stimulus packages and imploring consumers to spend more on imports.

    Mr Putin has good reason to think that Germany will throw Ukraine under a bus if the pressure is great enough. Berlin is currently blocking the release of €9bn of EU financial aid to Ukraine that was already agreed by the 27 states, ostensibly because it objects to the method of joint debt issuance.

    Berlin has just violated the EU’s sanctions regime by strong-arming Canada into handing over a pipeline turbine in hopes that this will restore flows on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The Canadians obliged, with a delay and barely concealed disgust. Volodymyr Zelensky recalled his ambassador from Berlin.

    The Kremlin must of course weigh large geostrategic matters. China has so far tolerated a global gas shock since it still relies largely on domestic coal for power. But as the world’s biggest importer of oil, it would be more than a collateral casualty if oil prices double or triple again.

    Mr Putin likes to blow smoke in our faces, keeping us permanently off-balance. He may decide that the gas weapon alone is enough. But as former White House Russia guru Fiona Hill likes to put it: if you think he won’t do something beyond the pale, “yes, he will”.ENDS

    So folks – 21 July is a big day ….if I was putin I’d turn the juice back on again – give it a day and turn it off again ‘for technical reasons ‘…


  36. Guest Who says:

    “Make that a double…”

    These cretins also ‘investigate’ stuff.



  37. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news .. PRasNews for a film project by Who Is Yorkshire? called #EvolutionofYorkshire

    From its Twitter
    the film is featuring Lord Blunkett – Labour
    RT Hon Alan Johnson – Labour
    featuring Stephanie Hirst – BBC transwoman DJ
    I spot Kofi Smiles – BBC black DJ (who talks about going back to Ghana on Twitter)
    followed by a black faced sheep
    Sayeeda Warsi (supposed Tory peer who puts being Muslim first)
    I spot Christa Ackroyd (Ex ITV/BBC local news presenter)

    So mostly medialand mates, mostly wokists


    • StewGreen says:

      Isn’t it a far right Yorkshire-supremacist project ?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Happy Eid from myself Baroness Warsi, I get to claim my £300 a day from the House of Lords!

      Islam is a religion of peace!

      Our Islamic friends in other countries, such as Pakistan where Sadiq Khan visits, slaughter animals in the street running a knife over their throats in front of young children whilst the women stay at home.

      Oh, if you hate this then you are Islamophobic.

      Did I mention Islam is a religion of peace?




      • davylars says:

        Marky. Still to big…

        Try this

        Screenshot image, and save.

        Then go to


        Resize image
        Set it to 800×600. 15” monitor

        Find image and tick it
        Then use
        Hotline for forums. Copy then paste in comment

        It works for me as I am no computer nerd..


    • pugnazious says:

      Yorkshire puddings.


  38. tomo says:

    Gazprom are allowed on Twitter still……

    Looks like Germans are going to have a cold winter, likely with some warmer moments when people express their displeasure with their politicians and public servants


  39. Thoughtful says:

    Canada raises base rate by a full 1% unheard of jump. Menawhile the BoE and the ECB dithers about whether to raise them at all, and both the pound & the Euro sink ever closer to Dollar parity.


  40. BRISSLES says:

    Apologies as its not a bbc gripe. BUT GBN.

    Am I alone in wondering if the acoustics in the studio are bordering on the deafening ? I am constantly turning the volume down because all the presenters bar none just shout or talk very loudly. Leo Kearst and the rest of the unfunny ‘comedians’ seem to yell at the camera and its not pleasant viewing.

    I used to enjoy Patrick Christys chat in the morning, but of late and doing a stint on Farage’s slot, he shouts, he speaks at 100 mph, and constantly repeats….. ‘we have so much to cram in’, ‘and now people’ ‘ and now ladies and gentlemen’. What the hell has happened to him ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Brissles – as I wrote here last week I emailed the media at GBNews about 15 minutes of their tedious repeated trailers over the live radio broadcast .

      I don’t do many presenters and the kidult you mention may be on some sort of ‘support ‘ – as witnessed when he had to fill in for yet another failed Steyn show last night ….

      … incidentally apparently the vaccine damage special is tonight ……


  41. Foscari says:

    It was great to see Asad Ahmad one of the main
    presenters on the BBC’S Londonistan Programme , making
    the main feature this evening about rape in the capitol.
    And how responsible the Metropolitan Police are for it.
    It would be , in my opinion be a good idea if Mr Ahmad was
    used as roving reporter to interview some of his “cousins”
    from all over the country . And find out if the grooming
    and raping gangs are not really responsible for their alleged
    “misdemeanours” And really it’s all the responsibility of
    the police and social services.


  42. Fedup2 says:

    The indecent assault allegation didn’t go anywhere then ….


  43. MarkyMark says:



  44. StewGreen says:

    8pm GBnews a Victims of the Vax special
    The trailer shows about 15 people each holding a giant photo of their dead loved one.


  45. tomo says:

    Looks like Joe’s off on the wrong foot – or something – in Israel…

    Could they do a “General Zia” / Dag Hammarskjöld on him? – it’s getting rather dire.


  46. MarkyMark says:


    Complaint Summary: How much will Radio 2 visit to Orlando cost me?

    Full Complaint: I heard on the BBC Radio 2 that you are sending the Alan and Mel show from a room in London to a room in Orlando. How much will this cost me in total? To the nearest thousand is ok. Can anyone stop this from happening and wasting more of the BBC TV Tax Payer’s money?

    Thank you for contacting us about upcoming episodes of BBC Radio 2’s ‘Alan and Mel’s Summer Escape’.

    We understand you’re concerned about the cost of the programme’s trip to Orlando, Florida.

    While we don’t generally discuss programme budgets due to commercial sensitivities, be assured that we’re aware for the need to maintain value for money at all times with regards to the licence fee.

    The programme team have explained that the trip will be taken during the 60th anniversary of the formation of the NASA and will feature interviews with astronauts at the Kennedy Space Centre. The programmes will also include some insight into the tourist industry in Florida, and a visit to Orlando’s only active volcano.

    We’re sorry to note that you believe they do not offer value for money as a licence fee payer.

    Please rest assured your concerns have been raised with the production team and senior management on our audience feedback report. These reports are among the most widely read sources of feedback within the BBC and help inform both current and future decisions.

    Once again, many thanks for taking the time to get in touch.

    Kind regards

    Lucia Fortucci

    BBC Complaints


    • Up2snuff says:

      MM, I think NASA have been around a lot longer than 60 years. The BBC are displaying increasing signs of dementia. Time to shut Aunty down and put her in a Care Home.


      • Mrs Kitty says:

        Formed in July 1958 , as I was born in June 1958 so I’m now 64 I think the BBC needs to look at how incompetent it’s staff are over small and large items.


  47. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – it is far too late to tell everyone now!

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-politics-62144706 (@ 17.31)

    But it wasn’t just Tory MPs who were too dim to realise what was going on, the PM had his head in the clouds (and feet in Ukraine?) and was too thick to understand what the devious MSM were doing with the help of Whitehall.